06 Oct 2016

If you have been reading my diaries for a while, you may recall a diary from 26 July 2014 and 15 Jan 2015 where I wrote about Jordana.

Jordana is an actress in porn movies, and one of the better ones as far as I can see. As I explain below, you can understand why that is.

I met her in 2014, and really enjoyed her company (in more ways than one!)

My description of her then was:

‘’She was the most exquisite girl I have seen in a long time. She was my height, with honey-blonde shoulder length hair and the typical US girl-next-door look - cute little nose, full mouth and big green eyes, with long lashes. She looked like an advert for one of those summer shampoo commercials - sun, sea and blond girls on the beach. She had a figure to match the looks, not really petite, but slim, with high, full boobs, but not overdone. A beautiful package.’’

If anything, she has grown more beautiful in the 2 years since then. I saw her again in Greece, but apart from that we have remained friends and we chat every few weeks or so - I really like her as a person.

Jordana lives in the USA. In my diary of 26 July 2014 I explain how she got into that industry, and while it may not be a career I would choose (although to be honest no-one has asked me - I don’t look like she does!), I respect that it is her choice, and she is in no way doing it by force, or because she is a drug addict, or whatever. She knows what she is doing, and to her it is a career for a while and nothing else.

She has much the same views on sex as I do - it’s a natural part of life, and if it gives you enjoyment, then do it. There is nothing dirty about sex, and there is no reason that a single person should only ever have sex with someone they want to marry, and when in a relationship, provided that both know about it, it’s also fine to have sex with others. If the other person does not know about it, then at a minimum you must be prepared to live with the consequences if they find out.

Jordana messaged me to say that she would be in Johannesburg for 2 days in September, with a film crew on her way to Namibia where they were filming a porn movie for Vivid. We arranged to meet last Saturday morning and do some shopping, and then she was going to arrange a small party where she was staying, as she wanted to introduce me to someone.

On Saturday morning I did some things around the house, and then at 10 went to fetch her. She hadn’t seen my new car which I got from my hubby when we got married, so she was very impressed. She drives an "old" Dino Ferrari in the US, which used to belong to her father, and which she inherited a few years ago.

I waited downstairs in Sandton as I could not get valet parking, (she stays in a penthouse in one of the Sandton apartment towers when she is here).

She came out of the foyer, and I was again amazed at her looks. I know I go on about how she looks, but she really is something special. She has that clean California-blonde, wholesome look, freshly scrubbed and glowing. Her hair was a bit lighter blonde that before, but it suited her. She looked like an advert for the good life!

And that’s part of why she earns what she does. Apart from the normal erotic image of a girl fucking a guy (or another girl), with Jordana it’s the contrast between what she looks like: a fresh young college girl who maybe sings in the church choir, on her knees with a huge cock in her mouth, swallowing cum, that makes her so popular.

She was wearing a pale pink T shirt with a white short pleated skirt (very short!) which showed her long and very shapely legs to perfection. She is not big-boobed, maybe a 34 B or C if she had put on a bit of weight, but she is perfect, with a small firm bum to round it off.

She gave me one of her huge Jordana smiles - her big green eyes lighting up and her dimples giving me goose-bumps. I almost suggested there and then that we just skip the shopping and go upstairs to start the party - just the two of us!

She got into my car (showing a lot of leg to the guys walking past and maybe a little pussy!) (It’s a low car, a Porsche 911 Carrera S, so it's not easy to get into or out of wearing a skirt. But I love it!! Simon had them fit a different exhaust (not sure what), so it makes a wonderful noise!!)

We went to Mall of Africa, did some shopping, had brunch and generally did girly things. I just love watching the reaction of men when she walks past. Every single one turns to stare!

After brunch we went to a beauty salon and had a mani/pedi, a wax and a massage, so we were feeling really pampered and relaxed by the time we got back to her apartment.

We chilled in her apartment for the afternoon, and she showed me some excerpts from her new movies - very hard-core stuff. The popular thing now is to have what they call a "gagging"scene in the movie. It used to be a category on its own, but now a lot of producers are putting it into more mainstream porn.

