26 Apr 2018

Three weeks ago, I was invited by friends of ours to join them for a swinger party at their game-lodge near Bela -Bela. Originally, Simon was going to come as well, but at the last moment he had to go to Cape Town because a client needed to sign a contract, so he was away that weekend.

As it was going to be a fairly small party, we both felt that it would be rude for both of us not to turn up at the last moment. I knew one or two of the people, and they were all a lot younger than Simon, so he didn’t have a problem with me going alone.

The couple who were hosting the party are Adele and Marc, a British couple who bought the lodge about 5 years ago. They were very into swinging in the UK, and when they settled here they soon put together a group of friends with whom they play regularly.

Adele is in her 40’s, plump with short blonde hair, and the mother of twin teenage girls. Marc is late 40’s, also plump, with a big smile, very pale skin, and a shaved head.

I hadn’t been to the lodge, but I had heard that it was very beautiful, so I was keen to see it.

I didn’t want to drive all the way on my own, so I asked Simon to find out if I could get a lift with someone. He arrived home one evening with a huge grin on his face.

‘’what’s the smile about?’’ I asked him as he walked in.

‘’you’ll never guess who is going to drive you to and from the party at Adele and Marc’’ he said chuckling.

He wouldn’t tell me at first, until I threatened to banish him to the lounge until he did.

‘’I asked Marc, and he told me who is going, and asked if you would know anyone. When he told me, I recognised a name, and I think you will be happy!’’

‘’who?????? ‘’ I asked.

‘’you remember Paul, from Andre’s parties? He is going to Marc’s, and he will drive you there and back’’

I giggled. Now I knew why Simon was amused.

Paul is a guy I met and played with at Andre’s parties ages ago. (you can read about him in my diaries of 6 March 2014 and 17 March 2014).

To put it bluntly, Paul has a gigantic cock, bigger than almost anyone I know. I have fucked him, but he didn’t fit inside me all the way, he is THAT big, but he is a lovely guy, and I really like him, not only because of his enormous cock. Not only is his cock long, it is also very, very thick, like a child’s arm, and he is lean and fit, and knows how to use it! so I was looking forward to seeing him again!

I didn’t know anyone else who was going to be at the party, at least not by name, so I would know him, Marc and Adele. Although I have met Adele and Marc, I have never been to a party where we played - I met them at a dinner one night at a restaurant with Simon.

On the Saturday afternoon I got ready, said goodbye to Simon, and drove to Paul’s house. He lives in a stunning penthouse apartment, and I went up in the elevator from the lobby. He greeted me, wearing a white shirt and tight blue jeans. I couldn’t help glancing at his crotch when he wasn’t looking - sure enough, there was a big bulge right there!

I was wearing shorts and a tank-top, as it was warm, but I had other clothes in my overnight bag as well as my toiletries of course, plus some other goodies for the night!

Paul was ready, so he took our bags and went down to the basement where his new car was parked. He has just bought a very unusual car- it’s a Volvo XC90, but a ‘’limo’’ version with only 4 seats, a fridge, etc. It's beautiful with white leather, TV’S and so on. We set off at around 2 pm for Bela Bela.

Paul has a girlfriend, (not met her) but I didn’t know whether she swings, or whether she was joining us or not.

As we left town he said we were going to pick Rose up (that’s his GF,), so that answered that! (but there was a surprise later!))

We stopped at a complex in Pretoria, and Paul went in to fetch her.

When she arrived, I was not surprised that she was gorgeous - he is known to have very beautiful girlfriends! She is curvy, with long dark hair, big brown eyes and huge boobs - really big! - very sensual and sexual. She was wearing a skirt and blouse, and I could see that she had lovely legs - very shapely and strong.

I sat in the back of the ‘’limo Volvo’’, got a Coke out of the fridge between the seats and put the seat massager on, tilted the seat back and relaxed for the drive ahead.

After about 45 mins we stopped for petrol, and when I got back in, Rose came and sat alongside me in the back, so we sat there being chauffeured by Paul in style. She got a bottle of Champagne from the fridge, poured some into one of the two glasses which fit in the fridge, and sipped as we spoke.

‘’have you been to a swinger party before?’’ she asked.

I hesitated, not sure whether she knew that Paul and I had fucked a few times.

‘’yes’’ I said, non-committally.

‘’oh yes, that’s where you met Paul, at Andre. I remember. Look, I know you have fucked him, and I am cool with that, but I have not been to a swinger party. What’s it like?’’

I thought for a moment.

‘’well, I like it. I like sex in general, I am not ashamed of my body and I like variety in sex. I don’t ‘’sleep around’’ in the sense that I will fuck any guy who asks - I am married, and 100% faithful, other than that we swing within our rules. The parties are a fun way to have sexual variety without endangering my marriage. I am also bi-sexual, and have lived with a woman for many years, so parties allow me to play with a woman when I want to ‘’

‘’what happens? How does it work?’’ she asked, sipping the Champagne.

‘’Usually we have a few drinks, get changed into gowns or just wrap towels, or stay in our clothes - whatever you want I guess. I like getting changed early on because I like to wear sexy clothes at first, but I don’t want them damaged by guys groping and pulling on them, but that’s a personal preference. Many women stay dressed and only undress as they start playing - they feel it is too ‘’forward’’ to get changed and THEN start to play - it’s like advertising themselves as available, is what they feel.’’

