25 Jul 2017

This is an unusual dairy, in that it really will help you to understand the people involved if you read other diaries first.

To easily access these diaries do as follows:

1. Go to the stories tab.

2. Filter for ‘’fact’’

3. Search for username ‘’Tammy’’

4. Then enter the word I suggest below to find the specific diary. There may be diaries from other people with the same word highlighted, but it will narrow the search for you.

So, to understand which diary Carol refers to, when she talks about my gang-bang, read search for ‘’’Calais’’, the diary dated 22 May 2015.

To understand who Andre and Paul are, search for ‘’Andre’’ or ‘’ Paul’’ in diary 6 March. 2014.

And lastly to understand who Carol and Mark are, search for ‘’Carol’’ in diary 11 May 2017.

THEN you are ready to read this diary and it will make sense to you!

Carol and I gym together, and as you will now have read she and her husband Mark, and me and my husband Simon had a swopping party a while ago at their request. (Carol and I have played together, with each other, a few times before that.)

Three weeks ago, Carol and I were having lunch after gym, and she said that she and Mark had been reading my diaries on the SH site. ( she must have registered a membership I guess, not sure). They had read the diary of my gang-bang experience when I was young (diary 22 May 2015), and said that they were hugely turned on by it- she said that Mark played with her and made her cum twice as they read it in bed one night!

So she asked how I felt about the gang-bang, and why I felt that I would not do it again.

I said that while it was very erotic and intense, in hindsight it made me feel dirty and used. Later, as I grew older, I realized that the reason for this was not so much the gang-bang in itself, but rather the fact that it had been at a ‘’public’’ club, with guys I didn’t know at all, apart from the guy who set it up for me. It was THAT part that felt dirty, not the gang-bang itself I now feel.

(Just to be clear, to me a ‘’gang-bang’’ is several guys (usually more than 2 or 3) and only one girl, usually just that, no other women)

We then talked about other, more important things, like shoes and bags, and parted after lunch.

A few days later, sitting at the gym having a smoothie, she again raised the issue of the gang-bang. She said that she had talked to her husband Mark, and she really wanted to try one!

At first I discouraged her- she has never done any swinging other than a single evening of swopping with Simon and me, so to go from that to a full-on gang-bang is a huge leap. Typically, in my experience, many women NEVER do a gang-bang, even after years of swinging, let alone as a second step. However she was adamant, and asked if it could be arranged.

I thought about it, and said I would see whether I could set it up in a safe and ‘’pleasant’’ way, not in a club, in other words.

I spoke to Simon, who had the same reaction as I had- it’s much too soon.

He phoned Mark, and Mark told him what Carol had told me- they had thought about it, it had been a fantasy of theirs, but up to now they had never had the ability to set it up.

So Simon said he would ask a few of our swinger friends and see.

After a week Simon said he could arrange it. He had also spoken to our friends Andre and Sandy (diary 6 and 17 March 2014), and Andre said that it could be hosted at his house. Sandy would go to friends for the night. Simon had phoned some of the guys we know, and so had Andre and it was expected that there would be around 6 to 10 guys in all. Simon himself would not be there as he had a business dinner with foreign clients to attend (can’t very well tell your Japanese guests ‘’sorry I can’t make dinner, we are off to a gang-bang of a friends wife!).

We agreed that I could go if Carol wanted me to, to ‘’hold her hand’’. Simon was also ok if I wanted to play a bit, which was nice of him as strictly speaking it’s against what we agreed when we got married ( no swinging alone or one-on-one in South Africa).

I met with Carol and discussed it with her. She said that she did want me there, for company. Her husband Mark would just watch as this is what they wanted. We agreed the ‘’rules’’, and she asked that I tell the guys the rules.

What she wanted as rules (and bear in mind that it’s up to each woman what she will allow and what not, so each is different.) was:

• Guys must use a condom for penetration.

• She will do oral without a condom, but they may not cum in her mouth.

• The guys may cum on her anywhere else but not on her pussy.

• No BDSM of any kind, no rough sex.

