Written by wildchildtammy

28 Dec 2013

I saw recently that a girl I was at school with got married, I think for the second time. It reminded me of her last days at school.

Bronwyn B was in my grade, but more particularly in the same Drama class as I was. Bronwyn and I did not get along well- I thought she was a real snob, always telling us about how rich her parents were, where she had gone on holiday in Europe, what car she was going to get and so on.

She also played the part of a professional virgin, forever going on about how she had to fight off the guys at parties- I thought this was rubbish as she was not very pretty, a bit plump and had small eyes- also I knew for a fact that at one party a guy-friend had tried to get into her, and she was ready and willing to let him get his hands under her bra and under her panties within 30 mins, so I think the reality was that not too many guys actually tried to lay her, rather than that she was swatting them away like flies!

Towards the end of Grade 11, she told everyone that she was going to complete her schooling at a Finishing School in Switzerland. (Her attitude to me was not helped when she overheard me saying to another girl that I had always thought that Bronwyn was incomplete and needed finishing!)

To celebrate the end of her school career with us, she held a weekend sleep-over party at her parents’ house. She invited the whole Drama class, and could not very well leave me out, as the others would then not have gone, so I also got an invitation. The plan was to gather at her home on the Saturday morning and chill there, sleep over, and go for a sail on her father’s yacht in Table Bay on the Sunday.

Her parents were just as stuck-up as she was, her mother maybe more than her dad. He was however very good-looking, with cropped greying hair and a rugged manly face- very strong looking and almost intimidating in a way- the girls all had a sort of crush on him, from a looks point of view, not because we knew him at all.

On the Saturday we arrived at her house between 9 and 11, and just chilled, braaied and swam. Her dad came out to the pool quite a lot to “see that everything was alright” – in reality to look at half a dozen 16 and 17 year old girls in bikinis I think!

After dinner we watched a movie, and then we all went to bed around 11 I guess.

I was in a room with a girl I liked, so that was fine- but she was a very restless sleeper, and I could not get to sleep because of her tossing and turning. About 1230 I decided to get up and get a glass of milk and try to get to sleep after that.

I had on my baby-doll nighty (for guys, it’s a shorty nighty, not a full-length one) with matching panties, but no bra.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and was about to get some milk when I heard her dad asking who was in the kitchen. I saw that the light was on in his study, so I opened the door to say it was me. He was sitting in his easy-chair reading, with a tartan gown on and a glass of what looked like whiskey next to him.

I went in and told him what I was doing. He laughed and said that a big girl like me needed a night-cap, not a glass of milk! I was standing in the study by then, and I suddenly realised that he could probably see right through my nighty! As I thought that, I saw his eyes going to my breasts, which were clearly visible inside my nighty. To make matters worse, my nipples had gone hard, and were sticking out against the thin fabric.

He looked at them and suggested I sit down while he got me a sherry as a night-cap to help me sleep.

I sat in a chair facing him, and he got up to get the sherry from the bar cabinet behind me. He said he was reading late, as his wife had taken a sleeping tablet and she would be out for the count till morning.

He came back with the sherry, and put it down next to me on a side table, but instead of coming around to sit again, he stood behind me, and I felt his hands playing with my hair, and touching my shoulders. I sat very still, not sure where this was going.

His hands massaged my shoulder lightly, and I still sat.

He moved his hands down a bit, so he was massaging the front of my shoulders, touching the top of my boobs. I sat.

He must have decided at that point that I was not going to run screaming, because he moved both hands quite quickly down, so that his hands cupped by boobs. I arched my back, and he pulled on my very erect and hard nipples, almost hurting me.

He slid his hands under the nighty, and now he had my breasts in his hands, fondling the nipples and caressing the underside of my boobs.

I had still not moved.

He took his hands out, and came and stood in front of me. I looked at him, and he gave a sort of confident, arrogant, smile. He loosened his gown and let it fall open. He had on a pair of boxer briefs, and his very erect and quite big cock was clearly to be seen, pointing at me under his briefs.

He took my hand and put it on his cock. I wanted to see what an older man’s cock looked like, as I had only seen the teachers whom I first fucked, and then guys I had dated who were all only a few years older than me. I stroked his cock over the briefs, and then pulled the briefs down. His very big cock sprang out, thick and long. He had trimmed his pubic hair, and his cock was beautiful- circumcised and a very nice shape.

I played with it with hands, stroking it up and down, quite firmly, and every so often playing with his balls.

