Written by wildchildtammy

23 Apr 2014

Over the last weekend, I went camping with a group of friends. I was invited by a guy I have been seeing for a while- but we are not in an exclusive relationship, and we both do date other people.

We arrived at the campsite in the Magaliesberg around 4pm on Saturday, set up camp with the tents and the caravans, and chilled at the pool for a while till it got cold.

We got dressed more warmly, and went to a restaurant about 30 mins away for dinner.

We sat at the bar counter at first, which was along one wall, just having a few drinks and chatting. Behind us were the tables for meals.

The bar had a big mirror behind the bottles (I guess all bars do!)- and as we were chatting, I saw in the mirror some people come and sit at a table behind us, quite near- and I was sure I knew the one guy. I turned around, and sure enough it was a guy I met (and played with) at a party last year. He is about 45 I guess, and he was at the party with what I thought was his wife- but the woman he was with now was not the same person!

He was with another couple, and he was seated facing the bar (and therefore me), whilst his wife was opposite him with her back to me.

Now I never acknowledge anyone I have met at a party unless they acknowledge me first- I don’t want to embarrass anyone, so I leave it up to them to greet me or not.

I turned around on my barstool and glanced at him- he saw me out of the corner of his eye- and from his startled reaction I could see that the woman he was with now was probably his wife, not the other woman at the party!

I smiled and left it at that.

After a while I looked again, and he looked at me directly- his wife was deep in conversation with the woman to her left. I winked at him, and he smiled back at me.

Sooooo, maybe it was time for some fun!

I had on a very short black skirt, so I turned in my seat so that I was side-on to him, and let the skirt ride up my thigh, right up to my bum, but I made as though I was not doing it on purpose. He looked at his wife who was still chatting away, and licked his lips at me.

I licked my lips also, and put a swizzle-stick in my mouth, pulling it slowly in and out. He almost laughed out loud, but just managed to control it.

My skirt was all the way scrunched up now, and my leg was fully exposed to him ( and I guess to anyone else, but so what!)

I got up off the stool and went to the bathroom.

When I came back, I chatted a while with my friends, and then turned around again, but now right around so I was with my back to the bar, facing the guy. I could still chat to my friend next to me, so no-one noticed anything.

I waited till the guys wife was eating, and when he glanced up at me, I opened my legs a bit.

He almost choked, and his wife said something to him, maybe to see if he was ok.

Because when I had gone to the bathroom, I had taken off my thong, so when I opened my legs he got a nice view of my pussy!

I grinned at him, and turned around again with my back to him- but I knew now that he was fully aware of me!

I waited for about 10 mins, and then looked back at him. When his wife was looking away, I motioned with my head towards the bathrooms, got off my stool, and walked over to where the passage led to the bathrooms, glancing back at him as I walked.

I saw that he was getting up from the table, so I quickly went into the ladies bathroom to see if there was anyone in there- as luck would have it, it was empty and all the toilet stall doors were open. The stalls were fully walled, up to the ceiling, which I had noticed when I was there earlier.

I went back to the bathroom door, and he was walking down the passage, looking to see where I had gone.

I motioned to him to come to the girl’s bathroom. He came towards me; I opened the door and pulled his hand to get him to come inside. He did so, looking around a bit nervously.

I took his hand and went into the furthest stall, pulled him in and closed and locked the door.

I put my finger to my lips to tell him not to make a sound. So far, we had not spoken a word, and I wanted to keep it that way, just for fun.

I pulled the mat towards him, and turned him so that his back was to the wall. He reached out with one hand and put it under my skirt, his fingers warm against my wet pussy. He ran his fingers along my slit, and slid one finger into my pussy, probing quite deeply, while I massaged his cock over his pants with my hands.

I took his hand out from under my skirt, and knelt in front of him, undid the buckle of his belt, and his zip.

He was already quite hard, and I pulled his briefs over his cock and pushed his pants and briefs down his legs.

I took ho hardening cock in my mouth, and started to give him a gentle and sexy blow-job, cupping his balls, running my finger between his legs up to his bum and back. As he got harder, I sucked more and more, licking round the circumcised head, running my tongue down the shaft, and licking his shaved balls, and then putting it back in my mouth.

I looked up- he had his eyes closed, and he started moving his hips, thrusting his cock into my mouth.

I quickened the pace, and held his cock by the shaft, using my mouth and my hand to fuck him.

I tasted his pre-cum, and took his cock out of my mouth, massaging it quickly with one hand, the other one cupping his balls.

I pointed his cock away from me, and in a few seconds he came, with long spurts shooting across the cubicle and hitting the wall on the other side, then smaller spurts across the toilet and on the floor.

When he had stopped cumming, I reached for some toilet paper, wiped his cock and pulled his pants up.

He put the pants on properly, and I again put my finger to my lips to keep him quiet.

He stood there while I quickly wiped the wall and floor.

I opened the door a bit, looked out and saw there was no-one else there, and motioned him to come out. I led the way out of the bathrooms, gave him a quick pat on his bum, and let him go past me and back to his table.

I waited a few moments, and then went down the passage and back to my stool.

During the entire time, we had not said a word to each other- erotic in itself!

His wife was still chatting away- enjoying a good meal and good company I guess!