04 Sep 2016


Last week Simon, my hubby of 8 months (and BF of a lifetime) and I were invited to a diplomatic party in Cape Town where a new Consul General was being introduced. Because Simon does a lot of business in that country, and is a valuable source of foreign exchange to them, he was invited.

The function was a cocktail party at a wine-farm outside Cape Town.

We flew down with a client of Simon’s in the client’s plane the day before, and Simon had booked rooms at the wine farm for us, so we went straight there after landing at Cape Town airport around lunchtime.

I had splurged on an Errol Arendz cocktail dress for the next day - hugely expensive, but very nice - about mid-thigh length, in a sort of geometric print, with a low halter-neck cleavage cut, and belted waist with the fabric belt forming long trailing ‘’wings’’ to my knees.

I had a pair of fairly low-heel shoes, as the function was outside, and high heels and lawn don’t work well.

After we checked in Simon went to see clients, and I went to visit friends.

We had dinner with his clients that night, I shopped the next day with a friend, went to a Sorbet DryBar beauty salon to have my hair and nails done and we met back at the Wine Farm at 12 to relax and get ready for the cocktail party at 17h00.

The dress looked great, but with the halter top I could not wear a bra as it showed too much.

The cocktail party was nice - very fancy, with crayfish and lots of French champagne, lots of speeches (yawn) but some nice people.

I was chatting to a couple from Italy, who knew some people who I knew from when I lived there, when a very good looking guy in his late 40’s I guess came and stood with us. He knew the couple, and they introduced him as Mateo, the assistant Military attaché for the host country, whose Consul General was being introduced that day. He was tall, well built, with an olive skin, dark hair and a very strong face with a nice mouth and eyes. He had a delightful accent, and a very intense way of looking at the person he was talking to.

We all chatted a while, then the couple went off, and Mateo and I kept talking. He was cute, very well-travelled, and funny. He also flirted a lot, complimenting me, asking how my hubby could leave me alone etc., all in good fun. At one stage he put his arm around me to show me someone across the lawn, and he kept it there for a heart-beat longer than was ‘’proper’’, and a bit higher than it should have been, so the top of his hand just touched the underside of my boobs.

A while later Simon came over, and Mateo left after saying hello to him, and complimenting him on his ‘’delightful wife’’, much to Simon's amusement.

Simon went off again to speak to someone, while I went to look at the artwork in the library inside, as it was getting chilly outside.

When Simon came back and found me, he said he had had an interesting experience. He had been talking to some people, including a very pretty dark-haired young woman, who he felt was hitting on him big-time.

I told him not to flatter himself, she was probably drunk, and we had a good laugh.

We were standing in the main reception room, when Simon nudged my arm and said "that’s the woman who was hitting on me’’, pointing across the room.

I looked, and saw a very attractive, very sexy dark-haired young woman, shortish, with a voluptuous figure, hair in a chignon, and a very revealing cocktail dress with lots of boob showing in the cleavage. All in all a very sexy and sexual package, certainly someone who would get my attention.

The man next to her had his arm around her waist, obviously her partner. As I looked, the guy looked at me and smiled. I smiled back - Mateo!

I turned to Simon and reminded him that this was the guy who I had been talking to earlier and that he was quite a flirty person who had been coming on to me in a quiet way. The woman who had been flirting with Simon (according to him) must be Mateo’s partner/wife, whatever.

We watched them for a while, then Mateo went off somewhere and I said to Simon "so go and see if she is interested in you. See what happens.’’

He took his drink and wandered over to her. Before long, they were in deep conversation, and her hands were certainly touching him quite a lot - touching his arm, his shoulder, his waist as she talked, flicking her hair, looking sideways at him - all the classic ‘’I am interested’’ signals. Everything except putting her finger in her mouth and sucking it!

They went out of the room, with Simon giving me a wink over his shoulder as they left.

He came back after maybe 20 minutes, smiling.

"She is definitely interested’’ he said. "I put my arm around her, kissed her, hugged her and felt her boob, and she just wanted more. What do you want to do?’’

I thought about it.

"Do you think she will play with her husband there?’’ I asked.

"No idea’’ he said. ‘’It’s difficult for me as a guy to ask her that. Why don’t you get him interested and ask him - it's more natural.‘’

Off I went to find Mateo.

I found him standing alone looking out over the gardens.