• She may try anal, (she has done it with her husband) but that she will decide at the time.

• She can stop and take a break or stop altogether at any time.

It sounded ok to me. The only thing I did say was that , while no-one would force her to do anything, it would be taken badly if, on the night, she fucked one guy and then said ‘’I have changed my mind, I am going home’’ , as it was a waste of the other guys time then.

I spoke to Andre, and he said that he would host it in a spare bedroom at his house. It is huge, and en-suite and he would provide drinks and snacks. He asked what Carol looked like, and I sent him a pic. His reply was “fuck me! I can’t wait’’ (I will describe her more fully later, but his response is a fair reflection of what most guys think.)

That night, Carol and Mark came to our home, and we drove together to Andre’s house.

They seemed quite tense, but when I checked with them they were both still keen to go ahead, it was just the excitement and uniqueness of the situation that was getting to them. I had agreed with Carol that I would be in the room, and might play, but that the focus was on her, not on a sort of double gang-bang. Mark was still happy to just watch.

We got to the house and Andre showed us to the bedroom. I was watching him, and he couldn’t take his eyes off Carols red hair and bum as she walked down the passage ahead of him!

He left us there and went back to wait for the other guests.

In the bedroom he had pulled the big King-size bed away from the headboard, so that it stood in the middle of the room. Around the sides were 4 easy-chairs and a small couch. There was a gas fireplace on one wall, the coals ‘’ burning’’ with a warm orange and red glow, and the room was nice and warm.

The bed had 4 pillows with cream covers on it, and a silky black base-sheet. Very exotic. Some scented candles on the mantle-piece above the fireplace completed the effect. Leading off from the bedrooms was a very luxurious bathroom with heated towel-rails and what felt like underfloor heating.

Carol stood in the middle of the room, uncertain what to do next.

‘’I think we should change’’ I said ‘’ and we can wait here. When Andre tells us that everyone is there, I will go and speak to them, and you stay here. Then I will come back and we will take it from there. How does that sound?’’

She agreed, and we went into the bathroom to change.

Carol had brought with some lingerie, and she undressed with me. She put on a bolero-type lingerie top, tied in front with a ribbon, and short athlete-style pants in a matching fabric, cut high on the leg, and fairly transparent. I marveled again at her exotic looks- the cascading red hair, her pale skin and the cropped red pubic hair above her pussy.

Maybe this is a good time to describe her more fully.

Carol is a genuine red-head. She has never dyed or colored her hair, and it is the most stunning colour. No two strands of hair are the same colour, varying from a deep red at the base of her neck where the sun never bleaches it, to blonde strands, and every shade of red in between with the occasional strand of grey. The overall effect is a red colour one can never replicate, more red than strawberry- blonde by a long way, but not the solid red of dyed hair.

She is slim, with a toned figure, medium size boobs with a nice up-turned shape and pink nipples. She has a little tummy bulge (she has two children) and long firm legs. I am taller than she is, but her legs are the same length as mine.

It is probably her rear that attracts as much attention as her hair. She has the most cute, firm bum I have ever seen on a grown woman. Most teens would be envious of her bum, never mind adults. It’s a combination of genetics and exercise I guess, but the view from the back when she is wearing tight jeans is unbelievable. One really expects that a young teen-age girl will turn around, not a late 40’s mother of two!

In front, apart from her very nice boobs, she has the ‘’piece de resistance’’- a neat trimmed triangle of light-red pubic hair above her pussy, although the pussy itself is shaved clean. Against her pale skin this red hair is so dramatic and unusual, it’s riveting!

She is very pretty to top it off, with high cheek-bones and green eyes.

All in all a stunning package!

Anyway, back to the evening:

I changed into a shorty nighty with nothing underneath, and we went back into the bedroom. The lights were dimmed, and the gas fireplace provided a warm ambiance, the black sheets giving a dramatic and exotic feel to the room.

We lay on the bed, and I suggested that I give her a light massage, as a way to relax and arouse her a bit.

She turned onto her tummy, and I sat astride her, massaging her shoulders and neck.

