24 Nov 2016

Simon and I have friends, a South African couple, who have been to a few swinging parties with us. Two weeks ago (as I write this, 17 Nov 2016 - it may be longer by the time I finish it!) Brett, the husband, phoned Simon to ask if we wanted to join them that Saturday night for a fun party. They had two couples, friends from Germany, and both couples were into swinging. Merle (Brett’s wife) and Brett had been with these two couples at a swinger club a few times last year when Brett and Merle were on holiday in Germany, and now that the couples were here, Brett thought to arrange a small party for them. He said he had thought about taking them to a club here, but the swinger clubs here are so different from those in Germany that he was not sure they would enjoy it - hence the party.

Simon asked me, and I said sure. Simon had a golf-day with clients that morning, and provided he was done in time we would go. So it wasn’t definite.

I really like Brett and Merle - I have never played with Merle (not sure how into girls she is - she seems quite straight) but I had played with Brett more than once, and I liked it. (It doesn’t hurt that he has a really nice cock and knows how to use it!)

He is one of the few guys I will fuck without a condom, because I know him so well, and I know that he gets himself tested regularly. He is also one of the VERY few guys who has fucked me together with Simon, but that was ages ago!

Brett is 50, an ex-provincial rugby player, always tanned, strong body, muscular, and in good shape. They own a farm near Graaff Reinet, where he farms game, but they live in JHB in Paulshof in a very nice, very big house. His wife, Merle, is 45, shortish, plump, dyed blonde with very nice full boobs, very curvy and very sexy. She has beautiful green eyes, very striking, and a really cute face. She is an accountant and works from home.

Brett and Simon have been friends for years, and have done some business together when Brett bought the farm , and Simon financed some of the game he bought at auction - so Simon was a partner for a while until Brett bred and sold some game and paid him back.

(As an aside - the purchase of the farm was a few years ago, long before Simon and I got married. Brett and Simon were at the farm, and the paperwork for some of the game was delivered by a stunningly attractive 20-something Afrikaans woman who worked for the auctioneer. They invited her to have a drink or two, it got late, they invited her to stay over rather than drive back on the dirt farm roads at night, and she very willingly fucked both of them together all night! Simon says that she was insatiable once she got started - she was young, great figure with small very firm boobs and long legs, a quite large triangle of dark blond/brown pubic hair, and very pretty. They slept 3 in the bed all night, and took turns fucking her - she was happy to do oral, pussy, anal, whatever, DP, the lot. Simon says by the time she left after breakfast they were both quite happy to see her go - he says he is not sure how much longer they could have kept fucking her!)

I had of course no idea who the German couples were, beyond that Simon said the one guy’s wife was my age or a bit younger even. (Bear in mind that Simon is 62, and I am 34, so most of the time his friends are around his age, and I am usually by a long way the youngest in a group).

I got ready for the party anyway on Saturday late morning, still not sure if we were going to go. I had my hair done, shaved underarms, legs and pussy, and did my nails. I looked at what to wear, and decided on a full-length green and blue patterned halter-neck dress with slits up both side. I think it looks sexy but not tartish, and it shows a nice amount of cleavage and leg. Also, it can’t be worn with a bra, so my boobs are on show a bit, which is nice for that sort of party.

Around lunch-time Simon phoned and said that he would be in time so that we could go. He arrived home at 3 p.m., and we left to go to the party at 6, as Merle wanted everyone there to have cocktails, then dinner. The invitation was to stay over, rather than drive back late at night, so I took a small overnight bag (well, I think it's small - Simon says that he goes overseas for a month with less, but a girl needs more than a guy!)

Brett and Merle have a lovely house, very spacious, and beautifully decorated. In fact, Merle helped me with the décor for our house - she is that good. They have two grown children who live in the UK, but at one time they lived there, so the house now has more space that the two of them need, and they converted the kids bedrooms into one large entertainment room, with French-doors leading onto the veranda which runs the length of the house. The formal lounge and the dining room also face this veranda, whereas their bedroom occupies the whole top floor, with its own veranda, his and hers dressing rooms, bathroom and work-spaces. Merle's offices are in a separate area which was a double garage, and Brett’s pride and joy, his Ferrari, shares a newly-built (tiled!) garage with Merle’s Range Rover and his run-about Merc.

