Written by wildchildtammy

01 Jun 2015

Last weekend I was invited to a party by a French couple I have known for many years.

I met Emile and Antoinette in SA as a result of a chance discussion with a couple on one of the charters I worked on in 2001. It was one of the first charters where I had seen a group of guests on board where the clear arrangement was wife-swopping. I was at the time amazed to see how openly the couples would swop and fuck each other’s spouses.

At first I could not work out what was going on- I didn’t realise that it was all arranged, and I thought that some of the men and women were taking a huge risk, in that their partners may find out that they had gone to another guests stateroom- but I quickly saw that each evening the men and women paired up differently, but the next morning they arrived at breakfast with their own spouse!

Eventually I asked one of the women, in a roundabout way, what the story was.

It turned out that they were all members at a swingers club in Germany, and that they had booked the charter as a fun way to spend a week playing with each other’s partner.

Typical of the Germans, they had “rules”! One of the rules was that no woman could spend a night with the same guy twice unless it was her own partner, so no “liaisons” could develop. Another rule was the usual one that the woman had the say as to what she would and would not do- so no anal, dp, cumming in the mouth etc unless she agreed. A strange rule was that no-one could refuse a request for sex without good reason. This included guys who wanted to play with another guy, provided that their partners were also present. They did not “enforce” guy-guy anal penetration, but if a guy wanted to experiment with playing with another guy’s cock, maybe also sucking it, he could ask and it would usually be granted.

Once we had spoken, I mentioned to the woman that I had also been in the swinging lifestyle for a while. Towards the end of the charter, she said that she had friends in Johannesburg who were into this also, and I should look them up when I got back to SA.

I was in Europe for most of that year, but when I got back to JHB, I made contact with her friends, and we have remained friends since- not only in a swinging sense, but as normal friends also.

Emile and Antoinette (Toni) are French as I have said. He is a banker, and she teaches French to adults. He is very good looking in a typical French way- longish hair, suave, well groomed but casual. Toni is a petite, elfin woman of my age, early 30’s, with short brown hair, huge brown eyes and a really “naughty”, sexy smile.

I have been to parties with them before, and played with both of them at various times. Emile is well-built, muscular, and well-endowed! AND he knows how to make love! He is patient, caring and sensual. I always enjoy him. Toni, for all her petite size, has lovely boobs- bigger than one would expect on her small build, full and still firm, with quite large brown nipples and areolas. She never shaves her pussy fully, and always has a neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair- very sexy on her small toned body. She does swimming as a hobby, and is strong and also quite muscular, but in a sexy way.

But back to the party- Toni phoned me about two weeks ago to say that Emile’s brother, Paul, was coming to South Africa for a holiday. He would be in Cape Town for a few days first, and then would come to JHB to stay with them for 3 weeks.

She said that he is very into the swinging life, and goes regularly to a club near Paris, and also hosts parties at his apartment in Paris where he lives. To welcome him, they were hosting a”pyjama- party” with some of their swinger friends, and did I want to join them? To keep the numbers of men and women even, I could “partner “ Paul, although she was quick to stress that this only meant in terms of numbers, not that I would necessarily have to play with him!

Also, if I wanted to come to the party, maybe I could pick him up and bring him along, as he did not know JHB and would battle to get to their home. I should explain that Emile and Toni live in a very old restored farmhouse in the Magaliesberg. Toni has spent a fortune restoring it, and furnishing it in the way only a French woman can- her taste and style is incomparable, and the house is at what I call “Top Billing” level! BUT, finding it is a major issue, and for someone who does not know JHB, almost impossible.

I agreed at once, and arranged to meet Paul at the hotel where he was staying overnight after his arrival from Cape Town, and take him to their home that afternoon. I would then stay the night, and drive back on my own the next day.

I booked for my usual beauty salon treatment for the Friday afternoon- full Hollywood wax, full leg wax, hot-stone massage, facial, pedi and mani and gelish, and I had my hair done on the Saturday morning early. I packed my overnight bag, making sure to include my sexy lingerie and baby-doll nighty (sleep-over and pyjama-party, remember!) and went to the hotel in Sandton at 13h00 to fetch Paul.

I asked at the front desk for him, and they phoned his room. He said he would be down in a minute, as he had already checked out. I was sitting in the lobby glancing through a magazine when a voice said

” ‘elllo? Are you Tamara?”

I looked up. Standing in front of me was one of the most striking men I have seen in a long time. Tall, rugged with slight stubble, curly dark hair, and a stunning face. Wearing tight faded blue jeans, and a crisp, loose white shirt, un-tucked with what looked like Gucci loafers- he could have stepped out of the pages of GQ!

