29 May 2016

I was in Europe this last week to crew on a yacht charter. I don’t do many charters these days, but this was for an owner (Timo) I have done a lot of work for, and he hires directly, not via the agency, so it’s quite lucrative and usually a lot of fun.

He has had a new mega-yacht built, and has just taken delivery. He was going to do some shake-down cruises to see that he understood how everything worked, and that all was as he wanted it, and he offered me a position for 10 days as head of non-technical, so I would test and report on all the things like the galley, bar, accommodation, linen, silverware and crockery etc. etc. - the million and one things that make a cruise enjoyable.

We were based in Villefranche, the yacht harbour in Nice, France, for the period, and would do day and overnight cruises from there.

To cut a long story short(er!), we did 2 cruises, then were in port for a day, so I went ashore to see some friends who own a small restaurant near the harbour.

I met Ricky and Fabiana some years ago when they had just arrived in Nice. Ricky is 25, Swedish, tall, blond, blue eyes, pale! Fabi is Cuban, 21, my height, dark curly hair, big brown eyes, an olive complexion and a curvy figure. She is not plump, but not slim, and has curves in all the right places! She is also very, very pretty- with a cute, sensuous face and very kissable lips.

They got married last year, and own a tiny but very popular restaurant specialising in fish dishes in a backstreet near the yacht harbour.

Last year, I had lunch there, and after lunch Fabi and I went down to the promenade with some snacks and drinks to chat.

As we were sitting on the wall, looking at the yachts, a very loud Lamborghini convertible came past, with a middle-aged guy and a very young girl in it, cruising slowly so all could see him.

I made some comment about the car being a ‘’small penis compensator’’, which Fabi did not understand- her English is good, but she does not always follow some idioms.

I explained what it meant, and she laughed. Following on from what she had thought it meant literally, she told me about a guy she had fucked, who had a tiny cock. So small, she said, that she didn’t know if he was in her or not!

Initially I thought that she was talking about something that happened long ago, but then she mentioned that it was earlier in the year with a couple they were friends with, and one night after too much to drink they ended up swopping partners.

But back to the charter…..

It was on the Wednesday night. We had been at sea all day, and got back at sunset.

The crew and handover agent had left, and it was just Timo, three of his friends, the chef and me on board.

Timo and his friends went ashore to a pub and dinner, and the chef cooked us omelettes, and we ate in the galley.

Later, we went to sit on the fore-deck, and watch the moon come up.

Timo and his friends arrived back around 11, and sat at the bar. I served them drinks while they talked and watched soccer on TV. They were talking about the wonderful dinner they had had at a fish restaurant, and about how cute the waitress was.

‘Very fuckable’’was the expression used.

I asked which restaurant it was, and it turned out to be the one owned by Ricky and Fabiana!

I mentioned that I knew them, and that Fabiana was the co-owner, and Ricky’s wife, not a waitress, and they carried on chatting.

A while later, Timo’s friends went to bed, and it was just Timo and me in the saloon while I cleaned up.

‘’do you really know her?’’ he asked

‘’know who?’’

‘’the girl who owns the restaurant’’

‘’Not well, but I know her’’.

He thought for a bit.

(Now to explain Timo- to say he is wealthy is like saying the Pope is quite religious. Timo routinely carries upwards of E10,000 in his pocket ‘’in case he needs cash’’ (that’s around R170k!) AND I have seen him spend it without a pause. It means nothing to him.

He once said that if he stopped working, he would not live long enough to spend his money as it grows faster than he could spend it.

He owns a large part of a major Italian motor company, and has many other business interests. I once asked my hubby, Simon, who now and then moves in those circles, to find out what Timo actually does, and he said that as far as he could tell Timo had a finger in so many pies, many of them not quite legal, that it was impossible to track what his main income source was.)

Timo asked if Fabi was married.

I said she was, to Ricky, the other owner.

Timo took a slow sip of his whiskey and looked over the top of the glass at me.

