Written by wildchildtammy

22 May 2015

I was asked a while ago whether I had done a gang-bang, and if so whether I liked this sort of sex. I said I had, but that I did not like it.

I said to Shrekkio and Toybouy when we talked about this that I was uncomfortable writing about it as I felt embarrassed about it. They both read it, and said that they felt it was ok to publish and that it did not make me look like a whore, so here it is.

When I was in my 19, I was working and studying in London. With not much money, I looked for and found an apartment to share. The apartment was actually a room in a 3 story narrow house, typical of the older houses in some areas. The ground floor had the lounge, kitchen and dining room, and each floor had 2 bedrooms with a bathroom to share. I rented the top-most room, which had a lovely view over the houses as it was on a hill.

The other apartments were rented by a South African guy, a British guy, a British girl, and a French guy respectively. The remaining apartment on my floor was not let at that time. I got on very well with the British guy and girl, but did not really meet the others much for some reason. The South African guy, Frederick, and the British girl, Chanelle, were dating properly- she was lovely, and very sexy. Also, she seemed quite open about sex, and would often kiss and feel him up in front of the others if she felt like it.

After a few weeks, the British guy, Mark, and I started “dating” in a way, in the sense that he would ask me to go with him somewhere, without asking the others. Not real dating, but close. We had gone on 3 “dates” before we had sex, but it was nice when we did. He was imaginative and good in bed. Being quite well endowed did not hurt either! I had been to a swinger party before this, and was willing to experiment, but he did not raise the idea, so neither did me.

One night, we had been out and got back around 12. We had both had a bit to drink (I still drank in those days) and went into the lounge to watch TV. The others were either in their rooms or out I guessed, and the lounge was empty. We had another drink, and one thing led to another. He started kissing me, and putting his hands under my t shirt. I took my bra off, and lifted my shirt as he kissed my boobs.

I was rubbing his cock, and opened his jeans. I took it out, and fondled it, getting it good and hard. He pulled his jeans down a bit, and his whole cock was out. I bent over and began to suck it- it was too big to do a full deep-throat, but I could get quite a bit in if he did not move much. He had unbuttoned my jeans, and his hand was under my panties, resting on my pussy.

We were thus occupied when Frederick and Chanelle, (the South African guy and British girl), came home!

They walked into the lounge, and there we were, half undressed and making out!

They were about to turn away, when Mark said “join us- its warm in here”

They looked at each other, and Chanelle led Fred to the one couch. They very quickly joined in, and started making out. She took her top off right away. I had seen her boobs but only briefly one day when we were getting ready to go out and she borrowed a blouse- she had lovely boobs, quite full and firm, with large dark nipples.

She had pulled Fred’s jeans down, and was giving him a blow-job while Mark and I played.

I don’t know what happened, but somehow they must have had a fight or something, but she suddenly got up, grabbed her t shirt and said to him she was going to her apartment and to bed, and off she went, boobs bouncing. Fred just sat there, his cock still out and hard, jeans half down, and no girl to play with!

Mark had taken his jeans off, and I was still sucking him, playing with his balls.

I whispered to Mark

‘shall we invite him to join us?”

Mark looked at me, shrugged, and said

“sure, why not, if you are game for it”

I turned to Fred who was pulling his jeans up, and said to him to come over to the couch we were on, and to sit the other side of me to Mark.

He did so, eyeing Mark who just winked at him, and patted the couch next to me.

He sat down, and I turned to him, pulling his jeans down again with one hand, while fondling Mark with the other. He had a nice cock, not as big as Mark, but a nice shape and thickness. I masturbated both of them, one on either side for a while.

Mark had pulled my jeans down a bit, and had his hand on my pussy under my panties. When he took his hand away to play with my nipples; I took Fred’s hand and put it under my panties. He felt that I was wet, and slid a finger into me right away. I was very aroused, and very wet. His finger went in and out, rubbing my clit every so often. I let go both of their cocks, and wriggled out of my jeans, and took my top and bra off. I had o just my panties now, which were wet in the middle.

Mark took his shirt off, and was naked. Fred still had his jeans on, but around his ankles. He stood, took them and his shirt off, and knelt in front of me. He parted my legs, and felt for my pussy. I opened my legs wide, he put his head between my legs, and started licking my pussy, parting my pussy-lips and probing inside me with his tongue.

Mark was nibbling on my nipples, and stroking my neck and face, which I love.

All three of us were very turned on I think, and I could see drops of pre-cum on Marks cock.

