20 Feb 2017

Test 3

I was on a charter over the last 10 days, doing a yacht delivery of a refurbished motor yacht, a 60 m catamaran, from Civitavecchia (the Port of Rome) where the shipyard is, to Saint Tropez where the new owner wants it based.

I flew to Venice first to see my ex-GF Gabi. Quite a difficult meeting for me - she has a new girlfriend, a very beautiful, very young and sexy girl, a private secretary and part-time model in town. Not sure it was a good idea for us all to meet. I felt VERY depressed afterwards. It was odd sitting in what used to be our lounge, with Gabi, seeing her holding hands with Mika, where we used to sit and cuddle. I cried a lot on the way to Rome. But that was my choice, and I know it was the right one - to marry Simon - but it’s still not easy.

Anyway, I arrived at the port, signed on, and got briefed on the charter.

We would spend two days in the area near the port, returning to port each night, doing verification trials. This means that the shipyard has to demonstrate to the owner or his agent that the ship will do what they say it will - speed, maneuverability, docking, on-board amenities etc. - every system and aspect from the navigation to the galley and the heads (toilets!) gets tested and recorded before it is handed over (and presumably payment takes place!).

Each of the section heads gets a book of tasks to be performed and signed off during the cruise, and at the end that forms the basis for the combined hand-over book to be given to the new owner, confirming that each and every item works to specification. It is INCREDIBLY detailed, down to how long the microwave takes to boil a litre of water! I have to test all the "hotel" and "entertainment" items, so the suites, the kitchen (galley), the toilets (heads), the bars, coffee machines, ski equipment, para-sail equipment (no, I don’t actually go up in it, I just check that it is all there), the pool, the Jacuzzi (yes, I test that!) and on and on, for a week.

Then we would sail to Saint Tropez for handover.

We were to have 5 crew and the Captain on board - First Officer, engineer, deckhand, and general attendant (Louisa - my subordinate) and me, as well as a representative from the shipyard, and the owner’s two sons to represent him (and the wife of the older son, and girlfriend of the younger son).

I started work with my assistant setting up my various areas: the kitchen, the suites, the entertainment areas, the pool, the gym, the jet-skis and rubber duck etc. All ready to be tested and used.

We were ready at 14h00, when the owner’s sons arrived together with the shipyard representative. I am always amused at the lengths the shipyards go to, to try and impress the owners - red carpet rolled out (literally), champagne on ice, limo etc. Given that the owner will pay tens of millions of Euros for the yacht, I am not sure that this impresses them all that much, but anyway they do it!

The owner’s eldest son arrived first with his wife. They are both Italian - he is quite good looking, in a very smooth, cultivated-shabby way. She was very good looking - slim, tanned with an olive skin, with blonde (well-dyed) hair, and dark brown eyes. Italian women just manage to look so effortlessly chic! They were both in their mid 30’s, I guessed; he may be a bit older.

The younger son arrived later with his girlfriend - he looked about 19 or 20, and she was maybe a bit younger. He was slim, also nice features, while she was dark-haired, a bit plump but with a friendly, pretty face and nice boobs.

I showed them to their suites - the girlfriend would only be with us for the two days, and would leave to go back to college on the second afternoon, while the sons and the wife would go with us to Saint Tropez and sign off the handover checks en route.

I had a cabin to share with my assistant, and the yacht-builder's representative would have a suite to himself. The eldest son and his wife used the owner’s suite, while the younger son and his girlfriend used a guest suite. The Captain of course had the Captain's suite, and the rest of the crew were in the main crew-cabin.

(The engineer, also an Italian, offered to share "his" cabin with me - "so I wont be lonely!" - typical Italian male!)

We sailed at 16h00 to do the first short tests - it was cold, windy and unpleasant, with a rough sea. We finished whatever they were testing and headed back at 17h00, and were docked by the time it was dark. The sons, their partners and the rep went ashore to dinner, so I tidied up and went to bed early.

Next day, same thing, testing all day, but the weather was better. We docked at 16h00, and I served dinner on board - a green salad to start, crab with savoury rice for main course, and vanilla sorbet with flakes of almond for dessert, and espresso coffee in the lounge later.

The guys (Claudio, the younger son, Marco the older son and the rep, Justin) wanted to watch football in the lounge, so I went to my cabin to read, after cleaning up. The girlfriend had left after dinner, and Gabi, Marco’s wife, went to their suite. (I had remarked, maybe because I had just seen her, that my ex-GF was also called Gabi. This of course prompted some discussion from her about whether I was married, and how I had an ex GF and now a husband - all good questions to which I have yet to figure out the answers!)

