Written by wildchildtammy

28 Oct 2014

This story follows on from the last one, although the 2 are only linked in the sense that I found it odd, afterwards, to have played with the youngest and the oldest women on consecutive nights- other than that, and my involvement, there is no connection.

A while ago, my part-time BF Simon invited me to join him at his friend’s wife’s birthday party.

For those who don’t know who Simon is- he is quite a lot older than me (60) and an acquaintance of my father’s. I have known him since I was young, and when I was working in the UK some years ago he was also there every few weeks on business. He invited me out a few times, just because he knew I was alone in London and he thought it would be nice for me to have a good dinner with someone I knew.

After a while, one thing led to another, and the relationship became intimate.

He agonised over this, because of he knows my Dad. However we sorted it out- I was then in my early 20’s, and who I slept with had nothing to do with my Dad in the first place, and secondly Simon did not seduce me or force me to do anything- I genuinely like him, and we see each other every week or so. When he found out that I was into swinging, he was amazed, and, truth be told, quite excited by the idea. He had been swinging for many years, so on occasion I go with him to parties, although we never actually play with each other at parties (or not usually anyway).

Sometimes I stay with him for a week or so if I feel like it, but other than that we just hang out together whenever we feel like it. Simon is divorced and very wealthy from his mining equipment business, so I have a good time when I am with him, with no strings attached and no expectations of each other.

Anyway, back to the party.

The friend whose wife’s party it was is a partner of Simon’s in another business. Vladimir is Russian or something like that and married to Margot who is German (more about her later!)

Vladimir is what I guess I would expect a Russian to look like- not much taller than me, he is as wide as he is tall, with close-cropped grey hair and a rugged, weathered face of a man who has seen and done much, which in fact he has- he has worked and lived all over the world. When one first sees him, there is the impression that he is short and fat- but when you see him in a t shirt and shorts, there is little fat to be seen, it is mostly muscle, and lots of it.

He may be older, but if I was a guy I would certainly think twice about taking him on! Margo calls him” Vlad the Impaler”- I thought it was because of his name only, until I saw him at a party one night busy with a younger woman- let me tell you that the way he was fucking her, and the duration he went on for explained Margo’s nickname for him! (He also has a cock to match his size I noticed, when he was done with her!)

Margo , who was turning 65, is the original hippy. In the 60’s she was living in a commune in Nepal, with lots of free love and not a little narcotics, and she has never looked back. She is the ultimate free spirit, and like Vladimir has lived all over the world. She is still a very good-looking woman, as tall as Vladimir, with a full figure but in no way fat.

The party was the night after my encounter with Annie. Vladimir had phoned to say he was happy I was coming, and asked for my e-mail to send the invitation and the rules!! I asked what that meant, and he said wait and see!

The email duly arrived, and attached was a short list:

Wear something sexy, it’s a play-party

You may only wear a total of 5 items of clothing, other than a jacket or coat which must be handed in on arrival

The 5 items includes everything, from underwear to outerwear, and a pair of shoes counts as 1 item.

Margo is the boss for the night.

Around 8 pm on the night Simon collected me. I had decided to wear a very short skirt with a halter-neck top, and very high heels. I also wore stockings and a garter-belt. I figured that the stockings would be one item, like shoes. But, now I could not wear any underwear as I was on my limit of 5 items already!

The skirt was too short to wear in public without panties, but I figured that it would be ok to a swinger-party. The halter-neck was fine without a bra.

When we arrived some 2 other couples were there already, so with Simon and me, and Vlad and Margo that made 8. I was surprised to find that there were no more guests expected, but as it was a sit-down dinner the table was full anyway.

I thought at first that the other 4 were 2 couples, but it seemed that they were not, they were 2 guys and 2 girls who knew each other quite well through Margo and Vlad. All 4 were younger that Margo, the guys maybe in their early 40’s, the girls maybe late 30’s. I was the youngest by a few years.

Going round the table there was:

(Some of the descriptions I only was able to make later, but I include them here so it makes sense)

Brett seated to my left. Nice looking, about 45. Good body. Fully shaved.

Neil seated to my right. Also maybe late 40’s. A bit overweight. Big cock .

Margo, the birthday –girl and hostess. 65. Voluptuous figure, big boobs.


