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I was asked at short notice to work on a charter yacht 2 weeks ago. It is a very big yacht, 85 m, based in Monte Carlo, and the regular ‘’hotel manager ‘’ had fallen and broken her leg, so she could not continue the charter. The charter company knows me, and wrote to ask if I was available at 2 days’ notice to fly to the yacht where it was moored in Bari, on the East Coast of Italy, and take over from her. The cruise was around the Adriatic Sea, south to the southern tip of mainland Greece, then North along the West coast of Greece, via Albania to Croatia, then a 3 day stop in Dubrovnik, then to my old ‘’home town’’ of Venice and back to Bari. After a very long trip I arrived in Bari, found the yacht (it’s hard to miss a white 85 m yacht!) and signed on. The injured hotel manager, Anke, was still there, hobbling around, and brought me up to speed with the cruise thus far. I took over formally, signed all the inventory sheets and met my crew of 2 girls who did the housekeeping and cleaning. At noon, I reported to the Captain and was briefed by him, and then go to work getting ready to sail that night after dinner. The trip was uneventful, the guests mostly quite elderly and relaxed, and the crew competent, so I didn’t have any problems. En route to Croatia, I got a message on the ship’s radio that Simon wanted to speak to me when we were next in port. I was a bit worried, as he does not normally phone me when I am working- I phone him when I can, in port, as the only way to communicate at sea is either via radio (in an emergency, for crew) or in port via cell-phone. I called when we docked for a day, and he said that our friend Lev, the Russian, would be near Dubrovnik when we were in port, and wanted to know whether I wanted to meet up with him for dinner one night and go to a club. I asked Simon what sort of club, and he said that it was ‘’the sort I will enjoy’’. I got Lev’s mobile number from Simon, and called Lev, who was then in Montenegro somewhere. (you can read about Lev in my diary of 19 July 2016. It will help you to understand who he is. Here is what I wrote in that diary about him: ‘’ He is one of my favorite men- he is so typically Russian! Firstly, he is huge, maybe 1.9m tall, maybe 150 kgs, and built like a tank! He seems fat when you see him, but he is not- it’s just solid Lev! He is quite good looking, Simons age (60) with black hair going grey, cropped short, and a hairy huge body! I call him my Russian Bear! He is the friendliest guy to know, certainly for a woman, and when he laughs his whole body shakes, the laughter seeming to come from deep in his tummy! He is hugely wealthy with homes around the world, and a very powerful figure in the Russian business scene, with all the good and bad that that entails. By wealthy, I mean he has his own private Jet, a big yacht moored in Sochi where his dacha is, and numerous cars- all SUV’s as far as I can tell, parked wherever he has a home. (He also has Vladimir Putin, the Russian head of state, on speed-dial, as he showed me one day!) He usually has body-guards, and I put him in contact with my boss who uses a local company for our security, and Lev hires them when he is here.) Lev chatted a while, and then asked if I wanted to join him at a private club near Dubrovnik on one of the nights we were in port. I said I would let him know, and called Simon back to check with him- I didn’t want to create a problem between us. Simon was fine with it, and hinted that I might really like the club! Reading between the lines I got the idea that maybe it was a bit naughty, and if my hubby was ok with me going with Lev then it was fine with me. He said that if I was going with Lev he was OK with it, so I decided to go. I called Lev back and he said to call him when I was free. We docked in Dubrovnik, and I called Lev after breakfast. He said that he had spoken to Simon to ask about taking me to a club he knew, run by a friend, where, as he put it ‘’one can play, if you know what I mean, my little Tammy’’ I did know what he meant, and felt a thrill run through me, just thinking about the night ahead in a club in a foreign country again. And having Lev with me was not a hardship either! I signed off duty at 17h00, and had a shower, shaved all over, and took out a nice and quite sexy short black skirt and cream t shirt. I stood at the railing on the aft deck, enjoying the sunset, when I saw a long black limo arrive at the gangplank. A young man with dark hair and a black suit, no tie, got out, and spoke to the security guard, who in turn turned and looked at me. I waved, and went below to the main deck and went down the gangplank to the shore. The young man introduced himself as Nikolai, Lev’s assistant, and said that the limo would take us to the club, as Lev was already there ‘’doing some business’’. I got into the limo, and was surprised to find a young woman sitting there. Very pretty, slim, with long straight blonde hair and high cheekbones, a generous mouth and grey-blue eyes, with dark eyebrows. She looked like a model, and a very good one at that- looking at her more closely I saw that she was not just pretty, but stunning- a real head-turner! She looked very young though, maybe 18 or 19 at most, and spoke very little English. Nikolai introduced her as Nina, a Russian, who was, as he put it, ‘’Levs special friend’’. I know enough about Lev to know what that means- he has a penchant for young Russian women, always stunning, always willing and always replaceable! I chatted to Nikolai a bit, as he spoke some English, but Nina sat and looked out of the darkened window and said very little. I glanced at her every so often- she had on a tiny pair of tight white shorts with sliver studs- I could see her mound clearly was she sat, her lips protruding on either side of the seam of the shorts, her long slim legs stretched out in front of her. Her blouse was unbuttoned and tied above her waist, her small firm breasts poking through, her nipples erect. Very delectable! Nicolai saw me looking at her, and smiled at me. I guess he could see what I was thinking! I wasn’t sure whether Nikolai was going to join us, or whether he was just there to escort us, so I asked him. ‘’yes, I will be there. Lev has invited me. I have been to this club a few times with him.’’ ‘’what’s it like?’’ I asked. ‘’very nice, very rich. Old people, young people, and anything goes. You can do what you want. But very exclusive. You have to know someone who goes, and they check you out before you get invited. Lots of people who would not want it to be known that they were there.’’ ‘’I don’t speak any language from here’’ I said’’ is that a problem?’’ ‘’no, most speak at least some English. And you can always ask someone to translate if needed. Have you been to such clubs?’’ ‘’yes’’ I said, without elaborating. We drove for an hour. Nikolai moved to sit next to Nina, and spoke in Russian (I think) to her. I saw that his hand was on her mound, his fingers touching her lips either side of the seam, but she didn’t seem to notice, apart from moving so that her legs were a bit more apart. Eventually we arrived at a huge gate. A guard came and spoke to the driver, looked in the car at us, and the gate opened and we drove in, along a long curved driveway and stopped in front of a huge mansion, set on a very large property it seemed, as it was dark by now and I couldn’t see any walls or fences anywhere. We got out, and Nicolai led us to the door, which was opened by a dark-haired woman wearing just a negligee and nothing else. Her large breasts were clearly visible, as was her pussy, a dark triangle of hair between her legs. She welcomed us and showed us to a small room to one side of the big entrance hall. At a table in the room sat another woman, dressed the same, but more petite, her boobs round and full. When she moved to get some papers, I could see that she was also not wearing anything under the negligee, her shaved pussy on show until she crossed her legs and faced us. Apparently, Nina had been there before, because she just signed a book, and left with Nikolai, who said he would be back in a minute. The woman behind the desk gave me a form to read and sign. I read it. It was a list of do’s and don’ts, and some general points about where everything in the club was located. Just for interest, I took the list along, and some of the more interesting items are here: - No means no from either a man or a woman. - You can ask anyone for anything. - For BDSM you may not leave anyone tied up alone, and you must arrange a safe word. - Condoms are optional, but either has the right to refuse to do something if the other won’t wear one. - Don’t make a mess on the furniture or carpets, but you can on the beds and loungers. - Men may not cum in the water in the pools. - Nudity is only allowed from the security door onwards, not in the entrance hall area, and then it is allowed anywhere, and any form of play is allowed anywhere. There are no private rooms, but you can ask others not to join in if you want to play alone with someone, but they can ask. - Towels for men and towel or wraps are available in each change room in a variety of sizes- just borrow what you need and put it in a bin when you leave. And so on! I signed, and was given a map of the club. Nikolai arrived back, wearing a towel around his waist. It was the first time I had really looked at him, and I liked what I saw. He was well-built, with a tanned complexion, and quite muscular, and he had a gorgeous smile! I followed him through a large security door with an electronic lock, and past some rooms in which I saw groups of people, past