I went up behind him, wrapped my arms around him, and squeezed him.

He gave a start, then laughed when he saw it was me. He looked around, and then hugged me back. As he did so, I gave his butt a firm squeeze, letting my hands linger there for a moment.

He looked at me, slowly realising that maybe he could get lucky.

"Shall we go and have a look at the tasting room?’’ he asked.

I agreed, and we went downstairs to the cellar area. There was no-one in the tasting room, and it was quite dark and smelled wonderful - old oak, wine, cork.

As I stood looking at some of the bottles on display, Mateo stood behind me.

I felt his arms go around my waist, then slide up till his hands cupped my breasts. I let him feel my nipples for a minute, then reached behind me, and put my hand over his crotch, feeling for his cock.

I turned around to face him. He pulled me towards him, and I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy.

He slid his hands down my sides to the hem of my dress, then, under the dress, sliding them back up my thighs until his hands were on my bum under the dress.

I think he was ready to look for a place to fuck right there, but I looked at him and asked

"Can I ask you something personal?’’

He looked at me.

"Of course’’ he said.

‘’I have seen your partner - is she your wife?’’

He froze - ‘’yes’’ he said. ‘’why?”

"She is very beautiful. My husband has been chatting to her. I know that you want to fuck me, and that’s fine, but would she be interested in all four of us going up to our room do you think?’’

He looked at me.

"You and your husband, and me and Julieta? he asked.

"Yes’’ I said, ‘have you ever done that? With another couple?’’

"Yes’’ he said, "twice, with a couple we are friends with at home. And you?’’

"Yes ‘’ I said, "we have, quite often over the years’.’

‘’This is didn’t expect’’ he said. ‘’I will have to ask her.’’

"Okay’’ I said. ‘’If she doesn’t want to, it’s fine, no harm done. Simon and I will be in the first floor bar. If you and she are interested, meet us there in 30 minutes.’’

I gave him a kiss on his mouth, took his hands off my bum, straightened my dress and went back to Simon.

He was standing with a group of people, so I winked at him and went to the first floor bar. He joined me there a few minutes later, and I told him what had transpired.

We had a drink while we waited. Simon thought that they would not appear, but I felt that he was sufficiently interested to try and persuade his young wife. Whether it would be a good play-time or not was another story.

About 20 minutes later we got the answer, when Mateo and Julieta came into the bar. He led the way, with Julieta trailing behind, looking everywhere except at us.

He ordered drinks for both of them, and we stood, a bit awkwardly, making small talk while the barman served the drinks. Then we went to a corner suite of chairs and sat.

Julieta was very pretty - huge brown eyes and a wonderful, clear olive-toned complexion, with full lips with dark red lipstick and delightful dimples when she smiled.

Her dress was similar to mine, with an even lower neckline revealing a lot of her big boobs in front and at the side. She certainly knew what she had got and was not afraid to show it! Her dress had a slit up both sides, and when she crossed her legs she showed her long, tanned legs to perfection.

Mateo, as I watched him, was equally good looking - they really were a model-looking couple. His dark hair was a bit longer than is maybe the fashion in South Africa, and curly. He was clean-shaven, but swarthy, with a strong mouth and hazel eyes with impossibly long lashes.

We chatted for a while, and although Julieta did not speak English very well, she tried. She did speak a bit of French, but her English was better than my French, so after trying that for a while, we went back to English!

When we had finished our drinks, Simon stood up, and said

"Let's continue this in our room, we can have a night-cap there’’.

We all stood, Julieta glancing at Mateo as we stood, then at Simon.

Once in our suite, the guys took off their jackets, and Simon got some liqueurs from the bar.

We took the drinks to the lounge, and stood there, looking out over the darkening vineyards as the sun set. The windows were open, and it was a lovely evening, the smells and sounds of the farm drifting in on the evening air.

I stood next to Mateo, and after a moment put my arm around his waist. He moved to face me, and I took his face in my hands, pulled him to me, and started to kiss him on his mouth. He was a good kisser, and he smelled of a very nice aftershave or cologne, unfamiliar to me but very masculine.

I broke off the kiss, and led him by his hand to the couch, where I sat down.

He sat next to me, and I started kissing him again, deeply, opening his shirt and running my hands over his quite hairy chest. He was strongly built, with very firm and large pecs and lats, and he smelled of soap and cologne and a little bit of sweat - a nice man’s smell.

