07 Dec 2016

A while ago I wrote about my experience with "dogging" when I was a student in the UK. I said that it was my one and only experience of dogging.

My hubby, Simon, doesn’t read much of my diaries, but the other day he read that diary, and reminded me that it was not the one and only experience of dogging, as there was a similar evening in Germany a year or two later.

I didn’t really think of that German evening as "dogging", as it was quite different, but I suppose he is right in that it is the same principle. "Dogging", to me, is random public sex, where men and women have some form of sex, whether it is just voyeur masturbation of actual intercourse with or in front of each other.

The German evening was not "public" in that sense. Anyway, you be the judge of that!

I was friends with a German girl, Ewa (Eva in English), who was then an air hostess with Lufthansa. I met her on a flight, and we became friends. She was married, and lived just outside Berlin, and I stayed with her and her husband (I can’t recall his name) a few times when I was in the area. Ewa was only a bit older than me. I was then 20, so she must have been 21 maybe, 22 at the most. She was honey-blonde, VERY muscular from doing Karate, nice firm boobs and bum, and a real fitness fanatic.

We would go out together when I was there, usually without her husband, and she flirted a lot with guys when we were in a pub or so. I don’t think she was happily married, but I never asked for any details. She knew that I had been to swinger parties, and although she had never been, she had been to a few swapping parties with her husband, where just two couples swapped. But there was a secret she did not tell me!

One night when we were in a pub, a group of guys started chatting to us - she knew them, it seemed. One of them, an older guy, maybe 50, asked her (in German) something about a "garden party" that weekend. She seemed quite flustered at the question, blushed, looked at me, and seemed generally uncomfortable at the question. I didn’t quite understand what he said, and when he left I asked her what that was about.

At first she was reluctant to tell me, but then she explained, first making me swear never to tell her husband.

The guy who spoke to her was Helmut, the heir to a very old German family, and very very wealthy. They owned a sort of "schloss", like a small castle, in Bavaria, although none of them actually stayed there except for holidays. He was very much into the swinging lifestyle, married with two children. Helmut was notorious ( or famous!) in the German swinger clubs for two things - first, he had a very very big cock, and second he had the ability to stay hard all night, and fuck all night - he had enormous stamina, she said.

He now and then arranged what he called a "garden party". He would invite a select group of friends, and each of them was allowed to invite a friend each. The only criteria was that the people had to come to the party alone, not with partners, and they had to be discreet and "fun". (And of course willing to play).

Those invited would book a room at a nearby hotel or lodge, and go to the party in their car or a hire car, and return to the hotel in the early hours of the next morning.

She said that she had seen very well-known people there, bankers, some politicians, a police general and the headmistress of the school she had gone to. But also just regular men and women of all ages and from all walks of life.

He also controlled the overall numbers and the ratio of men to women, so it never became what happens at most dogging - 2 women and 50 guys!

For some, it was just part of their swinging life, for others, it was the first time in "public". She briefly described the scene. Everyone arrives at the Schloss when it is dark. They park their cars in one of the designated parking areas in the forest, where there are picnic tables and benches, fire-pits and "jungle-gyms", but for adults - like bondage/S&M stuff. No-one knows who is who except for the friend you invited, and basically it is a free-for-all, like dogging. So it is dogging I suppose, but private dogging, if that makes sense.

What he had asked her was whether she wanted to attend the next one in a month's time – he had asked her to bring me, which was what she was so embarrassed about - she wasn’t sure what I had understood (I speak German quite well , and I HAD understood that part, but didn’t know what the "garden party" was.) So now she wanted to know whether I did want to go.

I said I did, and that I would like her to invite me the next time.

She phoned the guy the next day and found out the date, and I arranged to meet her in Munich that morning - she would tell her husband that she was visiting me in the UK.

So the next month I booked a flight to Munich. We met at the airport, and took the train to the station nearest the town where the Schloss is, and booked into a small guest-house. We unpacked, had a drink in the tiny pub, and went to get changed.

Ewa said we should wear something sexy and revealing, but not good clothes as it was outdoors and the clothes can get grubby or creased. I had brought a black mini-skirt, VERY short, with black high-heel thigh-high boots, and a transparent royal-blue blouse. I had a bra and panties on, because we still had to drive there, and one doesn’t want to be stuck at the side of the road with a puncture without underwear, in a micro-mini!

Ewa put on a pair of tiny red shorts, about the size that female athletes wear these days, cut so high that her entire bum-cheeks were exposed, and a thin white halter-neck tank-top. Even at a distance in the room I could see her camel-toe, clear as day on either side of the seam of her shorts.

We did our hair, and both put on long light-weight coats over our clothes, and went down to the car we had hired.

Ewa had got us a big (maybe an E Class) Mercedes "tourer", what we would call a station wagon, so we looked up the directions and set off at 7 pm after a light supper in the guest-house dining room. It was a gorgeous warm summer evening, still quite hot even at that time and we opened the sun-roof and enjoyed the drive.

We made a few turns from the main road, and then followed the directions up a pass, into the forest area. After maybe an hour in total, we arrived at the turn-off from the narrow road, and stopped at the huge iron gates of the Schloss. Each pillar had a giant eagle statue, and the gate itself must have been 3 meters high at least, as was the surrounding wall which led off into the distance from each side.