When we got there, there was already a Jeep Grand Cherokee in the driveway, which I assumed was the German couples' hire car.

The door was opened by a young woman who turned out to be from the caterers hired for the night. (I was disappointed to find that those staff would all leave after dinner - this girl was cute - slim, dark hair and a tiny waist. Simon told me to stop perving, as she led the way to the lounge!)

In the lounge, Brett introduced us to the German couples, and I had my first surprise of the night.

Manfred - maybe 50, tall, moustachioed, shaved bald, nice friendly smile.

His wife, Gerda, also around 50, my height, quite matronly, a bit overweight, quite buxom.

Walter - also 50-ish, stocky, well built, short grey hair, earring, tattoos on one arm and his wife: Lerato - black, short - tiny. Slim, stunningly pretty with huge eyes and impossibly long lashes, and very big boobs - much too large for her size.

Yup, an ex-South African girl, living in Germany since childhood, fluent in German of course (in fact her English has a German accent). She must be one of the prettiest girls I have seen in a long time. Those of you, who have read my diary about the American girl Jordana, will understand what I mean when I say she is like a Black version of Jordana.

Her figure is unusual - she is really tiny, she comes up to my shoulder, and I am not that tall, and she is slim - not skinny, but little or no fat on her. But from what I could see under her blouse, she had really big boobs - bigger than mine it looked, and I am a 34C.

We sat around and had cocktails made by a cute waiter from the catering company (and another nudge from Simon to stop perving!), as the sun set, and the garden lights came on, illuminating the trees.

Then we went in to dinner - starter of gazpacho, then Leg of lamb, then strawberries and ice-cream, then espressos in the lounge.

I think I have mentioned before that I have always found that Germans like to be organised, even in what would normally be free and easy situations like a swinging party. And this was no different. After coffee was finished, Brett turned the lights down, and the music up. I was sitting next to Simon, and I think the others were also sitting with their partners.

"So, shall we get changed, and go to the entertainment room?" asked Brett.

"There are kimonos and gowns for everyone in the second bedroom, and the entertainment room is the one after that."

We all got up, some getting a drink and going first to the entertainment room to put it down, others going straight to the "change-room" to get changed.

Simon took our drinks to the entertainment room, and I went to get changed. Usually, once the party starts, Simon and I don’t really spend time together unless it’s by chance - we each play with who we want, and virtually never together.

I found the change room, with its clothes cupboards standing empty with hangers, and a variety of gowns and kimonos hanging at one end.

I got undressed and hung up my clothes.

Walter and Lerato were also in the room getting changed. She took off her blouse and bra, and stood there in her jeans and panties as she hung the blouse up. I looked at her boobs - they were wonderful - very big indeed, bigger than mine, and quite firm, with big dark nipples. She took her jeans off as I hung up my things, and I saw her naked pussy, shaved, with a dark triangle where the hair had been. It was a very unusual figure, very top-heavy, but sexy.

Walter was standing naked, looking at the gowns, deciding which one to wear. He had a stocky, hard body, with a hairy chest, arms and legs, but as he turned I saw that his pubic area was shaved, and he had a thick, long cock, uncut.

We selected gowns as Gerda came in, and went to the entertainment room.

The room, formerly two bedrooms now combined, was used I think as a general recreation room - being quite large, it had a half-size snooker table at one end, two big flat-screen T.V.’s on a wall at the other end, a bar counter and high-chairs, and several couches and easy-chairs in groups. Piled in one corner was a stack of foam mattresses, covered in a floral print fabric. I imagine that they were not always there!

The lighting in the room was only from standing lamps where the couches were, and some overhead lights, dimmed, at the bar, so it was quite dim in the room, but not dark. There was music playing through speakers in the ceiling, and the French doors at one end were open to an enclosed stoep where I could see a small Jacuzzi and the door of a sauna. A treadmill, stationary bicycle and a multi-use weight-bench and weight-rack completed the set up there.

