Written by wildchildtammy

30 Jun 2015

You asked about my experience with dogging, so here it is.

I have done it once in the UK, when I was 18 or 19 and living there. I had a friend, Lindy, who was at college with me. We became best friends, and shared all our secrets (she was for example the only person other than the guy who took me to the Gang Bang that knew about it).

We were joking around one evening, looking on the computer at girl-porn, when we came across a dogging site. I had heard of dogging, but never really thought about it. We looked and looked at pictures and it seemed more erotic than we had imagined, and the women seemed much better looking than I would have thought.

To be honest, I had always thought it was either an urban legend, or prostitution by another name, not real “housewives” having a random fuck. However, we saw that one of the sites mentioned was fairly close to where we lived. I guess we were pretty “happy” from shooters and wine, but we started daring each other to do it. Eventually, we agreed that we would both do it, once, but together, for safety and so on.

We drove there one night first to check it out. We parked some distance away, and crept closer, quietly. The site mentioned was at a picnic spot in a forest. Very secluded, and not visible from any road. You would have to turn off the road onto a side road which led only to the picnic spot. We walked down the road, and then took a path to one side which led to the picnic spot.

There were maybe 8 or 9 cars parked all around the area, which was about 20 metres diameter I guess, with fixed wooden tables and benches scattered about.

At the car closest to us (a fairly new BMW 5 series) we saw a middle-aged woman and a guy sitting in the car. Her door was open, facing us. She had no top on, and very big floppy boobs, but quite an attractive face - she looked like a school-teacher I had. In front of her were 3 guys, all with their pants undone and half off. One by one they stood in front of her, and she sucked their cocks. We could not see what the guy next to her was doing, but he seemed to be just sitting there. When each guy had had his cock sucked by her, she got out of the car, faced them and took her skirt off. Facing them, she played with her pussy for a while, letting them see her masturbate.

The guys had all taken off their pants by now, and one was naked, the others had their shirts on still. All of them masturbated as she played.

Then she turned around, and leaned forward, holding onto the car door. Each guy approached her, felt her pussy, and put his cock in and fucked her. I could not see if they were using condoms or not, but it seemed that the first two must have cum, judging from the movements. The third guy fucked her for a while; then she turned around, knelt on a mat on the ground, and sucked him again. We could see him clearly, and he came in her face, squirting all over her face, boobs and hair. The guys walked off. She wiped herself with a towel, got dressed and got into the car and they drove off; the guy in the car was still there, so presumably either a husband or a boyfriend.

We were quite frankly amazed. Both at how “classy” she looked and at the fact that this encounter at least was clearly not prostitution - no money changed hands, and it did not look like it at all.

We moved around the outside of the area, to where we could see a Ford Transit van parked. It was facing inwards, and its back doors were open so we could see into it from where we were. There was a picnic table near the back doors also. There were two women there, and lots of guys, maybe 10 or so. The one woman, maybe in her early 30’s and very well groomed by the looks of it, was sitting in the back of the van, her legs dangling over the bumper. She had no skirt on, and was lying back with a dildo in her pussy, masturbating hard and fast. In front of her, some 4 or 5 of the guys stood, pants either pulled down or off altogether, cocks hard, playing with their cocks as they watched her. The other woman, the same sort of age I guess, was lying on one of the benches on a blanket, with a guy on top of her, fucking her.

As he finished, another guy moved in and fucked her, then another, then another. Eventually, all the guys including those watching the woman in the van must have fucked her, and as far as we could tell, no-one used a condom and all seemed to have come inside her.

The woman in the van didn’t seem to have fucked anyone, unless she had done so earlier, I suppose.

And so it went on. All around the clearing were cars, guys and women, in various stages of fucking or masturbating or watching. Many women seemed not to actually fuck, but just play with themselves while the guys masturbated until they came. There was no physical contact in these cases.

We crept away back to our car and drove home. We were so horny after looking at all this that we got out our dildos when we got home, went to Lindy’s room, and masturbated each other till we came two or three times.

We spoke about it, and agreed that we would go there one night to play. We were not willing to fuck though - but we would play with ourselves and with the guys, but that’s all.