Ewa pressed the intercom, and after a moment the gates swung open, and we drove in. The drive was fenced with high iron railings on either side, so you could not deviate from the drive. We were in a thickly forested area, so much so that we could hardly see any distance into the forest, even with the car's headlights. Quite spooky actually!

We arrived at another, smaller gate across the drive where the iron railing ended.

A man in a uniform came out from a gate-house, and Ewa spoke to him. I gathered that she gave some kind of code, and he checked a list with the help of a torch. I noticed that he had a pistol in a holster on his hip and a stun-gun on his belt - not your run-of-the-mill gate guy!

Finding whatever he was looking for, he pressed a remote and the gates opened.

Ewa said that he told us to drive till we saw a path lit with small lights on the ground on the left, to turn off there, and maybe 100 meters on we would see the clearing, where there were some lights. We could park wherever we wanted.

I must say that my heart was racing. This was creepy, dark, and remote. If something happened to me, no-one would ever find my body!

We found the track to the left with small ground-lights like an aircraft runway, turned off and bumped along an even smaller track, following the lights. Suddenly there was a big sign at the side of the path. In German it said "headlights forbidden". Ewa turned off the high-beams and left just the park lights on. We drove about 50 meters further, and then saw the place.

There were several cars parked in a rough circle, maybe 20 meters across. Dotted around the circle were little "indentations" where 2 or 3 cars could park out of the circle.

The centre of the circle was not cleared, so I couldn’t see across the circle, only what was to the left and right, but a car-track ran around the circle, so you could drive around it and decide at which "indentation" you wanted to stop and park.

There were lights shining up into some of the trees, giving the area a strange atmosphere, like a movie set. We drove around to the left, and parked at the first clearing we found. There was already a car there, with its interior light on.

We switched our lights off, and giggled with nervous laughter.

"So, now we have fun" said Ewa, taking off her coat. I did the same, and took off my bra also (she wasn’t wearing one).

"What do we do?" I asked. "At the dogging I did in the UK, we just waited, and the guys came to us."

"We can do that" she said, "or you can walk around and see what looks interesting and go watch or join in, whatever you want. You see that path going to the centre of the circle? In the middle will be a bar and some food usually, so you can go there if you get hungry or thirsty. You are not allowed any sex-play there though."

"Must we split up?" I asked.

"Not at all. Let’s walk around together first."

With that said we got out of the car, closed the doors, and had a look at the car near us.

I could see movement in the car, so I looked in.

There was a middle-aged woman sitting in the back seat - she looked very elegant - nice hair and makeup. Next to her in the car was a younger man, his pants off, his cock in her hand.

Standing outside the car was a man with his cock out, masturbating with one hand; his other hand between the women’s parted thighs. Her skirt was pulled up, her legs spread apart, and his hand was fucking her pussy very hard and fast. She had an unshaved pussy, with a huge mat of black pubic hair, all the way up the lower part of her tummy and onto her thighs.

We watched for a moment, and then walked back to our car. Ewa opened the boot, and the interior light came on. She took out a cigarette, lit it, and we sat on the boot lid like spectators at a Rugby game.

No sooner had she drawn her first lungful, than two men came walking from the centre of the circle.

I must say that I felt a bit like meat in a butchers shop window, sitting there waiting for something to happen. Ewa saw the two men, leaned back against the side of the car in the back, and rubbed her hand over her crotch looking at them. They stopped in front of us, without saying a word, looking at Ewa’s crotch. Both of them were rubbing their cocks through their pants. They were both about 40 I guessed, and well dressed, the one with a beard, the other clean-shaven.

Ewa unzipped her tiny shorts, and slid her hand into the front, her hand going up and down as she tickled her slit.

The one man came closer to me, and reached out to my boobs. The blouse was VERY thin, and you could see my boobs and nipples clearly through it. I turned slightly to him. Very gently he touched first one breast then the other, cupping them, and then putting a finger onto each nipple. My nipples were erect and hard - from being outside and from the erotic nature of the scene.

The man touching my boobs took his hands away, unzipped his jeans and took his cock out of his underpants. It was a very nice size, not fully hard yet, and circumcised. He stroked himself with one hand and reached back for my boobs with the other. I unbuttoned my blouse and opened it. He touched my nipple for a second, then leaned forward and kissed the top of my breast, downwards until he got to the nipple, which he then sucked gently.

He sucked on my nipples in turn for a while, all the time masturbating.

I reached for his cock, took it in my hand, and stroked it. It really was a nice size I thought. As soon as I took his cock in my hand, he took the hand that had been on his cock, and touched my upper thigh. He slid it higher; I think to see whether I was okay or ready for that. I opened my legs a bit, and he realised that I was okay with it. Putting his hand under my short skirt, his hand travelled the short distance to my pussy. I felt his fingers touch my panties, and stroke up and down my slit, pushing the fabric into it a little. I was quite wet already, and I think he felt it. At any rate, I felt his fingers pull my panties aside and find my slit. He didn’t push a finger into me though, just on the outer lips. Still without a word he moved a bit back, took his jeans off and put them on the ground in front of me, then kneeled on them, his face at the level of my crotch.

He took my thighs and pulled on them to get me to the edge of the car boot where I was sitting. When only the edge of my bum was on the boot, he pulled on my panties, and I took them off. He opened my legs wide, licked up and down first one thigh then the other. I played with my nipples as he licked my thighs, knowing what was coming.

