29 Sep 2017


I am often asked about my job as an au pair here in SA, and whether my boss has ever ‘’hit on me’’ (he has, read diary dated 8 JULY 2014.) or whether we have ever actually fucked (we haven’t)

So, let me first explain what I do, and how I came to do it. Then we will get to the interesting bits! Patience!

I work for a VERY wealthy foreign couple who have two small children. I look after them, take them to school and fetch them home, supervise their after-school activities, play with them, and see that they have supper.

Some days, I also stay late if their parents are entertaining or going out, and I put them to bed. If it gets very late, I have a room where I sleep over so I don’t have to drive home in the early hours of the morning.

In addition, I supervise the household staff- cooks, cleaning staff, grounds staff and any casual staff for functions.

Only the security staff don’t report to me- they report directly to their company and to ‘’Mr Boss”’. (To make life easy I call my employers, the parents ‘’Mr Boss’’ and his wife ‘’Mrs Boss’’ when I write about them here!).

I also do the household accounts- the ‘’house’’ has its own bank account, and I draw or pay from that for groceries and things for the house, and reconcile the books every month for Mr Boss to inspect.

I have my own room here next to the children’s room, and before I was married I lived here about as much as I lived in my own apartment.

Nowadays, the children are a bit older, and I am married, so I go home more than I stay here, although if Simon (my husband) is away, I do stay here as its easier than commuting back and forth.

I don’t work every day necessarily- some days their mother looks after them, or they are all away.

When they go on holiday I usually go with to see to the children, both locally and overseas at times, except when they go to their home country- then their mother wants to be the mom!

I studied Hospitality Industry in the UK, and while at college some of us were offered jobs from time to time working on private super-yachts. I loved the work, and decided that I wanted to do it full-time when I graduated.

So, after college I moved to Italy to be near the ports where the yachts were usually based for Mediterranean charters. I fell in love with Venice, and rented an apartment there with friends.

Because I was new to the industry, I didn’t get all that much work at first, and I needed to find additional income. A guy I dated for a while said that he knew of an American couple who lived in Venice with 4 children, who were looking for a second au pair- why don’t I apply?

So, I did, and I got the job on a part-time basis when I wasn’t doing charters, which suited me fine. After a while the charter work grew, and I stopped the au pair work except for when I was asked to for a day or two at a time.

I met a model, a British girl, Gabriella, fell in love (and in lust!), and we bought an old apartment in the old-town in Venice, refurbished it as best we could, and moved in together, and we lived together for a few years.

However, it is the part-time au pair job that I want to tell you about today.

I was about 20, fairly sexually experienced and full of life! (ok, I was very sexually experienced compared to most girls my age!)

I took a vaporetto (a water-taxi) from Piazza San Marco to the area where the couple and their children lived, and then a scooter-taxi (like a tuk-tuk) to the address I had been given.

It was a huge mansion on a quiet avenue, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, and clearly very expensive (in today’s Rands, I would guess around R30m at least), as (dry) land is ridiculously expensive in Venice, for obvious reasons.

I pressed the buzzer at the street-gate, and after a while it opened. I walked in to the most exquisite garden- a riot of flowers, pools and waterfalls, with a winding path leading to the front door- a huge ornate affair.

The door swung open, and a man dressed in a summer uniform asked my name, and showed me into a small lounge off the main entrance hall.

The house was amazing- I had seen the inside of some very old and very huge castles and homes in the past, and this ranked with the best- ornate, but tasteful, enormous in scale, with a sweeping double-volume marble staircase flowing to the upper levels.

I sat down, smoothed my skirt, put my bag on the floor, and waited.

A maid came in and asked if I wanted tea or coffee- I said just a glass of water, please, which she brought on a silver tray with a crystal jug and glass, the ice-water tinkling in the jug as the slice of lemon swirled around like a whirlpool.

I rose as a man entered the room- tall, dark hair neatly cut, very good-looking, wearing dark blue linen pants and a crisp white shirt, the buttons open to reveal a nice amount of dark chest-hair. (nothing like a first impression to get the hormones going!).

He looked about 40, elegant and suave. He greeted me in English, with a moderate American accent- it sounded like East Coast, maybe California.

He had a gorgeous warm voice, and he introduced himself as Robert Palen, the father of the children.

He looked over my CV, and asked a few questions about my education and life.

I asked a few questions also, about the job, what was expected, the hours etc.

Then he offered to show me around, saying we could chat as we walked.

We did the grand tour, and the rest of the house was just as magnificent as the entrance. He showed me the staff rooms, where I would sleep if I stayed over- they were in a little suite all of their own of the main kitchen, and comprised 4 rooms, with a shared bathroom suite, around a courtyard with yet another fountain.

This, I was told, was for the female staff- the men had a similar suite on the other side, so we didn’t have to share bathrooms with guys.

When we got back to the room where we had started, he said that if I was still interested, I could have the job. I was delighted, the pay was great, very generous, and they provided transport and uniforms, meals and accommodation.

We arranged that I would start the next week, and so on the Friday afternoon and retraced my route and arrived at the home at 09h00.

I was given my uniform (a lovely white t shirt and tan pants) and was taken by the ‘’butler’’ to meet the other au pair. We would work together some of the time, and on our own at other times.