I heard a movement behind me, and turned to see Andre in the doorway, watching us.

He indicated with his head that I should come to the lounge, so I gave Carol a pat on her bum and said ‘’I will be back’’ in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. In the lounge a group of men were standing around the bar, talking. They stopped when I walked in, most looking me up and down, my body no doubt clearly visible under my thin nighty.

I greeted them, and spoke briefly about the ‘’rules’’. There were one or two questions, but all seemed happy.

I counted 8 guys including Andre, so around the number that Simon had said would be there, and what Carol was expecting. I knew some of them from previous parties, and I saw that Paul was there- I played with him at Andres house before (Diary 6 March 2014) and wondered what Carol would make of his cock- it is gigantic, one of the biggest I have had, and too big for me to be comfortable. (Too few make it a disappointment, and too many makes it overwhelming I think. I have seen a girl at a club in Dusseldorf many years ago do 50 men, but I have no idea how she managed that- they were filming it, and how her poor pussy stood up to it is beyond me! And all came in her without condoms or on her!!)

I went back to the bedroom, where Carol was still lying on her tummy, her eyes closed.

I got back on her and resumed the massage, moving lower down her back.

The guys started wandering in after a while, having undressed and wrapped a towel around them. Carol turned her head as she heard them enter, but quickly put her face back down on her arms and ignored them.

They stood in a circle around the bed, a few sitting on the chairs and couch. Carol’s husband, Mark was last- he came in, looked at his wife lying on the bed, and went to sit on a chair in the middle of one wall.

I massaged Carols bum and legs, and then whispered to her to turn over.

She rolled onto her back, her eyes still closed.

I massaged her shoulders, and then moved to her boobs. I fondled them gently, tweaking her nipples till they grew hard. Untying her bolero top, I let it fall open, and bent to suck on her pink erect nipples. She squirmed a bit, as I stroked the sides of her boobs while licking and sucking her nipples. I ran my tongue further down, along her tummy to the top of her thin shorts.

Licking on her tummy, I traced a line down her shorts with my finger, feeling her pubic hair and mound, and then down her slit, and back up. She opened her legs a bit, and I concentrated on her slit for a while. I saw that a few of the guys had dropped their towels, and were masturbating while watching us.

I pulled on her shorts, and she lifted her bum so that I could pull them off. I did so, and dropped them on the floor. The guys now for the first time got a good look at her body.

She lay there, eyes closed, her red hair fanned out under her head, her pink nipples erect and her red pubic triangle glinting in the firelight. Two of the guys, Andre and another, immediately came closer and looked at her. I heard the one guy say “oh wow! That is the most exotic thing I have seen!’’, gazing at her pussy. Many guys have never seen a real red-head naked, so it’s always a thrill when they see the pubic hair.

I touched my tongue to her slit, and felt that she was already quite wet. Licking up and down her slit, I parted her lips and flicked the tip of my tongue on her clit, making her jump a bit.

Most of the guys had moved closer now, and I figured that it was time for me to make an exit and leave them and her to it.

I climbed off Carol, giving her pussy a final kiss, and went to the small couch which was now vacant and sat down, still in my nighty.

Andre had been standing at the foot of the bed, and he moved closer. Carol looked at him, and smiled. He stood between her legs and leaned forward, fondling her breasts and pulling lightly on her nipples. Bending further, he began to suck each nipple in turn, and then kissed her below each boob. He stroked her sides in the curve to her hips, then onto her tummy. Covering her mound with his hands, he rubbed gently, then put his face on her mound and licked her slit.

I looked at her husband, Mark. He was sitting on the chair, leaning forward, staring at Andre’s mouth on his wife’s pussy. Andre poked his tongue out, and parted Carol’s pussy-lips, probing into her pussy. She began to move her hips up and down a bit, and put her hands on her boobs, playing with her nipples which were by now puckered, hard and erect. He began to mouth her properly, his face eating at her pussy, pushing into her, his mouth opening and closing as he thrust his mouth into her. She bent her knees, opening her pussy wider for him. He had one hand on his cock and was masturbating hard, his thick cock rigid.