I felt his breath on my pussy, and then his tongue licking my outer lips. Slowly he poked his tongue into my slit, parting the lips, feeling for my clit. With his fingers he played on the outside of my pussy, stroking the puffy sides, while his tongue licked inside. I was soaking wet by now- this was the best eating-out I had ever had, he was THAT good. He went on and on, and I felt waves or orgasm start. I hadn’t been at the ‘’dogging’’ for more than 30 minutes, and I was already going to cum! He sensed this, and circled my clit with his tongue, a finger or two going deep into my pussy. That was all it took, and a came with long shuddering movements. I was embarrassed because I could feel my juices gushing out onto his face, but he kept his mouth there, working at my clit. When I finished, I lay flat on my back, panting. He stood up and looked at me. I reached for his cock with one hand, to at least jerk him off, but he just smiled and said in accented English ‘’maybe later. It’s too early for me to cum’’

‘’that was the best ever’’ I said. ’thank you!”’

I sat up, slid off the car boot, and pulled my skirt down. I hadn’t noticed, but there were 3 men standing around the boot opening, who had been watching. All three of them had their cocks out, and were jerking off. I smiled at the three of them, and went to see where Ewa had gone to.

Walking around, I had a chance to see the whole area a bit better.

As I said, there was a circular track with a series of clearings at intervals to the outside of the track. In most of these, cars were parked. Every so often, the clearing also had concrete benches and chairs in a sort of picnic arrangement. As I walked around the track, I saw a path leading into the centre of the circle. I followed it, and found myself in a larger clearing, where 2 tables and several chairs were. The one table had drinks and glasses, the other had bowls of snacks. A few people were sitting and standing around. This was the area where one may not play, I guessed, as no-one was playing and they were all dressed, albeit the women in very revealing clothes.

I was about to turn around, as I didn’t know if anyone spoke English, and I really didn’t want to try to speak German as it is a strain for me to think in German

As I turned, a man’s voice behind me said ‘’Ah, little Tamara, Ewa’s friend, yes?’’

It was Helmut, the Schloss ‘’owner’’ and organiser of the party.

‘Hallo, wie geht's dir?’’ I said (greetings, how are you)

‘Sprichst du Deutsch?’’ he asked with surprise (do you speak German)

‘Nur ein kleines bischen’’ I said (only a little bit)

‘’Ok, then we speak English, JA?. How do you enjoy the gathering?’’

‘’it’s very exciting’’ I said, ’I was about to take a walk around’’.

‘’then come, I will escort you’’ he said, and took my hand.

I noticed his eyes lingering on my boobs under the transparent blouse. My nipples were hard, so I guess he was seeing everything, blouse or no blouse.

We walked down a different path, and came out on the other side of the circle.

In the clearing directly opposite where we had come out there were no cars, but a wooden gazebo structure, a roof with no walls, and a floor. There were several people in the gazebo. He led me closer, and I saw that there were a number of BDSM equipment pieces there- a swing bench, a rack, two padded tables, and some I did not recognise.

We stopped and looked.

On the swing-bench a large, quite fat woman was tied, blindfolded.

(Maybe I should explain what a swing-bench is- it’s a wooden plank, as wide as a narrow bed, suspended from a frame like a jungle gym so it can swing back and forth. This one was at a slight angle. The woman gets tied to the bench, her arms above her head and tied to each of the chains holding the plank at that end, and her legs are spread and each ankle is tied to the other two chains. She is thus spread-eagled on the plank, tied hand a foot and spread out like a spatchcock.)

A few men were standing around her, watching. All had taken their pants off, and were nude, cocks erect and masturbating.

At the bench, a huge guy was standing between her spread legs. He had a vibrator in his hand, and was playing with her pussy with it. Another man was standing next to her, tugging at her nipples.

It may not sound much, but this position has a very peculiar effect on women. You can’t touch yourself at all because your hands are tied, so you can’t respond to the sensation at your pussy at all. You just wriggle and squirm as the guy plays with you until you cum.

It’s a very vulnerable and erotic feeling.

The huge man poked at her pussy with the vibrator a while. She was clean-shaved, with a large pussy, and a fat tummy. She had big soft boobs and large brown nipples. She must have been in her 50’s I guess, judging from her face.

She was writhing as he played with her. Then he moved closer till his cock was almost touching her pussy. He held onto the swing bench so that it did not move, and with one movement thrust his rigid and very impressive cock all the way into her cunt.

She shrieked with surprise, then immediately tried to move with his cock. He stayed completely still- and she could move because he was holding the bench. Then just as suddenly, he gave 5 or 10 hard and fast thrusts, each time all the way in and out, then took it out and stood still and quiet.

She lay there, uncertain what was happening as his cock had ‘’gone’’

He waited maybe half a minute, and then pulled her bum-cheeks apart, found her arsehole, and thrust a finger deep into her arse. With his other hand, her thrust at least 4 fingers into her cunt, and fingers her at both ends with lightning fast strokes, his hands a blur of motion.

She let out a long shriek, bucked and squirmed on the plank, and a flood of juice poured out of her cunt, covering his forearm. He kept fingering her hard and fast as she came, and more and more juice poured out in a small jet. So much so that the floor under the plank got visibly wet as the juice dripped down.

