29 Aug 2017

A few days ago, I had coffee with a couple I had met on SH some time back. They had been out of the country since 2014, and had not seen me since I got married, so we got together to catch up.

The conversation turned to a young woman they had met in the UK, who they met as the ‘’girlfriend ‘’ of the guy they were playing with, but who turned out to be an escort he used when he wanted to go to clubs where they only allowed couples (which is fair enough I guess- in a sense he is paying for other people to fuck his ‘’date’’, so it’s all good in a sense)

It reminded me of a girl I met many years ago when I was a student in London, so I thought I would tell my friends here about that.

I was 19 years old, and had started studying at a Hotel School Polytechnic in London. Sexually, I had been to a swinger party or two, with boyfriends (one of which cost me my boyfriend because he left when he saw me fucking another guy!).

I was also quite experienced, as I had first had sex at a young age, but I hadn’t actually had a lot of boyfriends oddly enough.

Anyway, I was at an art gallery opening with my current boyfriend who was a Fine-Arts student at the same College. Modern art is a mystery to me- I hesitate to say that its bullshit, but I really don’t see how a red square on a white background represents ‘’ man’s eternal struggle for relevance in a changing world’ ’or some such thing!

So, I was standing at the bar having a mineral water and lime, looking around for something to occupy myself with while my BF stood and gazed at a brick wrapped in a rag (‘’ Lost love found’’ it was called!) when a woman my sort of age came and ordered a spritzer. We smiled at each other, she got her drink, and turned to chat.

She said she was also bored stiff, her date was looking to buy some art, and so was in a room somewhere negotiating the deal.

She introduced herself as Maya. She spoke with a fairly strong accent, so I asked her where she was from, and she said she was Ukrainian by birth,20 years old, and had been in the UK for 2 years.

Maya was quite possibly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen- there is no other way to put it. She was tall, slim with nice boobs , with long thick lustrous dark hair falling in waves over her shoulders. She had high cheek-bones, very defined, full lips, a perfect skin, flawless and pale, and the most amazing, very slightly slanted ‘’oriental’’ eyes, deep blue- so clear and dark blue with an almost black ring around the iris that I thought at first that they were coloured contacts. The combination of the dark almost black hair, the pale skin and the piercing eyes was mesmerising.

I remember that she was wearing an emerald green sheath dress, mid-thigh length, and low-cut in a V in front, her pale breasts swelling in the V.

I asked her if she was a model, and she laughed.

‘’not really’’ she said, ‘’I don’t have the patience to stand still for hours’’

We chatted some more, and I found her to be funny, clever and nice to talk to.

I didn’t know many people in London, so we exchanged numbers because I thought I might get together with her in a few days- she seemed nice.

I found my BF, and as I turned to talk to him, I saw a man of around 50, grey hair, shortish and a bit bald, come up to Maya and talk to her. She bent forward, gave him a kiss, took his arm and they walked towards the door.

I was puzzled- I was sure she had said she was there with a date. That looked more like her father that a date!

The man certainly seemed to know a lot of people, as they stopped for him to greet people as they made their way to the door. I whispered to my BF ‘’who is that man and that woman?’’ motioning towards Maya and the man with my head discreetly.

My BF looked, and laughed.

‘’that’s Sir Reginald something or other’’ he said. ‘’He is the last son of some nobility. VERY wealthy and a real playboy. He is always at art galleries, and has apparently a fine collection at his estate in the Cotswolds or some such place.’’

‘’and the woman?’’ I asked.

‘’I don’t know her personally, but Sir Reggie always seems to have a gorgeous young thing with him. I heard a rumour that they are escorts, but VERY expensive and exclusive. But I am not sure’’

I doubted that, I must say. Maya was far too stunning to be an escort, yet she was at least 30 years younger that he was. So maybe………? Who knows?

I phoned Maya a few days later and we met for drinks after I finished college.

We met at a pub near where I lived, and had a great time. What was annoying is that she spent most of her time fending off guys wanting to chat her up! We talked about my studies, and then, logically, I asked her what she does?

