04 Feb 2017

It will help if you read the diaries of 28 Oct 2014 and 4 Jan 2017 before reading this, as two of the couples are referred to in those diaries.

But of course if you don’t want to, let me quickly tell you who is who.

The hosts of this party in this diary were Vladimir and Margo. Vlad is Georgian, and has some business interests with my hubby, Simon. Vlad is married to Margot, a German woman. Both are in their early 60’s. (Vlad incidentally is a friend of Katie Melua, the singer, who is also originally from Georgia. When I say ‘’friend’’, I mean that he knows her to call her and invite her to a party (a normal one - down boy!), she is of course young enough to be almost his granddaughter!)

Vlad is not much taller than me, he is as wide as he is tall, with close-cropped grey hair and a rugged, weathered face of a man who has seen and done much, which in fact he has - he has worked and lived all over the world. When one first sees him, there is the impression that he is short and fat - but when you see him in a T shirt and shorts, there is little fat to be seen, it is mostly muscle, and lots of it.

He may be older, but if I was a guy I would certainly think twice about taking him on! Margot calls him "Vlad the Impaler" - I thought it was because of his name only, until I saw him at a party one night busy with a younger woman - let me tell you, that the way he was fucking her, and the duration he went on for, explained Margot’s nickname for him! (He also has a cock to match his size I noticed, when he was done with her!)

Margot, who was turning 65, is the original hippy. In the 60’s she was living in a commune in Nepal, with lots of free love and not a little narcotics, and she has never looked back. She is the ultimate free spirit, and like Vladimir has lived all over the world. She is still a very good-looking woman, as tall as Vladimir, with a full figure but in no way fat.

They are great people, very free-spirited, hospitable and warm. They invited us to join them for a party 3 weeks ago. Vlad said to Simon that he felt like some fun, but hadn’t really arranged anything - did we know of a couple to join us - he had a young couple he wanted to introduce to us also, so it would be Vlad and Margot, Simon and me, and two other couples. As it turned out, there was a fifth couple on the night, so it was quite a big party in the end.

I suggested to Simon that we see whether Neil and Amber wanted to join us - they had been at their first party at our house late last year, and when I had spoken to Amber after that she said that they were keen to try it again. So I called her, and after speaking to Neil, she said that they would be happy to join us.

Vladimir and Simon have a joint-venture business in Vlad’s home country, Georgia, so they travel together quite often to Europe. I first met Vlad via Simon, just as a friend of his, and much later Simon told me about their swinging. I am not sure why he didn’t tell me right away, but anyway. The first time we went to a party with Vlad and Margot, I wasn’t really sure whether to play with Vlad or not - I mean, how would Simon feel the next week on the plane?

Imagining the conversation just after take-off: "hey Simon, your girlfriend sure is a good fuck! Pass the whiskey please."

So I asked Simon how he felt. He was honest and said he didn’t know, but that if I wanted to I could go ahead, and if he felt uncomfortable he would say so afterwards and then we could decide whether to do it again or not.

The next time we were at a party with them I did fuck Vlad - I had to approach him, because it was clear that he was not going to come to me, probably for the same reason as my concern. He asked, as we were just cuddling, whether I had talked to Simon about this, and I told him what we had discussed.

We fucked (and he fucks very well, has a really nice big cock, and can go on for ages) and a few days after that Vlad and Simon went to London together. When he got back I asked Simon how he felt now - he said he was so turned on, sitting next to Vlad knowing that I had fucked him, that he almost asked an air hostess for a hand-job!

So ever since then, at parties I can fuck Vlad and Simon often fucks Margot, and all is well!

Now I need to explain about Vlad and Margot. They have a VERY unusual marriage: in addition to the swinging, they allow each other to have a playmate! But (predictably with Margot) there are rules. The main rule is that there can be only one playmate at any one time - so she can have a toy-boy, and he can have a mistress, but that doesn’t mean that they can each just fuck whoever they want - the partner must know who the playmate is, and if it changes, must be told.