Eventually she stopped, and so did he. She laid there, her breath coming in shuddering gasps. He turned away from her, and the other man untied her hands and feet. In the group watching was a young, slim woman, maybe 20 years old, dark short hair and small pointy boobs. She was fingering herself as she watched the scene. He looked at her, his cock huge and glistening with juices.

Her mouth was open, and she was breathing in shallow breaths, her small dark nipples hard and pointy.

Without a word, she turned away from him, faced one of the tables, and bent forward, her cunt facing him. He walked over to her, pushed her legs further apart with his foot, and felt between her legs. Satisfied that her cunt was wet enough, he spat on his hand, wiped it on his cock, and felt for her cunt with the head. Finding it, he slid it in until he was all the way in her, and then began to fuck her with an increasingly fast rhythm.

Helmut took my hand, and we left the gazebo.

‘’Inge has so much juice when she comes, that I dont allow her to use a mattress- we have to throw it away when she is done- I think she must get, how do you say, dewatered? after a night here.’’

‘’Dehydrated ‘I said with a grin, following him.

We walked around the track, and I saw at each of the clearings people engaged in various types of fucking, some watching, so taking part. Just before we got back to our car, he stopped at a clearing where there were three cars parked.

The one was a high-roof panel van, with all its doors open, and men and women standing at the doors looking inside.

I went closer.

On the floor of the van was a large mattress. There were 2 women on it- one youngish woman, maybe 25 or so, quite plump, huge boobs, and big thighs, the other smaller and much older, maybe even 60, with a smiler figure and old boobs.

The younger woman was on her back, with the older woman facing the door, her pussy above the younger woman’s face. She was being eaten hard, the fat girl’s mouth buried in the older woman’s cunt. She was unshaved, with black/grey pubic hair in a wide area up her tummy and onto her thighs. The younger woman’s mouth was not visible in all that hair, but her head was bobbing backwards and forward as she ate her.

‘’the woman on the floor is Helga’’ said Helmut. ‘’ she is lesbian, and will not touch a man, but she will fuck any woman all night in any way she can. She is insatiable. She has a girlfriend, who sends her here so that the girlfriend can get a break from fucking for a night!’’

We stood and watched. I felt Helmut’s hand go around my waist, then to the hem of my tiny skirt. Lifting it, she felt my bum-cheeks, then between my legs to my arsehole. Fingering it lightly for a moment, he reached further forward and slid a finger into my waiting pussy. Once in, he started to finger me deeply. We stood side by side like spectators at a game, not looking at each other, not talking, as his finger thrust deep into me, arousing me.

Two of the men watching the women saw this, and turned to look at us, all the while jerking off slowly.

I reached for the front of Helmut’s baggy track-suit like pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his cock was still not properly hard, hanging between his legs. I felt it, marvelling at its size- it seemed to go on and on. As I played with it, he got harder, his cock first pushing out forwards, then upright against the elastic of his pants. It really was huge- much longer than normal and very much thicker. I pulled the elastic away and put my hand into his pants. His cock was rigid, pulsing. I felt all the way down to his balls, then back up to the enormous head.

‘’come’’ he said, and I followed him to a table at the edge of the clearing. He pulled two cushions from the benches and put them on the table.

‘’up here, on you back’’

I took off my skirt and blouse, and folded them. Standing nude in front of him, I saw his eyes go from my shaved pussy to my boobs and back again. He looked at my boobs as he took off his t shirt, undid his pants and stepped out of the, never taking his eyes off my boobs.

His cock was huge- long and very thick, like a tree-trunk. He walked to me, his cock rigid and unmoving. He cupped my boobs in his hands, and bending down kissed them underneath, then on top, and then sucking on each nipple in turn.

While sucking on my nipple he reached between my legs and felt for my pussy. His hand covered my pussy, and I felt a finger arch inwards, touch my slit and go in. I was very wet, and his finger, thick as it was, slid in easily.

He smiled at me.

I got onto the table, and lay on my back. He pulled me until my pussy was at the edge of the table, the stood between my open thighs.

Bending down, he licked my pussy, sending waves of electric sensation through me. I was SO wet and So ready, I almost just pulled him to me, just to get a cock into me.

He licked a bit more, and then took his cock to the edge of my opening.

I reached for it to guide it in.

‘’slowly please’ ’I said. ‘’You are very big’’

‘’and you are a very young girl- of course I will be slow and gentle. You just say if it hurts, and we stop’’

I felt his cock start its journey, sliding past my outer lips, then deeper into my cunt, deeper and deeper until I thought he would bump my cervix.

Then he was in. he paused, then started back out till it was almost all out, then in again, now faster. And faster. He was fucking me normally now, but my pussy felt like I was impaled on a baseball bat, the thick end!

I could barely move for fear of hurting myself, so I content myself with reaching for his large balls and fondling them.

On and on he went, faster, then slower, then faster. Shallow, then deep. I remembered what Ewa had said about his stamina- and I certainly could not take his cock much longer without doing damage.

I relaxed and let myself go with the feeling of being fucked. Soon enough I felt the orgasm start. He felt that I was ready, and gripped my bum to pull me into him. As he did so, he found my arsehole with a finger and slid it in. That was all I needed to take me over the top.I came hard, thrusting against him as he pumped into me. When I was done, I lay back.’

‘’do you want to cum?’’ I asked

‘’Late my schatz’’ the night is young.

He stood back, found his pants and shirt and put them on.

