30 Mar 2016

As you may know, Simon and I got married In Jan.

You can read about Simon in some of my earlier diaries- we have known each other for a long time, and he is quite a lot older that I am – he is 60 and I a 34.

In the past, we have played together at parties and at friends homes, but Simon is more of a ‘’casual’’ swinger- he will play if he is in the mood, and if he really likes the people, but he wont got to parties where he does not know the people.

He also knows all about my activities over the years- maybe not the detail, but more or less. If he asks, I tell him, although we have not sat and gone through a long inventory of sexual activities.

The one area we have agreed on is that we will tell each other if we meet people which either of us has played with- just so the other one knows about it.

We have also agreed that we will only play of we are both at the same place, not necessarily in the same room. The exception is that I may play with a girl on my own if I want- he respects my bi-sexuality, and does not except that I stop it entirely. I won’t however play with a guy alone, and he won’t play with a girl alone. Now and then he may go to a club and play- I don’t really like clubs, so I am ok with that.

Anyway, last weekend we were invited to a friend’s house where she often has swinger parties. We have known her for ages, and have been together (and individually) at parties at her house.

This was the first such invitation since we got married, so it was strange.

I guess that being married does not really make a difference, but in a way it does- this would be the first time I would see my ‘’husband’’ with another woman- even writing it seems odd!!

The woman who invited us is Kaylee. She lives with her boyfriend Jay. (His real name is something unpronounceable – he is from Eastern Europe, Georgia or Slovakia I think). She is 40, tall and plump, while he is very big, muscular and tough, with lots of tattoos- shaved head, a few scars and what I think is a bullet wound- but I have never asked. He is a nice enough guy, but quite cold and seems almost dangerous in a way- not a guy you want to mess with or meet on a dark night in an alley-way!

Simon found out who else would be there, and liked the group, so we agreed to go- both feeling a little nervous!

Kaylee and Jay live in a very large very fancy house in Waterkloof, high up. The house seems to float- it has stilts in front, with a series of entertainment rooms below and a huge rock pool.

We left Morningside around 8, and got there just before 9 after stopping to pick up another couple who were also coming with. They have the most peculiar names- Jack and Jill! But I guess they have heard all the jokes!

Jack is around 50, and does triathlons, so very fit, lean and athletic. Jill is petite, with cropped blonde hair and blue eyes- and very pretty. We have played with them a few times, although I don’t think that Jack and I have actually ever played- they have just been at parties we were at. I know Jill and I have played at a party where she was alone, and we had great fun.

I wore a pair of jeans and a new blouse, with no bra. Jill wore a tiny mini-skirt and a very tight sleeveless top.

When we got there we were welcomed by Kaylee, who showed us into the lounge.

Apart from us, there was another couple there who we were introduced to- Anthony and Melissa. They are friends of Kaylee from an art-course she takes- Melissa did some modelling there, and they got talking after a few glasses of wine one night, Kaylee said later. Melissa and Anthony had been to a club once, and liked it, and when Kaylee said that she may host a party Melissa said to let her know- they would come.

Melissa is around 19 or 20 I guess; very slim with long brown hair- she is a teacher at an Afrikaans school on the East Rand. Her husband, Anthony, is also a teacher- he is a bit older maybe late-20’s/ early 30’s, with very deep-set eyes, and quite good looking.

Jay came into the room and greeted us all- I had not seen him for a while ( and never at such a party) and was again amazed at how big and solid he is- he really is big- about 1.9 or 2m I guess, and maybe 120 kgs of muscle! Like many big guys he liked to show his body, and he had very tight jeans and a very tight tank-top on.

We all went out to the deck overlooking the valleys below, and had a few drinks. After a while Kaylee suggested that we go downstairs to the entertainment area. We trooped down- I always feel a sort of thrill at this stage- I know that the fun will begin soon!

In the den downstairs Kaylee had set up snacks and a small bar and towels stacked on a table next to the Jacuzzi outside.

Around the room were couches and easy-chairs, with side tables. Jay put on some music and we sat, a bit self consciously as always at this point.

On the one wall was a huge screen, with a projector on the celling. Jay put the projector on, and what looked like a home-movie started. I realised that it was pictures from their recent holiday in Spain. The scene shifted from outdoors to indoors, and there be Kaylee in a bikini in the bedroom. The camera zoomed in on her, as she undid the bikini top and took it off. She has large firm boobs, and her nipples were erect in the movie. We watched as she started to sway slowly in time to music we could hear in the background.