Maybe I should describe Lindy. She is British, plump, dark hair and VERY big, if not very firm, boobs. She has a really cute face, very pretty, and a nice body even if she is overweight. She is by no means fat, just cuddly!

Because she is plump, she has the nicest pussy - it’s also plump and rounded - all you see is her outer lips and the slit - like a young girl. She was then also 18 or 19, but looked much younger. Her boobs are, as I said, very big, probably then a 38 C, with large brown areolas and prominent nipples. They were not all that firm but were not soft either. Her nipples were “on top” of her boobs, not at the end, so she did not look like so many fat women do when the boobs just hang down, nipples pointing to the ground. Like a lot of British girls, she never went into the sun - I called her my per Goth - she was white as a sheet! With my South African tan, I looked like a different race next to her.

She was not really bi, let alone gay, but she would play with a girl if she was in the mood, and we had played together a few times, mostly when I was in the mood to be honest!

She was also one of the horniest girls I have met. When she was horny, she would fuck whoever was near - I have seen her fuck a guy she had just met, in the toilet in a pub, at a party in the kitchen, and one memorable night on the Tube going home when she stood facing the window, skirt lifted, panties to one side, while her boyfriend of the day fucked her from the back without the few people in the carriage even noticing anything! (Although she complained endlessly about cum running down her thighs on the walk home! I did ask her where she thought the cum was going to go after the fuck!)

I once found her at a party (a normal party, not a swinger party at all) in a bedroom with 3 guys - all had their pants down, her legs up in the air and her jeans off. One guy was masturbating her with a Coke bottle in her pussy, the others standing, watching and masturbating.

So, not shy, our Lindy!

Anyway, we worked out which night seemed to be the most popular according to the website on which we had registered (Thursday night for some reason). Which car to use was a problem - Lindy had a small Hyundai or something, and I did not have a car. However, we did have a friend who had a big panel-van, with doors on the side which opened like car doors, but further, not sliding doors. He used it for camping when he went fishing. (I can’t recall the make - a Ford I think). Lindy phoned to ask if we could borrow it as we “need to move some stuff”. He agreed, and we went to fetch it on the Wednesday afternoon, and drove it to Lindy’s house which she shared.

What was nice about it was that he had a huge mattress in the back which he slept on when fishing (or whatever fishermen do) so it was ideal. The dogging thing seemed to involve the women being fairly static, in or near cars, and the guys moving around, although some of the pictures did show women in the bushes with guys not near cars.

On the Wednesday night we had dinner at the house I stayed in, and went to my room to prepare for the next night. We waxed our legs and pussies, and got out what we wanted to wear (Lindy had brought her clothes along to try out). We both had VERY short mini-skirts to wear, see-through blouses, and high heels.

Lindy wanted to wear just that - no underwear. I said that was fine when we got there, but I was not going to drive there like that - if we had a puncture for example, we would be either arrested or raped or both, standing at the side of the road dressed like hookers. So we decided to wear underwear, and ski-pants under our skirt - not glamorous, but effective.

On the Thursday night Lindy picked me up at 8, and we drove to the forest area. We switched off the van headlights as we approached the picnic area, using just the parking lights, and then we switched these off also as we drove in. The picnic area had some fairly dim lights near each table and chair set - no ideas what for, as who has picnics at night?, but that was maybe the reason the place was chosen for dogging anyway.

There were more cars there than when we had first been there - cars and some vans all over the place, and lots more activity - people also all over the place.

We parked in a small clearing near a table and bench set, parking sideways so that the side doors of the van faced into the "circle”. We sat and watched for a while.

Right in front of us was an old-shape Merc, the big one. There were 2 guys on either side of the car at the windows, their pants open and their cocks out, masturbating.

The doors of the Merc opened after a while and two very well groomed and elegant looking women in their late 40’S or early 50’s got out - they had skirts on, but were topless. They each walked up to the guys on their side of the car. The one woman unzipped her skirt and took it off, standing there nude. The two guys started to grope her boobs, her pussy, her bum, playing with their cocks all the time. One of them went behind her, and when she leaned forward, he put his cock between her legs, and started fucking her. The other guy stood in front of her, and she put his cock in her mouth and sucked him. We couldn’t really see the other woman because the car was in the way, but we could see feet on top of each other under the door, so it looked like someone was lying on top of someone on the ground.

