04 Jan 2017

Amber is a friend of Simons from years ago - they grew up together in Cape Town, and have remained close ever since. She is a few years younger than Simon (she is 55, I think) and is married to a very nice guy, Neil - a real gentle giant! He stands almost 1.9m and must weigh 130 kgs I guess, but he is not fat, just huge! As big as he is, Amber is small - she is shorter than I am, and quite petite - blonde short hair, a cute elfin face and big green eyes, with a really cute figure for her age - slim, toned (she plays squash) and her boobs and bum are firm for 55.

They both know of our swinging lifestyle. Amber was honest enough to express concern to both me and Simon before we got married - as to whether firstly the age gap was not too big, and secondly whether, as she so sweetly put it, "Simon would be able to keep me occupied in the bedroom’" on a permanent basis. When he explained after we were married that we would still play, but only if we were together at a party or club, she was more relaxed about it - I think her concern was that, with me 34 and Simon 62, if we stopped swinging, would I be able to be faithful to him alone, or would I look for sex elsewhere. She wasn’t expressing a view of my integrity, but just being realistic I think. She has known him for long enough to be able to be 100% honest with him without causing offence.

(A few years ago, Simon was very keen on a woman he met, Susan. I have seen her, and she is stunning - she is a model, mid-30’s, tall, auburn hair, beautiful looking face and a wonderful, slim figure. BUT she has a reputation for screwing around. She has been married twice, and both ended when her husband(s) simply could no longer stand her fucking every guy she worked with on a shoot. And she made no secret of it - she would disappear with a guy (or two) for an hour between shoots and come back looking like she has just been fucked by the local rugby team. When Simon, who had been dating her, told Amber that he was thinking of marrying Susan, Amber went and found about 8 guys who had fucked her, and got each of them to write down how and when they had fucked her, in which positions, and in some cases with other guys. Amber had this printed onto a scroll and gave it to Simon, with a message "these are just the guys I could find in a few weeks. There are many more. So when you marry Susan, and you walk into a restaurant in Cape Town, the odds are that at least one guy there has, often quite recently, committed adultery with her and fucked your wife in her mouth, her arsehole or with other guys in a group, behind your back. Think about it."

Simon did, and stopped dating Susan! So Amber can be VERY direct to Simon!

Anyway, I digress! At every occasion where the subject of swinging comes up (and you would be surprised how often it does with friends who know about it), Amber and Neil have asked questions, made comments, asked about what went on etc. etc.

So two weeks ago, we were having dinner with them at our house, when Neil asked Simon whether we had been to any swinger parties recently. Simon told him where we had been, and the questions started. Simon had had a few whiskeys, and after maybe 5 minutes of questions, said to Neil:

"You know Neil, I really don’t mind answering any questions you or Amber have about swinging, but you are both obviously very interested in it, and if I was to guess I would say that you both find it erotic, and probably discuss it when you are alone also (Amber’s blushing gave the answer to that!), so why don’t you guys try it? If you don’t like it, don’t do it again, but at least you will know whether it’s for you or not."

Much laughter and Simon didn’t push it, but later in the evening, Amber and I were in the kitchen cleaning up when she raised it again.

"Neil and I have talked about it. If we wanted to try swinging, how would we do it? Where does one start?"

I said "It's not like a club with rules - you can make whatever arrangements you want to suit you. You could join Simon and me at a party, or we can go to a club, whatever you want. We can advise you on what will or won't work, but you must do what you feel comfortable with. Are you serious about it though, or is it just an erotic thought for the two of you?"

She thought for a moment.

"What are the dangers?"

I thought it was a good question, and one that is not asked often enough by newcomers.

"Well" I said, "it depends on what you do. For a first-timer, a club has the advantage of anonymity - you can see and do what you want, and you won’t be sitting down to dinner the next week with a couple where you have had the guy's cock in your mouth the week before. Also, you don’t have to do anything, or you can just do it with your partner and have people watch you, and you watch them - you don’t have to have contact with anyone. The negative is that it can be overwhelming, and if you don’t play with other guys, what’s the point, and if you do, you don’t know them and you do get guys who are not someone you would normally associate with, so you get some complete stranger with his finger in your pussy.