It must be discreet, and they may not go out in public unless it is done in such a way that no-one will know - she says she doesn’t want to hear from a friend that Vlad was seen at a restaurant with some bimbo! So with Vernon it started at the Virgin Active where he works. He had been training her one day standing behind her as she did squats, supporting her by her waist to make her go up and down straight. She had always fancied him, and had perved at his crotch where she could see a big cock bulging, when she thought he wasn’t looking, but she wasn’t sure that he would be interested in a woman so much older than him. Anyway, on this day, as she got up from a squat, she took his hand and put it over her pussy! He almost pulled it away, maybe thinking that it was an accident, but then realised that she wanted it there, so he left it there and stroked along her bulge.

Neither said anything. After a while he took it away, and she turned to face him. Margot can be very direct so she said to him:

"Who is at your home?"

He said "no-one" - Sabrina was overseas. So he gave her the address, and she met him there an hour later, still in her gym clothes.

She said they hardly spoke - he undressed her and then himself, she lay down on his bed and they fucked for two hours, in every position including anal. She came several times, and at the end he came by squirting his cum all over her boobs and tummy while she played with his balls.

And they have met a few times since then, whenever she feels like a younger man.

I got the impression that Sabrina did not know about Vernon and Margot, but I may be wrong.

Simon told me that Vlad has a new mistress - a 19 year-old Hooters waitress! He has an apartment where she stays, and he pays the rent. She is free to see other guys, as long as she is available when he wants to see her. Margot has seen her at Hooters, and approves - she even wanted to get her to come to a party but Vlad refused - he said she is his playmate, not hers! Simon took me to see her at the Hooters where she works, and she is stunning! Blonde, pretty, big boobs, great figure. She seems nice.

It's an odd marriage but it works - Vlad said to Simon that a wife is so much more than a fuck - Margot is his friend, his partner, his sounding-board, the mother of his children - but both he and she sometimes just want a "young fuck" - why risk the marriage with an affair if they are happy to allow it? It makes sense I guess, but it’s not something I could live with.

Now, there is also a history to Amber and Simon, and here you must read the diary of 4 Jan to understand what happened at the party – Amber and Simon go way back, and were friends as teenagers, so I was a bit wary of how much she seemed to like him, and liked playing with him ( and vice versa!) - call it "new-bride wariness" on my part!

Margot sent me a mail the week before the party to say that she was going to make it a fancy-dress party, with the theme "pimps and ho’s". Always a nice theme, particularly for a swinger party!

Simon of course immediately assumed that he would be the pimp and I would be his "ho". Which I turned on its head right away. I told him that I would be his pimp, and he could be my gay ho! So there!

I love fancy-dress parties, and I go to a lot of trouble to dress up - I think it's great fun. So for this, I hired a white suit with a black fedora hat and a huge patterned tie for me - my version of a New York pimp of the 60’s. But because of the type of party, I took my blouse with the chiffon overlay, and took just the overlay as my blouse under the suit jacket. Being chiffon, it’s totally transparent, it's never meant to be worn on its own, and with no bra it's almost, but not quite, like being nude - but more sexy!

For poor Simon, I found a white string vest, and a pair of tiny mauve running shorts, cut very high on the sides, with a black plastic raincoat to go over the whole lot - like a gay ho on a street corner I guess! He could "flash" the raincoat open to reveal his goods!

I made a sign for the back of his raincoat: "blow R10, fuck R50". (He commented that if I knew where to get a fuck for R50 would I please tell him, for when I was out of town! I did wonder how he knows what it would cost. )

We met Amber and Neil at our house for a drink, and then gave them a lift to Vlad’s house.

Amber was wearing a red plastic micro-mini skirt with a see-through black blouse and no bra. Although she is in her 50’s, she has a petite and trim figure, and her boobs are nice. She looked amazing in her outfit - really sexy in a whorish kind of way. Neil was wearing tight jeans, and wife-beater top and had a sjambok stuck in his belt "to keep his ho in line" he said.

Vlad and Margot have recently moved into a new house on a golf estate. It’s huge, 6 bedrooms, all en-suite, very modern, glass, steel, white and slick. (Not my taste - I think it looks like an upmarket hospital, but that’s just my opinion.)

The main motivation for the move was to have a place to house and display his collection of cars, so it has a 6 car garage with a glass wall between it and the smoking lounge, so he can sit with a cigar and whiskey and look at his Lamborghini and the other cars. Margot won’t allow him to smoke anywhere else - she says that if she finds him smoking anywhere else he must eat the cigar! (The daily-use cars have their own garage at the back of the house.)

