Written by wildchildtammy

03 Oct 2013

This is a follow on from the last post about the party.

it was very difficult to write this, and i thought long and hard about whether to do so or not.

the reason is that it shows me at my most uninhibited, and some people may take offence.

It contains details of anal sex, so if that turns you off, please dont read it.

Towards midnight, as the party wound down, I had been playing in the main lounge with a couple (she is very young, much younger than him- she must be around 23 and he well over 55, maybe even 60) and they come to such parties because he can’t really satisfy her. She is wild in bed- and she will fuck anything and anyone anywhere. I have been with them at a restaurant where she took a liking to a waiter, waited for him to walk past the toilets, and took him into the ladies toilet and fucked him silly for 5 mins, then came back and started her desert!!

To this day I am not sure if it was cum or condensed milk from the desert on her chin after she took the first mouthful of the desert.

Anyway, I was lying on the couch, sort of asleep, when I felt someone gently touching my nipples. I opened my eyes and it was one of the older guys I had not played with, crouching next to me, with his cock in his one hand and the other on my boob. It felt great, so I let him carry on.

I then felt his hands on both my boobs, and also felt a hand stroking slowly on my thigh- well it could not be him, because both his hands were on my boobs! I opened my eyes again and saw a guy I know quite well, standing at the end of the couch, leaning forward with his hand on my leg, high up.

l opened my legs a little , and let him move his hand up to touch my pussy lips. I saw a pair of hands come around his waist, and start pumping his cock – his partner was behind him watching him play with me while stroking him – and he has a lovely cock, very hard and nice looking.

As I was lying there enjoying this attention from 2 guys, I realised that there was also a guy standing at the end of the couch where my head was, looking at the 2 guys and me and playing with himself. I reached up and took his cock in my hand and stroked him. So now we were 3 guys and me, all playing, with a woman looking on.

I was getting quite excited, because I had been fucking for quite a while without cumming, and my pussy was tender and swollen.

I started moving my hips up and down, getting the guy to push his fingers in deeper. With the hand not stroking the guy behind my head, I rubbed my clit to keep the arousal going.

The guy at my feet moved my feet off the couch and pulled my arms gently so that I was sitting up, and he sat down next to me.

He held my hips and moved me so that I straddled him, facing him. Now this is not my favourite position, but anyway. Just before he entered me, he turned sideways and lay down on the couch. I turned with him, so we were now sideways on the couch. I guided his cock into me.

Because he was leaning back, and I was leaning forward, my bum was sort of in the air.

As I started moving on him, I felt a finger slowly massaging my bum-hole. I kind of froze, because, while I do anal, I am very fussy about who and when, because it can really hurt if it done badly. I saw it was the guy who had been at my head.

I started moving again, and the guy with his finger at my bum was really gentle. He stopped for a second, and when his fingers came back I could feel he had gel on them. He massaged my bum in time to my movements, and slipped his finger into the hole.

That feeling is very exciting for me, and if it is done well, I will cum almost every time if I am fucking and the guy plays with my bum-hole.

He took his finger out of me, and pushed my shoulders down a bit so that I was lying on the guy under me. He climbed onto the couch at my feet, facing my back, and brought his cock right up to my bum, touching it against the lubricated hole.

Now I had to decide- yes or no? I stopped moving, and said to the guy under me to lie still, with his cock in me.

I reached around and took the guys cock at my bum, and pushed it against my hole, letting the head slide in a bit. As it went in, I moved, so that it went in and out. I turned to him, and said to go very slowly, and to stop if I say so.

He did, and I must say he was good- slow and nice, deeper each time.

So now I had a guy under me in my pussy, and a guy behind me in my bum-hole.

I moved back and forwards and they both moved with me. When I felt the guy behind me in deep enough, I said to him to not go deeper.

The guys then started to move, each fucking in and out more or less at the opposite time.

I had not been looking around, but now I did and saw that almost all the other guests were standing around us, some of the girls playing with themselves or a guy near them.

The guy who had stated off playing with my nipples was closest to us near my face.

I reached forward over the head of the guy under me and touched his cock. I pulled gently so that he came closer, and opened my mouth.

Well, he did not need a second invitation. He stood with his balls hanging over the guy under me, and I put his cock in my mouth.

After a few minutes of being DP’d by the 2 guys, I felt that a climax was coming. I moved faster and faster, and sucked the cock more and more. I said to him to cum quickly like that, and he thrust harder into my mouth.

Just as I was about to cum, he did. That made me cum, and I came as he did, with him squirting at my face and boobs.

I slowed down, and reached back to push the guy behind away, and lifted myself of the guy under me.

I sat down and pulled both these guys to me. With them standing in front of me, I took some of the gel which the one guy had used and which was standing on the floor, and put it on their cocks.

I masturbated them quickly and hard- they were both just about ready to cum anyway.

The one started cumming, and then the other did, and I pointed their cocks at my boobs.

Some cum went onto my face, most on my boobs.

When they were done, I needed a good cleanup, because I had the cum of 3 guys all over me.

I went off to the bathroom, wiped by face and boobs, and started thinking about getting ready to go.

I finally left about 1 am, feeling a bit sore in both holes and my mouth, but happy with my night.


Tamara (wildchildtammy)