Private parties are better from that point of view, that you at least have some idea of the type of people there, and it’s usually at a house or in a hotel, so it’s clean and safe. It is however difficult to go to a party and just watch - people expect you to play as there are not that many people, and if 2 or 3 couples just watch, it becomes a bit awkward for those who do play - it can feel like they are putting on a show. Having said that, if everyone knows at the outset that a couple may just want to watch or soft-swing , it can be done, one just wouldn’t then have a party with several such couples and only one or two who want full swinging.

The negative can be that you know the people - so for example, if you decide to go to a party with Simon and me, you know us - will you feel comfortable fucking Simon, and will you be okay if Neil wants to fuck me, and then meet us for dinner the next week, or will it ruin a long-standing friendship?

The theory of having another person fuck your spouse is fine and sounds erotic, but when the guy actually sees another man mount his wife, or when the wife sees her husband slide his cock into another woman’s pussy, it’s different.

Lastly, there is a danger, doesn’t happen often but I have seen it, that at a party two people who know each other outside of the party, fuck, like it, like the other person as a person, not just for sex, and it develops into adultery outside of swinging. Simon and I have a rule for example, that neither of us makes any contact with anyone we have played with or met at a party without the other one knowing in advance and approving it. So no affairs, no secret meetings, no lunches and so on."

She thought about that while we did the dishes, then we went back to the lounge and the guys. We sat and chatted till late. As we were leaving, Amber took me aside.

"We want to try a party with you and Simon."

I looked at her. "Just me and Simon?" I asked.

"Yes, why?"

"Well, that’s fine, but it’s more like swopping than swinging. But it's fine if that’s what you both want. I take it that Neil is okay with it?"

"Yes" she said, "before we came here I said I would talk to you, and if I was happy with it then we would - he is happy to try it. Do you think there should be more people?"

"Yes" I said, "it's more fun. Leave it to me, I will sort out who will work for us."

We said goodbye and they left. Simon and I spoke about it, and he said that Neil had told him that Amber was going to speak to me, and that she would make the decision.

I asked him if he was okay to play with Amber.

"You have known her since you were teens - isn’t it going to be weird to fuck her?"

"A little bit, yes. But I don’t think it will spoil our relationship. Over the years, as teens, we have been on double dates together, we have had sex in the same room with our respective dates at times, and I have seen her naked on many occasions, whether when changing to swim, at Sandy Bay or whatever."

I must say that I also had my own reservations. Simon, Amber and Neil all know my Dad, and Neil and Simon are my Dad's age. While I have got used to Simon being my Dad's age, I did have some thoughts about how I would feel with Neil, Simon and Amber all being so much older than me AND knowing my Dad. It’s not so much the age itself, but the closeness to my Dad that bothered me a bit. I mean, I know it would never happen, but can you imagine my Dad saying to Neil "so have you seen Tammy and Simon recently?" and Neil says "yes, Amber and I fucked Tammy last week as a matter of fact." My Dad lives in Australia now, so it’s not a real scenario, but you know what I mean.

Over the next few days I thought about who else I could invite. I had decided against it being just Simon and I - that’s a little too intimate and intense, and I told Amber so - she agreed. I planned to have the party at our house, the first one we had ever done at our house, and I wanted it to be a nice experience for Amber and Neil.

Having gone through my list of names (my little black book - and you should see the codes! Bc= big cock; sc= small cock; adv= adventurous, will try lots of things; cons= conservative, no anal, missionary only, one person at a time; gb= likes gang bangs, multiple partners at once; and of course les= lesbian, no men; and bi=bisexual; no=don’t play with him/her; bdsm= likes bdsm; rgh=likes rough sex; rhg no= likes rough sex to the point of violence and can be dangerous, avoid.) I eventually came across a guy and a girl, not a couple, who I thought would work well with Amber and Neil.