After maybe five minutes, he stood, took the condom he had brought to the bed, and then unwrapped it, looking at Carol. She watched as he unrolled the condom over his erection, never taking her eyes off his cock.

He climbed onto the bed, and mounted Carol as she guided his cock into her. He slid it slowly in, and then, with her knees still bent, started to fuck her with deep, slow thrusts.

Her hips rose to meet him as he penetrated her, and after a few thrusts she lifted her legs high, allowing him to drive all the way into her. She was setting the pace, fucking faster and faster. He lifted his hips with each thrust to grind his pubic area against her clit. They fucked for a while, Andre grunting with exertion.

One of the guys I know, Karl, came and sat next to Carols head, pulling on his long uncut cock. He put his cock at her face. She turned her head, opened her mouth, and took him in her mouth while Andre fucked her pussy.

She sucked deeply on Karl’s cock until Andre stopped and got off. As he got off, Karl took his cock out of her mouth, and rolled her onto her tummy. Putting a condom on, he positioned himself behind Carol, and lifted her onto her hand and knees.

He massaged her tight bum, feeling between her cheeks over her arsehole and down to her wet pussy. His cock slid into her pussy from the back, doggy style, and I heard the slap, slap of his tummy on her bum as he began to fuck her, holding onto her slim hips.

Carol reached with one hand between her legs and rubbed over her pussy as Karl’s cock slid in and out. Karl was very aroused, his body arching with each stroke.

Andre came over and sat next to me, his cock still rigid and throbbing. I leaned over and took him in my mouth, trying, but not succeeding, in taking him all. I sucked him hard, playing with hos balls, his hand between my legs under my nighty, sliding up and down my slit.

I was very turned on by the whole thing, and really wanted to cum soon. I grabbed a condom from the bowl and slid it onto Andre’s cock, and then got on top of him, sitting on him, feeling his cock enter my waiting and ready pussy. I sat down hard, and then rode him, jerking my hips back and forth as well as up and down. He lifted my nighty off me, and sucked on my nipples which by now were very hard.

I knew I would cum quickly, and within maybe 10 minutes I felt the delicious rush of the orgasm start. I ground my pussy against him hard, feeling the base of his cock against my clit as I came, clenching my pussy around his cock as I did so. He kept fucking until I was done, and then I lay forward against his chest, resting my head on his shoulder, his arms around my neck.

I heard Karl grunting loudly, and turned to see him thrust hard into Carol’s cunt, jerking his hips as he came in her, his fingers leaving red marks on her bum as he pulled her towards him. Her long red hair covered her face as she knelt, and I could see her expression.

Even before Karl had finished, another guy was standing right next to her, his back to me. When he turned, I saw that he had a huge cock, nearly as big as Paul’s, uncut and rock-hard, massaging it rapidly.

‘’who’s that?’’ I asked Andre.

‘’Brett’’ he said.’’ He is a guy Sandy and I met at a Club Rome a while ago. We have played with him a few times. Sandy loves his cock; it’s so big she squeals when he fucks her. He has a very cute wife, an air hostess, who doesn’t know that he plays, and we see him when she is away’’

I recognized the description from something that Sandy, Andre’s wife had told me.

‘’and what YOU don’t know’’ I thought to myself, ‘’is that your wife has been fucking this guy for a year on her own. She met him at Mugg and Bean at East Rand Mall one day, and they fucked for the first time in his car in the carpark within an hour. She only pretended to ‘’meet’’ him with you at Rome because she wanted to be able to play with him at home’’.

Brett almost pushed Karl aside and climbed on top of Carol. He kneeled astride her, his cock at her face, and pushed it down to her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and took the head in, sucking on it greedily, her small hand cupping his huge balls. With her other hand she stroked the shaft, feeding the giant cock into her mouth, stretching her lips as wide open as she could. I got up and moved to where I could see her better.

Mark, her husband, had also stood to see better, jerking his cock rapidly as he watched his wife try to take more of Brett’s cock into her mouth without choking.