There is an enormous entrance hall with a big semi-circular staircase to the left and the right going up to the first floor. To one side of the entrance is the formal lounge, smoking lounge and formal bar, and to the other the dining room, and off that the kitchen, scullery, prep room and fridge/freezer rooms.

The house is built on a slope, so there is a complex of rooms below ground floor. We went down a flight of stairs at the rear of the entrance hall, and came out in the entertainment area. Vlad has a full-size pool table room, with a bar, and a home theater with cinema-style tiered seating for 16 (and a popcorn machine and slushy machine in the entrance area to the theater! I said to him ‘"you’re such a boy!")

I have incidentally never seen a TV the size of the one he has. We have a projector in our home theater and this TV screen was not much smaller than our wall-screen! (I asked Simon what that TV costs, and he said there is not much change from R600k!!). I guess one advantage is that it’s impossible to steal - the TV was put there before the room was finished, as it won’t fit through a door!

To the other side of the home theater is the playroom, where Vlad and Margot have parties - it has a small kitchen, a bar, two TV’s, music, couches etc. It’s less formal, and the furnishings are less opulent so if someone spills a drink it’s not a disaster. This room has a Jacuzzi and a small heated indoor plunge pool off it.

The ground floor rooms and sub-ground-floor rooms all look out over the lawns and the outdoor cold pool lower down, and beyond that the golf course.

Vlad is the only person I know that chills his pool water! He loves cold water, so in summer it goes via a fridge system to keep it at around 18 c! Weird! I can’t wait till he sells the house and tries to use that as a selling point!

We were among the first to arrive, and there was only one other couple there when Vlad showed us in. I burst out laughing when I saw Vlad. He had on a black velour suit, with a frilly white dress shirt open to his waist, his huge hairy chest and copious gold chains as thick as a dog-chain on display, and a pair of patent leather shoes. Margot came to give us a kiss - she looked very good in a tight white dress which she had made so short that her bum was visible every time she moved. She had put a pair of Dolly-Parton-size falsies under the top, so she looked like she would fall over any moment. I told her that I really liked her boob-job - what was the name of her surgeon? She said - Mr Price Foam!

She introduced us to the other couple - Chloe, 40 ish, quite fat, blonde shoulder length hair, very pretty face with a huge smile, beautiful eyes and mouth - a real soccer-mom look. She is a "homemaker" and Mark, her husband, is short, fat, round, bald, maybe 50. Big round glasses and a loud booming laugh. He is a banker, and somehow the conversation one day got around to swinging, and Vlad said that he would invite them the next time he hosted a party, so here they were.

After a while the last couple arrived - Sabrina is tall, with long black hair, very slim with a strong face. 30 ish, she is a school deputy head, and a maths teacher. Vernon, her husband, is also 30 ish, also tall, and a personal trainer with a nice build - quite muscular, with a shaved head. Margot told me that they had been once to a club in Europe, but that this was their first private party. He is Margot’s trainer at the gym she goes to, and I got the sense that the aerobic training didn’t all take place in the gym!

The 10 of us sat around and talked and had a few drinks. Margot then put on some music, and said we would play some pool first. I was surprised, as it takes a long time to play a game, and I didn’t see how we were going to have any fun if everyone played pool for hours first, but I needn’t have worried, Margot had a plan.

We all trooped through to the pool-room.

Margot explained what she had in mind.

"In this bag is a slip of paper, each with a man’s name on it. Each woman draws a slip, and that is "her" man for the game. If she picks her partner, she must draw again. Each man will each try to sink as many balls as they can. As soon as he misses, he has to pay a sexual-related forfeit - and "his" woman can determine what sexual forfeit he must pay. The forfeit can be anything sexual the woman wants unless the man has an objection to doing it - in other words she is asking him to do something sexual that he is uncomfortable with - then he can ask her to choose again.’’

We all laughed - so like Margot to have these rules!

She passed the bag around, and surprisingly no woman drew her partner the first time.

I drew Mark, who looked a bit apprehensive when I called out his name. I looked at him and licked my lips!