After a while, I pulled Fred’s head away, and pulled his hands so he sat on the couch. I now knelt between them, on the floor, and took first Fred’s and then Mark’s cock in my mouth, deep-throating as much as I could.

I guess we were making a noise, as I suddenly heard footsteps behind me, and Louis, the French guy wandered in from his apartment which was the closest to the lounge.

He froze in the doorway when he saw us. Looking at Mark, Fred me and back to Mark again. He said something in French and was about to turn around when Mark waved at him to come in. Mark then looked at me and said

‘Is it ok if Louis comes in?”

I nodded. I could not really say no, as I had the two guys already, so clearly it was not a date!

Louis came over and sat on the chair next to the couch, looking at me. I said to him

“You’re overdressed for this party- strip!”

He grinned, stood up and took off his shirt, pants and underpants. His cock was not fully hard yet, so I motioned to him to come to me, and he stood next to me. I took his half-hard cock in my mouth, and as I sucked him, felt it swell and get hard.

To be honest, I had no idea of how this was going to unfold. Mark and I had fucked, but I did not know whether he was going to be ok with other guys fucking me, or whether he just wanted to play but not fuck.

I had Marks cock in my mouth, when Louis knelt behind me, and lifted my bum from my kneeling position. He reached between my legs from the back, and slid a finger into my pussy. Fred reached down from where he was sitting, and also put his hand between my legs. Louis took his finger out as Fred put his finger in- then Louis felt for my bum, and rubbed his finger around my bum-hole, letting it go in a bit.

He felt for my pussy again, made his finger wet with my juices, and then pushed it a little was into my bum , all the time with Fred’s finger in my pussy, and Marks cock in my mouth. It was a sensational feeling- I just felt overwhelmed with guys: feeling me, fondling me, touching me- there were hands everywhere, probing, sliding in me, and pinching me.

I felt Louis push his body against my back, and felt his cock against my bum.

I turned around and said

“only with a condom please”

He nodded, stood, went to his jeans and took out 3 condoms- heaven only knows what sort of a night he was expecting when he went out, but he had 3 with him!

He gave one to each of the others, and put one on his cock. Then he lifted my bum again so I was sort of on my hands and knees rather than kneeling, and positioned himself behind me. I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy, and then he slid his cock into me and began to fuck quite fast. I could not do anything with the other guys as I was on my hands and knees, but they played with themselves as they watched Louis fuck me. After a few minutes, Mark stood up and stood next to Louis. Louis pulled his cock out, and Mark knelt behind me, pushing his big cock into me immediately. He started to fuck, but much more slowly as he knew I liked that in the beginning. When he had fucked for a while, he stood, and Fred took his place, driving his cock hard and deep right away.

To cut a long story short, the three guys traded places a few times, and I was so aroused that I started cumming almost each time they changed. The sensation in my pussy was amazing- it felt like a constant but varying fuck, my pussy tingling and getting almost sore.

I needed to stop before it got sore, so I said to the guys

‘You need to cum now if you want, I need to stop soon”

Louis was fucking me at that time, and within a few seconds I felt him jerk and grip my hips as he came in me (in the condom). Mark was next, and he too came in a minute or so, grinding into me, making me cum for about the fifth time! Then Fred slid his cock back in, and also came.

The guys sat around a while, whilst I put my jeans and shirt back on. Then they got dressed. It was a bit embarrassing for them I guess- I don’t think that they had thought about what would happen when we were done- maybe a nice cup of tea?

What did happen however what was led to the real gang-bang was!

Mark and Louis were there, as Fred had gone to his apartment. We were chatting, when the conversation led to gang-bangs, and whether I had ever done one. I said I had not, but I had been to a swinger club- that not really a gang-bang, as there are women and men, and everyone plays, whereas a gang bang is really just a girl and many guys. I said, without thinking really, that I would like to try a gang-bang one day. I don’t know why I said that, as I had not really ever thought of it, but the words just came out.

The two guys latched onto this and started joking about it, discussing how and when and with whom a gang-bang could be arranged. I played along, not really thinking about whether they were serious or not. Remember I was young and not as assertive as I am now I guess, so once they (we?) had been talking about it for a while; it became more and more difficult to suddenly say “I was only joking”.

In truth, I had thought about gang-bangs after watching a movie where the girl fucked around 20 guys in succession, and it seemed very erotic, if dangerous. Also, even I had wanted to do one, I could not think how I would go about it—I assumed it may happen at a party one day. Anyway, I was certainly aroused, if a little scared, at where this conversation was going. It may have been the combination of having had so much sex that night, that I was still all excited, as well as the thrill of thinking about the idea of just guys and me.