She didn’t answer at first, and I thought maybe she was unemployed and embarrassed about it. Then she sat back, looked at me with those huge dark-blue eyes, and said

‘’you are going to be shocked’’

I looked at her. “try me. I don’t shock easily”.

‘’ I work as an escort’’ she said, looking at me.

‘’wow’’ I said,’’ I would not have guessed. You certainly have the looks for it. You must make a fortune!’

‘’I do’’ she said. ’are you not shocked?’’

‘’no’’ I said’’’ what you do to earn money is up to you. I don’t judge people. As long as you are ok with it, it’s none of my business anyway. But I am dying to know how you got into it, and how you got to be in the UK, if you want to tell me. If not, it’s also ok, I don’t mind’’

So, she told me her story.

She was born and raised in a small village in Ukraine. She lived with her mom, as her Dad had left them when she was small, so she didn’t remember him at all.

When she was a teenager, she started to attract the attention of boys (no shit! I thought. She would have to be in a blind community not to attract attention!)

She dated a few, and when she was in her mid-teens started to have sex if she liked the guy, but she wasn’t promiscuous. There was no future in the village for her, and her mother did not have the money to send her to college in the nearest city, so she worked in a bar/restaurant in the village after school, and when she left school.

When she was 17, and out of school, she worked full-time in the bar. She says it was like a taverna, not a bar in the UK sense. The owner was a man in his 50’s, who had inherited it from his father, and of course everyone in the village knew him, and he knew everyone.

He was always nice to her, and flirted with her, but she said he flirted with every woman from 10 to 90 anyway- it’s just who he was and no-one took offence.

One night there was a big celebration of some sort, and they only closed early in the morning. They had been playing music all night, and the owner, Noli, left the music on while they cleared away.

Noli was happily married with 3 children, and of course also lived in the village.

The bar was closed, and the main light off as they cleaned up. He was whistling to the music, and was a bit pissed from joining all the guests in their celebration. As she passed him, he reached out and said ‘’come, let’s dance!’ and with that he took her by the waist and danced her around the room.

She was wearing a short skirt and a peasant blouse, with her hair tied back. As they danced, she felt his body pressing into her, not unpleasantly.

The next song was a slow love-song, and they danced slowly, him holding her to his body. Her head was on his shoulder, and suddenly she felt him move her hair from her neck and kiss her neck. she stayed like that, and he pulled her head back, and kissed her on her mouth.

She responded by opening her mouth, and felt his tongue seek hers, kissing her deeply. Neither said anything when he took his face away. They just danced.

She wasn’t surprised then when she felt his hand on her breast, cupping it, feeling for her nipple. She let him fondle her breast, and felt his cock pressing against her pussy as they danced. His hand lifted her blouse, exposing her breasts in her bra, and he pulled the bra aside, leaned down and sucked on her erect nipple.

One thing of course led to another, and soon they were naked on the floor, lying on two lounger cushions, her legs wide apart and his cock thrusting into her with vigour. It didn’t take long and he came in her, grunting and jerking as he spent his load in her pussy.

They lay there for a bit, then got up, got dressed, still without a word, and went back to clearing up.

As she was leaving, he held her briefly, looked at her and said

‘’you are ok? Not cross with me?’’

She shook her head.

‘’no, its fine Noli. I am not cross. You didn’t force me. Its fine, this is just between us. No-one need know.’’

He gave her a kiss and she walked home.

The next day at work Noli seemed quite worried, and kept looking at her. Eventually she spoke to him in the kitchen, and said that everything was fine, and that she enjoyed the night, without being specific about the sex.

He seemed relieved, and the day passed. When she went to her locker to get her bag to go home, she found a beautiful leather purse, wrapped, with her name on a tag.

She asked Noli where it came from, and he said it was a gift from him for the night before.

She took it, and kept it.

A week or so later, Noli, very casually, said to her at closing time, ‘’how about a little drink the to end the day?’

She had an idea what was coming, but wasn’t averse to it. They sat at the bar and had a shooter. He put his hand on her bare leg, and slid it under her skirt. She stood, faced him, and pulled her t-shirt off, and then stepped out of her skirt. Still looking at him, he unclipped her bra, and dropped it on the chair.