She was waiting for me in the staff kitchen, and greeted me with a big smile when I entered.

My height, with long blonde hair tied in a pony-tail, and very pretty- a cute nose, big brown eyes, very slim and elegant. But what caught my (bi) eye was her body-shape. Despite being slim (much slimmer than me certainly), and having a tiny waist which looked like a man’s hands could encircle it, she had very big boobs- out of proportion to her body shape, and not fat at all- just large. She was, I later found out, a very rare 32 E, an extremely unusual shape- very narrow back and very, very full boobs. When she turned, I could see that her bra strap at the back was riding much higher than it should, almost at her lower shoulder-blades, from the sheer weight of her breasts.

She introduced herself as Fiona, an American, from Tampa, Florida, who had been employed there and had relocated with the family when they moved on a 3- year contract to Venice. We got on well from the start, and found that we had a lot of interests in common.

The weekend went by quickly, and by the Sunday night we were good friends. The children, ages 3 to 14, were nice, not precocious at all, and well behaved.

I met their mother, Sara, a very friendly good-looking brunette, very American, great skin, blue eyes and what looked like a great figure- long legs, biggish boobs and a neat bum.

The following week there were to be 2 parties at the house, and I was to be there from the Thursday to the Monday with Fiona.

The first party was a day-time, late afternoon affair on the Friday, the second was on the Sunday late-night to watch the Superbowl in the USA. It was of course winter in Venice (February), so cool nights and warmish days and both parties were to be indoors.

There were maybe 30 people at the Friday party, which was to celebrate one of the guest’s birthday. Lots of drinking and singing as only the Italians can do it- each man sounded like he should be on stage at La Scala!

Towards the end of the Friday party, all the children had been put to bed, and Fiona and I were sitting in the kitchen having coffee and chatting.

Robert came in. He got a glass of water, and seemed to have had quite a bit to drink- he wasn’t drunk at all, just very ‘’merry’’. I was facing the sink, putting my cup away when he left. There was a mirror above the sink, oddly, and in it I saw him turn as he got to the door, look at Fiona and give her a big wink, and then leave. Because my back was turned, he thought, I guess, that I couldn’t see him.

I wondered what that was about- it certainly seemed to be more than a boss/au pair wink! Not that I blamed him- all night long the various men had been chatting Fiona up when they thought that their wives were not watching! In her shortish tan skirt and white blouse, with her huge firm boobs filling it to capacity, she was not

Fiona and I got on SO well. She was funny and sexy, and had used her looks and figure to full advantage it seemed- she had a string of guys after her in the US, and several guys in Venice all vying to date her.

She confided that she had dated a guy who had an identical twin brother, and she could not make up her mind which twin was sexier- so she fucked both of them, first each on a date, and then together!

I told her about my swinging experiences, and some of the swopping I had done, and she said she was dying to try that- I said to her that I would not go with her to a swinger party. When she asked why not, I said that if she took her clothes off in a room, no other girl would get any guy to fuck- they would all be in a line waiting for her!!

She got serious for a moment.

‘’let me tell you hun, its hasn’t been all fun and games looking like a Barbie-doll. My tits grew big when I was 12, and since then I have had guys of all ages wanting to fuck me, just to see them. No guy ever looks in my face- they talk for half an hour looking at my rack. And half the male teachers tried to get a feel at some point- I have never seen any girl require so much holding from behind at gym as I seemed to need, judging by the attention I got from the gym teachers, male and female! And boy did their hands keep slipping so that they felt my breasts! ‘’

I laughed.

‘’I can imagine’’ I said ‘’ mine are quite big, but I don’t have your tiny waist to accentuate them, and I already got too much attention’’

We finished our coffee and went to our rooms. Saying good night, I went inside, changed into a PJ’s, and lay on the bed for a while and watched some Italian TV soapie. About an hour later, I went to shower. I heard the next-door shower running as I showered so I used the water sparingly so as not to use up all the hot.

The bathroom suite had 2 showers cubicles and a bath, with a common changing area. I dried myself and went out. As I got to my room, I realised that I had left my key in the changing area, so I went back. I found my key and was about to leave again when I heard a giggle from the shower cubicle. I paused, not sure who was in there- it should only have been Fiona, as there were no other girls on staff at that time.

I waited. Another giggle, and another voice, whispering. Lots of movement in the cubicle.

‘’Fiona?’’ I called out softly ‘’ is that you?’’


Then the shower cubicle door opened slightly, and Fiona peered out. She was naked, and I could just see a bit of her spectacular body.

‘’hey’’ she said ‘’I thought you had left’’

‘’I had’’ I said’’ I forgot my key’’. I waited.

She withdrew her head, talked to someone inside the shower and then came out, her towel around her.

‘’can you keep a secret?’’’ she asked.

‘’ of course,’’ I said ‘’what’s the matter?’’

She opened the door, and out walked Robert, a towel around his waist.

Apart from being surprised, I was impressed- he looked stunning- well built, tanned and a great male specimen by any standard.

‘’hi Robert’’ I said, not knowing what else to say.

We stood there, no-one knowing quite what to so I guess.

‘’well, I’ll be off then’’ I said, moving towards the door.

‘’wait’’ said Fiona.

I stopped.

She whispered something to Robert, who nodded.

