31 Dec 2016

Part 1

In my Diary of 6 DECEMBER I wrote about a sort of dogging experience in Germany some years ago. There was an interesting sequel to this two months later. (You may want to read that diary first so that this makes sense. In fact you MUST or the people here really won’t make sense).

This was also the first time I had come into contact with what I would call "real wealth". I had only done a few charters on the mega-motor yachts, and while the guests were stunningly wealthy, I had not yet met any owners, nor had I come into contact with the super-wealth of the Arab Princes and similar European old-money.

In the years since then, I have come to categorise wealth at this level into 3 groups:

Wealthy: enough money to be able to indulge in whatever hobby or lifestyle they want, whether it is collecting classic Ferraris, breeding race horses, world-cup sailing, or whatever. Typically they own several homes around the world, and have an income from investments or huge companies where they occasionally work.

Very wealthy: They don’t work at all. The money is from family inheritances, none of their children will ever work, and they spend their time looking for the next fun thing to do around the world. Unless they go crazy with spending, they could not spend what they have in a lifetime - it CAN be done, but it’s rare - mostly, if it looks like they are trying to, someone further down the food-chain will have them removed from control of the family money.

Mega Wealthy: money ceases to have meaning, it's just numbers. They usually have no real idea of their worth, and indeed it would be difficult to work out, as it would assume the sale of large parts of a country’s assets, or the liquidation of entire industries - they cannot in fact sell their assets. They do what they want when they want, without thought to cost. Anything can be bought - people also, and everything has a price. (I was once given, by a Saudi Prince as a gift with no requests or conditions (okay, we know what he wanted, but it was never said), a diamond pendant necklace, just in a box one morning, at breakfast on a charter. I had it valued at the next port - the insurance value, 10 years ago, was the equivalent of R100 000! I gave it back after finding out how to do so without causing offense.)

I got a phone call one morning when I was about to leave to do a yacht charter, from Raffa, Helmut’s employee at the Schloss. He said in very broken English that Helmut wanted to talk to me, and where could he get hold of me the next day.

I gave him the number at the marina the yacht was berthed at in Venice, and left that night for Venice. I was at that stage not yet living with Gabi, but we were seeing each other when we were in the same city, so I stayed with her overnight. We had a delicious dinner of spaghetti in squid-ink and mussels at a nearby trattoria, and after breakfast I took a taxi to the marina and signed on. I stopped at the yacht-master’s office to say that I was expecting a call, and would they please let me know when it came through.

Not half an hour later a youngster came dashing up the gangplank to say that there was a call for "Mistemy". I worked out that this was "Miss Tammy", so I ran in my flops and bikini to the office to take the call.

It was indeed Helmut (well, it was his secretary and then him, to be accurate). After much greeting and typical German formality, he asked forgiveness for calling me without notice (and I thought that Raffa phoning WAS notice, but apparently not formal-enough notice).

He asked whether I would be interested in joining him and a few friends to go to "Francesca’s" the next month. I had no idea what or who or where Francesca’s was. He explained that it was a very private club in Munich for members-only "like what we had at the schloss" he said (so a swinger club presumably). I really didn’t know why he was inviting me, or what the club was, but I said yes anyway.

I was about to ask for directions and times and so on when he said "I will send the airplane for you. There is another young lady from London also joining us - Raffa will tell you where to find the airplane" and with that it was auf wiedersehen and he was gone.

I was a bit bemused by this - I knew he had liked me, and I liked the little bit I knew of him, but this seemed very personal - to send a plane to fetch me and another woman to go to a club??

Anyway, I went back to the yacht, and we motored out later that day when the guests had arrived. The main guest was one of the European movie-stars and her current boyfriend, (she at least 45, he not more than 25) and two couples, friends of theirs. They went straight to their suites where I had put flowers and fruit, got changed and appeared on deck to go and sit on the top sundeck and have a few drinks. I went up to see to their needs, and was amazed to see that all six of them were nude, tanning, and that two of the women were sniffing a few lines of cocaine from a small glass square.

The nudity didn’t bother me, but the coke did. We were still in port, and it’s not unheard of for the police to watch the yachts with very powerful binoculars when we were in port, particularly if they knew there were celebrities on board.

I spoke to the Captain, and then went back to the guests and asked them to please take their little glass plate inside behind the dark glass partitions as we may be under observation.

Of course, telling an aging movie star that she may be under observation is like an invitation. She stood, naked, her very big silicone boobs like two soccer balls on her chest, her shaved pussy tanned and her tummy hard, and pranced around the deck "getting her things together", but making sure that she spent as much time as possible looking out over the harbour, naked, at the rail, her arm around her toy-boy.

I sighed. Then they all went inside till we cleared the breakwater and got into the open ocean when they went back onto the top deck for more tanning (but no more coke that I could see).

I stayed up there for a while, serving drinks and snacks until I went down to see to the dinner.

Three days later, I was in the lounge serving drinks at the bar at sunset, when I heard one of the men mention "Francesca’s" in a conversation. I listened, but couldn’t make out what was being said as they were talking French too quickly for me to follow.

I waited until this man was alone later, and then said,

"My apologies, I couldn't help overhearing you mention Francesca’s earlier. I have heard about it. It’s in Munich? Is that the same place?"

He looked at me, looked me up and down, and then leaned closer.

"What do you know about Francesca’s?" he asked.

"Nothing other than it is an adults club in Munich, and I have been invited by a member to join his party there next month."

The man stared at me.

"So, you know what type of adult club it is?"

"Yes" I said, "I do."

"Interesting. I didn’t think you would be old enough to want to go to such a club."

I kept quiet.

