26 Jan 2016

So I was with my hubby-to-be in Europe over New Year. After a few stops, we ended in Berchtesgaden where we were to get married. Our friends who live in Europe or were there on holiday came to stay and to join us.

It’s a tiny town of 7000 people, deep in the Bavarian Alps- very romantic and different. I have skied there a few times, and love it, so that where we decided on. Back in SA we had a “”wedding party”” when we got back for our South African friends.

Anyway, we stayed at a small hotel in the town- family-run and cute. I was quite stressed about the upcoming wedding, as you can imagine, and just needed to chill. Simon and a few of his friends wanted to do some skiing on the high pistes, so they left early each day and got back late ( bear in mind its pitch black dark at 17h00 there!)

I spent the day with 2 friends of mine shopping and catching up.

The second day there I was in the suite when the cleaning-girl (Gabriella) arrived to make up the room. I let her in as I was going to be there a while on my laptop, and she started cleaning.

I couldn’t help noticing that she was stunning! Taller than me, slim, dark hair and a beautiful figure- long firm legs ( she wore tight leggings as it was very cold) and what seemed like big boobs. She had huge brown eyes and a very pretty face. She spoke very little English, so the little bit we spoke was in German. I worked on my laptop, and every so often looked up at her when she was not facing me- she seemed oblivious of this, and I enjoyed watching her tights reveal her bum and pussy from the back when she bent forward.

Simon had insisted that we have separate rooms until after the wedding! So I was quite horny by then.

The third day I made sure I was in the room when she wanted to clean. She was again wearing her tights, but now with a knitted blouse. And she DID have surprisingly big boobs for such a slim build.

I was dressed still in my thermal pants, which are in-door/out-door, and a t shirt as the room was warm. I thought she had been looking at me the previous day as she worked, so I positioned myself so I could see her.

We chatted as best we could- her English seemed to get better as she became less shy, and she said she lived near Berchtesgaden with her parents, she was 20, and had been employed at the hotel since she was 16, initially part-time, then full-time.

I was fascinated with her eyes- big and dark, almond-shaped with long lashes.

She said she wanted to practice her English (lots of Germans want to do this- they ask that you speak in English and not German) so we chatted as best we could for a while as she worked.

She was really pretty in an innocent and yet sexy way- as though she didn’t know her own beauty.

As she worked she told me about her boyfriend of 6 months, who worked on the ski-lifts, and her job at the hotel.

I could see that, as she cleaned, she was favouring her right arm. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she had fallen skiing 2 days earlier and hurt her shoulder muscles. I said that I am an excellent masseuse, and could try to ease it if she wanted (which is true- I am!)

The hotel as a small health centre on the ground floor with a steam-room, a sauna, some chaise lounges and so on- guests can rent it if they want to use the facility. Of course if more than one guest wanted to use it, it was also ok, but they would just need to know to whom to charge the E60 for the 3 hours. In Germany, most saunas are nude only- you VERY seldom find a sauna where you are allowed clothes, usually only in some of the “”Thermes”, big indoor swimming pool recreation centres with hot pools, mineral pools and so on- there some of them have an “’open’’ sauna where you can wear clothes because young kids can go there also, but the main sauna areas are behind a door, and are all nude-only.

I was therefore quite keen to have a sauna with Gabriella, although I was not sure whether she would see the hotel sauna as private enough for nudity- but one can live in hope!

We arranged that after her shift ended at 16h00 we would meet in the health centre for a sauna, and I would then do a back and shoulder massage on her. I booked the sauna from 15h00 to 18h00, called up two of my friends (in town for our wedding) from their hotel, and we went shopping.

Simon was still out skiing with his friends, so at 15h00 I went down, put in my code, switched on the heating in the centre, locked the door, and went to get changed.

Just before 16h00 I went down in my towelling gown with a bikini underneath, got some ice-water from the machine, and went to the centre. I had hardly put the water down when there was a knock on the door and Gabriella came in. she had let her hair down fully, and was wearing very tight jeans and a beautiful fluffy jersey under her ski-jacket, which she hung, with her gloves , beanie and scarf on the hooks. She looked gorgeous!

We had some water, and then she said:

‘’ We don’t have so much time. Will you really assist my back?”

I said I would but she needed to warm the muscles first in the sauna as she was bound to be cold from being outside (bear in mind it was around -6 to -10 outside and snowing)

I wasn’t sure how she was going to dress for the sauna, so I kind of let her undress first. She took of her jersey, blouse and bra, then peeled off her jeans and stepped out of her panties without a pause. Turning, she walked to the shower and turned it on. I was still undressing; trying not to stare- she had a truly spectacular body- very slim with no fat at all. Long legs, flat tummy and big, full boobs with large dark nipples. I could see her pussy, but she looked wonderful- young, strong, sexy as hell!

