20 Jan 2017

Probably the most common question I get here is "how do I get invited to a swinger party?". The question is not necessarily aimed at a party with me, just in general - "where do I start?"

The answer I think is either with a couple you know, or at a club if you don’t know anyone else who swings. When I lived in Europe, I met a lot of people who I later went to parties with that way. Then each of them knows one person, and so the circle grows.

Here is was a bit different - Simon knew a lot of people already. At each party I have gone to I might know the host and one or two people. Then I get contact details of those I like, and then if someone asks me "do I know someone to invite" I call someone from my list, and the circle grows - but it takes years to develop a big circle, and people also drop out for various reasons.

So, why the preamble? Because this story involves a rare time that I actually invited a member from here to join us at a party.

Dave and I have been friends on the site for many years. We discovered by chatting that we knew some people in common. Long ago, when I still met people from here, I met him, just for coffee, and really liked him.

We never played, although I know he wanted to, but the opportunity never arose.

So one day I was asked by a couple who were hosting a party whether I knew of a nice single guy to invite, because VERY unusually they had a lot of women and not enough guys . One the "couples" were two bi women, so unless one wanted the party to be a lesbian fun-fest, they needed a guy or two!

So Dave was delighted when I got hold of him and asked him if he wanted to join Simon and I at a party the following weekend.

Dave is 42, very tall (1.7m) and slim with greying hair. We arranged for him to come to our house, and we would drive together to Waterkloof, where the party was to be held.

Simon and I know the host couple very well - we met them in Europe many years ago at a swinger club in Paris, and when they heard our South African accents they came over and introduced themselves. (It was in fact the first swinger club that Simon and I had been to together, after we ‘’officially’’ started "dating").

Just as a digression, maybe I should explain a little about this. Simon is much older than I am (I am 34, he is 62) . He is a friend of my Dad, and I have known him all my life, from childhood.

When I moved to London at age 18, he was often in London on business, and as a friend would take me to dinner. Over time, that relationship developed into more than just friendship. He was VERY uncomfortable about it at first (for years really) and the relationship was on/off, on/off because of this - he felt he was "cradle-snatching" and that it was inappropriate for him to date (and sleep with) the daughter of a friend.

Eventually I got tired of not knowing whether I would see him again, and I told my Dad that I was seeing Simon. He misunderstood (I thought), and said "Yes, it’s good of him to take you to dinner so often."

So "no, Dad, it’s more than that."


An ominous silence.

My Dad has a great sense of humour - very dry. "I assume we are not talking about dinner AND desert then?" he asked.

"No, we are not. Simon and I have been on dates."

More silence and I thought "Oh shit. Here it comes!"

"Tammy, who you date is up to you. I have never interfered, but I have and will offer advice. I have no problem with you dating Simon as a person - you know he has been a friend of mine for 30 years. But the age gap is an issue you cannot ignore and pretend it does not exist. It’s not a problem in theory if you are just dating - you may get some "looks" as may he, and people may misunderstand what the relationship is, but that you must handle.

The problem comes if one day you want to do more than date. If for example you were to marry, just say, when you are 50, a vibrant, healthy 50, full of life, wanting to travel, have fun, he will be 82. Old-age-home time. You will be a middle-aged woman pushing an old man around in a wheel-chair or helping him with his walker. THAT’S when the age gap is a problem - you deny yourself the second half of your life in order to take care of an old man. I am being brutally frank - but that’s the reality you need to think about.

From his point of view, and I am not for a minute suggesting that this is the way he looks at it, I have too much respect for him to believe that he would be callous and predatory towards you, the age gap is not a problem at all, in any way. For now, he has the delight of a very much younger, attractive woman on his arm (my Dad is so sweet - not "in his bed" but "on his arm"), and when he is old he has a built-in care-giver. What more could a man ask for? So it’s not Simon that has to make a call, it’s you. You can’t expect him to decide one way or another because he has nothing to lose - you do."

It was one of the longest speeches about my relationships I have had with my Dad!