"Francesca’s is without a doubt the most exclusive such club in Europe. One can only became a member by being invited by another member and approved by a committee. It is very very expensive - let's just say that if you can’t write out a cheque any day of the week for half a million euros, you probably are not wealthy enough to join. There is one annual fee, and then everything at the club is free. There are dance floors, big rooms, small rooms, speciality rooms, several pools and so on. It has a roof-top pool with a glass dome, and when it snows you can sit in the heated pool and let the snow fall on your head.

The security is as tight as any head of state has - you may not take your phone in, of course no cameras, and essentially anything goes. If you can’t do it at Francesca’s, you can’t do it in Europe. There are only two restrictions: no one under 18 may be on the premises, and no drugs of any sort. Break either rule, and you are out, and your fee stays! How old are you if I may ask?"

"20" I replied.

"You look younger. So you can go. May I ask who invited you?"

"I am not sure I am say" I said.

"Okay. No problem. If someone else is paying, you will have a good time of it."

So I knew a bit more, but not much.

Part 2

A week before the day I was supposed to go to Germany, Raffa phoned. He gave me directions to the airport where Helmut’s plane was to be, and told me how I was to get to it.

I gave all my travel details to a friend - I had after all no idea where I would be, and I didn’t want to just disappear one day and never come back!

I packed a variety of clothes, from normal street-clothes to very sexy club-clothes, as well as some really revealing outfits, like a long dark-green skirt with slits all the way up each thigh, see-through blouses, some very nice very sexy underwear, and some fun stuff like crotchless panties, proper stocking and a garter-belt, a bra with no cup over the breast, just support under it, and so on.

I took the tube to near the airport, and then a taxi to the terminal. Got there, and went to the desk Raffa had told me to go to. There a very pretty young woman gave me a sort of boarding pass to get onto the tarmac, and told me that the plane was not there yet, but was expected shortly.

I hoped it would not be a tiny plane - I hate flying in those - they are so bumpy.

30 minutes later the woman said the plane has just landed, and pointed it out to me on the tarmac. It was a beautiful white and blue Bombardier business jet (no, Mikeymikes, I don’t know what type!! Pilots!!). I went through the doors, walked to the plane feeling very self-conscious as people in the small terminal watched this 20-year-old in a mini-skirt saunter out to "her own" business jet! The stairs were down, so I climbed up, half expecting to have someone ask what the hell I was doing there!

A man in a uniform appeared at the doorway.

"Miss Tamara Le Roux?" he asked

I handed him my passport, he examined it, and said "welcome on board. The other passenger will be here in a few minutes and then we can take off as soon as we have clearance."

I went in and looked around. There were 5 rows of seats (I think) with 2 seats on one side and one on the other, and some faced each other with tables in between them. It was very plush, all pale cream leather and wood, with deep-pile carpets.

I didn’t know where to sit, as the plane was empty. The guy saw me looking, and said I could sit anywhere I wanted.

I chose a single seat near the front, put my bag in the locker and took out a book to read.

No sooner had I sat down than the same man arrived with a glass of champagne and some snacks on a silver tray. I asked for a Coke instead, which he brought. Then the bathroom door at the back opened, and Raffa appeared! I stood to greet him, and we chatted for a moment. It was nice to see him again.

Not five minutes later a young woman came up the steps and was shown into the cabin. She was tall, with long ash-blonde hair and a stunningly nice figure. She had on a pair of skin-tight white jeans, cowboy boots and a man’s-style royal blue shirt, buttons open quite far down showing a lot of cleavage from what looked like quite big boobs. Looked very American, but it turned out she was actually a 19 year old Australian model, working in Europe. I didn’t ask how she had met Helmut, but she didn’t seem to know Raffa, so it can’t have been at his family Schloss in Bavaria where I met him.

Her name was Laura-Anne. She sat in the same row as me, on the other side where there were two seats side-by-side. Offered some champagne, she swallowed it in one gulp and held out her glass for more. Then she said to Raffa that it would be easier if the bottle was left there on ice, so that was done.

We chatted, and then the plane taxied and took off, climbing rapidly through the inevitable British clouds into the sunlight.

No sooner had the seat-belt light been switched off, than Raffa brought two trays of food, and glasses of wine. Laura had finished half the champagne already on her own, and seemed very "happy".

We chatted, and she asked how I knew Helmut - I told her briefly about the party at the Schloss, and she seemed intrigued. I assumed that she knew what the club we were going to was, so I told her about Raffa and his huge cock. She was fascinated, and asked for details, size etc. We giggled about it, every time he arrived with more food or drink, Laura eyeing his crotch openly.

It was going to be a fairly short flight to Munich, and it was a glorious day (well, at that altitude anyway). I felt great, happy, relaxed and looking forward to the adventure at Francesca’s.

I lay back and closed my eyes, and must have dropped off to sleep for a bit. I was awakened by noises from behind me. I looked around, and saw that Laura was not sitting in her seat. I stood and looked to the area where the seats faced each other just behind me.

Laura was indeed there, with Raffa. He was flat on his back, his pants around his ankles. Laura was kneeling between his legs, his giant cock in her hands. She had opened her blouse so that her big boobs were on display, her nipples brown and erect. His cock wasn’t fully hard yet, but she was doing everything she could to get it there. Leaning forward she took part of the huge head in her mouth and tried to suck him, but it was like trying to suck the fat end of a baseball bat. She saw me suddenly, and sat back.

"You weren’t fucking joking about his cock - I have never seen anything like it."

I laughed - "I wouldn’t let him fuck me - it's too big for me" I said.

"We will see" she said, turning back to suck him as best she could.