a glass wall looking onto an indoor pool, and to the changerooms. He showed me which was the women’s room, and I went in. The change room was like a very upmarket hotel, lots of gilt, plush upholstery and a bank of lockers along one wall. I chose a locker and put my bag and clothes in it. On a rack I saw several thin almost transparent wraps, and a pile of large fluffy white towels. I found a wrap to fit me, and took a towel as well in case I wanted to get into the pool or jacuzzi or whatever they had. The wrap was the same as the women at the front were wearing- totally transparent. I came out of the room, to find Nicolai waiting for me. I saw him look me up and down as I walked in front of him! As we walked down the passage, I looked around at the house. It was huge, like a small hotel, which I later found out it had been. Very luxurious, very upmarket, with high ceilings, dark wood paneling and crystal chandeliers. The carpets looked like Persian or Afghan silk, deep pile, and dark colors. There was music playing throughout the house, and in each room we passed the heavy wooden door stood open, revealing groups of people playing or chatting or watching others play. We went to a large lounge room, and as I entered I saw Lev, who saw me, left the group he was with and gave me a huge hug, lifting me off my feet. There were maybe 30 people in the room, and more around the indoor pool, and in other rooms, so my diary of this is a little disjointed as I couldn’t be everywhere at once and I can’t recall or write about everything! Lev kissed me on both cheeks, and led me to the bar, where he got a Vodka for himself and a juice for me. The bar was along one wall, with a huge array of drinks, and crystal bowls of snacks with people standing and talking around it. Lev said something to the barman, a young man wearing a tiny pair of black shorts and nothing else, and he took a bottle of Vodka from the freezer and poured a generous shot into a glass for Lev. I recognized Levs favorite brand of Vodka, the one he stocks in his homes- so he had some stocked there also! Lev was also handed a tray with a bowl of caviar, some blintzes, and small spoons, which he carried back with us to the couches. The people were of all ages, shapes and sizes. Some were older, around 60 or maybe even more, some middle aged and a few younger people my age of even younger. Many were wearing either towels or wraps, but many were nude. At most clubs in Europe the management controls the ratio of men to women on any given night, unlike (I think) clubs in SA where anyone can go if you are a member, so in SA one can end up with lots of guys and very few women. When I went to a club in SA this was the case- I felt like I was ‘’on show’’, with a train of guys following me and my ‘’date’’ from room to room, waiting to see what I would do. It made me feel very self-conscious, which is unusual for me. I guess that it does not feel like that for every woman, as some women I have spoken to said that they liked the feeling of fucking a guy with a crowd of guys, all erect and masturbating, looking on. Sitting on a small couch, he spooned some caviar and offered it to me. He asked after Simon and some mutual friends, and pointed out some people in the room. At the bar he pointed out a very well-known middle-aged actress, with a man half her age next to her. She had her wrap on, but his hand was under it, fingering her as she stood with her legs astride, talking to a man on the other side of her. Lev said that this was her toy boy, whom she brought to the club once a week with her husband’s permission, as she needed to be fucked much more than hubby was able to do. The young man next to her pulled her wrap up in front, exposing her shaved pussy, and shoved two or three fingers into her, hard, then pushed her head and shoulders down. Without breaking off the conversation, she bent forward and held onto the bar counter, while the young man positioned himself behind her, felt with his hand between her legs, and guided his cock into her. Her fucked her slowly while she talked to the man next to her. After maybe a minute or two the guy behind her withdrew his cock, and the man she had been talking to took his place, fucking the actress hard and fast. Then he too stopped, they all got a drink, and carried on chatting as though betting fucked in the middle of a conversation was the most natural thing in the world! I stood with Lev and talked. The others in the group were also wearing either wraps (the women) or towels (the men), and most seemed to speak English to some extent. Lev introduced me to a couple, husband and wife, from France- she was maybe 50, plump, blonde with big boobs and a rounded tummy, while he was tall and slim, with a shaved head, a bit older than her I thought. As we chatted, Nina arrived and stood next to Lev. He