Written by wildchildtammy

21 Sep 2013

Dear Diary,

I kept thinking about Lolly and how beautiful she is- although we only played for a short time on Tuesday, it was great, and I think she really enjoyed it.

She is not bi really, but like many girls, seemed to enjoy playing with a girl- we just do it differently to a guy- its more gentle, more caring. Sometimes a guy is better though- when I feel like I want to be almost ‘used”, held hard and fucked hard, then a guy is much better. And I don’t like a double dildo or strap-on, the real thing is better!

So I waited for Lolly to call me. Which she did yesterday, Friday, morning. We chatted a bit, and she asked whether I would like to go to her place for dinner on Friday night. I was going to see Simon, but Lolly was new, so I apologized to Simon- he understood. (Sorry again Simon!!)

Got to her house at 8 on Friday, after work. She was wearing the shortest white shorts, and a green blouse with clearly no bra! I was excited at once. I had on a black mini with a g- string and a black see-through blouse with a very light bra.

We had a light dinner and she put on some music. We were cleaning up in the kitchen, with the music on and the lights low. I came up behind her and put my arms around her. She pushed back into me, then she turned around and we danced slowly for a while.

I was getting a very warm feeling, and started French-kissing her. She was uncertain at first, but then responded and we danced like that.

I wanted her to take the lead, not feel like I was pushing her, so I took her hand and put it onto my boobs. She stroked me at first, then when she felt my nipples go hard she played with them. I lifted my blouse and pulled aside my bra, and guided her head so she could suck my nipples.

At the same time I put my hand onto the front of her shorts, and stroked her pussy slit- the shorts gave her a clear camel-toe, so the pussy lips were puffed out on either side of the seam.

I undid her shorts and she stepped out of them. She was wearing a tiny white g string, just a minute triangle in front and she had shaved fully now.

I knelt in front of her and she stood with her legs a bit apart. I put my face between her legs , moved the g-string aside and put my tongue along her slit. She has a tight and slim pussy, with only the smallest puffy lips. She opened her legs more, and I licked inside her pussy. My one hand was between my legs playing with myself.

She asked how we could please each other, and I told her to lie down on her back. I took off my blouse, bra, g string and skirt, and she took off her blouse and g string.

With her on her back, I knelt above her in a 69, and started again licked her pussy. My pussy was above her face. At first she stroked me gently with her hands, and then I felt her tongue on my pussy-lips.

I opened her pussy with my fingers and put my tongue deep into her. She felt me do this and did the same to me. I was so ready I had to stop myself from just grinding my pussy onto her face because she would have got a fright, so I gently moved back and forth with her tongue in me.

I put first one, then 2 then 3 fingers in her while licking her pussy at the same time.

As I pumped my fingers in and out she started to moan, and after a few minutes she came with a loud gasp. I felt her pussy-juices wet on my face and I kept going till she pulled my head away with a shudder.

She asked me what I wanted her to do to me, so I said she must put all her fingers in me and do it hard and fast.

I sat upright above her face and she pushed 4 fingers into me slowly at first as if she was afraid to hurt me.

I took her hand and pushed it hard in, and moved it fast in and out. She did that on her own then, and I closed my eyes and let the feeling come.

When I looked down she had put her other hand between her legs and 2 fingers inside her slit playing with her clit.

That was all it took for me! I grasped her hand in my pussy and ground it against my clitoris till I came in a gush. As I came she gave a little cry and thrust her hand deep into herself, and she came again.

After we were done we sat on the couch nude and kissed and cuddled on the couch for a while. Then we had dessert, still nude! It was such a wonderful night! We chatted a while and she said she really enjoyed being with me, but she also liked guys. I told her I did too, and that she could be with me whenever she wanted, I would not interfere with her relationship with Paul or anyone.

I left at around 12. Still very horny, so I used my dildo till I fell asleep.