Amanda. Maybe 40’s. VERY big boobs (maybe a boob –job, not sure) .sexy. Plump.

Vlad. Margo’s husband

Sophie. 50-ish. Very petite, German. Tiny boobs, very cute, elfin face. Muscular for her age- lots of gym-work!

Margo seated us around the table where she had put place-names, boy-girl-boy-girl. The lights were turned off, and only the candelabras lit the room. There was soft music playing and before the first course, Vlad got up. I thought he was just going to propose a toast, which he did, but then he went on to explain the rules.

“Dinner will be served in 5 courses: Hors d’ouvres, fish, meat, desert, cheese and biscuits” he said.

“There is a waiter and a waitress to serve. This is a play-party, they have been hired to play and you can play with them if you want, but only after desert”. We laughed. It was SO typical of Vlad.

Organised erotica!

“Now, the rules. Before each course, you will remove 1 item of clothing from the person to your immediate right. You can play here at the table if you want, but you may not leave the room, and you must finish all 5 courses, before you can go to the lounge. Once in the lounge, you can play as you wish with whom you wish.

The first course will now be served. Turn to your right and remove whichever item of clothing you wish from your neighbour”

There was quite a lot of giggling from the girls and comments from the guys. I turned to the guy on my right (Neil), unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He was a good-looking guy, a little bit overweight maybe, but still a nice chest.

The guy on my left, Brett, reached towards me.

“I can start anywhere?” he asked of Vlad.

“Anywhere. But if its underclothes, she has to put the over-clothes back on” Vlad replied.

Brett asked me to take off my skirt. I stood up and turn around. He unzipped my skirt, and I stepped out of it.

I could see the look of surprise- like he had hit the jackpot! Because I had the stockings and garter-belt on, I did not have panties on- so there I was, in one move, naked pussy! Bingo!

As I took off the skirt, his hands caressed my bum, and stroked the inside of my thighs just above my knees.

I sat down. All the other guys had taken the shirt or blouse off the girl next to them, so they were all sitting there in their bras except for me. The guys all had their shirts off. I noticed the girl sitting opposite me- Amanda. She had very big boobs, very full and firm, and had on an almost non-existent bra- her dark nipples were erect and poked thru the light fabric. I wanted to go and touch them, but I stayed where I was.

The dining room door opened, and a guy came in followed by a girl, both carrying plates. I stared. Now I understood what Vlad had meant by “hired to play”. The guy was spectacular, maybe late 20’s, bronze skin, beautiful build and very good looking. He was wearing a bow tie and a g string. Only. And the g-string was losing a battle to keep its contents covered!

The girl was older, maybe my age (31) with dark hair and a pretty face. She was wearing a bikini like my white one- tiny top, more nipple-caps than a bra, and the bottom an equally tiny g-string, just about covering her pussy. She had big boobs, but clearly with implants, judging from their shape.

They served the starters, and we ate.

The dining room leads on to the lounge, and in the background I could see that Vlad had put on a porn DVD, showing on the back wall of the lounge. The sound was low, and over the music I could hear the moaning and groaning of the actors as they fucked.

After starters, the guy and girl came to clear the plates.

Vlad tapped his glass, and said “next course, next item of clothing”

Before I could turn to Neil, Brett tapped me on the shoulder. “Top!” he said.

I looked around. All the guys were now taking the girls bras off. Neil, who had Margot on his right, had whipped hers off, her big boobs bouncing. She fondled her nipples, making than stand out. She has lovely boobs, big and round and full.

Brett reached to me, took my halter-neck top off.

I was now only in my garter-belt, stockings and shoes.

I said to Neil: “pants”

He stood up and was about to unzip them, when I said”nope- I must do it”

I unzipped his pants, and pulled them slowly down. As I did so, I made sure that my fingers stroked his cock and balls. He was already quite hard, although not fully erect.

Brett had also taken his pants off on the instruction from the girl to his left (Sophie). He had small tanga- type underpants on, and the top of his cock was just about sticking out. Sophie put her hand on it, pulled the tanga back, and let his cock spring out. She held it in her hand, and then started running her hand up and down it.

Then she turned to Vlad.

I looked at Simon. He was to the left of Amanda, with the very big boobs. He had one boob in his hand tweaking her nipple, the other hand held her boob to his mouth, sucking her nipple.

