24 Jun 2016

On Saturday night we were invited to friend of Simon for a "naughty party". The couple, Hans and Uschi, are German, and Simon met them years ago when he stayed in Germany for a while opening a new business there.

They have been part of the German swinging scene for many years, and are wonderfully relaxed about the lifestyle - it's just part of who they are.

Hans is about 50, tall and bald-shaven, and wears round horn-rim glasses which make him look like a professor (which he was). Uschi is mid-40s, tanned from lots of nude sunbathing, with dark brown short hair, and a very petite figure. She was a professional ballet dancer in her youth, and it shows in her strong physique and lean figure. I have met them a few times, but never at a party - just for dinner.

The party was a "masked ball", where we all had to wear a mask for at least the first hour or so. I bought a very elegant devil-mask, with horns and lots of red and gold glitter, which covered my eyes and nose, but not my mouth.

Simon found a "scream" mask, which hid everything.

The invitation said that we were to arrive with our masks on, and every 15 minutes we had to remove an item of clothing, when the bell sounded. It seemed it was going to be a fun evening!

I decided to wear a short white dress with proper stockings and a suspender belt, with tiny white panties and a white Victoria’s Secret see-through bra, and gold sandals with high heels.

We got to Hans’s house in Kyalami around 8, after an early dinner. It is a big farm-style house set on what looks like 2 acres, with stabling for Uschi’s horses. There were already quite a few cars in the driveway, including one just like Simons Porsche Panamera Turbo S - same colour even. Simon joked that he would have to watch what he drank so that he didn’t try to open the wrong car when we went home!

Uschi greeted us at the door wearing a white and red mask, and showed us through to the lounge. The lounge was arranged in 3 separate areas of seating, with couches and easy-chairs set in semi-circles around coffee tables. A log fire was alight in the huge fireplace, with cabinets either side housing Uschi’s riding trophies. The lights were dimmed, and there was jazz music playing from concealed speakers, with the firelight reflecting off the brass fittings of the ceiling beams, lights and book-shelves.

Along one wall was a mahogany table with drinks and next to it a set of bain-maries with snacks and plates.

All in all a very warm and inviting setting.

Hans stood up to greet us, kissing my hand in his rather formal German way, peering at me over the top of his glasses. He took us around the room to introduce us to the other guests. We were, as is customary at swinger parties, only introduced by our first names (or nickname if one wants). There were 10 people there, 6 couples it seemed with two single guys and two single women, from what I could make out from the introductions. With us and Hans/Uschi, that made 14 - quite big by party standards.

I realised that I knew one of the couples from a previous party, so I went to sit with them while Simon talked to a guy he knew.

The couple was Anneli and her husband Len. Anneli had been a real surprise to me when I first met her. We got on very well, and I have had coffee with her once or twice since that first party. I say she was a surprise because of the way she looks compared to her actual sexual personality. Anneli is Afrikaans, shorter than me, and around 40 I guess, with shoulder-length curly auburn hair, a very cute heart-shaped face, and a nice figure – trim with quite biggish boobs for her size. When she is dressed up for work with her hair tied back, she looks very conservative with her big square glasses - like a dominee’s wife (which she is not) or a teacher( which she is!). She teaches at an Afrikaans girls high school in Pretoria.

At the party where I first met her, I thought she would not really get into it - she seemed so uptight and formal. How wrong I was! After the party got going, she was one of the wildest women there. There was a Black American guy there, very well-built and good-looking. At one stage he had Anneli bent over a couch, and was fucking her hard from behind. Anneli’s husband, Len, was standing in front of her, and she sucked his cock while the Black dude pounded her. He really went at it, and after a while he came in her, just as she did, her hand rubbing her clit. No sooner had he pulled his cock out of her than Len went around to her back, slid his cock into her, sliding in on the Black guy's cum and fucking her for a long time till he also came in her.

Once we got to know each other, she told me over coffee one day at the Mugg and Bean in Centurion that she had been fucking the school principal for 2 years, starting 2 months after she started there. She said it was a big turn-on. There was no "relationship" in the sense of an affair - they just fucked. He would call her into his office when it was safe, she would pull up her skirt and remove her panties, and he would fuck her over his desk or on the floor.

Then she would get up and leave. Hardly a word being said at all. She also sucked and swallowed him when she was wearing something that would get damaged by lying on the floor. Len found it hugely erotic when she would get home and tell him about it.

