Written by wildchildtammy

23 Nov 2013

One of the strangest experiences I have had was seducing a straight woman. I have on occasion played with a woman who just wanted to experiment (which I am not really that keen on, as it is not very exciting for me- it tends to be very much one-way fun. The idea of a previously bi-curious woman with no experience suddenly getting wildly excited and really playing hard does not happen, or at least I have not seen it happen).

On a charter earlier this year, we sailed from my home city of Venice, for a 2 week cruise to various Greek islands, as well as Croatia and the port of Athens where we spent 3 days.

On board we had a real mix of people- some singles, some couples, 11 in all I think. We were 3 social crew, being a waiter/barman, a dive instructor and me. (The dive instructor was a quite hunky American boy, and we did play towards the end of the charter, but that’s another story)

One of the couples was a man of 45 and his wife of 38. He is a property developer in Europe, very wealthy and a very charismatic, good-looking guy (looks a bit like George Clooney). She caught my attention when she boarded.

We each have a profile of a person which instinctively turns us on- that does not mean that no-one else would ( and guys in particular seem able to be turned on by anything female and breathing!), but still, there will be a look which attracts us more than others- and she was IT for me!

She was very slim, black hair, very pretty and with small boobs. (Those of you to whom I have sent a pic of my GF Gabi will recognize this look- it’s exactly Gabi!!).

During the cruise I saw her several times in a bikini, and a few times topless on the upper sundeck, when the guys had gone ashore and there were no male guests on board ( male crew are not allowed to visit the sundeck on most yachts, unless it is to serve drinks or food, so guests are private there). Her small firm boobs with dark nipples turned me on every time, and I made sure to hang around as much as I could when she was there.

She often wore a very lightweight bikini, and when it was wet and she lay down, I could see her pussy clearly- it made me very horny, and I usually went back to my cabin to play with my vibrator afterwards, often cumming in minutes thinking of her body.

She did not seem to notice me much, and was very much into her husband, although she flirted with other guys when he was not around, I noticed.

At dinner one evening, the table she was at was discussing some movie, in which there was a lesbian scene, apparently quite explicit. I was standing near the table pouring wine, and heard her get very vocal about her views of lesbians- she would never do such a thing, could not imagine a girl making love to her, it was so weird etc etc- everything except the bible was mentioned by her!

I thought to myself- you protest too much. I am sure you are covering a hidden desire or need.

A day later, we were at sea. The guests had been diving the day before, and were lying around the pool drinking wine and eating snacks. She was sitting on a lounger wearing a bikini top and a skirt. I was standing opposite her against the railing, so facing her feet, watching her out of the corner of my eye.

To my great surprise, when she sat up to get a glass of wine, her legs were slightly apart, and looking up her skirt I could see that she did not have the bikini bottom on- I got a glimpse of a totally hairless , slightly puffy pussy before she lay down again. I got so hot! I turned and faced out to sea and ran my finger over my skirt, over my pussy. If I could have got my fingers in I would have made myself cum in minutes!

I had hurt my back the day before helping the Dive Instructor load bottles,( lust has its price- the job had nothing to do with me, but he was wearing a very small Speedo which left nothing to the imagination!) and my back was now quite sore.

Standing at the rail, I was rubbing my lower back, when she asked what was wrong. I explained how I had hurt it.

She surprised me by saying that she had a Diploma in Sports Therapeutic Massage, and would I like to have her try to release the tensed muscle?

Would I like to have the beautiful and sexy woman run her hands over me?? Oh yes!!

She asked where would be a good place to do this. My instinct was to say “on my bed” but I thought better of it. I said that we were not allowed to have guests in our quarters, but that I could ask permission to go to hers ( as a rule we are not allowed in guests cabins unless it is for work purposes- this is to avoid complications where male guests ask female crew to their cabins or the other was around).

I found the Captain and asked him if it was OK, and he said it was, but to report to him when I was out of there.

I told her, and she said to meet me in her cabin in 10 mins. When I knocked on her door, she opened it, wearing the same skirt but now with a t shirt and not her bikini top. She looked stunning- tanned, hair tied back and with no make-up- juts clean and fresh and sexy!

She suggested that I lie on the bed, and she would start once the oil was warm.

