Written by wildchildtammy

04 Nov 2014

I was chatting to a Cape Town guy last week about Sandy Bay, the nudist beach in Cape Town. It reminded me of the time I went there when I was 16- it was quite an exciting day!

You may remember that my first sexual experience was when I was 14, almost 15, with a teacher, Andrew.

After that, I did not really have much sexual experiences with one exception, as there was no-one I really fancied enough to allow him to go all the way. At parties, I would let a guy touch my boobs under my bra, and between my legs under my jeans or skirt, but not under my panties.

I would rub his cock but only over his underpants, not with his cock out- some guy’s moms must have wondered about the need to wash their son’s underpants so frequently! (Don’t ask me where these rules came from- I have no idea- I guess I just felt that it was enough to keep the guy interested, but not enough to let the situation get out of control!)

I would let the guy cum, and sometimes I would almost cum, but that’s as far as it went.

The one exception was Scott, who I met at a party. He was someone’s older brother, and very cute. He was out of school, so probably 19, when I was 15. We dated in secret, as my Dad would never have allowed me to date a guy so much older. He was much more experienced sexually, and I let him fuck me from the start for some reason which I still can’t figure out. I really like him, and had dreams of marrying him and having babies. I loved sex with him, and just wanted to please him, so I did whatever he asked. With him, I learned to do a proper blow-job, to let a guy cum in my mouth (although I only swallowed once, and that by mistake because I wasn’t expecting him to cum!) how to jerk him off nicely, and what a guy liked when fucking.

Andrew had taught me the basics, but Scott let me try out things, and learn. He wanted to do anal, but I refused, and it was only much later in life that I tried that

Looking back, I have no real idea of what he felt for me- whether I was just an exciting fuck, or whether he actually liked me.

Eventually, it ended as it had to, when he found a girl in matric of 18 and went out with her, dropping me. I was heartbroken, as I could not compete with her sophistication, her car, her clothes, and her worldliness.

I had a very good friend (and we are still good friends) with a girl called Melody. When she was small, she could not say her name properly, so her parents said it in syllables to her- mel - o – dy. For some reason she only heard the first two syllables, and said her name was mel-o. That became milo, so her nickname from small was Milo.

Milo and I were in the same class, and hung out together most days. We both had to endure the teasing of the guys because we had both developed quite young.

By 11 I had small boobs, and by 13 I had nice-size boobs, about a 32 a or b already. Milo was a bit plump, and her boobs were a little bit bigger. Our bodies had developed nice curves, so by 14 we both looked much older than we were, especially when dressed up. When I look at photos of those days, I am amazed at how womanly our bodies were just before our teens already.

There is one pic of Milo and me on Clifton beach in our bikinis at age 13 or 14, and we both had nice full boobs and nice curves, whereas the other girls with us were still almost flat-chested and boyish. Guys much older than us would take an interest and hang around us, much to the annoyance of the guys we were dating, who were our age.

By the time I was 16, I was fully developed, with big boobs, a cute bum and, for a while, blonde hair! Milo was still a little plump, and her boobs were much bigger than mine, but not as firm.

Milo was a sweet, kind girl, with never a harsh word to say about anyone. She was also sex-mad! We went on many double-dates, and my enduring memory of those dates is Milo’s boyfriend of the moment rushing to the toilet 3 or 4 times in an evening after she made him cum! She allowed one or two guys to fuck her, but she would do oral and mutual masturbation with all of them from the first date.

In total contrast to Milo was her older sister, Jo-anne.

If there was an Olympic sport of being a bitch, Jo would have taken Gold every time. Very beautiful, vain, arrogant and a cock-teaser of note, that was Jo.

Milo and I kept trying to work out whether she actually fucked any of her boyfriends, and to this day I am not sure, but she certainly had them on a short leash, and was very possessive of whoever she was dating. (Milo was convinced she did not fuck, and once called her, to her face, a professional virgin, to which she said she would rather be a professional virgin than an amateur whore, which suggested that she had at least some idea of what Milo was up to!)