Lindy and I had agreed that we would probably not actually fuck anyone that night - we first wanted to see what happened and how safe it was.

We took our ski-pants off, took our bras and panties off, and had a shooter or three.

Then we opened the side doors of the van, and sat down in the doorway, next to each other, our legs dangling out. It wasn’t long before 3 guys walked up to us. They stood a bit away, looking at us. The one guy opened his pants and took out his cock and started playing with it. We smiled at him. The other two saw this and all three came closer, standing right in front of us. The other two also opened their pants and took out their cocks. All three were erect. The blouses we had on were totally transparent, meant to be worn over a tank-top, not on their own, so the guys could see our boobs very clearly. The one guy reached out to Lindy, and asked “May I touch?”

Lindy opened her blouse fully, leaving her big boobs naked. Her large nipples were hard with the cold and the excitement already. The guys touched her boobs, playing with her nipples with one hand, masturbating with the other.

I also opened my blouse. The other two guys came very close, and each started fondling one of my boobs. I must say, they were very gentle and respectful - not demanding or pushy at all. The guy on my left had a very nice size cock, so I took it in my hand and stroked it. As soon as I did that, he reached towards my skirt. It occurred to me that the way we were sitting, and with our skirts being so short, he could probably see up our skirts, standing in front of us. I kept stroking his cock, and pulled my skirt up, showing my pussy. He reached to it, and I said “Outside only, no fingers in me.”

He nodded, and touched my slit ever so gently, running his fingers up and down it.

The other guy started touching my boobs also, and taking turns at touching my slit. It actually felt erotic, sitting there, exposed, being touched non-stop in effect. My pussy was getting quite wet, and I was sure the guys could feel it by now. Little by little their fingers went in a bit more, sliding inside my slit, but not going deep into my pussy. I took a condom from my bag next to me, unwrapped it, and offered it to the first guy, saying “You want a blow?”

He nodded and put the condom on, and pressed up against my leg so his cock was near my chest. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, sucking it and mouthing the head. He was still obeying the rule about no fingers deep in me, playing with my slit as I sucked him. The other guy was playing with my boobs and masturbating very hard. I was very aroused by now, so I took a chance and pushed his fingers into my pussy. He immediately began to finger me vigorously, rubbing my clit with his thumb. I sucked his cock faster, and jerked it off with one hand. He soon took it out of my mouth, and took the condom off quickly. I realised that he was going to cum, so I pointed his cock away from me, and jerked him hard and fast. He grunted a few times, and then squirted a huge load onto the ground, long jets of cum shooting everywhere.

The second guy was still there, so I put my fingers into my pussy and made them wet, then I took his cock in my hands, and masturbated him quickly. It didn’t take long before he too came, squirting onto the ground.

Lindy was lying back in the van, her legs sticking out, apart, and a guy was kneeling in front of her, eating her pussy for all he was worth. He was a big man, younger than the others, I think. He lifted her legs up high, and opened her legs even more, and began to lick between her legs to her bum, all the way to her anus. When he got there, he licked around it a bit, and then thrust his tongue into her anus as far as it would go. Lindy was squealing, enjoying it. He did that for a while, and then went back to her pussy, lowering her legs.

She sat up, and pulled him to his feet. He stood. He had the biggest cock I had seen up to that time - huge - like a big cucumber. It didn’t seem to be even fully hard. Lindy grabbed it with both hands and masturbated him. Even with both her hands around his cock, there was still a huge amount sticking out, it was that big. I stared at it, with one hand between my legs, playing with my clit.

As she jerked him, he reached to me and put his hand on my pussy. I moved my hand away, and let his fingers go into me. He tried to put two fingers in, but it hurt because I have always had a fairly tight pussy, more so then than now, although it is still quite tight.

Lindy took the huge thing in her mouth, but only the head really fitted in, and maybe a few inches of the shaft. He did not have a condom on, and I handed one to Lindy. She put it next to her, and kept sucking him.