She ran her fingers over her pussy, pulling the fabric tight and showing a prominent camel-toe, then slid a finger under the fabric to reveal her pussy lips.

The camera followed her as she moved forward, and we saw a swarthy middle-aged man sitting on a couch wearing a swimming costume, his hand on his cock under the costume. He looked Mediterranean, with close cropped black hair streaked with grey, and a chest of dark hair.

Kaylee danced towards him, pulling her bikini more to one side, her pussy now clearly visible.

I laughed and said to her

‘’so this is how you supplement your income- you have become a porn star!’’

She said that they had always wanted to make a porn movie, but never really got around to it. On holiday they were relaxed and had the time, so they did.

‘’who filmed it?’’ I asked ‘’and who is the man?’’

‘’watch and find out’’ she said with a grin.

In the room the couples were getting turned on by watching Kaylee and Jay.

I know that Jack has always fancied me, so I gave Simon a kiss, said ‘’see you soon’’ and went over to where Jack and Jill were sitting.

‘’scoot’’ I said to Jill, pulling her up by the arm ’’I want to chat to Jack’’.

She giggled and got up, and went over to Simon.

I know that Jack is quite shy, and I could sit there all night without him doing anything, so I leaned forward, put my face on his shoulder and began to nuzzle his throat and neck. He lifted my face and kissed me on the mouth- and he is a good kisser!

He put his hand on my boob, and began to play with my nipples, making it poke through my blouse. I put my hand on his crotch, feeling his cock harden under my touch.

Looking around, I saw that Jill had taken her top off, and was sitting next to Simon, opening his jeans. Her small round boobs were tanned, her brown nipples hard and puckered.

I stood up in front of Jack, and, looking at him, slowly unbuttoned my blouse, letting it fall open, but still covering my boobs.

I undid my jeans, and wriggled out of them, kicking them to one side, leaving my very see-through white thong on. Jack unzipped his pants and pulled his underpants down. His cock was hard, a nice size and with a big head. I kneeled in front of him, and began to masturbate him, spitting on my hand to make it slippery. As I did so, I shrugged off my blouse. He reached forward and began to fondle my nipples, making them hard.

When he was good and hard I took his cock in my mouth, running my tongue around the head, licking the underside of the shaft. He must have shaved that day, because his cock and balls were smooth and tasty! Taking his cock deep into my mouth, I sucked and rubbed it with my tongue. He was not so big, so I could deep-throat him for a moment. He lay back, his hips rising and falling slowly as I sucked him.

I took his cock out of my mouth, and stood, getting a condom from a bowl near the couch. Putting it on his cock, where I noticed a few drops of pre-cum, I kneeled over his cock and guided it into my pussy, sinking down on it as it went in deeper.

This was the first time Simon and I had been to a party since we were married in Jan. I looked around to see where he was.

Jill was bending over the couch where she had been sitting with Simon, and he was behind her, fucking her from the back, deep in her pussy. He looked at me and grinned. I smiled back at him, and turned to face Jack again.

I rode Jack for a while, and he started to thrust up harder, panting a bit as I ground backwards and forward with my hips, feeling his cock touch the front of my pussy. It seemed that he was getting ready to cum, so I asked whether he wanted to. He said no, not yet, so I lifted myself off him, gave him a big kiss, and went to see what else was going on.

Melissa was sitting on a cushion next to Kaylee, watching the movie, where Kaylee was now lying on a bed, her legs draped over the man’s shoulders while he slammed his cock into her cunt hard and deep, bouncing her up and down on the bed. Her big boobs were flushed with exertion and lust, and there was sheen of sweat on both of them.

Melissa had a mini-skirt on, the skirt pulled back high showing a black pair of panties, her hand under the panties, and one finger in her pussy.

On the screen the man pulled his cock out of Kaylee, moved up a bit and pointed it at her face. She opened her mouth, and after jerking his cock a few times he started to squirt long jets of cum at her face, in her mouth and in her hair. She was covered in cum, with it running down her chin, in her eyes and her mouth. The man moved more forward, and she took his cock in her mouth and licked it clean.

The movie ended with a shot out of the room over the sea.

Melissa and I clapped. I asked Kaylee what the story was.

She said that they were on holiday in Spain, and while Jay was away for 2 days doing some business, this guy who was there with his wife, was hitting on her every time his wife turned her back. Kaylee found him quite attractive and flirted back, going so far as to let him have a quick feel of her boobs and a kiss after dinner one night.