I said I would think about it a lot, and let him know what I decided. What I didn’t know was that Simon had told my Dad already, but asked that he says nothing until I raised it, because he didn’t want to assume that I wanted more than a casual relationship. Complicated stuff, but typical of Simon - he is the most honest person I know - even if it had cost him the relationship with me, he was not going to see his friend's daughter if it meant sneaking around behind my Dad’s back.

I didn't discuss it with Simon - my Dad was right - it was my call, not his.

So at 19, I decided. I said to Simon that we could date, but not exclusively. He must be free to meet and date women closer to his age, and I could do the same. When we were in the same place, we would date (also bear in mind that, while he travelled every month, he lived in JHB and I lived in London). If that led to either of us meeting a person we wanted to see exclusively, then so be it. If one day we wanted us to become exclusive, we would re-visit that decision. And the dating or whatever was on a "don’t ask/don’t tell" basis. Neither of us will discuss who we have seen or what we have done with whom.

And it worked very well for years. Even when I met, fell in love with and moved in with Gabi, I continued to see Simon, and Gabi was fine with it - she would have had a problem if it was another girl, but a guy was fine - I am bisexual, and that goes with the territory. (She is not, she is 100% lesbian (she hates the word "gay")).

It only changed in 2014, when I started living in JHB and travelling to Europe, rather than the other way around. I started seeing more of Simon, and it got more serious, until he asked me to marry him in late 2015.

That we were both into swinging was a coincidence - I had been to clubs and parties from a late teen, and he had been for years, so when he found out, we talked about it, and agreed we would continue, but as with the dating, not exclusively.

Only now that we are married has it changed so that we only play when we are both present at a party, no "one-on-one" meetings, except that I can play alone with a girl if I want to.

So, long story, but back to the party….

The couple who were hosting are Susan and Doug. Susan is a very attractive blonde, 45, with a curvy figure and the most beautiful skin I have ever seen - it is flawless, almost translucent. She is an art teacher at a girl’s high school in the Northern Suburbs. Doug is a big guy, quite tall but built like a rugby player. He is a dentist in Pretoria. And there is a swinger relationship that grew into a marriage - they met when she was a patient of his, somehow one day Doug revealed his swinging, Susan said "wow, I would love to try that" and a beautiful relationship was born, and they got married 2 years later. A rare case of swinging coming before marriage. And they have a strange marriage - both of them can play if they find a partner they want to, but the rule is that they have to bring the person home so the other can at least watch, not take part if the "guest" doesn’t want to.

So Doug has sat on many occasions with a glass of his favourite single-malt in his hand and watched Susan get fucked by a guy she met, and vice versa. I met one of the guys who had fucked her like this - he said it was the single most erotic experience of his life - fucking this voluptuous blonde in her own bed with her hubby, in his jeans and shirt, just watching, not taking part at all. Oddly, guys are okay with it, the women he brings home have far more reservations - they always think that he is "forcing" it on Sue, and she has to reassure them that she is 100% fine with it.

Dave arrived at 7, we had a drink and he met Simon, and we drove, him following us, to Pretoria.

I wore black tights with a red knitted off-the-shoulder jersey-top over, to just below my bum. So you could see up my "skirt" I guess, but the tights are thick enough that you think you can see, but you can’t. Simon calls it my "fuck-me" dress - you can take it off, up or down in one movement. Without the tights I can go from dressed to nude in 3 secs!

We got there, and were introduced to the other guests who were already there.

Ursula and Megan was the one female couple, both bi, in their 40’s. Ursula very pretty, petite. Megan taller and bigger, quite fat, big boobs.

Helen and Pieter I knew. Helen has bright dyed red hair, tattoos piercings everywhere (and I mean everywhere), nice full figure. Pieter could not be more of a contrast - Afrikaans, short school-type hair, always clean-shaven, quite formal, like the banker he is! How they got together no-one knows!