After a while, when it was as hard as it was going to get (and I have noticed that really big cocks don’t always get all that hard) she stood, pulled off her boots, unzipped her jeans and peeled them off and took her tiny thong off, putting the whole lot carefully on the seat. She had really big boobs, firm and natural, with a great body and a clean-shaved pussy. She rubbed her pussy a few times, and squatted above Raffa. Lowering herself she got to the point where his head touched her pussy. She wriggled a bit, moving her pussy this way and that, and the head went in a bit. Raffa lay quite still, looking at me.

Laura tried to go lower, and a little more went in, but I could see it was hurting her. She looked down between her legs at the rest of his cock, the huge shaft nowhere nearly in her yet.

She moved up and down a few times, and then got off him.

"No way, mate. That hurts. My boyfriend had a big cock, and I love it, but this is stupidly big. I’m not going to hurt myself on this."

Raffa looked so crestfallen - I knew from before that this often happened to him - at first girls are keen to try it, but when they feel how big it is, they realise it can hurt them, and they wont let him fuck them.

She stood, looking down at him, his pole getting softer already. He was about to get up, when she said,

"No mate, I made you get it hard, and I am going to finish the job."

She walked nude with only her blouse on to the little kitchen area, and came back with a salad dressing bottle in her hand.

"And now?" I said to her, laughing.

"Olive oil. Going to make a salad of his cock."

She kneeled between Raffa's legs and poured some oil on her hands, then took his cock and started to masturbate him with both hands, sliding up and down it as though she was oiling a baseball bat. She went at it with enthusiasm, and soon his cock was hard again. I went to sit down, leaving her to it.

I tried reading but it was difficult to concentrate with the rhythmic sound of her hands slipping up and down his cock. I heard him start to groan, and looked around just as he came. Laura had the sense to point it away from her (semen does not wash out of clothing - ask Monica Lewinsky).

He squirted long ropes of white cum all over the carpet and the back of a seat, as she kept jerking him till the fountain stopped. Then she stood, grabbed a towel from the kitchen and threw it to him, then went to the bathroom to clean her hands, I guessed.

"There you go mate" she said, coming back. "Never let it be said that Laura-Anne doesn’t finish a job."

She grabbed her jeans, boots and thong and came to sit back down next to me, panting. She put on her thong, wriggled into her jeans, and kicked the boots under the seat.

"Fuck me that’s big. I pity his girlfriend. She must be built like a pony."

"He doesn’t have a girlfriend" I said.

"Not surprised. The idea of a huge cock is nice, and I am sure we could get that in, after all a baby can come out, but you wouldn’t describe childbirth as an erotic way to spend a night, and you wouldn’t want to do it every night either...."

She grabbed the bottle of champagne, drank the balance from the bottle, and went to look for more.

I thought that Laura-Anne and I were going to get on well - here was a girl my age who was even wilder than me!

"Fuck, now I am horny" she said, rubbing her hand over her crotch where the jeans made a distinct camel-toe. "Hope there is a lot of talent tonight."

"There should be - I hear it’s very exclusive and the numbers are controlled, men and women."

She grinned at me - "honey, when I get going I will fuck anything, male or female, and if there aren’t enough, then lock up the dogs! Just kidding on that last part, doll' and she swallowed the next glass of champagne.

I wasn’t so sure she was kidding, but anyway….

Part 3

We landed, and a limo was waiting to take us to Helmut. Raffa said he would join us later.

We drove for about 30 minutes to a very elegant area in Munich, where we stopped outside a townhouse. The driver escorted us to the door which he opened and ushered us in. He took the bags from the limo and brought them to the lobby. He said that Helmut would join us shortly. We sat, and I looked around.

The townhouse was beautifully furnished, with what looked like genuine antique furniture, but nice, not fussy and dowdy, and very opulent. Helmut came in, and gave both of us a warm kiss and a hug, and asked us if we wanted a drink or a snack. We had both had enough to eat , and Laura had certainly had enough to drink, so we declined.

We sat, and he explained that this was literally his town house - the place he stayed when he had to stay over in town ( Munich) for whatever reason. The Schloss is the family holiday home, and he and his wife have a house in a suburb in Munich. We chatted a while - he sat next to Laura with his hand on her thigh. Looking at her now sitting opposite me she really was a good-looking girl - tanned, high cheek-bones and a nice mouth, with blue/green eyes. The blonde was not natural, but it was well done, her eye-brows darker.

I took the opportunity to ask Helmut about Francesca’s. He said that it was a very private members only club that had been started about 10 years earlier by a very wealthy couple who enjoyed swinging but were tired of the quite seedy clubs and repetitive parties. They bought a small apartment block in an upmarket suburb, and knocked down a lot of the interior walls, to make several big rooms on each floor. These were then furnished and each floor had a different sort of theme, or look.

The top floor was a series of bedrooms en-suite which guests could book in advance if they wanted to stay overnight. These rooms were not available to be used for playing during the day/night, and operated like a hotel with a front desk check-in.

One floor had a restaurant area, where one was required to wear at least a towel around the waist - topless for women was fine. Elsewhere, apart from the actual entrance area, one could wear or not wear what one wanted. He said that a map of the rooms with brief descriptions of the use of each would be provided when we arrived. Food and drink were not charged for at all, regardless of what it was. As far as the "activities" were concerned, one could do what one wanted with anyone as long as they agreed, and men could ask women and vice versa once - if the answer was "no" then you may not ask again or try to persuade. The use of condoms was optional, but recommended, and each room had several bowls with various types of condoms. (Remember this was Europe not Africa).

Laura giggled and said to me "tell Raffa to bring a plastic bag or he won't find one to fit!"

Helmut looked at her with interest. "So you have had the pleasure of Raffa on the plane?"

She grinned at him. "Well, I saw what was on offer but let’s just say that we didn’t consummate the friendship."

He laughed and said "you will have ample time to try him later if you want - he will join us at Francesca’s tonight."