When Jay got back, Kaylee told him about the guy. Jay asked whether she fancied fucking the guy, and she said yes.

So they made a plan to get her to ask the guy whether he wanted to fuck her, the only condition being that Jay would be there and would film it.

At first the guy was reluctant, but Kaylee was sitting in front of him, and as they talked she opened her legs to let him see that she had no panties on, her plump shaved pussy and slit visible to him as she parted her legs .His cock got the better of him and he agreed.

The man’s wife was away the next afternoon on a girl’s golf day, so they met up in Kaylee and Jay’s room, and the rest was what was on the movie!

I suggested to Melissa that we go to the hot-tub just off the room. We got up, me nude and Melissa still in her mini-skirt and t shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her tiny boobs stuck straight out like two small cones, her nipples hard and poking through the thin fabric.

We got to the hot-tub, the steam rising in the cool night air, and I slid in right away. Melissa pulled her t shirt off, unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, and took her panties off, putting it all on a lounger near the tub where pile of fluffy white towels were lying.

She had such a cute body! Very, very slim, with a flat hard tummy, tiny pointy boobs with dark nipples and a smooth hairless pussy with very little lips showing.

She walked to the tub and got in.

We hadn’t been in the tub for more than a few minutes when Anthony and Kaylee arrived. Anthony had a towel around his waist, and Kaylee had a sarong wrapped around her.

I saw Anthony looking at my boobs as he climbed down the steps into the water. He let the towel drop as he got in- he had a nice body, and a shaved, thick cock, not hard but getting there.

Kaylee took her sarong off and went to get a few towels from the pile. Her big boobs swung as she walked, her dark nipples erect in the cool air. She had left a narrow runway of dark pubic hair, which was damp already- she must have been playing with some one- maybe Anthony!

Anthony had sat down on the step next to me, opposite his wife, and Kaylee sat on the other side of him .I glanced at Melissa as I reached under the water and found Anthony’s cock. Fondling it, I began to make it harder; he kept looking at his wife.

As it got harder, he put his hand on my thigh, and then let it go up to touch the edge of my pussy. I opened my legs a bit, and he stroked my pussy gently.

Melissa was watching us, one hand between her legs, playing with her pussy I think

I was about to ask Anthony to sit on the side of the hot-tub, so I could play with him properly, when Jay walked up to the tub, a towel around his waist.

He got a beer from the small bar, dropped the towel and came to the tub.

I think is it safe to say that we all just looked- he had the biggest cock I have EVER seen. It wasn’t hard, just thick and hanging. Not only was it very long, it was immensely thick. Kaylee saw us staring, and began to laugh.

‘’that’s what I have to put up with every night!”” she said.

Jay didn’t respond- he seemed a bit embarrassed by the response, and he got into the tub and drank his beer.

Melissa was very still, looking at Jay.

I pulled Anthony up to sit on the side of the tub, and took his cock in my mouth. He had a nice size cock, nothing to be ashamed of, and I licked and sucked at it for a while, while he stroked my pussy and played with my nipples.

Melissa moved from where she was, and after a brief glance at her husband, sat next to Jay. She was so small next to him- it looked like a giant and a child! Her tiny pointed boobs were firm and her nipples rock hard. She reached under the water and felt for Jays cock. She stopped as she found it, and looked at him. Then she pulled on his hands to get him to sit on the edge of the tub as Anthony was doing.

His cock was still hanging down, getting thicker and longer. Her hand did not quite close around it, so she took both hands and began to slide her hands up and down the shaft. Even with both hands, she only covered a small part of his shaft, her hands sliding from the huge head down to his balls and back up.

His cock grew harder and longer, sticking up straight now. Melissa was kneeling between Jay’s legs, her face near his cock, watching her hands go up and down it.

I turned around, mostly so I could watch them, and sat on Anthony’s lap, put a condom on him and guided his cock into my by-now very wet cunt. He felt great, nice length and thickness, and he began to move back and forth, his cock pressing into the front of my pussy.

I was SO horny! I put one hand on my clit, and began to massage it as his cock moved around, rubbing it hard, making my clit stand out.

Jays cock seemed fully erect now- it looked like a small flag-pole, rigid and huge!

Melissa stood up, her tiny body dwarfed by Jay. He took her boobs and sucked and pulled at her nipples, which she seemed to like. Anthony was looking around me to see what she was doing. He fucked faster as he saw Jay playing with his wife, getting turned on by it.

