Written by wildchildtammy

23 Apr 2015

Earlier in March I was in Cape Town for work. (I was there again this month, April, but that was ONLY work)

My boss does a lot of entertaining for business, on a variety of levels. (Read my profile to understand the job)

On the most basic level, he entertains his friends to watch rugby or motor-racing in the theatre at the house. For that, we usually just do a few plates of snacks, and the kitchen staff may do a braai afterwards.

The next level is a casual dinner, which is in fact always quite formal! - 4- 5 courses, in the small dining-room. Next up is a full formal dinner - ladies in gowns, men in dark suits or tux, and a combination of catering and our kitchen.

Top of the list is the full outside formal event - not at home, catered, full formal wear etc. We don’t do many of these, but when we do it’s a major event, lots of VVIP’s, limos, security, flags etc (I can’t divulge the reason for this level of dinner without disclosing what he does for a living).

We were scheduled to have such an outside full formal dinner, in Cape Town. I did some of the arrangements for flights etc for the guests from JHB or overseas, but I was not going to go with to Cape Town as Mrs Boss was to hostess the event as usual - greet guests, ensure that a waiter brings drinks, introduce them to each other etc. It’s the full red-carpet thing, with valet parking, security (lots of guys in dark suits and ear-pieces!) and so on.

The day before this event, Mrs Boss took ill - major gastric bug. No way could she travel the next day. So there was now a huge problem - he can’t host the event alone - he needs to be mingling and talking, he can’t stand at the front and greet, and he has no idea of the catering, flight and security arrangements (which I had made).

So Mrs Boss suggests - “why not take Tamara? Introduce her as your Executive Assistant; make apologies for Mrs Boss’s absence”. No sooner said than done - Tammy picks up a formal gown from Mrs Boss’s dress designer, and off we go to Cape Town – Mr Boss and me! (I do have my own formal gowns, as we have formal evenings on the yachts sometimes, but they are all quite revealing and sexy, not suitable for this sort of occasion where I am to be the hostess, not one of the guests.)

We arrived in Cape Town very early, and got to work. Mr Boss went to his local office, and the driver took me to the venue to go over arrangements. I was done by 11h00, and only needed to be back at 17h00 to change and go with Mr Boss to the venue. (I wore the earrings he gave me. Read diary 8 JULY 2014 to see why he gave me earrings!) He looked at them but made no comment!

So, there I was in Cape Town with time to do what I wanted. I went to the hotel where I was staying, got changed, and then asked the driver to take me to Clifton beach.

It was a stunning day, clear sky with just a hint of a cool breeze to let you know it was no longer summer. I went down to 4th beach, and found a spot at some rocks which gave shelter from the breeze.

I hired a deck-chair and an umbrella, took off my beach-dress and sandals, and lay down. I had on a very small “tanning bikini” - I call it that because it is smaller than my regular bikinis, so I don’t have lots of tan lines when I wear the others when people are around. It’s a royal blue colour with small white roses. The bottom is tiny, not a g-string, but not far from it, and the front just covers what it needs to, and leaves nothing to the imagination! The top is not the normal “bra” cups - it’s really just two pieces of vertical fabric which cover my nipples and a bit more, but my boobs on the sides are completely open, so no tan line! Not the costume for a game of beach volley-ball, unless you want to play topless very quickly!

I usually tan topless if I can, so I seldom actually have tan lines, but even so I prefer to not have any.

I put some block-out cream on, and took off my top (there was no-one near me, and no-one could see me unless they came right up to me) and took out my magazine to read. It wasn’t long before I fell asleep!

I was woken by a voice.

“Hello, lady on the beach!”

I looked around. No-one!

The voice came again,

"Hello lady on the beach. Up here, behind you!”

I sat up and looked around and above me. In my half-asleep state I forgot that I had my top off, so I sat up topless.

Above and behind me was a guy standing on the deck of one of the houses at the edge of the beach, looking down at me. I realised with a start that I was topless, and was about to grab my top when I figured “what the hell. If he has been standing there, he has seen all there is to see, so why bother?”

‘Hi’ I said.

"My girlfriend and I want to ask you whether you want to come up and have some lunch and a swim here with us - you look lonely on the big beach with no-one to talk to.”

I thought about it. If it was a guy on his own, I would say no, but if there was a woman there, it may be fun - those houses are worth millions, and I had only been in one of them once a long time ago.

"Where is your girlfriend” I asked.

"In the kitchen, getting lunch together. Come and say hello, if you don’t like it here, you can just turn around and walk away - no hard feelings”

I considered. There were two main factors in favour: one - he was really sexy, dark curly hair, a nice build from what I could see, and a nice smile. He must have been in his 40’s, tanned, and good looking, in a rugged George Clooney way. The second factor in favour was that I needed the bathroom, and it was a long walk to the public toilets from where I was (and while I can get into the water at Clifton, I can’t stay in long enough to wee there - it's way too cold!)