Fiona walked to where I stood, opened the door and stepped out into the cool night air with me.

‘’Robert and I, as you can see, fool around together sometimes. You said you had done swopping. Do you want to join us? ‘’

‘’now?’’ I asked

She nodded.

I thought about it for a moment.

‘’I assume that Sara does not know. Where is she? ’I asked.

‘’well, she might know’’ said Fiona, ‘’but she has her own ‘’playmate’’ according to Robert. Also, she takes a strong sleeping pill every night, and never wakes till around 9 the next day, so she isn’t a problem.’’

‘’sure ‘’ I said ‘’I am in’’

Fiona went back inside, and I heard them talking.

Then they came out, and Fiona led the way to her room, followed by me and then Robert.

Inside, Fiona went to the bathroom and came out in a second with her PJ’s on- a VERY brief teddy-style, leaving nothing to the imagination- I could see right through it, her shaved pussy and long legs, her huge boobs lifting the top in front, her nipples poking through.

I had my PJ’s on anyway, briefs and a tank-top, also with no bra or panties of course. (I have always slept in the nude since I was a child).

We both faced Robert, who looked like a kid in a candy store- he couldn’t decide what to look at first!

He had a pair of boxers on, and I could see his cock poking out against the fabric.

I decided to take the lead, as I felt that he would want to know that I would not talk, and by getting on with it, he would see that I was ok with it.

I went over to him, pushed him back to the bed, and onto his back on the bed. His cock was now sticking straight up under his shorts.

I pulled his shorts down and off him.

He had a very nice cock- long and thick, circumcised. It looked delicious. Not enormous, but much bigger than average for sure. He was tanned and fully shaved around his cock and balls, with a nice hairy chest and tummy, only a little bit of fat, and strong hairy legs. Strong arms and shoulders I noticed- like a swimmer.

I stood at the foot of the bed, leaned over him, and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him deeply, feeling the head press against the back of my throat as I tried to take him all in, which I couldn’t anyway. I sucked and licked as he lay there, his eyes on my boobs under my tank-top.

Fiona, who had been watching me, came up behind me, and lifted my top off me. she pulled my briefs down so that I was naked. Robert reached up and fondled my nipples, my boobs hanging down in front of his face.

I stood up and turned to Fiona.

‘’You are overdressed’’ I said with a smile. I took her shoulder straps off, and pulled the teddy over her huge boobs with difficulty, and then down her legs.

Her body, naked in front of me, was spectacular to say the least. Not an ounce of fat, slim long legs, shaved pussy with a prominent mound, a flat tummy, huge and very firm boobs with big brown nipples, hard and stubby high up on her breasts.

I had squatted on the floor in front of her to let her step out of the teddy, and was looking up at her. I couldn’t resist it.

Instead of getting to my feet, I kneeled, put my face at her pussy, and licked her slit. Her lips showed a bit, pink and wet, her mound a beautiful bulge with only a faint trace of where the hair had been. I could see her clit in its sheath, tender and soft, but quite big.

I had no idea whether she would like this or not, but I want going to waste the opportunity!

She stood still, then opened her legs a bit. I tasted her pussy, running my tongue along it, feeling for her clit with the tip of my tongue. I found it, and circled it with my tongue. She moaned, and opened her legs a bit more.

I glanced to the side. Robert was on the bed, masturbating, his cock rigid and long, his mouth open, staring at my mouth on Fiona’s cunt.

I stood up, and sucked on each nipple in turn. Her boobs were so firm- at first, I thought they were fake, but they were not- they were real, huge and firm- lucky girl! And judging by her reaction as I sucked on her nipples, also very sensitive!

She seemed to wake up suddenly, stroked the back of my head, and pulled me away from her.

‘’Let’s fuck him silly, and then you and I are going to have the time of our lives!’’

I laughed, and we turned to Robert.

Fiona climbed onto the bed, kneeled across him, and moved forward so that her cunt was above his face. This seemed to be a position he knew, and he immediately pulled her slim hips down and buried his face in her cunt, his head bobbing as he ate her.

I massaged his cock, feeling how rock hard it was, and how big! I looked around for a condom.

Fiona saw me looking.

‘’in the bedside drawer’’ she said, her teeth biting her lower lip as Roberts probed her slit with his tongue.

I found a box of them- clearly Fiona had a very active sex-life!

Taking one, I opened it, and unrolled it onto his cock, making sure it was all the way down his length.

Then, climbing behind Fiona, I sat over Robert, felt his cock and opened my pussy with my fingers, letting the lubricated head slide in. More and more went in as I lowered myself, and the I began to ride his cock, letting it go deeper with each stroke.

I reached around Fiona, and cupped part of her breasts in my hands, pulling on her stubby aroused nipples. She was panting, very aroused already. Robert had a finger in her pussy, and was ramming it in and out quickly. He was looking up at her as he did so, gauging her reaction.

I rode him fast, bouncing on his rigid shaft, feeling it go deep into my pussy as I sat down each time. I was squatting, not kneeling, and the pressure was in the front of my pussy each time.

Fiona moved her hips backward and forward, grinding her pussy onto Roberts face, and then came, making a crying, gasping sound, his hand a blur as he fingered her pussy.

She reached with her hand to her pussy, and rubbed hard across her clit. Her orgasm had subsided a bit, but as she rubbed she came again, moaning and crying.