Marcus was the other single guy, nice looking, and suave, lovely clothes. It was his yellow Ferrari in the driveway that Simon examined before we went in.

Then Simon, David and me, so 10 in total including the hosts.

Susan had arranged a buffet, so everyone had a bite to eat, and a few drinks while getting to know each other.

Simon has always been intrigued by Helen - he finds her very exotic, so it was no surprise to see them chatting in a corner already. I know that Dave was dying to play with me, so I stayed with him - also it was his first swinger party, so I got the sense that he was a bit nervous.

Susan suggested that we all go relax in the steam-room and then a swim in the heated pool, so we went to one of the spare bedrooms where there was an empty cupboard, hung our clothes and wrapped towels around ourselves.

I saw that Dave wasn’t shy to take off his clothes, and was very interested in Megan. She is totally uninhibited, and was wandering around naked chatting to everyone, her big boobs swinging, rounded tummy and a plump smooth pussy. She really is a character - loud and big and boisterous - she is like a big child. And sexually she does exactly what she wants, not shy to ask or do, and willing to try anything. Her partner Ursula is much more reserved, neat, and trim, like a little doll. Both of them are bi, although they live together.

I saw that Megan had been eyeing Dave’s rather large cock. It wasn’t enormous, but certainly was worth looking at. Fully shaved, it hung nice and thick and long.

We all went back to the lounge, got a drink and went to the steam-room. Susan and Doug have a full gym, steam-room, sauna/ Jacuzzi set-up at one end of their house, with its own little balcony leading to the main outdoor heated pool.

We hung up our towels outside and went in. It was a nice temperature, not too hot, so we could relax for a while. I sat in one corner next to Doug, who was telling me about his recent motor-cycle trip through the Western Cape (he belongs to HOGS, the Harley club). Simon and Helen had not come to the steam room, so I guessed they were off somewhere alone. Dave made a bee-line for Megan, and sat next to her. I laughed to myself, because I knew that if Megan was interested in him, his relaxing time would be very short. Sure enough, we had hardly sat down when Megan got off the tiled seat, knelt in front of Dave and started to massage his cock. I think he got a bit of a surprise, and he looked around.

Pieter and Susan were kissing each other, while her husband seated next to me watched. I saw that his cock was going hard, so I took it in my hand and massaged it, letting it grow nicely. He didn’t take his eyes off Susan, but smiled as I played with his cock. Doug’s cock was nice and hard now, and little Ursula came and sat on the step below Doug. She has the nicest figure - very petite, small but firm boobs, a flat tummy and a little dark blonde strip above her pussy. She turned to face Doug, and I pointed his hard and quite long cock at her. She opened her mouth and took him in it. I massaged his cock while she sucked it.

I left her to it, and went across to where Marcus was sitting next to Dave. Megan still had Dave’s cock in her mouth. He was now fully hard, and she was swirling her tongue around the head, then taking as much into her mouth as she could. Marcus was erect already, watching Megan and Dave. I climbed on him, sitting on his lap. Not with his cock in me, just in front of my pussy. He held me, and pulled my face to his, kissing me. I pushed my slit against his cock and moved, letting it slide up and down on the outside of my slit. Many guys say that that is a great feeling, and I know one or two guys who prefer to cum like that rather than inside a woman. Marcus sucked on my nipples and fondled my boobs nicely, gently. So many guys think that a girl’s boobs are like a squeezy toy! Marcus said he was getting too hot, so I got off him, and said I would see him in the pool shortly. I was enjoying the hot, wet feeling of the room, and the sound of Megan and Ursula sucking cocks.

I wanted to try Dave’s cock - it looked nice - thicker than I had thought, now that it was fully hard. I sat next to Megan, and put my hand between her legs. She immediately opened her legs and I slid my fingers into her plump wet pussy. I cupped Dave’s balls with my other hand as Megan sucked him. She took his cock out of her mouth, and offered it to me. I took him in my mouth, drawing as much into my mouth as I could. I held it there, massaging it with my tongue deep in my mouth, and then took it out to run the tip of my tongue around the head.