She sat a while, gazing out of the darkened window.

‘’and do the guys just come up to you and ask to fuck?’’

‘’not usually’’ I said, ‘’not unless they know you. Usually the girl must at least show some interest - the guys are reluctant to be seen to be ‘’hitting on ‘’ a girl - clubs in fact have very strict rules preventing this’’

‘’and do you fuck wherever you want, and with whoever you want?’’ she asked.

‘’by and large, yes. Normally, we don’t fuck where the food or drink is, although I have seen lots of girls get fucked at the bar!’’

She giggled, and we spoke of other things.

I noticed that Paul was glancing at us in the back every so often, his hand on his crotch, and I imagined that he was getting hard thinking about fucking us later.

Rose asked me about my ex-gf, Gabi, and I told her all about her, and about our life together in Venice.

Then, getting sleepy, I reclined the seat, closed my eyes and dozed off.

I was awakened by the change in light I think. In any event, when I woke we had stopped on a side-road, just off the N1. We were parked in a small clearing and sitting up I could see the cars whizzing by on the highway.

Rose and Paul were not in the car, so I sat up straight and looked around.

They were sitting a short distance from the car, on a bench next to one of those concrete picnic tables.

Rose had her back to me, leaning against the table, her skirt pulled up around her waist. Paul was sitting next to her, his hand between her spread legs, and I could see his hand moving up and down, obviously fingering her cunt hard and fast.

I unzipped my shorts and slid my hand between my legs. My pussy was already wet, and my finger slid under my panties, found my slit and I began to masturbate as I watched Paul finger his girlfriend.

I got more and more aroused as she squirmed and arched her back as his hand slammed between her open legs.

They hadn’t seen or heard me, so I watched as he fingered her. She shuddered a bit, so I guess she came. He fingered her a bit more, then took his hand away, wiping it on his thigh.

I took my hand out of my shorts, zipped up, and watched them.

She smoothed her skirt and pulled her blouse straight.

I lay back as they turned and walked back to the car.

They got in, and off we drove, with me ‘’waking up’’ a while later, horny as all hell!

I looked at her out of the corner of my eye - I could see her nipples hard through her blouse, her big breasts pressing them into the fabric, and I wondered what her pussy looked like - would she be shaved or not?

We arrived at the lodge, drove along the winding dirt road for a few kilometres, and eventually got to the lodge itself at around 4 pm. Adele opened the huge wooden door and we entered the double-volume thatch-roof entrance hall. Paul introduced Rose to Adele, and we went out onto the stoep overlooking the pool and garden with the bushveld beyond that.

There were already a few people sitting there, and Adele introduced us.

The people in the pool waved hello. Three men and two women were standing in the heated water, all nude as far as I could see. The people on the stoep were partly dressed - the guys in shorts, the women mostly topless but with shorts or bikini bottoms on.

I watched Rose, who seemed a bit taken aback at the casual nudity, and we were shown to our rooms by a young Black girl of 18 or so, very pretty with beautiful braids woven with beads.

The room was lovely - rustic but good quality, with a small balcony and a stunning view over the bush, to the mountains in the distance.

I unpacked and went back to the main lounge and stoep area. Marc was there so I said hello and sat next to him at the small bar at one end of the stoep. I asked whether this was everyone, and he said there was another couple to come still, and a single guy also. I counted 9 people in total there, so it would be 12 altogether.

(I am not going to try and describe and name everyone here - I will do so as this diary progresses).

Rose came and sat with me at the bar. She had put on a bikini top and shorts. Her boobs were huge - out of proportion to her body, although she was curvy in general.

I saw Marc's eyes riveted on her boobs and grinned to myself - men are SO predictable!

‘’you have a lovely figure’’ I said as Marc poured her a glass of Chardonnay.

‘’you mean I have huge breasts’’ she said with a laugh.

‘’that too, but you have a nice curvy figure in general. Men like that, I have found’’

‘’my boobs are genuine’’ she said, ‘’and the bane of my life. I have considered getting them made smaller SO often, but never got up the courage to do it in case it goes wrong. One hears so many horror stories’’

‘’they are not enhanced?’’ I asked with surprise.

‘’not at all’’ she said. ’They grew very big when I was in my early teens, and kept growing until I was 20. It's not as nice as you may think. Men never look me in the face, always at my chest, and guys I date just want to grope them and see them out of a bra. I could be the biggest bitch on the planet and I would still have dates, just because of them. It’s quite depressing.’’

We chatted some more, and two guys came up to us and joined us. Rose was right - neither looked at her face for more than a moment, then their eyes went back to her boobs!

Paul arrived so I left Rose to him and went with the guys to the pool. They suggested a swim, so when they dropped their towels and got in, I went back to my room and changed into my white and gold embroidered bikini, put my black wrap around me and went back to the pool.

I put my wrap and bikini top on a chair and got into the pool with just my small bikini bottom on.

The two guys came up to me, and we chatted a while about this and that.