Simon and the others came in and stood or sat around. I was chatting to Lerato - she said she was from Jhb originally, but had moved to Germany with her parents as a baby. She went to school there, and studied there, getting a Master’s Degree in Psychology recently. She had realised that we both had a big age-gap to our spouses, but said that her parents were fine with it, as he provided very well for her (and had paid a huge lobola apparently!).

I said that she had a stunning figure, and she laughed.

"Yes, my huge boobs! I was 11 when they started growing, and they just kept on growing. At first, the boys in my class were interested, then the older boys, then their fathers!"

"And what did you do?" I asked.

"In the beginning, when it was a novelty, when all the other girls were either flat-chested or in training bras, I was already a good 34B, the boys would buy me lunch if I lifted up my top to let them see my boobs, in a bra of course! But I stopped that soon, and I only really became sexually active when I was 16."

She was such a nice person, fun and casual.

Gerda, Manfred’s wife, stood in the middle of the room, and called for silence. (Remember what I said about the Germans love for organisation!)

She said she had been asked by Merle to suggest to everyone how the evening would "proceed". (It began to sound like a Rotary meeting!)

"Here is a bag with pieces of paper in it. Each piece of paper has a name of a man on it. And here is a dice. Each woman will throw the dice. The highest number goes first, then the next and so on. The woman whose turn it is, takes a piece of paper from the bag with a man’s name on it. She and the man then do an act for us - it can be whatever they want, but it must be sexy. They have 2 minutes to work out what to do. They can dance, they can do a striptease, they can do foreplay or they can do sex - whatever they want, and they have 10 minutes. Everybody else scores them and holds up a piece of paper with a score between 1 and 10 based on how sexy, erotic and arousing it is. Then the next woman takes a man’s name and it’s their turn for 10 minutes, and so on. If the woman selects her partner’s name, she must pick again. The winning couple gets a bottle of Dom Perignon each."

I packed up laughing. It was SO organised - I almost expected her to hand out a set of rules for us to sign!

It's also not that easy at first - woman can fake sexual-turn on, but with men it’s a little more obvious whether they are turned on or not, if you know what I mean, and 10 minutes is not that long!

Each woman took the dice and threw. I got a 5, so I guessed I was second.

Gerda threw a 6.

She reached into the bag, and drew out a name. "Brett" she said. Everyone clapped and laughed, teasing him.

Gerda went over to him, sat next to him, and they conferred.

We all sat around the room, our pieces of paper in hand to write down a score.

Then they stood up and went to the centre of the room.

Lerato whispered to me "we did this at a club in Dusseldorf last year. The very first girl, a stunning 19 year-old Austrian blonde girl with a face like an angel did pussy, anal, then into her mouth, and let the guy cum in her mouth, and swallowed. It was a bit difficult to score higher than that after her!"

Gerda and Brett started to dance, holding each other. She slipped the gown off his shoulders, and let it hang by its belt. Kneeling in front of him, she opened the gown, and put her head inside. We could see her head going backwards and forward, obviously giving him a blow-job. Then, when he was hard, she undid his gown and let it fall to the floor.

Brett had a great cock, normal size, but nice and thick and a nice shape. He opened Gerda’s gown on top so that her breasts were shown. She has big boobs, but not firm, with small pink nipples. He bent to suck first one then the other, making the nipples erect. Still sucking on them, he reached into her gown between her legs, and started to finger her.

She parted her legs, and he opened the gown, undid the belt and let it fall. She has a plump, full body, quite a bit of fat, and pale, with a small strip of dark pubic hair.

Brett’s fingers were in her plump pussy, deep in her, and she was moving back and forth as he drove three or four fingers into her plump pussy.

Her hands were on his cock, masturbating him hard.