Vlad was sitting back, tiny Sophie had her head on his lap, bobbing up and down, giving him a blow-job. Vlad has a very big cock, long and very thick. Her mouth only just got the head and a little of the shaft in, and her cheeks were stretched trying for more!

The waiter and waitress came in with the fish course, and we ate.

And so it went on until we were all nude, with people gently playing with the person to their left or right, fondling, kissing, licking and sucking.

I think that the couple who went the furthest was Neil and Margo. He seemed to have his fingers in her pussy at one stage, as she was bouncing up and down with her hands between her legs.

Brett had taken all my clothes off of course, running his finger up and down my slit at one time, gently massaging my clit at another, and playing with my boobs more or less all the time. I had given him a blow-job till I got pre-cum. Then I had given Neil a blow-job when he had his fingers in Margo.

When the last course was served (cheese and biscuits and liqueurs) Simon took hold of the waitresses hand as she passed by him. She stopped and he stood up. With a nod at Vlad, he took her over to the easy-chair in the corner of the dining room. He undid her top, and pulled her g-string down.

He turned her to face the chair, and she bent over. She reached between her legs and felt for his cock, guiding it into her. He held her hips, and fucked her hard for a few moments. Then he pulled out, gave her a kiss, and went to sit down.

Margo called to the waitress to come to her. She stood next to Margo. When the waiter arrived with a drink for someone, she called to him also.

Margo motioned to the girl to take off her bikini and sit on the floor. Margo knelt in front of her, opened the girl’s legs, and began to eat her cunt. She waved with her hand to the waiter, who took off his g-string, knelt behind her, and slid his very nice cock into her cunt from the back. This was HER party, and she was clearly going to fuck who and how she wanted!

Simon and the Amanda had disappeared into the lounge. I made Brett push his chair back, with his rigid cock pointing straight up.

I straddled the chair, facing him, and lowered myself onto his cock. He had a nice cock, very thick but not too long, and it filled my pussy. I rode him for a minute or two, getting a great feeling in my cunt.

He held my bum as I rode him, and then opened my bum-cheeks to feel for my hole. He rubbed a finger gently around the hole, and then slid one finger in. as I rode him he massaged my bum-hole a little deeper each time. It felt very good indeed.

When we all went into the lounge, the waiter and waitress joined us.

Neil came over to me where I was sitting on a cushion on the floor, watching Margo and Brett fuck.

He sat beside me, and tickled my boobs. I felt for his cock, stroked it, and put it in my mouth. He reached between my legs and fingered my cunt.

He lifted me into a doggy-position, went behind me and entered me. I was very wet, my pussy quite swollen from playing, and his big cock slid in easily. He had a nice technique, not too fast, and I felt very aroused.

Brett had finished fucking Margo, and came over to us. He sat in front of me, his cock in my face. As Neil fucked me from behind, I gave Brett a blow-job. After a minute or two, Neil pulled his cock out, and swopped with Brett.

We had been fucking like that for a few minutes when Vlad came to sit with us.

Neil and Brett left. I saw Vlad’s very big cock, rock-hard and thick.

“So, now I get to play with Simons little toy!” he said.

I laughed.

‘As long as you don’t break his toy!” I replied

He took my hand and led me to an oak coffee-table in the centre of the lounge. He put some cushions on the table, and I lay on my back on the table, my legs over the edge.

He stood between my legs, and I felt his thick fingers probe my pussy. He put one finger in me, first a little way, then further, massaging my g-spot and clit.

With his other hand he jerked his cock, keeping it hard. He moved forward, and I felt the head of his cock enter my cunt. Wow- it was big! I was not sure he would not hurt me, so I put my hand around his cock to slow the entry.

“Don’t worry, little one. I will be gentle” he said.

And he was. Slowly, he put more and more of his cock in me, till most of it was in. then he moved gently, filling my cunt. I could feel his cock pushing at the back of my cunt, touching the end of it with each stroke, but he was gentle, as I think he also felt it.

I relaxed, and moved with him, enjoying the sensation of my cunt being filled so much.

He kept going, and with one hand massaged my clit. I felt an orgasm starting, and gripped his thighs. He pushed a little harder, grinding his pubic area against my cunt with each thrust.