So I said “sure, thanks how do I get there?”

He explained, and I packed up my stuff, put my dress on, and went up as directed to the front garden gate. I rang the bell, and the gate opened. He was standing in the doorway in shorts, and BOY was he cute! A really nice build, a nice amount of chest-hair and strong legs and chest. He introduced himself as Sean, and stood aside to let me in.

The house was fantastic - all pale blue and cream, lots of bleached wood and rugs - simple, clean and stunning – lots of work went into making it look like no work had gone into it!

What immediately attracted my attention was a wall in the entrance area, filled with very big (A1, I think) photos, black and white, of a gorgeous girl in a variety of poses, some nude, some partly nude, some clothed - clearly very arty and expensive, mounted on plain glass frames. The kind of photo you see in magazines and billboards. There were other photos all around, of a variety of subjects, but often of women.

He showed me where the bathroom was, and when I came back we went through to the deck, me looking for this girlfriend. No-one to be seen - and my concern was rising.

The deck was just as stunning - bleached wood and old wood, with a fairly high wood-panel surround so people on the beach could not see onto the deck or into the house. In one corner was a tiny pool - no more than 2mx2m, with 4 deck-chairs and some side-tables.

He offered me a seat on one of the deck-chairs, and I sat, still a bit on edge, waiting to see if in fact there was a girl-friend or whether this was just a ruse to get me there. To be honest, I had looked at the deck-surround and the distance to the sand and rocks below when I looked out - just in case I need to get away in a hurry - I could jump and run if need be!

I hadn’t been sitting for more than a few seconds, when a girl’s voice came from inside.

“Sean, where are you?”

"On the deck with our guest” he called back.

I heard footsteps, and a young woman came out onto the deck.

“Hi, I’m Wendy” she said.

I stood and stared.

She was one of the most exquisite creatures I have ever seen. She was coloured, with a light brown/olive skin, slim, quite tall (taller than me anyway,) with long, almost waist-length thick, soft black hair - falling in soft waves over her shoulders. But it was her eyes that had me mesmerized. Capetonians will know what I mean when I say that she had what Cape Coloureds call “Kat se oe”, or cats-eyes.

Most dark-skinned people have dark eyes, usually black or brown, but in the Cape (and in Brazil I have noticed) every so often you get a child born with emerald green eyes. This colour is vivid enough in a white-skinned person, but in a darker-skinned person it is absolutely out of this world. You simply cannot look away. Wendy had cats-eyes: slightly almond-shaped, but quite big and very green. With her black hair and skin colour, the effect was startling.

I noticed that she had her hand out, waiting to shake my hand, while I was staring at her like a moron. I took her hand, and introduced myself. She was smiling slightly, so I guess she has seen that reaction before.

We sat on the chairs, and she produced a lovely lunch of salads, fruit and juice, while we chatted and talked about nothing special.

After lunch, Sean said “why don’t we have a dip in the pool to cool off. It has seats around it, so we can sit there and have our drinks.” I wasn’t sure how long I was going to sit in cold water, and said so.

"I know it sounds odd, but it’s heated a bit” he said. "My folks, who own the house, can’t stand cold water, so while it’s not a hot-tub, it is slightly heated to around 30 degrees. They bought it 30 years ago and lived here when they lived in SA. Now they live in London, and I live here when I am in SA."

I took off my dress, and got in. I saw that he was looking at my tiny bikini, but figured that he had seen me topless already, so let him look!

He got in, and Wendy came out of the house in her bikini - white, and about as tiny as mine! She had a lovely figure - very slim, although her boobs were bigger than I would have expected when I saw her first. Without a word she took off her bikini top, and slid onto a seat next to Sean. She had very nice boobs - quite full and seemingly very firm and up-tilted, with brown nipples, hard now. We sat a while. Seeing that Sean had already seen me topless, I also took my top off.

Sean looked openly at my boobs, as did Wendy.

‘You have a lovely figure” said Wendy. I complimented her also.

A while later it occurred to me! I don’t know what it was, but she moved or turned or something, but seeing her profile suddenly it clicked!

"You’re the girl in the photos! In the entrance!” I said.

She laughed. "Yes, that’s me. That’s how we met - Sean took those for a magazine in Spain, where I was modelling."

NOW I understood - the photos all over the house, the artistic taste, the slightly bohemian feel to the place - Sean was a photographer!

It turned out, to cut a long story short, that he was an internationally-renowned photographer, working overseas for most of the year. He met Wendy, as she said, when he was assigned to do a series of pics for a Spanish fashion magazine, and they have been living together for 2 years. She still models, although selectively, as she is studying Psychology part-time.

Anyway, back to the diary...