The busty blonde receptionist was looking at him like a cat that has found the cream (cow!) so I stood, introduced myself, and got him out of there before she got any ideas! (I later found out that he had spent a pleasant hour with her the night before after she got off duty, and before she went home to her husband, so her look was not without justification!)

Paul and I drove to Magaliesberg- and I must say that he was a significant distraction to my otherwise competent driving! I had the roof down in my car, and the weather was warm, but not hot. With a gorgeous hunk next to me, and the prospect of a fun party ahead, I was feeling very happy as we made our way out of the traffic and onto the quiet roads near Hartebeespoort.

We got to the turnoff, and headed onto the gravel roads to the house. Once there, I parked around the back, where there were already 3 cars parked.

Paul and I went inside, to be welcomed by Toni and Emile. Emile had not seen Paul for several months, so there was a great deal of French at high speed between the three of them.

Then Toni showed me to my room, and I unpacked my small overnight bag.

It was now around 15h00, and Toni suggested that we swim while it was still sunny. I put on my bikini and went out to the heated pool. There were three couples already there, some of the people in the pool, others sitting or lying around. I was introduced to them all, and I lay down to get some sun, while getting to know everyone.

There was another French couple, Pierre and Louise, who live in Mauritius most of the time. He is retired, about 50 years old I guess, slightly overweight with a shaved head. She is younger, maybe my age, also a bit plump but pretty.

Mike and June are from Jo’burg. He is in his 40’s, tall, nice build, and a nice smile. June can only be described as statuesque- auburn hair, very big boobs, tall, and dramatic-looking. She is the sort of woman who guys stare at- very sexual and sensual without being obvious about it.

The last couple, Elaine and Hugo, were also from Jo’burg. Both in their early 50’S I guess, Elaine is a very pretty blonde, very trim figure and always laughing. Hugo looks older than I think he is. He is greying, with a bit of a paunch, and speaks loudly and assertively- he is used to be listed to, I think!

It appeared that this was all who were invited- just a small group of close friends of Toni and Emile. As far as I could make out, Paul and I were the only “non-couple” there- the rest all seemed to be married.

We lazed around the pool, with snacks and drinks every so often, till the sun set. Then we all went in to shower and change for dinner and the party. The farmhouse is huge, and it seemed that everyone was going to stay overnight, as the roads are quite dangerous to drive at night.

We were all standing at the bar by now, having dried off and put some clothes or wraps on. The guys mostly just had towels around their waist, and I had my bikini bottom on, with a beach-wrap over it, but I had taken the top off as it gets too cold with it on when it is wet.

Mike and June were standing next to each other, facing Emile, Louise and me, and we were all just chatting and laughing. Emile had turned the lights low, and had some nice jazz music playing, so it was a relaxed and sensual atmosphere- its strange how clothes like bikini’s seem more sexual and revealing when they are worn indoors, compared to when they are worn at a pool or a beach.

June had a short sundress on, with a very skimpy top and no bra- the dress was barely holding her huge boobs in check, but she looked very sexy- all the guys were glancing at her every so often.

Mike had his hand on her leg, stroking it gently as they chatted. I saw that as he stroked her thigh, the dress rode up higher and higher each time, revealing more and more thigh. Then the hem of the dress got up to her crotch, and lo and behold, her naked, bare pussy appeared- she had taken her bikini off altogether, and was naked under the dress. Emile and Louise were standing next to me, facing Mike and June, and they both saw this.

June kept talking about her recent holiday, as Mike pulled the dress up a bit more- her slit was now clearly visible, shaved, with plump lips and a big pubic bulge. He held the dress there with his hand, and stroked her pussy-lips with a finger, parting them slightly. She stood with her legs a bit more apart, and his finger went deeper into her slit. It was very erotic, and I could see that both Emile and Louise were both riveted by this display. June reached behind her, and felt for Mikes cock under the towel.

Mike let the towel drop- his cock was rigid already, as she continued to massage it.

Toni looked at me from the other side of the bar and winked at me- I went around to where she was standing

‘June is one of those women who has to have it when she wants it” she said in a whisper. ‘She will fuck anywhere she wants!”

June pulled up her dress so it bunched around her waist, and leaned forward.

Mike massaged his cock a few times, put his hand between June’s legs and felt her cunt. Then he pulled her back a bit, positioned his cock at her cunt, and drove it in with one movement, hard.