I had changed into a gown and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, when Gabi came from the lounge heading to her suite, wearing a silk wrap with bare feet. We chatted for a moment, and she asked whether I wanted to sit with her and chat for a while - the guys were going to be a long time watching the football it seemed. I had nothing else to do, so I followed her to the owner’s suite, where we made some coffee, put on some music and sat and talked.

The suite is of course huge, side to side on the yacht, with a small balcony of its own. It is furnished in a Scandinavian style, blonde wood, minimalist design, with darker rose-wood accents, and cream and burgundy furnishings. Very classy and understated, not like some of the yachts where everything metal must be gold and everything soft must be red or black - many of them look more like a cheap brothel than a multi-million Euro yacht! Money does not buy taste, I have learned!

She is a doctor and her husband is an attorney, and they live in Milan. We talked of places we knew, and of her work as a family doctor. She really was a very attractive woman, very fine delicate features and a sensual mouth, her eyes very big and dark brown, with dark eyebrows contrasting with her blonde hair and olive skin-tone.

She had put on some Vivaldi, and she lay on the bed as we chatted, with me sitting on a lounge chair near the window. After a while, she asked whether I wouldn’t be more comfortable on the bed, so I lay on the other side and closed my eyes as the music filled the room. I must have fallen asleep, I was that tired. I dreamed I was floating, and felt someone gently kissing me, stroking me - asleep it was great!

As I woke, I still felt the kissing. I half opened my eyes, not sure what was going on.

Gabi had moved over nearer to me, and was lying next to me on her side facing me. She had opened my gown slightly, and was gently kissing my neck and cheeks, stroking my hair. I lay still for a moment, absorbing the feeling. Her kisses were like little butterflies landing, very soft and light, moving down my throat to my chest.

She saw me stir, and looked up at me.

"Do you mind?" she asked.

"Only if you stop would I mind," I said "it feels lovely."

She kissed my chest, and then opened my gown a bit more so my boobs were slightly exposed. She kissed the insides of my boobs, then opened the gown more and sucked on each nipple in turn.

I was VERY confused, I must admit. While I had no problem at all playing with her, she was the daughter-in-law of the owner, and her husband was not far away in the lounge. I also didn’t know how far she intended going, so I thought I would just let her take the lead and see where this went. She had pulled my gown open now, and my boobs were exposed. She cupped them, fondling them, kissing them and sucking the nipples, sending a thrill through my body. I reached for her wrap and opened it, feeling for her breasts. She immediately opened it more, and I saw her beautiful boobs. Firm, full and shapely, with small dark nipples, they looked stunning. I fondled her nipples as she sucked on mine, the room quiet except for the music and the sound of our kissing and sucking, and soft moans of pleasure.

Gabi moved up from my breasts, and took my face in her hands, and kissed me long and hard on my mouth, her tongue flicking in and out, probing and licking.

When she took her tongue out of my mouth, I asked her,

"So, are you bi or what?"

"No" she said, "not in the sense that you are. I would not be able to live with a woman, but I love now and then having sex with a woman. It’s just so different to doing it with a man."

"And your husband?"

"He doesn’t mind - he likes watching when I let him, and sometimes I let him join if the other woman and I want it."

With that, she opened my gown fully, slid down to my legs, and touched my pussy. I opened my legs a bit, and she stroked along the outer lips, parting them slightly. I felt her hot breath on my pussy, and then her tongue flicked at my clit, then down my slit, and back up to my clit. It was surreal in a way, lying in the owner’s suite with this gorgeous Italian doctor licking my pussy.

I sat up and crawled around so that I was upside down and over her, my knees straddling her head, my head over her pussy. I bent my head to her, touching her slit with my tongue. She pulled my bum down to her, so that my pussy was on her mouth, and again licked my slit. I did the same to her, smelling her perfume as I tasted her juices. She licked my clit, swirling her tongue around it, drawing it out from its sheath, making it exquisitely sensitive. Parting my lips with her fingers, she slid two fingers into me, curving them to reach for my g-spot, rubbing my protruding clit with her thumb. I kissed the outer side of her pussy, at her thighs, then down towards her arsehole. Finding it, I licked around it, and then back to her slit.

"If you touch there I will cum right away" she said, with a laugh.