Basically, it consists of a guy face-fucking a girl, not just oral, but actually forcing her to take his whole cock in her mouth and keep it in while he fucks her mouth till she throws up, or almost does. It’s very crude and quite violent, and a lot of the girls have been hurt when the guy does not take his cock out - some have almost choked to death, some have had their mouths badly injured and so on. Jordana says that most of the better porn actresses have agreed not to do these scenes - for two reasons - first, the real danger of being hurt and not able to work for a while, and second because it promotes violence against women.

She showed me one movie she did last year, where she did a gang-bang scene. The guys were so good, that she came over and over, which is unusual in a movie and very unusual for her. She fucked 12 guys one after another. I told her about my gang-bang experience, and she said that she would also not do a planned one, other than in a movie - it’s just not fun afterwards unless it's spontaneous.

The caterers arrived at 5, and we set things out. She told me who would be there that evening, and I almost fell off my chair.

I need to be really careful how I describe the one woman, as I really don’t want to get sued!

Let’s just say that when she told me her name, I knew right away who she is. She is a very well-known Afrikaans TV personality, acts in lots of TV Dramas, and has done a few films.

I googled her, and it was the person I was thinking of. Jordana said that she and her husband would be there. He had been, with her permission, to a swinger club in France recently, and she wanted to try it - so Jordana, who knows her via a producer they both know, invited her to attend this party. The deal was that she would look and maybe soft-play, if she wanted, but that she may also just look and leave.

Other than this couple, there would be the lead actor in Jordana’s movie she would be filming in Namibia, the producer, and two South African women who were also to be in the movie (one with her boyfriend), and Simon and me. So, 10 people in all, if all arrived.

She said that it was not specifically arranged as a "formal" swinger party, so that if anyone felt they didn’t want to, it would be fine.

We re-arranged the furniture to accommodate all the guests, and then sat on the balcony and looked out over Sandton and towards Kyalami.

We got changed into more suitable party-clothes. Jordana wore a very tight pants-suit in white, with a very low cut décolletage, which showed off her curves to perfection, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, and a diamond pendant between her boobs. It also showed a very clear camel-toe!

I wore a short dark green skirt with a white blouse. I wore a very light bra, so my breasts were fairly exposed, and I didn’t wear panties at all, just for fun!

Simon arrived having got an Uber at 6, and the others started arriving shortly thereafter.

First to arrive were Ali and Pete. Ali is one of the two South African women who will travel to Namibia with Jordana to film. She is short, with cropped blonde hair, a nice figure and VERY big boobs - clearly not real, but spectacular anyway. Pete is an ordinary guy, nicely built and quite good looking.

Next was Chris, the male lead of the movie. He was a hunk! Tall, very well built and very muscular, short hair with shaved sides like a marine. But he had a cute smile, and was quite good looking.

Then Candy arrived, the other South African woman in the movie. Tall, dyed red hair, also huge fake boobs. But also quite pretty, in a striking way.

Last to arrive was Felix, the producer, and then the Afrikaans TV actress and her husband. She was very nervous, as was her husband. She is very good looking - not classically pretty like Jordana, but you certainly would look twice if you are a guy. My height, with soft brown wavy hair to her shoulders, and an attractive figure, curvy, with nice full boobs. Her husband is a real rugby guy - stocky, big chest, short hair, nice looking though. Let’s call her Inge and him Johan, for ease of reference!

Felix, the producer, is exactly what I would expect an American movie producer to look like - lots of bling, loud, cowboy jeans and boots - he was just missing the spurs and Stetson!

We all got drinks, me hanging onto Simon’s arm. I am, surprisingly, quite shy with people I don’t know, and I don’t like talking to people at first - I just watch.

I saw that Inge and Johan were a bit lost, so I took Simon and went over to them, and we chatted a while. After some small-talk, I decided to broach the "hidden subject" with her.

"You look a little uncomfortable. Don’t be. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. No-one will care."

She looked at me, seemingly a bit relieved.

"I am not sure what to do and not to do - I am very much out of my depth."

"Okay, so stay with me, and I will show you how it works, and how to say yes or no as you go along."