The pool had a seat/step all the way around (it was one depth) and we sat in the tiny pool and ate and chatted. It was nice in the warm sun and the warm water, and I soon started dozing off. Not very social, I know, but I was tired.

Wendy was cuddled up against Sean opposite me. I felt and heard the water splashing a bit. I opened my eyes slightly, and looked to see what was making the noise, as the pool motor was not on. I saw the slight splashing coming from in front of Sean. Wendy’s had was under the water moving. She was lying against Sean’s chest, and I realised that her hand was between his legs, playing with his cock in his shorts! I watched - not sure whether she had seen me looking. Sean had his eyes closed, and was leaning back against the side of the pool. Her boobs were above the water, firm and cute, the brown nipples rock-hard.

She looked up, saw me looking, but did not stop. Once she realised that I was watching, she in fact moved her hand more, stroking what was obviously a nice hard cock. She grinned at me, a slow seductive smile. I smiled back, aroused, and put my hand onto my boob, and played with my nipple.

She watched me, her mouth slightly open. Without saying anything, she stroked Sean’s cock harder, gripping it. I was getting very horny now. I put one hand between my legs, and rested my finger on my pussy. She made it very obvious that she had seen this, looking hard at my hand. I kept it there, moving it up and down my pussy, over my bikini.

She leaned forward, undid Sean's shorts, and put her hand inside in one movement. Sean’s eyes flew open. He looked at her, and then at me, not sure what had happened!

Wendy kept moving her hand under his shorts. I kept my one hand on my boobs, clearly fondling my nipples, and my other hand between my legs on my pussy. Sean looked at both my hands. I smiled at him, and kept them there, playing with myself. He looked at Wendy again, then shrugged slightly and lay back again.

Wendy pulled at his shorts, and he lifted his bum without opening his eyes. She pulled them down, and put them at the side of the pool. Lying there nude, with a girl he hardly knew watching, he was rock-hard, and from what I could see under the water, a good size too. Wendy massaged his cock for a moment, and then said something to him. He looked at her, then at me, then lifted himself out of the pool and sat on the side. He really was nicely built. Not in a body-builder way, but strong-looking, broad chest, strong arms. Quite a lot of body-hair, which suited him, but his cock, balls and pubic area were shaved smooth, so his cock stood out well, bigger than average, but not huge.

Wendy masturbated him for a minute, fondling his balls as she did, then leaned forward, over him and took his cock in her mouth. She deep-throated him immediately, shaking her head from side to side when he was deep in. He groaned, and lay back, resting on his arms behind him, his cock sticking straight up. Wendy sucked faster, playing with his balls.

I was very turned on. It’s not often that I get into a situation where people who were not planning to get it on, like at a party, just do so, spontaneously, and it was very erotic, lying there in the warm pool in the sun watching them. I had no idea how far this would go, or what would happen, or, importantly, whether I was going to join in. In a situation like that, one can’t assume that because the two people are starting to fuck, that they will welcome another person’s involvement. For a start, she may not like a girl touching her (many women don’t) and she may have a problem with me touching her boy-friend. So I stayed where I was, playing with my pussy under the water and my nipples above the water.

I had pulled my bikini bottom to one side, and had a finger in my pussy, probing my clit. I was wet inside, and felt warm and sexy.

Wendy kneeled on the step now, facing Sean, his cock still in her mouth. I had the most delicious view of her bum and the back of her cunt between her legs. There was no sound other than the sound of her moving in the water, and his occasional moans.

She took his cock out of her mouth, looked around to see me, and leaned his cock towards me, offering it to me like a kid would offer another kid a lick of his ice-cream.

I didn’t need a second invitation. I slid over to the other side of Sean, took his cock from her and put its head in my mouth. He jerked up, eyes wide open as soon as he felt this new mouth around his cock. I felt him sit up, but just kept on with the blow-job. He soon lay back on his arms again. His cock was in fact bigger than I had thought: a nice size and very thick.

I held him in my mouth, running my tongue around the head, licking the sensitive area down the front of his circumcised cock. Wendy stood up next to him, and took her bikini bottom off. I took his cock out of my mouth to look at her. Her cunt was sort of at my face level - and it was beautiful - completely shaved, and just a tight slit between her legs, with almost no lips visible. She had a flat tummy and a nice mound above her cunt. As I put his cock back in my mouth, she straddled Sean, facing me, and lowered herself over his face.

He sat up, and held her hips as she lowered herself, until her cunt and bum were at his mouth. He opened her bum-cheeks, and started to lick at her bum-hole, his fingers stroking her cunt. I could see her cunt clearly when I glanced up as it was just above me - his fingers probing her, opening her lips while his face was between her bum-cheeks.

He pulled her hips back a bit, and his tongue started licking at her slit, his fingers opening it. She wriggled her cunt as he did so, forcing his face harder into her cunt. I was very excited now. I had moved my bikini bottom down in front, and had my one hand over my cunt, two fingers in me and thrusting quite hard. He reached forward with one hand and groped for my boobs. I moved so that his hand was on it, and he found the nipple and started fondling it.

