Written by wildchildtammy

03 Nov 2013

On Friday the 1st Nov I was invited by a friend (S) on the site to a party. He had been invited, and after looking at my profile here, the hosts agreed to him inviting me and a partner.

I did not want to invite any of my BF’s, so I asked whether I could take Lisa- to which they agreed. (Lisa is my BFF from schooldays, and we often hang out together- she is really fun, very sexual and very adventurous).

I did not know where the party was, but my friend said he would collect me so I did not need my car. He did however say that it was a very larny party at a fantastic home; a very wealthy couple were hosting it.

I decided to buy a new outfit, and found a stunning black dress a very short flared skirt (like a sort of “cheerleader” look) with a transparent chiffon top to be worn with a boob-tube underneath. Very sexy. With my black stilettos, sheer (real) stockings and a garter-belt I figured it would look great.

Lisa arrived at 1800 on Friday, dressed to kill- a micro red leather skirt, red calf-length boots with a very high heel and a white and red floral blouse- very see-through and no bra- and she has very firm boobs, so nothing left to the imagination when she moved! (She said that if we got stopped at a roadblock she would show a leg and get us out of trouble- looking at her I think we would have been goaled for indecent exposure, but anyway…)

I got dressed, but when I looked at myself in the mirror, the dress looked great but quite conservative compared to Lisa. I took the boob-tube off, leaving just the chiffon top- so now I was as see-through as Lisa, if not more so! Both Lisa and I were now to all intents and purposes topless- the blouses were so sheer than one could see all of our boobs and nipples. (Stockings always feel so sexy with a garter-belt, and with no panties there is no line to show under the skirt.)

S arrived at 0800. He is such a cool guy- I have known him for years, and he introduced me to this site over a year ago when I came here from Europe, as I had been (and still am) on a UK site which does not help when I am in SA !!

We had a drink while Lisa and I finished our make-up, and we left at around 0845. we said S can be the chauffeur for the night!

We arrived at the venue- what a house! Where I work is very expensive and a huge house, but this was if anything even bigger- with a long curved driveway and a very imposing pillared type of entrance.

We parked and went in, to be greeted at the door by 2 ‘butlers’, a very well-built young guy wearing a g-string and a bow tie, and a girl with huge boobs wearing a tiny lace apron, nipple-caps and high heels.(when she turned around she was wearing only a thong under the apron- how cool did that look !)

They led us through to the lounge, where about 8 guests were gathered. Our host introduced us, and we got drinks. Most of the people were older than Lisa and I, with one couple at least mid-60’s, but all very well-dressed and very sexy.

We were shown around- they had lots of couches in the lounge, and 2 rooms off the lounge had big king-size beds. 1 room had a screen and a camera on a tripod, and the other had several standing mirrors placed around the walls. All over were little sliver bowls with packets of condoms, and little steel bins for used condoms- very upmarket- no grey Addis bins here! In both rooms were trays with an assortment of dildos, cock-rings, double-dildos and so on, all neatly in sealed packets. One big room had been set aside as a change-room, with rails and hangers at one end, and a pile of large soft white towelling wraps on a table.

The lights were dimmed throughout after a while, and music started playing. A huge screen lowered in the lounge, and a rear-projector showed a porn movie- 3 guys fucking a very young, buxom girl in every hole.

Lisa and I were sitting on a couch, when a man of about 50 came and sat next to Lisa. They were chatting, and I could see his eyes going to her very exposed breasts and thighs every few seconds. Lisa put her hand on his leg, and let her fingers walk their way to the bulge under his jeans. She ran her fingers up and down his cock, and, before he could respond, she took the zipper, pulled it down and out came his hard cock. Leaning forward, she put her head in his lap and took his cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she took all of his cock in her mouth, and I could see that her nipples were rock-hard already- she was clearly in the mood!

I got up and went to the change room, as many of the guests had already changed and were wearing the towelling wraps.

I was standing in the room looking around, when I felt a pair of hands touch me around my thighs, and slide up under my skirt. I turned, and saw it was our host, nude and with a big hard-on. I let his hands go up, feeling his cock pushing against my bum. He got his hands to the top of my stockings, and he cupped one hand between my legs, stroking his fingers along my bare pussy. I parted my legs, and his finger probed between my pussy-lips, very gently, until he felt that they were a bit wet. The he slid a finger into my pussy.

I reached behind me, and took his cock in my hand, and rubbed it. He was very hard, and had a nice circumcised cock. I bent forward, holding on to the clothes rail. He paused, put a condom on and lifted my skirt up, and put the head of his cock against my cunt. I reached between my legs and guided him into me- I was not very wet, but it felt great-I love to fuck when it is not expected yet- almost better than when I am fully wet and ready in a way.

He thrust quickly, pushing deep inside me. With one hand he felt round front and massaged my pussy. I took one hand off the rail and touched his balls as he went in and out.

He slowed down, and asked if he could cum inside me, as he really wanted to cum early on so he could do it again later. I said sure, and thrust back against him as he pumped me. All at once he stopped, groaned, and then thrust hard as he came in the condom inside me. When he was done, he took the condom off and threw it away. Before I could get undressed, he turned me to face him, put his head under my skirt and licked my cunt, with one finger touching my bum-hole. I pulled away, and said I wanted to get changed first, so that my new dress did not get damaged.