He fondled my boobs over the dress, then, pulling the halter-top part aside, slid his hands under the dress to play with my boobs, tweaking my nipples till they were rock-hard, puckered and sensitive.

I didn’t want my designer dress to get creased or messed, so I undid the halter behind my neck, reached behind my back to unzip the dress, then stood up and took it off, putting it carefully over a chair. Ripping off your clothes with passion is all very well, but a designer dress is more important!

I straddled his legs, wearing just my g string, and started unbuttoning his shirt. He felt by boobs, playing with them, teasing and sucking on my nipples as I unbuttoned him.

I could feel his cock, hard, pressing on my pussy where I sat on him.

I took his shirt off, putting it neatly alongside him over the couch, and, moving back a bit, undid his belt.

I couldn’t really undo his pants while sitting on him, so I slid off to kneel in front of him, unzipped him, and pulled on his pants. He lifted his bum and I removed them.

His cock stuck up inside his briefs, and looked quite big already.

I pulled his briefs off, and his cock sprang out. It WAS big, and particularly thick. I grasped it and stroked it, feeling its width and hardness. It wasn’t so much that it was long, although it was above average, but it was very thick.

He was fully shaved, which surprised me, and his cock felt nice and rigid. I played gently with his balls, cupping them as I stroked his cock. He was cut, the head big and imposing, the cock lined with veins.

His tummy was flat and he had a nice 6-pack, his body-hair starting where his briefs had ended, which is why I hadn’t seen that he was shaved when I undressed him.

When his cock was completely rigid, I leaned forward and took the head in my mouth, licking it, and then licking up and down the shaft, to his balls, then under his balls, then back up again to the head.

He groaned and leaned back as I played with his cock. I was getting quite turned on, and I took one hand and put it between my legs, and, feeling that I was already a bit wet, I slid a finger into my pussy, tickling the outer lips lightly.

Hearing a noise behind me, I took his cock out of my mouth, still stroking it, and looked around to see where Simon was.

Simon was sitting on a lounge chair, naked, with Julieta, also nude, kneeling on the arms of the chair facing him, his mouth buried in her cunt, his hands supporting her cute bum. He is VERY good at that, and she was wriggling and squirming as his tongue probed in her slit. She had her hands on her boobs, and although I couldn’t see them, she seemed to be playing with her nipples.

She suddenly started to make a long low moaning sound, and thrust her hips at his mouth. He took one hand and put his fingers in her cunt, his hand ramming in fast. She jerked violently and came, crying out and shaking her head from side to side as she did so.

Simon kept ramming his fingers in and out until she grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

Mateo was transfixed, watching his wife get eaten by my husband, and cumming so strongly.

I took my g string off, and, putting a condom on him, mounted him, facing away from him, looking at Simon.

It was a bit tricky getting the condom over the thick cock, but I managed after a while.

Lowering myself onto his cock, I maneuvered the head around my wet pussy, then opened the lips to let it slide in, bit by bit.

It felt very good, pushing my pussy-lips wide apart as its thickness entered me. I went lower and lower, until I was sitting on the base of his cock, all of it in me.

When I was comfortable, I began to lift and lower myself, riding his cock until almost all of it was out, then back down again until it was all in my pussy.

I rode him faster and faster, gripping his cock with my muscles, squeezing it.

He began to jerk a bit, so I stopped dead, got off him and squeezed his cock to stop him cumming, holding it tightly.

He subsided, panting, so I sat next to him, just playing with his cock slowly.

He was very horny by now, so he stood up, and pulled me to my feet. Turning me around to face the couch, he pulled my hips backwards. I leaned towards the couch and held onto the backrest, as he positioned himself behind me.

I opened my legs, and he fingered my pussy, then put the head of his cock against my lips and slid it in. Once it was it, he began to fuck me hard, his balls making a slapping sound as they hit my bum.

I was very wet, and his cock rammed in and out with ease now. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, feeling the warmth build and build.

When I was ready to cum, I slid a finger into my pussy alongside his cock and massaged my clit hard. I came soon, my legs shuddering as the feeling overwhelmed me.

He gripped my hips tightly and kept fucking until I stopped cumming. Then he stopped also, and withdrew his cock.

I stayed like that for a moment, then turned around and sat on the couch.

