22 Dec 2016

Two weeks ago, Simon and I were invited to a party at Andre and Sandy’s house.

(I have written about them in my diaries of 6 march 2015 and 17 march 2015 ).

They are experienced swingers, and have a very open marriage. Sandy is an estate agent, and has had many affairs with her fellow agents- after all, they have the house on show to themselves before the open-day starts, and she uses the time before the prospective buyers arrive to test the beds, as it were.

I am not sure how much of this Andre actually knows- Sandy seems to be quite reticent about any details when he is around, but willing to talk when he is not, so I don’t think he realises the extent of her fucking around.

We had lunch together a week before the party, and she told me that she had the most exciting time some weekends before that at a show-house.

The owners of the house live overseas, so she had the sole access to the house at all times to be able to sell it.

At an Estate Agent training conference in Nov she had sat with a guy she has fucked a few times. He introduced her to a youngster who had joined his company as a trainee, and they sat together at the training for the day.

The youngster was maybe 19 or 20, and she says very good looking and nicely built.

Anyway, when she had this show house she phoned her friend and invited him to come over in the morning. He knew what was in store, so he agreed. Then she said he should also invite the youngster. He laughed, and said he would ask him.

On the morning of the show house she got there around 9, set everything up and waited. The two guys arrived at 10, the youngster looking like he was not quite sure why they were there.

They went outside, and sat on the stoep at the pool. Sandy suggested that they have a swim- it was one of those very hot mornings we had in November.

Before anyone could object, she stood, pulled her dress over her head ( she was not wearing a bra, stepped out of her thong, and went to the deep end to dive in. She says she stood there for a moment, facing the guys. Sandy has great boobs (not natural but very well done) and is always fully shaved. She stood there, let the guys have a good look at her very slim body, her great boobs, her trim cunt, and dived in.

The two men took off their t shirts and shorts, and after a moments hesitation the youngster also took off his underpants, and dived in.

Sandy says that she could see that his cock was getting a bit hard, and it looked very nice in terms of size. So she swam up to him, clasped him to her, and pressed her pussy against his hardening cock. It only took seconds and he was hard, and big. She reached for his cock and masturbated him a bit. The other guy, her fuck-buddy, came up behind her and put his cock between her bum-cheeks, rubbing it up and down.

She manoeuvred the younger guys cock to her pussy entrance, and guided it in. he immediately began to fuck her- she says his body felt very hard and nice, and his bum, as she pulled him to her, was firm and tight.

He fucked her for some time while the other guy rubbed his cock between her bum-cheeks, and then she went to the steps and stood out of the water, leaning forward and holding on to the pool edge. The youngster stood behind her and entered her pussy from the back. It didn’t take long and he came inside her- so much cum that when he took his cock out a lot of it ran back out on her legs.

She got out, lay on her back on a foam mattress from a lounger, and her fuck-buddy mounted her on top. She wrapped her legs around his back to widen her pussy, and, because he knows what she likes, he pressed exactly in the right place on her pussy to make her come quickly. When she had cum, she lifted her legs onto his shoulders, and he came in her as well.

Then they all swam again, got dressed, and the guys went back to their show house, and she waited for buyers at her show house.

And that she tells me is how she does a lot of show houses, although not usually with two men!

So Andre phoned me to ask if Simon and I wanted to join them for a party on a Saturday afternoon. We said yes, and made the arrangements.

Got there at 12, and Andre had the braai fire going, so we sat and chatted. I asked who else was going to be there.

Sandy said that there was a woman she knew from another party, Gloria, a couple Peter and Christina, who had not been to a swinger party before and Taffy and Janet, a couple with an interesting story.

(Note: I am only going to mention Gloria once, here. She turned out to be a brunette in her 40’s, very pretty and with nice full curvy figure. I was not at all happy with what happened between her and Simon that afternoon, and it almost led to me deciding not to continue swinging. So I am not going to discuss her or Simon at that party in this diary)

While we were making the salads, Sandy told me about this last couple. Taffy, an Englishman, is around 60 now, Simon’s age, and lives in Cape Town in Pinelands. Many years ago, in the mid 1980’s, he worked as a Marketing Director at a company in Paarden Eiland in the Cape. He employed a then- 25 year old Marketing Manager, Janet, at some point.

They were quite attracted to each other (both Taffy and Janet were married) and after a while there was a bit of kissing and cuddling.

At a conference in Gordons Bay in 1984, when everyone had had a bit too much to drink, they went to their rooms. He however went to her room, they kissed and cuddled some more, clothes were taken off, and before long she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. They fucked all night, and thus began a long affair.

Back at work, with both of them being married, it was of course a problem where to meet to fuck.