The men drew straws as to who should go first. Vlad won, (or lost!) and lined up the triangle and broke. Then he lined up a ball, and sank it. Chloe had drawn him, and was watching him intently. He sank another three, and then missed.

He looked at Chloe, who giggled. She thought about it for a second, and then lifted her blouse, revealing very big soft boobs, her big brown nipples erect.

"Suck like a baby!" she said.

He went to her, leaned down and began to suck first one then the other nipple, holding her boobs and stroking them as he did. He sucked for a while, and then stood back.

She stayed like that, her blouse lifted, and then took it off standing in her skirt, topless. She had nice boobs - very big and soft, but voluptuous, and I could see the guys looking at her. She did a pirouette and bent over, letting the guys see her bum under her skirt.

Simon went next. He winked at me, and sank a ball.

Sabrina had drawn him, and was standing next to him. He missed after 2 balls, and turned to her, waiting for his forfeit.

"Drop your pants" she said with a grin.

Simon pulled off his tiny shorts. He was wearing a G-string under it, and he was already a bit hard, I saw.

Sabrina knelt in front of him, pulled the G-string aside, and took his cock in her mouth, sucking on it deeply. She had a pair of equally tiny shorts, and as she sucked Simon’s cock she had one hand between her legs touching her camel-toe over the shorts. Her pussy lips were clear, the seam of the shorts bisecting her slit.

She sucked until he was fully hard, and then sat back. Her husband, Vernon, had moved to where he could see Simon’s cock in his wife’s mouth, and had his hand resting on his crotch. He seemed very turned on by it, having only been to a club once before. As Sabrina sucked Simon’s cock, he unzipped his pants and put his hand inside, playing with his cock.

Simon pulled his pants back up, and went to sit down to wait his turn. Sabrina immediately followed him, and sat next to him. She put her hand on his crotch, lifted the elastic of the shorts, and put her hand under it. He had his hand on her pants, stroking over her pussy.

"My" man Mark was next. He was a good player, and sank 4 balls before missing. He came to stand in front of me. I stood with my legs apart, and said to him- "finger me". He smiled, unzipped my pants and reached inside. I wasn’t wearing panties, and I saw the look of interest as he felt my pussy right away. He gently touched my pussy. Parting my lips, he slid a finger a bit into me. I wasn’t wet yet, so he was nice and slow, but as soon as I felt his finger going deeper I started to get wet, and within a moment he had a finger deep in me, thrusting a bit in and out. I felt his thumb seek out my clit, and it began to get really nice.

I put my hand on his crotch, and felt his cock already hard, pressing against his pants. I gripped it and slid my hand up and down it, feeling its length. It felt big, so I unzipped the jeans, and felt inside. It WAS big, very long. He is a short plump guy, nothing to look at, but he certainly had a cock to make up for it! Chloe, his wife, was sitting topless, her legs a bit apart with Vlad’s hand under her skirt. I could see her thin panties to one side, and he had a finger in her pussy as she watched her husband finger me.

Sabrina was still next to Simon, her hand busy under his shorts - she looked at Mark fingering me, and leaned back, slightly closing her eyes, but still looking, obviously very excited at the scenario. She has small boobs, and had on a thin shirt - I saw that she must have quite long nipples, because they were erect and clearly visible poking through the fabric, sticking quite far out.

Mark took his hand out of my pants, his eyes slightly glazed - the look that men get when they get horny.

I stepped out of my pants and took off my jacket and carefully folded them onto a chair, leaving my blouse on. The blouse was now like a skirt, but I knew that the guys could see right through it, with just me underneath and would able to see my pussy and bum - pantyless, and my boobs!

Margot had drawn Neil, who was looking on with a mix of apprehension and lust!

He obviously does not play pool, because he missed his first shot by a mile.

Margot took him by the hand and led him to a couch at the side.

"Enough with the foreplay" she said, handing him a condom.

She took off her dress, pulled the falsies out of her top ("sorry to disappoint you, Neil!") and stepped out of her tiny panties. She was fully shaved, her pussy lips visible and wet.

She leaned over the couch, her bum towards him. She had a thong on, which she pulled to one side. Neil unzipped his jeans, pulled them down, and took out his very nice-sized cock.

Putting the condom on, he felt between her legs for her pussy. She must have been wet, because he pushed a finger into her immediately, played a bit, then, taking her hips, pushed his cock into her pussy.

