Written by wildchildtammy

26 Oct 2013

Dear Diary,

Many of my friends here have asked about life on the motor-yachts I crew on .

As you know, I work in Europe on large motor-yachts as a hostess, looking after food, entertainment, and generally doing what the ‘hotel manager” would do on a cruise ship.

Of course, on these motor-yachts, the hostesses (es) also have a role to play in making the guests comfortable, seeing to personal needs, and generally being around as ‘useful decoration!”

The hostesses are usually fairly good-looking girls between 25 and 35, with international experience, well –groomed and with a chilled attitude to life. We mingle with the guests, chat, serve drinks and snacks, serve meals, have a drink with them if they want and generally socialise, while also keeping an eye on the actual level of service.

On smaller yachts, there may be only one hostess, on larger vessels up to 5 or 6- it depends on the number of guests, crew accommodations and the length of the cruise.

Earlier this year I was on a charter in the Aegean Sea. We were going from Mykonos to Serifos, a smaller island south west of Mykonos.

We had, unusually, the vessel owner on board, with 10 of his guests, all guys, on a sort of “boys cruise”. The guys ranged in age from around 30 to maybe 60, all seemed to be very wealthy, and a mix of nationalities.

As far as hostesses go, we were 3 girls: Caralee, a Jamaican girl, Sandi, a French girl, and me.

Caralee I have worked with before, so we shared a cabin, and Sandi shared with the chef, Shirley.

Caralee is stunning- light coffee-coloured skin, black hair and a figure from a magazine- tall, slim with big boobs, while Sandi is my height but more petite, with lovely auburn hair, long legs and small pointy boobs.

As we neared the island of Serifos, on the 4th day of the cruise, the guys had become quite familiar with all 3 of us, and there was a fair amount of trying to chat us up, but nothing heavy.

One morning the skipper called us, and said that he had a request from the guests- and we could say no if we wanted. He said that the owner and his guests had asked whether we would be willing to work topless for the remaining days of the cruise, at least in the day on deck.

(This is not such an unusual request- I have been on a cruise where the guests suntanned in the nude, and wanted me to also be nude).

Anyway, we discussed it, and agreed, so the next morning the guests were treated to the sight of the 3 of us on deck, topless. We decided that our normal “long shorts” would look silly if we were topless, so we had on black Lycra gym shorts, and we were barefoot. I must say that we looked good- we made sure we had full make-up on, and hair nicely done, so the contrast between that and our naked boobs was highlighted.

We worked all day like that, and the guys seemed happy. We docked, and they went ashore in the rubber-ducks to swim and snorkel. The girls went later with the drinks cases, food boxes and spare towels. (We had our normal work-clothes on for the transfer with bikinis underneath to swim in). When we got ashore, there was a short jeep-ride to where the guests were, on a secluded beach. We set up the drinks and snacks, and laid out the dry towels. BUT like good girls, we had prepared for the day- we also took along the grass skirts we had on board in the fancy-dress cupboard- not real grass, but fake plastic grass attached to a waist-band, and about mid-thigh length on Sandi and me, upper-thigh length on Caralee.

We went behind the bushes and took our uniforms and bikini tops off, put on the grass skirts, and went topless back to the beach. The guys were so surprised- they had their eyes riveted on our every move! Caralee in particular made the most of her assets, making sure her large boobs moved and were in sight all the time.

They swam and tanned and drank, while we served and chatted- we were not allowed to drink in the day, and only very little at night with the guests- and I don’t drink at all anyway.

Towards the end of the day, just before we went back to the yacht, Caralee was in front of where the guys were lying, packing away the food. She seemed very jolly, singing and jiving by herself. As she moved across in front of them- she gave a little pirouette- the grass skirt flew up, and Caralee ‘s smooth, hairless pussy and perfect brown bum was on display- she had taken her bikini bottom off at some stage, unbeknown to Sandi and me! The guys clapped and shouted at her to do it again, which she did. Sandi and I looked at each other- no way were we going to let Caralee get all the attention. We went behind a rock took off our bikini bottoms, and went back.

Now came packing up time. Sandi and I made a point of standing straight-legged in front of the guys and bending from the waist to pick everything up- now they could see that none of us had a bikini on ! Sandi faced them, reached up to get a towel out of a tree where someone had hung it, and they got a good look at the trimmed triangle between her legs. I sat down to pack the glasses. I crossed my legs, facing the guys-the small runway and my pussy clearly on show under my grass skirt!

