Written by wildchildtammy

21 Aug 2014

This continues the story of my first experience of sex with more than one guy, at a swinger club outside London when I was 18.

After I had cleaned up in the bathroom, I put my gown back on and went to the lounge area.

Michael was there, sitting on a couch with the girl who had opened the door for us, on his lap. Looking at her now, she was a bit older than me, maybe around 22 or 25. She had dark brown hair, and a pretty face. Her gown was open in front, and Michaels hand was resting on her breast. He called me to come over to him, and I sat next down next to him. He introduced the girl as Kelly, an Irish girl who he had met there previously- she worked there at times, but neither he nor she explained what it was she did there.

We chatted a while, as she was interested in my accent, and then in South Africa. She was really friendly and fun, with a wicked sense of humour. She was very petite, smaller than I had thought at first. When Michael took his hand off her boob, I could see that she had tiny breasts, with a hint of a puffy nipple on a small swelling- quite cute, and it fitted her size and shape.

I could see that Michael had a hard-on, and her hand was under his gown, fondling him. I was quite horny, but not sure where to go and what to do.

The room suddenly went a bit darker, and a spot-light came on, shining on the small stage where I had been fucked earlier.

A guy came in from the bathroom side- huge, maybe 1.9 meters tall, shaved head and built like a professional body-builder- giant muscles, but very well-defined and well proportioned. He was wearing a tiny g-string, covering what looked like a very big cock.

He stood on the small stage, and Kelly got up immediately, and excused herself. She walked over to the bodybuilder, dropped her gown and stood in front of him naked. She was standing sideways to me, and I could see that she had a small triangle of pussy hair, neatly trimmed, and that she was REALLY small-built- her boobs were almost non-existent, just puffy nipples, and not an ounce of fat on her at all.

She knelt in front of the guy, and put her hands on his g-string, rubbing his cock under it. He stood very still, letting her do the work. As his cock grew harder, she pulled it out of the g-string and let the g-string drop to the floor.

His cock was HUGE! I don’t know how big it was, but it was by far the biggest cock I had seen other than in movies- it was not only very long but also very thick, with a big cut head, and big veins. He was now hard, and his cock stood straight up almost against his 6 pack.

Kelly took his cock in both her hands, and there was still almost all of it not in her hands. She slid her hands up and down his cock, from the head to his balls. Then, leaning forward, she took the head in her small mouth, and started sucking him. Only the head would fit in her mouth, not much of the shaft, and she continued stroking the shaft with both hands wrapped around it.

They stayed like that for a minute or two. Then he lifted her to her feet, held her around the waist, and lifted her up in the air in front of him, so that her pussy was in front of his face. He pulled her closer to his face, and pushed his mouth onto her pussy, mouthing and licking her cunt rapidly and firmly. Kelly threw her head back and closed her eyes, her dark, hard nipples sticking out.

He continued to eat her cunt, almost aggressively. I said so to Michael, and he said I had not seen anything yet- so I had no idea what was to come.

It was very erotic watching them, with his giant cock rigid in front of him, and her cunt in his face.

I was getting very wet, and put my hands between my legs to play with myself. Michael saw this, and put his hand between my legs also, over my hand, feeling my hand as I masturbated. As soon as he felt how wet I was, he moved my hand and put his own hand over my cunt, immediately putting 2 fingers into me. I wriggled further down, pushing his fingers deeper into me, and moved slowly against the pressure of his hand. My gown had fallen open, and he moved it off my shoulders so that my boobs were exposed. My nipples were rock-hard, and l lay back to enjoy the feeling, aware that some guys were watching me, and liking the feeling.

I was 18, my body was in its prime, my boobs firm and I had discovered that I loved having people watch me fuck!

The body-builder, whom I later found out was called Jorge, lowered Kelly from his face and held her above his cock, her legs straight out in front of her, on either side of him. As she felt his cock against her cunt, she reached down and guided it into her cunt. I froze- there was no way she was going to get that monster into her without damage.

(I have always had a fairly small pussy, and I had experienced what it feels like to have a cock that is too big when a boy-friend who had a larger-than-average cock once tried to force it in before I was full ready- I was in agony for days, and his was nowhere near the size of Jorge’s cock, nor was I as small as Kelly).

Jorge lowered Kelly inch by inch as she guided his cock in, her eyes closed, her mouth open. At a point he stopped, and she put her head against his chest. The he started lifting and lowering her, slowly at first, then faster and it seemed lower, so that his cock must have been going in deeper each time. Kelly started moaning, even above the music, then crying out, but she made no attempt to stop him.

He was now bouncing her up and down, jerking his hips forward each time also, driving his cock into her. Her dark hair was flying up and down, and even in the dim light I could see she had started to perspire, her skin glowing with it on her shoulders and boobs.