He told us that he had booked rooms at Francesca’s for us, and we could stay there or come back with him when he left, whichever we wanted. If we stayed, Raffa would collect us in the morning and bring us back to the townhouse.

Laura and I went to the bedrooms Helmut showed us to, to change. We bathed, shaved, did hair and make-up and got out our "party-dresses".

I wore the long green skirt with the side-slits to the hips, no panties, a garter-belt and stockings, and a totally transparent white blouse without a bra, and black high-heel patent leather shoes. Over this I wore a (fake) fur bunny-jacket.

Laura wore a very tight-fitting evening dress in burgundy with a plunging halter-neck top and a single slit all the way up one side. The halter was so low that I could see her belly-button, and her large boobs were on display except for the centre part over the nipples. The dress fabric was so sheer that her nipples poked right through the top - looking very sexy indeed! She also wore proper stockings and a belt, also no panties, and gold high-heel sandals. With the shoes on she must have been close to 1.8m tall, her blonde hair done up in a chignon. She had a single-button jacket in black over the dress.

We went downstairs and sat for a while until Helmut came in, looking very smart in a pair of designer jeans, a white silk shirt, a very chic silk jacket and patent leather loafers.

Raffa had arrived in the meantime, and joined us. His magnificent body was (barely) contained in a tight white T shirt and black jeans, with a gorgeous black leather jacket that looked as soft as butter. Laura looked at him like a cat that has just seen where the cream is kept! As he walked in, she crossed her legs, the slit of her dress opening up to her waist so that it was clear that she could not be wearing panties. He looked at her long legs, got the message, and smiled at her.

Helmut also looked at her legs and smiled, so I crossed my legs so that my skirt fell to one side, the one side of my leg, thigh and bum showing to my waist. He looked at me, and then they both burst out laughing.

He asked whether either of us had any questions.

I asked whether the mix of people was likely to be mostly couples or singles.

He said that it would be both, but that the singles were usually also not married - the club did not refuse, but did not encourage, members who were playing without permission of their spouse. He did add, which I found interesting, that there were often married couples there but where only one played and the other either only watched or soft-played. He added that we would be thoroughly searched on arrival (to which Laura asked "by Raffa I hope?") and that there would be drug-dogs at the entrance area also. The club had a zero tolerance for any drugs of any sort. Also, we may be asked for proof of age, which was up to the doorman.

We went down the short flight of stairs to the street level, where a long black Mercedes S class stretch limo was standing idling at the curb. We got in, the driver closed the doors and we were off.

I must say that I was quite excited. The whole trip was like a movie - the plane, the limo, Helmut - all very exotic. Raffa offered us some champagne from the mini-bar, and Laura and Helmut had a glass each, while I had a mineral water. Raffa had nothing, and I asked why he never drank.

He looked at Helmut, who looked at me.

"Because Raffa is a bit more than an employee and a friend - he is also my bodyguard, and as such is on duty in situations where I am in public, like now. He is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, which in Germany is very rare, and thus can’t drink when he has it on him."

I looked at Raffa with renewed admiration. He smiled, opened the leather jacket, and there in a shoulder holster was a huge pistol of some sort - black and lethal-looking.

"So he’s not just glad to see me, it really is a gun in his pocket" I said with a grin.

That took a bit of translating before they got it, although Laura almost spilt her drink laughing.

Part 4

After maybe 30 minutes drive through very affluent suburbs, we arrived at an apartment block set well back from the street. The driver turned into the underground parking, held up a card to a camera, waited for the security gate to lift, and stopped at a lighted entrance at one end of the garage. It looked like the foyer of a hotel, but in the carpark, and was the only area in the garage fully lit, with a rich red carpet and big glass doors leading into a reception area.

The driver opened the doors for us, and we stepped out into the foyer.

There were three men in dress suits standing there, one with an Alsatian dog on a short leash.

They greeted Helmut by name, and seemed to be expecting us as well. (Raffa told me later that when the car arrives, it shows on a screen to the guards who it is, and who is with the member, so there can be no surprises.) We were each given a plastic card with our first name and a number on it to keep.

We stepped into a small lift and got out a floor later.

A pretty young woman in a mini-skirt and nothing else greeted us, and took Laura and me to show us where the bathrooms were, and gave us each a little booklet to explain what the layout was.

It was pretty much as Helmut had described - lots of rooms, dim lighting, and music. Some rooms had signs on the door in German, French and English describing what was inside, others were just open. She showed us where the food and drink was, got us a drink each, and said she would be back in a while to see how we were doing, and that Helmut and Raffa would probably be in the "voyeur room" later on the second floor.

We went back to the ground floor, and into a room called "watch or play".

This was a room, according to the booklet, where couples could go where one wanted to play but not the other. Singles could also go there of course, but the point was that there would be people there who did not play, so they were to be left alone unless they asked to join in, I guessed.

As with most of the other rooms I had looked into, it was furnished with a mixture of couches, single couch-seats, low beds and normal chairs and small tables. A huge crystal chandelier hung from the centre of the room, the light dimmed and warm.

I went to one side while Laura went to the small bar and got a drink.

I sat on a chair to see what was happening, as my eyes adjusted to the dim light.

There were maybe 20 people in the room in total. Many still fully dressed, but not all.

A man of about 50 with short grey hair, wearing a toga, came up to me almost as soon as I had sat down, and introduced himself. He spoke good English, once we had established that his English was better than my German. He offered to tell me who was who.

In the middle of the room, under the chandelier, was a round couch. On it, a woman in her 50’s (or older) was kneeling, naked. Behind her, a very young man no more than my age at the time, 20-ish, was crouched. He was very muscular with cropped blonde hair. He was sweating with exertion, his cock deep in the woman’s pussy, slamming into her from the back. In front of her was a man probably a bit older than the woman, short, with a big paunch and bald. He was fully dressed except that he had his small cock out, and was masturbating slowly watching the woman and the young man.

