Written by wildchildtammy

04 Apr 2014

If you have read my diary of 26 February, you will have "met" Maria, a friend of mine.

To recap, Maria is Greek, very pretty (I think so anyway) with lovely dark brown wavy hair, huge brown eyes. She is what I guess one would call curvy- but in all the right places! Guys find her very sensual and erotic- she is 100% woman, with very big, but firm, boobs, big brown nipples and a beautiful smile.

Last week, Maria was in Jhb for a cousins wedding, and she asked whether we could get together on Saturday night. I had been chatting to a couple here, who had told me of a party on Saturday night. It turns out that the hosts were a couple I had met at a previous party, so they phoned me to invite me.

I asked if I could bring a friend, and they agreed, so I called Maria and asked her if she wanted to go to a swinger party.

She had never been to one, and had some questions about what went on, whether she would be "forced" to do anything and so on. I explained that the last guy who tried to force me to do anything gets out of hospital soon, so not to worry!! (Joke guys!)

She agreed to come along and see.

On Friday afternoon I went to my local Sorbet beauty salon to get nicely waxed and pampered, and on Saturday I got ready by about 7.

I wore a short (very short) red soft -leather skirt, a white see-through blouse, red very high heels and suspenders and stockings. I had my hair up, and had evening makeup on.

Maria arrived at 8, looking stunning. She had on a white pants-suit, but nothing under the jacket (and nothing under the pants either it turns out!) just curvy body and boobs everywhere!

We (she) had a drink, and we left at 9 in my car.

The party was at a private house in Bryanstone, so with Sally-Anne's help (my Garmin female voice I call Sally-Anne!) we arrived at 930

The door was opened by the host, I introduced Maria and we went in.

As my eyes adjusted to the fairly dark room, I could see that the living-room had been set up with huge cushions and mattresses all around. There was a bar at one end, and a table with snacks next to it.

Outside, through the glass doors, I could see a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, with steam rising off the pool, so heated I guessed.

The host showed us to the changing room, a bedroom down a passage. Maria asked what one wore when changed- I said it was up to her, but usually there were towels or something- and there was a pile of soft white towels in one corner.

We went back to the main room, to the bar. There were a few people there, standing or sitting and chatting. On a screen behind the bar a porn movie was showing (and I wish I had boobs like those actresses! wow!)

Maria whispered to me “can I do what I want with whom I want?"

I said yes, provided they agreed- you could not make anyone do anything they did not want to.

Two guys came and introduced themselves, and we chatted. I felt the one guy put his arm sort of loosely around my waist. After a moment, he moved his hand down and rested it on my bum. He was older than me, maybe in his 50's- nice looking. As we chatted, his hand moved lower on my bum, till it was on the hem of my skirt. He slid his hand under the skirt, and let it ride up to my bum.

I was not wearing panties, and his hand caressed my bum gently under the skirt. Maria was talking to the other guy- she saw where this guys hand was, smiled and put her hand on her guys crotch, feeling for his cock.

I was worried that our clothes would get marked or damaged, so I said to Maria to get undressed- and to the guys that we would meet them in the pool. We went to the change room, got undressed and put towels around us. I wrapped mine around my boobs; Maria put her just around her waist.

We walked back to the lounge- boy, did conversation stop when Maria and her big boobs walked past!

The 2 guys we had met were waiting in the pool. We dropped our towels and Maria went over to "her" one, and I waded over to the other guy. He reached out for my boobs. I let him play with the nipples a while, when a woman came over and said hello. He introduced her as his wife- a very pretty red-head, slim with small boobs. I waited to see if it was ok to carry on, but she just stood there watching him fondle me, so I guessed it was ok.

I asked him to sit on the edge of the pool, which he did. I stood in front of him, opened his legs, and took his cock in my hand. I stroked it, and then put it, still quite soft, in my mouth. I love the feeling as a cock grows hard in my mouth and a used my tongue to lick around the head. It grew harder and harder- he reached forward to play with my nipples again, but I pushed him back so he was sitting resting on his arms behind him. His wife stood next to me, looking. I could see her hand between her legs, on her pussy. I sucked and played, and he started moving his hips a bit, getting excited.

I looked to see what his wife was doing- a guy had come up behind her, and she was pushing back against him, his cock in her pussy from the back. After a while, the guy said he did not want to cum yet, so I stopped.

He indicated to me to now sit on the side of the pool, and he started to lick my cunt. He was standing next to his wife, with a guy fucking her from the back and his mouth in my cunt.He was very good at it- I felt his tongue and fingers tickling and probing, as I got wetter and wetter.

I pulled his head closer, and took his hand. I put his hand where his face had been, and pushed it onto my cunt. At first he put one finger in me, then two, then three. He moved his hand slowly for me. I grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand in and out quickly and quite hard.