I noticed that quite a few guys had arrived, and were standing around watching us. Some had their pants open; some had their pants off altogether. All were playing with their cocks. Lindy pushed the guy away a bit, and got out of the van. She took her blouse and skirt off completely. All the guys were in a sort of circle around her now. She took the guy with the big cock by the hand to the bench. I got up and followed her, taking my blouse off as I did so. I whispered to her “where are we going?”

"I want some of that in me” she said.

"We said we would not fuck this time” I reminded her.

“We didn’t know that this would be on offer. I am not going to let this opportunity go by,” she replied.

"Use a condom” I said, giving her the one she had put down next to her.

She took it, and as they reached the low bench she gave it to him. He put it on, looking at her. She patted the bench, and he sat down. She stood next to him, and pushed him gently so that he lay down fully, his huge cock now very hard, sticking up, pointing at his chest as he lay, touching his belly button. Lindy stood over him, one leg either side of the bench, and felt for his cock. She put it at the entrance to her pussy, and then very slowly started to sit down.

"Move, and I will pull it off!” she said to him.

She continued to lower herself on his cock. After maybe two minutes of very little happening, she said to me “that’s as far as it can go.”

I looked at the guy.

"There’s a hell of a lot of it not in you” I said.

"Tough shit," she said. “Any more and it will tear me up.”

She began to move up and down on him, stopping more or less at the same place each time. She had her head back, her eyes closed, with her big boobs bouncing around as she rode him.

I felt a pair of hands feel my boobs from the back. I turned. It was a fairly old guy, maybe in his 50’s, but with a nice build - lean and firm still. I let him feel my boobs for a while as Lindy fucked the giant cock. A man came around to stand in front of me, naked, with big curved cock.

"You want to lie down on that bench?” he asked. I shook my head.

"I will play, but not fuck” I said.

He nodded, and took my hand and put it on his cock. I masturbated him while the other guy played with my boobs. I felt the guy behind lift my skirt and press his cock between my bum-cheeks, not trying to get to my pussy, just vertically between the cheeks. He started thrusting there, up and down.

I unzipped my skirt and took it off, putting it on the table. He waited, and then went back to where he had been. I reached around my back to him and pulled him closer, so that he could not suddenly put his cock in my pussy. He moved faster and faster, putting his arms around me to hold me tight. I pushed back as he did so, rubbing my bum against his cock. He put his head onto my shoulder, and breathed very hard in my ear, and I felt warm cum squirt between my bum-cheeks and up my lower back. He kept going as my bum got covered in cum, and the more cum there was, the more he could slide his cock in it. When he stopped, he stood holding me for a while, and then moved back. The cum was running down my legs by now.

I took my skirt and walked back to the van, got a towel out of the back, and wiped my bum, making sure no cum went near my pussy. A few guys followed me. It was like being the pied piper. I was now nude, and feeling quite vulnerable to be honest. I was not comfortable being far away from the van and naked - near the van seemed safer somehow.

I sat on the edge on the van doorway again, naked. A whole group of guys was there now, waiting to see whether I would fuck, I guess.

I took a few condoms out and gave them to the guys closest to me. I motioned to the first guy to come closer, and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him for a minute or two. Then the next guy, then the next guy. By now my mouth was getting sore, and there was no way I was going to suck them all!

Lindy came walking back, without the guy with the huge cock.

"So, what happened?” I asked.

"He is just too big for me” she said. ”I couldn’t even cum, because I was so afraid of getting hurt. He didn’t cum either. He says he has only really ever found one woman, a hooker, who he can fuck as hard as he wants, and it does not hurt her. His wife won’t let him near her cunt. She sucks him, and he can cum in her mouth or between her tits, but that’s it. Quite sad really. But now I am really horny, and my cunt is too sore to fuck anyone else.”

"So, let me kiss it better before we go,” I said with a grin.

She looked at me, "Where?”

"Here, in the van. We'll give them a show. Then we must go.”

She looked around at the group of maybe 10 or more guys hanging around the van.

"Sure. Why not?”

"Lie down where they can see you" I said.

Lindy lay on the mattress on the floor of the van, near the doorway, on her back. I opened her legs wide, and knelt between her thighs. I bent down, and started licking her tummy, down to her pussy, along each thigh, but not actually touching her pussy at all. She was fondling her boobs, playing with her nipples. The guys outside had come right up to the van, standing in the doorway. They all had their cocks in their hands.