I licked back down to her arsehole. Her puckered hole was bleached clean, her hole gaping slightly. I rimmed her, and then probed my tongue into her arsehole. My fingers thrust deep into her pussy as my tongue entered her arsehole.

True to her word, she began to whimper at once, and within a minute she jerked her hips up and down as she came, shudders running through her whole body. I kept my tongue in her arsehole until she subsided. As I took my head away, I heard the door lock click closed.

I looked around. Marco was standing just inside the doorway, a smile on his face. Gabi heard it also, and looked around, smiled at him, then looked back at me.

Marco turned to leave.

"Can he stay?" asked Gabi.

I nodded.

She said in Italian, "Come in, sit."

He turned, locked the door, and moved towards the chair. She patted the bed.

"Undress" she said to him.

He took off his T shirt, and as he did Gabi stood and took off her gown. I did the same and we lay back down. Marco’s cock was not yet hard, hanging thick and long. He had very little body hair, and was completely shaved around his cock and balls. His cock was big and thick, uncircumcised and long. He stroked it as he sat back on the bed, looking at me from top to bottom, his eyes resting on my pussy, swollen and puffy and wet.

He made no attempt to join us, just sat and watched.

Gabi rolled me onto my back, and went to the bedside table drawer. She fetched a soft bag, which she put next to me. Then, kneeling between my legs, she took out a strip of condoms and a squirt-bottle of lube from the bag and put them on the bed, then removed a container which she opened, and took out a huge black vibrator - it was gigantic, at least 25 cms long and as thick as a small coke bottle.

Without saying anything she wiped the vibrator with a wet-wipe, and squeezed some lube onto it.

Kneeling between my legs and facing me, she lifted my knees and bent forward, putting my legs over her shoulders. Straightening, she lifted me so that she was kneeling, sitting straight with my legs on her shoulders, my pussy in front of her.

She pressed a button on the vibrator, and I heard a soft hum over the music.

She touched my clit with the vibrator, and I spasmed as an almost electric shock ran through me. She kept it there, then slid it further down between my lips, then back to my clit. The vibrator was set to give a constant slow pulse. My pussy was tingling with the feeling. I pinched my nipples, adding to the sensation. Gabi kept sliding the huge implement up and down my cunt. I was jerking my hips on her shoulders, but she kept up the pressure. I turned to see Marco. He was still sitting on the bed but had moved so that he could see the vibrator on my cunt, his cock now very big and very hard - it was extremely thick, from the base to the head. He was masturbating, but just on the shaft, maybe so as not to cum.

Gabi parted my lips with two fingers, and I felt the vibrator enter my cunt. It seemed it wouldn’t fit, but she wiggled it a bit and it started to slide in, stretching my lips as wide as they would go. Slowly she pushed more and more in, looking at me as she did so.

The vibrations were deep inside me now as the enormous head and shaft penetrated my cunt deeper and deeper. I looked at the vibrator going in - there seemed to be no end to it. My whole body was trembling from the vibrations as it reached the end of my cunt. I felt it bump up against the end, and I held up my hand in a "stop" sign. I was trembling and panting with the tension of the giant "cock" pulsing in me. I knew that when I orgasmed it was going to be huge.

Gabi moved the vibrator in and out a bit, and then pressed another button. The vibration changed to a regular, rapid pulse as the head began to rotate deep inside me, pressing the sides of my cunt, pushing on the walls of my vagina in time with the pulse. My breath was coming in gasps, making a soft unh unh unh sound in the back of my throat.

Marco had leaned forward, his head close to my cunt, looking at it stretched wide. He was now masturbating furiously, his hand a blur on his cock.

The huge head rotated, almost lifting me, it felt. Gabi leaned forward and sucked on my rock-hard and exposed clit.

That was what it took. My orgasm exploded in me, my hips lifting clear off the bed, ramming my legs down on her shoulders. She almost buckled under that as my torso thrashed about with the impact of the huge vibrator head grinding inside me.

Wave after wave of orgasm rushed through me. My legs were like jelly, shaking and quivering on her shoulders, my hands clutching on the sheets on either side of me, my body arched, just my shoulders touching the bed. Gabi pulled the vibrator out of me and rubbed across my cunt. Streams of juice squirted out of me, jet after jet over her boobs and onto the bed. Each time she would rub for a few strokes, then stop and a squirt would jet out, and then rub again, then another squirt. My hips bucked and jerked. I felt my thighs getting soaked - it was as though I was pissing myself, there was so much juice. It went on forever, until I couldn’t take it anymore and I collapsed on the bed, shuddering.

