Written by wildchildtammy

27 Feb 2015

One of the things I thought about when I started writing my diary entries was - what would I do when I got to write about something I did which I later either regretted or was embarrassed about? One the one hand, I guess I could just edit it or change it, but then I would be getting into the realm of fiction writing, which is not what I wanted to do.

After all, once I start editing the content to take out things I don’t want in, where do I stop? Do I change what happened to make it more exciting, do I change it to include a fictional character to spice it up, etc... Where do I draw the line?

So what I decided was that I would not edit at all, other than to change names, in some cases to change venue, when the venue may have made it obvious who was there, and in most cases to condense timelines, so that it did not become a huge minute-by-minute account of an event. (That’s why, if you were to analyse for example a night at a party, and add up the time taken for each thing, it appears that the party was only an hour long, yet I may say I arrived at 9 p.m. and left at 2 a.m., so where is the time in-between?! The time in between was taken up by eating, chatting, socialising etc. only the sex-parts are included in the diary entry.)

Other than those 3 aspects, the diary entries are as faithful to what happened as I can remember it. Which leads me to this diary entry.

One of the questions I get asked often, once a guy gets to know me, is “how many guys have you had?” At first I thought they meant how many guys have I fucked in my life, but then after some back and forth, it becomes clear that what they usually mean is “how many guys at one time?”.

So with that in mind, this diary concerns exactly that. The long preamble is because, looking back, I should not have done what I did, and certainly not in the company I was in - but you will see why from the story. My “policy” means I must tell it as it was, so here goes>>

I was 22 years old, living in London and attending college. It was a great time of my life - I had a part-time job, the beginning of a relationship with a guy I liked, and was in good shape - very fit, slimmer than now, big firm boobs and a tan (which went down very well in the UK!). I had discovered the swinger-lifestyle, and attended a few parties and clubs with guys I had met. BUT my life as a swinger was then (as now) kept VERY much apart from my normal life and “normal” friends, and I made sure that friends from the two groups did not meet.

A friend from the swinger group invited me to a get-together at a private house one weekend, a short drive outside London. As I did not have a car, and in any case I did not like driving alone in areas I did not know, I thought about inviting my sort-of boyfriend along.

I had been told that it was not going to be a full-on swinger party, as many of the guests were not into that, but that there may be some playing discreetly if things went in that direction, so I thought it would be safe to take him - he knew nothing of my swinging. At worst, I figured, he would see some people getting it on - I needn’t get involved unless he wanted to. How wrong I was!

My boyfriend at the time was Rudi. We had been dating for a while, and although I don’t think it was ever going to get serious, I liked him and he liked me. He was in the British Army Special Forces, and away a lot, but when he was in town we hung out a lot.

He (Rudi) and I drove the hour-long drive to the house. I remember wearing a very short mini-skirt and a VERY tight top - so much so that Rudi did a double-take when I came downstairs to meet him when he picked me up earlier - and in the car he kept glancing at my legs, the skirt riding all the way up till he could almost see my pussy! We arrived around 8, parked, and went in. I held my breath - for all I knew we would be faced with a dozen people fucking like bunnies!

But it was fine, everyone was still dressed, music, booze, food etc. We met up with some people we knew, ate, drank and danced. In those days I still drank alcohol, and as we had eaten quite late, I was fairly tipsy already. That night is one of the reasons I stopped drinking alcohol!

There were several people I knew from swinging, and a few I knew from elsewhere. As the night went on, the party got more and more sexual.

Girls were taking off their tops, couples were making out in the corners and so on. I could see that Rudi was at first amazed, then intrigued, then excited by this. I took advantage of his acceptance of it, and started kissing him, feeling his chest, sliding my hands down to his bum. We were dancing closely, and he put his hands onto my bum, pulling me close. I could feel his cock against my pussy, very hard and big (and he had a very nice big cock!) I reached around and put his hands under my skirt, on my naked bum. He hesitated, looked around, and then started stroking my bum.

I lifted the hem of my skirt and tucked it into the waistband. I had on a very small thong, so my bum was now bare, my pussy covered only by a tiny triangle of see-through lace. Rudi was getting very turned on, grinding his cock against my pussy, his hands rubbing up and down my bum, feeling my pussy from the back.