Two women from another car had also come over. One stood next to two guys and was jerking them, one in each hand. The other woman, a pretty young woman, maybe early 20’s, had turned her back to some of the guys, leaning forward holding onto the side of the van. A few of the guys were near her. The first of the guys walked around behind her, felt her pussy from the back, put his cock in her and began to fuck her. The others watched him and played with their cocks. I was licking the inside of Lindy’s thigh, glancing at them every so often. The guy fucking the young woman seemed to cum in her, judging from the movement. As soon as he moved away, the next guy put his cock in and fucked her. She had not moved from that position - she stayed where she was as each guy fucked her, came in her, and moved away. All in all maybe 4 or 5 guys fucked her like that before she stood up and came over to the van door.

By now I had got to Lindy’s pussy. I licked along the outer lips, parting them with my tongue. Sliding my tongue up her slit, I got to her clit, which I circled with my tongue a few times, then back down her slit to her perineum, and back up again. Lindy was very aroused from the fucking earlier - her pussy was soaking wet and slick with her juices. I let my tongue go deeper and deeper into her slit each time, until it was probing deep into her pussy. Her plump pussy lips were engorged, and warm with her readiness.

I took two fingers and thrust it into her pussy, deep as I could. She immediately started to fuck my fingers, raising her hips up to meet each thrust. I moved my fingers more rapidly in and out. Every so often I would take my fingers out, lick her clit, and then go back to fingering her. I knew the signs when Lindy was going to cum - after all, I had heard her often enough with the guys she fucked when we were together!

She started to make a long, sighing sound, like whooooooo whooooooo, and then she came fast, lots of juices coming out of her cunt in a little flood over my fingers. I kept going till she took my hand away, when it got too sensitive.

A few of the guys outside were jerking off very fast and hard as she came. Three or four of them came, spurting their cum onto the ground near the door. The woman who had been masturbating the two guys had a few guys’ cocks near her. She had one in her mouth, the other in her hand, standing right next to the door. The guy with his cock in her mouth came in her mouth, cum dripping out of the corner of her mouth as she kept sucking. When he was finished she spat it out, then took the next guy in her mouth and did the same till he came, also in her mouth.

I kissed and cuddled Lindy for a minute. Some of the guys reached in and stroked my legs and between my legs as I lay next to Lindy and one guy put a finger into Lindy’s cunt, but it was too sensitive, so she took it out.

We closed the van door, got dressed into our ski pants and blouses, and got ready to leave.

All around, near the cars and in the clearings, were women in various stages of fucking. Some of the guys were just looking and masturbating because there were more men than women, but each of the women had more than one guy busy with them - oral, pussy, and I think one anal, judging by how she was positioned and how he moved.

Some of the women did no more than strip, play with themselves and let the guys cum on or near them. Others played with the guys' cocks to make them cum, others did everything including letting the guys cum in their cunt and mouth, many without a condom.

Lindy and I drove back to her house. I was still quite aroused, and I had not fucked or cum at all. Lindy did not like to play with me really - she didn’t mind me playing with her, but she did not enjoy doing oral on me (or on any girl).

I got one of her vibrators, and she played with me with that till I came. Then we had a shower together, and got into bed - cuddling till we fell asleep.

All in all it was an interesting experience, but not one I would do again, or at least not do often, for a number of reasons;

It is erotic, no doubt about that - the feeling of such random sex, the guys all ready and waiting to fuck or play, the feeling of being so “in demand”, is sexy.

But, it is dangerous on a number of levels - firstly; lots of the guys don’t use condoms - no way I would fuck like that with strangers.

Then, there is the danger of rape or assault - you don’t know the guys at all, and there is no-one “in charge” as there is at a club or party - you are reliant on some stranger coming to your rescue if a guy tries to rape you or assault you.

Even if you don’t let the guy fuck you, just letting some random guy stick his fingers into you, after he has done that with maybe three or four other women, is incredibly risky. At a club or party the girls often ask a guy to wash his hands before they play, if he has just been with another girl.

Fun for a one-time experience, but not a lifestyle I would try again.