Louis eventually said that he would see what he could do, and we all went to our apartments, and I thought that that would be the end of the discussion.

About 2 weeks later, I was sitting in the lounge one evening reading, when Louis came in and sat opposite me.

‘You remember the discussion we had about lots of guys?” he asked.

At first, I did not know what he was talking about. Then it clicked.

‘Yes?” I said”what about it?”

‘I have spoken to a friend who has a sex-club. He says that he knows a few guys who are very nice, very chilled, and who would love to play like that”

‘What do you mean a “sex club?” I asked.

It turns out that he meant a swinger club near Calais, in France where he lived. I asked some more about this club, what it was like, who went there and so on. It seems it was a very exclusive club, invitation only, mostly older couples.

I asked how this would be arranged. He said that the owner said he had done this a few times before. What he does is to mention to some of his clients where he knows that they play as a couple or alone, that he was putting together a gang-bang and did they want to join. The owner said that usually it was one of the women of a couple who requested it, just to experience it, but that it did not really make a difference if it was a non-member- not everyone knew everyone anyway . Sometimes the husband of the woman joined in, sometimes he just watched his wife get gang-banged, sometimes he would not be there at all- it depended on what the couple or the woman wanted.

What the owner also said to Louis was that there were always 1 or 2 guys of his staff in the room, who did not participate. They were part of the bouncers of the club. They arranged a code-word with the woman. If she said the word, they would ensure that all action stopped, either for a while or for good, whatever she wanted, so she was safe in the sense that it could not turn into a gang-rape.

I must admit that I was intrigued at the idea, but also apprehensive. I want sure how it would feel to have such a planned and structured experience, and I had not had a lot of experience in swinging anyway. It might feel really weird going into a room with a whole lot of guys, all of whom are there for the sole purpose of fucking me.

I thought about it for a few days, and Louis said no more about it.

One night when Louis and I were alone watching TV, he asked whether I had given it any thought, or made a decision, as he was going home to Calais in a week’s time, and could set it up then if I wanted.

I took the plunge, and said ok, set it up and let me know when and where. He said he would, and a day after he left to go home he phoned to ask if the next Wednesday afternoon would be ok with me. I said it would. He arranged to meet me at the Channel ferry terminal in Calais.

I went to a beauty salon a few days before, and had a massage and a full wax, and had my hair done, so I at least looked good even if I felt peculiar about what I was going to do.

I took the train to Folkestone, and then the ferry to Calais. He was waiting at the terminal and we drove in near-silence to the country-side outside Calais. I don’t know what I had expected, but it wasn’t what I saw when we turned off the rural road into a long driveway. The house at the end of the driveway was huge, very imposing, with beautiful lawns and gardens flanking the gravel drive.

I remarked on the house to Louis, and he explained that it was the home of the owner of the club. He had converted a wing of the house into the club, as he and his girlfriend liked swinging, and had friends who also did, but had no-where to go as they did not like the commercial clubs and it was a pain to have to set up a part of the house every time they wanted to host a party.

We parked to one side. There were quite a few cars there, mostly very upmarket. I was really nervous now, and considered pulling out, but I felt that Louis had gone to so much effort that it would be wrong to do so at this late stage, so I said nothing and followed Louis inside.

We were shown to a large lounge area, where there were several people, maybe 20, chatting, sitting in a big pool off the lounge, or sitting on couches around the room. The people in the pool were all nude, but some of the people in the lounge itself had a robe on. Louis led me to the changing rooms, and I went in and got changed. Each locked had a gown in it, so I took off my clothes, put that on and went back to the lounge. Louis was already there, with a towel wrapped around his waist, talking to 2 couples. He introduced me and got me a drink.

We talked for a while, and then Louis said

‘Shall we go to a playroom?”

I agreed, and we went through the lounge and down a corridor, room off the corridor. It was dark in the room, with only the light of very dim downlights. I could see a huge mattress on the floor, almost wall to wall. At one end was a sort of raised stage, waist height to me, padded in front and on top. On one wall was a screen, with a porn film showing, and the film sound quite muted. Louis took my hand and led me to one corner on the mattress, and lay down. I looked around, but saw no-one else.

‘What now?” I asked

‘Relax,’ he said ‘some friends will join us shortly”

I lay down next to Louis. He took my face in his hands and started kissing me, reaching inside my gown and feeling my boobs. He played with my nipples till they got hard, the eased the gown off my shoulders and undid the tie. I took it off, and he ran his hands up and down my body, teasing as he felt my thighs, but not touching my pussy.

