Written by wildchildtammy

28 Aug 2014

Last week I was talking to Lizzie, from this site. We were both quite horny for one or other reason, and were watching a rather nice-looking guy on cam. Lizzie made a comment about getting a take-away guy to come over to sort out her “horniness” and that reminded me of a time many years ago when a friend and I did just that. Lizzie asked me to write about it, so here it is.

I was 20 years old and at college in Cape Town. One very hot Saturday, I had stayed over at a friend’s (Candice) house after a party the night before. In those days I still would have a drink now and again, and it had been quite a party, so we were both a little hung over I guess.

It was very hot early on, and Candy stayed in a complex with a pool, so at about 9 am we went down to the pool to cool off and recover in the shade. We stayed there till maybe 11, and then it got too hot, so we went back up to her duplex.

We put the aircon on, took our bikinis off and put on our panties and nighties, so that we would not get the cold air on us.

We had been drinking margaritas at the pool, and poured some more inside.

One of the guys who had been at the party had left 3 porn tapes, so we sat down to watch them, margaritas in hand. We watched the first one, making rude comments about the actors, but by the time we got to the second one, we were both starting to get slightly aroused by the combination of alcohol and porn on a hot summer day.

Before I go on , I must tell you about Candy- she is nicely built, quite short, with curves in all the right places, short dark blonde hair (in those days anyway),and boobs which stuck out like 2 cones, not full and round, but pointed and firm. Guys always teased her that they could tell immediately when she was aroused, because her nipples at the end of her boobs would go hard, and point straight forward - easy to see even under a bra.

Anyway, by about noon we had almost finished the jug of margaritas, and we were on the 3rd porn tape when Candy asked if I was hungry. I was, and so was she, but neither of us wanted to (or should have) driven to get food. We got out the Mr Delivery booklet, and ordered a pizza and 2 salads.

About 30 mins later, the doorbell rang, and Candy went to open it. (It is an indication of how much we had had to drink that she did not put a gown on, but just opened it as she was in her nightie.)

I was sitting on the couch, and I heard her ask the delivery guy to come in and put the pizza down on the kitchen table (it was an open-plan one bedroom duplex, so the ground floor was all one big space divided by furniture not walls)

She came to where I was sitting and asked me if I had cash on me- and gave me a huge wink and indicated with her eyes towards the kitchen as she did so. I turned and looked- the pizza guy was standing there- and was he ever cute!! Typical Cape Town surfer/student: longish sun- bleached blonde hair, tanned, cute face. He was wearing board shorts and the pizza company t shirt, which he filled very nicely.

Candy took money from my handbag, and went back to him. I watched his eyes follow her as she walked- boobs bouncing under her nightie, her panties clearly visible (and probably her pussy-hair as well, come to think of it!)

She asked him to cut the pizza for us, and gave him the pizza wheel. He took it out of the box, and started cutting it. Candy went to the fridge and got out a beer, asking him if he wanted one. Standing in front of the open fridge door in her nightie, braless, her boobs were as visible as if she were nude, and her nipples were as hard as can be, poking out in front of her.

Without looking at the beer, staring at her boobs, he said he could not have a beer while working, so she got out a Coke instead and gave it to him.

He eyes were flitting between her nipples and her pussy. He started cutting the pizza.

Candy stood behind him. As he was finished cutting, she put her hands around his chest, and stroked his pecs and tummy, pressing her body against his back. He stood quite still for a moment, and then reached behind him and put his hands on her bum, pulling her towards him more.

I sat back to watch this- Candy could be VERY naughty if she wanted to, and had very few inhibitions of any kind- I remember, the summer after Matric, her taking off her bikini top in the water at Clifton 1st beach and walking out of the water topless, just because she had seen her matric Maths teacher (whom she hated) and his wife sit down near our towels- and she just wanted him to get him into trouble (with his wife ) for looking at her when she greeted him by name !! (Which he did!)

Candy ran her hands down his tummy, and over the front of his board-shorts, stroking over his cock, and between his legs.

He turned around to face her, and she bent to untie his shorts. He was staring at her boobs as she pulled his shorts down. He has a pair of boxers underneath, with a nice bulge in front!

Candy lifted his boxers over his cock, and pulled them down also.

She lifted her nightie over her head, stepped out of her panties, and stood on front of him, nude. She had a neatly trimmed triangle of dark blonde pubic hair, but her pussy-lips were shaved. He took his t–shirt off- and it had not lied- he had a lovely body, firm and with not much hair. He glanced at me, I guess wondering what I was going to do. I just sat and watched – but I was certainly getting turned on!