‘’I would pay good money for a night with her’’ he said.

I stared at him.

‘’are you serious?’’ I asked.

‘’I never joke about money’’ he said.

I carried on cleaning up; waiting to see what came next.

‘’do you think she would go for it? If I offered her money?’’ Timo asked.

‘’I have no idea’’ I said. ’’I would imagine Ricky would also have a say in it. I know they are struggling financially but I have no idea if she would have sex for money or not.’’

‘’you can ask?’’ He said

‘’me??” I asked. ‘’you want me to ask Fabiana whether she will spend the night with you?’’


I thought about it. I didn’t really know Ricky and Fabi that well. On the one hand, she may think it very rude of me to even relay the request. On the other hand, if Timo was offering a lot of money, who was I to act as her moral mentor?

‘’how much did you have in mind” I asked.

‘’I don’t know. E500?’’

I did a quick calculation. E500 is around R8500. For one night! At that rate, I may be interested!!!

‘’I can ask, I guess’’, I said. ‘’what would you want her to do?”

Timo looked at me as though I was mad.

‘’sleep with me, of course. Whatever I want, as long as it does not hurt her’’

‘’and Ricky?’’

‘’he can leave her with me, he can be on the yacht, he can watch- I don’t care. Whatever he wants.’’

‘’ok, I will ask her tomorrow’’ I said.

The next day the yacht was at sea for a short time, and then back in harbour for the handover ceremony. The CEO of the yacht-builders flew in, as well as media and Timo’s PR guys.

When they were done, I went ashore and went to find Fabi.

I found her at the restaurant, and after a while found a way to tell her what Timo had asked.

At first she was shocked, and then less so, then I could see the money speaking to her...

‘’I will talk to Ricky’’ she said. ‘’ it feels like prostitution though.’’

Marriage is prostitution’’ I said. ‘’ we give up some of what we have to gain what we want’’

She laughed, and I went back to the yacht.

About an hour later, she phoned me.

‘’I have spoken to Ricky. He is not at all happy at the idea. We have only been married a few months, and the only time we have done anything like this was with the friends I told you about. But we could certainly use the money. So ok, find out how he would want it to work and let’s see’’.

I found Timo in the pool.

‘’ I spoke to Fabiana’’ I said. ‘’she says maybe. Wants to know how it would work’’

Timo got out of the pool, dried himself, and sat down next to me.

‘’You give me her address. My car will pick her up at 9pm. We go to dinner. Later, we come to the yacht. She spends the night with me. She can go home with my car when she wants, or she can stay the night and go home the next morning. Up to her.’’

‘’and Ricky?’’

‘’ he can wait at home, or come to the yacht. He can even watch if he wants- see that she is ok’’

‘’you want him to watch you make love with his wife??”

‘’whatever- I don’t mind, as long as he says out of it, and does not interfere. You can also watch if you want to see that your friend is ok- up to you’’

It was by now clear that this was much less about sex that it was about power. Timo wanted to fuck her because he could, not because he particularly wanted her.

I phoned Fabi back and told her what Timo had said. She was silent for a while, and then said she would speak to Ricky and let me know in an hour.

An hour later she phoned back.

‘’I will do it, but for E1000 (R17,000)’’ she said.

I didn’t comment, and went to tell Timo.

He laughed when he heard this.

‘’ok, but then she does whatever I want, no restrictions’’ he said

And so it was arranged. I still did not know what Ricky planned to do while his wife got fucked!

At 9PM Timo left in his hire car to go and fetch Fabi, and take her to dinner. I waited on the deck, and then saw Ricky arrive on his scooter. He parked, and I told the security guard to let him on board.

He had been drinking, but was still ok. We chatted a bit, then he said that he had decided to ‘’be near her’’ to make sure she was ok, and would I stay with him.

Having nothing to lose, I agreed.

I did not know where Timo would take her when they got to the yacht, so we waited on deck, in the dark, sipping cool drinks.