When she stopped, I was still fucking Robert, getting more and more aroused by hearing and seeing Fiona cum so hard.

I must have been making a noise, because she looked around, reached behind her with both hands, found my pussy and rubbed my clit just as she had done with hers. She rubbed hard, hurting, but I kept fucking Roberts cock. The stimulation of Fiona’s fingers on my clit brought me to orgasm in a minute, the combination of his cock and her fingers making my pussy exquisitely tender and sensitive.

I stopped, paused for a moment to catch my breath, and lifted my poor swollen pussy off his shaft.

Fiona also got off him, and lay next to him. I lay on the other side of him.

‘’ok, we are done, you can go now!’’ she said to Robert with a giggle.

I don’t think I had ever had a session where two girls used one guy to make them cum like that- it was such fun! Like a human dildo, only better.

He was still very hard and ready, masturbating as he looked first at one of us and then at the other. He ran his hand down my tummy, found my engorged and wet cunt, and slid two fingers into me easily. My pussy was tender, but it felt great.

He fingered me with one hand while playing with his cock with the other, then sat up, pulled on my hip to roll me over onto my tummy, and kneeled behind me.

He lifted my hips, and again slid a finger into me from the back, ramming it in hard, the palm of his hand making a slap sound against my bum. I felt him move closer, felt the head of his cock against my outer lips, and then with a single thrust he slid the entire length of his cock deep into me.

I squealed, and pushed back at him. He held onto my hips and began to fuck very hard and very fast- almost as though he wanted to hurt me, but it was fine. I gave as good as I got, pushing back with each thrust, trying to drive his cock as deep into me as it would go.

Fiona, still on her back next to him, drew her legs up and rubbed her clit hard, every so often ramming a finger into her pussy, one hand on her bouncing boobs pulling at a nipple as Robert and I fucked alongside her.

I knew I could cum again, but not in that position.

I moved forward so that his cock came out of my pussy, rolled onto my back next to Fiona, and pulled on his bum to make him come down to me. He reached between my legs, and I felt his hands slide on my soaking inner thighs, up to my pussy, rubbing along my puffy lips, wet with juice.

Mounting me, he pushed his cock in and resumed fucking me hard. I wrapped my legs around his, pulled on his bum cheeks, feeling his arsehole as he fucked me.

I knew that in that position I could cum easily, and once I had manoeuvred so that his pubic area rubbed on my clit I felt the orgasm start- I let it build without letting him know, and then, when I could not bear it any longer, I rammed my pussy hard into him, grinding it against him, clutching him to me as I came, a huge, intense wave throbbing through my cunt and tummy- I felt juices flowing out of me, my thighs getting even wetter, as he kept fucking until I slowed and stopped.

There was a big wet patch on the bed under me, getting colder as my juices dried on the sheet.

Robert got off me, panting, and kneeling, looked down at my pussy, smiling.

I closed my eyes and just lay there, spent, happy and a bit sore.

He moved across to Fiona, who was still masturbating hard, peeled the condom off his cock, pulled her legs apart and mounted her. She lifted her long slim legs into the air, wide apart, as he drove his cock into her cunt, resting his head next to hers, holding her tightly, his chest resting on her boobs like two huge pink pillows.

He wriggled and squirmed under him, making his hips move from side to side as he fucked her, her blond hair fanned out under her head, her eyes closed and her breath coming in gasps as each thrust pushed the breath out of her.

Suddenly Fiona grabbed at his waist, pulled him hard to her, and wrapped her legs around him, clenching as she came, her whole body jerking and trembling for ages as the orgasm pounded through her cunt.

I thought to myself that Robert must think himself the luckiest man- he had chanced upon two women who were very easily brought to orgasm, and both of whom could cum over and over.

Robert withdrew his cock, and rolled her onto her tummy. He leaned oved her to the bedside table, and took a tube of gel that had been lying there. I wasn’t sure why he wanted it- we were both so wet and aroused that he certainly didn’t need gel to get his cock into either of us!

But Fiona clearly knew what he wanted-they seemed to have fucked a lot in the past and knew each other’s needs and likes well.

She lifted her hips and parted her knees. Kneeling behind her, Roberts squirted some gel onto his hand, and rubbed it onto his cock, and then some more between her bum—cheeks, around he asshole. Probing her ass with a finger, he lubricated her hole, widening it with his finger, getting her to relax.

When he was satisfied, he pushed the head of his big cock against her puckered asshole, twisting a little from side to side to get it to start to slide in.

She also moved, allowing easier access. Slowly, bit by bit, his shaft slid into her ass, deeper and deeper. It wasn’t all in when he started to fuck her ass, but as he did he got more and more in.

I lay next to her, watching her face as his cock penetrated her ass, her mouth open and her had to one side, facing me.

I wondered if I could bring her to orgasm again while he fucked her ass. I put my hand between her legs, feeling his thrusts as he fucked her from above. Finding her wet and slippery slit, I fingered her. I could feel his cock in her when my finger was in her cunt, pushing from inside against my finger. Her clit was hard and standing proud of its sheath as I rubbed it gently. She smiled at me as she felt my finger on her clit.

He fucked her ass for a long time, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster. Fiona began to grunt and make little mewing sounds, and then she came again, lifting her head and panting while I kept rubbing her clit.