Gabi lay next to me, holding me and kissing me. It had been one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had with a woman.

We lay like that for a while as I recovered. Marco sat all the time masturbating, looking at us. Gabi motioned him to come to us. She lay next to me, as he straddled her, one knee on either side of her, with me next to his one leg. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it. He put his head back and closed his eyes.

She sucked on him for a while, and then pointed his cock at me. I sat up a bit and held it, feeling its hardness and thickness. It really was big, extremely thick, like a pole.

I put the head in my mouth, and he looked down, feeling the unfamiliar sense of my mouth on his cock. I took as much as I could into my mouth, till the head was at the back of my throat. I rubbed on the head with the back of my tongue, pressing on it. He grunted as I pressed on his cock. Gabi fondled his balls, and ran her nails between his legs to his arsehole. She probed a bit, and then slid a finger into his arsehole.

He thrust his cock hard in and out of my mouth - I kept still and let him face-fuck me. Then, when it got sore, I took it out and Gabi put it in her mouth. He fucked her face very hard, her head rocking back and forth as he rammed it in her cute mouth.

He held the back of her head, forcing his cock deep down her throat. She almost gagged at times. Suddenly he grunted a few times, and took his cock a bit out of her mouth. She kept her mouth wide open, and he squirted his entire load into her waiting mouth. She stayed like that as he kept cumming in her mouth. He had a huge load, and the bottom of her mouth was filled with his cum, some of it drooling out of the corner of her mouth. When he was finished, she opened and showed him her cum-filled mouth, then swallowed it in a few gulps, licking her lips.

Gabi and I lay next to each other, cuddling. Neither of us had been fucked (yet), but it had been a great evening thus far!

We sat on the little balcony and had a drink. I could see that Marco wanted to fuck me - he sat very close and kept touching me, looking at my legs and boobs under my thin gown. I could see his cock under his tracksuit pants - he had not put underpants on after he came in Gabi’s mouth, and I saw that his cock was semi-hard.

Gabi saw me looking and smiled. She went inside, indicating with her head that I should follow. We went to the bathroom, and she closed the door.

"Do you want to fuck him? He wants you very badly!" she said.

"If you want me to, sure. Is it okay with you?" I replied.

"Yes, lets do him" she said, walking back to the balcony.

I went to the balcony rail and looked out at the harbour. I let my gown blow open in the little breeze. Marco stood, and came up behind me. He put his arms around me, holding onto the rail and pressing his body against mine. I felt his cock, hard and big, pressing into my bum. I felt for it, pulling his pants down a bit. Gabi stood behind him and pulled his pants down, taking his cock in her hand and jerking him.

I felt his hand between my legs, his finger probing my still-wet pussy. He easily slid two fingers into me, as far as they would go, and then rotated them in my cunt, widening it.

I stood with my legs apart, holding onto the railing. Marco positioned his cock at my cunt, and I reached for it to move it in. It was big, but after the vibrator I was ready for it! He pushed it in, deeper and deeper until I felt his pubic area against my bum. He began to fuck me hard and fast, the big cock filling me, pushing on my clit. I rubbed my clit, but Gabi took my hand away, and rubbed my clit as her husband’s cock drove into me. She kissed me on my mouth - she seems to love kissing!

I felt his hardness arouse me more and more, and I held myself rigidly to the rail as he pounded into me. I felt an orgasm start, and gasped as it burst through, making my vagina tingle and throb as I clenched my muscles around his cock.

As soon as I was done he withdrew, and took the condom off. He walked back to the bed, picked up the lube, and came to the balcony. He turned Gabi so that she stood next to me, facing the harbour water.

He squirted some lube on his cock, and on his hand, and then wiped his hand between her bum-cheeks, on her arsehole, probing into it with a finger. She spread her legs wide, and he thrust the head of his cock into her arsehole. It went in, little by little, with Gabi giving tiny yelps as it went deeper.

Once most of it was in he started to fuck her arse with long slow strokes - she held tightly onto the rail, bracing herself. He fucked her for a long time, getting faster and faster. She was grunting and moaning with each thrust, as he grabbed her hips and pulled her to him, so that she could not move her hips away as he thrust.