At the time of Milo’s 16 birthday, Jo was dating a stunning guy, Roberto.

His parent were Italian, and he had typical Italian good looks- olive complexion, gorgeous features, lean muscular build and the most beautiful smile- his whole face crinkled when he smiled ! We were both in love with him, and dreamed of him dumping Jo and dating us. Problem was, he was in Varsity, 22 years old, and we were his girlfriend’s kid sister and friend- not even on his radar as girls (or so we thought)

The summer that we turned 16, Jo had finished school and went to Europe for a month with a girl friend as a gift from her parents.

One weekend, her parents had to go out of town for some reason, and we were left alone at her house. On the Saturday morning Roberto and his 2 friends came over to see that we were ok.

The 3 of them were at University together, and had been buddies since school- Milo’s mom called them the 3 musketeers, they were always together, and shared a house in Pretoria.

The one guy, Zach, was nice, and I liked his sense of humour- he never talked down to me and seemed a genuinely nice guy. The other guy, Claudio, was Portuguese, good looking and a rugby player for the varsity 2nd team. I did not like him as much as Roberto or Zach, as he could be quite sarcastic, and at 16 I did not know how to respond to adult sarcasm without being childish- he made me feel small. Milo did like him though, and he seemed to like her as well.

It was a very hot Cape Town Saturday, no wind and a light cloud cover. Milo and I were lying at the pool at her house tanning. Roberto and the other 2 arrived to check up that we were ok, and sat in the shade having a beer.

Milo and I lay there. We had been lying on our tummies, but turned over and sat up when they arrived. In order not to get strange tan-lines, we were both in fairly skimpy bikinis, which did not leave much to the imagination. Milo had undone her bikini top, and just kept it with one hand over her nipples when she sat up, so her big boobs were very apparent to the guys.

After a second beer, the guys were talking about their plans for Sunday. We heard them discuss going to Sandy Bay, and we were instantly interested.

We had been the year before with 2 guys from the nearby boys school, but we did not take off our clothes and nor did they, but we did look around. Lots of nude and semi-nude people lying around, tanning, walking around as one does at a beach. Milo and I had never seen so many cocks of all shapes and sizes- lots was discussed in the days after!

Roberto and his friends were planning to go to Sandy Bay the next day for a braai.Milo and I whispered to each other, and then Milo said:

‘’We want to come along”.

The guys at first said no, we were too young; it would not be right, etc etc.

Milo stood up, holding her bikini top in front of her. She dropped it to the floor.

‘What part of me is too young?” she asked.

The guy’s eyes nearly popped out of their heads. Milo’s very big boobs, nipples erect, were staring them in the face. She was by then at least a 36 b or c, and although some of it was just puppy-fat, her boobs were impressive.

She sat down again and put her top on, having made her point(s).

We said we had been “lots of times”, and that we would not be in their way- they could just take us there and pick us up before they left, they did not have to hang around with us etc etc .

In hindsight, one can only imagine what went through their minds- on the one hand, it was clearly wrong to for Roberto to take his girlfriend’s younger sister to a nudist beach- on the other hand, the three of them were being offered a chance to spend the day with 2 very nicely built (and maybe nude) nubile teen girls for a day!

Decisions!! Decisions!!

Eventually they agreed, but on the strict condition that this was our secret, and that we were never to discuss it. We agreed readily.

Saturday night- I stayed at Milo’s house, and we prepared for the next day. We decided to do a full shave, all our pussy hair off so that we looked nice. Neither of us had really dense pussy-hair anyway, so it did not take much. We did each other amidst much giggling.

On Sunday morning then guys arrived at around 10, and we drove the 45 mins to the beach. It’s quite a long walk on a path through the bushes from the parking lot to the beach itself. Along the way, as we got closer to the beach we saw couples and guys, nude, sunbathing on the rocks.

The beach itself was not all that full, with people mostly on towels and under umbrellas near the bushes which fringe the beach. A few hardy people were in the water (it’s around 12 c at max!)