His hand was in his crotch as she peeled off the tiny panties, letting him take a good long look at her ‘’young, slim body and her shaved pussy’’ as she put it. Kneeling in front of him, she unzipped his pants, took his cock out and sucked him till it grew fully hard.

He removed his shirt and pants, and she pushed him onto his back, lying on a foam cushion, climbed onto him and guided his cock into her. Riding him, with him playing with her nipples, she came quickly, and then moved back and forth until he jerked and rose up, squirting into her.

Later they dressed, kissed and went their ways. Next day, a stunning leather handbag was in her locker.

This pattern continued for a few months. Every week or two she would stay late, they would fuck, and the next day there was a gift in her locker.

(I am sure you can see where this is going! -T).

One night after she finished, Noli was sitting at the table with an older man. Maya recognised him from the next village, and greeted him. Noli asked her to join them, which she did. They had a few drinks, and then Noli excused himself and went to the back.

The older man, Gregoire, moved a bit closer to Maya.

‘’I hear that you like the gift you get from Noli’’ he said with a wink.

Maya was taken aback- it was the first indication that Noli had told someone about their evening fuck-sessions.

‘’yes’’ she said, ‘’what has he told you.?”’

Gregoire assured her that he was very discreet, and that he would not say anything to anyone ever.

She relaxed a bit then, even as he put his hand on her leg.

With his other hand, he reached into his jacket pocket, and took out an envelope.

‘’I have a little gift for you also’’ he said. ‘I don’t know what you like, so I thought maybe money would be better- then you can buy what you want’’

She took the envelope and looked inside. There was the equivalent of a month’s wages in it. She put it on the table next to her, waiting.

Gregoire poured her another drink, and move his chair a bit closer to hers.

He put his hand on her bare thigh, paused, and slid it under her short skirt.

Maya had decided that she was ok with this. She stood, took off her skirt, blouse and bra, and pirouetted in front of him, her breasts firm and her nipples hard.

Dressed just in her tiny panties, she kneeled in front of him, just as she had done with Noli, unbuckled his belt, opened his zip and pulled his semi-hard cock out. Pulling it clear of his underpants, she leaned towards him and took it in her mouth,

She sucked him until he was fully erect, and then pulled him up, and led him to where the foam mattress was packed. Pulling two down, she stood in front of him, and took his shirt off, then his pants and shoes. Lastly, she took his underpants off, his cock now a bit softer again, but she says, a good size.

She squatted on the mattress and took his whole cock in her mouth, feeling it press against the back of her throat as it swelled, and then sucked and licked at it for a while. He lay down, and she sat next to him, sucking and licking his balls, while he played with her pussy under her panties.

When he was good and hard, she took her panties. He sat up, and motioned for her to get onto her hands and knees. Moving behind her, he felt for her slit, spat on his hand and wiped it on her slit. Fingering her, he jerked his cock for a while until she got a bit wet.

Then, mounting her from the back, she helped him slide his fat cock into her, and pushed back as he slid more and more of it in. He fucked well, she told me, with long deep strokes, and quite fast. They changed positions a few times, and eventually, with him on top of her, he squirted his load into her wet pussy, gasping and groaning.

As he rolled off her, she saw Noli standing in the kitchen doorway, his cock out of his pants, masturbating. When he saw he watching him, he tried to put it away, but she beckoned to him to come to where she sat.

Gregoire moved off the mattress, and Noli stood next to her. She sucked him briefly, tasting the pre-cum on the tip of his cock, and then as he seemed to be ready to cum she took his cock out of her mouth, and jerked him very rapidly till he came, shooting white streams of cum onto her boobs and the mattress.

The two men got dressed, and the three of them left the bar.

That set the tone for Maya. She would fuck Noli almost every week, and every so often he would bring another man, who she would also fuck, and each time she got a month’s wages, also from Noli, who seemed to have run out of things to buy her. She said there were at most 4 other men who she fucked, so it wasn’t like she was becoming the village whore.

She learned to do anal from one guy who loved it, and she learned to swallow cum from another.

I sat and listened to Maya with a sort of fascinated pity. I guess I felt sorry that a young girl was led into prostitution like that, but on the other hand she seemed to be fully aware of her choices, and it wasn’t like it was that or starve- she had a job.