He had his hands on my shoulders, and he then put one hand behind my head and pulled me fairly roughly forward. I got a surprise, but I suppose I knew what he was going to want.

I leaned forward, and was about to put the head of his cock in my mouth when I saw a tattoo on his right hip, just in line with the top of his cock. I looked at it, and asked what it was.

He laughed and said it was a four-leaf clover surrounded by a heart of barbed wire- he had got it when he was a youngster in the Royal Navy- a group of them had got pissed one night and decided to get tattoos, but as he knew his parents would hate the idea, he had got one in a place where they would never see it. His ancestors were Irish, hence the picture.

I said it looked nice, and took the head of his cock in my mouth. I licked it and slid my tongue around it. He pulled my head forward again, sort of forcing me to take more of his cock into my mouth. I did so, and began to give him a blow-job.

After a minute or so, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, and took my hands. I was surprised, as I thought he would want to cum like that.

He pulled me to my feet, and turned me around so that I faced the chair I had been sitting on.

He massaged my shoulders and played with my boobs for a second or two. He asked me whether I was on the pill- then I knew what was coming.

I said I was, and without another word he pushed my shoulders forward so I had to grab the armrests of the chair to stop falling. As I did so, I felt his hands between my legs. He pulled the panties aside, and I felt hi cock at the entrance to my cunt. He pushed one finger into my cunt, and when he was satisfied that I was wet, he pushed his cock into me.

He was bigger than any of the guys I had fucked, and I have quite a tight pussy, even today. I must have cried out, because he stopped and said- “you are surely not a virgin?!”

I said, no, but you are quite big for my cunt. He laughed and said that it would feel much better then, and he drove his cock in hard and deep. I opened my legs more, and it was better, as I got wetter. His thrust slow and deep, grinding from side to side as he got all the way in. His hands in the meantime were on my boobs again, pulling and pinching my nipples quite roughly.

I started to get aroused, and pushed back as he thrust. He took his hands off my boobs, and put them onto my bum, pulling the cheeks apart as he fucked me. I felt one finger go to my bum-hole, and he tried to insert it, but I did not want him to get ideas about doing anal, so I shook my head and he stopped that.

He put his one hand however around my front then, and found my clit with his thumb and forefinger. He massaged it, and tickled it. I felt an orgasm coming, and I pushed back harder and faster. I came suddenly, and if he had not had his arm around my front I think I would have fallen. He kept going for a while till my orgasm had stopped, then he took his cock out of me.

He turned me around again, and said ‘lie down”.

I lay on the thick carpet, and he knelt between my legs. He took my soaking wet panties off, and put his face between my legs, pushing his tongue deep into my cunt. He lifted my bum up, so that my cunt was raised to meet his mouth, and again pulled my bum-cheeks apart with a finger probing my bum-hole. I let it go this time because it felt so good.

I almost came again like that, but then he lowered my bum, pushed my knees more apart, and put his cock at the entrance to my cunt. He lowered himself and with one hard shove he drove his cock into me, all the way so that his pubic bone slammed into the top of my pussy. As he got there, he ground it from side to side, rubbing his pubic bone against my clit hard. It was sore, but nice.

He fucked very hard, much harder than anyone I had fucked up to then. His hands were under my bum, resting on his elbows, so he controlled how hard he could fuck, as I could not pull back.

Just when I thought this was going to get really sore, he gave a very hard thrust, clenched his thighs, and then fucked very fast, while I felt warm cum flooding my cunt, again and again.

He kept pounding away for what seemed like ages, before he slowed and then stopped.

He lay on top of me gasping for a minute, and then rolled off me. I lay there with my legs spread apart, my cunt throbbing and my nipples still sore. I could feel the cum running out of my cunt, between my thighs and onto the carpet.

He got up and took a box of tissues off the table and dropped them next to me.

He said he was going to get cleaned up, and maybe I should take the sherry to my room.

Talk about being used and abused! I had enjoyed the fuck though, even if it was sore and I guess I knew what was likely to happen after I first walked in to the study in my nighty, although I did think that he could have been more gentle with a 16/17 year-old girl- after all, he had no idea whether or how often I had fucked before, so I could have been really injured.

The next day we went sailing, and although he looked at me a few times, I just smiled at him, and I think he realised that I was not going to complain to anyone.

When we were leaving Bronwyn’s house later that day, I gave her a big hug and said goodbye.

“By the way”, I whispered in her ear, “that’s a really cool tattoo your Dad has.”

Then I got in my Dads car and we drove off.

I often wonder if she asked him where the tattoo was>