Janet hit upon a plan- on Friday nights her and her husband always went to her parents in Rondebosch for dinner, and her husband picked up their 3 year old to go there, while Janet went straight from work (or that was the theory anyway!)

What that meant, Janet realised, was that he husband could not suddenly arrive at their house in Hout Bay on a Friday, as he had to pick up their child.

So on Friday after lunch, Janet and Taffy would drive to her house in Hout Bay, each in their own cars, meet at the house, and fuck like rabbits all afternoon. Then, well-fucked, she would drive to her parent’s house for dinner! ( I must say that the idea of her going to kiss her baby with a mouth that had just had her boss’s cock and cum in it was a bit off-putting, but each to their own I guess)

Later on, that became too much hassle, so they would just wait at work in the evening until everyone had gone home, and then fuck in his office on the floor. Also in his car, and of course at conferences or trips away.

(Sandy says that Taffy told her once that one of the things that kept him coming back for more in the beginning was that she not only did a very good blow-job, but that from day one she let him cum in her mouth and would swallow, which he had never had a woman do, not even the whores he would now and then rent. He said that in the beginning, he could fuck her for ages, but when she sucked him, he came at once, shooting his load down her throat! )

About a year later, the inevitable happened, and her husband became suspicious for various reasons. There was a confrontation, and she admitted to him that she had been fucking her boss for a year.

Initially, he threw her out, but then they reconciled, moved to Johannesburg, but got divorced anyway a few years later when she did the same thing with her next boss.

Taffy’s wife, Sue, doesn’t know to this day about his affair with Janet.

Behind the scenes of course, the affair continued! Once Janet and her husband had moved to Johannesburg, Janet and Taffy would meet whenever either he was in Johannesburg or she was in Cape Town, and this continues to this day, some 30 year later. Taffy’s wife still does not know, and has lived in the blissful ignorance of a cuckolded wife for her entire marriage! (As does Janet’s second husband- who was the next boss she fucked and also married!)

Janet is now 58 and Taffy is 60+, but they still get it on when they see each other! Quite sweet, if you are not his wife or her husband I guess!

The other couple, Peter and Christina, were friends of Andre and Sandy’s (Christina had gone to school with Andre.) They were just regular friends though, as they had kids the same sort of age. She said that they both did know about Andre and Sandy’s swinging.

This would be their first swinger party, but they had soft-played a bit with Andre and Sandy, and that’s how they came to be at this party.

One afternoon, Andre and Sandy and Peter and Christina were at Andre’s house for a braai. Late in the afternoon, they were sitting in the Jacuzzi, having all had quite a bit to drink. Somehow the conversation got round to kissing. Christina said that she had not kissed another man since she got married to Peter. Andre, sitting next to Christina in the tub, said something along the lines of ‘’well, there is no time like the present to rectify that! ‘’ and gave her a kiss on her mouth.

Sandy turned to Peter and said’ ’now it’s your turn’’ and kissed him, but much longer and with her tongue in his mouth.

Andre said- ‘’that’s not fair- I just gave her a brief kiss’’, took Christina's face in his hands, and gave her a long deep French-kiss.

Sandy says that for the first few seconds, Christina was tense, but then she relaxed, put her arms around Andre’s neck and pulled him closer, kissing him as well.

So of course Peter took Sandy and started kissing her. And the kissing didn’t stop. Both couples were now kissing each other’s partners deeply, and there was no more joking and talking, they were all getting quite into it.

At a point Andre, who had one arm around Christina, pulled her to face him, and put his other hand on her shoulder, above her boobs. When she did not move it away, he lowered it and soon had his hand on top of her boob, over her bikini top, feeling her nipple grow hard.

Peter saw this, and Sandy says for a moment she was not sure if he was going to make a scene, but she reached behind her neck and undid her bikini top and let it fall, exposing her very nice firm boobs. Peter got back to concentrating on what was on offer, and sucked her nipples. She felt his cock grow hard, but when she touched it over his costume, he pulled her hand away, and sat up. Christina still had her top on, although Andre’s fingers were under the fabric touching her nipple directly.

She also sat up, they all laughed, Peter and Christina a bit sheepishly, and that was the end of that.

Now Sandy is not really bi, but she does like to play with girls and Christina is quite a stunner she said. She is slim, with nice boobs, green eyes and the most gorgeous red hair- and Andre and Sandy have a bet as to whether it is all genuine! Sandy would love nothing more than to get it on with Christina, but she was not sure whether Christina would do it- with a girl or a guy- she is quite conservative according to Andre.