Around 1 am the car came back.

Timo and Fabi got out, chatting and laughing. She was having a good time it seemed.

She had on a light-weight cream blouse and long harem-pants, with a slit up to the waist, which opened as she walked towards the yacht.

I wondered if she was wearing panties- I could not see any.

Without seeing us, they walked, arms around each other, into the yacht, and I saw the light in Timo's suite come on.

I motioned to Ricky to follow me, and we went along the deck to the fore-deck.

Timo’s suite opens onto the foredeck, where there is a Jacuzzi.

The doors were open, and Timo and Fabi were in the room.

Ricky and I sat next to the Jacuzzi, looking into the room.

Timo saw us, and waved one had to show us to come closer. We moved a bit closer on the seating area, sitting now right at the open French-doors to the bedroom.

Fabi did not look at us.

Timo stood her in front of the mirror, and stood behind her.

She was facing us side- on now. His hands caressed her boobs, and her nipples went hard, poking out through the light blouse.

He plucked at her nipples, making her gasp.

Kissing her neck, he slid his hands down her tummy, to over her pussy, his finger tracing a line up and down her pussy.

Lifting her blouse, he pulled it over her head.

Her very nice full tanned boobs were exposed, the large dark brown nipples hard puckered with the sudden chill.

Cupping her breasts in his hands, he fondled them, massaging them and pulling on her nipples.

He turned her around to face him and bent to kiss and suck her nipples.

She had her head back, her eyes closed.

His tongue slid down her tummy, stopping at the top of her pants. He undid her pants rope, and very slowly pulled them down.

From where Ricky and I were sitting, we could see her front clearly, and Timo’s back. As her pants went down, her pussy was exposed. I saw that she had a very prominent mound, and a tight slit, completely shaved and smooth. She really had a stunning body, full high breasts, a nice little round tummy, and very shapely legs and a nice bum. Quite a package! I felt myself getting aroused looking at her, and looked to see how Ricky was reacting.

He was watching intently, no expression on his face, but I saw that he had one hand on his crotch, touching where his cock was.

Timo went behind Fabi again. He held her around the hips, and let his hands go over her pussy. With one hand stroking her tummy, he slid a finger up and down her slit.

She opened her legs a little bit, and his finger moved into her pussy slowly.

Fingering her, he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor.

Even from where I was sitting, I could see that he had a very big cock which was rock hard under his underpants, the cock pushing the underpants up at the elastic.

He pressed himself against Fabi’s bum, letting her feel his erection against her.

She immediately reached behind her, and felt his cock. When she felt how big it was she smiled and turned to say something to him.

Turning her around to face him, he pulled his shirt over his head and stepped out of his underpants.

His cock was REALLY big and very thick. He had quite a lot of body-hair, but had shaved around his cock and balls. He pushed on her shoulders and she knelt on the floor in front of him. Taking his cock in both hands, she began to lick up and down it, and around the head.

Ricky had one hand inside his zip, feeling his cock, watching his young wife start to suck another guy’s cock.

She took the head in her mouth, and sucked it, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth. He held her head still, and began to fuck her mouth, not too hard, but quite deep. I could see she was trying to take as much in as she could, but she could not take more than half his cock in without gagging.

She sucked and licked his cock for a while. Then he lifted her by the arms and led her to the dressing table. Moving the chair aside, he picked her up and sat her down on the table, facing him.

He sat on the chair, took her knees, and lifted her legs over his shoulders. Leaning forward, he parted her pussy with his hands and licked along her wide-open slit. Fabi sat very still at first, and then , as his tongue licked deeper and deeper, she began to rock her pelvis from side to side, holding the back of Timo’s head and pulling it in closed to her pussy.

Next to me, Ricky shifted in the seat. He glanced at me, his face flushed. Still looking at me, he unzipped his jeans and took his cock out. He began to stroke it, still looking at me, and then back at his wife having her pussy eaten.