put his arm around her, and opened her wrap, exposing her boobs. She was very firm, with the most delightful puffy dark nipples. He fondled her boobs, tweaking her nipples and making them stand out hard. She shrugged off her wrap, and stood there naked- slim, flat tummy and a tight slit, with a beautiful bum- frim and small. She reached between Lev’s legs, and opened his towel. He has a very big and very thick cock, befitting his body-size, and it was a little engorged, hanging long and thick between his legs way past his balls. Nina stroked it, and then kneeled in front of him and took him in her mouth, letting his cock go all the way in. Lev stroked her long blonde hair as her head bobbed up and down, although she was now unable to take his whole cock in as it grew harder. I watched her in silence, the others in the group also looking at this gorgeous girl sucking Levs huge cock. She sucked him for a while, and then sat back, smiling at him, his cock now fully erect and rigid. He closed the towel over his cock, although it didn’t do much to conceal his erection! Still on her knees, Nina turned to face the man I had been talking to. His wife, the plump blonde opened her husband’s towel and let it fall to the ground. Nina took his uncut cock in her hand, tickled it, and put it in her mouth, still soft, mouthing it as it grew. She sucked him for a while, and then, taking his cock out turned her head to the woman, lifted her wrap, and licked her tongue along the woman’s plump pussy, her pussy lips turned out and big. Nina licked the woman’s pussy for a short while, then stood, kissed the woman on the cheek, and went to get a drink from the bar naked, her long legs and tight bum making everyone look at her. The whole vibe was quite different to what I am used to in clubs. Normally, a couple or two will go and play, but here it seemed that anyone played with anyone all the time. I was quite turned on by watching Nina, so I followed her to the bar and got a Coke. She was waiting for her drink, so I stood next to her, and smiled at her. She smiled back, a big friendly smile, so I put my arm around her waist and pulled her toward me. She immediately turned to face me, and started kissing me on my mouth, pressing her boobs against mine. I felt her pussy push against mine, and then she felt between my legs, found my slit, and slid a finger up and down it. I was a bit wet, and she poked a finger into me, not deep, just touching my clit and lips. I reached behind her, under her bum, and felt her slit wet and warm, and slid my middle finger into her, while massaging her arsehole with my thumb. We played like that for a while, just kissing and fingering each other. Then we broke apart and giggled, and took our drinks back to where Lev was standing. He must have been watching us, because he gave me a huge hug when I got to him, pressing his still-rigid cock against my pussy. I hugged him back, and he lifted my wrap up, sliding his big hand over my mound, feeling for my slit. Finding it, he inserted a thick finger deep into me. I stood with my legs apart and let him finger me, his thumb on my clit, while I massaged his cock, letting his towel fall to the ground. I was really hot now, and wanted to fuck him. I pulled his hand and led him to a couch. He sat on the couch, and I took a condom from a bowl and unrolled it, with difficulty, on his large cock. I lifted my wrap, climbed on top of him, slowly letting his huge cock slide into me- my pussy gaping bigger and bigger as the thick shaft impaled me. When he was deep in me, I began to ride his cock, grinding my pussy against his pubic area hard, feeling my clit mash up against him with each stroke. I wasn’t ready to cum yet, but I enjoyed the fuck immensely, feeling satisfied and horny at the same time. When I had had enough, I got off him, and gave him another hug and kiss. Sitting next to Lev, his cock glistening with my juices, I saw Nikolai on the floor near the glass pool wall. There were two much older women, maybe 60, with him. The one pulled his towel off him, and I was amazed at the size of his cock. If anything, it was even bigger than Levs, and that’s saying something! Lev noticed me looking, and laughed. ‘’many young women have been ruined on that implement’’ he said. ’once they have had that, their boyfriend just can’t compare, and he can fuck all night long’’ I smiled, thinking that I wouldn’t mind trying him if the opportunity arose. The one older woman crouched on her hands and knees, and Nikolai mounted her from the back, driving his huge cock hard into her waiting pussy. She gave a shout as his cock pounded her, and he gripped her fat bum and pulled her to him, forcing his cock ever deeper. The other woman sat, her legs apart, her hand in her pussy, masturbating hard as her friend got fucked. Nikolai fucked the woman for