Brett reached behind him, felt for Carols’ cunt, and slid a finger deep into her wet slit, fingering her as she sucked him. When he tried to move his cock in her mouth, she held it firm, as she couldn’t take more in.

He pulled his cock away, and lay on the bed on his back, pulling her on top of him. He had put a condom on the bed, and now slipped it onto his wet and huge rigid cock. She sat above him and fed his cock into her cunt, slowly lowering herself on him until almost all of it was in her. She moved up and down, her head back and her eyes closed. She let his cock go almost all the way out of her each time, and then sat down letting it all go back in- it was quite a sight to see this long , thick pole entering her each time all the way.

Carol began to move faster, slamming her cunt down on his cock, panting, perspiration on her face and boobs. She rubbed across her pussy with one hand very rapidly, jerking her cunt against her hand. Suddenly she cried out over and over, and started to shake. As she lifted with each stroke a small stream of juice exploded from her cunt over Brett’s balls, like a little hosepipe, as she squirted and came, still riding him for all she was worth.

Mark, standing next to the bed, masturbating as his wife squirted, came, jerking his cock in a blur, cum shooting onto the carpet and the bed.

Carol had hardly stopped, and collapsed backwards, holding onto his thighs behind her, when he lifted her off him, grabbed the condom and took it off, throwing it on the bed, and with a few stroked he came, the long thick jets of cum squirting upwards and onto Carols boobs, chin and tummy, coating her. He came for a long time, and when he finally stopped she was covered in cum from chin to tummy. Gasping for breath, Brett lay back and looked at Carol. She was panting, her eyes glazed, cum dripping off her.

The atmosphere in the room was electric-there was a palpable sexual tension, an erotic ‘’’cloud’’ as the group of men, all erect and aroused moved closer and watched Carols stunning body covered in cum, her pussy wet and her lips engorged, her nipples hard.

My former fuck-buddy, Paul, he of the huge cock, was standing nearest Carol. As Carol got off Brett, who rolled off the bed and threw the condom in the bin, Paul gently pushed Carol onto her tummy, and then lifted her hips so that her bum was in the air, crouching at the foot of the bed.

His cock was immense, hard and I saw some pre-cum on the head. His hand was shaking a bit as he rolled a condom onto his cock, battling to get it over his size. Then he moved behind Carol, and felt for her cunt with his hand. I saw his hand thrust up and down as he inserted one or two fingers into her, and then positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

I don’t know whether she had seen his cock properly before this, but she gave a gasp as she felt the huge pole slide into her. Even though Brett had just fucked her, and HE had a very large cock, Paul’s was even bigger, and she froze as Paul slid more and more of it in.

After some wriggling around, he got most of it in, and fucked her with long slow strokes, letting her get used to it. She turned her head and looked at me as he fucked her. I mouthed “you ok?’’ to her, and she nodded.

A guy I didn’t know, an older and quite fat guy, crawled onto the bed and sat in front of Carol. He played with her hair as he masturbated, and then lay down facing her, his cock near her face. She opened her mouth and he slid it in, still masturbating himself. She sucked him as best she could while Paul impaled her on his cock.

I went behind Paul, and put my arms around him, then slid my hand down, and felt between his legs from the back, I felt his cock drive into Carol, feeling her pussy each time he thrust in. I fondled his balls, pulling gently on them, and tickling the area between his balls and his arsehole. He squirmed as I raked my nails under his balls, and fucked her faster.

I felt his balls go tight, and the movement became much more rapid. With a loud groan he came in her, jerking his hips hard at her, as she thrust back at him. He was still cumming when she clenched her thighs around his cock and she also came, her hips jerking as she orgasmed hard.

When they were both done, he withdrew his cock, and stood, looking down at her heaving body, her face buried in the sheet, her pussy gaping and wet between her legs, her bum still in the air.

The fat guy whose cock she had been sucking was almost cumming himself it seemed. He pulled Carol down, and she rolled onto her back. Mounting her, he slid his smaller cock easily into her- her pussy was stretched wide open by the huge cocks of Brett and Paul, and this guy’s cock was if anything smaller than average, so she hardly felt it I imagine!