First, I needed to see if the girl would come to JHB! Milo is a friend of mine from school - you can read about her in my diaries of 28 AUG 2015 and 4 NOV 2014. She now lives in Cape Town for part of the year, but travels to JHB a lot for business - she has an on-line fashion shop, and comes here to meet agents and designers. Milo is my age, 34, plump and VERY sexy - she exudes sex appeal, and the guys are crazy for her. She has long curly dark hair, very big boobs (from being plump and just because they are big,) curvy but not fat, and the most up-beat and happy personality ever. Always smiling, always laughing, and very clever. She is divorced, but dating a guy, although he does not know about her sexual past. She doesn’t swing as a rule, in the sense of going to parties, but she is sexually liberal, and if it feels right, she will have sex with a guy or girl at a party of wherever. (Milo is an "adv", "gb" code!)

The guy I thought of was Marc. He is a guy I met at a party and have seen (and fucked!) at a few parties over the years - he is around 45, very easy-going , nice build (he does mountain biking and marathons) and I found him to be a tender and caring sex partner - it doesn’t hurt that he is one of the "bc" codes!

I phoned Milo, and she was due to be in JHB a week later, and could stay for the weekend. Marc was more difficult to get hold of, as he was in back-to-back meetings. Eventually, running out of time, I asked his secretary to call him out of a meeting to take my call. When I had explained what I wanted and he had agreed, he said with a sigh "now how am I supposed to go back into the meeting and discuss the client's legal problems while thinking of a party with you next week?? It’s not fair! I have a hard-on already!"

I laughed, and when we ended the call sent him a picture of me, nude, to his phone. Got a message back "Really Tamara !!!! Now need to go to the men's room and deal with this!!"

Then I arranged it with Amber who sounded very excited and nervous.

She must have phoned me 10 times in the next week to ask about things- what must she wear (whatever she wants, she is going to be naked most of the time), must she be fully shaved (up to her, most are, or at least a bikini shave), what if someone wants to do something she doesn’t want to (say no, thank you), must she bring condoms (no, I will provide lots), will the guys use condoms (up to her and him, but usually yes), and on and on and on!

On the Saturday afternoon, I arranged the lounge so that there was more seating; I bought a selection of light towelling gowns, some more towels from Woolies, had the hot-tub cleaned and set up, and arranged the catering (and got bulk packs of a variety of condoms from Clicks!).

Simon was out all morning and got back at 2. We went out for lunch, and he did some work until 6, when we swam and got dressed. I wore a floral short summer skirt and a white t–shirt, with strappy white sandals. At 7, Milo arrived, dropped off by Uber. She looked amazing - she looks no more than 25 - her dark hair shining and bouncy, her gorgeous body in a short skirt with a vest-type top. Her boobs looked huge in it!

Neil and Amber arrived shortly thereafter, followed almost immediately by Marc (he has a [let me get this right] AMG Merc C65 [is that right?] which makes a huge noise - you can hear him 10 minutes before he gets to the house!)

We sat on the stoep as the sun went down, having drinks and snacks. Our garden has lots of up-lighters under the trees, so it looks nice as it gets dark. The pool temp I had turned up the day before, so it was at 38. I had been thinking about how to "break the ice" for Amber and Neil - with new people one can’t just say "ok, lets all go fuck" - it doesn’t work! and I decided that getting everyone into the pool would be best, then they could go to the hot-tub or into the lounge, as they wanted.

When everyone had finished their first drinks, I suggested that they take a drink in a plastic glass with them (I don’t allow glass at the pool, ever), get undressed, get gowns from the guest bedroom, and go to the pool. I had some plates of snacks near the pool, and the pool bar also had a limited selection of drinks.

Everyone agreed, and we all trooped off to get changed. The first surprise for Amber and Neil I guess was that there was only one bedroom to use - I prefer it like that because it "forces" people to start getting used to seeing each other nude - it's much better than having separate rooms. When they had all gone through, I dimmed the lounge lights, and put the music on to play at the pool and in the lounge, opened the glass stacking doors leading from the lounge onto the patio and then to the garden and pool, so the whole back of the house was now in effect opened to the garden. Then I went to get changed in our bedroom, and I was back out just as the others were all arriving at the pool.

Amber and Milo were talking as they got to the pool, and Milo, without a pause in her conversation, took off her gown, walked naked to the chairs to put it down, then to the bar to get her glass, and then to the pool - her big breasts impressive with her dark nipples hard from the cool air, her plump sexy body a real Rubenesque sight to see, completely unselfconscious about her nudity. She looked around to see where everybody was, then got into the pool and lay back in the semi-circular sitting area at the shallow end with a contented sigh. Typical Milo!