She yelped ‘BASTARD!”

He laughed, and started fucking her hard, holding her hips as he did so.

She gave as good as she got, thrusting backwards with each stroke of his. Louise was next to Emile, facing June and Mike. Louise had her mouth a bit open, mesmerised. She had on a one-piece swimsuit, which really suited her plump figure, and showed her boobs off well. She was stroking a finger along her slit over the swimsuit, watching them, making a nice came-toe.

June saw this, and motioned her to come closer. She did so.

Without missing a beat, June reached out, pulled Louise’s costume aside, and put a finger under it, along Louise’s slit. Louise shuddered, and opened her legs. June took two fingers, and put them into Louise’s cunt- she must have been wet already, as June’s fingers went straight in, deep, and she started fingering Louise rapidly.

As quickly as they had started they stopped. June stood up, took her fingers out of Louise and gave her a kiss on the cheek

“Later, doll!” she said with a laugh, as Louise adjusted her costume to cover her slit again. Mike picked up his towel, June lowered her dress, and they walked off to the rooms.

We all made comments to them as they walked off, laughing.

Toni reminded everyone that the theme was a pyjama party, and the dinner would be a buffet, so we could all get changed into our PJ’s, and get together at 19hoo for dinner.

I went to my room, showered, and got out my lingerie. I had a very see-through bra, lacy and lovely, in black and red, with a matching thong with a heart on the front. The thong is really more of an idea of a thong than an actual garment! It is so sheer and flimsy that one can see exactly what is underneath! Over this I wore my baby-doll nightie, white with red hearts and red trim. I had on very high-heel white strappy sandals, with my hand and toe-nails painted vivid red with fairly long (for me) gelish tips. (Working with the kids I can’t have long nails- so when I want to look more feminine and glamorous, I just have gelish nail tips put on. On the motor-yachts long nails also don’t work as they get broken too easily)

I sat in my room looking out at the darkening veld until 19h00, then went through to the main living area. (And do high heels make a noise on wooden floors!!!)

Toni was there with Paul .She was wearing a sheer, transparent wrap-around full length gown, white, trimmed around the entire edge with white fluffy fake fur. And nothing underneath! It was such an amazing look. The nature and style of a full-length gown suggested that the wearer would be fully covered, yet the transparency allowed more than a glimpse of her nude body under it. As she moved I could see clearly her full breasts and dark nipples, as well as the dark triangle of her pussy. Very sexy, and typical of her impeccable style.

Paul was wearing boxer-type pyjama shorts with a Bart Simpson print. He turned as I said hello to them- and my mouth must have just dropped open! His body was as stunning as his face- very muscular, lean and tanned. And from what I could see as he moved, he was not wearing anything under the shorts either!

I helped set out the food and drinks all the while glancing surreptitiously at Paul. This did not go unnoticed by Toni, who giggled as we set out the chips and Paul wandered off.

‘He is quite a hunk, yes?” (I love Toni’s accent. She speaks English fluently but with a clear French accent and sometimes her sentences are not the way we would talk in English usually, and at times she translates a French idiom into English with unexpected results. )

‘He certainly is’ I replied. ‘What happens when he is around as well as Emile- it’s not a problem when you play?”

‘No. We don’t mind playing in front of each other, but I would not play with him, that’s all. Otherwise it’s not a problem. He likes you. He said you have very nice boobies, from what he could see on the drive here!”

‘Well, I am sure he will get a chance to examine them more closely later” I said with a laugh.

The others all came into the lounge area over the next few minutes, and Emile turned the lights lower, lit many candles, and put on some more music as we ate and drank.

When most people were done eating, he switched off the lights altogether, leaving the room bathed in the flickering light of the candles and the main chandelier , and turned the music up a bit louder.( just as an aside, I should mention that Toni found a real , huge chandelier, with place for around 20 candles. Emile has to get a ladder and light all 20- but it is a spectacular sight in the farmhouse lounge)

Everyone was sitting on the various couches around the room, chatting and chilling.

Emile and Toni were sitting with Mike and June. I watched as Emile put his arm around June, resting his hand on her ample boobs. He fondled her nipples, making them hard. She had a negligee on, and he slipped the shoulder straps off her, letting the thin fabric fall to her waist. Her boobs were stunning- not natural, but well done and very big and firm, maybe a 36 or 38 C, with large nipples. Emile leaned forward and sucked first one then the other nipple. June reached for his crotch, and pulled his boxers down, letting his cock spring into view. Emile has a nice cock, above average length and quite thick. She stroked it, running her hand up and down it slowly.