"The man in front of her is her husband" said the man next to me. "They come here once a month and she will fuck every man she can all night. She is insatiable. You will see - she will swop men as soon as the one either tires or cums. There is no way he could satisfy her, so they come here rather than let her have an affair which would threaten their marriage."

True enough, the young man took his cock out of her pussy, and sat back on the round couch, panting.

The woman looked around, and another man, maybe in his 30’s, moved forward. He was naked, his quite large cock erect, and without a word to the woman kneeled behind her, and rammed his cock into her pussy, and started fucking her hard and fast.

Looking around the room I noticed now that there were clothes cupboards against one wall, and people would come in, take off their street clothes, hang them up and then take a towel or a gown from the cupboard, putting the little plastic card into a slot in the door.

The man next to me saw me looking.

"Every so often they will come and take the clothes up to central change room on the 4th floor. There you will find a cupboard with your clothes and your name on the door. So you can keep your clothes on until you want to take them off, then take them off in whichever room you are, and they will find their way to the 4th floor."

It seemed a clever idea.

He sat next to me, and put his hand on my leg, his eyes on my breasts clearly visible under my sheer blouse.

He was nice looking, so I let him, and soon his hand slid up my legs, my skirt falling open. My thigh was exposed almost to my pussy, and his hand quickly got to the top of the skirt. I reached across and put my hand under his toga. His cock was almost hard, and felt thick. I touched it, feeling its uncut length grow harder. His hand lifted my skirt and slid underneath. As I was not wearing panties, as his hand got to the top of my garter-belt he touched my pussy. He smiled at me, and his fingers rubbed along my slit. I opened my legs a bit, and he parted my pussy-lips a bit, feeling to see how wet I was.

"We don’t want to ruin your lovely skirt" he said, "why don’t you hang it up?"

I stood, undid my blouse and took it off, my nipples going hard in the suddenly colder air, then unzipped my skirt, and stepped out of it. I left my garter-belt and stockings on, as well as my high heels, and went to a cupboard. I hung my clothes and put the plastic card on the door, and went back to him, watching him looking at my body, now wearing only garter-belt, stockings and heels.

Another man, a bit younger, had joined him and was sitting next to him, both looking at me.

I did my model-walk to them, and stopped in front of them. The new man had a towel around his waist, not a toga.

I kneeled in front of them, opened the toga of the first man and undid the towel of the new man. Both their cocks were not quite hard yet - the new man had a nice-sized cock, while the older man had a very average size cock.

I took first the one and then the other in my mouth, sucking on them, making them harder. I played with the one while sucking the other, and then swopped. They both reached for my boobs, and played with my nipples.

When they were both hard, I looked for a condom. The older man took two from a little bowl next to the couch, and gave one to the other man.

Once both had condoms on, I played a bit more with their cocks, then stood and sat astride the older guy. I felt for his cock, and I was wet enough for it to slide easily into me. Once he was in, I rode up and down on him for a while, playing with the other man’s cock as I did so.

When I had fucked him for maybe 5 minutes, I stood, mounted the younger man, and with a bit more difficulty slid his cock into me. It was a nice comfortable size, and I enjoyed the feeling of fucking him.

As I was fucking him, a woman came and stood next to him. She was a bit plump, with dyed blonde hair and a lot of makeup. I was sitting on him, fucking, when he introduced me to her as his wife. A bit awkward, "how do you do" while riding her husband’s cock!

She was wearing street clothes, a short (too short for her) skirt and a blouse. She had one hand around his head, stroking him, the other rubbing under her skirt.

She was near enough that I could reach her, so I put my hand on her plump thigh, and stroked it.She gave a start, looked at me, but didn’t take my hand away. As I rode her husband I slid my hand up her thigh, higher and higher till it was under her skirt.

I felt where her hand was, and pushed my hand past it, looking for her pussy. I found it - she was not wearing panties, and the top of her thighs and her pussy was soaking wet. I wasted no time - I opened her lips and slid two fingers deep into her, sliding them in and out immediately. She gasped, and stood with her legs a bit more apart.

I rode her husband, clenching my thighs around his cock.

We played like that for a while, and then he withdrew his cock, as I think he did not want to cum yet.

I left his wife’s pussy, and climbed back on the older man, and fucked him some more till he also wanted to stop.

I stood, smiled at all three of them, put a toga around me and left them to see where Helmut had got to.

I went up a floor and found a beautiful large room with, of all things, a 3-piece band in a corner.

The room was divided into several areas by curved couches that were arranged in four semi-circles. I saw a hand waving at me from one of the couches, and saw it was Helmut and Raffa, sitting with two women and Laura-Anne. I joined them and sat down.

Helmut stood up - wearing a very short towel, his cock clearly visible as a big bulge to one side, and introduced me to the women. And here was a surprise!

The woman next to Raffa, a stunning redhead with a flawless pale skin and huge green eyes wearing a thin gown which did nothing to hide a very voluptuous figure was none other than Helmut's wife, Mia! The woman next to her, also wearing a thin gown, a pretty brunette with a nice cuddly, full figure was her younger sister Herta, his sister-in-law!

So this was getting interesting. I had no idea when they had arrived, but clearly they were here on their own with his full knowledge.

We chatted a while, then Raffa got up to dance with Mia. I watched them dance, very close. Raffa had a towel around his waist, and I wondered what would happen if his cock got hard - the towel would not contain it! I was sitting facing the dance floor in the middle between the four semi-circles of couches. Mia, her red hair in a beautiful French plait, was holding Raffa tightly, her head on his huge shoulder.

There were several other couples dancing, some dressed, some nude, and on each circle of couches a few were in various stages of play.