He got the rhythm and I sat back, letting the feeling wash over me. As his hand pumped in and out, I felt an orgasm building up- I put my own hand on the top of my pussy, playing with my clit, by now fully engorged. Suddenly I came, clenching his hand between my thighs. As I did, the guy fucking his wife, who had been watching me, also came, ramming into her hard, and then clasping her as he came.

I slid off the edge of the pool into the warm water, and gave him a big hug and kiss. His wife also hugged him, and I waded off to the shallow end.

Maria was at the shallow end, lying on a pool lounger on her back. A guy was straddling her with his cock in her pussy, another guy standing next to her face with his cock in her mouth- so clearly she was having fun!

I dried off and went inside- I don’t like staying in the pool too long as it’s not good for my skin- , makes it dry, oddly enough.

I did not bother putting the towel around me as it was damp- so I hung it to dry on a chair outside.

Inside, people were scattered all over the mattresses. I got a Coke, and looked around. In one corner two women were kneeling alongside a guy giving him a BJ, passing his cock back and forth. I recognised the one as a woman I had played with at another party long ago. I went over, sat behind her, and put my hand between her legs. She turned, smiled at me in recognition, and went on with her BJ. I stroked her pussy, rubbing my fingers along her very wet slit, and then into her. She opened her knees. I lay on my back, wriggled to under her, and licked my tongue along her slit, licking at her clit, and playing with my own pussy.

She started grinding her cunt from side to side, enjoying the feeling. As I was doing this, I felt hands opening my thighs. I did not stop with her cunt, and I felt a guy lie on top of me, resting on his elbows, and his face on my boobs. I felt him guide his cock into me nicely. He started fucking slowly, nice speed, sucking my nipples which were standing fully erect.

He had a great technique, just right. The woman I was licking stopped with her BJ. She went onto her hands in a doggy position, and I kept licking and playing with her, while the guy fucked my cunt.

It suddenly went darker - a guy had come and stood over me. He also knelt down behind the woman, so I was looking up at his balls. He took his cock and put it at the entrance of her cunt, where my mouth was. He slid it into her, above my mouth, and started fucking her. As his cock and balls, moved in and out, I alternated between licking his cock and her cunt.

The guy fucking me started going faster, getting ready to cum. As he reached a climax he took his cock out, pulled the condom off, and squirted long hot jets of cum next to me. I reached to his cock, and jerked him a few times to complete his orgasm.

The guy fucking the woman also was ready to cum- he rammed into her a few more time, and I took my face out of the way. He withdrew his cock, took off the condom and squirted on her back, in her hair and between her bum.

I rolled over and lay on my tummy, propped up on my elbows. The guy who had fucked me was sitting there, his cock still quite hard, and the guy who had fucked the woman was sitting on the other side of me.

I lay there talking to them. They said they wanted to play more later if I wanted, so I said we would see, got up and went to get my Coke again.

After a while Maria came in, with a couple behind her. The guy was fully erect. They went over to a mattress, and Maria lay down. Without hesitation the guy climbed on top of her, and started to fuck her almost violently. The woman sat next to her, and had taken a large dildo from somewhere. She had it deep in her cunt, thrusting it hard in and out, whimpering. Clearly that had all been playing outside, and this was what they wanted. The guying was fucking Maria so hard she was battling to keep him in her. He took his cock out, whipped off the condom, and, facing the woman, squirted all his cum into her open mouth, over her face and boobs as well.

Maria had thrust her hand into her cunt, still very excited. The woman saw this, and put her hand into Maria's cunt. Now Maria is not bi or gay, so I was not sure how she would react, but I don’t think she even realised whose hand it was. She lifted her hips and pushed hard against the woman’s hand, till with a series of shudders she came, liquid spurting out of her onto the woman’s arm.

The woman took her hand away, but Maria put her own hand back- she can cum several times once she is excited enough

The guy I had fucked (or rather who had fucked me!) was near me. I grabbed his arm, and said to him to go to Maria and finish it for her. He went immediately, lay down on top of her, and put his cock in her. She grabbed his bum, and pulled him deep into her- they fucked for a few minutes like that, Maria cumming again and again, not letting him go until she was drenched in perspiration.

I went back to the bar for a while, sitting and talking with people. Then I saw Maria go to the Jacuzzi, so I joined her there. She said she was having a great time, would like to go to more parties in the future.

While we were sitting in the Jacuzzi, the guy I had first given the blow-job to in the pool arrived with his wife and another couple. His wife was nude ( as we all were) and I could now see that she was a natural red-head- she had a nice trimmed red-hair landing strip- I think that colour hair is so erotic !! particularly at the pussy.

The 2 guys got into the tub with us, and the women said they were going inside as it was a bit cold for them. Maria also got out, and went to get a drink.