She went to the bathroom. I wondered what to leave on for the massage- if she was going to use oil, I did not want it on my clothes (ok, I also liked the idea of being naked when she massaged me even if I was covered!)

There was a bath towel on the bed, so I took off my skirt, panties and bikini top, put them on the chair and lay down on my tummy with the towel over me.

She came back from the bathroom with a bowl with warm water and a smaller bowel with oil floating in it .I saw her glance at my clothes on the chair, and she put the bowel down on the side table.

As she waited for the oil to warm up, we chatted about the cruise, the ship and the weather. After a few minutes, she felt the oil and decided it was warm enough to start.

She suggested that she does a full massage, not just my back. I said that would be lovely, if she had the time, and she began.

She started with my right leg calf, doing a very nice firm massage, deep and effective. She moved up to my thigh working her way from my knee to my upper thigh. As she got nearer my upper thigh, she moved my legs slightly apart so she could work properly. The towel was covering me from my shoulders to below my bum, but I wondered how much she could see of my pussy as she worked higher and higher- at some point, near the top, she would be able to see my pussy, I thought.

She moved the towel higher so that the end of it was just touching below my bum.By now she must be able to see some of my pussy, I thought.

Her hands were very high on my thigh now, maybe inches away from my pussy.

Then she stopped and started on my left calf, again working her way up. The towel had stayed where it was, but as she worked on my left leg, I felt the towel being bumped up a bit, whether by accident or not, I did not know.

By the time she got to my upper left thigh, the towel felt like it was only just covering my bum, but I had my eyes closed and did not look. But when she got near the top my left thigh, she moved the towel up so my bum was exposed. This was interesting, as one does not need to have the towel that high to do the legs!

As she turned to get more warm oil, I opened my legs a little more. Now I knew she would see a lot of my pussy as she worked on my thigh!

Her hands were very close to my pussy, and I expected her to actually touch the lips at any second, but she did not.

Instead, she pulled the towel all the way down, so that it covered my bum and my legs, and she started on my shoulders and back.


She did a great back massage, and I could feel the tension in the lower back muscle being relieved. When she got to the very lower back, she kept going, pushing the towel a little lower with each stroke, going further and further down, onto the top part of my bum, onto the top of my bum, and even lower until the towel was only on my legs, with all of my bum exposed.

She kept massaging, doing my bum cheeks with a hard, kneading motion. (this is a standard part of a professional massage, but I was surprised that she did it, given that she was really just doing me a favour to try and help my back spasm- nice, but surprising as its quite an intimate part of the massage- after all, as she did that, she could see my whole bum, the back of my pussy, my bum-hole and so on).

I thought I detected a slowing down of the massage, the movement becoming softer, gentler, but I may have been my imagination.

But when she ran her finger gently along my spine and down between my bum-cheeks, I knew I was not imagining it! It was only for a second, but it was there, and that is definitely not part of any standard massage!

She finished my bum, and asked me to turn over. Now normally, in a salon, the therapist will turn away as the client turns over, so as not to look at them nude as they turn, but she stayed facing me. I turned over, making sure that I was in fact nude for as long as I could before covering myself with the towel. I did not look directly at her, but I could see that as I turned, she was looking at my body, her eyes flitting from my pussy to my boobs and back.

I put the towel over myself covering my boobs down to my knees.

She had been leaning over me to do the legs and back, and now she said that this position was starting to hurt her (normally a massage is done on a bed called a plinth, which the therapist can walk around- on the bed, she could reach my right side easily, but to do my left she had to lean over me as the bed was against the wall on one side, and this creates great strain on the back of the person doing the massage)

She asked if she could kneel over me, on the bed, to do my front.

What a question! Of course I said “sure, go ahead, whatever is easiest for you”.

(I refrained from saying she could take her clothes off also if it made it easier!)

She knelt over my legs and started to massage my shoulders. As she worked, her touch got softer .She massaged my chest, moving towards my boobs. I wondered whether she had put panties on since she had been at the pool- if not, the way she was kneeling astride me, our pussies were inches apart! I noticed that her breathing had got quicker, and she had an almost glazed look in her eyes.