I also undressed, feeling quite fat and put of shape by comparison (although in fairness to me I am 13 years older than her!).

We finished showering, and went to the sauna. It was great, very hot and very dry. We sat for about 15 mins, and then showered again. She walked around nude, completely unselfconscious. I showed her to lie on the plinth, face down. I wrapped a towel around me, and took my massage oil out of my bag. Putting it into a bowl of hot water to warm it, I began to gently knead her upper back and shoulder. I could feel right away where the injury was- the muscle group above the scapula was very tense and knotted.

When the oil was warm, I drizzled some over her back, and began to work on her.

She lay still, every so often saying something, but sounding sleepy.

I enjoyed feeling her firm back, and was not exactly turned on yet, but not far from it.

After I had done her shoulder for a while, I asked if I should do the rest of her. She was delighted, and said yes, sure.

I worked my way down her back to her bum, then started on her calves and worked my way up each leg. In a professional salon, one would have a towel over the bum, but I hadn’t put one there, so as I worked her legs I could see her pussy, shaved and tight. I avoided it when I got to the top of her legs, but now I was really turned on.

I wanted to see if she would let me touch her, but didn’t want to have a scene if she was not interested. I massaged up her legs, and let the edge on my finger brush her pussy as I massaged.

No reaction.

I massaged more, and let my finger make more contact with each stroke.

After the third time, I thought I felt her open her legs a fraction. Not sure though.

I let my finger rest against her pussy now, and as my one hand massaged her leg, I moved my finger against her pussy slightly.

She definitely moved now, parting her legs about 20 cm and lifting her bum slightly off the plinth- she WAS enjoying it!

I didn’t say anything, not wanting to break the “”spell””.

I left my one hand on her leg, and now stroked her pussy lips, running my finger down as far as I could get, and back up, along her slit, over her bum-hole and onto her lower back.

She made a soft moaning sound, and lifted her hips a bit more.

I slid my finger into her slit a bit, feeling that she was quite wet, and very tight.

I was too turned on to just keep doing that, and I put one hand under my towel and started to stroke my own pussy lightly- I was surprised to find how very wet I was already, my clit quite hard.

“”do you want to turn over?”” I asked.

She rolled over onto her back without a word, her eyes closed. Her large boobs were so firm that they just stayed straight up, her nipples erect. I now had a chance to see he pussy properly- she had a small triangle of trimmed dark hair, ending at the top of her pussy, which was itself clean-shaven. She had a prominent mons, with a very tight-looking slit- no lips showing at all.

This was a tricky part of the process- some women are quite happy to have another stroke their pussy, but won’t do more, and won’t reciprocate. I wasn’t sure how Gabriella would respond

I began to massage her upper thighs. Almost immediately, she took my one hand with hers, and put it onto her pussy. I felt her other hand on my thigh, going up under my towel.

So she WAS willing!

I let my towel drop, feeling a bit fat compared to her, and her hand went straight to my slit, rubbing her fingers along it. She must have felt how wet I was, because she slid a finger into me without hesitation.

I parted her legs some more, and did the same to her. She WAS very tight, and I could only get one finger in. I pushed it deep in, and massaged her clit with my thumb.

She lifted her hips up, and pulled my hand onto her clit area. I rubbed across her clit lightly, feeling it grow harder.

I opened my legs wide, standing next to her, and she probed first with two and then three fingers into my cunt, feeling for the g-spot.

Leaning forward, I sucked first one hard nipple, then the other.

We fingered each other like that for a while, both of us getting more and more turned on.

“’come up here”” she said after a while.

‘’How” I asked

‘’Sit on your knees facing my feet”” she said.

It took me a second to work out that she meant for me to sit astride her, facing her feet, which I then did.

She pulled my hips backward until my cunt was above her face, and then pulled my down. I felt her tongue probes my pussy, then begin to lick along my slit. Her hands parted my bum and stroked my cheeks, over my bum-hole and back again.

I leaned down and opened her legs. Her slim slit was glistening, and then ran my tongue along it, and then into it, tasting the metallic -taste juices of arousal deep in her.

I could use two hands, and I was supporting myself with one, but with the other I rubbed across her clit every so often, then licking some more.

She began to writhe and groan, and I licked harder and rubbed harder. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and thrust it hard on her clit. I rubbed really hard, flicking over and over it. Her legs trembled and shook, and she began to pant rapidly as the orgasm flooded through her. Her cunt got very wet, juices running out onto the plinth.

I kept rubbing until the trembling stopped, then kissed her tummy and inner thighs which were slick with sweat and juices.