a while, and then the other woman pulled him off, lay on her back, and he climbed onto her, fucking her just as hard as he had with the first one. They swopped like that, the two of them lying on their backs, with Nikolai alternating from the one to the other again and again, for ages, until he stood up, patted them both on their pussy, and went to the pool room. The two older women lay there, panting and covered in sweat. Nina was standing nearby, talking to a young couple, still nude, as was the couple. I sat next to Lev, just watching people. There was a group of people around one couch, all nude, busy playing with each other in all sorts of positions and combinations. One of the women attracted my attention- a tall, very full figure, but not fat, with very big boobs and long auburn hair- very ‘’Amazonian’’ looking. A man was lying on the floor on his back, and she mounted him on top, leaning forward, sliding his cock into her pussy. Another guy, a lot older, couched behind her and fingered her arsehole, then pushed his cock into her arse. The two men than fucked her hard, both driving their cocks deep into her from both sides. She supported herself on her hands, her huge boobs swinging in the face of the guy under her, who grabbed at them, pulling on her very prominent and erect nipples. Neither of the men had condoms on (in fact very few guys used condoms at all it seemed). After a long time, the guy fucking the woman’s arsehole pulled hard at her bum, and jerked rapidly backwards and forward as he came in her arse. When he stopped, he took his cock out, as did the other man. Two of the women moved behind the woman and watched as she squeezed the cum out of her arse, lots of it dripping down her thighs. The women clapped and laughed, as did the fucked woman. Lev suggested that we go to the heated indoor pool, so I followed him out the glass door. (the ‘’lounge area’’ was separated from the pool by a glass wall, so one could see to the pool from the lounge- quite a novel idea!) I immediately saw Nina there, surrounded by a group of guys. She was masturbating one while another hand his finger in her pussy, her legs wide apart, and the others watching. Every so often she would start masturbating the next guy, giving each a turn. ‘’you don’t play with Nina yourself much?’’ I asked Lev ‘’I can play with her or her sister whenever I want’’ he said, ‘’so here she can just do what she wants. You want to fuck her properly?’’ ‘’she has a sister?’’ I asked ‘’a twin. And just as beautiful. And fucks just as well!’’ laughed Lev. ‘’I know, a bit young, you think? Like a daughter, no?’’ I thought to myself ‘’your daughter has 2 children of her own and is at least 35. If Nina is 20 it’s a lot!’’ but I kept the thought to myself! Lev motioned to Nina to come over. She left the group, and came and gave Lev a big hug, pressing her naked slim body against his huge hairy torso, and fondling his cock .As if to prove that he did like fucking her, her led her to a lounger, and she lay on her back, her legs wide apart, her pussy gaping open and wet. He jerked his cock for a moment, looking at her, then climbed onto her, slid his cock into her a little bit, and then rammed its huge length into her in one movement. She arched her back and shrieked, but her pounded into her as hard as he could, the whole lounger moving along the floor with each stroke. He kept up the relentless hammering at her pussy, and she wrapped her legs around his broad back, her nails leaving deep gouges in his hairy back as she clung onto him. He went at her for maybe 5 minutes, without pause, and then just as suddenly as he had entered her he withdrew, leaving her lying there, legs in the air, pussy red and raw, and stood up, looking at her. He looked at me and laughed- ‘’so, now she is ready!’’ The guys she had been playing with had followed her to where she had been fucked by Lev. They clearly knew who he was, and that she was with him, because they waited as he stood, and only when he nodded at them and moved away did they respond. Nina had stayed as she was, legs wide apart, her one hand fingering herself. One of the guys, a man of at least 60 with a long cock surrounded by grey hair, jerked his cock a few times and then mounted Nina, his much thinner cock sliding in with ease, and he began to fuck her while another younger guy stood at her head and poked his cock at her mouth. The two guys fucked her, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. Lev had his arm around my waist, and I felt his hand slide down my side, over my bum and between my legs from the back. He slid a finger around my arsehole, and then further till he found my slit, and began to finger me from the back. I took his cock, still hard, in my hand a stroked it, feeling Nina’s slippery juices on it. It grew fully hard, to its impressive size, and I felt him tense as he enjoyed the way I played with its huge head with each stroke. In the pool people were fucking or just standing. A very big fat woman, maybe in her 30’s, was facing a guy who sat on the edge of the pool, his cock in her mouth, while another equally fat but older guy fucked her from behind, the two of them making the water splash everywhere. Lev saw me looking at them, and said “she is the wife of the guy fucking Nina- he is 30 years older than her, like you and Simon. And she will fuck anyone anywhere- I have seen her in a restaurant take two waiters she liked to the toilets and fuck them until their boss came looking for them half an hour later!’ The guy fucking her arse is her husband’s brother! ‘’ I looked more closely and saw that the guy behind her was in fact fucking her arse, not her pussy, judging from the angle he was at. Lev’s fingering was making me horny again, and he noticed that I was now fully wet and ready. He kissed me on the side of my neck and led me to a lounger next to where Nina was still being fucked by her group of guys. As I lay down, I saw a young guy whose cock was deep in her mouth start to cum- he squirted his load in her mouth and on her face, covering her in long white streams of cum, which she ignored and kept mouthing him until he stopped. I took off my wrap, took a condom from its packet and put it on Lev, and then lay down. He put the condom on, and turned me onto my side. Crouching above me, he lifted my upper leg so it was behind him, and slid his cock into my cunt which was, in that position, as wide open as it could get. ‘’slowly’’ I said as I felt his cock at my pussy, remembering what he had done with Nina He nodded, and his cock pushed its way into me, my cunt stretching to accommodate its huge thickness. I eased it in with my hand, and, when he was more or less fully in, he began to fuck me with long slow strokes, ever deeper. He put his hand on my pussy and rubbed my clit as he fucked, making it tender and ready. Then he began to fuck faster, and deeper, and I felt an orgasm starting to build. He sensed it and thrust harder, as I felt a wave of ecstasy rush through me, making my pussy tingle and throb. I grabbed at him, pulling him to me as I came, feeling his cock penetrate right to the end of my cunt, pounding at the very depths of me, my lips raw and almost sore. When I had finished cumming, her stayed in me for a moment, and then withdrew his cock slowly so as not to hurt me. He stayed crouched above me, his cock huge and slick in the condom. I lay like that, my leg bent and in the air, and he leaned over and kissed my gaping cunt, licking my engorged and puffy lips tenderly. I squirmed as he did that because it was so tender, but he kept licking, and I suddenly felt another orgasm start. I pulled his head closer, and he realized what was happening, so he probed deeper with his tongue and sucked at my clit, till I came again- this second one was so intense I started to cry, jerking as the orgasm exploded in me- I felt my pussy go very wet as juices flowed out of me and onto his face, but his hard tongue didn’t stop until I relaxed. When he stood up his face was covered in my juices! ‘’FUCK!’’ I said ‘’that was intense!’’ Lev laughed, his whole body shaking- ‘’it seems so! I am always amazed by how easily you can cum. Not all women can cum so often so easily’’ I nodded, panting. ‘’ I know. I just relax and enjoy sex, so it’s easy for me’’ I said between breaths. I lay there for a while, Lev sitting at the foot of the lounger. Then he got up and went inside. After a while I got up, taking my wrap in my hand, and wandered through to see what was going on in other rooms. I passed a short passage and hear muffled cries coming from the end of it. I went to the end and into a darkened room. At first, I couldn’t see much, but I could hear people moving, grunting, and a woman making soft whimpering sounds. As my eyes grew more accustomed to the dark, I saw that I was in the BDSM room. A woman was lying on her back on a plinth, a scarf over her eyes, her hands tied to a pole at either side of her, and her legs tied wide apart in what looked like a gynecologist’s stirrups. She was of course naked. At her head a man wearing a mask was ramming his cock into her mouth repeatedly, and hard, while between her spread thighs another man had his whole hand up to his wrist inside her cunt, fisting her rapidly, his cock rigid and huge. The woman was writhing and moaning, but not resisting. I saw that he hands and feet were loosely tied- she could at any time have pulled them out so it was more the idea of restraint than actual restraint. Around her a group of men and women were standing, all nude, the men all erect. Some of the men were masturbating, while some of the women were jerking the guy next to them or fingering