Written by wildchildtammy

25 Jul 2014

On Thursday last week a couple from the site whom I have played with a few times at parties called me , to ask if I wanted to go to a party on the weekend where there would be an American couple , involved in the porn film business. I was intrigued, and said I would. We talked about it, and the woman, Sasha, and I decided what to wear- we were not sure how swinging or not the party would be.

On Saturday afternoon I went shopping, and bought a very cute green and blue striped dress- very low in front, open down to my bum at the back, and short- very sexy, but not too over-the-top .I wore it with blue high heels. Underneath I wore a black thong and a black lace push-up bra. I figured that if the woman was in the porn industry, she was going to have big boobs so I did not want to feel out!

Mike picked me up at 8 and we drove into Sandton, to one of the very big and expensive hotels. Took the lift to the penthouse suite! Wow. What a view!! Sandton skyline on a clear winter night is amazing!

There were about a dozen people there already, mostly older than me.

Mike introduced me to the couple from the US- Allan and Jordana. He was around 50 I guess, very good looking, like a young Sean Connery. She was the most exquisite girl I have seen in a long time. She was my height, with honey-blonde shoulder length hair and the typical US girl-next door look- cute little nose, full mouth and big green eyes, with long lashes. She looked like an advert for one of those summer shampoo commercials- sun, sea and blond girls on the beach.

She had a figure to match the looks, not really petite, but slim, with high, full boobs, but not overdone. A beautiful package.

I went and got a cool-drink at the bar, and returned to find a group of people sitting in the lounge area watching a movie. I sat down next to Allan. Jordana was sitting on the lap of a guy nearby.

The movie opening credits ran- a porn movie, starring…..Jordana!! This was unique for me- I have met porn actors on the various charters, but I have never been in the company of one while watching their movie!

The movie ran, and as Jordana ‘s character started getting fucked, I watched the guys look at her, look at the movie, at her, at the movie- you could see what was going through their minds- me next!!

Jordana had moved to sit next to the guy whose lap she had been on- her blouse was open, and his hand was on her boobs. She had her hands between her legs, moving them slowly as she watched herself on the screen- it obviously turned her on. Without taking her eyes off the screen, she unzipped her pants and slid her hands inside. She was unselfconscious, (to be expected I guess) and the others were watching her keenly.

She slid her jeans down her legs, lifted her feet out of them, and spread her knees. One hand was now busy between her legs, the fingers pushed into her cunt, her other hand was on the guys crotch, stroking his cock in his pants.

He stood, took his jeans off and faced her. Without taking her eyes off the screen she took his quite big cock in her hand, and licked it like a lollypop, from the underside of his balls all the way to the head and back. She stopped for a second, took off her blouse and her bra- she had beautiful, firm boobs with puffy light brown nipples, very erect, then she went back to licking his cock.

Allan, watching her, and turned to me.

“Turn you on?” he asked.

“Sure”, I said. “I am bi, so a beautiful girl always does it for me”.

“Let’s see how turned on you are” he said, and he put his hand between my legs, just under the hem of my dress. I parted my legs, and let his hand slide up my thigh till his fingers reached my thong. He pulled it gently aside, and his fingers traced a line up and down my slit, which was fairly wet.

I did not want my thong to get stretched, so I reached under me and took it off. I was standing over Allan, and I undid his belt and zip, and he took his pants off. I took my dress and bra off also.

Jordana had got on top of the guy and was sitting on him, riding him.

I was very horny now, and I did the same as Jordana- I got in top of Allan, and guided his cock into my wet cunt.

I lowered myself onto him and felt his nice thick and long cock slide into my cunt. He leaned forward and took my boobs in his hands, and started biting gently on my nipples, which I love! I rode up and down, letting his cock go deeper and deeper into me with each thrust. I looked over at Jordana-she smiled at me and started riding her guy in time to me.

All around us, people were getting undressed and starting to fuck. A older woman, about 50 I guess, with very big natural boobs was kneeling on the floor in front of where I was, with a very young guy fucking her in the ass, and her partner, (her husband, I guess) lying under her and eating her cunt as the young guy fucked her bum, while she had he husbands cock in her mouth.