Her hands were at the top part of my boobs. I took the towel and moved it down to my waist, exposing my boobs fully. The aircon was on in the room, and it was quite cold. My nipples were hard from both the cold and her touch. She hesitated for a second as I took the towel off. I took hold of her hands and gently put them onto my nipples.

She did not look at me. Slowly, almost in a trance, she started rubbing my nipples between her fingers, then circling my boobs with her hands. She cupped them in her hands, then went back to my nipples, all the time looking over my head.

I reached up and put my hands under her t shirt. She flinched, but said nothing. I felt her small firm tits, with hard small nipples. I pulled on her nipples softly, rolling them between my fingers. She sighed. I lifted her t-shirt over her head, put my hands behind her neck, and pulled her down to me- her boobs just above my face.

I put first one and then the other nipple in my mouth, sucking and tickling them with my tongue. She had stopped playing with my nipples, and was leaning on her hands over me. I kept one hand behind her neck, and with my other hand reached down to her thighs astride me. I ran my hand up her thigh, and felt the skin get warmer as I neared her cunt. Then my finger tips touched the inside of her thigh next to her cunt. No panties! I put my hand over her whole cunt, gently. She did not move.

I pulled her skirt up around her waist so it stayed there like a belt.

Moving my hand up and down, I let one finger press a bit harder over her lips- she was already wet, with the outer side of her very smooth hairless pussy a bit slick. All the time I mouthed her nipples, harder and harder till I was pulling on them with my mouth.

She moved her hips a bit from side to side as my finger probed her outer pussy lips. I let my finger slide between the lips, opening them. Then into her cunt up to the first knuckle, in and out. I pulled her head to me and kissed her on the mouth. At first she did not respond- then she opened her lips, and I put my tongue into her mouth, sucking and biting her lips. She responded, kissing me and pushing her mouth harder against mine.

I pushed my finger deeper into her, harder, faster. She rotated her hips, squashing down on my hand. I put another finger in her cunt, rubbing her clit as I did so. She moaned a bit and moved her hips faster. I was not sure whether she would cum, or how long it would take. I lay flat again, put both hands on her hips, and slid down the bed, holding her above me. My face was between her thighs; her pussy above me. I pulled her hips down to my face, and put my tongue deep into her cunt. She tasted lovely, sweet and musky. I licked her clit, and put my fingers back into her with one hand, the other hand I reached around her bum and ran my fingers up and down her bum till I found her hole.

I took my fingers out of her cunt, and concentrated on using my mouth, pushing my finger into her bum-hole a bit. As my finger entered her bum, she made a sound like unhh, unhh, and moved her hips back and forth. I licked harder, deeper, pushed my finger deeper into her bum. She made a loud sound, grunting, and then said oh! oh! oh!

I felt her pussy get very wet over my face, wetness flooding over my mouth, into my mouth. I licked and sucked her cunt faster as she came for what seemed like minutes, my finger deep in her bum, and my mouth almost drowning in her juices.

Slowly she stopped moving, panting with a small noise in her throat.

I was so wet, I could feel the juice dripping down my thighs onto the bed, and I was moving my hips although there was nothing there to rub against. Now she looked at me for the first time.

She leaned her head back, and said

‘That was amazing. It was the best I have had!”

I was so wet. I took one hand and put it between my thighs, putting 3 fingers deep into me immediately.

She saw what I was doing, and tenderly reached back to my cunt. She pulled my hand away, looking into my eyes, and put 2 fingers into my cunt.

‘More!” I said.

She put four fingers in, thrusting in and out. By now I was bucking my hips up and down. I pushed on her hand, forcing her fingers deeper, and her hand harder on my cunt.

Suddenly she slid back a bit away from my face, leaned forward and grabbed my nipple between her teeth, pulling gently. That was all it took! I felt a warm rush in my cunt, and I slammed her hand down hard on my cunt, almost pushing her hand up me, my legs wide apart to take as much in as I could. I came quickly, juice streaming down my thighs, thrusting her hand in and out as hard and fast as I could.

When I had finished cumming, she took her hand out of me, and climbed off me, to sit on the bed next to me. I looked at her. She smiled, leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth.

‘it’s still a long cruise”, she said. “Lots of time for you to teach me more.”