It turns out that one of them knows my hubby, and both have been to swinger parties before. Both were there with their wives, who were sitting on loungers looking out at the bushveld.

Adele got into the pool, nude, her short blond hair matched by a small cropped triangle of dark hair between her thighs. She came over to where I was with the guys, so I took the opportunity to ask her what the plans were for the weekend.

‘’At 7 we will have a light dinner on the stoep, and then we can all go to the lounge, or stay here on the stoep, in the pool or in the jacuzzi. Then at 11, I have arranged a little show for us, just to rev things up a bit. I have planned a midnight feast, and tomorrow we can either go for a game-drive, or stay here until everyone wants to leave, ‘’’she said.

‘’where are the children?’’ I asked.

‘’with friends in the Cape’’ she said’’ that’s why we could have the party here tonight’’.

She enquired about Simon, my hubby, and we talked a bit more.

At the far end of the pool, a plump dark-haired woman was sitting on the edge of the pool, her big boobs tipped with large nipples, erect in the evening air. A guy was standing in front of her parted legs, fingering and licking her pussy, so the party had begun it seemed!

A tall brunette got up from her lounger and made her way to where the plump woman was sitting.

‘’that’s Libby, my wife’’ said the one guy standing with me, (Donovan) ‘’and the woman sitting on the pool edge is her best friend Katherine. Her husband Nolan is here somewhere also’’

Libby sat down next to the plump woman, her legs in the pool. She looked up at her husband next to me and opened her legs. The man in the pool turned his attention to her and buried his face between her legs.

Donovan watched his wife getting her pussy eaten by the man, one hand on his cock under the water. He looked at me briefly, but kept masturbating, his cock growing bigger and harder until it was standing straight up, a nice size and uncut. He is a nice-looking guy, dark short hair and a reasonable figure - looks quite fit.

I wasn’t ready to play yet, so I moved away and got out of the pool, dried myself and sat on a lounger.

The other couple and the single guy has arrived and been introduced, so we were all there it seemed.

Adele, wearing just her bikini bottom, her dark large nipples erect on her plump tanned boobs, called us to come and help ourselves to snacks at the bar. Adele has a very prominent mound, and her slit was clearly visible under her bikini, making a deep camel-toe as she walked. She stood next to me as we dished up. Donovan, the guy whose wife had been in the pool earlier, stood next to Adele, and gave her a big hug. They seemed to know each other well.

I was dishing up some cold meats when I saw Adele giggle and squirm next to me. I looked down, to see Donovan’s hand between her legs from the back, his finger sliding up and down in her camel-toe, pressing the fabric into her slit. She parted her legs a little bit, and he slid a finger under the bikini, and into her pussy briefly, then pulled the bikini back and carried on serving his food.

She smiled at me as he walked away.

‘’Donovan and I go back a long way’’ she said.’’ You must get him to use his mouth on you - he makes me cum over and over when he does that - he is SO good at it!’’

I laughed and took my plate and Coke to a table, where I sat with Paul, Rose and another older couple. Rose was wearing a wrap, as I was, also without a top under it. Her huge boobs pushed the wrap out, barely concealing her body. Every time she moved, her boobs moved and pushed the wrap.

The older man at the table, Jerry, was obviously fascinated by her, and stopped eating every time she moved, in order to watch her boobs! He must be at least late 50’s, short grey hair and a nice face. His partner, Eloise, seemed to be his age, plump with dyed auburn hair.

When Jerry and Eloise left, Paul got up to go and get drinks.

Rose turned to me and said "so what happens now?’’

I looked at her. ‘’ we go inside and play, or stay here and play - whatever you want to do’’

‘’so, I just wait for a guy to come up to me?’’ she asked softly.

‘’have you done any swapping at all?’’ I asked, suddenly realising that she probably had not, judging from her questions now and previously.

‘’yes’’ she said, ‘’Paul and I just swapped once with a couple we know well, but we were all pretty drunk, and to be honest I don’t remember much of it’

I thought for a moment.’’ Ok, so stay with me, and I will take you to some people, and we can play. You can do what you want, but I will keep you company. Ok?’’

‘’that’s great’’’ she said with a sigh.’’ I was worried I was going to make a fool of myself.’’

‘’is there anything sexual that you don’t want to do?’’ I asked, ‘’just so I know’’.

‘’like what?’’ she asked in a whisper.

‘’any position you don’t do?’’



‘’I have done it once’’



‘’Cum in mouth?’’


‘’Double penetration?’’

‘’don’t know. I have never had two guys at once’’

‘‘’girl on girl?’’

‘’I have never done it, but I would like to try’’

‘’okay, that’s more than enough’’ I said. "I don’t fuck without a condom, but it’s up to you and the guy to sort out. So I don’t let a guy cum in my mouth or in me without a condom. But I do do DP at times, or just anal with certain guys.’’

She giggled. "It’s like a porn menu!’’ she said

Paul was at the bar chatting to a group of people, so I took Rose by the hand and led her inside.

‘’are you ok if Paul goes and plays alone, or do you want him to be with you?’’ I asked.

‘’ I would rather he was not here’’ she said. "He can join later’’.