Neil was following her progress with interest - one cannot see Milo naked and prancing around and not look! He took off his towel, and got into the pool, and soon everyone was in the pool, chatting and enjoying the warm water. I noticed that Simon had taken Amber's gown, and walked to the pool with her. He seemed very attentive to her, and I could guess who he wanted to play with! Must be a thrill to finally get to fuck your childhood "girlfriend!"

Marc made a bee-line for Milo - he has never met her, and he seemed much taken with her sexiness and almost wanton behaviour. He stood quite close to her at the steps, and was deep in conversation with her. I wanted Neil to not get left out, so I scooted over to him, dove under the water and came up in front of him, pressing my body to his and giving him a big kiss.

"So, here we are" I said, still holding him close. I could feel that at first he tensed up, but as I stayed like that he relaxed and put his arms around me.

"Is it okay to say that I envy Simon?" he asked, holding me a bit away and looking at me with a grin.

"It’s okay to say it to me, but maybe don’t share that with Amber" I said laughing, "she is very cute and very sexy."

"Yes, and you are very young" he said, holding me closer again.

"I wish" I said.

Neil is so tall that I could feel his cock against my chest. For a moment I reckoned that, because I was standing a bit lower than him in the pool, if his cock got hard like that, I could probably suck it standing up! Okay, I would have my face in the water, but it could be done maybe! I figured that he was not going to start playing, and would wait for someone else to do so, so I nibbled on his chest, put my hands on his bum, and slid them around to his tummy, then down to his cock. He wasn’t hard yet, but he was aroused a bit. I kissed his neck and began to massage his cock and balls. I felt that his cock itself was shaved, and wondered whether he had asked Simon the same sort of questions that Amber had asked me. Very tentatively he touched my boobs, as though I might object, and when I didn’t object, he started to play with my nipples.

I felt his cock getting bigger and bigger, and it felt like it was growing to a nice size.

I looked around to see what everyone was doing.

Milo and Marc were playing, with Marc sitting on the side of the pool and Milo in front of him in the water, his cock in her mouth. Simon and Amber had got out of the pool and were on a lounger, facing each other, his hand between her legs and her hand on his cock. So everyone was okay!

Amber could of course not see me in front of Neil, so there was still the hurdle of actually seeing your partner fucking or sucking another person to get over, but that would come.

Neil saw that I was looking around, and obviously suddenly thought of Amber. He turned his head to find them, and saw her and Simon. He looked for a second, probably the first time that he had seen her with another man in 25 years of marriage. He watched them for a moment, then turned to face me, smiled and put his hand between my legs. So far, so good.

I let him touch my pussy, feeling his fingers on my slit. His cock had grown to be fully hard now, and I was impressed - I guess because he is such a big man, his cock is in proportion, and it was much bigger than average from what I could feel.

He started to put a finger into my slit, but I stopped him.

"Not in the water" I said - "I can get too many germs from the warm water like that. Let’s go inside rather."

He went up the steps, and I had a chance to look at him nude. Apart from his sheer size, he is an impressive man to look at - peppercorn/grey short hair, a rugged face that looks like it has seen a lot, and a good physique - powerful and hairy chest and legs, and huge arms and hands - a real "man’s man" if you know what I mean .

He turned to help me up the steps (old school gentleman) and I had my first look at his cock. It was bigger than I had thought in the water - long and thick, circumcised, with big balls – fitting for his size body. No disappointment there! He had shaved a little bit, just the cock down to the base, and trimmed the rest very short.

I took my gown and he took his, but without putting them on, we walked indoors to the lounge. In passing, I saw that Simon was busy with Amber - she was kneeling on the lounger and he was behind her, in her and looking like he was having fun.

Milo and Marc were at the other end of the pool now, with her sitting on the edge and his face in her pussy, her plump legs spread wide open.