She said that she enjoyed sex, and if the men were prepared to pay for what she enjoyed, so what.

She ordered another drink, and I sat silently digesting what she had told me.

‘’the best was the last guy that Noli brought’’ she said.

‘’why’’ I asked.

‘’because it was the headmaster of the school I had gone to until 2 years before that! ’she said. ’he was SO tense when he realised it was me, his very recent ex-pupil. I knew he fancied me when I was at school and he would always look at me legs and bobs when I walked past him. I gave him the fuck of his life. Every position, every hole, and more than once. He came once in my arsehole, and once in my mouth an hour later. His wife will NEVER be able to compete- I spoiled him for good!’’

She said that his was also the first circumcised cock she saw, and that she preferred that now-she said she loved the feeling of the head in her mouth when she ran her tongue around it.

‘’so, what do you do in London?’’ I asked.

‘’ I work for Blue Velvet Girls’’ she said. ‘’they are the premier agency, very beautiful girls, very classy, from all over the world. I am now an ‘’exclusive’’ escort, so I get paid a minimum of £400 an hour. More if its longer, more if it’s all night, and more if it’s for couples and I fuck the woman and the man, or doubles, 2 guys. (u can look it up- they still exist-T)

I usually work every night, and do maybe 2 bookings of a few hours each a night, 6 nights a week, so I can earn more than £10,000 per month, less agency fees. I live very well, I have my own car and I will soon be able to afford my own apartment.’’

I was stunned- she was earning, then, what a senior manager in a big company MAY earn if he was lucky, and she really only worked from around 17h00 onwards.

But back to the present.

She told me that the man I had seen her with, Sir Reginald, was a regular of hers. He only ever booked her, and then all night. He took her to shows, dinner, events and so on- like a proper date in a way. Sometimes, she said, if he was tired, they wouldn’t even have sex- she would just cuddle him until her fell asleep, and in the morning, they would have breakfast and his chauffer would take her home.

He was divorced, and had no children, and after the very bitter divorce he had decided that it was much easier to hire a woman than to marry one, and a lot cheaper in the long run. She said he had worked out that for what the divorce cost him, he could have 5 girls a day to fuck till he died!

A few weeks later, Maya phoned me. She said that Sir Reginald was booking her for a weekend at his house in the country, and he had asked if she wanted to bring a friend, as he would be busy some of the time.

I was about to decline, when she quickly added that I was not expected to fuck him, just keep her company, and she would see to whatever sex he wanted.

I agreed then and a week later, on a Friday afternoon, a huge gleaming black Bentley arrived outside the semi where I lived with my flat-mates. A chauffeur got out and opened the door for me, taking my poor little luggage and putting in the boot. Maya was inside, sitting back with a flute of champagne. The bottle, a Louis Roderer, was sitting in a built- in compartment in a centre console, moisture glistening on the neck.

She poured me a coke from the little fridge, and the car whooshed away silently, the traffic noise a gentle whisper in the background. I thought I could certainly get used to that car!

There was a glass partition between the front and the back, with a little intercom so one could talk to the chauffer.

Maya leaned over (and in the Bentley, you have to lean a long way to get next to the person next to you!)

‘’don’t you think the Michael, the driver, is cute?’’ she asked

I hadn’t really looked at him, but I did now. He certainly was cute- dark, short hair, with a strong face and a happy mouth and eyes.

‘’he is very nice also’’ she said. ‘’He knows who I am and what I do, and he is very discreet’’

She was sitting behind the front passenger seat. Leaning back, she made sure he could see her, and slowly pulled her dress up her thighs, opening her legs a little and looked away, as though chatting to me.

I grinned at her. Michael glanced in the mirror, and saw her bare thighs and did a double-take.

Every so often I could see him glance in the mirror at her legs. Her dress rose higher and higher, as she talked to me.

Eventually, it was as a short as any micro-mini skirt ever was. With the hem that high, she tucked her legs under her and refilled her flute. There was no doubt that Michael could see her panties very clearly now, and his glances got more and more frequent, and longer and longer.