On a couch near the TV, 2 women were fucking an older guy. The one was sitting with her cunt on his face as he lay on his back, the other was riding his cock, stopping every so often to take it in her mouth, suck it a few times, and then put it back in her cunt.

Jordana got off the guy she was fucking and walked over to me, her boobs bouncing as she walked. She had lovely puffy nipples, hard, and her pussy was smooth except for a thin landing strip of dark blonde hair. She stood behind me, and cupped my boobs in her hands. As I rode Allan, she massaged my boobs, fondling my nipples.

She walked away, back to her handbag, and came back to me.

“My turn” she said to Allan, pulling at my shoulder.

I got off Allan and looked at her.

She had a HUGE strap-on in her hand! She stepped into it, tightening the belt around her waist. The dildo stuck out in front, huge and hard, with the thong part dividing her slit and running up her bum-crack to the belt at the back.

“Doggy” she said, grinning.

I went down onto all 4’s, spreading my knees. She knelt behind me, and I felt the tip of the dildo pushing at the entrance to my cunt.

She slowly pushed it forward, and I helped it in. Once it was quite far in, she started to move back and forth, slowly at first, the faster. IT WAS HUGE! It filled my cunt, stretching the lips wide, and I could feel the tip against my cervix area. She was firm but gentle in a way, and I got more and more aroused, my pussy juices running down the inside of my thighs. Allan had got off the couch and came over. He knelt behind Jordana, and I felt her hesitate as he positioned himself. She turned to him as he knelt behind her.

“Ass, not cunt” she said to him.

I felt her push back against him, and then he started fucking her, in the bum I guessed. She started fucking me again with the strap-on.

I felt that I was getting aroused enough cum, and I put one hand between my legs to rub my clit.

She noticed this. “Going to cum?” she asked. I nodded.


She pulled the dildo out quickly, pushed Allan back, and put her face between my bum-checks, her tongue searching for my cunt. She ran her tongue around my bum-hole, and then pushed her face I so that her mouth was at my cunt.

She started eating my pussy, her tongue deep inside my lips, flicking at my clit every so often. As I started to cum, she put some fingers very deep into my cunt, hard, and nibbled hard at my clit. I came in a rush, juices flowing our over her face. She kept going until I was done, fingers and tongue working hard. I almost collapsed once I had cum, lying flat on the floor on my tummy.

Jordana stayed kneeling, and another guy entered her from behind, fucking her hard in her ass. Allan lay down in front of her, and she moved so that she was over his cock. The guy behind her stopped, and she let Allan put his cock into her cunt. The guy behind put his cock back in her ass, and they DP’d her hard and roughly. I sat up in front of her, and kissed her, my tongue deep in her mouth. She tasted of my pussy!

The guy ass-fucking her gripped her hips and started to cum inside her. She let him finish, and then Allan took his cock out of her cunt. I moved away from her face. Allan stood in front of her, jerking his cock. She opened her mouth, and he squirted his cum in her mouth and on her face. She let it all squirt out, and then swallowed what was in her mouth.

The older woman on the floor was now sitting on her bum, with her husband and the young guy jerking off in front of her. Once Jordana had let Allan cum in her face, she also turned to the young guy and jerked his cock, pointing it at her mouth. He came in huge long spurts, all over her hair and face, and in her mouth. Her husband came a few seconds later, also in her face.

Later, after we had all had some dinner in the room, I got to know her a bit better. She was 22, from Texas, and a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader understudy- but when it became clear that she was not tall enough to make the main squad (and did not want to get huge boobs implanted), she left that and was asked to do some soft-core porn pics, then movies, then hard-core porn. She said she enjoyed it; she loved sex, and made great money.

Before we left she got quite horny with a few guys, and did a ‘train” where almost all the guys there took turns in fucking her one after another, about 8 or 10 in all I guess.

She came again and again when they did this. I also got quite horny watching her and 2 of the guys and I fucked after that, and I came again.

Mike and Sasha dropped me off at home in the early hours- with a very sore pussy, but it was a nice and different evening.