Robert saw this, and it drove him over the edge- he gave a long low groan, stopped for a brief second, and then came with long deep stokes, pausing as his cock was fully in her each time, then squirting another load with the next stroke, deep in her ass.

He slowed, and stopped. They stayed like that for a moment, and then he slowly and carefully withdrew his cock from Fiona’s ass. He sat back on his haunches, her bum still in the air, looking at her ass and her cunt from the back.

She smiled at me, and I could see her clenching her tummy. He looked at her ass and laughed, and I saw a thin stream of cum ooze out of her bum and drip down her legs onto the bed.

Then she collapsed flat onto her tummy and lay there.

I was on my back next to her, looking at her beautiful face, her boobs pushed out to the side.

It really did look like she was lying on a two partly-inflated pink soccer balls!

Robert got off the bed, went to the bathroom, and came back after a short while, his shorts on.

‘’that was great!’’ he said ‘’ I hope you enjoyed yourselves?’’

We both nodded.

‘’what a nice surprise Tammy- unexpected!’’

Fiona looked at him, still on her tummy.

‘’we are going to chill here for a while Rob, see you tomorrow?’’

‘’sure thing. Sleep well!’’

And with that he pulled on his t shirt and tracksuit pants and left.

We lay there a while, her arm on my waist and mine on her back.

After some time, we snuggled under the blankets together- it wasn’t arranged and neither of us suggested it, it just seemed so nice.

We went to sleep spooning, Fiona breast pressing into my back, her arm around me, and we only awoke when the alarm when off at 7 a.m.

Fiona groaned lazily next to me, and turned to face me. I took her face in my hands and kissed her long and deep on her mouth. She responded with enthusiasm.

Her huge boobs were exposed as the sheet had slipped down, and I pulled on first one nipple then the other, making them hard.

I felt her hand under the sheet, between my legs. I lay on my back, and she pulled the sheet off us, turned around so that her legs were at my head, and put her head between my thighs.

Her pussy was at my mouth, so I parted her lips with my fingers, feeling that she was already quite wet. I inserted a finger, and pulled her sheath back so I could lick her clit. It got hard quickly also. Circling it with my tongue I fingered her at the same time, her legs wide apart.

Her tongue found my slit and she poked it deep into me. I felt her hands spread my bum, and her finger probe my arsehole. I rolled onto my side so we were facing each other, our upper legs bent and high, our pussies open to each other’s mouths.

Her finger was in my arse now, using my pussy-juices as lubricant. I did the same to her- her arsehole was big, and easy to finger. I licked rapidly at her pussy and clit. She reached for my hand, and put it on her pussy, wanting me to finger her more.

I thrust first one, then two and then three fingers into her. With my hand forming a little wedge, and rammed it in and out of her pussy hard and fast. She had stopped eating me, and was focussed on what I was doing to her cunt. I jabbed my fingers into her hard, my finger in her arse deep, up to my knuckle.

She jerked and squirmed and grabbed at my hand, forcing it even harder against her cunt.

She cried out, her body shaking as she came, thrusting her pussy at my hand. I felt a flood of juice squirt out of her cunt, again and again, like a guy cumming, shooting over my hand and wrist, soaking the bed.

She came for a long time it seemed, and when she was done the bed under my arm was a puddle of juice, my arm sliding in it as I pulled my fingers out of her arse and her cunt.

She didn’t wait long before getting up and going to the wardrobe. She came back with a small black cloth bag, and took out a huge black dildo wrapped in a sterile plastic bag.

Opening it, she rubbed some of the lube that Robert had used on her arse the night before onto it, positioned herself between my legs, and slowly inserted it into my waiting cunt.

I felt my lips stretch to their maximum, and watched as she slid more and more of the huge implement into me. When it got uncomfortable I held her hand to stop it, and she began to move it in and out, slowly.

The lube had menthol or something in it, my cunt tingled where it was exposed to the cool air.

Fiona drove the dildo deeper and deeper with each stroke. I bent my head to see, and saw that it was, surprisingly, almost all in me- I didn’t think it would go in that far.

She rotated it a bit with each thrust, and l lay back, concentrating on the incredible feeling of her soft hands on my thighs and the hard dildo spearing my cunt.

I got more and more aroused, feeling like the dildo was my whole being, that I was impaled on it, every sensation in me reduced to the feeling in my cunt.

She saw that I was going to cum, and with one hand rubbed hard and fast across my clit.

I exploded in an orgasm so intense that I felt I would faint- I was conscious only of the relentless thrust of the dildo and of her hands friction across my aroused and exposed clit.

I felt my body shudder and tremble, my thighs quivering uncontrollably as the orgasm took hold. I was dimly aware of my thighs getting wet, hot juice streaming out of my cunt- it felt like jets of juice rather than just a few drops, and I came and came, again and again as she kept up the pressure.

I don’t know whether it was one orgasm or many- they were a blur of the most amazing, intense and tender sensations throughout my entire body.

When I finally calmed down, she took the dildo slowly out of me, making me jerk and gasp as it exited my raw and red cunt.

She sat back, looking at me, her huge boobs flushed, her large nipples aroused.

Her arm was wet, and I saw a huge wet patch on the bed between my legs.