‘’if he looks any more we are going to have an accident’ ’I said with a laugh. ’If you do that every time, he must be an expert on the colour of your panties by now’’ I laughed.

‘’I’m not wearing panties!’’ said Maya, almost rolling off her seat with laughter as she put her legs down and pulled her dress to a more modest length.

And so, we drove out of London into the countryside.

An hour later we arrived at a large half-timbered house, with rolling lawns and wild flowers growing in abundance everywhere.it was a strange garden- huge, trees and shrubs, and then big areas of what must once have been flower-beds, but filled with wild flowers just growing where they wanted. It looked lovely I thought, natural and pretty, but unusual.

I commented on it.

Maya giggled. ‘’he had two country houses- this and another in the Cotswolds. When he got divorced, his wife got the Cotswold house because it was more valuable, and he got this. This however was her favourite, particularly the immaculate and Versailles-like rose beds, where she had a significant collection of rare and exotic roses, thousands of them.

So, when the divorce was finalised, the first thing he did here was to rip out all her roses and sow wild flowers. A friend took a picture secretly a while later, and the rumour is that she was hospitalised with shock when she saw what he had done!’’

With that, Michael opened the door and we went inside, but not before I noticed him staring longingly at Maya’s pussy, now hidden under her dress!

Sir Reginald (call me Reggie he said) arrived and gave both of us a big hug.

We wandered around the estate while he had some meetings with people who arrived later, and at around 6 we went up to our room to change for dinner. (well, I went to my room, adjacent to the master suite where Reggie and Maya were to sleep).

Downstairs at 7 for drinks, all very formal for a young South African girl- a butler to serve the drinks from a trolley in the corner, a woman (servant? Maid? What to call her?) in a white uniform brought snacks on a silver tray and we sat with Reggie and two of his guests- both looked about 70 or more, and couldn’t keep their eyes of Maya (and me, I guess, but mostly her).

Maya was wearing a full-length black sheath dress with a slit up the side past her hips, making it clear that she can’t have been wearing panties. (in fact, she was, but the elastic was above her hip-bone, so one couldn’t see it!)

I wore a dark green cocktail dress, mid-thigh, with a fairly low V in front showing quite a lot of my 36 C cleavage, and no bra.

At dinner, the conversation was quite flirtatious, each of the 3 male guests seemed to know that Maya and I were not permanent fixtures in Reggie’s life, and felt free to make the sort of comment they would never make to a wife or partner of a host. I was not sure if they knew what Maya was (and I don’t mean that in a judgemental way), but if they did, I am sure that they assumed that Reggie had hired the two of us for the weekend!

After dinner, we sat on the veranda and had a few drinks. One of the men, an old man (Donald, I think?) sat next to me, and every time I leaned forward he tried to look down the front of my dress. I obliged by leaning very far forward and reaching with both hands in front of me for a snack, which had the effect of making my boobs and nipples visible as the dress hung away from my body.

I stayed like that for a few seconds, then sat back and gave him a wink. He almost choked on his whiskey!

Much later, the guests retired to their rooms, I went to my room and Maya and Reggie went to the master-suite.

I lay there a while, thinking about the day. I always do that- reflect on the day before I go to sleep- I think about what I did well and what I did not do well, and try to see how I could improve what I did that day. I also give thanks for the day- I am not a religious person in the sense of organised religion, but I do like to feel that there is a purpose to my life.

I was quite horny, as I had been thinking about Maya and Reggie in the next room- I wouldn’t have minded some sex! The more I lay there, the hornier I got. I always sleep nude, so I slid my hand down my tummy to my pussy, and started to finger myself gently. I was going to masturbate, and then I had an idea.

I wasn’t going to go to any of Reggie’s guests, as I didn’t know how they would react and he might be offended. But there was another option!

I pulled on my dressing gown, opened my door quietly, and crept downstairs. Across the hall, through the kitchen, and into the courtyard. Across the courtyard, and to the door on the left.

When we had been looking around the grounds earlier, we had been in this courtyard, and I knew what each door was.

I tried the door. Locked. I knocked softly. A voice answered ‘’who is it?’’

‘’open up, I’m cold’’ I whispered.

The door opened.