Most of the guys were nude, and the women a mixture of topless and nude.

We walked to the far side of the beach, and found a shady spot among some bushes just off the beach. The guys put their towels and cooler-box down, opened the beach-chairs and umbrellas, and opened a few beers.

Milo and I sat next to each other, a bit apart from the guys with a beer each. This was now the tricky part, at least for the guys- do they take off their costumes or not?

They sat drinking their beers for a while, and then got up to go to the water. They must have discussed it, because as one they took off their shorts and walked away from us to the water’s edge.

Milo and I looked around. From where we were sitting we could see the beach, but we were in some shade so people could not really see us easily (we had no wish to be seen by someone we knew!)

Milo lay back in the beach-chair, undid her bikini top, and took it off. I did the same. We put sunscreen on, making sure our nipples were covered with it. The sun was hot, even in the shade, and we closed our eyes, chatting about this and that.

We heard the guys come back, but chose to ignore them, keeping our eyes closed. Once they had settled down, I opened my eyes a little bit. Roberto was lying next to Milo, on his back, reading a magazine. He was nude, and I looked for the first time at his cock. It was longer that I thought it would be, and his body was exactly as I had imagined it- hard and nice-looking. The other two were sitting further away, and I could not see them past Roberto.

About 30 mins later, Milo whispered to me that we should go swim, she wanted to pee.

I asked: “like this?” meaning topless.

“No”, she said, “lets strip”

I giggled, and nodded.

We reached down and took off our bikini bottoms, got up and walked to the water before the guys could say anything.

It was SO cold; Milo could not get in to pee! We found a gap between some rocks, and Milo and I both pee’d there. We stayed near the waters-edge with our feet freezing for a while, and then went back to where the guys were. Now, for the first time, they would see us both naked, front-on.

We tried to pretend that there was nothing out of the ordinary as we approached them, but my heart was beating so hard I thought they could see it in my chest. I had fooled around with guys, and fucked a bit, but I had never walked around nude in front of people like this- I knew I had a nice body, but I was still very self-conscious.

We got to our chairs and sat down, still nude.

The guys were, for their part, also pretending not to be looking! Out of the corner of my eye, from under my sunglasses, I saw Roberto stealing glances at us. His eyes flicked from our boobs to our pussy and back every few seconds. The waters edge had been cold, and our nipples were erect and hard, my boobs very firm, so what he saw must have turned him on.

Milo got up and went to get 2 beers from the cool-box. She gave me one, and we opened them. She went and sat on a towel next to Zach. From where he was, he could now see her pussy clearly, the slit puffy because of her being a bit plump, and smoothly shaved .He was facing a bit towards me now, and if I sat forward, I could see his cock. At first it was soft, but as Milo sat there and as he looked at her, it started to grow a bit, till it was lying on his leg and not between his legs. He was not circumcised, and I looked carefully as all the guys I had seen up to then were cut, so his was the first in-cut cock I had seen.

Milo had spread out the towel between Zach and Claudio, and lay on her tummy. I got out of the beach-chair, put my towel down, and lay also on my tummy next to Roberto.

It was very hot, and I soon felt sleepy from the beers. I turned onto my side, my back to Roberto, and closed my eyes.

I was aware a while later that Milo and the 2 guys were chatting, and I thought I heard them moving, but I was half asleep already.

Maybe another 30 minutes passed. Roberto said something, and I woke some more.

“You are going to get burnt, even in the shade “he said. “You need to put more sun-block on”

I reached into my beach-bag and took the sun-block out, and gave it to him.

‘Please put some on my back’ I asked, still lying on my side.

He moved closer, and started applying the cream to my upper back and shoulders. When he was done there, he moved down my back, to my lower back. His hands were great, gentle and sensual on my back.

He stopped when he got to my bum.

‘And the rest of me please!!!” I said, now taking a chance.