As I led her inside I thought about this - thinking back to the first time I went to a swinger party, and how nervous I was at first. And Rose, with her stunning body and cute face was going to be in SUCH demand tonight! She had no idea how the guys were going to go for her!

I looked around the room. "See anyone you would like to get to know better?’’ I asked.

‘’you mean to fuck?’’ she said sweetly.

‘’well, I was trying to be polite, but yes, to fuck’’

She looked around the room. ‘’He seems quite cute’’ she said, motioning with her head at the guy who had arrived last. Youngish, maybe in his 30’s, he had curly blonde hair and seemed very well-built, muscular and tanned.

Marc and the single guy were sitting on couches with another couple. I beckoned Marc, and said to him ‘’Rose and I want to play’’ I said. ‘’Who is your friend?’’

‘’Brent’’ he said. ‘’ I will introduce you’’

He called Brent over, and we said hello.

‘’let’s adjourn to the small lounge’’ he said, and led the way to an arched doorway and a smaller lounge off the main lounge.

I took Marc by the hand and led him to a couch. I sat next to him, and put my hand on his crotch, over his shorts. I could feel his cock slightly hard already, so I stroked it with my nails, feeling it grow. He opened my wrap, put his hands on my boobs, and pulled lightly on my nipples.

I undid his shorts, and pulled them off. He wasn’t wearing any boxers, and his thick shaved cock was almost hard, the head just emerging. I wrapped my hand around it and masturbated him, enjoying the thick cock as it grew fully hard. I love watching a guy’s cock grow hard- for me, as a woman, it’s an amazing thing- the relatively small soft appendage, which grows and grows into a big rock-hard ‘’weapon’’, capable of giving great pleasure to both the ‘’owner’’ and to me.

A naked man, with a good body and a hard, erect cock is a stunning sight, to me anyway.

Marc is a bit plump, but not fat by any means, and he has a very nice-size cock- quite thick and he is always fully waxed, all over. He stood, his cock now rigid, his balls tight. I pulled him to me, stroking his cock and fondling his balls. Opening my mouth I put the head in and licked my tongue around it, then up and down the shaft, and then took as much of it is as I could. He held the back of my head and thrust very lightly as I sucked him, feeling him getting more and more aroused.

I realised that he did not have a condom on, so I took his cock out of my mouth and looked for one.

There was a small plate on the side table with strips of condoms, so I tore one off, opened it, and unrolled it onto Marc’s cock as he stood in front of me.

He kneeled on the floor in front of me, and parted my knees. Stroking my bikini panties, he ran his finger from the top of my pussy all the way down to my arsehole and back, over the panties. Then he undid my wrap and I shrugged it off. Lifting my bum, he pulled the bikini off.

I shuddered slightly as his finger found my slit. Opening my lips with a finger, he slid a finger into me, gently and not deep, although I was already quite wet.

Putting his head between my thighs, I felt his tongue probe between my pussy-lips, then into my pussy, licking my clit, and circling it slowly. I leaned back and closed my eyes, my hands on my bobs pulling at my nipples as Marc licked deeper and deeper into my wet cunt. I could feel him jerking himself as he licked, his hand rhythmically pumping his cock.

Marc inserted a finger, then two fingers into my wet pussy, thrusting, pushing my lips wide apart. With his middle finger he felt for my g spot, massaging the inside on my pussy. I was getting really aroused, my pussy wet and slippery, and I pulled on his hand to get him to stand up.

I also stood, and turned around, my back to him, and leaned forward holding onto the couch, and spread my legs wide.

He positioned himself behind me, and felt for my pussy, fingering me. I felt his cock push against my pussy, and I reached down and guided it into me, feeling its thickness stretch my pussy, and fill it as he drove it fully in gently.

He held onto my hips as he began to fuck me, slowly at first and then, as I pushed back, faster and harder, his balls slapping against my bum with every thrust.

He drove his cock upwards more and more, arousing me. I clenched my thighs to make it tighter and he groaned as he felt my cunt grip his cock. I have very strong pelvic muscles, and I can grip a man’s cock so that he can barely move- but guys love it. I have a fairly tight pussy to start with, never having had children and it feels like a very tight young cunt to them I guess.

I didn’t grip quite that hard, but he seemed to enjoy the feeling anyway.

After a while I pulled forward, and he took his cock out of me. I turned, lay on the couch and he mounted me on top. Once he was in me I lifted my legs and bent my knees, letting him drive deep and hard, grinding his pubic bones against mine.

When he got tired he stopped, not wanting to cum just yet. We lay like that, and then he got up and rolled off me, sitting next to me, his cock twitching, slippery and hard in the condom.

We were both panting, as it was quite warm in the little lounge.

On the other side of the lounge Rose was still fucking Brent. He was lying on his back, with Rose on top riding him, facing away from him, crouching and gasping as he lifted his hips and drove his cock onto her.

I now saw her boobs naked for the first time, and I gasped. Not only were they huge, they were really firm, her large slightly puffy pink nipples hard and aroused.

I don’t think I have ever seen such big boobs so firm unless they were enhanced, and she said hers were not. To top it all, she has slightly puffy nipples, the areolas standing proud of the breast- delightful! A slightly rounded tummy, strong, long legs with shapely thighs made for a perfect picture. She was fucking Brent hard, slamming down on his cock as he rose to meet her pounding cunt.