Michael stood there, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.


‘’shhh. Not a word’’ I said, entering the room and closing the door.

I turned, dropped my gown and stood in front of him, naked.

I pulled him toward me, kissed him on the side of his throat, and slid to my knees.

Pulling his shorts down, his cock hung there, thick and long. I stroked it, feeling it grow harder and harder. Opening my mouth, I took him, sucking and licking the head.

It was a very nice size cock, and thicker than usual. It grew fully hard in my mouth, and I could only put the top third in, the rest of the shaft I stroked with my one hand, fondling his balls with my other hand. He started to say something, so I shushed him again.

‘’not a word.’’ I said.’’ This never happened, it’s all a dream’’

I pushed him onto the bed, but as I sat on it, he pulled me onto my tummy.

Lifting my hips, he pulled me onto my hands and knees.

‘’condom’’ I said.

He slid across the bed, reached into the bedside table drawer, took out a pack, unwrapped one and put it on.

Then he crouched behind me, and I reached between my thighs to guide his cock into me.

He fucked me with long slow strokes, holding on my hips to pull me back at each stroke. I rubbed across my clit with one hand, feeling the exquisite tingling start.

His cock filled my young pussy, stretching my lips wide, thrusting deep into me. It felt great, my whole pussy filled to capacity with his rock-hard cock.

He withdrew his cock, panting, and pushed me gently onto my back.

He reversed himself above me, his knees on either side of my head, and I felt his warm breath on my pussy as his tongue licked at my clit. His cock was above my face, and I pulled it down, opening my mouth and sucking it, tasting my own pussy-juices on it. His tongue was deep in my pussy, licking inside me, and I arched my back to press harder against the feeling.

He took his tongue away and I felt his finger enter me, probing, thrusting at my g-spot.

I wanted to cum, so I rolled him onto his back, sat astride him, and slid his cock back into my pussy, sitting all the way down on him, and then riding him hard, grinding my cunt against his cock.

I felt his hands pull my bum-cheeks apart, and a finger enter my arsehole a little bit.

As his finger pushed deeper into my arse I felt the orgasm start. I crushed my pussy against the shaft of his cock, and the wave of orgasm ruched though me, my pussy becoming so sensitive and tender as wave after wave pulsed through my body.

As soon as I had cum, I lifted up so that his cock came out of me. Sitting back down on his thighs, I took the condom off and masturbated him very rapidly. He jerked and bucked a few times, and then a huge squirt of cum shot into the air and onto my boobs, then more and more, onto me and onto him. I made sure that my other hand covered my pussy so that none went there, and kept jerking him until he grabbed my hand to stop me when it got too sensitive.

I sat there, cum dripping down my boosted I got up, took my gown and went to the little bathroom, wiped myself down, put my gown on and went back to the bedroom.

He was still lying there, his cock subsiding slowly.

I leaned over him, gave him a kiss on his mouth, and went to the door.

Opening the door, I turned.

‘’In the morning, you will realise that this was all a dream ‘’ I said.’’ Sleep tight’’

And with that I went back to my room, got into bed and slept like the innocent girl I am till the maid brought me coffee and a muffin as the sun rose.

We spent the day on the lake behind the house, rowing around on the little boat in circles and almost falling in the water more than once.

Reggie and his 3 guests sat under the shade of a tree drinking some pink drink, and watching us while talking. I began to see why he hired Maya. She was not like a paid escort- she could for all the world be a girlfriend or young (very young) wife- she was fun, loving and caring. Sex hardly played apart, although she did say that she made sure that he got his money’s worth when he wanted it. I asked her what she did with him, and she laughed and said ‘’whatever his heart desires- nothing is out of bounds’’.

After lunch, the men sat in the recliners. Maya and I lay on towels. For England, it was quite hot, about 25 c I guessed. Maya suddenly propped herself up on an elbow.

‘’let’s swim in the lake’’ she said.

“I don’t have a swimsuit with me’’ I said- I hadn’t thought to bring one as the English don’t swim that much and few have pools anyway.

‘’so, what’’ she said with a giggle. ‘’let’s spice up their lives. Put some suntan oil and each other and lets swim nude’’

‘’ is it ok to?’’ I asked, unsure.