The two men, who had watched us at the car with the lesbian, had followed us to the table. I had seen them out of the corner of my eye as Helmut was fucking me. They were still standing there, their cocks out of their pants, jerking off. The one guy was quite old, with a paunch. I lay with my arms behind me, so half sitting. The two men came closer. I didn’t want to fuck again, so I put my hand between my legs and masturbated. My pussy was still very sensitive from Helmut’s cock, and it didn’t take much stimulation with my finger for me to get aroused.

The older guy was right next to me. I sat up, still playing with myself, and held out my hand for his cock. He came close enough, and I took his cock in my hand. I took my hand from my pussy, and wiped some of my juices onto his cock, and then jerked him rapidly. He was so ready to cum. It only took a few strokes and he squirted all over the bench, not a lot of cum, but enough. I kept jerking him until he got too sensitive, and then stopped.

He said something in German, I smiled at him, and they both left.

I got up, put on my skirt and blouse, leaving the blouse open, and went to get some food.

I chatted to a few of the people who were there, although my German is not really good enough to do more that understand and answer questions, I cant really chat. I noticed that, while everyone was clothed, they were all in very skimpy clothes, or did not have everything on- like me- a blouse but no bra etc. When I had eaten, a went to find Ewa, and go back to the car.

I found her with a group of people near our car. She was astride a very tanned blonde man, facing him, and was fucking him hard. A group of people were standing around watching. All the men were masturbating, and the one man had a woman next to him, and he was fingering her as they watched.

A slim, very pale man moved forward from the group, and gave Ewa a kiss on the cheek- they obviously knew each other. Then he went behind her, and crouched over her bum. Lowering himself, he felt for her arsehole, and put a finger into it. She stopped moving, and allowed him to prod her bum. Spitting on his hand, he wiped it on his cock, and moved his long thin curved cock to her arsehole, and started to push it in.It went in quite easily, and soon it was all in her arse. When he started to fuck, so did the other man, with Ewa giving little yelps as the two cocks penetrated her arse and cunt.

She allowed them to fuck harder and faster, her head thrown back. After a short while, the man fucking her arse gave a few short thrust and came in her arse, grunting as he did so. As he withdrew his cock, the man under Ewa pumped her cunt really hard, lifting her up, and also came in her. She ground her hips back and forth as he came, and leaned forward, clutching him to her and came, trembling and making a sort of uh uh uh sound.

It was hugely erotic seeing the two men and Ewa all cum at more or less the same time. I wasn’t even aware that I had put my hand between my legs and had been playing on the outside of my pussy.

Ewa lay flat on the man under her, her legs spread wide apart on either side of him. Three of the men watching her immediately moved to behind her to see her arsehole and cunt. I also looked, and saw cum dribbling out of both. She saw the men lookinng, and squeezed her cunt and arse so that more cum ran out and over the man’s balls.

I was about to move on when she looked around and saw me. She smiled, climbed off the man and put on her shorts, leaving her boobs bare.

‘’That looked exciting ‘’ I said

‘’it was. I know the one guy well, the one who fucked my arse- we have fucked often. He lives near where I do, and when I really need a good fuck we meet somewhere. We must have fucked in every place near us- even in the carpark at the supermarket one night, standing against the car. He is bisexual, so sometimes we fuck with his boy-friend, and the two of them fuck me and each other. His boyfriend has a very big cock, much bigger than his, and I just love feeling it in my arse when he cums- I can feel the cum all the way up into me. The other guy, under me, I have never seen before- he just came up to me here and felt my cunt, so we fucked.’’

We walked together back towards the car.

A car had parked at the edge of the clearing where we were parked- a new White Merc S class. Ewa recognised the car.

‘’come and watch this’’ she said.’’ There will be two women in the car’’.

We went closer. There were quite a few men already there, standing next to the open doors of the car. Every one of them either had their cock in their hand, or had taken their pants down or off.

We stood closer, and the men made a gap for us.

In the car were indeed two women. Both were immaculately groomed, beautiful clothes, elegant hair, makeup and nails done to perfection. They were both in their late 40’s or 50- hard to tell when an older woman is so well made up. Both had dark glasses on. They had reclined the seats, and the interior lights of the car were on.

The driver, a blonde with a pretty, elegant face, had pulled her gold-coloured skirt up around her waist. She had stockings and a garter-belt on. He white blouse was open to the waist. She did not have a bra on, and her boobs, although small, were still nicely shaped for her age, with large stubby erect pink nipples. Her pussy had a small strip of dark blonde hair, neatly trimmed, and she had a very good, slim, firm body-lots of gym to keep it like that at her age. Her legs were parted, and she had a large black dildo in her hand which she was thrusting into her cunt, deeply, rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Next to her was a dark-haired woman, maybe a bit older. I don’t know what she had on to start with, because she was naked from the waist down. She had a triangle of dark, cropped hair above her cunt, and fuller boobs that the other woman, with smaller nipples. She had three or four fingers in her cunt, ramming them in hard and deep. Both were looking at the men on their side of the car. The men were staring, jerking off to the sight of these two elegant women masturbating.