Her pussy was shaved clean, with almost no sign of the darker triangle where it had been.

Her mouth was open, panting, her eyes closed, her head thrown back. Brent was grunting, exerting himself to keep up with her.

Suddenly she yelped, then clutched at her pussy and rubbed over her clit, as she came, jerking and thrusting and whimpering loudly. She rode him for a minute longer, then slowed and stopped a she of sweat on her boobs and tummy, her hair matted in front from perspiration.

She lifted herself off Brent, and flopped down next to him, rubbing her pussy, still excited.

She looked at Marc, smiled, and waved at him to come to her. He did so, massaging his cock. She rolled over onto her hands and knees, and he took her from the back doggy style, ramming his cock into her gaping pussy with one thrust. She wasted no time and rocked back, forcing him deeper, and he started to fuck her rapidly, his hand reaching around her to feel those huge breasts swinging beneath her.

It didn’t take long and she came again, collapsing on her tummy on the floor after she did so. She rolled over onto her back, her knees apart, her pussy red and engorged, gaping, wet.

I noticed that she had not insisted that the guys use condoms, and I wondered what she would do if some guy came inside her later- it would be interesting to see!

We went back to the main lounge, nude, Rose walking in front of me- her cute bum a wonderful sight to see!

The lounge was crowded, people in every corner and on every couch. When Rose entered the lounge I noticed a number of guys actually stop in the middle of whatever they were doing, to look at her huge firm boobs and full body as she stood in the doorway, looking around. I put my arm around her, and guided her to the far end where there was a free 2 seater couch.

Looking at her cute figure had made me really horny, and I wanted to play!

Across the room, I saw Rose’s boyfriend and my former fuck-buddy, Paul.

She also noticed him and sat staring. If this was her first swinger party, then this would be the first time she saw her boyfriend fucking in such a setting, and I wondered how she would react.

He was with Katherine, the plump dark-haired woman who had been sitting at the edge of the pool with her best friend Libby, having their pussy attended to by a guy earlier.

The guy who had been next to me, Libby’s husband Donovan, was fucking Katherine from behind. She was bent over, with Paul sitting on the couch in front of her, his enormous cock erect, both her hands around it like a baseball bat, and the top part in her mouth, sucking him greedily.

Paul was thrusting his cock up into her mouth as she sucked, her hands masturbating the thick shaft. Donovan had a finger in her arsehole, reaming her while pumping his cock hard into her cunt.

Rose watched, and I saw her hand disappear between her legs, fingering her still-aroused pussy.

‘’that is so cool’’ she said, ‘’it makes me so horny to see him fucking like that. ‘’

I saw that some of the guys had noticed that we were alone, and were talking to each other, so I guessed that pretty soon we would be engulfed in guys!

I decided to see what Rose would do with girl-on-girl. I took her face in my hand, turned her to me, and kissed her on her mouth. At first, she didn’t do anything, but then opened her mouth and I felt her tongue enter my mouth, hesitantly at first, then with more confidence.

I held her to me, feeling those wonderful bobs pressing into me. I have quite big breasts, not as big or as firm, sadly, as hers, but pressed together we were still held apart by or combined boobs!

I pulled back, and held her breasts in my hands, feeling the weight and firmness with some envy, truth be told!

Her puffy nipples grew hard, and I sucked on them, running my tongue around the raised nipple, making her squirm. She didn’t pull away, so I decided to continue. I was dying to see how she responded to the first ‘’fuck’’ with a woman!

I played with her breasts for a while, then slid my tongue down her tummy till I felt the slight roughness where her pubic hair would start. She must have had very little hair, as she was very soft and smooth above her pussy. I kept one hand on her nipple, tweaking it, while my tongue found the top of her slit.

Her pussy lips were engorged from fucking the two guys, and still fairly wet.

I slid off the couch, knelt in front of her, and pushed her knees apart.

She sighed and moaned with anticipation before I even touched her pussy again. I licked along her upper thigh, then down the other one without touching her pussy, the intoxicating scent of her sex filling me as my face passed in front of her open cunt.

I did this a few times, till she lifted her hips as my mouth got near her essence, wanting me to fulfil the promise of my mouth.

I touched her outer lips with the tip of my tongue, then felt for her clit. Circling it with my tongue, I slid it back down and between her lips. She reached for the back of my head, and pulled my face closer to her pussy, wanting me to enter her fully.

I did so, my tongue probing deep into her wet and swollen lips, licking, sucking, ticking. I pushed a finger into her, taking my tongue out, then two fingers, and began to masturbate her gently, feeling for her g spot. I alternated my tongue and my fingers, and she started to lift and jerk her hips, her hands on her huge boobs, pulling on her nipples. Her back arched as I pushed my fingers in hard. She had quite a wide pussy, able to take a lot, much more than mine for example, and I now had three fingers in her, which is not comfortable for me unless I am very, very aroused and ready.

I looked around as I fingered her. Three guys and a woman were crowded around us, watching. The older couple, Jerry and Eloise, were there. Jerry’s cock was rigid, his hand jerking it fast. Eloise was with a young well-built guy. His hand was between her spread legs, his fingers deep inside her, her one leg lifted and resting on the couch we were on so that he could go in deeply.