After a minute or so she pulled a foam mattress to the centre of the floor, and lay on her back on it. Brett positioned himself on his hands and knees over her, his mouth over her pussy, and began to suck and lick her slit. She in turn pulled his rigid cock downwards, and put the head in her mouth and sucked it, taking it deep into her mouth. A minute or two later he got off her, and Brett climbed on top of her, lifting her plump pale legs onto his shoulders, and she guided his cock into her cunt. With her lifted like that, he fucked her cunt hard, even above the music we could hear his balls slapping at her cunt as he fucked.

Manfred, Gerda’s husband, was sitting next to me, his cock as hard as rock (and big) jerking himself watching his plump wife getting fucked hard.

At the 10 minute mark, Merle, who had been keeping time, said "that’s 10 minutes", and after a few last thrusts, Brett got off Gerda, she stood up, her pussy wet from her juices and her lips swollen, and they bowed to all of us and went to sit down.

"Scores?" asked Merle.

I gave them a 7, the rest all around 7 or 8.

Now it was my turn.

I stood, reached into the bag, and drew…. Simon!

I winked at him, and reached in again, and drew Walter, Lerato’s husband.

I went over to him, and we talked for a moment.

"I have an idea" he said. "Why don’t we start the normal way, but with our gowns on - you play with me and me with you, under the gowns. Can you do a handstand?"

I giggled. "If you hold my legs up, not on my own."

"So, then you do a handstand. Then I kneel in front of you, holding your legs, and you use your mouth on me and I use my mouth on you."

I thought about this. I felt I was going to get confused as to what went where, but we could try it.

"Then you make a bridge on your hand and feet, and I take you from the back."

"In my pussy?" I asked.

"Yes, unless you want it otherwise?"

"No, pussy is fine" I said with a laugh.

We turned to face the group. Brett was sitting next to Gerda, his hand between her legs, tickling her pussy. She was aroused now, and wanted him to keep playing I guess, which is the purpose of these "ice-breaker" play-games.

Walter and I faced each other. He reached into my kimono and played with my nipples, but leaving my kimono closed. I put my hand between his legs, and was surprised to find his cock erect and hard - very thick also. I played with him, keeping him hard, letting the foreskin slide back. His cock was nice, long and thick, and I was getting wet just feeling its hardness.

I stroked him and made sure he was fully hard. He had taken one hand and put it between my legs, feeling for my slit. Finding it wet, he slid one finger in, and started to finger me slowly, rubbing my clit with his thumb. I got wetter and wetter. For some reason I was very aroused already.

He undid my kimono belt and opened it, and I shrugged it off my shoulders and let it fall. He did the same with his and we stood there naked.

Now for the gymnastics!

I turned and stood with my back to him, while he fingered me some more. Then I bent down, put my hands on the ground and did a handstand. He caught my legs as they were in the air, and steadied me. Upside down, I was now "facing" him. Still holding my legs, he kneeled until his face was at my pussy, and his cock at my mouth. His cock of course was the wrong way around now, pointing up, whereas my mouth was below his balls and I couldn’t use my hands as I was "standing" on them.

My legs were resting on his shoulders, so I wasn’t really doing a proper handstand, more like what I do with the kids - as sort of vertical "wheelbarrow", but with my legs on his shoulders, not in his hands.

I said to him "lower" and he went a bit lower. Now the head was nearer my mouth and I opened my mouth and took it in. He felt that, and pushed his hips forward a bit so I got more in.

His mouth was at my pussy, licking my slit, opening it with his tongue. Holding my legs on his shoulders with one hand, he put the other hand to good use and started to finger me again, in between licking. My arms were aching, so I wriggled to get him to let my legs down, and he did so gently. The others all clapped, and I made a bridge on my hand and feet, and he positioned himself behind me, put a condom on and thrust his cock quickly into me, hard, driving it deep a few times. I was so aroused I almost started to feel like cumming already!

Then we both stood up, and he bowed and I did a curtsy, and went to sit down.

To be honest, it’s not a position I would suggest for sex! It’s very uncomfortable, and my arms got so sore! But it was fun to try it at least!