themselves, or both. The buxom young woman I had seen earlier was moving from one guy to the next giving each a short blow-job, then moving to the next guy. When she got to the older man in front of where was standing, her turned her around so she faced away from him, kicked her legs apart and rammed his cock into her cunt hard. He gave her a few vigorous thrusts, then pulled his cock out, smacked her hard across her bum, and pushed her away to the next guy. (I must at this stage say that BDSM does not hold any attraction for me- I am too dominant to be a ‘’slave’’ and yet I don’t like inflicting pain on others, so I don’t see myself in a dominator role, and I will never let anyone deliberately hurt me, so I can’t relax and enjoy pain. But I know it popular and lots of people seem to find it hugely erotic, so I don’t have a problem with it. For example, if a guy hit me across my bum as that guy did to the woman, he could be certain to leave with a few less teeth than he arrived with!) The man with his cock in the woman’s mouth had taken it out, and was pinching her nipples while the other guy was still fisting her. The man at her mouth pointed his slightly softer cock at her face and began to urinate over her, in her mouth and all over her face and boobs. She bucked and jerked, her mouth open and lapping up the urine as he emptied his bladder over her. The woman started to cum, jerking hard against the restraints. The man fisting her took his hand out of her cunt with a loud wet sound, walked to her head and masturbated his cock pointing at her mouth, his hand wet with her juices. Within a moment he began to spurt his load into her open mouth, jet after jet of hot cum coating her face, mixing with the urine on her face and all over her. He had an enormous amount of cum, and by the time he stopped she was well covered. The other man, and a guy who had been watching, also went to her and squirted cum over her, one in her face and mouth and one over her gaping cunt rubbing her clit as she was still cumming while he did. The buxom woman who had been giving the guys a blow-job was at the far side of the room. The guy whose cock she was sucking pulled his cock out of her mouth and squirted his cum over her boobs and neck- she tilted her head back and let it shoot at her until he was done, when he rubbed it over her with his cock, smearing it across her boobs. The woman on the plinth got up, dripping with urine and cum, and staggered out of the room accompanied by the two guys who had dominated her- her legs apart as she walked from the fisting she had taken. The buxom woman was led by a man to a series of bars against the wall. The man had also put like a stocking mask on and looked very creepy. He tied her hands above her to a bar, spread her legs and tied them to a low bar, and then got some sliver clamps with small weights attached to each by a string, he tweaked her nipples hard, pulling on them, and the clamped each, the weights pulling her nipples down and stretching them. She moaned with the pain, and he smacked her hard across her cunt with a small whip. When he started to attached the clamps to her pussy lips I had seen enough! Just as I was about to leave the room, I felt an arm around my waist. I turned, to see a very young man, so more than early 20’s, who I had seen earlier at the pool. ‘’you are Tammy? ‘’ he asked, with a strong German accent. I nodded. He was very good looking in a blonde Germanic way- nice body, longish hair and nice eyes. ‘’Lev said I should ask if you wanted to join him and some others in the small lounge’’ I was about to go with him when a thought struck me. ‘’how did Lev describe me to you, so you knew who to look for?’’ I asked, curious. He blushed, thought about it for a second, then said ‘’you won’t be offended?’’ I laughed. ‘’no’’. ‘’ he said that he had seen you go to this room. I was to look for the dark-haired young woman with big boobs with ‘’fuck -me ‘’ eyes!””. ‘’and with that you identified me?’’ I laughed ‘’genau’’ (exactly) he said, still blushing. I giggled and followed him to a room next to the main lounge. It was beautifully decorated, very opulent and sensual, in reds and gold, with couches around the walls and a huge mattress covered in a black sheet in the middle. There were maybe 15 people in the room, all naked. Nina was on the mattress, on her hands and knees. A big man was kneeling behind her, fingering her arsehole, and Lev was sitting in front of her, his cock in her mouth. He saw me, and waved. I went to him, and Nina looked up as I approached. She smiled at me, and patted the mattress next to Lev. I sat down, cross- legged next to Lev. Nina gave a groan as the man behind her must have inserted his cock into her arse, as she stayed still while he thrust a little bit, and then he began to fuck her arse a bit faster. She lowered