‘’the blonde woman is a senior police officer in Munich. She is here often. She is married with teenage children. She does two things- she comes here with her friend and masturbates in front of men. No-one may touch her, only look. She will cum several times, and also masturbates her friend at times. Her other liking is very young boys- 15 or 16 at most. She finds them on the street, or boys who have been arrested for some minor offence. She takes them to an apartment she has in Munich where she gives them a bath and then fucks them the entire night- oral, anal, cunt, whatever. A woman I know who knows her well says that she sometimes will have 3 or 4 of these boys at her apartment at one time, and they all fuck her all night, and often fuck each other also.

The woman next to her is her sister. She is the CEO of one of the biggest private companies in Germany. She is what one would call a sex addict- she. She will fuck every man here in turn, and then when she has had all of them, will start again with the first, as long as there are men here willing to fuck. She is ALWAYS the last to leave. At first she just fucks them quickly, and then later, when the guys are all ready to cum, just before they leave maybe, she will have each one cum in her somewhere. She has a string of lovers all over Europe, and is divorced. I was taken by a guy to an adult theatre in Berlin a year ago, he wanted to finger me and have me suck him in the theatre while other guys watched. She was there, alone, and she must have fucked 10 guys in the hour we were there. Guys were cumming in her mouth, her face, her hair, her arsehole and in her cunt. When we left, she was covered in cum. I have no idea how she gets home after that- she must go somewhere to clean up and change I guess.’’

The Blonde woman was jerking her hips against the dildo, and as she clamped her thighs together and came, a man next to her also came, shooting his cum against the car door and window, long white streams of cum dripping down the paintwork.

A man on the other side reached in and touched the dark-haired woman’s cunt. She took her hand away, put his hand there and pushed in against her hard. He put a few fingers into her, and started to finger her. It wasn’t hard enough for her, so she grabbed his hand and mashed it against her cunt, ramming it in and out hard. He got the idea and slammed his hand into her very hard and fast. She got out of the car, naked, and stood at the bonnet, holding onto it, her back arched. A man went behind her, and without any waiting thrust his cock into her cunt. He fucked her for maybe 5 minutes, and then withdrew. She stayed exactly like she was, looked around to the nearest man, and motioned with her head for him to come to her. He did, fucked her, and she repeated the process. In the short time we were there, at least 4 guys fucked her in quick succession.

The blonde had the dildo back in her cunt, and was playing slowly.

‘’she will go on and on like this for an hour’’ said Ewa. ‘’she can cum again and again.’’

I felt an arm go around my waist. I turned to see the man who I had played with first, who had eaten my cunt so well. He was standing next to me, his cock out, watching the women in the car.

I smiled at him, and took his cock in my hand. He was very hard and ready, and I felt some pre-cum on the head of his cock. He lowered his hand to my skirt, and lifted it. I moved over a bit to the boot end of the car, and leaned forward on the car, my bum sticking out, copying the dark-haired woman. He flipped my skirt over my waist, and pressed against me from the back, feeling my boobs hanging out of my blouse. I felt his cock against my bum, hard and hot.

I took it in my hand and put it against my cunt. I was so wet and so puffy from fucking Helmut that it slipped straight it without me even having to move. He let go my boobs and held my waist, and began to fuck me, his body slapping against my bum. He was very ready to cum, and in less than three minutes he gave a few hard thrusts, pulled his cock out and jerked off onto the ground next to me.

Ewa was watching us, and laughed.

We watched the women for a while, then went back to our car, got dressed and were about to leave when Helmut came over to us. We chatted a while, and then he said

‘’instead of driving back, would you young ladies like to stay at the Schloss tonight, and in the morning after breakfast drive back?’’

Ewa looked at me and raised her eyebrows in a question.

I nodded.

‘’that would be great’’ she said.

‘’ok, my car is over there, a black Mercedes Sports. Follow me when I come past’’

We waited till his car appeared, then drove behind him back to the driveway, and then left to the Schloss deeper in the forest.

‘’I have never been asked to stay over’’ said Ewa ‘’ you are my good-luck charm! He will want to play of course- that ok?’’

‘’Sure ‘’I said ‘’ I played here with him as you know, and it was great!’’

We arrived at a huge castle-type of house- enormous from what I could see in the dark. It was really like a movie set- this huge castle in the forest, lights around the driveway, and the giant main door open.

We parked next to his car, and got out.

He escorted us into the most magnificent entrance area I had ever seen. I won’t take time describing the whole castle, but it was unbelievable to say the least.

We were led to a small lounge area off the main entrance hall, lavishly furnished in dark wood and rich burgundy leather. One wall was a library, with bookshelves to the celling. Helmut offered us a drink. He rang a bell, and after a moment the door opened and a guy came in wearing black pants and a white formal shirt. He was one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen- any day he could be on the cover of GQ, or Playgirl for that matter. Dark hair, quite long, with a stunning strong tanned face and an olive skin, he was just over 1.9 meters I guessed, and all of it muscle. He had a perfect physique- strong, muscular but not excessive, and to top it all, intense blue eyes.

Ewa stammered that she would have a glass of wine, I asked for a Coke, and Helmut asked for a Port.

When the door closed, Ewa looked at me and said ‘’I think I am in love!’’

I nodded- ‘’he certainly is a specimen alright. Who is he?’’

‘’no idea’’ she said. ’I have never been in here before’’

Helmut noticed our whispers, and smiled, realising what it was about

‘Raffa is good to look at, no?’’ he said.

We both just nodded.

‘’maybe later he will join us when we have had a drink’’.

We both nodded again.