Toni was watching them intently. I could see her nipples grow hard underneath her gown. June bent forward and put her mouth onto Emile’s cock, as Emile played with her boobs. She seemed to deep-throat him, taking his whole cock into her mouth, and then she sucked and mouthed him vigorously.

Mike, June’s husband, also watched as his wife sucked Emile. He put a hand onto Toni’s thigh, but she did not respond, still looking at June and Emile. Toni got up suddenly, knelt in front of June and parted her thighs. Leaning forward, Toni put her face between June’s thighs, pulled June’s panties aside, and began to eat her pussy. Toni still had her gown on, and looked so innocent in one way, but naughty in another!

I was really turned on by how quickly this had developed into a proper swinger-party. I had one hand on my boobs, just idly playing with my nipples, watching them.

Mike had taken off his pyjama pants, and was nude. He stood, went behind Toni where she was kneeling, eating his wife, and knelt behind her. He stroked her bum, feeling for her cunt, and then moved closer, his cock rigid against her bum. He parted her bum-cheeks and pushed his cock into her cunt. She reached between her legs for a moment and guided it into her, then pushed backwards so that he went in fully. He began to fuck Toni fast, holding her hips as he did so.

Emile pulled June upright and towards him. She lifted herself slightly onto his lap, took his cock to her cunt, and sat down on it. Toni moved a bit to allow for Junes movement, but kept eating her pussy, now with Emile’s cock in it, while Mike kept fucking Toni from the back. June rode Emile up and down, her head back, his hands around her feeling her very big boobs as they bounced


I had put one hand between my legs now, and was stroking my pussy lightly.

I felt someone arms around me from the back. I turned, to see Louise, the pretty plump woman from Mauritius behind me. She cupped my boobs over my bra with her hands, fondling my nipples, and whispered in my ear

“You have lovely breasts!”

“Thank you” I said, enjoying her fingers pulling at my nipples.

Her husband, Pierre came and stood in front of me. He undid his gown, facing me. He was naked underneath, and his cock, much bigger than I had expected, was erect and pointing at me. He was fully shaved, to match his bald head I guess!

I took his cock in my hands, and massaged it with both hands, fondling his balls and under his balls.

I was going to suck him, but he moved back, knelt, and lifted my baby-doll nighty. He licked my thighs up one and down the other, not touching my pussy, as Louise continued to tweak my nipples and feel my boobs. He was going to pull my thong aside, but I stopped him. (One of the “dangers” at dress-up parties like these ( as opposed to parties or clubs where one is fully undressed at the start) is that you have nice, expensive clothes/underwear etc on, which gets pulled and pushed roughly as the party progresses. Does not sound like much, but ask any woman what a really nice set of imported lingerie costs, and you will understand why it’s a problem!)

I stood up, took off my nighty, stepped out of my thong, took off my bra, put them on the table next to the couch, and sat down again.

He was still kneeling, looking at my very smooth pussy I guess! His cock was throbbing, and it really was big- a very nice size! Louise resumed fondling my boobs, now free of the bra. My nipples were rigid and aroused, and I felt that my pussy was wet.

Pierre parted my legs, started to lick and probe my pussy with his tongue, while at the same time, gently putting a finger into it. He was VERY good at it! He knew exactly how hard and where to lick and suck, rotating his tongue around my clit until it got hard, then leaving it for a while so it did not get too sensitive.

I lay back, content to enjoy the feeling of husband and wife arousing me.

I was surprised to find that I was getting close to an orgasm- I don’t usually react so quickly to my pussy being attended to without actually having had sex first.

But there it was, a warm, tingly feeling rushing up me, filling me. I opened my legs very wide and pulled his head closer to my pussy, and I think he realised that I was almost ready to cum.

He gave one last series of hard licks to my clit, and then thrust two fingers deep into me, feeling for my g- spot. That was all it took- I came with long low moans, jerking my hips into his fingers. As it subsided, he again licked the outer lips softly, until I relaxed.

It was amazing! It was such a nice way to cum. I have seldom, if ever, had a guy who did it so well- girls yes, guys no.

Louise rested her head on my shoulder from the back

‘Enjoy that, did you?” she asked

‘He is very good at it’ I said, breathlessly

‘He sometimes does that all night to me- I have cum maybe 8 or 9 times in a night- he just waits for a while, then starts again! “She said with a laugh.

Pierre was still kneeling in front of me, stroking his big cock.

“I want him in me “I said to Louise.