A very young-looking woman who I had not spoken to came and stood next to Jerry. She took his hand away, knelt in front of him, and took his cock in her mouth, her pert little boobs bouncing as she sucked the man old enough to be her father (and then some!)

Rose was bucking and moving a lot now. I couldn’t keep my face there because of the movement, so I pushed my fingers in a little wedge rapidly, and she came, her back arching high off the couch, her head back, loud moans and gasps as I felt her juices over my hand and wrist.

I kept going until she grabbed my hand and pulled it out, sinking back onto the couch, her body shaking a bit as the orgasm subsided.

I was hugely turned on now. Before I could move, I felt a hand between my legs, feeling for my pussy. I was very wet, and the fingers slid right in. I raised my hips and put my hands on the floor. I didn’t know who it was, but if it had a cock I was ready!

I turned, and saw Jerry, the older guy, behind me. He smiled at me, and kept fingering me. Kneeling, he put a condom on and entered me, and holding onto my hips he began to fuck me. He was gentle, and it was nice. I let him carry on for a while, and then I think he got tired and pulled his cock out. I hadn’t moved yet, and I felt another hand stroking my wide-open pussy.

A familiar voice whispered in my ear’’ hey Tamz. Ready for me?’’

I nodded, recognising Pauls voice. I moved my knees further apart, knowing what was coming.

He touched me on my shoulder.

‘’not like that- I want to see your face when I enter you’’

He took my hand and led me to a couch. Taking the cushions off he put them on the floor, and guided me to lie down on my back.

I watched as he put a condom on, rolling it with some difficulty over his shaft.

I spread my legs wide and bent my knees.

He lay on his hands and knees above me, and I felt the giant head at the entrance of my pussy. I reached between my legs and guided it in. He knew to go slowly, so bit by bit he slid more of it in.

He got quite a lot of his cock in before I touched his leg to indicate to him that it was deep enough.

He stayed quite still at first. His cock filled me, my lips stretched as far as they could comfortably go. It felt like the head of his cock was in my tummy.

Slowly he began to move, and I felt the huge cock stimulating me, making me wetter and wetter. He didn’t at any stage try to drive it all in yet, and I felt the warm arousal building and waning, building and waning as he fucked me. I pulled him to me, my hands around him, and he let his cock go deeper. I felt it bump inside me, pressing against the top end of my pussy. My lips were tight around him, gripping him, and he arched his back as he felt this.

Faster and faster he went, and I began to lose control, my body taking over from my brain, my entire being focussed on the exquisite sensation between my legs.

I think he must have been fully in now, and I jerked and rose to meet his thrusts, my nails digging into his bum, forcing him into me.

My boobs were covered in perspiration, my hair matted. He was panting, his breath coming in short gasps as he fucked me more and more quickly. He was slamming into me now, driving his cock hard.

I lifted my legs into the air, gripping his sides, and I felt a huge orgasm start. I let it build and build, his cock pounding my cunt. He was grunting loudly, saying my name over and over in time with his thrusts.

Then I came, an explosion of my sexual core, my legs trembling, my nails dug into his back. More and more came, juice streaming inside me, plugged by his cock. He stopped dead, and then gave a series of short, rapid thrusts as he came inside me, driving his cock deep and hard, making my orgasm continue.

It seemed like it went on for ages, then he lifted himself a bit, still in me, slowed, and stopped. He waited like that, his cock in me, his body lifted off me. I could hardly breathe, and I felt sweat running down my chest, my thighs slick and sticky.

Slowly he withdrew his cock, inch my inch. As it came out, a flood of juice poured out after if, soaking the cushions under me.

On his hands and knees, he leaned down and kissed me, kissed my boobs, then got off me.

I lay there for a moment, spent, sore, exhausted, happy.

After a while I rolled over. Two couples were sitting near us, watching, both guys hard and being masturbated by their partners. I got up and went to shower- I need a break, a drink and some time to recover!

After a nice hot shower and some cool-drink, I went back to the lounge, intending to relax a bit after my marathon fuck-fest with Paul.

There was however great activity on an ottoman in the centre of the room.

Eloise, the older woman, wife of Jerry, and a short slim blond woman with tiny pert boobs, and Libby, Donovan’s wife, were kneeling in a row. In front of them stood three other guys, none of them the partner of any of the women.

Each of the three women was sucking one of the guys vigorously. I laughed, and Jerry, Eloise’s husband who was standing near me explained that the three guys had been boasting of how they could control whether they came or not.

The women got tired of the boasts and said to the three guys that they would hold a competition to see who could hold back the longest. The women said that they guaranteed that any of them could make any of the guys cum within 5 minutes. So, there they were. Each woman doing whatever she could to make ‘’her’’ guy cum as soon as possible. They could do whatever they wanted to the guy, oral, intercourse, whatever they thought would make him cum quickly.

(The bet was that if all the guys lasted for at least 5 minutes, then they could each fuck the three women in a little ‘’gang-bang’’. If any one of the three guys did not last at least five minutes, then he had to make the other two cum!)