I sat with Inge and Johan for a while, as everyone had a few drinks and something to eat. Then Jordana welcomed everyone, and made sure that everyone had been introduced. She said that there was no pressure on anyone to do anything they were not comfortable with, and that if people just wanted to enjoy the party, sit on the deck and look out over Johannesburg, that was just as fine as if they wanted to "really get down and party", as she put it.

She said that there were gowns for everyone in the first bedroom for those who wanted to change, and towels for those who wanted to use the hot-tub on the deck.

With that, she turned the lights down a bit, put some music on, and people started to drift off in different directions.

I asked Inge what she wanted to do.

She asked what getting changed meant - what it implied.

I told her that it did imply that she wanted to play, BUT that at all these parties and at all clubs it was probably the most feminist environment she would ever find. She was amazed, and asked what I meant.

I explained that at a pub or normal party, a woman could get hit on again and again, pestered, pressurised by guys. At a swinger party, the woman’s word is law - she can accept or decline at any time, can specify exactly what she will and won't do, and can go all the way, and with her legs open and the guy on top can STILL say no, and he will stop right there and then. She said she had never thought about it like that! I said that oddly enough, a swinger party is the safest place for a woman who wants to have some fun, but wants to be in control of what happens.

I told her about the difference between voyeurism, soft swinging and full swinging, and how to indicate to a guy that she was willing to play - because usually he will not ask directly.

She thought about it for a bit, and then said she would get changed into a gown.

Johan had gone off with Simon, so I went with Inge to the bedroom and found the gowns. We got undressed and I got my first look at her body. She was really lovely - quite curvy, but not plump, with quite big, full natural breasts with large dark nipples and cute little tummy. She has nice legs, with shapely calves and thighs, and had shaved to a neatly trimmed bikini- shape.

She noticed that I was fully shaved, and asked if she should have done so. I said that each woman did what she wanted, and that guys often really liked to see some pubic hair - they find it erotic. I told her that the porn actresses would all be fully shaved because they had cameras pointing at their pussy up close, and that’s what the directors wanted, but that lots of women felt uncomfortable being fully shaved - it felt too sexual for them.

I asked her if she had ever been with a woman, and she said that she had once, at a party in Germany, when she had had too much to drink, had a young woman who had kissed her and felt her boobs and between her legs, but that was all.

I filed this information for future "use" (!) and we went back to the main lounge area.

The hot tub was already in full use. Inge’s husband, Johan was sitting next to Candy, she was naked, and her very big "plastic" boobs were riding high out of the water. She had tattoos on both breasts, and lots on her arms and on her tummy. Her nipples were hard and big, and Johan had his arm draped around her shoulders, his hand touching one nipple.

He almost pulled his hand away when he saw Inge, but then seemed to realise that it was okay, and left it there!

Candy stood up, and got out of the tub to get her drink from the table. She had a nice body in a way, with long legs and a firm bum. Her boobs were really huge and hard, standing like two soccer balls on her chest. I saw Inge stare at her crotch - she had a devil tattoo above her pussy, the tail of the devil disappearing into her slit above her clit.

That must be so eina to do!" said Inge softly.

"Not as eina as trying to remove it one day!" I said. "I had a few tattoos which I had removed last year, and it was MUCH more sore thaN having them done in the first place!"

Felix and Ali were also in the tub. He was lying back, his eyes closed, relaxed, and Ali was sitting next to him, her hand under the water playing with his cock. She also had fake boobs, but not as big as Candy’s, and they looked quite nice.

Inge and I were just deciding where to go and sit, when Chris walked onto the deck with a glass of whiskey in his hand. He was nude and we both just stared - he was gorgeous! He had a fantastic body, very muscular and defined, with a stunning six-pack, strong legs and a tight bum. But the best was that he had a very, very nice cock - long and thick, hanging, fully shaved. Even soft it was very big - I could only imagine what it would look like erect.

Simon arrived on the deck, took one look at Chris, and muttered to me "it’s like looking in a mirror!" and walked off.

I burst out laughing - Simon is 62, and in very good shape - he looks 10 years younger, and does gym a lot, but Chris was another story!

Inge was gazing at Chris, and I could see her thoughts as clearly as if they were written on her forehead.

"So, something to think about, then?"I said to her.

She blushed and looked away.