‘Later, maybe. He is not that young, and if he fucks you now he will cum, and then can’t play much for a while. He has had a hard-on since he saw you come in with Paul- so it would not take much for him to cum if he is inside you”

Paul grinned at me, got up, and he and Louise walked off toward the Jacuzzi area.

I rested a while, enjoying the afterglow of the orgasm.

A bit later, I put my nightie on and went to the bar area, near the doors leading to the Jacuzzi and pool.

Toni was standing behind the bar, talking to Paul, who was on the other side. I stood next to Paul. He looked at me, at my boobs and down at my pussy. I smiled at him, and Toni asked what I wanted to drink. I asked for a Lime and soda, which she got for me, and we talked about this and that. Paul was quiet, and as Toni and I can be real chatterboxes, we were soon engrossed in our conversation about a book we had both read recently.

Toni also had her gown on, her nipples erect and poking through the thin fabric.

Hugo came over with his wife, Elaine and went behind the bar to get a drink near where Toni was. I had not noticed that Paul had moved to stand near me, as Toni and I were talking, and I now felt his hands on my shoulders behind me, caressing my neck. He put his arms around me from the back, and pressed against me. I could feel a hard cock pressing between my bum. He cupped my boobs, and began to fondle my nipples, making them hard.

I was about to turn around, when he said

“Keep talking”

I laughed and did so.

As Toni and I chatted, he ran his hands down my sides, tickling my back and kissing the back of my neck (which I absolutely love!).I wriggled my bum against his hard cock- I had not seen him nude yet, but it felt big).I was battling to concentrate on my conversation with Toni! But every time I tried to turn or stop, Paul said- keep chatting! So I did!

He lifted my gown, and put his hand between my legs- my pussy was wet with anticipation, and he felt that immediately. He slid one finger along my slit, parting the lips slightly. I felt him hold his cock against my pussy-lips. It now felt REALLY big.

I opened my legs a bit, still chatting to Toni, although with difficulty!

Hugo came and stood behind Toni, with Elaine to one side of her.

He too lifted her gown, having seen what Paul was doing with me. She gave a little gasp, as his hand must have got to her pussy. Within a minute, he was pressed up behind her, and I saw her arch her back, and then he started to give little thrusts, obviously with his cock in her.

She kept talking, between thrusts. Paul pushed his cock more into my pussy- it got tighter and tighter as more went in- stretching my pussy wide. I opened my legs even more, and suddenly he gave a push and I felt it slide in- I was almost scared to move, as it was filling me completely. Toni laughed when she saw the expression on my face and mouthed “big!” to me. I nodded, not really able to speak yet.

Paul put his arm around me, over my boobs, between me and the bar counter, and began to thrust slowly. It was an amazing feeling– his cock was very big, but he was gentle and nice. Once he was sure I was ok with it, he went a bit faster, but still nicely.

Toni and I kept talking as best we could- then, then, without warning, we started to giggle. We could not help it. It was just such a funny feeling- facing each other, with a guy behind each of us fucking intensely, and all we had to do was stand still and chat!

Paul and Hugo did not really notice, intent as they were on the nice fuck they were having. After a while, my pussy got too sensitive to Pauls cock, and I asked him to take a break.

He did so right away, and I turned around to face him. I took his cock, now without the condom, and stroked it. It really was very big- both long and thick- no wonder it had felt so tight inside me. I asked him whether he had his cock all the way in me, and he said no, not all the way as it seemed it was hurting me.

I kept stroking his cock, both of us watching Toni and Hugo, with Elaine still kissing and nuzzling Toni’s face and neck. Hugo began to thrust into Toni hard- she moved a bit back, bent more forward and held onto the bar counter with her hands. He pumped hard and fast, and then began to grunt and screw up his face.

He pulled his cock out and quickly turned to face Elaine. She dropped to her knees as he whipped the condom off. He stroked his cock a few times pointing it at her- she opened her mouth, and took his cock in her mouth as he began to cum. He squirted all his cum deep into his wife’s mouth, as she swallowed and gulped as more and more went in. When he was done, she licked around the head of his cock, then stood up and smiled at all of us.

Toni stood up- her gown open, her trimmed triangle of pubic hair damp and glistening with her juices. He boobs were still lovely and full and her nipples rock-hard, as were mine.

Paul went to the bathroom, while Hugo held Toni around the waist and Elaine went off somewhere.

About an hour later, after sitting around for a while and just relaxing with Mike, Toni and Paul, Toni came to sit next to me, resting her head on my shoulder.