I looked around. Many of the couples were still just dancing, but on the couches and easy-chairs around the edges things were getting hot. On one couch near where Rudi and I were, a girl had taken off her top, and was squatting in front of a guy sitting on the couch, his cock in her mouth and her hand between her legs.

On another couch, an older woman was sandwiched between two guys, both of them with their cocks out, playing with them.

Rudi was watching them, fondling my bum. I lifted my top up, showing my boobs. I was not wearing a bra, and my nipples were very hard already. Rudi leaned down and took first one then another in his mouth, rolling them around his tongue, nibbling gently. I took him by the hand, and led him to a room off the main lounge where a huge foam mattress had been laid as a play area.

There were already a few people there, many of whom I knew, at least by sight. We said hello to everyone, and put our drinks down on a low table. I pulled Rudi down to the mattress, rolled him onto his back, and sat astride him. I took my top off completely, and put his face between my boobs, smothering him.

My pussy was on top of his cock, and I rubbed it hard against his erection. He seemed quite happy to continue with sex in front of the others, so I pulled his t-shirt over his head, undid his belt and zip, and pulled his pants down a bit. His big cock stood out, rock-hard, and I moved back, leaned forward and took him in my mouth.

I sucked him for a while, feeling his balls with my hands. He played with my boobs, tickling the sides and the nipples which I love. After a while, I stood up over him, undid my skirt, and took it and my thong off. Standing there nude, two of the guys I knew looked at me, and smiled. I lowered myself onto Rudi, my pussy just above his mouth. He took my pussy-lips with his fingers, parted them, and slid his tongue along my slit. My pussy was waxed smooth, and his tongue slid in and out, along the sides and back in - it was great!

I was kneeling over Rudi, my one hand behind me playing with his cock, when one of the guys I knew, Martin, came over and stood next to us. Without really thinking, and because I was both aroused and a little drunk, I took his cock in my hand, and guided it into my mouth, sucking him deeply.

Rudi saw him standing there, his cock in my mouth, and froze. As he did so, I realised what was happening - it was the first time he had seen me with another guy. The only thing I could do was to continue. I pushed my pussy more against Rudi’s mouth, and jerked his cock harder. Rudi had taken his pants off, his cock hard and veined. Taking Martins’ cock out of my mouth, I lay down on top of Rudi, kissing him deeply, tasting my pussy on his lips, my slit now rubbing against his cock.

He seemed okay now, maybe also a bit turned on seeing me with another guy (I hoped!)

Martin stood watching us. I knelt astride Rudi, took his cock in my hand, and guided it into my pussy.

He thrust up and down, and I moved my pussy around, enjoying the full feeling of it in me.

Martin moved next to my face, his rigid cock throbbing as he masturbated it, watching us.

Rudi was watching him, but kept fucking. I reached for Martin's cock, and stroked it. Rudi kept going.

I pulled Martin a bit closer, and took his cock in my mouth again. Rudi groaned, and if anything, seemed more turned on. I sucked Martin hard, running my lips and tongue around the head, but I made sure I kept fucking Rudi hard enough.

Rudi was fucking hard now, pumping into me the way he knew I liked it, slamming his pelvis against my cunt.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy (Mick) I had fucked when I first came to London, come to the mattress with a very pretty and very young girl - no more than 18 or 19, nude except for a gold chain around her small waist, with tiny boobs and puffy nipples. Her tiny boobs, more like a boy's than a girl's were it not for the nipples, made her look even younger!!

He was wearing a g-string, and I knew what was underneath! He had what was then the biggest cock I had seen. Really long and VERY thick. When we had fucked, I could not take him in my pussy, so we just played in a 69, and I made him cum like that - he was simply too big for my 22 year-old no-children pussy at that time (quite frankly, he would be too big now also!)

Mick walked over with the blond girl-child in tow. He waved to me as he approached. When he got to us, he took off his g-string and immediately started masturbating that enormous cock, getting it to stand straight up like a telephone pole!

Martin was still to one side of me, and I was playing with his cock, occasionally taking it in my mouth. Rudi had slowed down, and seemed content to just fuck slowly, now and then thrusting deep into me, making me gasp, while watching Martin's cock in my hand or mouth.