(I saw at a club once, a very big Black guy lift a much smaller young blonde woman upside down, holding her by the waist, so her pussy was at his mouth and his cock in her mouth, like a vertical 69, and they both came like that, but the couple has to be of very different sizes for that to work, I think)

Simon came over to me and gave me a kiss.

"Not competitive by any chance, are you? " he said with a smile.

We got 9’s and a 10! And my arms were finished! Anyone later in the night would have to do the work themselves; I was not going to support myself on my arms again!

Two by two the rest did their thing. It was an interesting exercise I thought, but for a different reason. I found that it showed that, unless you were going to use multiple people, there are a limited number of ways in which a couple can have sex. You can have it in an unlimited number of places, but it’s basically either oral or genital, and that limits the options! Obvious I guess, but clear when you see people trying to be creative.

Simon drew Lerato, and I was interested to see how he reacted. I mean, if you close your eyes she is either German or English, not Black, but at the end of the day she is Black, and Simon grew up in Apartheid South Africa, served in the Army as a Captain in Parabats, and while he is the least racist person I know, I have never actually seen him with a black woman. He is in fact so almost violently anti-racist that at a party last year at our house he physically threw a guy out who would not stop using the K word.

She poured baby oil on her huge boobs and, kneeling in front of him, gave him a boob-massage with his cock between her boobs, and then gave him a blow-job.

The others all did something similar, and at the end Brett worked out the scores. Walter and I won! So we each got a bottle of Dom Perignon, paid for by Brett, which was sweet. Simon will love it (I don’t drink! So wasted on me).

Everyone was nude or mostly nude by now of course, and some were playing a little with each other.

Brett and Lerato went to a mattress and pulled it into a corner. I was interested to see how she played. She masturbated him a bit, and then he lay down on his back. Taking his (quite big) cock in her mouth, she deep-throated him for a long time, her head only moving a bit with it deep in her mouth. She did this over and over, holding it fully in her mouth for ages each time - I don’t know how she breathed!

Then he turned her onto her hands and knees, and entered her pussy from the back. Her huge boobs almost touched the floor as she rocked backwards and forwards as he pumped her cunt hard. Manfred kneeled in front of her and she took his cock in her mouth, again taking a lot of it in each time. Then Brett and Manfred switched, and Manfred fucked her while she sucked Brett.

Gerda, Manfred’s wife, came and sat next to me.

"Shall we get a mattress for us?" she asked in her heavily accented German accent.

"Sure" I said. I got up and pulled a foam mattress to next to where Lerato and the two men were fucking, and Gerda and I sat down on it. I had hardly sat down when she reached between my legs and felt for my pussy. Pushing me backwards gently, I lay down. She kneeled between my legs, and opened my thighs. I felt her hot breath on my pussy as her tongue licked my wet slit. She parted my lips with her tongue, and licked my clit. I felt her fingers go into my slit, then deeper into me. First one finger, then what felt like 2 fingers in me, all the time licking at my clit.

I played with my nipples, pulling on them to increase the sensitivity. Manfred had finished fucking Lerato, and lay next to me, his cock near my face. I stroked his cock, feeling that it was slippery and very hard from fucking Lerato. So now I was fucking husband and wife! I wiped Manfred’s cock with a towel, and put it in my mouth, tasting Lerato's pussy on it. He began to push it in and out, so I let him face-fuck gently for a while, whilst his wife fingered me.

He stood up, pulled Gerda by the hand away from me, put a condom on and lay down on top of me. I guided his cock into my cunt, lifted my hips, and he began to fuck me deeply and slowly, taking his cock almost all the way out with each stroke, then back all the way in. Gerda sat next to him, and I felt her hands playing with her husband’s cock and balls as he fucked me. I arched my back and let him drive deep and harder into me. Gerda realised that I was aroused, and I felt her fingers rubbing my clit under her husband's cock. I thrust hard against him, encouraging him to go faster, as Gerda’s hand rubbed hard and fast across my clit.