‘’wow’’ she said. ’that was huge. You squirted all the way onto my tummy.’’ She pointed at her tummy where I could see a trickle of wet dripping down towards her open pussy as she sat cross-legged between my legs.

We were both perspiring, wet with each other’s juices, the bed soaked in two places, and the room reeked of sex, lube and sweat.

We lay next to each other for a while, then showered together, and I went next door to get dressed.

We were in the breakfast room at 8 to greet the children, and Mr and Mrs Palen came downstairs for breakfast.

‘’sleep well, ladies?”’ Robert asked.

‘’ like a baby’’ said Fiona

‘’the sleep of the innocent’’ I said, and he almost choked on his coffee!


A week later I was at work at the house alone, as Fiona had a day off. I slept over, and, as expected, no sooner had I gone to my room than there was a knock on the door and Robert was there.

He came in and we chatted a while. He came and sat next to me on the bed, and before long we were naked, his cock in my mouth. I sucked him without a condom, and then put one on when he wanted to fuck me. We played in all sort of positions, but his favourite seemed to be doggy. He tried to get me to do anal, but I wasn’t keen- for a start in those days I hadn’t done it much, and I was only really willing to do it with someone I knew well, not just a casual fuck.

He made me cum twice, once with his mouth and finger, in a 69, and then again with me on top of him, his cock as deep as it would go, his fingers on my hard clit.

After he left, I lay there and thought about this- I didn’t mind fucking him- he was very good and imaginative, but I was getting worried about what would happen if Sara found out- I didn’t want trouble, and I didn’t have a work permit yet, so one call to the police and I would be expelled from Italy.

More importantly, although Fiona had said that Sara also played around, I had not seen any sign of this- she was a very sweet, caring person, very nice to me always, and I got increasingly concerned that it was only Robert who played, and that the staff were just his happy hunting ground, of which Sara knew nothing.

Now, I don’t mind fucking a guy at a party for example, even if I know he is married- but I will never go after a married guy, and date him for example, but if it’s at a party, it’s his business what he does, and he must deal with his wife. But here I was an employee and in a sense a guest in their house, and if she didn’t know about this, and at least passively agree to it or play herself, I wasn’t going to be the cause of a divorce.

I decided to cool it until I could establish whether Sara actually did fuck others, or whether that was just Robert’s way of getting Fiona to fuck him.

So, the next time he came to my room, I said I had a headache, and he left.

I waited to see whether there was any evidence that Sara had a ‘’playmate’’.

I didn’t have to wait long.

Fiona had hinted that Sara played when Robert was away, out of town, only. So, when I was at work alone, I found that Robert had gone back to the US for business, and the children were at school (they went to the International School in Venice, and English-medium school for the children of foreigners.)

I was tidying their rooms, when I saw Sara go downstairs to the pool, wearing her costume and a gown. A while later I was at the oldest child’s room, which overlooked the pool. Glancing out of the window, I noticed that Sara was not in the pool, nor was she lying anywhere near it.

Puzzled, I stayed at the window, waiting to see where she was. No sign of her.

I went downstairs, out the veranda door, and went to the pool. Still no sign of her.

I stood and looked around. Unless she was in the house somewhere, and I had missed her, she must either have left the property (unlikely in her costume) or she was in one of the out-buildings. The most logical was the pool change-room, I guessed.

I went over to it, and walked quietly around the outside. I found an open window, moved the curtain quietly aside, and looked in.

Sara was in the main change area, right in front of the window. She was naked, and leaning over the wooden bench-seat. Behind her was the young man who came and did the pool cleaning once a week. He too was naked, holding onto her hips, his cock buried in her pussy from the back, pumping her as hard as he could.

In front of her was another young man, whom I did not know- his cock was in Sara’s mouth, thrusting deep down her throat, his hands on the back of her head, pulling her close.

The three of them were so engrossed in fucking that they did not see the curtain move, so I stayed, watching them.

Her long brunette hair hung over her face, her fairly large breasts swinging as the young men fucked her. The only sounds were her muffled grunts, and the sound of the guy’s balls slapping into her bum with each stroke.

The young man (and neither was more than 19 or 20) behind her withdrew his cock from her pussy, moved around to her face, and his place was taken at once by the other guy, who drove his impressive, shaved cock straight into her pussy in one movement. She eagerly took the cock which had been in her pussy into her mouth, licking her juices off it, sucking on it hungrily.

The two guys alternated fucking her like that for maybe 20 minutes. She came twice it seemed, making little grunting sounds and shaking her head each time, while they continued to fuck her hard.

Then the one whose cock was in her mouth took it out of her mouth, masturbated a few times, and squirted his load onto her boobs and face. He came and came, and when it stopped she licked his cock clean.

The guy in her pussy then came in her it seemed, arching his back as he thrust into her, with hard and deliberate strokes.

Sara turned around and sat on the bench.

The two young men pulled on their shorts and t shirt, smiled at her, each kissed her on her mouth, and they left the room.

I moved around to the back of the pool-room so that they would not see me.

A short while later Sara emerged from the room, her gown around her. She dropped the gown, and dived into the pool, her long elegant legs shimmering under the water as she swam to the other side.

That answered the question about whether or not Sara was playing around- she sure was!