Anyway, sometime after that Peter phoned Andre, and after chatting a while, moved the conversation around to that afternoon- how much Christina had enjoyed it, found it erotic etc. Clearly angling for whether it could be done again.

So Andre said he would arrange a party with some other people, and Peter and Christina could join, and play up to the point they were comfortable with- no pressure to go all the way, although Andre did tell him that others would go all the way, so they needed to expect that.

When we had finished the salads we went back to the pool and sat and tanned a while.

Taffy and Janet arrived- he is grey-haired and not very good looking to put it mildly. She had dyed brown hair, and an o.k. figure for her age, a bit plump- her boobs were quite big, but not frim at all (to be expected I guess at 58), but she was friendly and warm.

A while later Peter and Christina arrived. Wow! Sandy was not exaggerating. She was beautiful- slim, elegant, long red hair (and by red I mean a real red-head- all different shades, from reddish blonde to darker red. I turned at once to Sandy and said “’who was betting she is real?”’ she said Andre was. I said ‘he wins. That’s real’’.

She asked how I can tell at a glance. I told her. With dyed red hair, no matter how well it’s done, the colour is consistent across a few strands of hair, if not across the whole head, even if it’s done in highlighted sections. With a real red-head, no two strands of hair are the same colour. Take a bunch of hair and look closely- every one is different, AND the hair underneath, close to the scalp, is much darker than the hair on top, particularly in an older woman where the sun had lightened the colours on top.

Christina saw us talking and looking at her, and came over.

‘’what’s wrong?’’ she asked.

‘’’Tammy is just telling me how she can tell that your hair colour is real. It is, isn’t it?’’

She laughed. ‘’100% real, never dyed or coloured in my life.’’

‘’ Andre owes me R100’’ said Sandy, and we all laughed.

We all changed into our swim suits, ate lunch and swam. Around 3 pm, Andre switched the Jacuzzi on, and closed the curtains to the pool-room area where the Jacuzzi is. He opened the door to the home-theatre room, and put some music on there, dimming the lights.

Sandy and I were still in our swim-suits, so we got into the Jacuzzi with Peter and Christina. I deliberately sat next to Peter, and got chatting to him, while Sandy was next to Christina.

I chatted to Peter, and put my arm around him, ticking his shoulder and neck. I normally don’t really like playing with newbies, because its stressful- you never know what they will and won’t do, but he was sweet- he seemed willing but nervous.

I am also impatient (comes from being ADHD I guess!).

So when we stopped talking for a moment, I turned his face to me and kissed him, my tongue down his throat. He responded at once, pulling me to him. We hugged like that while kissing, and then I sat back, undid my bikini top and took it off. He didn’t need a second invitation. He leaned down, cupped my boobs in his hands and started to suck on my nipples. I put my hand between his legs and felt his cock getting hard. Not wanting to scare him off, I just rubbed on it, without taking it out. He parted his legs a bit so I could put my fingers around it in a way.

He was a good kisser- tender and soft, and he smelled of aftershave and suntan oil- probably the combination that turns me on the most!( that and the smell of a little Whiskey and after-shave on a man!) Sandy and Christina were sitting on the other side, Christina slightly turned away from Sandy, who was massaging her neck and back. They got out of the Jacuzzi and left the pool area.

I took advantage of the fact that Christina was gone, to go further with Peter.

I undid the drawstring of his swimsuit, pulled the Velcro apart and slid my hand underneath. He wasn’t wearing anything under the shorts, and I felt his cock, hard and long, pushing up against the top of the pants. I slid my hand up and down it a few times, and he leaned back, enjoying it. Taking his hand I put it on my pussy, and pulled my bikini bottom to one side. His fingers delved inside the bikini, and he touched my slit immediately. His cock was out of his pants now, and I masturbated him under the bubbling water- he was circumcised, and his cock was quite long with a prominent head from what I could feel.

I don’t really like a guy to finger me in a Jacuzzi- its very easy for a girl to get an infection in a Jacuzzi at the best of times, and if a guy opens the vagina and pushes his finger, and water, into it, it is very probable that you will get an infection from the water.

I said to him ’’let’s get dried and go to the home- theatre room’’.

He nodded, pulled his pants together and got up. I left my top off, and with just my bikini bottom on got a towel, dried and wrapped it around me. He did the same, and we went to the home theatre room.

Taffy, Janet and Andre were there, all nude, on a couch in the corner. Janet was on her back; her plump legs thrust straight up, with Andre crouched alongside her, fisting her pussy hard. He seemed to have 4 or 5 fingers in her, his whole hand ramming into her gaping cunt. Taffy was next to Andre, his hand on Andre’s cock, masturbating him. (Andre is not bi, but he will play with a guy and suck and be sucked, he just won’t allow anal penetration on him at all but he will do it to a guy if asked.)