‘’yes, they will love it’’ she said.

We didn’t say anything to the 4 men, but just took off our t shirts and bras, then our shorts and she lay down again as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Maya has very nice boobs, much smaller than mine, but firm and a nice pointed shape with dark nipples. I took the oil and began to rub it on her back. I oiled her back and legs, and noticed that the men were watching us intently. When I was done with her back, she rolled over onto her back, her firm pale boobs pointing at the sky, her nipples hard.

I oiled her legs and tummy, and when I got to her boobs, I caressed them, fondling them, pulling in her nipples. She reacted immediately, her hand going to her pussy, stroking it over her bikini bottom.

When she was done, I lay down and she oiled me. We stood, took off our bikini bottoms and ran to the water’s edge and dived in. it was freezing! So, we only paddled for a short while and then ran back out, grabbed our towels and dried ourselves off, and put our bikinis back on.

The 4 men sat talking and looking at us. It was quite a sensual experience, being totally naked in front of four older men like that.

Michael drove us back to London later in the day. He smiled at me but didnt say a word!

I didn’t see Maya for a while, and then saw her again at a party, just by chance. She was there with a man in his 30’s, who had his hands all over her all night, at one stage trying to slide them under her skirt onto her bum as they danced. She kept smiling, and pulled his hands away, but I could see she was annoyed. But as he was paying, she couldn’t really tell him to stop or leave I guess- one of the problems with getting paid to be there. We did chat for a while when he went to the bathroom, and she said she would call me when Reggie hired her again if I wanted.

About 10 days later she phoned- Reggie wanted her to accompany him to dinner, and had in fact asked if I wanted to join them as he had a single man who would also join them.

I thought that I now needed to be clear with Maya. I asked her if we could meet for coffee, and we did the next day.

I told her that I was quite happy to go with her to wherever she wanted, but that she, Reggie and whoever needed to understand that I was not an escort. If I wanted to fuck, I would, but that no-one should have an expectation that they had a right to demand it of me. The dinner with Reggie and the other man worried me, as I didn’t know what he would expect, I told her, and I didn’t want to embarrass her or Reggie, who I had quite come to like.

She said she understood, and would clear it with Reggie.

In the event, it was fine- the guy didn’t know who Maya was anyway, so there was no hint that he expected anything from me.

After dinner, we all drove in Reggie’s Bentley. We dropped the man off at his townhouse (literally- the very wealthy often have a ‘’ house in town’’ for when they are in London and it’s too far or too late to travel back to their ‘country house’’).

Reggie asked me whether I wanted to be dropped at home.

‘’come with us’’ said Maya’ ’let’s all go to Reggie’s townhouse’’

I agreed.

At the townhouse Michael dropped us off, and to my disappointment then drove off. He obviously didn’t stay there at night.

We had a drink, and Reggie changed into a gown-I had never seen a man actually wearing one of those heavy brocade gowns you see in old movies- it looked very smart.

Then we went to bed. My room was right next door to where Reggie and Maya were to sleep.

I got undressed, washed my makeup off and got into the huge bed. Feeling a little lonely in the bed, I tried to sleep, but I could hear Reggie and Maya next door, talking. Then the sound changed, and I heard Maya squeal, then Reggie grunting. Clearly, they had started to fuck, and noisily!

I lay there for a while, listening to them, and got more and more horny. And no Michael to satisfy me! Maya had asked a few times if I wanted to join her with Reggie, but I wasn’t quite sure how he would feel, or whether he would feel he had to pay me, or what.

After a while I got up, put my gown on, and went out my room to the next door. I knocked softly.

The sounds inside stopped.

‘’who is it” asked Reggie.

‘’Tammy’’ I said, and waited

There was a pause, and I almost went back to my room in embarrassment.

‘’come in, its open’’ he said.

I went in, sure now that this was a bad idea.

Maya and Reggie were on the bed, under a sheet, the fire in the small fireplace giving the room a warm glow.

Maya got out of the bed, nude. She gave me a huge smile, came to me and kissed me on my mouth. It was the first time we had kissed. She knew I was bi, and I knew that she had fucked women, but was not bi, so it was exciting for me.