I now didn’t feel bad about fucking Robert- and I looked forward to the next time I was there and he was available.


I didn’t go to work there for 2 weeks, while I did a charter, and when I was back I found a message asking me to work for a week, as Fiona was on leave, going back to the USA.

I packed my bags for a longer stay, and arrived one sunny spring morning.

There was a lot of work to do, with Fiona being away, and I was kept busy from early till late every day.

I saw Robert a few times in passing, but he was very professional and polite, with no sign that he wanted anything more from me- I thought that maybe he had got the impression that I was now no longer interested in fucking him.

I also saw Sara on one occasion going to the pool change-room while Robert was out, and I guessed what she was there for, as it was on the day that the pool-guy was there.

During the second week Sara and 2 of the children went to stay with friends near Rome because it was the birthday of the friends’ child and a big party was planned.

The 2 younger children stayed at home with me, and I had a lovely time taking them to the beach every day.

That evening Robert had a few friends around for dinner, three men, and I put the children to bed and sat in the little lounge near their room till they went to sleep.

I heard Roberts’s guests leave, and I took the baby-monitor and went to the kitchen to get a cup of tea, before going to bed in the bedroom next to the children’s room, where Fiona or I could sleep when we were alone at the house so that we were not too far away from the children during the night.

I was in the kitchen when Robert came in- he had a robe on, and was barefoot.

‘’are the children asleep?’’ he asked, getting a beer from the fridge.

I nodded.

‘’Alex and I are going to swim and sauna- if you want to join us you are welcome to’’ he said.

I thought about it. I hadn’t realised that there was a guest still here.

‘’ok’’ I said, ’’I will join you shortly.’’

I went to my room and changed into my bikini, got a towel from the cupboard, and went to the sauna and indoor plunge pool area.

Robert and his friend Alex were sitting next to the pool, beers in hand, talking.

Robert introduced me, and I sat on a lounger next to them, enjoying the warm air in the heated indoor area overlooking the garden thorough the glass wall.

Alex was quite tall, with dark hair, worn longer than would be fashionable in South Africa, but common in Europe. He had a strong face, with a straight nose, wide mouth and dimples when he smiled. When I looked more closely, I could see that his eyelashes were thick and long- the envy of any girl!

‘’shall we sauna first and then swim?’’ asked Robert.

I said ok, as did Alex.

They men stood, and walked to the sauna door. Alex went in first. Turning at the door, Robert said to me:

‘’ we usually sauna and swim without costumes. You don’t need to if you don’t want to. Do you have a problem if we do?’’

I had thought that this was coming, and I had considered it, although I hadn’t planned on Roberts’s friend being there. With just Robert, I was quite happy to be nude, and I was sure he would want to fuck later, but with his friend I wasn’t so sure what would happen.

‘’no’’ I said ‘’I don’t mind what you guys do’’- not committing myself for a moment.

Robert followed Alex into the Sauna, and held the door open for me.

Alex was sitting on the bench, his towel on his lap covering himself.

Robert stood, undid his gown, and sat down naked on the opposite bench.

Alex looked at Robert and then at me, and took his towel off his lap. I glanced at Alex without making it obvious- he was tanned all over, with a nice slim build, and trimmed, but not shaved, pubic hair, his long uncircumcised cock hanging loose and thick between his legs.

I turned away from them, undid my bikini top and took it off, and then stepped out of my bikini bottom. Wrapping my towel around me, I turned and sat on the bench near Robert (there were only 2 benches, so it was that or sit next to Alex).

The men talked about some business venture, and I relaxed, letting the hot air permeate my body, soothing me, my eyes closed, leaning back against the wooden wall.

The heat was nice- not too hot, and very enjoyable.

Robert and Alex were speaking Italian, as I guess they thought that I was not going to participate in the conversation, what with my eyes closed.

I don’t speak Italian fluently, but I do understand enough to get by.

‘’nice’’ said Alex in Italian.

‘’mm’’ said Robert, ‘’very nice’’ also in Italian.

Alex said words I didn’t fully understand. I think it meant ‘’willing’’, or ‘’will she””.

‘’mm’’ said Robert again.’’ Often’’.

I kept my eyes closed. I guessed that they were talking about me, cryptically, so that I wouldn’t understand the nuances.

I opened one eye very slightly, so that they couldn’t see it.

Alex was looking at me, and I saw that his cock was slightly engorged, still hanging but thicker.

I had thought about what I wanted to do. The hot air and relaxed atmosphere made me horny, and I didn’t know what Robert wanted, but if he wanted to fuck when Alex left, I was wiling.

I sat up, opened my eyes, and said:

‘’I am going to cool off and then come back here’’

I stood, let my towel fall to the floor, and walked out to the pool.

I plunged in, gasping at the cool water. When my body had cooled down, I got out and walked back into the sauna.

I sat, nude, next to Robert and ‘’ignored’’ the men.

Alex was stealing furtive looks at me, his eyes travelling from my pussy to my boobs and back.

Robert asked me about my charter, and we spoke for a while. I saw that Alex’s cock was now much harder, no longer hanging but sort of sticking straight out, as was Robert’s.

Without pausing in my chat, I put my hand on Roberts’s thigh, and slid it up to his crotch. I felt for his cock, and taking it in my hand, stroking it, feeling it grow and thicken. Alex was looking at my hand on Roberts cock, his own cock growing harder by the minute.