The warm, delicious feeling of an orgasm swamped me, and I cried out, pulling him hard into me and locking my thighs around him.

He slowed and stopped and I finished, waited, and took his cock out of me.

He bent over and kissed my pussy-lips, and helped me off the table.

Lucky Margot, I thought!

A while later, I was sitting on the cushions on the floor, when Margo came over. We talked for a moment, and she began to rub her hands over my boobs, down my tummy, and to the top of my cunt. I opened my legs for her, and she slid one finger along and into my wet and swollen slit.

The waiter-guy came over from where he had been fucking one of the girls. He sat on the other side of Margo and played with her cunt. Her thighs were slick and wet, her cunt open and ready. He put a few fingers into her, driving them deep into her.

She pulled him down and onto his back and mounted his cock. It slid straight in, all the way with one push, and she made a squelching sound as she rode up and down on him. Vlad was lying on a couch with Amanda under him, pumping her hard and deep- she was almost whimpering, but pulling him towards her at the same time. He kept up the relentless pace, sweat pouring from both of them. “Vlad the Impaler” indeed!

When he saw Margo mount the waiter, he stopped fucking Amanda. He got off her, and went over to Margo.

Amanda was not done yet, as Vlad had left her suddenly. She reached with her hands between her legs and masturbated vigorously. Neil saw this, and went to her, mounted her, and took over where Vlad had left off, fucking her very hard and fast.

Vlad knelt behind Margo as she leaned forward on the waiter.

He took her bum, and opened it, stroking her bum-hole.

With his cock still slippery from Amanda, he positioned it at her bum-hole, and slowly pushed it in. I was amazed, as his cock was so big, but it went in after a few tries. Margo had stopped moving as Vlad entered her bum, but now started again, with the waiter in her cunt, and Vlad in her bum.

They fucked like this a while, Margo getting louder and louder. Vlad suddenly gripped her bum, and thrust deep and hard into her, once, twice, three times, and his bum clenched as he came inside her bum, for what seemed like forever. As he finished cumming , he took his cock out. Her bum-hole gaped big, with white cum running out and down to her cunt.

I was still playing with Margo’s boobs, her big nipples hard and swollen. She got off the waiter after Vlad had cum, got up and went out the lounge, saying to me “don’t go away, Tammy. Wait for me!”

She came back after a minute. I was so horny still- Vlad fucking Margo’s bum had turned me on big-time!

She lay down next to me, but upside down so her face was between my legs. She gave me a huge black dildo.

‘Put that in me while I eat you” she said. ‘I have always wanted to fuck you since I first met you!”

I opened her legs. Her cunt was soaked, her thighs slick and slippery. I slid the tip of the huge dildo into her cunt. Even though she was very wet and aroused, and even though, as an older woman her cunt was not tight, this dildo only just fitted, stretching her cunt-lips as far open as they could go.

As I did so, she opened my legs. I felt her fingers slide up and down my lips, then enter my cunt. She opened my cunt wide, and I felt her tongue lick my clit, then inside my pussy. She ran her tongue down from my clit to the base of my pussy, then along the perineum to my bum-hole and back.

She pushed her tongue deep into my cunt as I thrust the dildo deep into hers. With her tongue and fingers in my cunt, and the dildo in hers, we fucked for ages, getting more and more aroused.

I was almost ready to cum again, as was she. She licked one finger and pushed it into my bum. I did the same to her, feeling the dildo pushing against my finger through the wall of her cunt.

With a series of hard thrusts with her tongue and finger, I came, juice streaming out of my pussy into her mouth. She came seconds later as I rammed the full length of the dildo into her cunt and rotated it inside her.

It seemed like it went on for ages, both of us crying and gasping together.

At last we slowed and stopped. She gave my very sensitive clit a final kiss, and I pulled the dildo out of her slowly. We lay on our backs for a while, touching each other.

Later that night, the waiter and waitress fucked each other as a show, anal, oral and ending with him cumming in her mouth, as all the other guys stood around them jerking off, cumming over her one after another till she was covered in cum from face to cunt.

So, that was my night with the oldest woman I have fucked, preceded the night before by the youngest woman I have fucked.

The party was amazing.

Even at clubs, I have seldom seen people to uninhibited and open to playing- it was a great evening, and I hope to be invited again!