Wendy stood up, stepped back into the pool, still facing away from me.

"Fuck me” she said to Sean, and leaned forward.

I took his cock out of my mouth, and he stood, naked and erect. He went and stood behind Wendy, and put his hand between her spread legs. Once he had felt that she was wet enough, he took his cock in one hand and positioned it at her cunt. She reached back with one hand, and guided it into her.

I stood, took off my bikini bottom, and slid along a bit more to sit next to her as she was bent over. I reached for her boobs, and felt their firmness, felt her very erect nipples. Her eyes were closed, and she was almost sighing, singing to herself as Sean slowly fucked her. She opened her eyes, and smiled at me.

"Sit up here” she said, patting the poolside next to her.

I did so. Sean looked at my cunt as I sat down, still fucking her. Wendy put her one hand on my upper thigh, and I parted my legs. She slid her hand up to my cunt, found my slit and stroked it, looking at me all the time. I kept playing with her nipples, as her finger probed into my cunt, feeling for my hole and my clit. Once she found it, she pushed her finger into me, in and out, rubbing my clit with her thumb. It was wonderful - she was very good at it.

Sean held her hips and started fucking her faster and harder, and she took her hand away from my cunt to brace herself against his thrusts. I leaned to her and put my hand between her legs, feeling her cunt as Sean’s cock pounded in and out. I found her clit, hard, and massaged it as I felt his cock bump my hand each time.

She seemed ready to cum, breathing hard and grunting with each thrust. I rubbed her clit vigorously, pulling on her nipple as I did so. She started to tremble, her legs shaking. Sean felt this, and fucked her even faster, slamming into her. He kept this up for what seemed a long time, driving into her again and again, very fast and hard. She came with a shriek, moaning and shaking her head, almost crying it seemed. Sean slowed his movement and I took my hand away from her cunt.

She collapsed back into the pool, almost sliding off the seat, and lay back, panting, but smiling.

I put my hand back on my cunt, playing with myself.

"You can fuck him, if you want” Wendy said. "We do play around together, so it's fine. It’s up to you”

Sean was standing, his cock very hard, glistening from Wendy’s juices. He was looking at me, my boobs, and my pussy. He stroked his cock, still looking at me.

I stood up, naked, letting him see my cunt out of the water. His eyes were glued to my cunt as I moved.

I went to my bag, took out a condom, and walked back to the pool. I gave him the condom, without a word. He put it on, sliding it over his cock, lifting the tip to create room for cum.

I took a foam mattress off the lounger, and put it on the pool deck, and sat on it, looking at him.

He got out of the pool, came over to me, and kneeled in front of me. I took his cock in my hands, and masturbated him, playing with his balls. He pushed at my shoulders, and I lay on my back, my knees apart - waiting for him. I knew I was not going to last long - I was very turned on, and had almost cum when playing with myself while Sean fucked Wendy, so it would not take much to make me cum now.

He lowered himself above me, resting on his arms and knees. I felt for his cock, and he slid it easily into my very wet pussy. He started to fuck me, slowly. I needed it much harder and faster, so I gripped his hips and pulled him hard to me. He understood, and started going faster. I thrust back, feeling his cock driving hard into my cunt with each stroke. It took only a few minutes, and I felt the rush of warmth that precedes cumming for me.

"Harder!” I gasped. He obliged, driving as hard as he could with each stroke. I came hard, juice flooding me, my whole body filled with warmth and tingling.

He kept going till I slowed. Then he did also, and took his cock out of my cunt.

Wendy was sitting in the pool, watching us, kneeling so she could see better.

"Have you cum yet?” she asked Sean. He shook his head.

"Come here” she said to him.

He walked over to her, and stood in front of her, facing her. She was standing on the step in the pool, her face at the height of his cock. She took the condom off his cock, and took him in her mouth, sucking hard, her two hands rubbing up and down his slippery cock.

Within a minute he began to thrust at her, holding her head, pushing his cock into her mouth. He let out a long groan, and began to cum in her mouth. She kept sucking, gulping as the cum filled her mouth. I saw a bit of cum dribble out of the corner of her mouth as she sucked. He seemed to cum for a long time, but she kept sucking and swallowing, letting him finish.

When he was done, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and grinned up at him.

We were all satiated with our fucking, and sat for maybe an hour, naked, chatting, till it was time for me to go.

I phoned the driver, and he came to fetch me. On the way, I phoned the venue to check that everything was on track.

Mr Boss met me in the hotel foyer as I was going up to my room.

"Did you have a nice day?” he asked.

"Yes” I said, “I met a really nice couple, and we had lunch together.”

I guess that that was true - we did have lunch, after all!