We packed up, dressed, drove back to the rubber ducks, got into the rubber ducks and went back to the yacht. Once there, we put our Lycra shorts on, still topless, and got the dining room ready for dinner. We served dinner topless, but wearing long black pants and a black bow-tie, borrowed from the male crew.

After dinner, we sat on deck near the guys, as the yacht got underway. By now the guys had drunk quite a lot. While chatting to us, a group of 4 of them asked Sandi whether we were good dancers. She had no idea where this was going, so she said yes, we were.

So, they said, why don’t you 3 girls put on a dance show for us tonight, last night of the cruise and so on. She came back to Caralee and me and told us about it. We talked and the idea was born. Sandi was not keen, so we said fine, she can serve drinks and Caralee and I will do a show-BUT we will get Dimitri to join us. Now Dimitri is one of the ships technical crew- a gorgeous Greek guy, with a beautiful face and body- and he knows it! Caralee has worked with him before, and said he was very good in bed, so she had fucked him also- news to me.

We send Sandi back to say that the show would start at 11 pm in the lounge!

Caralee and I phoned Dimitri, and asked him to come to our cabin, which he did. After some small-talk, Caralee said to him that there was good news and bad news. Good news was that he was going to get to fuck both of us tonight- bad news was that it was in public! Well, you should have seen his face- he did not know whether to be happy or not- u could see the 2 pieces of news alternating in his head! He asked a bit about what we had planned, and we told him. He was going to refuse, when Caralee said- of course if you don’t want to, we will ask Stavros (another Greek crewman). That was all it took- no way was Dimitri going to let Stavros fuck us both and him not get to have us- public or no public!

So at 1030 we closed the lounge door, and made a space for us to dance at one end. We arranged the chairs in a semi-circle around this space, and put the big picnic rug on the floor, with some scatter cushions also. We dimmed the lights, put on some music and went to get dressed.

Caralee wore a VERY short mini-skirt, and a halter-neck top with no bra, and high heels.

I wore a pair of white tights, no panties and my very small bikini top (and it really is tiny- 2 little pieces of almost see-through white material which just covers my nipples)

We had told Dimitri to wear something that was not difficult to get off, and he arrived in loose black pants, like a cotton pyjama material, and a very tight black vest. He had slicked his hair back, and looked divine- I almost took him to bed right there!

We told him to stand at the back of the lounge, as though he was on duty, till we fetched him.

Sandi arrived to see if we were ready. She had on beautiful black Victorias Secret panties, with just lace in front. She looked superb, and I could see her triangle of trimmed dark hair under the lace.

She went to call the guys from the bar, and went to the lounge. Caralee and I waited a while, and then went through. We went to the front, to much applause from the guys.

As the music played, Caralee and I danced with each other, getting more and more intimate as the songs played. I put my hands under her top, and massaged her boobs till the nipples stood out, then a lifted her top off, and sucked and kissed her erect nipples.

She reached down between my legs and stroked my pussy, pushing the fabric so that the lips showed clearly. Then she took my boobs and pulled the bikini aside, kneading my nipples between her fingers, she undid the bikini, so we were both topless now.

The guys by now had gone quiet- I think they realised that maybe they were going to get more than just a strip show.

I put my head under Caralee’s short skirt, and licked her pussy-lips. I had never played with her before, so this was new to me. She has the most wonderful pussy- just a tight line between her legs, and the pink lips contrasts with her coffee-skin. I probed with my tongue, opening her lips and finding the wet inside. I flicked at her clit with my tongue to see if she liked it, and she pushed her hips towards me.

The guys could imagine what I was doing, but they could not see it. I took my head out, reached behind her, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She opened her legs a bit, and I went back to licking her pussy, while she fondled her own boobs, her brown nipples large and erect.

Once she was wet, I lay down in front of her on my back, and lifted my legs and back into a yoga candlestick position, my legs pointing straight up and my back supported by my arms. She stood with my feet at her boob’s height and leaned forward, taking my tights at the waist and peeling them off me.

