Written by wildchildtammy

26 Feb 2014

Over Xmas /New Year I went to Cape Town for a few days to visit my Dad.

After lunch on the second day, I met up with a very good friend of mine, Maria.

Maria is a Greek girl who I have known for a long time, since college days. She is a bit plump, voluptuous in fact, with a very pretty face and big dark brown eyes. We used to go on double-dates together, because she has an attitude to guys and sex very much like mine- if we feel like sex, we will, if we don’t, we won’t- it’s not a big deal- just part of a night’s entertainment!

On this particular afternoon we met up at a pub near the UCT campus, which is a very popular student hang-out, although they were of course on holiday at that time.

We got there about 3pm, and sat at the bar counter. Maria had a few drinks, and we just chatted, catching up on things.

The barman came over with 2 drinks- we said we had not ordered, but he said they were from 2 guys sitting at a table near us. We looked round and saw the guys- both quite young, maybe 22-25 at the most. We said thank you, and carried on chatting.

After about 10 mins one of the guys came over, and introduced himself as George, and said his friends name was Alec, and would we like to join them at their table.

Maria said we would think about it, and he went to sit down again.

‘Are we being picked up?” I asked her.

‘Looks like it- and they are cute!” she said.

‘Cradle-snatcher!” I said, and we laughed

We decided to join them and see what the afternoon would bring.

It turns out that they were both students, George at UCT and Alec at Stellenbosch, both second years, and they shared a house in Harfield Village, not far from the Pub. George was quite tall and well-built, and Alec was about the same height, but with a real rugby-player build- wide shoulders, big arms and chest- he looked in very good shape!

We chatted with them all afternoon- as it got towards 630 pm, Alec asked whether we would like to join them for a braai at their house.

Maria and I went to the bathroom together to think about it. She said she really fancied George, and would not mind “getting to know him better” - Maria-speak for a good fuck! So we agreed to go to their place.

When we arrived there, it was a really nice cottage, nicely decorated and neat. Alec admitted that their sisters had done the décor!

They guys lit the braai, and we sat in the lounge- George and Maria on one couch, Alec and me on another. They had put some music on-it was turning out to be a nice chilled afternoon. I felt Alec put his arm around me, tentatively. He felt good- strong, and I leaned against him to show him that it was OK. I looked over at Maria- she was in a tight embrace with George, kissing him and with her arms around him- does not waste time, Maria!

Alec let his hand stray lower, touching the top of my boobs. It was weird- most of the guys I date , who are older, just take it for granted that we can fuck, and reach around to undo the bra- this was like being back at school- gentle manoeuvrings ! !

By now Maria had taken her top off, and was sitting in her bra and with just her jeans on. I could see that George could not take his eyes off her very large boobs, with the dark nipples standing out against the fabric. Her one hand was in the front of George’s pants, with the zip open.

Alec kept kissing me, stroking my boobs over my top and bra. I figured that at this rate, we would have to stay the night if he wanted to fuck, he was going so slowly!

I reached down and pulled off my t-shirt, and reached behind me and unhooked my bra. Without a pause I leaned forward and opened his zip, and rubbed my hand over his hardening cock.

He sat there almost frozen- I don’t think he expected this to happen so quickly- maybe he was used to having to seduce the girls!

His hands were playing with my nipples, and I pulled his underpants down, releasing a very nice thick cock- surprisingly he was fully shaved, which I really prefer. I played with his cock, and he bent down to suck on my nipples.

I slid off the couch onto the floor, and knelt in front of him, taking his cock in my mouth, licking the shaft from his balls to the very tip, and then enclosing it in my mouth again, licking with my tongue while it was in my mouth. His cock was great- thick and a nice length, and circumcised.

He took off his shirt- wow- he had a great body- big muscles and a rock-hard tummy! I pulled on his pants, and he lifted his bum so they could slide off. I cupped his balls in my hands, and sucked and licked his cock. He started moving his hips, so I stopped- I told him he was not to cum yet- lots to play with still!

I stood up and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Facing him, I ran my fingers over my thong, pulling it against my cunt so that it showed my slit. Doing this also made me wet, so the thong showed this as I slid my finger up and down.

He reached with his hands to my thong, but I pulled away and said ‘Mouth only”!

He bent forward, and I moved my cunt nearer- he bit the front of the thong and gently pulled it down. As he did so, I slid his cock in my fist, like a pussy, up and down. I pushed my cunt closer, and he nuzzled my pussy-lips with his mouth.

Once the thong was lower, I took it off, and returned my cunt to his mouth. He put his hands on my bum, and pulled me closer, sticking his tongue out and sliding it up and down my lips, parting them a bit, and licking where it was wet on the inside.

He slid one finger into my cunt, and slowly rotated it against the walls of my cunt. I moved my hips against his finger. When I felt nice and wet, I moved forward, straddling him.

He had taken a condom from somewhere, and it was lying next to us on a side-table.

I opened it, put it in my mouth and put his cock in also- then sliding the condom over his cock- party-trick!

I took his cock in my hand and guided it into my cunt. I sat down, letting its full length slide in- it felt so good, thick and hard against the sides of my cunt.

I began to move up and down, feeling the length of it first against the outer lips and then all the way in, till I was sitting with my clit against his pubic bone. I went faster and faster, feeling my whole pussy filled with his hardness. He pumped against me, pushing as I sat each time.

He felt like he was getting ready to cum, so I sat still, clenching my cunt around his cock. He also sat still, waiting for the feeling to stop.