Margot started to fuck hard and fast right way, taking Neil a bit by surprise, but he soon matched her, and gave her a few minutes of good fucking. The room was silent as he fucked her, the slapping sound of his body against hers all that could be heard. He reached around and pulled on her nipples, lying over her back, his hips jerking his cock into her pussy. Margot was grunting with each stroke, clearly enjoying Neil’s cock deep in her. After 5 minutes she stopped, turned, took the condom off and gave his cock a kiss on the head.

Vernon was the last to go, drawn by Amber. He was too good a player! He sank ball after ball, while Amber watched. Eventually, Vlad got bored waiting. As yet another ball headed for a pocket, Vlad leaned over the table, put his hand in front of the pocket and stopped the ball.

"Missed" he said.

Before Vernon could object, Amber went up to him, pulled him by the hand to the side, and threw cushions onto the floor. She unzipped her skirt and took off her blouse; standing naked she looked at him, then undid his pants and pulled them off. His shirt was next, leaving him naked with a huge hard-on. She pressed her body against him, moving her hips from side to side, rubbing his cock against her pussy. Pulling back, she bent over and put it in her mouth, sucking it a bit. I was impressed. This was only the second party she has been to, and she seemed to be enjoying it a lot already - no shyness at all. She lay down on the cushions and parted her legs. Her small boobs looked great, and she had a wide strip of dark pubic hair - very sexy. She fingered herself as Vernon looked down at her, stroking his cock. Her pussy was wide open as she lay there, her sheath standing out, her clit already enlarged. It looked like she had been playing with herself before taking off her skirt.

With Vernon stripped, I got my first look at a very, very nice body - hard, toned, and muscular. Margot was also looking at him, and I caught her eye and smiled. She made a kiss face at him behind his back, licking her lips.

His cock was uncut, thick, long and curved. He rubbed it a few times, looking at Amber. He was shaved, his abs strong, tapering to his pubic area in a defined V with a gorgeous six-pack. He lay above Amber, licked her nipples, and she took his cock and let him slide it into her. He fucked her slowly, with long deep thrusts, her hips rising to meet his with each stroke. He fucked like that for a while, and then he stood up, and helped her up.

Each of the guys had now had a turn, and the purpose of the game had been achieved - we were all (particularly the newer guests) more relaxed and ready to party.

What I HAD noticed was that Simon, even while playing with Sabrina, had been looking very hard at Amber as Vernon fucked her. You will need to read the previous diary of 4 Jan to see why this concerned me a little. I decided that I would need to address this, and wondered how to do it best.

The answer came when Neil came past - I walked with him to the lounge, where we got a drink. Now I know Simon VERY well. He is not jealous at all if I play, and he likes watching, but I know that he can get "tense" if I seem to be getting emotionally affectionate with a guy - sex is fine, but I have seen him get "worried" when I kiss and hug and cuddle the same guy for a while. He doesn’t do anything, but his mouth goes all tense and he doesn’t smile.

So I said to Neil:

"Hey, let's you and me and Simon and Amber go and play."

He said sure, and went to get Amber. Simon looked at me as they arrived, but said nothing. We went to the lounge extension where Margot had laid some foam mattresses on the floor. I didn’t wait for Neil to decide what to do - I took him by the hand, and pulled him down onto the mattress. With him on his back, I sat between his legs and took his semi-hard cock into my mouth, feeling it grow hard as I sucked on it. As it grew, I sucked and licked at the head more. Then, turning around, I put my pussy above his face while I continued to suck his cock. He opened my pussy-lips with his fingers, and I felt his tongue lick at my slit, first on the outside, then deeper, until it was deep in me.

I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, fondling his balls as I did so, and ticking behind them toward his bum.

Simon was already on top of Amber, her legs wide apart and in the air, clutching his bum to her with each thrust. I rolled onto my back and pulled Neil on top of me. Once his cock was in me, I started to fuck him hard. But I also started to kiss him deeply, holding his head to me. As he fucked I began to moan and writhe around. I grabbed his bum and pulled him to me and came suddenly, with loud cries and moans. Only I didn’t cum!

