Written by wildchildtammy

26 Sep 2013

25 sept

Dear Diary

What a great party on Monday night! I was invited by a couple I met here. We have had coffee twice, although not actually played, but they are lovely, really into the lifestyle and very attractive, although a bit older, she must be about 40 and he about 50 I guess.

(She is a sweetie- when we had coffee at Mugg and Bean the last time, she sat next to me and put my hand under her dress- no panties and a smooth pussy. By the time we had finished coffee she had cum twice!!He had his hand in his pants pocket and looked like he would cum any minute.)

The party was at a farm near Pretoria- thanks to Garmin, or I would still be driving!

I arrived there at around 730. I had on a white (very short) mini-skirt with a tiny thong, white leather waistcoat (just me underneath!!) and white high-heel strappy sandals. Even if one gets out of the clothes early on, you still want to look nice when you get there. The thong is really small- elastic only back and sides, and a tiny transparent white triangle in front- it just covers the slit and pussy-lips, giving a nice camel-toe !

There were maybe 8 people there already, at the bar and a few in the Jacuzzi. The host introduced me, and I looked around while. The hostess gives aerobics lessons and there was a small stage at one end of the big lounge with a dance-pole, as she uses this for some lessons – (normal pole-dance lessons guys, get your minds out of the gutter!)

I sat at the bar and chatted- a couple was sitting on a couch facing the bar, so I turned around and gave the guy a view of my thong and slit- every time his partner looked away I opened my legs for him !

After a while when everyone had arrived, the host asked us all to get changed. We went to 2 separate rooms, girls and guys, and there were kimonos for the girls and wraps for the guys- a very nice touch I thought- nicer than towels which always look so bulky and make your hips look huge.( I kept my sandals on though- looks better!)

Then, back in the lounge he said we would have a competition, to break the ice. The guys would do a “muscle-man” routine and the girls would do a “strip show”, however far they wanted to go. The wining guy and girl would then do a show together for a prize.

The guys went first- and it’s not as easy as it looks. Most just stood around and flexed their muscles and posed, but as it went on they got more and more daring. The last 2 guys stripped when posing. The second-last guy got the most applause- he was very nicely built and when he had stripped we saw he had a very big cock- thick and long. He posed and then put cream on his hand and massaged his cock, with his back to us. When he turned round he was rock hard and huge!! He posed like that for a while playing with himself.

It’s always quite a turn –on for me when a guy with a big cock plays with himself- he was fully shaved and had a great 6-pack!

Well, he won easily!

Then it was the girls turn. Again, most were fairly conservative at first, but from the third girl on them all stripped completely, even the older women.

Most of the girls had a Hollywood wax, but some had a strip or even just a trimmed pussy- the older women in particular were neatly trimmed rather than fully waxed.

I was third-last. I did a slow strip show, and then turned my back to them, opened my legs, and put my fingers into my pussy, masturbating myself! I get wet fairly quickly when people watch me, so I was making myself excited just looking in the mirrors at the expression on the guy’s faces. My nipples were rock-hard and very sensitive from the leather jacket earlier.

I got 4 fingers in my pussy, then I turned around and faced them, lying down, taking my fingers out and rubbing my clit on top like I do when I masturbate on my own.

The last girl was nicely built with big boobs- she did a good routine around the pole, holding the pole with her hands and lifting both legs so the guys could see her pussy clearly. Towards the end of her routine, she took a dildo out of her handbag licked it and put the dildo in herself. It was a large dildo, and she slowly pushed it all the way in, walking up to the nearest guys with it in and getting them to move it in and out.

The guys scored us even, so we both won ! Now we had to do a show with the winning guy.

We talked to him for a minute, and then went back on stage. Tina ( the other girl who won), went up to him and put his cock in her mouth and made him hard again- the she put a condom on and lay down on her back. I knelt over her face to face, and started deep-kissing her.

She put her finger in my pussy and I put my finger in hers, making each other moan a little! The guy then knelt behind me and started putting his cock into me. It was very big, and I was not really wet enough for that size, so it hurt a bit. I put my hand around the shaft to stop it going in too deep me. Tina saw what I was doing and put her hand there instead, and jerked him up and down as he pumped me slowly. It was still very big and I could feel that he felt how tight it was.

After a while he went faster and Tina jerked him harder and faster. I could feel him in me and her fingers on my clit as she jerked him. When he was ready to come, he said so- I moved forward off Tina so his cock came out of me, and she sat up, took the condom off him and jerked him hard and very fast- he gave a gasp and squirted long jets of cum all over Tina’s boobs, chest and some on her face.

I went back to Tina and drew pictures with his cum on her boobs!! Everyone clapped, and we won a bottle of wine each.

Then Tina went to get cleaned up, and I went to the Jacuzzi to quieten down.

More about the rest of the party later this week.

(PS. I have pictures of the guy and Tina, and also of Lolly. When we chat, if u r interested let me know and I may mail them- I can’t put them here because they are not of me, and the rules protect us from putting pics of others on our page.)