As Raffa and Mia danced, he slipped her gown off her shoulders, letting it fall to hang by its belt at her waist. He body was magnificent - full rounded breasts with pink nipples, a long elegant neck and pale skin offset by her genuine red hair. Raffa leaned down and sucked on one nipple and then the other.

Helmut turned to see what I was looking at, and smiled.

"She loves to hold him" he said, "but she can’t take his manhood in her. She tries but it hurts her. Now Herta here can take him. She can accommodate all of him, not so Herta?"

She smiled at him. "Yes, I can, but I can tell you that I can’t walk the next day!"

Helmut reached over to Laura, and pulled her to cuddle against him. He opened her gown and pulled it off her breasts, fondling her nipples. Before he could go further, Herta slid off the couch, sat at Laura’s feet, and parted her long tanned legs.

Laura undid the belt of her gown, and shrugged it off, sitting back down, naked.

Herta pulled Laura’s legs open, and without waiting thrust her face between Laura’s thighs, her head bobbing as she mouthed Laura’s cunt. Helmut laughed.

"Herta is a sucker for tall blondes - if she sees one here she is on her knees, tongue in their cunt before they can take their clothes off!"

Laura opened Helmut’s gown, and took his very big, very thick cock out. It was still semi-soft, hanging, and she opened her mouth wide and took as much of it in as she could. She sucked on it as it grew hard, letting it grow in her mouth until she could not accommodate it all any more. All the while, Herta ate Laura’s cunt.

Once it was fully hard and at its impressive size, he stood, turned Laura onto her hands and knees, and mounted her from the back. She struggled at first to get his cock in, because it is much bigger than normal as I had found, but then she did get it in, and he started to fuck her.

Herta took her gown off - her rounded womanly body pale and gorgeous. She had very full boobs, a bit fat, and as she turned I saw that she was only shaved to a bikini shave, a dark triangle of pubic hair trimmed down to and around her pussy.

She was playing with her pussy as she turned to squat on her hand and knees alongside Laura, their bums side by side.

Helmut fucked Laura for a while, then moved over a bit and put his cock into Herta. It went straight in, no problems, so she clearly had a big pussy. He fucked them both alternately for a while until Raffa came back with Mia.

Seeing him, Herta stood, took his towel off him, then sat and took his enormous cock in her hands and started to stroke it with both hands. Mia came and sat next to her sister, and they passed Raffa’s cock between them, sucking on it and masturbating it so that it grew harder and harder. Helmut watched his wife and her sister masturbate his employee, his one hand between Laura’s thighs fingering her cunt gently.

When Herta judged that he was hard enough to penetrate her, she lay on the floor on her back, and thrust her plump pale legs straight into the air. Raffa lay on top her, supporting himself on his hands and knees, as she guided his enormous cock to her cunt. She guided the giant head in, wriggling her hips. It went further and further in, deeper and deeper. She would push his pubic area back every so often to stop him, then pause, then pull him down again. Other couples had stopped dancing and were standing around Herta and Raffa, watching them. The guys were all masturbating, or being masturbated by a woman next to them.

Deeper and deeper went Raffa, very gently. Eventually, almost all of his cock was in Herta. He paused, and then started to fuck her slowly, all the way out, then all the way in. By the third or fourth time it was indeed going all the way in, down to his balls. It seemed impossible, like that trick where the man swallows a sword - I kept thinking that any minute his cock was going to rupture her womb, but she seemed to be okay with it.

He hadn’t been fucking her for more than 2 or 3 minutes, when Herta gave a long, loud moaning sound, and jerked against him as she came. He didn’t move much, letting her do the work so as not to hurt her I suppose.

Helmut turned to me, his finger still in Laura’s cunt.

"Now watch this" he said.

Herta lay still for a moment after she had cum.

Then Raffa started moving again. Within 2 or 3 thrusts, Herta came again, groaning.

And again. Eight times in a row, and all he had to do was to move in and out 2 or 3 times each time to make her cum.

"She gets so sensitive when he fucks her that almost any movement after she has cum once sets her off again. Last time here she came 13 times in a row in the space of 15 minutes’’ said Helmut. "We had to get an ice-pack to put on her cunt so she could walk later."

His hand had by now opened my gown and he had his fingers in my pussy, his other hand still in Laura’s pussy.

I was very horny from watching Herta and Raffa, as well as from the fucking earlier.

Raffa took his cock out of Herta slowly, and sat back on his haunches, looking at her.

Her legs were still wide apart, her cunt gaping and raw, and the lips blood-red and swollen from the friction.

"Try him again, Tammy" said Helmut.

I wanted to, but I really didn’t think I could take it all in.

I slid off the couch, and crawled to where Herta lay. I lay on my back, and held out my arms to Raffa.

He smiled, and positioned himself above me.

"I can’t take it all, so just a little bit" I said to him. He nodded.

I manoeuvred his cock to my cunt. It felt ridiculous, as though I was going to put a telephone pole up me.

I opened my legs as wide as I could.’

"Not so wide" said Raffa

"NOT so wide?" I asked in astonishment.

"It makes the skin too tight at the sides" he said. "A little more closed is easier, it relaxes the sides."

It was the first time I had had lessons in how to fuck for a long time, but I figured he knew what he was doing.

The huge head went in, and then more and more of the shaft. I felt my cunt stretching, my whole body filled with his cock. Every move he made seemed to lift and move my body; his cock was so out of proportion to me.

Deeper and deeper he went, until I felt it bump something, and it hurt.

"That’s it" I said, "now it hurts."

He stopped pushing, and then withdrew and went back in, slowly. It was amazing. My whole being was filled with his cock. Every nerve ending in my cunt was on fire, the sensation was overwhelming, filling, and raw.