Suddenly he began to go much faster, and now he pushed his entire cock into her arse. She shrieked, and grabbed at his wrist, but he was fucking her very quickly now, ramming his cock into her arse until his balls hit her bum. She kept trying to grab his wrist and push him away, but he dug his fingers into her hip bones and yanked her backwards, slamming into her . She was yelping now, shaking her head but he was too far along to stop. He suddenly stopped the rapid fucking, and gave four or five long slow and very deep strokes, his head thrown back, making a long groaning sound as he emptied his cum into her arse. He ended with a few more short thrusts, then leaned forward, kissed her on the side of her face, pulled his cock out and went to the bathroom.

Gabi stood there, her head on her arms on the rail, her legs apart and a thin stream of white cum drooling out of her anus.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

She nodded.

"He just gets rough when he does anal - it turns him on so much that he loses control, but I am used to it - it doesn’t hurt."

We went inside to the bathroom to clean up. Marco had left the room.

Gabi invited me to spend the night in their room - I thought it was because Marco wanted to fuck me again, but it wasn’t. We all lay in the bed, with Marco on the other side of Gabi, and Gabi and I just cuddled. In the morning I left early to get breakfast going for everyone.

The next day we left on the cruise to Saint Tropez, North to Livorno, then West to Nice, then South-West to Saint Tropez, stopping along the way at several marinas to sight-see and overnight.

It was while in port at Saint Tropez, anchored at the Quai Jean Jaures that the second part of the strange events unfolded.

The crew had cleaned the catamaran from top to bottom in preparation for the handover in 2 days’ time when the new owner and his wife would arrive. We checked and double-checked every detail, and had countless meetings to go over the final sign-off sheets with the agent.

With two nights to go, we were given the night off, and the guys and my assistant Louisa headed for the clubs in town, with strict instructions to be back on board by 2 am latest, and sober.

I went alone to a trattoria and had a bite to eat and coffee, and sat for a while - it wasn’t warm, so I sat inside. To be honest, I was feeling quite down. The night that I slept in the bed with Gabi and Marco, after the sex, was not nice. Maybe because I had seen my ex-GF Gabi a few days earlier, I dreamed about her - that she and I were still together, sitting in our apartment, cuddling as we used to. I awoke in the early hours and felt Gabi’s (Marco’s wife) arm around me and in my half-asleep/half-awake state thought that it was my Gabi, turned to say that I loved her. And then I woke fully and it wasn’t my Gabi at all, and I started to cry. So my day got off to a bad start, and I felt sad for days, thinking about her and hoping that I had made the right decision to marry Simon - I KNOW it is right, but I do miss Gabi a lot at times. (And I start crying again now as I write this, sitting in Business Class (courtesy of Simon) in the plane on the way back to South Africa. It’s close to midnight, and the very nice elderly man next to me wants to know why I am crying and is everything okay? I wonder what he would think if I told him the story so far?)

Anyway when I got back to the yacht, Marco, Gabi and Marco’s 19 year old brother Claudio were on board in the lounge watching a movie. They asked me to join them, so I got a glass of water and sat down.

When the movie was finished, Gabi said to Claudio,

"My back is so stiff - wont you give me a massage?"

She said to me that Claudio was studying Phys Ed at college and gave the best massages. He said "sure", and went to get his stuff.

Gabi and I pulled a lounger mattress into the room, and put a towel on it. She was wearing her tracksuit, so before Claudio came back she went to her suite and came back with a wrap around her.

I had got a sheet from the supply room, and she took off the wrap and lay on her tummy on the mattress while I put the sheet over her from her ankles to her neck. Claudio came back with his massage oil bottle in a jug of warm water, and kneeled at her legs.

He took off his jersey and had on his running shorts and a T shirt, his body looking fit and toned. He lifted the sheet to expose her legs, leaving her covered from below her bum upwards, as a masseur should do. He did a good massage, deep and slow - he certainly knew what he was doing.

I sat with Marco and we chatted and read while listening to music. After a while, neither of us was paying much attention to Gabi and Claudio.

When I looked again, he had finished her legs and had moved the sheet to cover her bum and legs, and was working on her back and shoulders. It looked like he was doing a very nice massage - good technique.

It was when he had finished her back and shoulders that things got interesting.

He moved the towel to cover her upper back and shoulders, but pulled it up so that her lower back and bum were exposed. Now in a normal massage, a woman is not nude - we keep our panties on, but Gabi was naked. Secondly, the masseuse (i.e. female) will not normally do the actual bum-cheeks unless it is a sports massage and you have a muscle strain there or something like that. If it’s a masseur (i.e. a male) they will NEVER do the bum-cheeks of a woman. But maybe they do things differently in Europe, although I have had massages in Europe and never had a guy massage my bum.