We paused like that for a minute or two, gasping.

Then she began to lick me again, her tongue now as deep as it could go in my cunt.

Her hand slid along my bum, and I pulled it to my bum-hole. She got the idea, and as she licked and sucked me, she rotated a finger into my bum, deep, and pulled it in and out.

With her other hand she rubbed my clit every so often. It wasn’t long before I began to feel an orgasm building

I pushed my cunt down lower onto her face, and she responded by increasing the pressure of her hand on my clit.

She changed her movement suddenly, thrusting 3 or 4 fingers deep into me, while still pushing a finger in my bum.

I came almost immediately, huge waves of tingling rushing through me, again and again, as she kept thrusting.

My pussy lips were swollen and raw, but the feeling was wonderful.

When I was done, I climbed off her, and sat on the chair, panting.

She laid back, her head turned to one side, looking at me.

I smiled at her.

‘’Not the first time”?? I said, more a statement than a question.

‘’ No’’ she said”” I was at a boarding school, and that’s how we had sex until we were allowed to meet boys. So we were virgins still when school was done””

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes.

Her cell-phone rang, and she climbed off the plinth to answer it.

‘’ my boyfriend is here to pick me up”” she said.

I thought I would try something, just for fun. I have an agreement with Simon that I won’t fuck any guy unless we are a party together, but that doesn’t mean I can’t watch.

“”Tell him to come here”” I said with a grin

“” And do what “””she asked

‘’ Well, if you want you could play with him here, you are all ready to””

It took a few moments of translation to get her to understand what I meant by “”play””

‘’ And you”? She asked when she got the meaning.

‘’Nothing”” I said. I will just watch. I won’t play with him.

She thought about it for a moment. Then picking up her phone, she called him and spoke for a while.

Putting it down, she smiled at me. ‘

“” we have done this once before with friends”” she said, “” where we ””

she made a motion of one hand crossing over the other

‘’You swopped?? I asked

“”yes”” she said, we were all a bit drunk.

I thought about the lucky guy who got swopped with her, and smiled- must have been like Xmas came early for him!

There was a knock on the door. We both put towels around us, and she opened the door.

A young man of around 25 came in. He appeared to be a bit startled to see us both there.

Gabriella took him to the one room, and they were in there for maybe 5 mins.

When he came out, he smiled at me, and said in very good English

‘’so you and Gabriella have been having fun!””


‘’Now you and her can have fun!””

Gabriella had obviously decided that she was going to go ahead. She dropped her towel, kneeled on the ground in front of him, and unzipped his jeans.

He didn’t need a second invitation.

He stepped out of the jean, pulled his shirt over his head, and stepped out of his underpants.

A very nice semi-erect cock was on display. He stood there naked, looked at me and then at Gabriella

I dropped my towel and went to sit on the plinth to watch, and play with myself maybe.

Gabriella, took his cock in her mouth, and began to suck him deeply, taking the whole cock in, her mouth stretched as open as it could. She sucked him for a while, as he stood there, looking now and then at me.

I sat on the plinth, my towel around me, watching. It was sweet, the two of them.

Gabriella stood up and came over to the plinth. She faced it (and me) and leaned forward. The guy went behind her, felt her pussy, and put his cock there. He slowly pushed it in, and I watched her face as it went in, her mouth open, eyes half shut.

He began to fuck her, not very fast, but with deep, long strokes. She held on the plinth, rocking backward and forwards as he pumped into her cunt.

I had opened my gown a bit, and was touching my pussy with one hand, the other on my boobs feeling my nipple grow harder. The guy was looking at my pussy as he fucked Gabriella, obviously turned on by it.

I opened my legs bit more. Gabriella saw this, and moved to her left, to stand right in front of me, and the guy moved as she did.

With the guy still fucking her, she took my knees and opened my legs wide. Taking one had off the plinth, she began to finger me deeply, massaging my clit as she did so.

The feeling was very erotic- watching and listening to them fucking as she played with me.

I was very wet, and soon felt an orgasm start. I pushed her hand hard against my cunt, her fingers now far in me, and I stated to cum again, clenching my legs against her wrist.

She kept up the pressure, and as the guy saw me cum he did to, with long deep thrusts in Gabriella’s cunt grunting as he did.

When he was finished, he took his cock out and went to the toilet. Gabriella and I sat on the plinth giggling like school-girls. We got up when he came back, leaving two big wet patches on the plinth covering, and went to shower.

So, I got a have a nice play-time without doing anything I shouldn’t. Simon was not all that happy, as it had involved a guy, but as I pointed out, I had not touched him at all, nor he me, and his cumming want because of what I did but because he was fucking Gabriella.

Put like that, Simon accepted it, and is cool with it.