He fucked for a very short while, and I felt a huge orgasm start. I pushed a bit against him and the orgasm hit hard, filling me, I heard someone crying out, and realised it was me. The raw hot feeling of cumming filled me, and I felt floods of juice in my pussy, trapped by his cock. It subsided, and he stayed still, waiting.

Instead of withdrawing, he started to fuck again. I was so raw, so tender, so filled that I clasped him to me and within a few strokes I came again. Then he waited, then again. It was unbelievable. I could see how Herta came 13 times. If he kept going, I would keep cumming, it was never-ending.

After the fourth or fifth time it just got too sore to go on. I pushed him away, and he took his cock very slowly out of me. As he did so, a stream of juices followed it out, running over my thighs and onto the floor.

I lay there with my knees bent, my cunt wide open, raw and swollen, my thighs, and bum and cunt slick with my juices.

I closed my eyes.

"You okay, mate?" asked Laura, sitting next to me.

"I think so" I said. "I have never had anything like that."

"Got bad news for you then" she said, "there was still about a quarter of his cock to go!"

Part 5

My pussy was quite sore after Raffa. I wrapped the gown around me, and went to get a drink.

Mia, Helmut’s wife, came with me.

"Helmut has spoken about you. He enjoyed playing with you at the Schloss he says."

"He is a great guy. I enjoy his company" I said, not really used to discussing fucking a guy with his wife.

"He tells me that you like girls also?"

"Yes" I said, "I am bisexual."

"Good, then you will like the room I will take you to."

We got our drinks, and she led me to a room off the first room I had been in. It was smaller, cosy, with soft music and nice lighting. The sign on the door said "Sapphic temple", which I guess says it all.

We sat at the small bar at one end, and looked around.

There were lots of women in the room, but also some men.

"the men here can only watch" said Mia, "they may not touch or play."

And the guys were in fact all sitting or standing around, none of them playing, although all were nude and were erect.

A very pretty, very young dark-haired girl came over, and gave Mia a big hug and a kiss. She can’t have been even as old as I was. Mia introduced her as Kimberley, a former student at the school where Mia teaches art. Mia said that Kim had just turned 18, and had left school last year. This was the first year that she was allowed to go to Francesca’s. I was surprised, because of the cost, and said so to Mia when Kim went to get a Coke for me.

"She is not the member - her lover is - that woman over there."

I looked where she pointed. A tall, hugely muscular body-builder woman in her 30’s or even 40’s was standing talking to a guy.

"That’s Evangeline, her lover. She is filthy rich, the daughter of Russian nobleman, as he liked to call himself. She was a professional body-builder as you can see."

Kim came back, and sat next to Mia.

No sooner had she sat down than Kim leaned against Mia, and started kissing her on her mouth. I wondered what the Amazon Evangeline would say, but this was a swinger club so I guessed she was okay with it.

Kim stopped kissing Mia, and waved at her lover to come over. I looked at her as she approached. She was tall, hugely well-built, with ripped muscles and small boobs, but a nice face, wearing a thong and nothing else.

We greeted, and she said to Kim "have fun, sweetheart" and took my hand.

I followed her to the other side of the room, where we sat and she introduced me to a friend of hers, Moira, a rather fat, middle aged woman, nude, with big floppy breasts.

Eva wasted no time - she took my face in her hand and started to kiss me deeply. She kissed well, and I enjoyed it. She opened my gown, so I stood and took it off. I was going to sit down, but she stopped me, slid off the seat to kneel in front of me. Parting my legs, I felt her strong hands grip my thighs, pulling my pussy lips apart. Her tongue darted into my pussy, immediately sucking on my clit, making it hard. While her tongue licked at my pussy, I felt her hand go to my bum, and she inserted a finger deep into my arsehole. She was good, and I was very sensitive, my cunt still raw from Raffa.

She pulled me down onto the mattress on the floor. She lay on her back, and pulled me so that I was squatting over her face, and once again started to eat my cunt.

The fat woman kneeled between Eva legs, pulled her thong off and the huge thighs apart, and sucked on Eva's clit. From where I was squatting over Eva, I was facing her feet, so I could see the fat woman working at her clit and cunt. I was amazed to see that in a minute or so Eva’s clit emerged from its sheath, large and hard, like a small cock. The fat woman sucked on it furiously, and Eva began to squirm underneath me. Without moving her mouth from Eva’s clit the woman reached for a small bag next to her, withdrew a huge dildo, and thrust it without warning into Eva’s cunt.

Eva’s hips bucked so that I thought I was going to be launched into the air, and the dildo got rammed in hard and all the way. I lifted myself off her mouth, and the fat woman rotated herself so that Eva could eat her cunt, her flabby thighs framing Eva’s face, her slightly hairy cunt enveloping Eva’s mouth.

She rammed the dildo in so hard that it seemed it must hurt Eva, but she said nothing.

They fucked like that silently for a while, the dildo slamming in, her clit stuck straight out, like a fat worm. Eva suddenly came with a shriek, the dildo almost disappearing up her cunt.

Without pause, Eva grabbed the dildo from her cunt, and rammed it into the fat woman’s cunt on top of her. With one hand she slammed the dildo in, with the other she pulled the woman’s big bum apart, felt for her arsehole, and thrust a finger in as far as it would go. A few more thrusts of the dildo and her fingers and the fat woman came, shuddering. Eva pulled her face away from the woman’s cunt just as a flood of juices poured out of her, a small river of juices running over Eva’s small boobs and chest.

Three men who were watching this needed to cum, so they turned to the wall and jerked their cocks until they squirted their loads against the wall, huge jets of cum running down the wall-paper.