Mick stood on the other side of us, playing with his cock - he clearly wanted to join in. I turned to him, and wrapped my hand around the shaft of his cock. It was so big that my hand just fitted around it - I could easily have used two hands to play with him, and there would still have been lots of cock sticking out.

The blonde girl was standing behind Mick, her arms around him, feeling his balls. Now she came out from behind him, went to Rudi, and lay down at an angle to him, her cute little face next to his. He looked at her, not sure what to make of this.

She took his face in her hands, and started French-kissing him, fondling his head, running her hands down his chest. He kissed her, now and then glancing at me - I guess to see that I was okay with this.

I took Mick’s cock into my mouth (well a little of it anyway - just the head and the top of the shaft). With Mick and Martin on either side of me, I took first the one then the other in my mouth, playing with whichever was not in my mouth with my hands.

Blonde-girl got up, faced me and sat over Rudi’s face, lowering her cunt over him. If I could have taken a picture of his reaction as he realised what she was doing I could have sold it! She was oblivious to this, and just waited for him. He reached up and ran his fingers along her slit, then inserted a finger into her.

She was facing me, so I reached out and fondled her tiny boobs, playing with her puffy nipples, making them stand out even more than they normally did.

We played like that for a while. Then Martin, Mick and the girl moved away and went to the side of the room. I was still riding Rudi in a relaxed way.

The girl went onto all fours, and Martin mounted her from the back. At first I thought he was just fucking her pussy, but he took a while to get his cock in, and I realised he was fucking her bum. Mick knelt in front of her, and she tried to get as much of his cock in her mouth as she could.

Martin started fucking her bum hard and deep, and Mick was pushing a lot of his cock into her mouth from the front, making her gag every so often when it got too much. It was amazing to see this huge cock in her tiny mouth - it looked like she was trying to swallow a salami whole!

After a while I got off Rudi, and just lay next to him, cuddling and kissing. He was very aroused and horny still.

Rudi pulled on his pants, and I put on my skirt, and we went back to the main area. It was quite an unusual party, as some people were just there to enjoy the party, others to fuck, which does not happen often - but it seemed to work. No-one in the main areas was going beyond foreplay, and if they really wanted to fuck they would go to another of the rooms, and come back when they were tired. The girls in the main areas had mostly taken their tops off, or unbuttoned their blouses, but that’s about all.

We sat on a couch with 2 other couples we knew. We had all been drinking quite a bit, and we were planning to spend the night there rather than drive back. Rudi and I were making out, kissing and playing now and again, as were the others. As time went on, more people joined us who we mostly knew.

I was getting on quite well with Mick’s blond girlfriend, Michelle - she was in fact only 18 and at college, but according to Mick she was wild - she would fuck anyone anytime any way! Except him!! He seemed quite unhappy that she would not let him put his cock fully into her - I told him I did not blame her one bit - and he could keep that thing away from me also!!

I don’t know how we got onto the subject, but somehow the discussion was about how many guys a girl could fuck at once. Michelle and I were chatting about something else, when the guys turned to us and asked

”what do you girls think?”

"About what?” we asked.

"How many guys can a single girl fuck at one time?”

"In a row?” asked Michelle.

"No", they said, "at once, all together.”

Michelle and I looked at each other.

"Logically, 5”, we said,” If you count hand-jobs and oral as fucking.”

"How?” they asked.

In retrospect, I should have seen where this was going. The guys knew what the answer must be, and were just getting us to get involved, with an obvious end result in mind. I am not sure which of us they were aiming for, or if it mattered!

“No way” the guys said,” A girl could not take all that, she would not be able to move”.

“Well, she couldn’t move a lot, but it could be done” I said, walking right into the trap, eyes wide open and still blind!

The chatting went on, about how many guys Michelle and I had ever had at once (3 for both of us it turned out), how a girl could not manage more etc etc.

"I am sure that I could take more if I wanted” I said.

And then the magic words were spoken...

‘You wouldn’t dare” said one of the guys.