I waited a moment, kissing him on his mouth. Then I said "more" and started fucking him again, Saying "yes Neil, deeper, yes..." like a little porn movie-star.

And "came" again.

And again.

More kissing, more moaning. More yes! yes !yes !!

Then on top of him, more "orgasms".

Until at the end I really did cum!

Simon had finished fucking Amber - I didn’t even see whether she or he came; I was so busy with Neil. I got off Neil, who was looking very pleased with himself, smiled sweetly at Simon and went to go to the bathroom. When I came back, before I got to speak to anyone, I found out why Simon is such a good "reader" of people! As I walked past him, he took my arm, gave me a big kiss on my mouth, and whispered in my ear:

"If you are worried about me and Amber I will avoid her for a while, okay, love? You don’t have to have 10 orgasms in a row to make the point!"

I blushed that my strategy had been so obvious, gave him a squeeze, and went to find the others.

There was a small room off the lounge, with a circular seat around a bay window overlooking the lawn.

Chloe was on her hands and knees on the floor there, with Vlad behind her, his cock in her pussy, fucking her hard. Vernon was sitting in front of her, his hands holding her big breasts as they hung down, his cock in her mouth. She was battling to keep it in her mouth as Vlad hammered into her from the back, and every few thrusts it slipped out.

She is quite fat but in a nice way - there is just a lot of her! Her big white thighs were spread far apart, Vlad’s body making a slapping sound each time he drove his large cock into her. He was holding her bum apart as he fucked her, with one finger deep in her arsehole. When he had had enough he swopped with Vernon, who began to fuck her just as hard as Vlad had been.

Vlad was standing looking at Vernon fuck her, when he saw me he waved at me to come over. I did so.

"She wants to fuck a woman - she has never" he said. "go play with her!"

I looked at Chloe, her big white body being slammed backward and forwards as Vernon fucked her hard. It might be quite fun to play with her, I thought - see how she reacts. I waited until Vernon got tired and stopped, then I went and sat in front of her, where Vernon had been sitting previously. She looked at me.

I took her very pretty soccer-mom face in my hands, and kissed her deeply on her mouth, my tongue exploring her mouth, my hands playing with her nipples and large boobs as they hung. Her blonde hair was damp with sweat, her mouth open and her lipstick smudged.

She stayed on her hands and knees for a while, and then lay on her side.

I lay next to her, still kissing her, but now l put one hand between her legs, and felt for her plump pussy. I found her wet slit, slick and warm, and slid three fingers into her. She gasped as I started to finger her, rubbing my thumb on her hard clit. She responded by putting her hand between my legs, hesitantly. I placed my hand on hers, and pushed it against my pussy.

She put one finger onto my slit, stroking it.

"Have you really never been with a woman?" I asked her.

She shook her head.

I said "so do you want me to do everything with you?"

She nodded again.

I pushed her onto her back, and crawled to between her legs. She has the most wonderful pale unmarked skin, milk-white and flawless. I pushed her legs apart, and she lifted her head and shoulders to see what I was doing.

I smiled at her, and lowered my face to her pussy. She was soaking wet, the inside of her thighs glistening with her juices and sweat. I played a bit first with her slit with my fingers, parting her lips a bit, and feeling for her clit. She began to move her hips as I played, still looking at me.

I licked along her swollen and wet slit, my tongue feeling the puffy wet lining of her pussy, and then I slid my tongue into her pussy, licking at the side and probing as far as I could go. I could already taste the copper-penny taste that many women get when they are very ready to cum.

She was panting now, still propped up and looking at me. I took my mouth away from her pussy, my chin and cheeks wet with her juices, put my head on her thigh and slipped first three then four fingers into her. She opened her legs even wider, and I put all five fingers into her in a wedge, and then pushed it in and out. I felt my hand go into her up to my thumb knuckle, all five fingers in her. I pushed further as she jerked her hips, starting to really fist her properly. Vlad, Vernon and Chloe’s husband Mark were standing watching me fist her. My hand was pushed far into her now, almost all in her, and she was bucking and jerking against it each time I thrust it in her.

She started to tremble and cry out, and I increased the pace. Suddenly I felt water running over my wrist. I looked and with each thrust of my hand into her a jet of juice squirted out, more and more, over my wrist, almost up to my elbow. The more I thrust the more squirted out.