Just as I was about to cum, he increased the pace, lifting his hips with each stroke, and I came in a rush, ramming my cunt up at him, and pulling his bum down hard into me. He kept it up until I was spent, then I subsided and lay down panting like a puppy, my body covered in perspiration, my pussy swollen and dripping wet.

He took his cock out of me, and took off the condom. Gerda leaned forward and sucked it, licking it clean of my juices.

Lying there, I heard Lerato yelping next to me. I turned over to look at her. Brett and Simon were playing with her. She was still on her hand and knees, with Simon in front of her. Brett had put some lubricant on her arsehole, and was sliding his cock into her arse, little by little with short thrusts. She spread her knees some more, and his cock slid into her arse - that was why she was yelping.

Pausing for a moment, Brett adjusted his position, and then began to fuck her arse slowly. Simon put his cock back at her mouth, and she sucked it as Brett fucked her. Walter, her husband came over, and pulled quite hard on her big nipples, squeezing her boobs a bit as he did so. The three men played with her for a while, as Brett got more and more turned on. After maybe 3 minutes Brett gave a series of short sharp thrusts, pulled his cock out of her arse, whipped off the condom, and jerked off over her bum and back, long squirts of white cum arching onto her, up to her shoulders.

I put my kimono on and went to the kitchen to get a coke, and then back to the lounge, where I sat for a while chatting to Merle. The others were still playing, but one by one they drifted into the lounge. Brett brought out some hot snacks, and we ate and talked.

We were all going to stay over, so we pulled all the mattresses into a huge square in the entertainment room.

We went to get showered and cleaned up, and after some hot chocolate, some went to lie down and chill and some stayed in the lounge for a while. Simon and I went to the entertainment room at about 1 am, and I was soon fast asleep.

Early the next morning, I was awakened by someone stroking my back and neck. Simon had moved off somewhere, so I turned my head to find that it was Brett. Like me, he was nude, and lying against my back. I could feel his cock hard against my bum, so I reached behind me and stroked it. He fondled my nipples, and then let his hand slide down to my tummy, and between my legs. I bent one knee up and he rubbed his finger on my slit. I was surprised at how quickly I got wet, and he soon had a finger in my pussy. I was still tired, and while I didn’t mind sex, I wasn't going to work hard for it, so I just rolled over onto my back. He crawled over to the small table, got a condom, and came back. Putting the condom on, he climbed on top of me and his cock slid easily into my pussy. He fucked for a while, and then when I was aroused I lifted my legs and bent my knees, allowing him to go deeper. It was nice having an early morning fuck with someone other than Simon - it doesn’t happen often at parties, even if we sleep over.

Brett started fucking harder, and I saw Manfred and Simon in one corner with Merle. Simon was fucking her on top, and Manfred had his cock in her mouth. I watched them as Brett fucked me. Manfred didn’t have a condom on, and when he came Merle opened her mouth and let him squirt into her mouth. Most of it went onto her face though, because she was still moving as Simon fucked her.

Brett felt like he was going to cum, so I concentrated on him, squeezing my thighs tight, and he came right away, shuddering and gasping as I kept him tightly held until he was done. I was by now very aroused, and as he climbed off me I started to play with myself. Walter, sitting near me, saw this, and immediately put a condom on his erect cock and crawled over to me. He wanted to climb on top of me, but I wanted to come easily, so I rolled him onto his back, and got on top of him, facing away from him. His cock slid into my wet pussy and I lifted and lowered myself, grinding my hips back and forth with each stroke.

Walter reached around me and felt for my clit, and rubbed it as I moved. I soon felt the orgasm start. I stopped lifting myself, and just moved backwards and forwards, the way I like it, and I came hard, the feeling rushing through me, my juices flowing a lot down his cock. He must have felt my juices on his cock and hands, and just as I finished cumming he came in me, jerking his cock into my tender cunt as he squirted in the condom.

I got off him, and lay back, breathing hard.

Simon, Manfred and Merle were lying in a heap watching us, so I rubbed my clit and grinned at them.

Later, we all got showered and dressed and had breakfast, and Simon and I were home by 10h00.