I got off him, and turned my back to him- then I knelt on all fours, my bum toward him. He knelt behind me, and pushed his rock-hard cock into my pussy. I thrust back, and said “hard and fast now”.

He did so, ramming his cock in an out. I thrust back each time, slamming into his cock.

I felt him starting to cum, and I grabbed at my clit, rubbing hard over it. He came with great shuddering gasps. I kept thrusting, and just as he finished I also came, clamping my thighs together to make the feeling stronger.

He pulled his cock out, and took the condom off.

He held out his hand, and I took it and sat next to him on the couch

He looked across at Maria- she was on top of George, riding him hard, her big boobs swinging across his face.

They were at a slight angle to us, so that we saw Maria from the back, not the side- her bum and cunt riding up and down. I could see he was fascinated by her bum- she has a lovely round full bum- and she likes anal!

I was still stroking his cock- I looked at him and whispered- “have you ever tried anal?”

He shook his head.

“Go over to them and stroke her bum-hole- if she is in the mood she will let you”, I said.

He went over, his cock already starting to get hard again. He sat at the foot of the couch, and reached out to Maria. He put his hand on her bum, and slid it towards her hole. She paused, and looked round, and smiled at him.

He moved his finger to her hole, and rubbed around it. I got up, went to the bathroom, and found some moisturising cream. I brought it back, and rubbed it around her hole. She wriggled her bum, and he pushed a finger slowly into her hole.

I sat on the floor, my finger in my cunt, content to watch.

When his finger was fully in, he slid it in and out, and then knelt behind her, between Georges legs.

He held his cock against her bum, and she stopped moving. She reached around, and guided it into her, just the head at first, and the a bit more

George had also stopped, waiting. Alec pushed more of his cock into Maria, and she started moving again.

She rode the two of them. George started groaning, and with a hard series of thrusts came in Maria.

Alec seemed ready to also cum again. I put my hand between Marias bum, and tickled his cock as it went in and out. He moaned, and I stoked it harder. He came with a few thrusts, his face all scrunched up. They both took their cocks out of Maria.

She got up with a smile, and sat on the couch. I sat next to her and put a wrap which had been lying on the couch around us.

The two guys had a slightly stunned look on their faces- I don’t think they ever imagine the afternoon would be like this!

The guys picked up their clothes and went out the lounge, to the bedrooms I guessed. Maria and I were warm and snug, and slightly sweaty from the fucking.

We lay like that for a while, and the guys went outside to see to the braai. We must have dozed off, because it was dark when we awoke, still cuddled together.

Maria knows that I am bi of course, and although she is not really bi, she will play a bit if she feels like it.

I cupped her very big breasts in my hands, and tweaked the nipples. I was still feeling horny, even though I had cum. I can often cum a few times if I am in the mood, although it does not happen that often.

Maria let her hand slide down my tummy, to the top of my slit. She ran the finger along my pussy, which was still wet and slippery, and then slid it into me, parting my still-swollen lips. I opened my legs a bit, and she pushed another two fingers in, moving them in and out.

I reached for her cunt, but she moved my hand away and said ‘My treat!”.

I lay back and closed my eyes. Her hand went in and out, while she played with my nipple and I played with hers. I felt a warm and soft feeling starting between my thighs.

Maria leaned over, moved the wrap, and put her face between my legs. I opened them more, and she flicked her tongue at my clit, still pulling at my nipples .I started moving my hips a bit as she licked- she did not put her tongue all the way in- I think she may be uncomfortable with that- but it was still very nice.

I felt that I wanted to cum soon, so I put my own hand over my cunt. Maria stopped licking, and asked what I wanted to do.

I said I wanted to cum, but it needed to have more hard stimulation in my cunt. She slid off the couch to kneel in front of me, and put three fingers into me, still licking my clit over the top of them. The she moved them in and out. I said to her to do it harder, like she wanted to hurt me- she rammed them in and out a few times, I felt the base of her hand slam against my clit- and I came with a rush, quite a lot of liquid coming out over her hand .

We had completely forgotten the guys- they had come back in to the lounge at some point, and were standing, staring, at us. I could see that both had a hard-on under their shorts.

Maria was still on her knees in front of me. She said to Alec to come over to her. She turned, pulled his shorts down, and said to George to come also to her. His shorts were also pulled down.

She stayed kneeling, her face resting on my thighs. She said to both of them- “One last fuck - first Alec, then George- you can cum and then swop quickly”

(I had seen Maria do this before- one time there were four guys and just the two of us after a party, and she fucked all four in quick succession, with each one literally being replaced by the next as the first one came. Maria, once she started cumming with the first one, kept cumming as each one changed, so she came for about 10 minutes all in all!)

They put condoms on, George stroking his cock to keep it hard. Alec knelt behind her, and slid his cock into her. I waved at George to come over next to her, nearer me. As Alec fucked Maria, I played with Georges’ cock- longer than Alec’s but not as thick.

He had the condom on, so I put his cock in my mouth and sucked hard. He moved back and forth, face-fucking me a bit. Alec was fucking faster and faster, and Maria started cumming with loud squeals. As she did, Alec seemed to cum (although I doubt that much came out! slamming his cock against her bum.

He pulled his cock out, and Maria put her hand between her legs to keep the feeling going.

I pushed George to her. He took Alec’s place, slid his cock into her very wet cunt, as Maria kept squealing and took her hand away. He only fucked for a very short time before he too seemed to cum, with Maria squealing all the time!

The guys lay back on the floor, finished! Maria and I took our clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up. We showered together, got dressed and went back to the lounge.

‘Now, about that Braai we were promised…” Maria said.