"Goeie genade, that’s a big package!" she said with a laugh. "all of it!"

We went back inside, and found Jordana and Pete, Ali’s boyfriend, getting it on, in the middle of the lounge. Jordana had her gown open, as did Pete, his hand was between her legs, fingering her, while she masturbated him slowly, kissing his chest.

Her stunning boobs were visible between them, pert and firm. As Inge and I were just standing there, Chris came back inside. He came over to us, and we chatted to him. He was completely unselfconscious being naked, and Inge began to relax a bit - realising that he was not going to jump on her!

I decided to let Inge just watch a bit first - to see what she wanted to do.

I moved closer to Chris, wrapped my arms around him, and gave his bum a squeeze.

He undid my gown, and felt my boobs, teasing my nipples. Inge stood close by and looked. I felt for his cock, and began to stroke it lightly. Chris smiled at Inge, and reached for her gown belt. She didn’t object, so he undid it and let it fall open.

Initially she had her hands loosely in front of her. I took her hand and slowly placed it on Chris’s hardening cock. At first she did not move her hand, as I cupped his balls, but then she started to move her hand up and down a bit. His cock grew bigger and bigger, and I could see that Inge was fascinated by its sheer size. She was now moving her hand freely, enjoying the result.

Chris had been playing with my boobs up to now. As he got more aroused, he stroked my tummy, letting his hand drift down to the top of my pussy. His finger traced a line down my slit, just teasing it a bit.

Inge was looking to her left at the window area, and I motioned with my head to Chris to play with her. He took his hand off my pussy, turned fully to Inge, and pulled her towards him, kissing her on her neck and throat. He touched her large breasts, feeling their weight, pulling on her nipples until they stood erect. She was still stroking his cock, and he leaned down, kissing lower and lower until he had her nipples in his mouth, sucking on first one then the other. Inge didn’t object, and seemed quite relaxed, so I left them and went to get a cool drink and some chips.

Candy and Jordana were also sitting at the little bar, along with Simon and Ali. As I got there, Simon winked at me and wandered off with Ali. They both had their gowns on, but hers was open, and her big silicone boobs were sticking out, round and firm, with small dark nipples erect.

I was talking to Jordana, when Candy came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me, and slid her hands under my gown, fondling my boobs. I felt her huge boobs pressing into my back. Jordana laughed, and made some remark about Tammy being in her element with girl’s arms around her.

Candy slid her hands down my body, over my tummy and to the top of my pussy. I let the gown fall open, and felt her fingers probe my pussy lips.

I reached behind me and pulled her closer to me. She is taller than I am by quite a long way, and her long red hair fell over my face as she nuzzled my neck.

Jordana hopped off her bar-stool, shrugged off her gown, and stood in front of me - nude and stunning. She gave me a kiss on my mouth, then sank to her knees in front of me, pushed my thighs apart, and licked at my slit with her delicate pink tongue.

Candy pulled my pussy lips wider, and Jordana stuck her tongue into my slit, thrusting it deep into me, then licking upwards to my clit. It felt wonderful, both the women playing with me.

Candy took her hands away from my pussy, and fondled my boobs - my nipples were hard already, and sensitive. Jordana began to lick harder, sucking on my clit. She removed her mouth, and thrust a finger deep into my pussy, slowly first, then faster and faster. Her other hand was between her legs, with a finger in her own pussy, masturbating herself.

Candy took one hand off my boobs, and I could feel her bump me as she also masturbated herself while playing with my boobs.

When my pussy got too sensitive, I took Jordana’s hand away, sank to my knees and let her lie down on her back on the rug. I knelt between her legs, lifted her knees up, and stuck my tongue deep into her smooth and tight slit. She was very wet, the outer lips slick with juices, and I lapped at her cunt, flicking her clit with my tongue. She lifted and lowered her hips to meet my tongue, making little grunting sounds.

I heard some talking, and looked up. Pete, Ali’s husband, had joined us. Candy turned around, leaned forward holding onto the bar counter, presenting her bum to him. He felt between her legs, probing her cunt with his fingers. He had his gown off, and I saw that he had a nice-size cock, rigid, fully shaved.