Candy put her arms around his neck, and with one move jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist. I had seen her fuck like this with a guy before, and she seemed to like the position.

He instinctively put his hands under her bum to support her. She reached down between her legs and guided his cock to her cunt. She wriggled around for a bit, getting it comfortable, and then moved down a few inches, letting his cock slide into her. He leaned back against the kitchen counter, and she moved up and down slowly, while he gave small thrusts as she came down each time. (The guy typically can’t do much in this position, but if he can support the girl it’s quite a fun position, and gets him into her pussy very deep.)

He put his mouth onto her nipples, and sucked on them. (They would have taken his eyes out if he hadn’t, anyway!!)

She had her head against his shoulder, seemingly content to ride him for a while. The porn movie was still running, and the combination of the sound-track of fucking on the movie, with the real fucking going on in the kitchen, made me extremely horny- I put my hands between by legs, pulled my panties aside, and started stroking my pussy, sliding one finger inside and rubbing my clit. I was very wet already, and I really longed for a dildo, but did not have one with me.

With my other hand a played with my nipples, making them hard and sensitive.

The pizza guy was breathing hard now, I guess with excitement and with exertion- its not an easy position for a guy, even if he is quite strong.

Candy lifted herself off him, and stood in front of him again, stroking his slippery cock. She put her hands onto the kitchen counter, pushing her bum out- he got the message, and stood behind her, grabbing her hips. He took his cock and guided it into her cunt, and started pumping her hard. She held herself firmly, so that he could fuck hard. He rammed into her again and again, holding her hips for leverage. She turned her head and said something to him, and he continued fucking her.

After quite a while of fucking, Candy started moaning softly, then louder. She put one hand between her legs and massaged her cunt as his cock went in and out, and she came with loud moans and yelps. That was all it took for him- he pulled his cock out and took it in his right hand. Candy turned round, dropped to her knees and took his cock into her hands. With only a few pumps of her hands he started cumming, squirting his cum over her boobs and chin.

I was so aroused. I took my panties and nightie off and put my fingers deep in my cunt with my thumb on my clit, and I was soaking wet.

Candy stood up and took the guy by his hand, and with his cum still dripping down her tummy, walked him over to where I was sitting.

His cock was semi-hard and slick with Candy’s pussy-juices. Candy indicated for him to sit next to me.

He did so, and I took his hand and put it between my legs. Candy sat on the other side of me. He felt my cunt, and slid first one, then three fingers into me, feeling for the g-spot. I lay back to enjoy the feeling, knowing it would not take me much to cum.

Candy played with my nipples as his fingers pushed into my cunt, tweaking them quite hard.

Then she stood up, went to the kitchen, and came to sit next to me again. I did not look at her, as my eyes were half closed and I was just enjoying the feeling of his fingers in me.

I felt Candy open my legs a bit more, and then a hard, round object being pushed into my pussy- I looked down thinking it was a dildo- but Candy had got a large cucumber out of the fridge, and was gently manipulating it into my wet and ready cunt!

I opened my legs even more, and she slowly slid it into me. The guy had of course taken his fingers out, and Candy took his hand and put it on top of my cunt, against my clit. He rubbed my clit and Candy moved the cucumber in my cunt. The hard, slightly cold feeling was great, and his hand rubbing my clit added to the feeling.

I felt that I was going to cum soon, and I moved my hips to meet the cucumber- Candy saw this, and moved harder and a bit deeper; being careful to see that she did not go too deep.

I felt the warm rush of cumming start, and I clenched my legs against the cucumber as she pushed it in. He also saw this, and rubbed my clit harder- and I came for what seemed like a long time, as they both kept up the “fucking”.

After a while the feeling subsided- Candy took the cucumber out of my cunt, and I took his hand away from my clit as it got too sensitive.

Candy got up and went to the bathroom. The guy stood up, looked around, slightly dazed I think, and then went to put his t shirt and shorts on. I pulled my nightie on, but my panties were too wet to put back on.

Candy came back, still nude. She gave the guy the money for the pizza, and took a bite from a slice.

“It’s cold” she said.

I started laughing- only Candy would fuck the pizza guy and then complain that the pizza was cold!

We chatted to him for a few minutes, got his name and telephone number, and then let him go back to work. Candy went out with him a few times after that, but then he went back to varsity in Stellenbosch, and we did not see him again.

So that’s the story I was reminded of when talking to Lizzie- pizza-delivery-guy-fuck!