She put her arms around him, and he lumbered on top of her, panting and gasping.

Andre came and stood beside me, his arm around my waist, and his other hand on his cock.

He was very aroused, and pushed on my shoulders to make me lean forward. As I did, he went behind me, and felt my pussy, sliding two fingers into me, fingering me rapidly while masturbating himself. I parted my legs and leaned more forward, my hands on the bed.

Andre slid a condom on and pushed his thick cock into me, deeply, all the way in. he fucked me very fast from the start, and within a few minutes I heard him grunt and felt his hands grab my hips, pulling me to him as he squirted in me, his cock stopping with each stroke as he came.

He had been very aroused by the whole evening, and I think had been on the verge of cumming for a long time!

The fat guy on top of Carol, gave a few thrusts and pulled his cock out, grabbed the condom off his cock and jerked a few times, and then squirted his load all over her tummy and boobs, some landing on her chin. He plonked himself down on the bed next to her, panting, and stroked her boobs, making patterns with his cum on her.

The last two guys were right up next to her, both quite young. The one guy I knew, Arnie, the other I didn’t.

‘’ who is the shorter guy?’ I asked Andre.

‘’Arnie’s brother’’ he said with a grin. ‘’he is 21, and this is his first swinger evening, although he has double-dated and swopped with his boet.’’

Arnie lay on his back and pulled Carol on top of him, reverse cowboy style, and she lowered herself onto his nice-size cock. His brother knelt in front of her, and pushed his quite long cock at her face. She bent forward, and as she rode Arnie she sucked his brother’s cock. Arnie, under her, pumped his hips up and down driving his cock hard into Carol’s cunt. His brother, who didn’t have a condom on, started to move his hips quite quickly, and looked ready to cum. Carol pulled her head back, sensing this, and masturbated him. In a few minutes he came, squirting a lot of cum at her. She was taken by surprise I think, and some shot onto her face and in her hair, the rest on her pale boobs, dripping off one nipple.

Carols husband who had been masturbating all the time gave a groan and came again, a small squirt of cum shooting onto the carpet as he watched Arnie's brother cum on his wife.

Carol rode Arnie for a while until he too came in her, pressing her down on his cock as he came. Carol got off Arnie and lay on the bed, her face, body and thighs messy with cum, juices and sweat.

Andre went over to Carol, kissed her on her mouth, and then straddled her, his cock pressing against her face. She opened her mouth, and when she started to suck him, he held her face still while he face-fucked her, careful not to hurt her. She kept quite still as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, just letting her tongue lick his cock as it slid in and out. In a minute Andre grabbed at his cock and pointed it at her boobs, and squirted a huge load on her, making her boobs look like she had emptied a can of condensed milk over them. When he was done, has climbed off her and sat on the bed.

‘’that’s everyone’’ he said to her. ’More? Or are you done?’’

‘’that was great, but it’s enough’’ she said gasping, running her fingers through the cum on her boobs.

Andre stood, and clapped, and soon all the guys were clapping, as they left the room, Mark leaving last.

I sat next to her.

‘’so, did you enjoy that?’’ I asked.

‘’that was the most amazing, intense and erotic experience I have ever had’’ she said.

‘’ I can’t describe the feeling of all those guys, one after another, one cock after another and all that cum all over me. And the whole feeling in the room, I could almost taste the testosterone and the sex in the air.’’

She went to the bathroom to get showered while I cleared up a bit.

I was still clearing up when Brett came back in. I took one look at him, still with his towel around him, and I knew what he wanted!

Without a word I held out my hand, and went to the bed. I lay on my back and he opened my legs wide, holding them straight in the air. He fingered me for a moment, and then slid that huge cock into me. He fucked me for ages, in every position. At some point Carol must have come out, but I didn’t see or hear her.

Eventually, Brett came in me, in a condom, and I did a second later. By now my pussy was sore and swollen, and I just wanted a bath and sleep.

Everyone had left, so we said goodbye to Andre and drove home.