Raffa brought the drinks, with both of us staring at him, hopefully without making it too obvious.

We had our drinks, and then Helmut asked whether he could show us to the bedrooms. We followed him up a huge double-sided flight of stairs to the next level, and down a long corridor. Opening a door at the end of the corridor, he stood back to usher us inside.

It was a huge room, the size of many small flats, with an enormous 4- poster bed in the middle of one wall, a lounge suite in a corner, a fireplace we could have slept in, and a balcony overlooking the forested valley below, with the Alps in the distance.

At the one end of the room was a door, through which I could see part of a bathroom. I wasn’t sure if this was to be our room or it was his room, or what, so I just stood and looked around.

‘’if you ladies like, we can relax here together, then we can see what we do’’ said Helmut

‘’why don’t you freshen up in the bathroom, I will get changed into something more comfortable. You will find towels and gowns in the bathroom’’

We walked to the bathroom and went in. My jaw just dropped- I must have looked like a plaasjapie from the sticks seeing Johannesburg for the first time! It was enormous- the bath alone was like a small swimming pool, there was a Jacuzzi for 8 people in one corner, and double shower, double basins, and couch and heated racks all around with dozens of fluffy white towels. The entire one wall was mirrored, and there was a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.

‘’just like at home!’’ I said to Ewa, who burst out laughing.

‘’old family wealth has no equal’’ she said with a grin.

We took off our clothes, showered, and put on gowns. Neither of us put our underwear back on, as we figured it would not be needed! We went back to the bedroom. Helmut was not there, so we sat on the couch and looked out over the silent, dark valley below.

I heard the door open, and Helmut came in, wearing an embroidered gown. He stood behind Ewa, and massaged her neck.

‘’it’s a beautiful view, is it not?’’ he said ‘’ I can stand here for hours and just look at the changing light. On the veranda its even better, one gets the smell and the feel of the air as well.’’

He opened the French doors, and we got up and went onto the veranda.

Helmut stood behind Ewa, his arms around her waist. With her head resting on his chest, he slid his hands under her gown, and lifted it so that her bum was exposed. She parted her legs, and his hand felt between her legs on her cunt.

I could see his cock pushing against the gown he was wearing, sticking out straight.

Before I could do anything, he took the gown off Ewa, knelt behind her, opened her legs even more, and pushed his face into her bum, licking her arsehole and her cunt from the back. She groaned, and arched her back. I could see his head bobbing as he probed her arsehole with his tongue. Then he turned her around, still kneeling, and buried his face in her cunt from the front.

I was so horny! I put my hand under my gown and probed into my cunt with a finger. I was surprised to find that it was wet already, even after the shower. I played with myself as I watched Ewa getting eaten. Helmut’s gown had fallen open, and his huge cock was erect an exposed. I knelt behind him, my arms around him, and felt for his cock. It was enormous, rock-hard, the head a giant knob at the end of the tree-trunk. I used both hands to jerk him, amazed at how long it was as my hands went up and down it.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, and Helmut looked up from where he was eating Ewa.

‘’do you ladies want Raffa to join us, or would you rather not?’’

Ewa looked down at me and shrugged.

‘’sure’’ I said, ‘’why not?’’

Helmut called out in German, the door opened and Raffa walked in. He had a towel around his waist, and Ewa and I just stared.

If it is possible o have a perfect body- he had it. Rugged good looks, curly black hair, cute eyes and mouth, pecs you could bounce a hammer off, a six-pack like little rolling hills tapering down in a clear V to his pubic area. The whole package. I have seldom seen such a body other than in a magazine.

He walked over to us, well aware of the effect his body had on women (and on men, I am sure!)

‘’Raffa works here for me’ ’said Helmut, ‘’but we are also friends. You ladies will need to see if you want to play with him- it is not always easy’’

I had no idea what he meant, and thought I may have misunderstood him, so I just smiled.

Raffa stood next to the bed, and let his towel fall to the floor.

Ewa said ‘’oh fuck’’. I was just speechless. I have NEVER seen a cock like that, not before and not since. It wasn’t hard yet, just a bit aroused and hanging down. But it was like a deformity it was so big. It looked like a joke, like he would unstrap it and we would all have a laugh.

He stood there, letting us look at him. He reached for his cock, and started to masturbate it, but it was like masturbating a pool-hose.

‘’there is no way he is coming near me with that’’ said Ewa.

I giggled. ‘’we can play, but I don’t think that that is going in me’’ I said to Helmut.

He laughed, said something to Raffa, who laughed also.

‘’you can do what you want with him’’ said Helmut ‘’ no-one forces you to do anything. Just enjoy yourself’’.

With that he turned Ewa around to face the railing, and parted her legs as wide as she could stand, then pressed his fully erect cock against her cunt and slipped it in. He started to fuck her, her back arched to take his size, her body being shaken around with each thrust.

Raffa came over to me, his cock swinging as he walked. I stood, and he led me by the hand into the bedroom. I sat on the huge bed and he stood in front of me. Parting my knees, he knelt on the floor and put his tongue on my slit. I was wet already, and he immediately licked with his tongue inside my lips, his hands playing with my clit. He was very good, and he knew where to lick and where to suck to give me maximum satisfaction. I was tweaking my nipples as he licked me, getting wetter and wetter by the minute.