Everyone had stopped to watch them. It was almost violent, but erotic. Michael still had 2 fingers in me, and I was so turned on by Kelly and Jorge, that he kept thrusting them into me, harder than before, and I did not mind. An older man came and sat next to me. He watched Michaels hand on my cunt, looking at my boobs every so often. He was naked, with quite a good build for an older man, and I could see that his cock was semi-hard. I was not quite sure what to do, whether he could just touch me if he wanted to, if I could say no, if I should touch him or what.

Michael saw me looking at the man’s cock, took my hand and put it on the man’s thigh. I stroked his thigh, and then ran my hand up to his cock. It felt strange to have Michael’s fingers in me, and my hand on someone else’s cock. Strange but exciting.

I stroked his cock, feeling it grow harder. Michaels cock was also very hard now, and I bent forward and put it in my mouth, still stroking the older man’s cock with one hand. This was an awkward position, so I got off the couch and knelt in front of them. I put Michaels cock back into my mouth, and resumed stroking the other guys cock.

I was so horny by now. Kelly stopped making her crying sounds, and I looked round. Jorge was lowering her to the floor. She knelt on the floor on all fours, and he positioned himself behind her, crouching, not kneeling. He put his cock against her from the back, and she felt between her legs for it, guiding it into her cunt. Again he started slowly, but then driving his cock deep into her, so hard that she was pushed along the floor each time he thrust forward. He reached around her and grabbed her small boobs, pulling hard on her nipples so that her boobs were stretched out, pinching them between his big fingers.

Kelly started to shake as he drove into her, and she almost convulsed with an orgasm, her legs and arms barely able to support her. Jorge slowed down was she stopped shaking, but did not take his cock out of her.

No sooner had she stopped shaking, than he started again, driving hard into her cunt. Within a minute she began whimpering, and then had another huge orgasm, even bigger than the first it seemed.

This was repeated 4 times, and each time she had a massive orgasm. I had turned sideways so I could suck Michael and still watch Kelly. My pussy was dripping with juice now, I don’t think I had ever been so aroused for so long.

The older guy was jerking his hips as I stroked his cock, his balls tight up against him.

Jorge suddenly pulled his cock out of Kelly, and pulled her around by her shoulders to face him. He was still crouching, and her face, with her on all fours, was at his cock-height.

He grabbed his cock, and jerked himself very hard and fast. Kelly opened her mouth, and in a few seconds he started cumming, great jets of cum squirting at Kelly’s mouth- she kept her mouth open wide, with the cum squirting into her mouth, onto her face and over her eyes and hair.

He came so much it looked like she had been painted with cum from lots of guys by the time he stopped cumming- she was covered. As he stopped, she moved forward and put his cock into her mouth, licking him clean, all the way from the tip of his cock to his balls.

When she was done, he stood up, took her hand to help her up, and then lifted her in his arms and carried her like a baby towards the bathroom.

I took Michaels cock out of my mouth, and lay on my back on the floor in front of him- I was so aroused I just need a cock in me- Michael put a condom on, lay on top of me, and without any assistance from me, rammed his cock into my cunt, going deep from the start.

I looked to me left- 2 guys and a woman were watching us. The one guy and the woman both had their hands on the other guys cock, stroking it.

Michael fucked hard, with his balls hitting against me each time he thrust. I pushed back hard, feeling his cock against my g -spot.

He grabbed my legs and lifted them so that my legs were over his shoulders; my cunt lifted off the floor, and kept fucking.

In a few minutes he slowed, and ground his cock against my pubic bone. I felt an orgasm start, and as I pushed back he started to cum, clenching his bum and pulling me closer to him. I came as he did, wrapping my legs around his shoulders to squeeze my cunt tighter.

He stopped and rolled off me. The older guy was still sitting on the couch, masturbating furiously.

I was now ready for anything. I motioned to the older man to come to me. He took a condom out of the bowl, put it on and slid off the couch. I pulled him on top of me, and his cock slid into me immediately.

I had hardly started fucking him, when he started to cum, burying his head against my shoulder, pushing his cock in and out as he came. I waited for him to finish, and then let him get off me.

My pussy was by now quite tender and I did not want to fuck anymore, so I got cleaned up and put my gown back on.

Later, on the way home, I asked Michael about Kelly and Jorge. He told me that they lived together, and did these ‘shows” because it turned them on, not for money.

I said I was worried that he was hurting her, as he was so big and she was so petite. He laughed and said that she also liked Jorge to do anal on her, and that once she got started she could cum numerous times. In fact, when they had done a “show” she would often get Jorge to fuck her in the bathroom for another 30 or 40 mins, till she had cum enough and could not take it anymore.

That evening was probably one of the most erotic nights of my life, until I met up with couples and groups myself a few years later, and started getting more into the swinging lifestyle.