Anyway, we chatted for a while, and then Len wandered off to get a drink, and we were left alone. Two guys came over and started to talk to us. Both had masks on of course, so we couldn’t see their faces, but from their build they both looked quite young and fit.

We were still wearing our clothes, so after talking to the two guys, Anneli suggested that we go and get changed, as some of the others had already taken off their clothes and were sitting around with just their masks on.

I asked Uschi where we could leave our clothes, and she led the way to a bedroom which had lots of cupboards, empty except for guest clothes on hangers.

There was only one room, for both men and women, and as we started to undress the two guys came in. We kind of ignored each other, and took off our clothes. I noticed the guys of course looking at Anneli and me as we got undressed. When they took their jeans off, I could see that they were both already semi-hard.

We both left our panties on, and went out.

In the lounge, couples were dancing, and in one corner a threesome was fucking. Simon and Uschi were dancing, and I could see that he was rubbing his cock against her pussy. She really has a nice figure - strong and lean, her bum tight and firm.

Anneli went to speak to a guy she knew, and I got a Coke from the bar. As I got the Coke I turned, and the two guys were behind me, also getting a drink.

They introduced themselves as Frank and Gary - they were brothers, and in fact twins! Friends of Hans from his squash club. They seemed nice, and we went to sit on a couch near the fireplace. It was very relaxed there, with the log fire burning nicely, the soft lighting and the chilled music.

I lay back with my head on the backrest of the couch, and closed my eyes. Frank was sitting to one side of me, and Gary was standing near the fireplace. They both had towels around their waists, but when I opened my eyes again, Frank had let his towel fall open. He had a very nice, long and thick cock, not quite hard yet, and he was fully shaved. He seemed quite young, as he had a firm body, with no fat or flab at all!

I was ready for some fun, so I reached out and touched his cock, sliding my hand up and down it. He turned a bit towards me, and cupped my breast with one hand, the other hand resting on my thigh.

I stroked his cock harder, making it fully hard - it was a really good size - not too big, but nice. He played with my nipples for a while.

"Relax, close your eyes and enjoy" he said with a smile in his voice.

I didn’t need a second invitation! I settled back, closed my eyes again, and relaxed as instructed.

I felt him fondle and then suck on my erect nipples, stroking my boobs at the same time, his mask resting on his forehead.

While he was doing this, I felt another pair of hands stroke my legs. I opened my eyes. Gary had walked over, and was kneeling in front of me, tickling my calves and thighs.

I closed my eyes again - this could get interesting!

As Frank’s mouth moved from one nipple to the other, Gary moved my knees apart, and lifting his mask, began to kiss the inside of my thighs. His tongue ran up the inside of one thigh, to quite near my panties, and then back down the other leg without touching my panties at all.

He did this quite a few times, and I was getting more and more aroused by it, along with his brother's stimulation of my boobs.

When I wanted him to go further, I pulled on his head as he got to the top of one thigh. He looked up, then pulled my tiny panties to one side, and licked along the sides of my pussy. I lifted my bum and pulled my panties off, leaving them on the floor.

He leaned forward again, and parted my legs wide. His tongue slid up and down the sides of my pussy, and then down my by-now very wet slit, parting the lips a little.

I groaned, and opened my legs even wider. His tongue slid into my pussy, circling my clit and probing into my wetness.

Frank nibbled on my nipples, pulling on them with his teeth gently.

Gary’s tongue probed deeper into my pussy, pushing all the way in, and then licking my clit which by now was engorged and hard, sticking out of its sheath. My clit got very sensitive, and I couldn’t take the stimulation of his tongue any longer.

He sensed this as I flinched when he touched my clit. I felt his fingers probe into my pussy, first one and then two, twisting as he pushed them in.

I pushed my hips at his hand as he fingered me, very aroused by now.

Gary pulled on my hips, sliding me down on the couch a bit. I lifted my mask and looked at him. He was very good looking, young, with curly dark hair and green/brown eyes. His face crinkled in a smile as he saw me looking at him.

I looked at Frank - not only were they twins, they seemed very similar in looks, almost identical in fact!

Gary stood up, his cock hard and pointing at me. He put a condom on, still looking at me.

Leaning forward, his hands on either side of me, he lowered himself so that his cock was just above my pussy, his mouth kissing the side of my neck.

I felt for his cock, and guided it to the entrance to my wet pussy. He slid it in a bit, and then, as it went in more, started to fuck slowly. Frank had stopped licking my boobs as Gary was lying almost on top of me.