Janet was bucking and jerking as Andre’s hand hammered into her cunt. Being older, her cunt was wide and soft, with big lips, and his hand made a slapping sound as he worked on her.

Sandy and Christina were on a couch on the opposite side of the room. They had towelling gowns on. Sandy was still giving Christina a neck and back massage, with Christina’s gown pulled down off her shoulder, the tops of her breasts visible.

I went with Peter to a chair, and sat him down in it. I pulled his towel off him, undid his pants again, and this time pulled them off before he could object. His cock was not quite rigid, but engorged and full, still hanging down. I knelt in front of him, took my towel off and took his cock into my mouth. I deep-throated him a few times until it got too big to do that. I love feeling a guy’s cock grow hard in my mouth, it’s a very erotic feeling as it expands, twitches and grows harder and harder. ( I also incidentally think that a guy’s cock when it is not erect yet, but engorged and still just able to hang down or only a little bit erect, just before it starts to get fully erect, is the most sexy time- more than when it is fully erect)

I sucked his cock, watching him. He was looking at his wife and Sandy. I could of course not see them, but I could see where he was looking. I tickled under his balls towards his arsehole and back with my nails.

He arched his back a little as I did so, pushing his cock forward to my mouth.

When I had had enough of sucking him, I stood up, faced him, and climbed onto his lap. I lowered myself onto his cock, and let it slide into my pussy. I turned around to see where his wife was- she was still sitting with Sandy, but her gown was now off her shoulder and at her waist, her pale boobs with their erect pink nipples looking stunning.

Sandy was massaging her shoulders, her hands getting lower and lower towards her boobs- I knew what was coming!

I rode Peter for a while- he had a nice cock, quite long, and it felt great in me the way I was sitting, feeling it thrust against the walls of my pussy. He had my boobs in his hands, and was sucking first on one nipple, then the other.

I got off him, because I could sense that he was not all that comfortable in front of his wife. Taking him by the hand, I led him out of the home theatre to the bedroom nearest it. Taffy stood up from where he had been playing with Andre’s cock, and followed us.

The three of us went to the bedroom, and I closed the door.

I lay on my back on the bed, with my legs dangling over the edge. Peter stood between my thighs, positioned his cock at my pussy, and slid it in. He went deep in, and started fucking fast at once.

Taffy kneeled next me, his cock at my mouth. He had a fairly small cock, but I took it all into my mouth and deep-throated him. Even fully erect, I could get it all in. I mouthed him a while, then took it with my hand and sucked him, fondling his balls at the same time. Quite soon he started thrusting and grunting. Remembering what Sandy had said that he enjoyed the fact that Janet swallowed, I wanted to make sure he did not try that with me, so when I judged he was near, I took it out my mouth and masturbated him very rapidly.

He came at once, little spurts of cum onto my boobs, and then he started going soft.

Peter was still going strong. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and rubbed my clit as he fucked me. He began to pant and moan, and I came just as he did, squirting his cum into the condom in me. When he was done, he carefully took his cock out and took the condom off.

We went back to the home theatre. Andre was still busy with Janet- she was on her hands and knees, and he had his cock deep in her arsehole, pumping her hard. Taffy went straight to them, and sat in front of her so she could suck his cock at the same time- although it didn’t seem to get hard again.

Christina’s gown was almost all open now, with Sandy stroking her boobs. I sat on the chair, Peter next to me.

Sandy’s hand disappeared under Christina’s gown, the gown parted, and I saw that I was right! She was not fully shaved, only bikini- shaved, and there was a neatly trimmed triangle of beautiful red pussy hair, soft and curly. I LOVE redheads!

Sandy’s fingers moved along the triangle to between her legs. She still had her legs closed, so Sandy’s finger could only probe a little way down.

Suddenly Sandy seemed to have had enough waiting. She was fully naked already, and even from where I was I could see the moisture on her slit.

She slid off the couch to the floor, turned to face Christina, opened her legs with her hands and buried her face between Christina’s thighs, her head bobbing as she mouthed Christina’s cunt.

Christina gave a yelp, and then opened her legs even more, pulling Sandy’s head to her pussy.

Andre saw this, and stopped fucking Janet’s arsehole. He took the condom off that he had used, wiped his cock with a wet-wipe and went over the where his wife was eating Christina.

He sat between them and me, watching them, masturbating.

Turning to me, he said ‘’ I was at school with Christina. I have been waiting since Grade 8 to see her cunt- its so stunning.’’

I laughed and nodded.