(I am always careful with doing that when a guy might cum. The cock is very far into my mouth then, the head right at the back of my throat. I was doing it once to a guy - his cock all in my mouth and massaging it with the back of my tongue when he came, without warning. The cum shot down my throat, and I wasn’t ready for it. I damn nearly choked to death! I coughed and coughed for 30 minutes, with some of the cum in my lungs, I am sure. So now I only do it when I am sure the guy won’t suddenly drown me!)

Megan and I passed Dave’s cock back and forth a few times. He was getting really turned on by both of us sucking him, but now it really was getting too hot in there.

I said to Megan and Dave that I was going to go to the pool, and then to the lounge, which is what I did.

Pieter and Susan were in the lounge at a couch. She was standing, her hands gripping the back of the couch as he fucked her from behind, the sound of his body slamming into hers loud in the room, as the music was soft. Her quite big boobs were swinging to the rhythm of their fucking, her legs far apart.

I got a mineral water from the bar, just as Dave and Ursula arrived. Megan must have stayed either in the steam-room or the pool I guessed.

I motioned to Dave to come with me. I led him and Ursula to the first bedroom where Susan had said we can play. Simon and Helen were there, with her on her back, her legs on Simon’s shoulders, with him fucking her hard. She has an amazing array of tattoos, and I made a note to have a look for new ones later. Her full boobs both have nipple piercings, and she was pulling on them as Simon pounded her cunt. He looked briefly at me as I came in, and I smiled at him. Simon and I don’t often play in the same room, but it’s not a problem for us if we do. In fact I quite enjoy watching him with other women, and I know he is turned on seeing me with guys or girls.

I lay on the bed and pulled Dave with me. I put a condom on him. Lying facing him I pressed against him, feeling his cock rigid against my pussy. I took his face in my hands and kissed him, smelling his after-shave. Ursula lay behind Dave, and pressed her body to him, so he was a sandwich between us.

I moved my pussy against his cock, feeling it slide along my slit, pressing the lips open. I felt Ursula’s hands between my pussy and his cock, stroking it. I moved a bit away and up, and lifted my upper leg. Ursula pushed his cock towards my pussy, so I felt for it and put it at the opening. Pushing closer to Dave again, I felt the head of his cock slide in, Ursula still massaging it. More and more went in. His cock is a beautiful size - big enough to feel great, but not too big. I let him slide all the way in. Once he was in he started to fuck, nice long strokes. I could feel Ursula fondling his balls, pressing against him as he moved.

Simon and Helen got off the bed, and she stood holding on to the table while Simon fucked her very hard and fast from the back. She was grunting a lot, thrusting back at him as he fucked her. Simon gave a few long slow strokes, and I knew he was going to cum.

He pulled his cock out of her, and she sank to her knees facing him, jerking his cock fast. He squirted his cum all over her boobs and neck, jerking his hips until he was done. As soon as he was, he pulled her to the bed, and pushed her onto her back. Kneeling between her legs he pushed four fingers and his thumb into her in a little wedge, fisting her very hard and very fast with one hand, and with the other hand rubbed the palm of his hand over her clit. She jerked and thrashed about, and after maybe a minute of Simon fisting her hard she came, almost lifting off the bed as her body reacted to the violent fisting.

He sat back, exhausted from the rapid arm movement, his cock still quite hard (for some reason he stays hard quite long after cumming, even if he is not stimulated).

I pulled my hips away from Dave pushed him onto his back. His cock was like rock it was so hard, covered with my juices. I faced him and mounted him, lowering myself onto his cock. Ursula scooted around to his head, facing me, and lowered her cunt onto his face. He eagerly lapped at her pussy, as she moved lightly backwards and forward. I rode him up and down for a while, then, as I thought he may cum, backwards and forwards, grinding my cunt down on his pubic area.