Timo’s face was pressed hard against Fabi’s pussy, his mouth open, sucking and licking at her gaping pussy. Fabi was playing with her nipples, pulling on them.

Timo took her legs off his shoulders so she was sitting again, stood up, pulled Fabi a bit towards him, and placed his cock at her cunt.

He said something to her, and she nodded.

Without any small thrusts, he drove his cock all the way into Fabi’s cunt, slamming his pubic area against her.

She shrieked, and Ricky jumped to his feet, his cock rigid.

Timo sensed that he had got up. Turned and looked at him, and smiled. Fabi also looked at Ricky, and, still looking at him, began to thrust back and forth riding Timo’s cock deep in her cunt.

Ricky sat down again, and after a minute started playing with his cock again.

I was by now very ,very wet.

I reached into my handbag and took out my vibrator. I opened my legs, pulled my thong aside, and rested the vibrator against my clit. Switching it on, I sat back and let the warm pulsing starting in my pussy.

Ricky saw this, and reached a hand out to my leg. Normally I would have let him, and we could have had some fun, but Simon and I have an agreement that I won’t play with guys unless we are together like at a party, so I gently pushed Ricky’s hand back onto his cock.

Timo was still thrusting deep into Fabi. He put his hands under her bum, lifted her up, his long cock still in her, turned and carried her to the bed. Putting her on her back on the bed he started to fuck her again, lying on top of her.

He only did that for a few minutes, then took his cock out and sat back.

Fabi immediately put a hand between her legs and started to finger herself.

I pulled my thong off, put it in my bag, and lifted one leg onto the seat, facing Ricky.

He looked at my wet pussy, and jerked even harder and faster.

I replaced the vibrator with a dildo from my bag, and slid it deep into my pussy, rubbing my clit as I did so.

Ricky pulled his jeans off, as well as his underpants, and now began to masturbate hard and openly, looking at me and then back at his wife and Timo.

Timo turned Fabi over, and lifted her hips so she was lying with her shoulders on the bed and her bum in the air, knees spread wide, her arsehole facing Timo.

Timo leaned forward and began to lick at her cunt from the back. Then lifting his head a bit, he slid his tongue along her perineum, to her bum-hole. Circling her bum hole with his tongue, he opened it with his fingers and slid his tongue into her puckered hole.

Next to me Ricky gasped and stroked very fast, suddenly cumming in long jets of cum across the deck. He had a big load, lots of cum squirted everywhere.

I kept the dildo in me, playing on my outer pussy lips, watching him cum.

Timo stopped rimming Fabi, reached the bedside table and took a tube of something.

Rubbing it on his cock, and some on Fabi's whole, he positioned his cock against her bum-hole.

Fabi turned her head and said something, and Timo laughed and rubbed his forefinger and thumb together in the universal sign of money- no doubt reminding her that she was getting paid for this.

She faced forward again, and he very slowly pushed the head of his cock into her bum, little by little.

I was SO horny I did not know what to do with myself. I couldn’t play with Ricky or Timo, and I had no idea whether Fabi would or had ever fucked a girl.

I decided to take a chance, banking on the fact that Timo would not object to another girl in the room.

I stripped off my blouse and skirt, and walked naked into the bedroom.

Timo looked at me, paused for a second, then smiled and waved for me to come closer.

Fabi also sensed me in the room, and turned her head. She looked at my body, top to bottom and up again, ending with my pussy. I put a finger in my pussy and played, looking at her.

She could not use her hands as she was supporting herself with them, her bum in the air, but she smiled and stuck her tongue out.

Timo was thrusting quite deep into her bum now, and her face grimaced with every thrust.

I climbed onto the bed, sat facing Fabi with my legs either side of her head; she looked up, my open pussy right in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out, and I wriggled closer. She put her tongue on my pussy-lips and began to lick me, tickling my clit with the tip of her pink tongue.