Eventually she grabbed at my wrist and pulled at my hand. I took it gently out of her pussy - I was wet half-way to my elbow from the squirting.

She lay back, her mouth open, her legs wide apart still trembling a little bit. I stroked her legs and tummy, caressing her.

"I just want to sleep" she said. I nodded, and stroked her face - it’s a common reaction after a really intense orgasm with squirting.

I stood up, to find Vlad still standing there; his very thick cock rigid, stroking it.

"That was great - she enjoyed her first woman!" he said.

I was very horny now. I hadn’t had an opportunity to fuck yet, so I touched Vlad’s cock, kneeled in front of him, and started to suck him. He held the back of my head, stroking my hair. I sucked him long and hard, and he began to make small movements with his hips. I stood, gave him a condom from the bowl, and turned away from him to hold onto the couch.

I felt his big hard hand between my legs, his thick finger in my pussy. He fingered me first at the edge of my pussy, then deeper. I felt his finger probing for my g-spot, deep inside me. He managed to just get another finger in me, his thumb on my clit. He stroked my clit with the tip of his thumb, moving it from side to side as he made it hard and sensitive.

Then he withdrew his hand, and I felt the head of his large cock in the outer lips of my pussy, pushing in, deeper and deeper. He didn’t thrust at all, just pushed until he was flush against my body. Only then did he pull back out equally slowly, till he was almost all out, then back in again, this time faster, then again, still faster. His cock is actually quite big, but more than that it’s very thick, so it feels wonderful when he is in me. I pushed against his fucking, feeling the orgasm slowly build.

"Keep going" I said, afraid he may stop.

He did, faster and faster, until he was pounding into me, slamming me into the couch. I grabbed at my pussy, rubbing as hard as I could over the top of my erect and tender clit, mashing it into me, and a huge orgasm flooded through me, wave after wave, as Vlad kept up the relentless fucking. Only when I slowed did he slow, and then stop.

He was still inside me.

"Can I cum now?" he asked.

"Yes" I said.

He resumed his fucking, but not hard, just deliberate. I closed my thighs and squeezed my pussy, to make it as tight as I could. He felt it, and grunted as his cock found resistance to sliding in. I was very sensitive now, almost painfully so, but it just increased the pleasure. I heard him begin to grunt hard, but I also felt that I was going to cum again from the increased pressure. I held it back until he started to cum, and I came again just as his hips started jerking and the jets of cum squirted into the condom. He paused above me as he finished, then rolled off me to lie next to me, his arm across my boobs, touching my face.

We lay there next to each other, spent. It had been a great fuck - he really was good.

Chloe had been lying there all the time, her head turned to one side watching us. She moved over towards Vlad, who was now between us, and pressed her body against him, touching his softening cock.

Vlad said something in Georgian (I assume - or it may have been Russian - sounds the same).

"What?" I said to him.

"I said I think I have died and gone to heaven", he said.

Chloe laughed. "If you are lying there between two girls like us you are probably in the other place" she said.

We lay there for a while, and then Chloe got up to go and clean up, while I went with Vlad to the lounge. We were both naked of course, his arm around my waist when we entered the lounge.

Sabrina and Mark were the only ones playing, the others were sitting or standing and chatting or drinking. Sabrina had small firm boobs, up-tilted with prominent puffy nipples. She was very slim and tall, and was sitting on top of Mark facing him, his cock buried in her pussy. She had a triangle of dark hair above her pussy, but her pussy itself was shaved clean. Her nipples were enlarged and hard, pointing upward as she leaned back on her arms till she was almost lying on her back on his legs, letting Mark just thrust gently into her.

Neil got up and walked over to her, and knelt beside her head, his cock hard. She turned her head and took it in her mouth, while he sat still. Vernon went and knelt on the other side of her, so she took turns with their cocks in her mouth, all the while Mark fucked her pussy, his eyes closed.

She said something to Vernon and Neil, who looked at each other and nodded. Facing each other across Sabrina, they reached for each other’s cocks and stroked them, Sabrina looking at them.

"That is the most erotic thing I have seen" she said to no-one in particular.

The guys stopped playing with each other, and she went back to sucking them in turn.