I pulled his towel off- he was already rock-hard, his cock rigid. I stroked it, and played with his balls. He was holding me to him, when I felt another pair of hands on my back. I turned slightly, and saw 2 guys sitting there- I had not even heard them come in. they both smiled at me, and the one ran his hand up and down my legs, and let his finger slide along my bum between the cheeks, over my bum-hole.

Louis pulled me over onto my back, and kissed my boobs, and down my tummy to my pussy. The one guy came and sat next to my head. I turned my head. His cock was right next to my face, very big, and very thick. I reached for it and stroked it. He pushed it closer, and I opened my mouth and took it into my mouth, sucking it and licking the head. Louis lay on the mattress between my legs. He gently parted my legs, and kissed up my thighs till he got to my pussy. His tongue probed at my pussy-lips, and licked between them. It felt really nice. No-one spoke, just the sound of the guys moving and kissing, and me sucking.

I saw another guy walk in and come over to us. His was beautifully built, like a body-builder. His cock was not hard yet, but was swollen. He sat next to me on the other side of the guy whose cock I was sucking. He pushed gently on my hips, rolling me onto my side. I lifted one leg so that the guy kissing my pussy could keep doing that.

The new guy lay behind me, and I felt his tongue running up and down my spine. When he got to my bum, he kept going, letting his tongue go between my bum-cheeks. Then he parted my bum with his hands, and I felt his tongue circle my anus, round and round, then probe in it.

I had never had a guy do that before, and at first it felt strange, but then it felt nice. I was being licked from the front and the back now. I had stopped giving the guy a blow-job, and just relaxed and concentrated on enjoying the feeling.

There were 4 guys now, and I just felt hands and mouths all over me, hard cocks rubbing against me. When a cock came near my face, I would lick at it for a moment before it went away.

I felt the guy at my pussy move away, and a new guy took his place. He was rougher and thrust his tongue in hard, licking my clit with firm strokes, circling it and nibbling at it. His tongue was replaced by his fingers, and he put what felt like two fingers in my pussy, opening it wide, going in deep. I was very aroused. My nipples were hard, my pussy tingling with the constant rubbing.

Louis was kneeling behind the guy at my pussy, and as he moved away, Louis lay in front of me. He nuzzled my neck, and asked

‘You feeling good, all ok?”

‘Very good” I said. ‘Very turned on”

‘You want to make love now?” he asked

‘Yes, with you first” I replied

‘Come with me” he said, taking my hand and pulling me to my feet.

He led me to the raised stage I had seen, and turned me around so it was behind me. Then, pushing me slightly, he sat me down on the stage, my legs dangling over the edge, facing him. He stood between my legs, his cock erect, throbbing slightly. He took my nipples in his mouth, fondling my boobs, one hand between my legs stroking my slit, which by now was extremely wet.

He pushed my shoulders back, so I lay back, resting on my arms. Then he moved closer, and positioned his cock at my pussy-lips. Standing in front of me, he slid his cock into me- I was so wet it went in as though I had been fucking all night already. Resting on his arms either side of me, he pushed his cock in harder, thrusting in and out.

I found that by varying the angle of my upper body I could change the sensation of his cock in my cunt- lying further back, his cock rubbed against the front of my vagina, more upright it just went in straight and deep.

He pumped in me, going faster now. On either side of him a guy stood, both of them playing with my boobs, stroking my face and my hair. One of them leaned forward and began to kiss me on my mouth, his tongue deep in my mouth. The other guy sucked on my nipples. Behind them I saw a group of guys, watching, all with erections, playing with themselves to keep hard.

It was stunningly erotic, all these guys around me, playing with me, hard cocks everywhere- a sense of maleness all around.

Louis had, of course, a condom on, and as I clenched my pussy he began to breathe hard, groaning, and then he came inside me, ramming his cock in hard several times. I felt I was about to cum also, but then he finished, paused for a few seconds, and then stood up, and moved back.

No sooner had he moved away, then the guy kissing me moved in between my wet thighs. I felt for his cock- it was very big, bigger that Louis’- I eased it into my cunt, and felt it fill me totally. He was quite rough, holding my head as he fucked me, ramming it in so that it hurt a bit. I opened my legs wide so as to minimise the tightness. I felt myself starting to cum, and then felt my pussy flooding as I came, grabbing him to me. He was very aroused, judging by his breathing , and he very quickly also came, stopping for a second as he did, then pushing it hard into me four or five times as he came in the condom.