The guys and I were chatting nicely about all sorts of things- they were both older than me, 50’s I guess, and interesting to talk to. The talk got around to the party itself, who’s who and so on. Turns out the guy I BJ’d is the brother of the host, the other guy was just a friend.

After what happened at Andre’s house, I asked him if he and his brother ever swopped partners, but said they did not- he would be willing, but the women were not, although it had been discussed.

He said he thought I was really nice, and he would love to play more with me. I had had a good rest by then so I said we could do so, but that I wanted to get out of the Jacuzzi.

We got out, got dried and went into the lounge, all 3 of us. We found a quiet space in a corner, and I sat down. The guys sat on either side of me. One started stroking my hair and my neck (which I love) the other fondled my boobs, tweaking my nipples lightly.

I lay back, and they continued to caress and excite me, but gently and slowly, nicely.

One kissed my boobs, the other started kissing my thighs, then above my pussy, and then he moved my legs apart and licked and kissed on my pussy-lips. It was divine. I reached for their cocks, but they said this was their treat; I should just lie back and enjoy it, so I did.

As his tongue got more and more active, the other got more and more active with my boobs, licking, biting gently, fondling. I was getting quite turned on by the attention from both of them.

The one at my pussy leaned over me to get a condom, put it on, and spread my legs wide. He lay above me, and I guided his cock into my wet pussy. The other guy kept on with my boobs.

Slowly he fucked me, working up to a nice rhythm, grinding his pubic area quite hard against my clit as he went in each time. He kept it up for a long time, bringing me close to cumming, then slowing down, over and over.

He pulled out, and the other guy took over, swopping roles. He fucked faster, deeper, and his cock was bigger. Again I almost came, and he slowed right down.

They swopped again, and again, and again. I lost count of how many times a new cock went in, but the sensation was like being fucked for ages.

When I could take it no more, I lifted my legs high in the air grabbed his bum and drew him hard into me. He gave several more thrusts and I came in a rush, liquid running out of me, and my pussy slick and slippery.

The other guy was about to get on top of me again, but my pussy was quite tender and I wanted to be able to control the movement, so I said to him to lie down on his back. He did so, and I crouched above him, my back to his face in a reverse cow-girl, and guided his thick cock into me.

I lowered myself till it was all in, and then , instead of going up and down, I moved backwards and forwards, with my pussy in contact with his pubic area all the time. It’s a movement which, if done correctly, allows the cock to keep almost constant contact with my clit and g-spot, rather than only as I lower myself I the normal way.

I was grinding back and forth, feeling an orgasm building up. Just as I was about to start cumming, he came, holding my hips and moving me forcefully back and forth. He came in me as I came, clenching my cunt around his cock.

After we were both done, I sat like that for a while, then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up my very wet and swollen pussy.

By now it was 1am, and I was getting tired after all the fucking. I saw the host sitting with his wife near the table area, on a couch. I went over to chat. I sat next to him. I had not really looked at him closely earlier- he is about 50 also I guess, nicely built. His wife is a few years younger, quite plump, maybe even fat, but in a nice way.

He has a nice cock, quite big, but very thick it seemed. Sitting there, he put his hand on my thigh, and let it slide up near my pussy. His wife watched, her hands playing with her nipples. I took his cock in my hand, and started stroking it slowly, getting it hard. It certainly was thick, but not that long. As he got hard, I could see his wife was also getting excited. I got up and sat between them, and with one hand stroked him, the other I rested on her thigh.

She opened her legs, and I let my fingers glide over her plump and shaved pussy- lips.

He wanted to put his fingers into me, but my pussy was too sensitive still. I got off the couch and knelt in front of him, opening his legs and taking his cock in my mouth, without a condom. His wife put her hand between her legs where mine had been, as I started to give him a blow-job.

I stroked and sucked, playing with his balls and tickling between his legs to his bum-hole.

As he got more excited, I put my finger at his hole, and put it in a bit, all the time sucking his rigid cock.

I pushed my finger quite far into his hole, and with my other hand fondled his balls. I tasted the pre-cum, and as he started thrusting his hips at my mouth, I took his cock out of my mouth and jerked him quickly all along the shaft. I pointed his cock at me, and he came in big jets of cum over my chin, boobs and tummy.

When he was done, I stroked him a while longer and then went to get cleaned up- again.

I passed Maria, who was on all fours, with a guy fucking her bum, and a girl kissing her face. She had her eyes closed, and seemed to be almost in a trance.

Later, when she was done, she also came and got cleaned up- it turned out that she had had 2 guys fuck her bum that night, so she was happy as can be!

I had arranged to sleep there that night as I don’t like driving back late at night (early in the morning actually!). We found the bedroom we were to use, and we both went to bed, sharing a double bed.

Although Maria is not bi, I cuddled her to get to sleep, lying spooned against her back with my hand on her big boobs.

All in all, a very nice party.