In the lounge I led Neil to a corner, put a few cushions on the floor, and pulled him down to me. He sat, and I pushed him onto his back. He seemed content to let me take the lead. Kneeling between his tree-trunk thighs, I massaged his cock to get it fully hard again, and then put the head in my mouth, sucking on it and fondling his balls. He sighed and closed his eyes. I sucked, licked and played for ages, from the tip of his cock to under his balls, wrapping my tongue around his cock, putting it in my mouth, sliding it across my teeth using only my lips, rotating my head as I sucked, and so on. A really good blow-job! He was moving his hips a bit so I slowed down, and sat back on my haunches, looking at him.

He opened his eyes.

"That’s was the best blow-job I have ever had" he said, "you are amazing. Now it’s my turn."

He was going to move me so that he could get to my pussy (I always go slowly with this part - all guys like a blow-job, but not all will eat a girl other than their regular partner, so I first see what they want to do before just plonking my pussy on their face!)

Seeing that he wanted to get to my pussy, I just rotated myself into a 69 position and lifted my top leg so that he could get to me. He parted my lips with his fingers first, then stroked between them. I was getting wet, but wasn’t there yet. Then he lowered his head so his face touched my pussy and started to lick my slit, all the way from between my legs, almost at my arsehole, and up to my clit. I resumed my work on his cock, and we lay like that for a while, enjoying each other’s attentions.

I heard Milo’s voice, as she and Marc came into the room. They were very aroused- holding each other, kissing deeply as they walked, her hand stroking his cock. They didn’t pause for a second, but went straight to a couch, Milo lay on her back, her legs in the air and Marc climbed on her. He must have slid straight into her because he began to fuck her very very hard and fast- the room was suddenly filled with the sound of Milo getting fucked, and she is very noisy- grunting, shouting, yelping and making uh! Uh! Uh! sounds like the tennis players do! Neil took his head away from my pussy, to see what was going on. I took the opportunity to turn the other way, and, facing him, straddled him, and lowered myself on his cock. He lay quite still as I found my slit with its head, moved it around to open my slit, and then let the head slide in. once it was in, I kept my hand there to keep my pussy lips wide, and sat more and more down, feeling the thick shaft filling me. It went all the way in, and then I started to ride him. He lifted his hips in time to my movements, and soon we were getting each other fully aroused.

Marc succeeded in making Milo cum (which is not difficult- she cums very easily from fucking, fingering or oral). She gave a piercing yelp and slammed her pussy up at Marc over and over as she came. The sound of Milo cumming made Neil want to cum. He slowed his thrusting, and said- ‘’I don’t have a condom on’’

‘’that’s fine’’ I said, ‘’you can cum in me like this’’ ( he is one of the very few men I will allow this with, but I know for a fact that in 25 years of marriage , I am the first person he has fucked other than Amber, so it was safe).

He thrust harder, grunting, and when I sensed that he was going to cum, I locked my pussy-muscles around his cock, making it tight. He felt it, and came at once. I felt the spurts high up in my pussy, and then he stopped, waited for a moment, and then withdrew his cock, covered in my juices and his cum.

He lay back panting, his big chest rising and falling quite rapidly, his chest hair wet with sweat. It had felt so nice to be fucking him- strange, as I thought it might feel odd as we know them so well, but it was a nice intimate feeling. I lay on him and cuddled him, feeling his hairy chest on my boobs.

On the couch, Milo was kneeling over Marc, his cock in her mouth. I had a suspicion what was coming next.

I got off Neil, and he sat up. I pulled his hand to make him get up, and we went to the kitchen, naked, to get some cold water. His cock was softening, but still very thick, hanging down now- the sexy look I always think.

He didn’t say anything, so I kept quiet also. Looking out of the kitchen window we could see Simon and Amber. She was on her tummy, and Simon was on top of her, fucking her from the rear- whether in her pussy or anal I could see, but from the rapid movement I guessed pussy.

I decided to take a chance, and led Neil by the hand outside towards where they were on the lounger. He didn’t pull back, but was staring at them, his mouth slightly open. We got to them, and I said to him softly- go and kiss her while Simon is busy.

He looked at me in amazement ‘’ wont Simon mind?’’ he said

‘’not at all. Why should he? It will be extremely erotic for both of you, I promise you. I know what I am talking about’’

He went closer, and Simon looked up to see who it was. He only hesitated for a second, then saw me, and carried on ramming his cock into Amber’s pussy.