This was the moment of truth. If he applied the cream to all of my back, bum and legs, I was sure he would also want to go further. If he said no, then I was still a little 16-year-old and of not interest to him.

He squirted more cream into his hands, and I felt him start at the top of my bum. He rubbed the cream all over my bum, down to my thighs, and started my legs. He was careful not to touch my pussy as he did so, to my dismay.

I rolled onto my tummy, and he did both legs. As he worked his way up my legs, I waited till he got to the top of my thighs, then I opened my legs a bit. He paused.

He rubbed the cream on the inside of my thighs.

I opened my legs a bit more. Now he could see my pussy clearly between my legs.

His hands stroked my legs, up my thighs, and nearer my pussy. I could almost hear the wheels in his brain going around!

I moved my bum in a sort of wiggle as his hands got near my pussy, and he very gently, so that he could pretend it was an accident I guess, touched my pussy-lips.

I opened my legs some more. Now he realised that I was willing. He touched my pussy more firmly, stroking the lips down to my front, and back to my bum.

I looked around. Milo and the other 2 were nowhere to be seen.

I let him caress my pussy for a few minutes, getting wetter and wetter. He could feel the slick juice of my pussy now, and the tip of his finger opened my slit as he ran his fingers along my pussy.

I turned towards him on my side. He was lying facing me, his cock rigid and long, moving slightly.

I reached for it, taking it in my hand, and stroked along the length of it. He put one hand between my legs, and I opened them for him. As I stroked his cock, he felt for my slit, and gently, very gently, slid one finger into my cunt. With his other hand, he played with my nipple, fondling it between his fingers.

We kissed for a long time. I was getting so wet, his hand sliding on the wetness between my thighs. I was pumping his cock harder, his hips jerking forwards as I did so.

His balls were tight against him, and he was moving faster now. I thought he would cum if I carried on like that- I knew I would!

I looked around to make sure no-one was watching, and turned my back to him again. I reached behind me, feeling for his cock, and pulled him closer to me. He snuggled up behind me, and I felt his very hard cock pressing into the cleft in my bum.

I lifted my upper leg, and, reaching between my legs, guided his cock to my cunt.

As I felt the head pressing against my lips, I wriggled, and it slid in.He was so nice and gentle. He let me do the work, taking as much of his cock as I wanted into me each time. His hands wrapped around me, cupping my boobs, and pinching my nipples softly.

I started fucking faster, pushing back against him. He also moved faster, each thrust driving his cock deeper into my tight cunt.

He was panting, thrusting and clutching at me.

‘Don’t stop” I gasped.

‘Must I pull out?” he said between thrusts.

‘No” I said. “I’m on the pill, its fine”.

He kept quite then, fucking in time with my movements.

Scott, the other guy I had fucked had usually cum quite quickly, and the guys I had masturbated came almost at once, but Roberto kept it up for ages, sometimes in a faster thrusting movement, sometimes in a slower grinding movement.

My cunt made a slurpy sound as his cock went out to its full length and then drove all the way back in. I felt myself starting to cum. I clenched my legs tight, and pushed back very hard against him with each thrust. He fucked equally hard now, driving into me, gripping my hips to pull me towards him.

I came with a series of shudders, my whole body almost convulsing with each wave. As it subsided, he gave a few more hard thrusts, and I felt his warm jets of cum spurt into my cunt, again and again. It made my orgasm keep going, and we kept that up till he slowed and stopped, his cock inside me.

I lay like that, cuddled by him, his cock in me, for a few minutes.

Then he withdrew his cock, and we lay cuddled for a while longer.

He lay on his back, his cock softening, lying on his tummy. I stroked my nails along it, feeling his cum and my juices on it.

“That’s all for now” he said with a laugh.

“For now, yes” I said. “But the afternoon is still long”.

We lay like that for maybe an hour. Milo and the other 2 had still not returned, and I was getting a little worried.

‘Where’s Milo and the guys?” I asked.

‘Not sure” he said. “Let’s go find them”.