She said something I couldn’t hear, and they each started masturbating hard, their cocks pointed at her. She turned her face to Neil and opened her mouth, closing her eyes. Neil started to make a noise, and then came, long ropes of warm cum shooting over Sabrina, over her boobs, face and mouth. He had just started to squirt when Vernon came, also all over her, but his was all in her face, covering her eyes and nose.

Mark, who had been fucking her all the time, came a few moments later, taking his cock out of her, whipping off the condom and squirting his load over her tummy and pussy.

The guys all stood up and looked at her. She was covered in cum, from her hair to her pussy. I wondered what the other teachers would say if they could see their deputy-head now, covered in cum with 3 cocks pointing at her. Simon and Vlad gave the guys a round of applause, and they came to sit on the couches. Sabrina lay there for a while, then got up, bowed to everyone, and went to go and shower.

Much later in the evening, I was sitting with Amber, just chatting. I felt bad about what I had done with Neil earlier, to Simon. It was manipulative and unkind. I always try not to play games, and rather to say what I feel or think, and I had let myself down by trying to make Simon jealous.

I said to Amber, who I am sure by now knew what I had done, that I was sorry I had done that. She said she understood, and had guessed what I was doing, although she said she had not told Neil, who was quite impressed with his effect on me it seems!

I said to her, "let's get Simon and I will play with you and him."

Now this is very unusual for me, I virtually never play with Simon at a party, for obvious reasons, since I have him at home to play with, but this seemed different, and I thought it might be quite a turn-on to play with the two of them, given that he had quite fond feelings for her going back to when they were teens.

I went to go and fetch Simon, who I found in the Jacuzzi with Sabrina, just fondling each other. I said that Amber and I wanted him in the lounge, so he got out, dried himself and followed me without comment.

When we got to Amber, he said to me "what’s this about now?" Quite cross.

I said "Amber and I want to play, and I want to apologise for what I did."

He looked at Amber, who shrugged.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to want to either leave or play, I decided to start anyway and see what happened. I knelt behind him, and felt between his legs, playing with his cock and his balls. Amber knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth, while I sort of fed it to her. I know exactly what he likes, so it was easy to turn him on!

After a while, when he was good and hard, I pulled Amber down onto the floor, and opened her legs wide. I knelt between her slim firm thighs and licked up and down her pussy, sliding my finger into her, feeling her wetness, and then stood back. Simon looked at me, then at Amber, and then climbed on top of her. She inserted his cock into her pussy, and he began to fuck her.

I must say that it was in fact quite a turn-on, being so close to him as he fucked her. I felt myself getting very aroused watching them. I lay next to Amber and turned her face to me, kissing her, my tongue in her mouth. She responded right away, holding my head and stroking my face. I reached for her boobs, and pulled on her hard nipples. She pulled me closer and I put my boob at her mouth, for her to suck my nipples. Simon was fucking her harder now, long deep strokes, becoming aroused I think by watching Amber and me.

Simon got off Amber, and rolled her over onto her tummy. Lifting her hips, he entered her pussy from the back, and resumed fucking her.

"Sit in front of me" Amber said to me.

I did so, my legs wide open. She put her mouth on my pussy and began to eat me, sucking and licking deep in me. I saw that Mark, Vernon and Sabrina were nearby, watching us. Simon fucked her for ages, and after a long time Amber started to grunt and pant, and she came as Simon increased the pace of his fucking.

When she was done, Simon had not cum yet. He took his cock out of her, and I sat up and reached for it. Sucking it, I tasted Amber’s pussy, and I sucked it deep and played with the head the way I know he likes it with my tongue. It didn’t take him long, and I felt he was going to cum. I played with his balls and pulled lightly on them, and jerked his cock faster and faster, till I felt the hot squirts of cum shoot into my mouth. I kept sucking and playing as squirt after squirt filled my mouth. When it stopped, I waited a moment, and he took his cock out of my mouth.

I opened my mouth so he (and Mark, Vernon and Sabrina) could see the cum filling my mouth, then swallowed it, licking my lips with a smile.

Simon laughed "show-off!" he said, wiping my lips and giving me a kiss.

Later we all showered, and we drove home with Neil and Amber.

I said to Simon in bed later that I could not remember any other time that we had played together at a party. He also could not, so it may have been a first!