He waited for a moment, then kneeling on the couch, turned towards me, his cock near my mouth.

Gary paused in his movements, and took his brother's cock in one hand, stroked it, and pointed it at my mouth.

I opened my mouth, and Gary slid Frank's cock into my mouth, then went back to fucking me.

I held Frank's cock in one hand and stroked it as I sucked on it. It was big, filling my mouth, and rock-hard. He didn’t move much, letting me do the sucking. Moving my head backwards and forward I sucked on it, and he pushed it in and out a little bit.

Gary was moving faster now, grunting as he thrust into me, as I thrust back at him with each stroke.

It was hugely erotic to have the two brothers fucking me at once, each pushing into me, one in my mouth and one in my pussy.

With my other hand I felt for my clit, and started to rub it hard as Gary pumped into me.

He was fucking fast now, and I felt an orgasm coming. I rubbed my clit hard from side to side, his pubic area mashing my fingers into my pussy with each thrust.

The orgasm came in a rush, a massively sensitive and warm feeling flooding through my pussy and body. I shuddered and jerked as I came, my head thrown back, Frank's cock pushing in my mouth.

Garry slowed his fucking, and then stopped, withdrawing his cock. Frank was still very aroused, his cock moving in and out of my mouth rapidly. I fondled his balls and stroked his cock.

He gave a series of small jerks, and then took his cock out of my mouth. Gary grabbed it with one hand, and jerked his brother's cock , squirting Frank's cum across my boobs and onto the couch in long white streams of hot cum. He came a lot, quite a lot landing on my boobs and a bit of my tummy.

When Frank had stopped cumming, he sat back down on the couch, his cock starting to soften, dripping with cum.

Gary took off the condom and with a kiss to my pussy, got off me and sat on the other side of me.

I looked at the two men - they were not identical, but very close to it, and it was strange to sit between the two of them.

Frank's cock was quite soft now, but Gary was still hard, glistening with my pussy-juices.

I stroked it a bit, feeling its slippery length, playing with the head.

I was thinking about what to do next, when a pretty, slim blonde woman walked up to us, and sat on the edge of the couch next to Gary.

She seemed quite young, with a nice figure and full, upturned boobs with tiny pink nipples. She was nude, and had a darker, neat Brazilian strip above her pussy.

"Hi, I’m Alice, Gary’s wife" she said, leaning over him and stroking his erect cock.

(I find I am always surprised when I meet a guy’s wife at a party - not sure why, since Simon and I go to parties together, so I guess other people are introduced to us as husband and wife. Still, it is a thrill in a way to play with a woman’s husband when she is there.)

"Having fun, sweetie?" she asked him.

"Lots" he said, smiling at her, then at me.

"Listen, Uschi asked me to see which guys were interested in playing with Claudia - that’s Michael's wife, and she wants to try a gang-bang.’’

Gary said something to Frank, then

"Sure, why not. When and where"

"They will start in about 10 mins, in the bedroom, first door in the passage."

She wandered off, and after a moment Gary and Frank also got up and went to the bar to get a drink, and then I guess to go to the gang-bang.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen - if all the guys were going to the bedroom, what was going to happen to the party? But I needn’t have worried. Anneli came over, and said that the girls could watch in the bedroom, but must keep quiet. She said that Claudia had always wanted to try it, but had never really had the opportunity to do so safely. Here she knew most of the people, so she felt it was safe.

I got a Coke and followed Anneli.

We went into the bedroom. The lights were quite dim, and once my eyes adjusted I could see a big double four-poster bed at one end, and a couch and two chairs against the wall. There was soft music playing.

There were a few other couples there, so we just made small talk for a while.

Michael came in, putting his finger on his lips for us to keep quiet.

He was leading a woman, who I assumed to be Claudia, by the hand. She had a blindfold on, and was stepping very cautiously as one does when blindfolded.

She was plump, about 40 years old, with big natural boobs and dark wavy hair to her shoulders. She was nude, and had a fully-waxed pussy, with a plump mound and lips.

Michael led her to the bed, and guided her to sit, and then lie back on it, on her back.

From the bedside table he took four pieces of coloured ribbon, and tied one to each ankle and wrist, then put her arms and legs in a spread-eagled position, tying the ribbon to the bed at each corner.

She was in the "vulnerable" BDSM position, and I could see that she was breathing rapidly.

Her big brown nipples were erect, and her pussy was exposed and a bit open, already engorged, so she had been playing earlier.