He left, and I took my dress off, leaving my stockings and high heels on, and wrapped a small towel around my waist. Topless, I went back to the lounge.

Lisa was still there, now naked, sitting on the guys lap with his cock in her, facing him. Behind the couch on which she was sitting, another guy was standing facing her, and she had his cock in her hand as she rode the guy under her.

I went up behind her, and put my boobs either side of her head, as a joke. She turned her head and licked a nipple. Then she climbed off the guy. She said they both have very nice cocks, and we should share them.

Lisa and I knelt on the couch, with our bums pointing backwards- the guys came around behind us, and each guy put his cock in one of us, side by side. As they fucked us, Lisa and I talked- we said we should swop guys every few minutes, back and forth. So after a minute or two, we took each guys cock out, and told them to swop- which they did. As they swopped, Lisa said to them not to cum yet.

We swopped a few times, until the one guy said he was ready to cum. Then we turned around to face them, and sat on the couch with the in front of us. We each took one of them in our mouth. As I put the guys cock in, I said to Lisa “race you!”

We sucked and played with the guys, harder and harder. Lisa suddenly took her guys cock out, jerked it quickly, and as he came pointed it at me- he came all over my boobs and tummy in great squirts. I took my guys cock out as I felt him starting to cum, and pointed it as her before she could move. Some cum spurted onto her nipple, and some onto her lap, dripping down over her cunt.

We milked the guys until they could no longer take it, and we got up to go and wipe ourselves down in the bathroom, laughing like mad all the way.

When we were cleaned up, we put our towels on and went back. Lisa went to the bar, and I went to see what was going on in the smaller rooms.

In the room with the camera, 2 couples were fucking, the young girl-butler behind the camera focussed on them and showing the “movie” on the screen. She had taken off the nipple-caps and apron, and was wearing the g-string only. I watched for a minute, and the girl motioned me to join them. I shook my head, and went to her. I stood behind her, and cupped her very big breasts in my hands, rolling her nipples in my fingers.

She moaned a bit, and I put one hand between her legs, over her g string, and felt that the trimmed triangle of hair was soaking wet from watching the couples fuck. I saw the tray with Dildos nearby. As I touched her wet cunt, I reached over and took the biggest dildo I could see. I opened the packet, and took it out- a huge pink dildo shaped like a real cock.

Her eyes went wide when she saw it, but she did not move. I knelt behind her, and played my fingers over and into her cunt. I put the dildo against her pussy-lips, and pushed in hard, twisting it as it went in. She shuddered, and opened her legs even more. I thrust it in hard, and rubbed her clit at the same time.

I fucked her with this for maybe 10 minutes, as she shook and twitched from the rough sex she was getting. As I started rubbing her clit really hard, she came, almost crying, juice squirting down her legs as she collapsed on the ground I followed her down, still pumping the dildo in her very hard, even as she almost fell down.

She lay there, twitching, as the orgasm subsided. I took the dildo out and put my face between her legs, licking and kissing her pussy.

The couples on the bed had stopped fucking, and were watching us. The one woman said for me to come over to them, which I did. The guys laughed, and said that now it was my turn! One of them pushed me gently onto my back, took my towel off, and spread my legs.

The other guy said to the 2 women- ‘get her ready!”

The 2 women lay on either side of me, one with her face between my breasts, and the other upside down with her face over my cunt.

They proceeded to tickle, play and lick me, nipples, breasts, cunt and thighs. The one with her face at my cunt parted my lips and put 2 fingers in me, deep. I was by now soaking wet, juice dripping down my inside thighs.

They rolled away and said to the guys ‘she’s ready!”, and I certainly was!

I was surprised as only one guy came closer. He was nicely built, with a fairly big uncut cock, large veins and a large head. He lowered himself onto me, and with one thrust drove his cock deep in my cunt.

I gasped, and he began to fuck very hard, deep and fast, like a machine. I closed my eyes and let the feelings just build. Just when I thought I might cum, he stopped, pulled out and I felt the other guy get on me. He pushed his cock in me immediately, and carried on where the first guy had left off- hard, fast and deep.

They changed over several times in the next 30 mins- I was almost out of it- I just lay there and let them fuck as they wanted- bouncing on the bed, eyes closed, being pounded by alternating cocks. My pussy was getting raw, and the lips felt so swollen I thought I would faint.

When they changed again, I said I was going to cum, don’t stop.

But they did, and I opened my eyes to see one of the women with a dildo in her hand. She lay between my legs and drove it into my cunt. As she did this, she rubbed hard over my clit and the top of my cunt. I jerked my hips up, and rolled from side to side, as I felt a huge orgasm starting. She felt it also, and pushed down on my clit even harder- I came, shouting and crying, and felt juice flood down me over the dildo. I shook and trembled as it continued, and she kept the dildo going in and out.

When it stopped, I just lay there, emotionally and physically exhausted. The 2 women came and lay next to me, kissing and holding me. We lay like that for almost half an hour, till I recovered and we went to get something to eat and drink.

The party went on till 6 am, when we had breakfast, but more about the rest of the party next week.