Eloise had got Jamie, a young guy my sort of age, well built and with a nice cock, as ‘’her’’ guy.

Libby the tall brunette wife of Donovan, had got Frank, a stout man in his late 40’s I guess, a tall ‘’book-worm’’ looking man (who I later found out is a Bank Manager in Pretoria) as ‘’her’’ guy.

And the slim blonde woman, Sam, had got Marc, the host, as ‘’her’’ guy.

They had only just started, and Adele, Marc’s wife and our hostess, was keeping track of the time, with a whole group of people watching the sport.

Eloise had Jamie’s cock all the way in her mouth, deep-throating him, playing with his balls.

Libby was sucking up and down on Franks cock. She ran her hand under his balls and fingered his arsehole, licking even harder.

Sam with the tiny boobs and hard body stopped sucking Marc, pulled him to the floor, climbed onto him, and rode him, grinding her hips as she fucked, tightening her pussy around his cock. He lay perfectly still, trying not to increase the sensation I guess.

Libby turned her back to Frank, and guided his cock into her, closing her legs to tighten the grip, and moved back and forth, holding onto the back of a couch.

They changed position over and over, and Adele called ‘’30 seconds’’.

But the guys won, none of them cumming despite the best efforts of the three women.

Everyone laughed and teased the women, who now had to ‘’forfeit’’

After a short break, the guys led the women to the floor where there were mattresses laid out.

The three women lay down as directed, Eloise insisting that the guys get a supply of condoms and change condoms between women so as not to carry any possible germs across.( This is not to say that any of the women had any illness, but one woman’s vaginal fluid can create a reaction in another woman just because its different, so most women will want a guy to put on a fresh condom every time.)

The guys each went to a woman, mounted her, fingered or ate her, and then began to fuck her. The three guys fucked for a short while, then moved to the next woman, then the next, so each woman was fucked three times in a row.

Adele said that she had a surprise for us – a show!

We all found a place to sit, and she dimmed the lights even further and put the music louder.

The door opened, and the young Black girl entered the room, followed by an equally young Black guy. Both were slim and very good looking. She had on a very very short skirt and a blouse, while he had loose fitting black pants and no top.

They danced with each other, kissing, then fondling each other. She reached between his legs, and fondled his cock, while he had his hand under her skirt.

After a while, he removed his pants, and was left with a tiny black swim-suit, which she removed, revealing a very nice, very erect cock, which she sucked and stroked.

She kept her clothes on, with him just fondling her boobs and her pussy.

She was really beautiful, an exquisite innocent face and great figure.

When she had sucked him for a while, he sat her down on a chair, and removed her skirt to reveal a small red pair of panties.

All the guys were hard, masturbating, anticipating seeing her get fucked.

She stood, removed the panties, her hand in front of her crotch, then removed her hands, and we gasped - ‘’she’’ was a ‘’he’’, a stunning sexy young guy!

Everyone clapped and shouted- she had fooled all of us!

The guy now knelt in front of ‘’her’’ and sucked ‘’her’’ small cock till it got hard, while playing with his large cock.

Then Adele put the lights up a bit, and said to everyone- ‘’was anyone NOT fooled?’’. No-one had guessed!

Adele said that Leoni, the ‘’girls’’ name, would stay for a while if anyone wanted to play with her, and the guy left the room.

(I am going to refer to Leoni as ‘’her’’ to make it easier to follow this1)

I was interested to see who would play with her- a guy or a girl.

She chatted to some of the people, and then Alec, a very nicely-built guy in his 50’s went to her, took her hand and led her to a couch. She sat down, and he stood in front of her, his cock rock-hard. She stroked his balls and took his cock in her mouth, all the way, gagging on it, and then started to suck him, lick him and mouth him.

He began to thrust his hips, and she took his cock out of her mouth, pointed at her tiny boobs, and he squirted his load over her, cum running down her chest.

When he was done, he turned around and said; ‘that was the best blow job I have ever had. No offence ladies, but she is the best!’’

We laughed, and another guy went to her, and got a blowjob, also cumming on her.

Libby was sitting near Leoni, got up and went to her, knelt in front of her and took HER cock in her mouth. It soon grew hard, although tiny. Libby sucked and sucked, and Leoni jerked her hips a few times, Libby took her cock out of her mouth, and Leoni squirted a load on the floor, her little cock twitching as she came without holding it.

All in all it was a unique and exotic show. I have seen several sex shows over the years, but this was a first at a private party.

(Just as an aside, the most erotic show I have seen was in New York, in 42nd street, many years ago. It was at a sex club, where a massively built Black guy, a professional body-builder, had sex with the previous year’s Playboy Playmate-of –the –year, a stunning, beautiful blonde girl, the typical all-American girl next door. Their show was a combination of erotic and sensual dance, hard-core sex and humour. It was by far the best show I have ever seen. His body, and cock, and her body, were the stuff of dreams, and to see them having sex in every (and I mean EVERY) way was amazing.)

I went to the movie room, where Adele had put on a porn movie. As I walked in, Adele came up to me, and said that she wanted me to meet two guys who had asked about me earlier.

She took me to a couch, where the one was sitting

Arnold, the guy, was maybe 50, quite plump, bald, and tanned all over as far as I could see. Adele left me there, so I sat next to him and chatted while watching the movie.