He worked on her bum, doing a good sports massage, and then on her upper thighs. She moved her legs a bit apart so he could do the inside of her thighs.

I looked at Marco. He was watching them now, and had stopped reading.

Claudio’s hands massaged her thighs, higher and higher and then her bum, closer and closer to her arsehole each time. I was sitting near her head, so I could not see exactly where his hands were when they were on her thighs, but it seemed to me that he must be very close to touching her pussy, they went up that high. And on her bum, his fingers were centimetres from her arsehole by now, her bum-cheeks pulled apart as he massaged. This was definitely getting to be a very explicit massage - I have never had a normal massage that went that close to my pussy or arsehole.

At one point, as he massaged her inner thighs, I was certain that he had touched her pussy with the edge of his hand - he drew his hand up so that his little- finger edge was aligned with her pussy, and there was no pressure on her thigh at all. He did that a few times, and then asked her to turn over.

She did so, and he again covered her from neck to thigh with the sheet, and did her legs. Then moved the sheet to cover her from waist to ankle, leaving her tummy and boobs exposed. This is also normal - maybe a bit weird that she is his sister-in-law, but so what really?

He did her chest, and tummy, then her boobs. And now the massage changed! When he did her boobs, he did a normal circular massage, but then started to hold her nipples, and rub them between his thumb and forefinger, making them aroused and erect.

Now there is NO massage that requires the masseur to fondle the woman’s nipples! Never! I looked at Marco - he was transfixed, his hands on his crotch, his cock very obviously erect under his tracksuit pants - a big tent!

Claudio left her nipples, pulled the sheet off her, leaving her naked on the mattress. He pushed her legs a bit apart, and massaged her inner thighs, higher and higher, until his hands were at her pussy. The last few movements of his hands touched her pussy, then over her tummy.

He reached for the oil, and poured some over the top of her pussy.

His left hand went back to her nipple, while his right hand covered her pussy, down between her legs and back, a few times, his fingers flat together.

I got up and moved to the other side of Marco where I could see what he was doing. Watching him arouse her like that was incredibly stimulating for me, and I felt myself getting wet. After a few strokes with his fingers together, I saw that for the next few strokes his middle finger was lower, parting her lips. With each stroke he parted them more, and then inserted his finger into her pussy, and just fingered her normally, no more pretence at a massage. She opened her legs more, and he fingered her deeper and deeper, his thumb rubbing above her clit. Marco was stroking his cock under his pants as he watched his wife get fingered by his brother. I reached across and put my hand on his cock over his pants. He smiled at me and stood up, taking off his pants and his T shirt. His cock was rigid and big, and as he sat again I took it in my hands and stroked it. I had no idea what the brothers were okay with as far as Gabi was concerned - also, Claudio was a LOT younger than Gabi - he was still a teenager at 19 after all - would Marco actually let him fuck his wife?

Gabi looked at Marco and me and winked, Claudio’s finger deep in her pussy, then as he rubbed on her clit she gasped and closed her eyes.

I leaned over and took Marco's big cock in my mouth - memories of how rough he was when he arse-fucked Gabi a few nights ago forgotten. He jerked his hips as I sucked him, thrusting his cock in hard - he clearly liked to hurt the girl a bit I thought - I would need to be careful. He put one hand between my legs and immediately inserted a finger into my already-wet pussy. I parted my legs a bit, and he started to finger me quickly, roughly. It was nice, but if it got harder I would need to cool him down a bit.

(I once was fucked by two guys who got VERY rough - it was nice at the time, and I came a lot and often, but the next day my pussy was raw and sore as were my nipples and my arsehole. It's fun while it’s happening, but not later!)

Claudio stood, and took off his pants and shirt - and I just stared! He is not a big guy, but nicely built - like a gymnast or cyclist - lean and muscular, not big and muscular, but he probably doesn’t weigh more than 65 kgs, and is not much taller than I am. But his cock!! If Marco’s is big, Claudio’s is huge - particularly compared to his body - it’s just so unexpected. It’s not the biggest cock I have ever seen, not by a long way, but it must be a good 23 cms, and thick, like his brother’s cock. He wasn’t fully hard yet, so it still hung a bit, but it looked very, very nice!

He held out his hands to Gabi, who stood, and he led her to the bar counter. Turning her to face the bar, he parted her legs with his foot, and reached between her legs, feeling her pussy, fingering her from the back. She leaned over and put her arms on the bar and her head on her arms.