I masturbated Robert for a while, until he was fully erect, hard and hot. He put his hand on my upper thigh, and felt for my pussy. Opening my legs, a bit, I let him slide a finger along my slit.

We had stopped talking now, and Alex had started to masturbate himself, watching Robert and me.

I could see that he wasn’t sure whether he could join in or not- I motioned to him to come and sit next to me.

He did so, his cock now almost fully hard, bobbing as he walked.

I took a cock in each hand and jerked the men. Robert had a finger in my slit a bit, and Alex felt my boobs, my nipples hard despite the heat in the sauna.

I was very turned on- the combination of the heat, the two erect guys, close to me, their cocks hard, sweaty and ready, was very arousing.

What I really wanted was for one of them, either one, just to take me and fuck me, but it seemed that they were content to let me just masturbate them.

After a while I stopped playing with them. I lay back, opened my legs fully, and began to finger myself with one hand, my other hand pulling on my nipples.

I realised suddenly that there were no condoms there. Problemo!

I turned to Robert.

‘’condoms?’’ I asked

He nodded.

‘’in the pool change room’’ he said.

I took his hand and led him out of the sauna, past the plunge pool and out to the main pool. The night air was cold after the sauna, but not unpleasantly so.

With Alex following, we trooped to the change room where I had seen Sara getting fucked.

We went in, and Robert went to the first aid cabinet, reached in and took out a pack of condoms. Why they were there I never found out- presumably either he or Sara left them there for ‘’emergency use’’, although she didn’t seem to use them anyway.

He gave one to Alex, and they both unrolled them onto their cocks, standing and looking at me.

I giggled, and went to find something soft to lie on.

I found a pair of lounger cushions, and lay them on top of each other on the floor.

Then I kneeled on it, and pulled Robert by the hand to come closer, and motioned to Alex to do the same.

With them standing in front of me, I took first the one cock and then the other in my mouth, playing with the one not in my mouth with my hand.

Talk about a hand-eye-mouth coordination test!

They were both rock hard and ready.

I lay down, fingering myself again, my pussy very wet and slick already.

Alex kneeled between my legs, and leaned over to lick my pussy. He was very good at it, his tongue going deep in, his fingers touching my slit at the same time.

Then he mounted me, his cock needing no help to slide in. he began to fuck me gently, grinding his pubic area against the top of my slit with each stroke.

Robert as first just stood and watched, playing with his cock. Then he lay next to my head, his cock at my mouth, and I took him in my mouth, licking the head and shaft.

Alex started to fuck me faster and faster .I was almost ready to cum myself as he withdrew his cock, and turned me over onto my tummy. He lay on top of me, moved my legs wide apart, and I helped him let his cock enter me pussy from above, feeling his balls on my bum as he drove it into me.

He used his legs to push mine even wider, until I was spread-eagled, my legs as wide apart as they could go, my arms pinned wide apart with his hands holding them there like that. He supported himself on his arms, so that only his cock was in contact with me- driving it in hard, deep and fast.

It felt vulnerable, open, risky- and very very erotic.

He hammered his cock into me pussy for ages, now slowly, the quicker, varying the angle as well.

I felt him tense, his thrusts getting slower, and he came inside me with long slow strokes, gripping my arms tightly.

When he was done, I was on the verge of cumming.

I needed and wanted to fuck again, quickly.

Pushing Robert onto his back I climbed onto him, reverse cowboy style, and rode him, massaging my cunt as I did. I came almost at once, gripping his cock tightly with my cunt muscles, holding his cock there like a dildo as I orgasmed, squealing like a baby as the wave rushed through me.

When I relaxed, I rode him some more. My pussy was so wet, tender to the pint of being sore, and engorged.

Robert thrust against me hard, jerking his hips.

I felt him start to cum, and I came again, letting him come this time and not squeezing his cock too hard.

When he had finished, I felt I could cum again I was so horny, provided that I did not wait too long and let the plateau go away.

I lay on my back, my legs bents, wide open, and thrust 2 fingers into my gaping and wet pussy. Within a minute I felt another orgasm start, and I shut my legs on my hand and pushed as hard as I could, ramming my fingers into my cunt until the orgasm stopped.

Spent, I lay back, gasping for air, my body wet with sweat, my legs wide apart, and my pussy lips swollen, red and bruised.

The guys lay next to me, holding me. It was a lovely way to end a good fucking!

After maybe 10 minutes I was almost falling asleep. (by the way, do you know what the French call the sleep after sex? ’’La Petite Mort’’- the little death!)

We got up, wrapped our towels around ourselves and went inside.

Robert and Alex got changed somewhere, and I went back to my room to change and then went upstairs to the little bedroom near the children to sleep.

Not long after, Robert arrived in the room. (not totally unexpected!)

I wasn’t in the mood for more fucking, so he just climbed into bed and lay behind me, spooning until I went to sleep.

Very early the next morning, just as the sun rose, I woke and felt him fondling my breasts from behind me.

I could feel his cock rigid, pressing into my bum, so I lifted one leg and bent my knee, and he slid his cock into me. We fucked lazily for a while until he came. I only realised later that he had not had a condom on, being half asleep, but it was ok at the time I guess!