Amber now saw him- there wasn’t much she could do, being pinned under Simon, but she just looked at Neil, her breath coming in gasps and little moans as she felt Simon’s cock in her. Neil sat next to the lounger, at her head. Simon was propped up on his arms, so his face was nowhere near Ambers.

Neil took her face in his hands, and kissed her, first on the forehead, then on the mouth. She couldn’t kiss properly because she needed the air as Simon fucked her, but I could see Neil tongue in her open mouth. He hadn’t been kissing her for more than 30 seconds when she groaned long and loud, and then with panting sounds she came, Simon still fucking her till she stopped. Neil was covering her face with kisses, and I saw that his cock was semi-hard again- not bad for 60 year-old who had cum 10 minutes earlier I thought!

Simon got off Amber, and gave her bum a squeeze. She rolled over, her legs apart, her pussy wide open and engorged, the lips wet with her juices.

Neil and Amber sat for a while outside while Simon and I went inside. I had been right about Milo. She had got Marc to do anal on her, and he seemed to have just finished, because she was still on her hands and knees, and I could see her arsehole distended and wet, presumably either cum of lubricant. Amber and Neil came in. Amber looked stunning- her toned body glistening, her boobs still nice and curved, her pussy bare.

We all had something to drink and eat, standing or sitting naked in the lounge

Marc had seen Amber when she came is, and as soon as she sat down after having had a glass of wine went to her, and put his arm around her. By the time Neil got back from the bathroom, Marc’s hand was between Amber’s legs and he was fingering her, her legs spread and straight in front of her. Neil looked at her and smiled.

Milo looked at Neil’s cock, and made a ‘’nice size’’ mouth to me. I nodded and grinned.

‘’kissing Amber while Simon was fucking her was the most erotic feeling ever. You were so right’’ said Neil.

‘’I know’’ I said’’ its not true always, but I have found that with people who have not swopped before, or not much, the sensation of kissing your partner while someone else fucks them is such a taboo, so unusual and ‘’deviant’’ that it is enormously arousing to both. Did you notice that she came almost as you kissed her? She felt it also’’

Milo came over to Neil where he was sitting next to me. She sat on Neil’s knee, and fondled his cock.

‘’ I doubt that I can do it again so soon’’ he said with a rueful smile.

‘’How long?’’ asked Milo to me.

‘’maybe an hour’’ I said. ’Maybe a bit more’’

She took Neil’s hand. ‘’Honey, I will guarantee you that Tammy and I can make you cum again.’’

I laughed- she probably was right, I thought. If anyone can, Milo and I can!

I got up with her. Simon, seeing that Milo was not available, went over to where Marc and Amber were on the floor. Amber was on her knees, Marc fucking her from the back, so Simon sat in front of her, and put his cock at her mouth, which she took in and started to suck him. He looked very happy to be playing with her again- he later said to me that it was extremely erotic for him to fuck a girl he had known almost his entire life, in or around his circle of friends in Cape Town.

Milo and I sat in front of Neil, and began to pass his cock from one mouth to the other. Then, as she had it in her mouth, I licked under his balls, and then we swopped. (For those guys reading this who have never had a double blow-job, I can recommend it- it’s a sensation unlike any other).

Neil’s cock was fully hard again, and he was lying back, his eyes open looking at Amber in a spit-roast with Marc and Simon, while we sucked him.

Once he was good and hard, Milo climbed onto him, facing away from him, and rode his cock. She kept her legs inside his, so her cunt was closed and tight. I could see that Neil was getting aroused. Whether he would cum yet or not, I was not sure.

While Milo rode Neil I stoked under his balls with my nails, gently. Milo stopped and I got on, facing him this time and also rode him tightening my pussy as much as I could. We changed over again. I knew what Milo was doing- changing partners is a sure way to keep a guy aroused- each girl feels different, and fucks differently, and the sensation of constant change drives up the chances of cumming.

After several changes, Milo got off, went to her bag and got a tube out, then kneeled on the floor, her bum to him. She reached out to him, and he kneeled behind her. I don’t think he knew what she wanted, so I watched with interest. She smeared some gel on his cock, making it twitch. Then, reaching between her legs, rubbed some on her arsehole, and NOW he realised what she wanted. He looked at me, and i just nodded my head towards Milo.