He positioned himself behind Candy and slid his cock into her cunt. He fucked her hard from the start. She immediately put her own hand on her clit, and rubbed it as he fucked her, her huge hard boobs bouncing as they hung down under her.

All I could hear was grunting sounds - from Jordana as I licked and fingered her and from Candy and Pete as he fucked her.

I was still licking Jordana, tasting the copper-penny taste of her cunt as she got aroused, when I felt a hand between my legs, feeling my slit. I looked up, and saw Chris bending down behind me. He was naked, his spectacular body glistening with sweat, his cock huge and erect, twitching slightly as he felt my pussy. His cock really was impressive, very long and very thick, with a big circumcised head.

I lifted my hips with my head still between Jordana’s thighs. Chris fingered my pussy, his thick fingers going deep into me, his thumb rubbing on my clit. He crouched behind me, parting my thighs a bit more, and I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy.

I took one hand and manoeuvered it into my pussy. He pushed a little bit, and then slid more and more of it in. It was huge, and nice - my pussy filled with his hardness. More and more went in, until he was fully in me. He then started to fuck slowly, withdrawing almost all of his cock, till just the head was in, and then slid it all back again, faster and faster. I was being pushed backwards and forwards by his fucking, and I steadied myself to keep sucking at Jordana. She was getting really turned on by now, and I alternated sucking with my fingers. At one stage, when I took my fingers out, she pushed my hand back, so I kept fingering her, now with three fingers in her, ramming them in faster and faster.

Chris was fucking me harder now, holding onto my hips, crouched behind me, his balls slapping against my bum.

Jordana had told me during a chat some months ago, that she found it almost impossible to cum by normal fucking - she was so used to it from her film work, with different guys, different cocks, different positions, that it didn’t really stimulate her enough anymore. The only way she could come was by masturbation, whether with her hand or a vibrator. So I figured I would see if I could make her cum like this.

While Chris fucked me, I leaned down and kissed Jordana, my tongue deep in her mouth. She responded immediately, French-kissing me with enthusiasm and passion. We kissed while I fingered her and Chris fucked me. Jordana began to gasp while we kissed, panting, thrusting her hips up hard as I pushed three fingers in and out of her cunt rapidly.

With a loud groan, she came, her juices making my hand slippery, coating her pussy and inner thighs. I kept fingering her until she stopped thrusting, and then resumed kissing her, till she relaxed. Chris took his cock out of my pussy, took off the condom, and played with his cock while he watched Jordana and me.

I lay next to her, touching her boobs lightly - she lay with her eyes closed, breathing hard.

At the end of the bar, Candy was on her hands and knees. Pete was crouched behind her, his cock in her arse, pumping her hard while she fingered her cunt, her fingers deep in herself.

He arched his back and came in her arse, thrusting as hard as he could. She thrust back just as hard until he stopped moving and withdrew his cock. He hadn’t put a condom on and a thin dribble of cum leaked out of her arse, until she stood up, panting.

As we stood and got our gowns back on, I asked Chris how he had got on with Inge. He said that she was quite tense at first, but that she had given him a blow-job, and he had fucked her, so she seemed to have decided what she wanted to do.

After a while I went back to the lounge. Simon, Felix and Inge were there, in a dark corner. Inge was sitting on Felix’s lap, his cock in her pussy, while Simon sat next to her kissing her full, heavy boobs as she rode up and down on Felix. She had her eyes closed, and didn’t see her husband, Johan, come in from the patio with Ali. He stopped when he saw his wife getting fucked, but Ali was did not want to wait.

She was very aroused by something she had been doing - her long thick nipples were erect and huge, and her pussy lips looked puffy. She was rubbing her pussy as she walked, leading Johan by the hand.

She pulled him towards the couch, sat him down and climbed on top of him, fitting his cock into her open cunt. I don’t think she knew who Inge was, or that this was their first time, but she jumped up and down on Johan quickly, massaging her clit as she did so.

She moved her hips back and forth and from side to side, rather than up and down. Johan sucked on her nipples, pulling on them with his mouth, while she massaged her clit as she fucked his cock. In a matter of minutes she came, just as he did. She kept on riding him until he stopped, then jumped back off, saying "that feels better" as she walked nude to the outside area and the patio.