‘Shall we play, just the two of us?” she asked. ’I have a nice new toy to show you”

We went through to the small lounge- it’s like a library where Emile has all his books, wines, cigars and so on.

Toni disappeared for a moment, and then came back with a cardboard box.

She indicated to me to sit next to her on the floor, and took two big bean-bags from next to the settee. We sat on these, facing each other. She opened the box, and showed it to me. Inside was a collection of sex toys, all neatly laid out. She grinned at me, and took out a big double-sided dildo.

‘All the toys Emile and I can play with” she said,’ but not this one, and I have been dying to try it out!”

I laughed – I had used a double-dildo before, and to be honest, it’s more work than its worth, but what the hell- she was keen, so I would give it a try again.

Before she could use it, I wanted to make her good and horny. I leaned forward, and pushed her over backwards, so she was lying back on the bean-bag. I lay almost on top of her, and began to kiss her neck, throat, face. She responded eagerly, and she is a very good kisser!

I moved down, kissing her boobs and nipples, making them go hard again, and then kissed and licked all the way down to her pussy, nuzzling her pussy-hair, tasting her juice on her from her previous fucking. I licked along her wet slit, and into her pussy- she tasted slightly metallic- always a sign that a woman is ready (not sure why that it is- must be a hormone or something).

I was now almost upside down to her, and she took my right leg and lifted it, exposing my pussy to her. She stroked my pussy with her fingers, tickling my clit, probing into my pussy. I was certainly ready, and I guessed she was also!

It was quiet in the room, the music in the main lounge only just audible. We sat up, opposite each other. She took the dildo, and rubbed some lubricant on it (not that I needed it!)

I moved closer, my legs intertwined with hers, and we put each end if the long dildo into our pussies. Once we were both comfortable, we started to move slowly- you don’t actually need to coordinate the movement- any small movement by either girl has an effect, as the amount the dildo goes in or out is quite small.

We both lay back a bit, resting on our arms, and thrust gently with our hips. It felt nice, cosy and sensual being with Toni, alone in the room, pleasuring each other. Soon we began to thrust a bit harder as we both became more aroused. The dildo went in deeper and deeper each time, the lubricant creating a tingling feeling in my pussy.

We played like that for a while- I was never going to cum like that, but it was still a nice feeling, sexy and warm.

We had been doing that for some time when we became aware of a movement in the room near the open door. We both looked at the same time – Pierre and Mike were standing quietly in the doorway, watching us. They were both naked- Mikes cock was rigid, throbbing as he masturbated quickly- he seems almost ready to cum!

Pierre was stroking his cock with both hands, making thrusting movements as he did- also very turned on.

They apologized if they were disturbing us- we said they were not, we were in fact done with the dildo.

The both came into the room. Pierre came straight to me, and stood in front of me where I was sitting. He had let go his cock, and I could see some pre-cum on the tip. He took a condom from the bowl near us, and put it on. I helped him with it, and began to masturbate him gently, fondling his balls. He groaned, and I remembered what his wife had said- that he will cum quickly.

I pulled him down to the floor, and lay him on his back. I climbed on top of him, and guided his cock into my cunt. He reached up and played with my nipples. I rode him for only a short time when he began to thrust and moan. I gripped his cock with my pussy, and he came in a series of gasps and moans, clutching my hips.

I rode him until he was done, then got off and took his condom off.

Mike and Toni were still fucking- Toni was on her hands and knees, and Mike was fucking her from the back, driving into her hard. He too came soon, and the guys left the room after a while.

I went to bed around 2 am, and sat reading for a while. After about 15 minutes there was a soft knock on the door. I got up, put my gown on, and opened the door. Paul was standing there!

‘I hope I am not intruding?” he asked

‘No’ I said ‘I was just reading a while”

‘Would you like some company? I wanted to spend more time with you, but did not get the chance” he said.

I asked him to come in.

To cut a long story short, we spent the night together, and he made very nice love before we went to sleep, and again when we woke up.We went to breakfast together- the others were already there, and looked at us with knowing smiles.

Before I left later that morning, Toni took me to one side

‘That’s the first time I have seen you spend the night with someone at a party?” she said.

‘True. I don’t usually do that” I answered.’ But he is really nice- I like him a lot, as a guy, not just for sex”

‘He likes you a lot too’ she said. ‘he wanted to know whether I thought you would give him your contact details so he can call you when he gets back to Johannesburg, and later in France for when you are in Europe “

I found Paul, and he asked me for my details, which I gave him. Maybe we will meet again- who knows- but it was a great weekend!