He shuffled forward, and she took his cock and put it at her arsehole. It took quite a while to make progress, Milo shifting her knees time and again to get a better angle. Then the head went in, and she pushed back slowly.

Turning her head to Neil, she said ‘’don’t move until I tell you to please’’.

She continued to manoeuvre his cock into her. Quite frankly I was amazed that she got it in, but she always does anal and loves it, so I guess he knows what will and won’t work, and she knows how to relax her muscles to allow a cock in.

She didn’t take all of his cock into her, but when a large part was in, she started to move, and allowed him to fuck gently. I saw immediately that this would work- I could see on his face the feeling of his cock in her very tight bum-much tighter that any woman’s cunt- for a guy it must be an amazing feeling. My gay friends say that getting regular anal sex is the best part of being gay!

His head was back, his eyes on his wife and her spit-roast.

Suddenly Neil gave a prolonged sound, deep in his throat, and a series of short thrusts as he came in Milo’s arsehole. He stopped when he was done, still in her.

‘’slowly’’ she said. ‘’let me take it out- don’t pull suddenly’’

He did so, and Milo slowly moved her pussy forward as his cock came out her.

She kneeled and turned to face him.

‘’see, I told you we would make you cum twice!’’

He nodded, laughing. Just at that moment Marc gave short sharp thrusts and came inside Amber (he had a condom on).As soon as he was done, Simon moved rapidly behind her, put his cock in her, and also came, without a condom.

Simon, Amber and Neil seemed to have had enough. Simon certainly had played a lot with Amber, so I guess he had got what he wanted from the evening, and Neil had fucked me and Milo, and Amber had been fucked by Simon (a lot) and Marc, so they had experienced swinging, which is what they wanted.

Marc and I were still up for it though, as probably was Milo.

We were all sitting around in our gowns chatting. Marc was next to me, and started touching my leg, stroking my thigh. I felt under his gown, and felt that his cock was rock-hard already (and as I said it is a big one, so nice to feel). I massaged it, and he stroked my pussy, touching my slit which was (still) wet. He took my hand, and wanted to lead me to another area I think, but I wanted to do it right there. I pulled the cushions together on the floor, and lay on my back, pulling him on top of me.

He kneeled between my thighs and licked my slit, while I bent my legs and opened them wide. Then he mounted me, sliding his cock into my pussy, and started to fuck me with long slow strokes, grinding his pubic area into my clit with each stroke, which I love (and he knows it!) I soon was ready to start cumming, but he withdrew his cock, turned me over onto my hand and knees, and fucked me from the back, massaging my clit with one hand. I find it hard to cum in this position, as there is no pressure on my clit obviously, although it feels nice anyway.

Neil, Amber and Simon were sitting on the couches watching Marc and I fuck, and it felt quite erotic, doing a little show for them!

With that in mind, I pulled Marc onto his back, and climbed on him, sliding his cock into me, facing him, and rode him like that, and then reversed to face away. That’s my favourite position, and as I rode him I played with my clit. He wanted to do that instead of me, but I know exactly what I want, so I kept my hand there. Soon I let the feeling build, riding him fast, moving back and forth more than up and down and rubbing hard across my clit. I felt the orgasm start, and it rippled through me, sending waves of tingly hot feelings through my tummy and pussy. I came a lot, the feeling continuing by rubbing my clit. He kept going until I stopped, so that was nice.

I rested a while, sitting on him, looking at the others. Amber had her hand under her gown and seemed to be masturbating a bit while watching us.

When I had recovered, I lay on my back and Marc got on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his back, and let him fuck me as he wanted to. He was very aroused, and it didn’t take long for him to cum, thrusting hard into me for ages as he spurted into the condom inside me.

Then Marc and I went to get showered, and we all sat and had coffee and liqueurs.

Everyone left around 1 am. I phoned Amber the next day, and asked if everything was ok, and had she enjoyed the experience.

She said they were fine- Neil was so excited that he had done anal, and she had enjoyed having two guys fuck her at once, and was thrilled to have fucked Simon.

I don’t think they will become regulars though- I think it was a fantasy to try it, and now that they had done it, it was enough.

Not sure, but we will see.