She kissed me long and deeply, then undid the belt of my gown, opened it, and pulled it off my shoulders, letting it drop onto the floor. Standing naked, facing each other, she pressed her slim hard body against mine. I felt her push her pussy against mine, grinding it slightly.

She turned to face the bed, with me next to her. Reggie looked me up and down, and smiled.

Maya led me by my hand over to the bed, and we sat on the edge. She pulled the sheet off Reggie- his cock was hard and nice- he was shaved which is unusual in older men I have found, although at the time I didn’t think anything of it- most of the guys I had fucked had been shaved, apart from the boys at school of course. And the teacher. And one of the girls. But I digress!

Looking at me, Maya masturbated Reggie slowly. He had some lubricant on his cock, and her hand slid up and down, the circumcised head large and aroused.

‘’let’s show Reggie some girls loving’’ she said, and with that pushed me onto my back on the bed.

She kneeled over me, her face above my pussy, and buried her mouth on my waiting wet lips.

I pulled her pussy down to me, and parting her lips with my tongue, I licked her clit. It was hard and erect, and as I licked it probed around it, feeling it stand out like a tiny cock.

Maya squirmed as I licked her clit, and thrust a finger into my slit, pushing it in an out rapidly, me ME squirm also! I returned the favour. Her slit was very tight, tighter even than mine, and she clenched her pussy around my finger. She was very wet, a mixture of her and also lubricant I guessed.

We fucked like that for ages, our tongues deep in each other’s pussy, alternately fingering and licking.

Eventually, very aroused and soaking wet, we separated, Maya flopping down next to me on the bed, with Reggie on her other side. He was sitting up against the headboard, masturbating, his mouth open with excitement.

‘’my goodness that was amazing’’ he said, panting.

Maya smiled at him, and kissed him on his mouth. I could see that he could taste my pussy on her lips, and he licked and sucked at her open mouth.

She pulled him further down on the bed, and motioned to me to get on top of him. I looked for the condoms, and saw a small silver tray on the bedside table with a pile of condoms.

Taking one, in unrolled it over his hard cock, straddled him and felt his cock slide into me. Maya squatted over his face, facing me, and he began to eat her cunt right away, pulling her bum cheeks apart as he pulled her down on his face.

She leaned towards me, her hands on my face, and we kissed again, deeply, as I rode Reggie up and down and he ate her pussy.

After a while we swopped, Maya taking my place, and Reggie eating me. He was very very good at it also- I could see why Maya liked it. He pulled my bum-cheeks apart and slid a finger deep into my arsehole. When he fingered me, I could feel his finger in my arse pressing against the finger in my pussy through the skin dividing the two. It felt amazing.

I noticed that Maya did not use a condom, which was odd, to me anyway.

Reggie sounded like he was going to cum, grunting and thrusting up at Maya.

She lifted herself off him, kneeled over his cock, and jerked him with the head very close to her open mouth. He gave a sort of shudder and squirted his cum. She closed her mouth over his cock, and he squirted into her mouth for a few moments. When he subsided, she swallowed, licked her lips and opened her mouth to show him that she had swallowed it all.

I got off him, and sat on the bed.

Maya wiped her mouth, leaned over the bed and got two dildos out of a bag.

The one was in a sealed wrapper, and which she opened, the other one she gave to me.

We lay in a 69 position, and slid the dildos into each other’s pussy. We were both so aroused it didn’t take long before first I came, and a moment later Maya came, both of us thrusting the dildo hard into each other.

We all lay a while, then I got up, put my gown on and went back to my room.

The next day at breakfast there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers at my place at the table.

Reggie had left to go somewhere, so Maya and I stayed the morning, then took a cab back into town and our respective homes.

Maya said that he had asked whether he could pay me, but she had told him no, I would be offended, and not to give a valuable gift either. She wanted to know if she said the right thing.

I told her that I was happy with that arrangement, and with that we parted.

I spent a few nights with Maya and Reggie after that, and I also dated Michael for 6 months (Maya was jealous- she had never fucked him!)

So, that was my experience with an escort. Fun, but not a job I would do.