Claudio stroked his cock making it fully hard while he fingered Gabi, then moved closer and slid his cock into her oiled and ready cunt. He went all the way in with one slow move, making her lift her head and let out a long groan as she felt its size enter her.

He began to fuck her at quite a rapid pace. I was jerking Marco faster now, and he was fingering me with two fingers also hard.

I really wanted him inside me - I was very ready!

I stood, fetched a condom from my bag and went to where Gabi had been lying, and lay on my back, my legs bent and knees apart. Marco didn’t need a second invitation - he came over to me, kneeled between my legs and lapped at my pussy with his tongue, but only for a moment - I wanted his cock in me, now!

I pulled him closer, felt for his cock and slipped the condom on, and as he lay on top of me let the head slide in between my wet lips. He didn’t wait and pushed it all in, deep - making me grimace and squirm as it forced its way in, but then it was in, and he started to fuck me nicely.

We fucked like that for a while, with me getting more and more aroused - then on my hands and knees, and then I sat on top of him, facing him as he pulled on my nipples at the same time.

I began to feel an orgasm start, and stopped lifting my hips and just thrust back and forward, grinding my cunt down on his cock. He also sensed that I was ready, and thrust harder with my every movement. My pussy was stretched wide by his cock, the base hammering against my clit.

I felt for my clit, felt that it was erect and out, and rubbed it as I fucked. A big orgasm swept through me, and I jerked faster and faster as wave after wave pulsed through my pussy. I felt quite a lot of juice on my thighs, and knew I must have squirted a bit as I came, but with his cock still in it doesn’t really squirt out, it just floods.

Just as I came, Gabi came, Claudio still ramming his cock hard into her, her head bouncing on her arms as he pumped her cunt, his balls making a slapping sound on the two shiny oiled globes of her bum.

She did squirt, and he took his cock out just as she began to - she took one hand and rubbed feverishly across the top of her pussy, then stopped, and a jet of juice squirted onto the front of the bar counter. Then a few more very hard and very fast rubs, then a pause, and another jet of juice. Over and over, quite a few times, then her legs buckled and she sank to her knees, still massaging her cunt with one hand. The bar counter front was wet with her juices, running down like rain to the carpet - she really did squirt a lot! Big jets of juice, lots of liquid and shooting out fast!

I got off Marco, my pussy and nipples were tingling and raw. He lay there, playing with his cock to keep it hard I guess.

Claudio turned to face us, looking down at Gabi on her knees at his feet. His cock glistened with her juice and oil, his chest heaving, his abs hard. He looked fantastic - very nice. Gabi sat on the floor for a while, gathering herself after squirting - it is such an intense feeling it’s hard to describe. Not just getting very wet, that happens and it’s nice, but if you really squirt again and again, you can’t control your body - you just collapse and try to stop it and continue at the same time - it’s quite weird, but hugely intense. I find I lose sense of where I am – everything becomes just focussed on the sensation at my pussy as I squirt.

(I also have a theory - that when a woman cums, she releases something into the air that triggers other women in the room to cum. I have noticed that there is a sort of domino effect if you have a few women in a room that orgasm - it starts with one and suddenly the next, then the next and so on, even if they can’t see or hear each other. I know that it is medically true that if you have women living in the same house, their periods will synchronise after a while. So maybe when we orgasm it has a similar but more immediate effect. Come on guys - there is a Nobel Prize for Science in this! Even if you don’t win, think of the fun you will have during the research phase! )

Claudio and Marco got a drink from the bar - stark naked, their cocks erect, it was quite an arousing sight.

Gabi got up and came and sat next to me.

"Surprised?" she asked, nodding at Claudio.

"Yes" I said. "I did not expect that. Have you been fucking him long?"

"A year or two. We were at a nudist beach one summer, and he was there with a girlfriend and Marco and me. We had a few drinks, and while lying there I looked at his cock - which as you can see is very big, and I said so to Marco, as in "I wouldn’t mind feeling that in me!" or something like that.

He said, "so ask him - he will be flattered."

"I thought he was joking, but then a few days later we were at home in the evening, it was very hot so we swam. Marco and I usually swim in the nude, so we did, and said to Claudio to join us. He took off his costume and got in. After a while Marco said to Claudio "Gabi thinks you have a nice cock. She wants to feel you fuck her. How about it?"