Timo got very turned on by this, watching Fabi lick my cunt while he fucked her bum.

He fucked her for a few moments more, and then took his cock out.

Turning her onto her back, he sat astride her with his balls on her face. He leaned forward and pointed his cock at her mouth. She hesitated for a second, aware that his cock had just been deep in her bum.

Timo was having none of it- he held her chin, pulled it down, and thrust his cock into her mouth. Once it was in, she almost gagged, but he started face-fucking her anyway, hard and roughly, her head bouncing against the bed.

Fabi stopped resisting and tried to accommodate his cock as best she could.

Because Timo was sitting over her boobs, I crawled around to the other side of him, where Fabi’s legs were wide apart, and her wet cunt swollen and raw. I lay down, my head between her legs, and licked her cunt, tasting her juices and Timo’s sweat. When I came up for air, I looked to see where Ricky was. He was still sitting on the seat, naked, masturbating again, his cock hard.

Timo was panting as Fabi sucked him. He got off her and I got out of the way. Looking out the door he saw Ricky.

He lifted Fabi’s legs over his shoulders, and kneeling upright, holding her under her waist, he drove his cock into her cunt hard, his balls making a wet sound as the smacked into her pussy.

I squatted over Fabi’s face, and she began to lick my pussy again. She reached her hands back, and put a finger into my cunt, ramming it in hard. I pushed down on her hand. I was getting very horny, ready to cum.

I put my hand between my legs, and rubbed my clit. Fabi,seeing what I wanted pushed my hand away and did the same.

It didn’t take long and I felt a huge orgasm start, the waves of pleasure flowed through me as I came, Fabi rubbing my clit harder and harder.

Timo saw me cum, and started to grunt and moan.

As I finished cumming, he let go of Fabi’s legs, and got off the bed.

Taking Fabi by the hand, he went towards the door where Ricky was taking Fabi with him.

He stopped just inside the doorway. Without looking at Ricky, he turned so that he was side-on to Ricky. Ricky has stopped masturbating, and was watching Fabi, who looked at him.

I walked closer to see what would happen.

Timo hugged Fabi to him, his huge hard cock glistening with her juices, pressing against her.

Then he pushed her shoulder down, so she kneeled once again in front of him.

He tilted her head back, and put his cock in her mouth. She began to suck on it, taking lots of it in her mouth with each stroke.

Timo closed his eyes, pushing his cock into Fabi’s mouth.

As she touched his balls he pulled his cock out of her mouth, pulled on her chin so she opened her mouth, and jerked his cock hard aiming it at her mouth.

It took seconds and he began to shoot huge jets of hot cum into her mouth, aiming carefully so that as much went down her throat as possible. He kept cumming, and she started to have to swallow or choke. As she gulped the cum down, he finished cumming, and put his cock in her mouth again so she could not spit the cum out- she had to swallow it all.

When he was sure she had swallowed all his cum, he took her by the hand and led her back to the bedroom, and through to the bathroom, and closed the door.

I put my skirt blouse on, and Ricky put his jeans and shirt on without a word.

He turned and walked back to the stern of the yacht, and walked to his scooter. I heard it start and drive off- no doubt back to their apartment to wait for his wife to return with the money.

I went to lock up the bar and the galley, tidied away some stuff, and then went back to the bow to see where Fabi was.

Fabi was standing next to the bed, facing it, leaning forward. Timo was behind her, fucking her from the back, his hand around her front rubbing her cunt and clit. As I watched she started to cum, jerking her hips and closing her legs a bit. He held onto her hips and fucked her as hard as I have seen anyone fuck, rubbing her clit rapidly- she came for a long time, the subsided and collapsed onto the floor.

Timo sat on the floor next to her, taking her face in his hands and kissing her tenderly.

I left them sitting there and went to my bunk.

I think she enjoyed the night- whether it was worth it depends I guess on whether their marriage survives Ricky watching his wife get fucked in every hole and swallowing a strangers cum!