her head, pushed my knees apart and licked at my slit. I felt her small pick tongue enter my pussy, flicking at my clit, then probing deeper between my pussy-lips. I put my arms behind me and sat back, stretching out my legs on either side of Nina, so my pussy was wide open and available to her. The man behind her was watching her eat me as he fucked her arse, panting, his mouth open and sweat on his face. Nina took her face away from me pussy and poked a finger into my slit, then two fingers all the way in. I was very wet and my lips were swollen with lust, and very sensitive. The man fucking her suddenly grabbed at Nina’s bum, and came inside her arse, ramming his cock into her hard so that she yelped. She stayed still as he withdrew his cock, and his place was taken immediately by the blonde guy who had come to fetch me. He also entered her arse and began to fuck her hard. She bent her head and began to eat me again. I was getting more and more aroused- not only because she was so good at what she was doing, but just the general atmosphere of the guy(s) fucking her in her arse while she ate me, the people standing around, watching, the men all hard, most women playing with themselves or with a guy- it was VERY erotic. I pulled away from Nina and left her to her guy, who seemed ready to cum in her arse, and stood up. I saw Nicolai in the corner of the room, leaning against the wall. An older man was kneeling in front of him, with Nicolai’s huge erect cock in his mouth, sucking him greedily, while Nicolai looked bored. I went over to him, took his hand a pulled him away from the older man, who looked pissed off now! Leading him to a couch, I played with his cock, marveling at its thickness and hardness. He put a hand between my legs, and felt that I was soaking wet, ready and aroused. He smiled at me, and turned me to face the couch. I leaned over, and he put on a condom and plunged his cock into me in a single thrust- I was so wet and open that it didn’t even hurt, but the sheer size of it made me gasp and jerk forward- then he was in, and began to fuck me with long deep strokes, his hands around me pulling on my nipples hard. I felt his pubic area slam into my bum, rapidly, his breath hot and panting in my ear. I thrust back at him, forcing him even harder into me, his cock filling my cunt end to end and side to side, stretching my lips wide. He withdrew his cock, and pushed me onto my back on the couch. Without a pause he grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders, then slid his cock back into me. I was lying on my shoulders in a way, with him standing in front of the couch. He held my legs on his shoulders, so we were only touching where his cock entered my cunt. He drove into me again and again, and I felt the orgasm rush through me. I pressed my thighs hard against him, as he pounded away at me, and I came intensely and for a long time. He didn’t slow down until I had finished cumming. Then he lowered my legs off his shoulders and stood back. I saw that Lev had been standing there looking at Nicolai fuck me. I reached out my hands to him. He put on a condom, and mounted me, my legs wide apart and my knees bent. His cock slid in all the way at once, and within a minute I felt another orgasm start. I let it build and build, and as he sensed that I was going to cum he reached between my legs and massaged my clit hard. The next orgasm exploded in me, my whole body shaking as it flooded through me. I sensed rather than saw a crowd around us. Lev withdrew his cock and took off the condom. Pointing his cock at me, he masturbated hard, looking at my gaping and wet cunt. Nicolai stood on the other side of me, also masturbating violently. Lev came, huge streams of hot white cum shooting across my tummy and boobs. He was still squirting when Nicolai came also, covering my boobs with his cum. Jets of cum landed on me from both directions, as I put my hand over my cunt to stop any going there. The two men finished cumming, and wiped their cocks with tissues. I lay there, exhausted and sore, but content. One of the women traced patterns in the cum on my tummy, and I stood up and went to clean up in the bathroom before getting a cooldrink. It was getting late, and I asked Lev about a lift back. He suggested that I stay the night in a room he had booked there, but I had been fucked enough, and I didn’t want to start all over again, so he phoned for his limo which took me back to the yacht. I crept on board and into my cabin, and was asleep before my head hit the pillow! The next morning (later that morning to be accurate!) a huge bunch of red roses was delivered to the yacht from Lev for me- causing much comment from my crew as to what I had done to deserve them-but I thought it a good idea not to discuss too much!!

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