Written by wildchildtammy

27 Sep 2013

27 SEPT 2013

S o here is a strange situation.

I have met and played with 2 couples a few times- just them and me- we get on well, and the sex is nice, exciting and varied- both girls are straight, but will play with me, and the guys are relaxed and very good at fucking me and each other wives .

Both couples are also older than me. I am 32, and they are in their 40’s.

Last week we were sitting in the Jacuzzi after a good afternoon of fucking each other’s brains out! when the 2 girls say they have something they want to ask me- obviously they had prepared this and thought about it, because the guys got up and left, just us 3 in the tub.

The one girl has a son aged 18, the other a daughter aged 17, both of who I have met socially, not in a swinging sense.

The guy is good-looking in a surfer-way, blonde longish hair and a good body. The girl is very nice, tall and with good boobs and legs.

After going around the point for a while, they came out with it- they know that I have a lot of sexual experience, and they wanted to know whether I would ‘teach their respective kids about sex”!

Well, I had no idea what they expected. I asked whether that meant they wanted me to fuck their kids, in which case – no.

No, they said, just talk to them about how a man should make love to a woman, and how a woman should make love to a man. (Separately, of course, not the kids together!!!)

Of course, they said, if it develops and I am comfortable taking it further, say to actually show each what I mean, that’s up to me, whether that means literally just demonstrating or actually doing it with the kids is also up to me and each kid.

Now the girl i have seen nude when i swam at their house, and we changed in the same room. She is exciting to me, small firm boobs with puff nipples (my favourite), and she was trimmed not shaved, although i saw that she was fully shaved on her pussy- i think she does not want her mom to see that, as it is usually a sure sign that a girl is having sex with someone- the triangle in front makes it look like its not shaved!

The guy I have only seen in a Speedo, but I was tanning topless with his mom, and he got a nice hard-on which he tried to hide!

So I don’t know- it’s a bit weird, but both kids are above the age of consent, both are nice, level-headed people, and it would be fun.

But, I also know myself- if I go along that road, with either a girl or a guy, I am going to get turned on, and it may well lead to fucking them. Even as I write this I am getting turned on- the thought of a lovely young guy or girl, and me showing them how to fuck, suck, play and tease- it’s tempting! But will it work, will they feel ok, and will I feel ok?