I stayed in that position, and opened my legs- she knelt down, put her head between my legs and began to tease and tickle my pussy with her tongue. As she slipped her tongue into my wet pussy, she put a finger into my pussy and began to finger-fuck me as she licked. I was in heaven- I had never played with her before, and she was so good at licking me. Her tongue began to rotate around my clit, which was by now getting harder, and it felt like she put at least another finger in me, twisting her hand as she pushed in and out.

When I began to feel that it was getting sensitive, I lowered my legs and stood up.

I looked at the guys- they were silent and leaning forward in their seats. Most had one hand on their crotch, and 2 had taken their cocks out and were stroking them.

Caralee and I walked between them to the back, took Dimiti’s hands and led him to the front. He was clearly not wearing anything under his light-weight ‘pyjama” pants and his erect cock was very visible underneath.

We stood him in the middle of the “stage”, facing the guys. We knelt on either side of him, and we both started playing with his cock under his pants. After a few minutes, I took his top off, and Caralee pulled his pants down over his erect cock and he stepped out of them.

I knelt again, and Caralee and I took turns to put his cock in our mouth, all the while playing with his balls and bum. We played like this for a while, and then I lay down on my back and pulled him to me.

He lay above me, his cock touching the entrance to my pussy. Slowly he pushed it in, further and further till the base of his cock pushed on my pussy. He paused, and then stated fucking, slowly at first and then faster, but not going in all the way. He then suddenly thrust all the way in 3 or 4 times, hard and fast. I yelped and pulled him harder to me.

Caralee was sitting next to us, with her hand between our legs, fondling his balls and my pussy as he thrust in and out. I whispered to him not to come yet. He thrust a few more times, and then pulled his cock out, saying he needed to slow down or he would cum.

I sat up, and Caralee went into a doggy-style position. Dimitri went behind her, and she guided his cock into her pussy. He started the same as with me, slowly, but she turned and said to him to go hard and fast, so he did. I sat next to her, pinching her big hard nipples, with one hand between my legs and my fingers slightly in my pussy.

As they fucked, I could see from the expression on his face that he was getting close to cumming. I said to him again not to, but to take his cock out before he did.

A minute or two later he pulled his cock out, and stood up straight. Caralee also got up. I knelt in front of him, and took his cock in my mouth, tasting Caralee’s pussy on his cock. She stood behind him, pressing her big boobs into his back, and put one hand between his legs playing with his balls.

I sucked on his cock, licking the head and trailing my lips down the shaft. Then I started to really face-fuck him, letting him thrust hard and fast in my mouth. He started groaning, and I realised that now he was going to cum.

I took his cock out of my mouth, but before I could take it in my hand, Caralee’s hand came around from the back and started jerking him off just as fast as he had been thrusting, pointing his cock at me. I tried to keep my lips in contact with the tip of his cock, and he suddenly paused as he was going to cum.

I then did something I very seldom do with a new guy, but he was so beautiful and exciting standing there in front of me with his very hard and nice cock pointing at me- I opened my mouth, and as Caralee jerked him off he came in long hot spurts of cum, in my mouth, on my face, eyes and in my hair.

It seemed to go on forever, loads of cum squirting at me- when it stopped my face was covered in cum. I had to swallow some as it had got far into my mouth with the first squirt. The rest I let dribble down my chin onto my boobs.

The guys erupted in applause. We grabbed towels, wrapped them around us, and ran back to the cabin. We pulled Dimitri inside and locked the door.

Now our turn, we said.

I went to the bathroom to wipe of his cum. When I came out, Caralee had him on top of her, fucking as hard and fast as he could. Within minutes she began to gasp, and she came with a loud shout. They were both covered in sweat, so when he had got his breath back, I led him to my bed and Caralee went to the bathroom.

After about 30 mins, I started playing with his cock again, putting it in my mouth to let it grow hard. When he was hard, I lay him down on his back and sat on him in a reverse cowboy. I used his cock as a fuck-toy, moving so that it touched exactly where I wanted.

Caralee came and sat next to us, putting her hand on my pussy and rubbing hard over the top where my clit is.

With his cock and her hand, I came, and again and again, 3 times in quick succession.

I climbed off him, and he got cleaned up and went back to his cabin.

Caralee and I fell asleep almost immediately.

I guess that was one of the most extreme nights on a yacht for me, right up there with the night I seduced the (straight) wife of a guest!