As he withdrew, one of the guys standing and watching stepped forward, and came and stood between my legs- he was quite tall, so he lifted my legs up, and rested them on his shoulders, raising my pussy higher. He held his cock and slid it into me, immediately starting to fuck very fast, slamming into me. I came almost right away, my legs quivering on his shoulders as he held my hips to him. He took only a few minutes, and then he came, shouting in French, and slamming into me as he squirted.

I was still cumming in a way, trembling, when the next guy moved between my legs- I had lowered my legs, and he held them wide open. I felt my pussy being forced open- he was huge, very thick and long. I gasped as he pushed his cock in- not all of it went in, but I felt the head rubbing hard against the sides of my cunt. He pushed in and out slowly, pushing up so the huge head rubbed my g-spot. I came again, and as he thrust more of his cock into me, I came once more- it seemed almost continuous, now, my pussy was so sensitive that any fucking triggered it off. He fucked slowly and firmly, then, as he started to cum, he pulled his cock out, ripped off the condom, and pointed his cock at my boobs, squirting long jets of hot cum all over my boobs and tummy.

I put my hand between my legs and rubbed my clit hard as he came on me, and the orgasm kept going.

A very squat and stock guy had been standing near me all the time. As the big guy moved away, the stocky guy climbed up onto the raised stage, and straddled me, facing me. I was lying back on my arms, so his cock was in my face. I could not hold it as I was resting on my arms, but he positioned it at my mouth. I opened my mouth, and he pushed his cock in. I sucked on it, mouthing the head in the condom. I was still sucking him when I felt my thighs being stroked- they were slick with sweat and juices. A guy’s finger probed my pussy, feeling for my clit. He rubbed it hard as I had been doing. I began to tremble as I started to cum. As he saw this, he took his fingers away, and pushed his cock into me. I sucked the guy in front of me as the other guy fucked me cunt. I was cumming in a strange, slow way.

Both guys suddenly jerked and moaned, and came almost together: one, in the condom, in my mouth, the other in his condom in my cunt.

Two guys had been standing a bit back, masturbating all the time. The both moved towards me. The first pulled my legs wide open, as far apart as they could go. He held them open, stretched, and the second guy positioned himself at my cunt. He had a long cock, not very thick, but curved. He slid in into me, and moved very hard and roughly, his pubic area slamming into my pubic area hard, hurting my clit a bit. I could not close my legs to slow him because the other guy was holding them.

Fortunately, he came very quickly, with rapid jerky movements. He was still cumming I think when the other guy let go my legs, moved very quickly to my pussy and rammed his cock in. he was so ready to cum that he only thrust a few times- just as he came he took his cock out, took off the condom, and ejaculated all over me, some of the cum shooting up to my face, the rest on my boobs and tummy. I put my hand over my pussy to prevent any cum going there as he continued to squirt- a huge amount.

It all went very quiet in the room. Some of the guys had left; a few were still there, stroking their cocks, watching me.

I lay back, exhausted, sore and unsure. My pussy was very sore, very tender, and I was covered in cum. Louis appeared next to me, gently running his fingers down my tummy, tracing lines through the cum.

‘That was all the guys” he said. ‘Unless you want more?”

I shook my head.

‘It’s enough now” I said quietly. ‘I want to go now”

‘Are you ok” he asked

‘Yes, but can we go please. I am exhausted”

‘Sure. Let me show you to the bathroom, you can clean up, and we will go”

He took me to the bathroom. He was very sweet. He stayed with me, washed my back, sat with me while I got dressed.

We left into the bright afternoon sunshine, and he drove to a restaurant nearby where we had an early dinner.

After dinner we drove back to the ferry and back home to London.

I was very quiet on the way back, sleeping some of the way.

When we got near home, he asked for the first time whether I had enjoyed it.

‘Yes, in a way, “I said. ‘I am glad I did it, but I would not do it again. I don’t really feel good about myself now, I feel a bit cheap and used, all these guys just lining up to squirt in me.

How many guys were there, anyway?”

‘Eight’ he said, ‘Including me”

So- that was my first and only real gang-bang experience.

I have fucked many times with guys at parties and clubs, and sometimes where it was me and one or two guys, but never with ONLY me and lots of guys guys- it has always been in a group setting since then, with women somewhere around, couples and so on.

I subsequently asked Louis if he had done this before- a gang bang. He said he had, at that club. There were a few women who loved it, and arranged it whenever they could. One middle-aged woman had a gang-bang with 20 men, all night; another young woman other regularly had 10 to 15 men fuck her, sometimes going on for a weekend, over and over while her husband filmed it.

I never judge people and what they want sexually, but it’s not something I would do again, and I don’t feel good about having done it.

So, that’s my story of my one and only real gang bang.