Michael said something to her, and she giggled. He stroked her boobs and put one hand on her pussy, sliding a finger into her, thrusting gently. She immediately responded by moving her hips, so she seemed quite aroused already.

Uschi came and stood next to me.

"How many guys are here?" I asked her.

"Ten in total, if all want to play - but it’s up to them. Have you ever had a gang-bang?"

"Yes’’ I said, "a long time ago, in France."

"How many guys?"

"Eight" I said.


"It was ok at the time, but I haven’t done it since, and I think I would only do it like this, with friends. When I did it it was at a club, and I only knew one guy" I said in a whisper.

Someone turned the music up a bit, and a tall, well-built guy walked up to the bed. Leaning forward, he licked Claudia’s tummy, sliding his tongue down, till he got to her pussy. Then, kneeling between her spread-open legs, he slid his tongue into her pussy. She writhed and moaned as he did this trying to move her legs but not succeeding.

Stroking his quite big and very hard cock, he put a condom on, climbed onto the bed, and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. As she could not assist, he moved it around with one hand until he had it inside her outer lips, and then lowered himself as he slid his cock deep into her.

He began to fuck her, lifting his hips with each stoke to stimulate her g-spot, driving deep into her. She thrust back against him, enjoying the sensation it seemed. As he went faster, she matched him, letting out little grunts with each stroke, until he was fucking her really hard, slamming into her cunt. He started to make a series of noises in his throat, and then each thrust paused as he came inside her, pulling his cock out and then back in with each spurt, until he was done.

He withdrew his cock, and took the cum-filled condom off, and went to stand at the side of the room, next to a dark-haired woman who I assumed to be his wife or girlfriend, who stroked his now-softening cock.

No sooner had he got off Claudia, than the next guy climbed onto her - a big, quite fat guy of maybe 50 or older. He had an average-size cock, and it slid easily into Claudia’s wet and swollen pussy. He fucked her quickly from the start, and came within minutes, sweating and gasping.

And so it went on, one guy after another climbing onto her, fucking her for varying lengths of time, some cumming in her, some taking their cocks out and squirting on the bed next to her, and some not cumming it seemed.

The men were all standing around the bed, cocks mostly quite hard, those who had not yet fucked her stroking their cocks with excitement and to keep them hard.

After about the fourth guy, her husband, Michael, approached her with a shortish, stocky guy who he had been standing next to. He said something to Claudia, and she nodded. Michael untied the ribbons on her ankles, and lifted her knees so they were bent.

The guy with Michael took a tube from the bedside table, and with one hand stroked her wet cunt, sliding fingers into her. With his other hand he put some gel onto his fingers, and rubbed it between her plump bum-cheeks and into her anus, rubbing his fingers around her hole, and then sliding a finger into her bum, while his other hand probed her cunt.

When he was satisfied that his finger was deep in her bum, he took his hand with the gel on it, stroked his cock, and mounted her, lifting her legs higher so that her anus was exposed. He put the head of his cock against her bum-hole, and very slowly pushed it into her, a centimetre at a time. She lay very still. When he had about half his cock in her bum, he began to push his cock in and out, going a bit deeper each time. Once he was in her properly, she started to push back a bit, her mouth wide open, her breath coming in shallow gasps. It seemed like it was either the first anal-fuck, or at least she was not used to it.

The guy didn’t have a condom on, so I guess she must know him well. He fucked her bum for a short while, when he suddenly gave a loud grunt and thrust a few short bursts in her. She make a "aaaaaah" sound, and as he pulled his cock slowly out of her bum, a small dribble of cum leaked out of her anus - a real cream-pie!

It was wildly erotic - I have done anal several times, but never really watched someone else have it done to them. I was wet and excited, and played with my slit with one hand, tickling my clit.

When the guy got off her, another guy immediately got on the bed. He was a very tall man, well-built and with lots of gym-muscles, and a dark all-over tan. He did not go straight to her cunt, but straddled her big boobs, one knee on either side of her. He turned slightly in my direction, and I gasped at his cock - it was REALLY big - VERY thick and long, maybe 20 cm +. He touched her mouth with his fingers, opening her lips, and when she opened her mouth he put the head of his cock in it. She opened it wider to take it in, and he pushed the head and a bit of the shaft in, sliding it slowly in and out as she sucked on it.

He let her suck his cock for a while, moving it slowly in and out of her mouth, and then moved down the bed to put his cock between her legs, and slide it into her dripping cunt.