After quite a while, he stood up again. I saw that his cock was now more erect, but still not nearly fully hard. He pushed me gently back onto the bed, knelt over me, and rubbed his cock in between my legs over my pussy, rubbing the top and the bottom of it as it sort of swung. It was getting harder, but was nowhere near hard enough for penetration, thank goodness.

The felling of this giant semi-hard cock rubbing on my pussy was exquisite; it felt almost like someone’s forearm rubbing my lips.

I opened my legs as far as I could, and the thickness of it parted my lips as he rubbed its length up and down, without trying at all to penetrate me.

Now it was hard. I looked down at it- it was immense, a huge head on my tummy, near my boobs,while his balls were still neat my pussy I think. I sat up, facing him, and took it in my hand. Even with two hands it felt like a telephone pole in my hands. I clasped both hands around it to massage it, and then opened my mouth to suck him. When I tell you that I could only just get the head in my mouth, with my mouth as wide open as I could, you will get an understanding of the size. I tried to suck him, but I couldn’t get more than just the head and a small part of the shaft in my mouth before it felt like I was going to choke. I just couldn’t breathe with it in my mouth.

I sucked him for a short while, and then went back to jerking him. He was now fully erect, and Ewa and Helmut came over to the bed. Although Helmut’s cock was huge, it was normal next to Raffa’s. Ewa got on the bed and lay next to me. She opened her legs in a wide V, and reached our hands to Raffa.

He got off me, and positioned himself over Ewa. I crawled down to see what would happen. The huge head was against her cunt, which was wet and slick with juices. Ewa took hold of it, and wriggled about to get the head to go in. It went in a bit, and she gasped as she felt it. Then very gently he pushed more in. Ewa started to whimper, but still pulled his bum to her, so he kept going. I looked between her legs- her cunt was stretched wide open, the lips taut and red as the shaft moved slowly. It must have been hurting her, because she stopped him for a moment, and then moved slightly to get more in.

Eventually she stopped him, put her hand around his cock where it entered her and said’’ not deeper’’. (With a guy who is VERY big, that’s a good way to avoid getting hurt- you just put your hand around his cock when it is deep enough , and keep your hand there as he fucks- he can’t go deeper then by mistake ( or on purpose!))

He nodded, and moved his cock back in and out slowly.

Ewa turned her head to me.

‘’how much more is not in?’’ She asked.

I looked as his cock got to the point where her hand touched her lips.

‘’maybe still half’’ I said.

‘’no way! Fuck it; I am not going to let him go further, I can feel his cock in my tummy!”

Raffa fucked Ewa for about 5 minutes, and then she asked him to take it out because it was getting sore.

Helmut was sitting next to me, jerking himself a bit. I rolled over onto my tummy and took his cock in my mouth. I gave him a lovely blow-job, taking as much as I could in my mouth, holding it there, and then letting it back out and sucking hard. He was getting very aroused, so I pushed him back on the bed, and climbed on top of him. Again I felt his big cock slide into me, filling my cunt. Even though he was smaller than Raffa, he was still huge, bigger than almost any cock I had had , and I felt like I was sitting on a rock-hard pole, propping me up. I rode him hard. I felt that he was going to cum, so a closed my thighs against his sides and clenched my cunt tight.

I fucked him quickly with my cunt held tight, and he started gasping.

‘’Can I cum like this?’’ he asked, panting as he thrust.

I nodded, taking a chance.

He gave a few more thrusts, deep into me, lifting me up on his pole, and I felt huge jets of cum spurt into my cunt, more and more like a hosepipe in a pool. He seemed to cum forever, thrusting and jerking as more cum squirted into me. I felt the cum running back down even as he fucked, there was so much of it, and I started to have an orgasm because of that feeling of his cock in his cum in me. I think I must have yelled or something, because Raffa looked at us suddenly, as I felt huge orgasm overwhelm me, coursing through my pussy and tummy.

Helmut had finished cumming, and I collapsed off him, to lie next to him. I was perspiring and slick with juice and cum. as I lay there, I could feel a small river of cum running out of me between my bum-cheeks and onto the bed. He was stroking my hair, and nuzzling my neck as I lay there, his cock still hard and erect some cum on the tip.

Later, Ewa and I felt sorry for Raffa. Everyone else had cum, except him.

We sat him down in a chair, and took turns giving him a blow job, while he fingered each of us in turn. One of us would suck his cock while the other played with his balls, and then we would swop. It didn’t take too long before he started to get ready to cum. he jerked his hips, panting and grunting. I had just passed his cock to Ewa when he came. Ewa was sucking him as he did, and some went into her mouth and on her face, covering her eyes and nose and the top part of her face, the rest in long thick jets all over the carpet and over Ewa’s boobs and tummy. It looked like someone had poured a tin of condensed milk over her; there was so much of it!

We got cleaned up, had a snack and Helmut suggested that we might all sleep in the big bed.

I wasn’t sure how much sleep we would get, but we did so.

The rest of the night was quiet, and in the morning Helmut fucked me again, standing on the veranda watching the sun-rise. Ewa said her cunt was too sore to take anybody, but she gave Raffa another sucking, letting him shoot all of his cum in her mouth- there was again so much of it that she almost gagged!

After breakfast on the downstairs patio, we drove back to the village, collected out things from the guest house, and drove to the airport.

All in all, it was one of the most memorable nights I had up to that point. But my pussy was so sore later than I did not fuck anyone for more than a week!