Mateo had gone across the room to where Julieta and Simon were. She was on her back; her long tanned legs wrapped around Simon, her hips in the air as he crouched above her and pounded her cunt.

Mateo squatted next to her face, and pushed his cock at her mouth.

She opened her mouth and sucked him, no doubt tasting my juices on his cock.

While he had his cock in her mouth, he reached to her cunt between her and Simon, and fingered her clit as Simon fucked her. She began to buck her hips up and down, slamming into Simon as she came, her legs locked around Simon’s waist.

When Julieta stood up I had the first chance to really see her body.

She had full boobs with big, smooth dark nipples, a little rounded tummy and no pussy–hair, just a nice mound with a very swollen slit and lips. Her clit stood out quite a lot, hard and prominent.

She looked at me and smiled, seeing me looking at her. She did a pirouette, and walked towards me, stroking her pussy as she walked.

When she got to me, she kneeled in front of me, pushed my knees apart, and very gently licked the inside of my left thigh, to my pussy but without touching it, then back down my right thigh.

She repeated this a few times, each time getting closer to my pussy lips with her tongue.

Then her tongue was on my pussy, licking my lips, parting them, probing inside my wet cunt.

She stuck her tongue deep into my pussy, feeling for my clit, then back in deep, thrusting in and out like a little cock.

It was a delicious feeling, very erotic and soft. I played with my nipples, feeling the warmth of the sensual attentions of her tongue.

She parted my legs some more, and reaching under me, felt for my anus.

Making her finger wet from my pussy, she slowly inserted a finger into my anus, in and out, as her tongue continued to stimulate my pussy.

Simon and Mateo came over to watch, their cocks rigid.

Mateo went behind his wife and felt for her cunt, sliding a finger into it, arousing her. Then he squatted behind her and pushed his cock into her cunt, fucking her as she ate my cunt.

He fucked her for maybe two minutes, then moved away and motioned to Simon with his head.

Simon took his place and fucked her hard, her head bouncing on my pussy as he thrust in and out.

The guys swapped a few times like that, each fucking her for a minute or two before changing.

She was getting more and more stimulated by the fucking, her body trembling, but she kept on mouthing me.

Suddenly she pulled away, just as Simon had pulled out of her.

‘’I cum now’’ she gasped, grabbing at her pussy.

I wasted no to time.

I pushed her onto her back, got above her in a 69 position, and drove my tongue into her sopping wet cunt.

She started to shake and shudder almost at once, and I took my tongue away and thrust 2 fingers deep into her. She orgasmed hard, her hips jerking wildly into my hand, as I kept ramming my fingers as deep as they would go and as fast as I could.

She came for a long time, slowly relaxing as the waves of orgasm left her.

Mateo and Simon were standing, mesmerised by the sight, jerking their cocks hard.

I turned to Mateo, glancing at Simon, and took his cock in my mouth.

I deep-throated him as best I could, pulling on his tight balls, and feeling for his anus with my finger.

As soon as my finger probed his hole, he began to jerk and thrust his hips, pulling my head to him, forcing his cock deep into my mouth.

I sucked a few more times, then took it out, whipped off the condom, and masturbated him hard.

He came at once, long hot jets of cum squirting onto my boobs and tummy, coating me in his sticky cum.

He came a lot, great globs of cum launching at me, and I kept jerking him until he was done.

Julieta crawled over and took his cock in her mouth, licking the cum off the tip, swallowing it.

Then she turned to Simon and took him in her mouth. I kneeled behind her reached under her and put my finger into her wide open cunt.

She sucked Simon deeply, while he drove his cock all the way into her mouth with each thrust.

As he was about to cum, she pulled his cock out, took off the condom and jerked him off.

I moved next to her, and she jerked him till he came all over both of us, some cum landing on my eyes and Julieta’s mouth, the rest on our boobs.

We were all exhausted. The evening had started slowly, but the last hour was intense fucking, without a break really. My pussy and my mouth were tender and swollen.

Julieta had her hand over her cunt, a finger in her, just relaxing.

The two of us got up after a while and went to the bathroom to wash. We took turns in the shower, too sated to even fuck each other.

Then the guys went one by one to shower.

Later on we ordered dinner from room service for the four of us, and Mateo and Julieta left around 9 pm.

Julieta is going to be visiting a relative in Johannesburg next month, so maybe another night of fun awaits me. Maybe I will invite Annie for dinner, and see how she gets on with Julieta.