He managed to get it all in, and with her plump white legs high in the air, he rammed her hard, his balls making a slapping sound as she gasped with every fuck-stroke. Her big natural boobs bounced with each stroke, her voice getting louder and louder, until at last she came, making a loud prolonged groan, as he fucked her even harder.

He seemed ready to cum also, but as she was done he stopped, waited a moment, and then took his big cock out of her pussy which was by now rubbed raw and glistening with sweat, cum and juices.

All ten guys fucked her, one more cumming inside her, and one cumming on her face after she sucked his cock.

When they were all done, Claudia’s husband went to her, untied her wrists, and took off her blindfold. She blinked in the dim light, cum on her face, her boobs, and around her cunt, sweat running down her boobs, tummy and legs.

Michael led her out of the room, and we all went back to the lounge.

Anneli met me at the bar.

"I want to play with that guy with the big cock. Do you know him?" she asked.

"No" I said "but I would like to!"

"Let's go and find him" she said.

She was nude, and as she spoke she had one hand on her pussy, tickling her slit - I could see that she was very aroused. She had a trimmed bikini wax, with a neat triangle of dark hair, but her pussy-lips were waxed smooth and were puffy and slick.

We looked around, and saw the guy with the big cock at the far end of the lounge, talking to Uschi. His cock was still semi-hard, hanging down, fat and long. He reached out to Uschi, and touched her firm small boobs, and said something to her, at which she laughed.

Anneli wasted no time. Worried that he was going to play with Uschi, she went over to him, went behind him and reached around him, gripping his cock and stroking it, hugging him, her boobs pressed into his back.

I followed her. Uschi giggled at the way he gave a start when Anneli grabbed his cock, and then she walked off, realising that Anneli wanted to play.

I stood in front of him. He looked at me, at my boobs, and down at my pussy. I looked into his eyes, and held his gaze as I went onto my knees in front of him. Anneli lifted his cock and pointed it at my face, and I opened my mouth and took the head into it. He was getting harder now, and as I sucked him, Anneli masturbated him and fondled his balls.

I took as much into my mouth as I could, licking the head in my mouth, and then letting him push in and out a bit.

Anneli was still jerking him with one hand, her other hand fingering herself rapidly, very ready and aroused.

She let go his cock, and came around to the front of him.

Without a word she turned her back to him, leaned forward and held onto the back of an easy-chair, her back arched towards him.

He moved forward, parted her legs with his feet, and opened her bum-cheeks with his hands. Feeling between her legs, he fingered her cunt hard and very fast for a moment, then took his cock, put it at the cunt and slid it in. She immediately rammed back at him, and he slid it all in, making her cry out.

Once in he fucked her quite hard, almost lifting her with each stroke. She gave as good as she got, slamming her bum backwards to meet his stroke.

I went and stood next to her, and felt for her biggish boobs, fondling her nipples as he fucked her. It didn’t take long till she came, her legs quivering and shaking, her breath coming in little gasps and cries. He kept fucking her till she stopped, and then took his wet and still rock-hard cock out of her.

I was almost wetting myself I was so horny.

As he took his cock out, I handed him a fresh condom, and turned around to stand beside Anneli.

He put the condom on, felt my cunt from behind, and I felt the huge head enter my cunt, stretching my lips, filling me.

He didn’t wait, but fucked me quickly - realising I think that I was ready to cum soon.

He was very good - each stroke was just the right pressure and speed. Anneli put her hand between my legs and felt for my clit, rubbing it.

That did it! Within a second or two I started to cum, juice running out of me and down his cock with each stroke. He fucked me till I stopped, and as he withdrew a whole lot of juice flooded out of me onto the carpet.

Anneli took the condom off him, leaned down and took his slippery hard cock in her mouth. She let him face-fuck her a bit, and he started to grunt and thrust. He was going to take his cock out of her mouth to cum, but she held it there and let him cum on her face, and a little in her mouth, spitting the cum out as he came.

There was a huge amount of cum - it was squirt after squirt, covering Anneli’s face and boobs as she jerked him more and more.

Eventually he stopped. She jerked him a bit more to be sure, and then let his cock go.

We went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Later on I saw him fucking Uschi, while she sucked Gary, so he seemed to be able to fuck quite often in one night, and he came again, this time in Uschi’s mouth, after which Gary did also.

All in all it was a very fun night, and I went home well-fucked!