I was a bit stunned by their coupling - my limited experience of girl-on-girl sex had been that it was quite gentle and loving. Okay, at times it got more boisterous, but this felt like an assault. If I had tried to make love to Gabi like that I think I would have been in the street within 5 minutes!

I went back to where Mia had been sitting, my gown trailing behind me. What was quite nice was that the men who were there, and there were quite a few, didn’t hassle or even try to talk to the women, they were just observers.

Mia and Kim was still there, both nude, kissing each other warmly. As I approached, Mia broke away and faced me.

"So Tammy, let me see what has got Helmut so enthralled."

I laughed, and sat next to her. Kim got up and sat on the plush carpet at my feet, her head on my legs. Her dark hair was in a page-boy cut, and her very cute perky boobs with their dark nipples and her flat tummy made a very sexy picture.

Mia took my hand, and placed it between her legs. I felt that she was not fully shaved, and looked. She has, as most real red-heads have, some pubic hair. It’s so exotic, so unusual, that guys and girls love to see a red-head's trimmed pussy, that gorgeous, always soft, red hair framing their pink pussy-lips. It’s unlike any other girl’s pussy. In fact I don’t know of any real red-head who is fully shaved or waxed - they ALWAYS leave some on display.

I stroked Mia’s pussy, feeling the wetness start, she opened her legs a bit, and I slid a finger into her, feeling the warmth of her pussy and the soft touch of her hair.

She did the same to me, her finger very gentle in me, just touching lightly. Kim stood, facing both of us. Her mouth was open, and she was very excited for some reason. She watched our fingers in each other; her own hand on her pussy. She was clean-shaved, her toned young body almost quivering, as she slid a finger into her pussy. As Mia and I masturbated each other, Kim fingered herself more and more, watching us. I was feeling that I might cum, when a slim Black woman, with large firm boobs, came up behind Kim. She held Kim lightly around the waist and kissed her neck. Kim leaned back, and the Black woman’s hand snaked down to Kim’s tight slit, and a long, elegant finger probed into her, making her shudder. Mia and I got more and more excited, as did Kim, and all three of us came at almost the same time, our fingers rubbing each others' pussies rapidly . Kim almost collapsed on the Black woman, who kept fingering her until she stopped.

Part 6

I played with a few more men that night, and towards 2 am Helmut found me in the roof-top pool with a very pleasant young Greek man who could not speak a word of English, but who had a very good way with his cock and mouth, and we had just finished our second fucking and were relaxing in the warm water looking at the stars.

The young man’s hand was on my pussy under the water, just rubbing it gently, when Helmut slid into the water.

His cock was half-hard and very impressive as he got under the water.

"That Laura is a wild one" he said.

"How so?"

"When I left her now, in the BDSM room, she was tied to a pole in the room, her hand above her head, and a wooden pole holding her legs apart, and she had 6 men in a row fucking her in turn, one after the other. None were using condoms and all had, at her request, cum inside her. There was cum and her vaginal fluids running down her legs and the last one undid her hands, put her on her back on the floor, and came in her mouth. Very erotic. She was much in demand."

I laughed. "Yes, that sounds like Laura, from what I know of her."

"So, will you stay here or come back to the townhouse tonight? I need to go back now. Laura is staying - she has found a girl she still wants to fuck tonight."

"I will come back with you if I may. I am tired and have had my fun. It’s been great, thank you for asking me."

"It was my pleasure. I hear from Mia that you also played with her."

"Yes, she is lovely. I love redheads."

We got dressed and said goodbye to various people. We went down to the lobby where the limo was waiting, got in and were driven back through the quiet early morning streets to the townhouse.

We went in, and Helmut suggested that we change into our gowns and have a nightcap in the lounge. I did so, after a quick shower to wash the men's sweat, cum and so on off me, and found him in the lounge. I didn’t ask where Mia was, as I didn’t think it was any of my business. He asked what I would like to drink, and I asked for a hot chocolate. He rang the bell, and I heard footsteps approach. I was surprised as I thought that all the servants would have gone to bed, but the door opened and a young woman came in. Helmut introduced her as Jesse-Maria, the part-time housekeeper. She was short, dark hair and an olive complexion, with a nice full body and biggish boobs it seemed under her black and white uniform and big brown eyes. She also looked half asleep, which I suppose is fair at that time of the morning.

She took the order, and came back 15 mins later with the drinks, which she put down on a small table between us.

She turned away to leave, when Helmut said something to her in what sounded like Spanish.

She looked at me, smiled, and turned back to him. Undoing her apron, she put it on the chair, unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. She had very nice plump breasts, and when she took her bra off her large brown nipples were erect and huge.

She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, then her panties. Standing there naked, facing us, her pubic mound covered by a triangle of dark hair, she looked so cute and innocent.

"Who shall Jesse-Maria do first - you or me?" he asked, "she is excellent at both."

I was really tired, and not in the mood to start a whole new round of fucking at 3 am.

"Why don’t we take Jesse-Maria to bed with us, then we can decide who does what to whom."

"Good idea" he said, and said something to the young woman again.

Jesse-Maria simply sat down, naked, on a chair and waited while we finished our drinks, then went upstairs with us to the bedroom.

I fell asleep while Helmut and Jesse-Maria fucked - it seemed she liked anal, because that is the position I remember her being in when I fell asleep.

I awoke at around 9, to find Helmut gone. Jesse-Maria was also gone, but then came in with coffee and cakes.

She ran a bath for me, and I must say that Helmut was right - she was very good at both - I came twice before my bath with her tongue and fingers doing their magic.

The limo took me to the airport, where I caught a Lufthansa flight to Gatwick, business class thanks to Helmut, and I was home after lunch, happy, having had a great adventure and feeling well-fucked.

I met Helmut twice after that in London, where we spent a great time at his hotel, each time with different young women or young men.