Johan sat there looking at his wife getting fucked by Felix. She was now lying on her back on the couch, her pale legs thrust straight up in the air, with Felix fucking her cunt hard, with long deep thrusts. Johan watched, and although he had just cum, he was still hard and playing with his slippery cock as Inge locked her legs over Felix’s back and pulled him tighter to her.

Felix fucked Inge for a long time, varying the thrusts. Then he turned her onto her tummy, lifted her hips, and entered her cunt from the back, holding her bum-cheeks wide apart and fingering her arsehole.

He slammed his cock into her for ages, and she was making a loud squealing sound with each pump. She started to shake and threw her head back, and came hard. Felix kept fucking even as she stopped, then withdrew his cock, took off the condom, and came all over her bum and back, lots of cum coating her.

For someone who had never been to a swinger party before I thought she was doing quite well - she had been fucked by at least 2 guys, in a variety of positions and in "public". Maybe there was more to her past experience than she had told her husband?!

Johan was mesmerised by this, his cock still hard. Inge collapsed onto her tummy on the couch, covered in cum, and lay there breathless. Only after a while did she look around, and seemed startled to see Johan looking at her.

I was fascinated. Here was this well-known Afrikaans TV host and actress, naked, her normally neat and well-kept hair in disarray, her rounded body on display with her bum in the air and covered in cum! I wondered what the viewers in Poffadder would think of "Tannie" now.

As I was sitting there watching this, Jordana came and sat next to me. She had been out of the room for a while, and she was perspiring and disshevelled, her nipples erect and her pussy slick with wetness.

A moment later Simon came into the room also all sweaty, and I worked out who had been making Jordana all hot and excited! He smiled at me, and went with Johan over to the patio door.

I am not really ever jealous about who Simon fucks at a party (or in general really), but I was annoyed that he had got to play with the gorgeous Jordana, and I had not even fucked her co-star Chris properly.

I decided to rectify that right away before the night ended.

I got up and found Chris with Pete outside. He was standing, naked, (as was Pete) looking out over the Sandton skyline.

Simon, Johan, Candy and Inge were in the hot tub. I went behind Chris, wrapped my arms around him, and slid my hands down his muscular and rock-hard abs, feeling his six-pack taper towards his pubic area. I felt for his cock, which was not quite soft, and fondled it. As it grew, I masturbated him, making it grow and grow. When it was almost fully hard, I started to jerk him properly, taking some juice from my pussy to make it slippery.

He became fully hard. I knew that the people in the pool could see him front-on, including Simon, so I massaged his cock for a while so they could all get a good look at its size.

Then I took his hand, and led him indoors.

Pete followed us, and I went to the nearest bedroom. I sat Chris and Pete on the bed, and, kneeling in front of them, sucked their cocks for a while.

When my mouth got tired, I climbed on the bed, lay on my back with my legs open, and said to Chris "honeymoon night. Take me, I’m yours!"

He laughed, rubbed his cock a few times, and lowered himself on top of me. Supporting himself with his arms and legs, he slid the head of his cock into my waiting pussy. It filled me, widening my lips, and then he was in, all the way. He rested a moment, and then began to fuck long and deep, grinding upwards towards my g-spot with each thrust.

Pete came and sat next to my face, and I sucked his cock while Chris fucked.

He started going a bit faster, but still very deep and intense. I was very ready to cum. I let myself go, allowing the feeling to build and build, wrapping my thighs over his waist. Pete stood up, and took an ankle in each hand, and leaning over Chris, lifted my legs straight into the air. The sensation was great - it felt like my whole body was being fucked. The orgasm feeling started in earnest, and I felt the rush of the orgasm hit as I started to cum. I thrust back at Chris as hard as I could. My orgasm lasted a long time I think, and then as it subsided Chris started to cum. He took his cock out of my cunt, whipped off the condom, and jerked himself all over my tummy and boobs.

When he was done, he lay next to me for a while, and then we all walked back to the hot-tub. I made sure that Chris was still hard, his cock now wet with my juices as we arrived. I saw Simon looking at him, then at me. I gave him my most innocent smile, turned, and went inside to get my gown.