I have probably got into more trouble in my life as a result of those words than anything else. That’s how I got my nickname at school (wildchild) - given to me by the teachers because of my willingness to take any dare if I was in the right frame of mind.

So when I was told “you wouldn’t dare”, the response was almost automatic.


Which was exactly what they wanted to hear!

We joked and carried on a bit, and then got to the stage where the guys said:

“Ok Tamara, time to put up or shut up. We are willing; let’s see if you can do what you say you can.”

With that we all got up and went to the playroom. It was quite full, with a few couples fucking in various places.

Mick immediately came to me and hugged me, feeling my boobs, and running his hands between my legs.

"Let’s be clear” I said to him, “you can join in, but not inside me anywhere. Sorry. I don’t want to get hurt.”

He grinned and nodded.

Two of the other guys were also close. While Mick had his hands between my legs, they were stroking my bum and my boobs. It felt amazing to have so many guys’ hands all over me - quite overwhelming my senses.

Martin asked me how we were going to do this.

He doesn’t have a very big cock, so (without telling him why) I said he must lie on his back on the mattress.

His cock was rigid, as he stroked it to keep it like that.

By now there was a crowd around me - I guess the guys had told other guys what was happening. Martin lay on his back, and I lay on my back on top of him, taking his cock to my bum. Michelle saw this, and brought some KY jelly, and rubbed it on his cock. He positioned it at my bum, and slowly slid the head into my bum-hole, a little bit at a time. When he seemed to be quite far in, the next guy positioned himself, crouching above me, and without any effort slid his cock into my cunt.

They both lay quite still, as it can hurt a lot at this stage if they both start fucking at the same time - my cunt and bum need to get used to it first.

Mick wanted not to be left out. He stood at my head, to one side, and knelt down, his huge cock pointing at my face. I lifted my hands off the floor where they had been supporting me, so I was now lying fully on my back on Martin, and took Mick’s cock to my mouth, putting the head in my mouth. He moved it in and out slowly.

Immediately there was a guy on each side of me. I took a cock in each hand and jerked them off.

So - that was 5!

Martin and the guy in my cunt started to move slowly, and I must be honest, it felt great - like I was filled with cock.

Mick was just doing his own thing with his cock in my mouth, and I could feel that he was holding back, but getting quite close to cumming.

Martin was groaning, pushing harder in my bum. He seemed like he was going to cum, so I said to him ”not inside me please”. He nodded.

The guy on top of me also heard this and nodded, maybe thinking it was meant for him (which I guess it was). He was the first to pull out, taking his cock out of me and kneeling between my thighs. Michelle came and knelt next to him, took his cock and masturbated him till he came over her legs and tummy.

Martin pushed at my thighs and withdrew his cock from my bum.

Mick took his cock out of my mouth, turned to Michelle who took it in hers right away, and he came in her mouth at once, almost choking her, cum squirting into her mouth and dripping down her chin and boobs.

The other two guys moved away, and I have no idea when or where they or Martin came.

I lay there, exhausted and quite sore. On the one hand it was an erotic feeling to have that many guys involved with me at once, but it was not particularly good sex - I couldn’t move much at all, and there was so much going on that I could not really focus and enjoy myself .

I got to my knees, rested a moment, and then stood up.

Readers who are alert will have by now seen the problem. Where was Rudi in all this?

Rudi had come into the room with us, I had seen him, but he was not there now.

I went looking for him, not sure why he had not joined in.

After I could not find him, a girl I knew said he had gone, and gave me a note he had written.

I can still remember what he wrote after all these years...


You are a lovely sexy girl, and I really like you, but I cannot be part of your life if it includes so much sex with other people. It’s just not what I am looking for, and I have no right to ask you to change it. If one day you want to commit to one guy, call me.

I have arranged for a taxi for you for tomorrow morning at 9.

Be safe, have fun


So, that was that. At the time I was cross, but the next day, when I thought about it, I felt bad for him. He had taken a girl he liked to a party, not knowing what might happen, and then had to watch her fucking all manner of guys and in very public and almost perverse circumstances.

I missed him, but not enough to stop my lifestyle, although I did stop drinking not long after that - I was not happy at myself making such an exhibition of sex, particularly where I did not really enjoy it.