He leaned towards me, and said softly

‘’ don’t tell her- in Grade 9 and 10, when the girls had swimming lessons, a group of us guys would hide in the store-room adjacent to their change-room and spy on them changing through a hole we had made in the panelling.

When Christina came to change, a guy had to pay the others R5 each for each minute if he wanted to have to hole to himself to watch her, she was that popular – seeing her cunt with the triangle of red hair was the most erotic thing a guy could wish for, and she had stunning upturned, perky boobs with delicate pink nipples, and long curly red hair in a ponytail. Most of the guys would cum while watching her and the panelling would be covered with cum by the time she had got showered and dressed.’’

He moved closer to where they were sitting and sat down next to Christina.

She had her eyes closed, but when he sat down she opened them, gave a little start, then smiled at him and closed her eyes again.

He reached for her boobs, and played with her nipples, teasing them to full erection.

Then kissing her on the mouth, he lowered his head and began to suck on her nipples, playing with his cock with one hand. I could see pre-cum on the tip of his cock.

After maybe 5 minutes of Sandy eating Christina, she moved away and sat cross-legged on the floor facing Christina. Andre immediately took her place, but crouching, not kneeling, lifting Christina’s pussy to his face.

He mouther her pussy. Next to me, Peter was mesmerised- he was leaning forward, his cock again hard, throbbing, playing with it with one hand.

Andre reached for a condom, and slipped it on. Turning Christian sideways on the couch, he kneeled between her legs and opened them. She draped one leg over the back of the couch, the other on the floor- her cunt as wide open and available as it could be, the red pussy hair framing it and up into the triangle above it, trimmed short. He slid a finger into her pussy, and she arched her back. Judging that she was willing and ready, he lowered his cock to her pussy. She reached for it, parted her pussy-lips with the head, and slid it in. Once in, he gave a few gentle, deep thrusts, and then stated to fuck her harder.

He fucked for a while, and then she moved her leg from over the back of the couch to around his bum, and pulled him closer.

He fucked her harder and harder, sweat glistening on both of them, her red hair damp on her face

Janet crawled over to where Peter was sitting next to me. Squatting in front of him, she took his cock in her mouth without a condom, and started sucking him. He was staring at his wife being fucked, bit was responding to Janet’s insistent sucking.

She played with his balls, pulling on them.

He started to jerk his hips, and pulled her head a bit away as he was going to cum.

She pushed his hand away, and sucked him even harder, pulling him to her with her hands. He groaned loudly, jerking, and shot his cum into her mouth. She kept sucking until he pulled her head away, his cock too sensitive to continue. She sat back, opened her mouth and showed the cum filling the bottom of her mouth, then swallowed it, licked her lips, and smiled at him.

Her fuckbuddy, Taffy, was watching this, playing with his cock.

On the couch Christina was thrashing about under Andre, her legs flailing, her head rocking backwards and forwards.

She started to cry and yelp, jerking her hips towards him as she came, jerking for ages as she seemed to cum again and again.

As soon as she settled down, Andre gave a series of short sharp thrusts, paused for a split second, and then rammed his cock into her as he came in long shuddering gasps.

When he was done, he climbed off her, and sat next to her stroke her boobs and tummy.

‘I have wanted to do that since Grade 10’’ he said with a smile.

‘’ why didn’t you ask? I would have let you’’ she said

‘’now you tell me! ‘’ he said. ’Would you really have?’’

‘’yes’’ she said ‘’ I liked you, but you never asked me out”

He sighed loudly, and stood up, his cock still almost hard, wet with her juices.

Peter stood and went over to her, and gave her a kiss.

She hugged him and they said something to each other quietly.

We all went for a nude swim then, to cool off.

When we were done swimming, we lay in the late afternoon sun in mattresses next to their huge pool,

Andre was next to me, and he reached to me and started stroking my boobs. I was still very horny, and as soon as I saw his cock getting hard I rolled over, kneeled between his legs and started sucking him. Taffy came up behind me and started to play with my pussy from the back. I felt him press his cock against me, and after checking that he had a condom on, opened my legs to let him enter my cunt. To be honest, it didn’t feel like much, but he seemed to enjoy it, and very soon came.

When he was done I stopped sucking Andre, turned my bum to him, and let him fuck me from behind also. He fucks nicely, varying the pace and the feeling, and I was very aroused when he suddenly came in me in the condom.

He realised that I had not cum, and called to Peter who came over, kneeled where Andre had been, and began to fuck me very hard and very fast. I rubbed my clit hard, and in a minute I came nicely, juices flooding out of me and onto the mattress because I had been aroused for so long.

Towards the end of the afternoon, Christina was fucked by Andre again, standing in the pool, no doubt making up for all the lost school-days!