Claudio was a bit taken aback, but I guess he couldn’t really refuse without insulting Marco, so I went to him in the pool, got him hard (which only took a minute!) and then fucked him in the pool. Then later again in the house, then with Marco and him taking turns. So it’s a bit strange, but we are used to it by now."

The guys came back, and we chatted a while, all still nude. I said to Gabi that I wanted to try her vibrator again, so she fetched it from the suite. I was just looking at it, when Marco went to Gabi and started to cuddle her, feeling her pussy and getting her aroused. Claudio just watched.

Marco took his wife to the mattress, and lay down. She started by sucking his cock, then sat on him and let it go up her pussy - she was still oiled and slick, and it slid right in. She rode him a bit, talking to him at the same time in Italian.

Claudio got off the chair, came to me, parted my legs and knelt between my knees, licking my pussy, and probing with a finger. I was wet very quickly, and his finger went in and searched for my g spot, rubbing the upper side of my pussy. I slid off the couch to the floor, pushed him onto his back, and straddled him taking that huge cock in my mouth. Even with as much in as I could get, there was a lot still to play with, and I sucked and masturbated him at the same time.

Then he guided me onto my hand and knees, crouched behind me in a squat, and put the head of his cock at my pussy from the back. It felt huge, and I moved it around with my hand to get it inside the outer lips first. Then when that was done, I wriggled it in deeper and deeper - it was a superb feeling - I was very wet, and my pussy was engorged and ready. So although it was so big it went in, just, and when he was in he began to fuck very slowly. He made little movements for a while, and then took it almost all out, then all in a few times, then little movements again. It was a very sexual and exciting rhythm. Once I started getting aroused I thrust back at him, and he began to fuck faster. I arched my back and let him drive into me harder and harder, as I felt an orgasm start to build. Before I could orgasm Gabi did, jumping up and down on Marco, ramming his cock into her with each descent. She yelped and grunted as she came, and she hadn’t finished yet when I came, so for a moment we were both cumming at the same time.

When we were done, Claudio moved away from behind me. I went to the couch, sat back, found the vibrator and watched to see what we would do next.

I was just touching my pussy with the vibrator, making it tingle. Marco took Gabi’s hand and led her to the mattress. He lay on his back on the floor. Gabi, seeing that, came over to me and took the tube of lubricant from me, smiling at me. She went back to Marco and massaged his cock, making it go fully hard again, and then lowered herself onto it, guiding it into her pussy, facing him. She moved up and down a few times.

Claudio got up off the chair where he had been sitting playing with his cock, and went to them. Taking the lubricant from where she had put it, he squirted some onto his hand, and rubbed it on his cock, which was again rock-hard. Another squirt onto his hand, and he pushed Gabi gently on the shoulders so she lay forward on Marco. He positioned himself behind her, and wiped the lubricant in her arsehole, then inserting a finger into it, widening it. She kept fucking Marco as Claudio fingered her arsehole, now with two fingers in it, keeping it dilated.

When he judged that she was wide enough, he crouched behind her in a squat, and positioned his cock at her arsehole. She stopped moving, and he gently widened her arsehole with his cock until the head started to go in. It went in a bit, then her arsehole widened enough to take the shaft, and his huge cock started to disappear into her arse. Both Gabi and Marco kept perfectly still until Gabi said "enough". Marco stated to move slowly again, his cock moving a few centimetres in and out of his wife’s pussy, while his brother’s cock slid in and out of her arse a bit more with each stroke.

It was wildly erotic to see - Gabi still managed to look so "Italian", groomed, serene, even with her husband and her brother-in-law doing a DP on her on the floor of a yacht.

I played with the vibrator as I watched, wanting to see who would cum where. It’s difficult to cum when doing a DP I have found - there is not really enough movement, particularly from the guy in your pussy, to stimulate an orgasm.

The three of them fucked like that for a while, then Claudio took his cock out of her arsehole, and sat on the floor, watching them. Gabi got off Marco, and kneeled on the floor as he stood up. Claudio and Marco now faced her, and jerked their cocks in her direction. They were both very aroused and ready, and within a minute they moved closer, and first Claudio then Marco shot their cum at Gabi’s face, until her cheeks and mouth were dripping with cum.

She got up, and went to the suite, and we all got dressed again.

We sat around and had espressos and chocolate, and then went to bed.

All in all it was a very weird but very erotic trip!

Two days later I flew home, and wrote this on the plane to share with you. Hope you enjoy it.