Dave arched his back into me, and I felt him jerk hard and fast as he came in the condom in me. He jerked for ages, lots of cum it seemed, his eyes shut and his breath gasping. I was almost ready to also cum. When he had finished, I asked him if he could carry on for a moment. He nodded, and I started to ride him again, now concentrating just on my own orgasm. I moved around so that his cock pressed against my g spot. Ursula was still over Dave’s face, but sitting higher while he fingered her.

She saw that I was going to cum and reached for my nipples, pulling on them as the orgasm built, and then exploded in me, my pussy getting incredibly sensitive as I rocked back and forth prolonging the feeling till it was done.

No sooner was I done than Ursula said "me next".

I took the condom off Dave and Ursula put a new one on him, rolled onto her back, and pulled him onto her. She was just about ready to cum anyway, and hadn’t stopped fingering herself from when she moved away from Dave’s face. He lowered himself onto her, as she lifted her slim legs straight into the air on either side of him. His cock drove straight into her wet cunt, and he fucked her quickly. It didn’t take more than two minutes for her to shriek and clutch at Dave’s hips, and she came in a rush. Dave kept fucking till she pushed on him to stop. As he took his cock out of her, a gush of liquid followed in, running between her cunt and her bum.

Dave lay back exhausted, his cock slowly getting softer.

After a while Simon and Helen left the room. Dave, Ursula and I stayed a bit longer, and then also went to the lounge. I got another mineral water, and Dave and Ursula got white wine, his hand on her bum. They seemed to be getting on really well, so I didn’t want to bug them.

I could just see Pieter and Doug with Megan on the stoep lounger. She was on her hands and knees, her huge boobs touching the mattress, with Doug fucking her arsehole and Pieter in her mouth. She was making her usual loud sounds like a demented porn movie, but it's genuine, that’s what she does.

Marcus and Susan were in the pool, just playing with each other a bit, kissing.

When Pieter saw me alone, he took his cock out of Megan's mouth and came over to me. We sat on a couch outside and watched Doug and Megan fuck. Pieter has a nice size cock - it's quite long and quite curved - it's actually bigger than it looks.

We sat for a while and chatted, just relaxing. I played a bit with his cock and he kissed my boobs and touched my pussy lightly.

Ursula and Dave came out onto the stoep, his arm around her .

They sat with Pieter and I, all just relaxing a while. It was getting a bit chilly, so Pieter suggested that we all go to the Jacuzzi, so we took our towels and went to the gym area again, and got into the tub. Simon and Helen were already there.

Ursula immediately went to sit with Simon and Helen. Once she is excited, she doesn’t waste time. She ignored Helen and reached under the water to stroke Simon's cock. Helen just transferred her attention to Ursula, and began to suck her little boobs.

It was getting late, and I wanted to play with Dave again. I patted the edge of the Jacuzzi, and he sat up on it. I kneeled in front of him, and took his semi-hard cock in my mouth and sucked on it. I have said before that to me, a semi-hard cock is in a way more sexy that when it is erect - it just looks so casually sexy, whereas an erect cock looks like it has a purpose, if you know what I mean.

It grew hard in my mouth, and eventually I had just the head and some of the shaft in my mouth, running my tongue around the edge of the head.

When he was nice and hard I stood up, stood facing him next to him, holding on to the edge of the Jacuzzi . Dave got up, stood behind me, and slid his cock into me after putting on a condom. I was very wet, and he could fuck hard right away. I started rubbing my pussy, but he took my hand away and rubbed hard with his hand instead.

I was very turned on, and wanted to cum again, but I wanted him to cum also. I squeezed my pussy tight and pushed back hard. The rubbing on my pussy and his large cock in me took me to the edge of an orgasm. Just as I was going to cum, he did, gripping my hips and driving his cock into my cunt hard. The orgasm ripped through me as he continued to cum, and we shuddered and moaned together until we were both done.

He stayed in my pussy after we had cum, just holding me - it was lovely, cuddly.

Then we got out, and I went to shower and change.

Everyone was tired, so when we were all dressed we had dessert and coffee, and we were home by 2 a.m.