We got up. I thought about putting on the bikini bottom at least, but I did not want to seem like a little girl, all embarrassed, so I left it off.

We walked along a path in between the dense bushes and small trees in the sand-dunes behind the beach

Roberto walked in front of me. I watched his bum, hard and cute; his balls just visible every time he ducked under a low branch, and I got all horny again!

There were a few other people also back there in the bushes. Most were just lying out of the burning sun, but a few also in fairly intimate cuddles.

Far up into the bushes, and I was getting worried- no sign of Milo.

Then I heard her voice from some bushes to our left.

‘Over there!” I said to Roberto.

We crawled under a low branch into a small clearing.

Milo and the 2 guys were there. Milo was on her back, Zach on top of her, fucking her. Claudio was kneeling at her head, his cock in her mouth. She had her hands around Zach’s bum, drawing him to her.

She must have realised there was someone there, because she suddenly took Claudio’s cock out of her mouth, looked around Zach at us. She saw us, smiled at me, and pulled Zach closer.

Roberto and I stood watching them.

Zach and Claudio had both seen us by now, but it did not seem to disturb them.

As we watched, Zach got off Milo, and Claudio got on top of her.

(I knew that Milo had done this with 2 guys at a party once- they each took turns over and over till she got tired of it because, as she said “my pussy was so sore I could not walk!”).

He slid his cock straight into her cunt and fucked her hard. Zach stood watching them, his cock hard and glistening with Milo’s juices.

Roberto was still standing in front of me. I was very turned on my Milo. I put my arms around Roberto, and felt for his cock. Standing behind him, I started to massage his cock, stroking it, playing with the head. It got harder, and he pushed back to me so I was holding him tightly against me.

Zach looked from Milo to us, his cock still very rigid.

I waved with my one hand to him. He came closer, and stood next to me. I turned Roberto so that he was facing Zach, with me in between them.

I knelt on the ground, and took one cock in each hand, and began to jerk them off. Milo began to make the sound she does before she cums- a sort of low growling sound in the back of her throat.

I jerked the 2 guys more, taking some of the sweat from Roberto’s tummy and using it to make his cock slippery.

I felt some pre-cum on Zach’s cock, let Roberto’s cock go, and faced Zach, still on my knees. I cupped his balls, and jerked his cock faster and faster, the way I had seen guys do it to themselves.

He tensed his tummy, and thrust forward rapidly as he came, big squirts of cum shooting at my boobs and tummy, running down to my cunt. I kept going till he pulled his cock away, my hand covered in cum.

Milo and Claudio were fucking really hard now, her legs straight up in the air, her hands wrapped around his bum. He was mouthing her big boobs, biting at the nipples

Roberto was standing there, his cock hard in his hand, masturbating slowly as he watched them.

Still kneeling, I turned to him and took his cock in my hands. I moved closer, and put the tip in my mouth. He looked at me in surprise.

I took more of it in my mouth, and sucked, licking the head with my tongue.

I took as much of it in as I could, stopping when it got is as far as I could, then sliding it out again.

I could taste my own cunt on him. I sucked faster, jerking the shaft with one hand, the other hand between my legs with a finger thrusting in my cunt.

As Milo started to cum with Claudio, so did Roberto, with me. He tried to take his cock out of my mouth as he did, but I kept it in, sucking as I felt the cum squirt in my mouth. (Oddly, it tasted different to Scott’s cum. Later I would find out that most guys taste different to each other)

There was not much cum, and I let him finish cumming before taking his cock out and spitting the cum onto the sand.

Claudio took his cock out of Milo, stood up between her legs and jerked his cock, aiming it at her, spurting cum all over her, some in her face, on her boobs and some dripping onto her cunt.

Milo waited till he had finished, wiped some cum from her cheek, then sat up, smiling.

I stood up.

“Time for a swim” said Milo.

We left the guys there, and walked down to the water, stopping only to wipe ourselves down with our towels.

There was one other occasion with the guys before Jo came back, but that day was the start, and maybe the best!