As we talked, I looked him over. He had a nice size cock it seemed, uncut and long, not hard yet. At first, he did not do anything, but as we chatted he began to play with his cock, making it grow to a good size, but without touching me.

He asked if I had met Ruben, his friend, and I said I didn’t recall the name.

He got up, went across the room to where a guy and a woman were sitting, and came back with them both.

Ruben was more my age, short and stocky with cropped hair and a toned gym-figure. He stood unselfconsciously in front of me, his cock erect and very thick.

The woman I had met, Nicolene, a very pretty, voluptuous woman of around 40, with lovely full boobs and huge brown areola. Her partner was Ruben, who was not her husband but her secret fuck-buddy, she told me. Her husband is a leading businessman in Pretoria, and when she found out a year ago that he was fucking his 19-year-old secretary every lunch-time on his office desk, she kept quiet and found herself a fuck-buddy, a friend of his! They go away together every so often to swinger clubs and parties where she fucks as many guys and girls as she likes.

Ruben suggested that we sit on the long couches at the back of the TV room.

No sooner was I seated, then Arnold began to stroke my neck and chest, touching my boobs lightly. I reached for his cock and massaged it. It grew harder and bigger than I thought it would, as he leaned forward and sucked on my nipples.

Nicci put her hand between my legs and stroked along my slit, parting my lips a bit. Ruben had his hand between her legs which she spread wide apart. She had a very full and fleshy pussy, aroused and wet it seemed, and he soon had several fingers in her, pumping in and out as she fingered me.

Once fully hard Arnold pulled on my head, so I sucked him, feeling the smooth length of his uncut cock in my mouth, licking around the tip, making him shudder.

Ruben had his fingers deep in Nicci’s cunt, all five inside her, and she rolled onto her back a bit more, lifting her knees into the air as wide as possible.

He mounted her like that, and fucked her hard, his balls making a wet sound against her gaping cunt.

Arnold got up and stood in front of me, so I lay back like Nicci and he entered me the same, his plump belly against my tummy, his cock nice and deep inside my pussy. He fucked nicely, grinding his pubis against mine, stimulating my clit.

Ruben took his cock out of Nicci, and fingered her arsehole, then slid his cock into her arse slowly, until it was all inside. He fucked her quite rapidly, which she seemed to enjoy immensely, her body jerking as he rammed his length into her puckered hole.

Seeing this, Arnold fingered my arsehole gently, looking at me.

I shook my head. I will do anal, but only if I know the guy and then not very often- I must be very aroused and relaxed to enjoy it.

He kept his finger in my arsehole while fucking me, which I like. I was enjoying his way of fucking- he seemed to get just the right stimulation, and I could feel that I was going to cum.

He sensed this also, and increased his speed, as well as moving his finger deeper into my arsehole.

I pulled on my nipples till it hurt, and I began to cum in a lovely, warm and embracing rush, my pussy tingling and sensitive as the waves of orgasm flowed through.

Arnold kept going until I was done, without cumming himself, so it was great- I just let the orgasm go on and on.

Ruben, who had watched me cum, now fucked Nicci’s hole even harder, and, not wearing a condom, came inside her. As he took his cock out, a thin stream of cum oozed out of her arse- he thrust his hand deep into her cunt, fisting her hard, and she came in a rush, her whole body jerking and lifting, his hand buried inside her.

No sooner had she cum then Arnold, who had taken his cock out of me and taken the condom off, moved between her raised legs, pushed his cock into her arsehole, and fucked her arse deep and fast. She hardly slowed between the two guys, and after a few minutes he gripped her boobs, pulling on them, and squirted his cum into her arse, ramming his cock all the way in and holding it there until he was finished.

Then he took his cock out of her arsehole, and sat back down on the couch, another stream of cum oozing out of her gaping and raw arsehole, down her bum and onto the couch.

Nicci and I lay back, spent, and tired, but well-fucked!

I went to bed around 1 am. Not long after I went to bed, there was a soft knock on the door. Marc had come to visit!

He climbed into the bed with me, saying that Adele had gone to Paul and Rose’s room to fuck them, and he was bored alone in his room.

I had showered, so I was warm and relaxed and happy. I lay next to him and sucked his cock for ages while he licked my pussy, almost going to sleep in a 69 with him in my mouth.

Then as he got more aroused I turned right way up with my back to him, and he entered my pussy from the back, sliding his cock in and moving nicely in me. We fucked gently one last time until he came, before I fell asleep.

In the early hours of the morning he left to go back to Adele I guess.

I drove back with Rose and Paul the next day early.

On the way back, Rose told me that she had fucked a total of 5 different guys, two of them at once. One of the guys, Donovan, had cum in her mouth and she swallowed cum for the first time- usually, she said, she spits it out, but she was so aroused that she just gulped it down as the next guy face fucked her and came all over her face. She said she had really enjoyed herself and was very keen to go to another party.

I am going to invite Paul and her to dinner so that Simon can play with her- he loves big boobs, and I can have another turn with Pauls huge cock. Maybe I will invite my friend Carol also- see what she thinks of Paul!

All in all, a very pleasant weekend!