Jay put a hand between Melissa’s legs, and poked a thick finger deep into her cunt. She stood with her legs very wide apart, and he fingered her hard, driving two fingers into her so that she lifted a little with each thrust. She was still holding onto Jays cock. It stuck up past his navel, the head huge and the shaft covered in veins.

Simon arrived at the tub, with Jill and Jack.

They all looked at what was going on. I am still not used to Simon seeing me with another guy since we are married, so it was a kind of thrill for me to see him looking at Anthony’s cock in me.

Jack went to sit next to Kaylee, and she immediately took his cock in her hands- she seemed very ready to fuck after playing with herself watching Melissa and Jay

Simon sat on a lounger with Jill, his hand between her legs

Melissa straddled Jay, her slim legs wide apart. I thought there was no way that his cock would fit more than a few inches into her- she has such narrow hips.

She positioned herself over his cock, took it in her hand, and very slowly lowered herself over it, moving the head around as it got to her lips, then wriggling it into her, little by little.

She seemed to get some of it in- her head was back, her mouth open, gasping as each inch went into her cunt. Jay reached around her, his big fingers pulling on her nipples, stretching them quite hard

She got to a point where she stopped, and then began to move up and down. I could see that there was still a lot of his cock not in her, but that seemed as far as she could go.

She came almost immediately, shrieking and shuddering as she did so. Then she sat still, his cock still deep in her.

She waited maybe a minute, not doing anything, and then started to fuck again, up and down. Again, in maybe 2 minutes, she came, crying a bit, her mouth open, grunting as she thrust at him. She must have cum 4 or 5 times in quick succession, each time just stopping for a minute.

Anthony was thrusting hard into me now, slamming his cock against my cunt. I rubbed my clit hard, and we came almost together. I could feel his cum shooting out in the condom, and I clenched my legs against his cock as he came.

Melissa got off Jay, and sat next to him. Her legs were wide apart, and I could see her cunt stretched open, red and raw.

She had hardly got off him when Jill got up from next to Simon, and without a word came to Jay. She straddled him, facing him, and guided his cock into her. She seemed to get much more in, and much easier, but it was still not all in by any means.

Grinding her hips, she fucked him, his hand playing with her boobs, tweaking her nipples.

Simon came and stood behind her, reached between her legs and felt for her anus. He parted her bum cheeks and put a finger into her anus, deep, up to his knuckle.

Jill was moaning loudly, and began to bounce faster on Jays cock. She rode him for ages, stopping every so often to rest, and then starting again.

Jay seemed ready to cum, and lifted her up and down. She came then, moaning at the top of her voice as she did so.

Jay kept pumping, but she stood up, took the condom off his huge cock, and sucked on it hard. He grunted a few times, and tried to pull her head away, but she brushed his hand away and kept sucking. As he came, she lifted her head, and let the jets of cum shoot into her mouth and onto her face.

There was an immense amount of cum- jet after jet shot at her, until her face was covered in cum. Simon had come over to Kaylee, and was playing with her cunt under the water.

I got out the tub and sat on the lounger. Jack and Anthony came over and sat next to me. Jack asked if I wanted to do a sort of gang-bang with them.

I agreed, so I lay back, and Jack got on top of me. He slid in easily, and fucked very quickly, with short hard thrusts. As he seemed to be ready to cum, he pulled out and Anthony got on, also fucking me quickly. He was very good, using more penetrating stokes in a way- it felt nice.

After a few minutes, they swopped again, and did this a few times. It was fun, feeling the differences between the two of them over and over.

When Jack was on top of me, after a few swops, I felt that I wanted to cum, so I held him so he could not get off. I pushed hard against him, and felt that warm tingly felling start and I came nicely.

I lay back for a while, content. Then I looked to see what else was going on.

At the side of the tub, Jay was crouching behind Jill, fucking her from behind her. Next to her, Melissa was kneeling. He would fuck Jill for a while, then change to fuck Melissa for a while, and then back to Jill.

Melissa seemed to cum every time a little bit- quite unusual I guess, to be se easily orgasmic.

Simon and Kaylee were nowhere to be seen, so I guessed they had gone inside.

To be honest, this worried me a bit. Simon would have seen Anthony and Jack fucking me, and I hoped that it had not been ‘’bad’’ for him to see, and that that was the reason for him going inside.

It all turned out ok though. Kaylee was just cold, so she and Simon went to the lounge for a while.

We left at around midnight- so the first party as a married couple seems to have gone ok!