01 Feb 2018

Before I got married in 2015 I had several relationships, some more serious than others.

Having been sexually active from a (too-) young age, I was never short of guys to date, although I was not promiscuous. I would let a guy feel me, and I might play with him, but I didn’t have a lot of guys whom I allowed to have full sex.

When I finished school in Cape Town, I went to the UK to go to college there, where I studied Hotel Management. Because I love kids, I also did a Diploma in child-care, paediatric first -aid and a 6-month course at a Culinary School.

During this time, from age 17 to around 24 I mostly stayed with other guys and girls in shared accommodation and dated whoever I liked at the time.

I saw Simon (my hubby-to-be) when he was in the UK, and we went on some holidays together. He is, as you may know, a friend of my Dads, and his age, so it was a slow process of getting to move from being ‘’his friend’s daughter’’ to ‘’his girlfriend’’, and he was VERY stressed about it from the start.

Maybe a short background for those who don’t know me. Simon is now 63, and I am 31 this year, and I ‘’met’’ him when I was a child, as he was a friend of my Dad, so I have known him all my life as it were.

In my teens I knew that I fancied him in a romantic way, but he was sort of ‘’out of reach’’.

When I was in the UK, he took me out on a few occasions just to treat me to dinner (being an impoverished student and all!). I was already fond of him in more than a platonic way, although he didn’t know it. Over time, our feelings for each other grew, but I was always the one to ‘’push’’ for more, he always held back.

When we first kissed, after a lovely dinner, (I kissed him!) he was responsive, but immediately was uncomfortable, and I didn’t see him for a while.

Then one weekend he invited me to join him at a villa in the South of France which he was renting for a client conference he was hosting later that week.

We had travelled together previously, and he always booked separate rooms of course, and never made the slightest move, but this was the first time since ‘’that’’ kiss that we would be together for a night. I knew what I wanted, but whether he was going to be willing was another matter!

After a dinner on the veranda overlooking the sea, we went inside and just relaxed, listening to music. It was SO romantic, the doors to the veranda open, the warm Mediterranean air wafting in, the soft jazz in the background etc!

We were still in our swimming costumes, and I had a light gown over my bikini.

I went to refresh his glass of wine, put it on the table next to him, stood in front of him, and took off my gown. Then I took off my bikini top, and my bikini bottom. I stood in front of him, and I remember feeling the delicious warmth of the breeze all over my body.

He just froze, glass half-way to his lips.

After what seemed like ages (during which I suddenly was afraid I had made a fool of myself and that I had imagined that he had feelings for me), he said

‘’we can’t, Tamz. You are …..’s daughter. I can’t take advantage of you, you are so much younger than I am.

I said ‘’but do you have feelings for me?’’’

‘’you know I do’’ he said ‘’’but that’s not the point’’

‘’it is’’ I said.’’ You don’t have to take advantage of me. Just stay there’’

Well, to cut a long story short, as it’s not the focus of this diary, I seduced him that night!

Then came a long period when he was very unhappy at what had happened, after which he grew happier, and then we told my Dad. Who was (a) not surprised (he had seen that our feelings were more than just friendship), and (b) not opposed, although he did spell out the sums for me in terms of what the relative ages would be as I grew older!

The first night we had dinner with my Dad after we had told him was the tensest I have ever seen Simon!

(Unbeknown to me at the time, Simon had in fact told my Dad about a month before he suggested that ‘’we’’ tell him. He had said to my Dad that if our relationship did not have my Dad’s 100% blessing, then he (Simon) would break off our relationship, and never see me again or contact me again. They had a long chat and my Dad said that, while it was not an age gap that he would have preferred, one can never tell what the future brings, so if a couple can have happiness for a few years or even decades, who is to say that unless it can be a ‘’full’’ lifetime it shouldn’t happen.)

So anyway, time passed, we dated, and I met Gabi. And NOW there was a problem. Simon always knew that I was bisexual, and that I had dated girls and guys, but now I was falling in love with a girl.

We discussed it, and he agreed that I could see where that relationship went. We would still date, but not exclusively, and I ended up living with Gabi for some years in Venice, Italy, where we bought an apartment. (Gabi is a very well-known model, British, and has lived and worked in Europe since she was 17 when she was ‘’discovered’’ by a fashion editor of a major magazine.)

When Simon was near, in Europe somewhere, I saw him, the rest of the time I was with Gabi, and now and then a guy if I wanted a male date.

Then I realised that my feelings for Simon had not diminished, and the more I saw him the more I came to love him.

In mid-2015 he dropped a bombshell and asked me to marry him! (he had flown to Sydney, Australia, (where my Dad was now living) and asked his approval, then flown back!).

I accepted, discussed it with Gabi who knew that we were not going to get married or even live together for ever, and moved back to South Africa. We got married at Xmas 2015 in Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps.

Gabi remains my best friend, and we are closer than ever, and I speak with her every week at least once, and see her if I am near Italy.

So, why the long preamble? Because last weekend Simon was in Europe with his business partner Lev, and he was invited to a swinger party in Paris, where Lev has offices. ( I have mentioned Lev in previous diaries, just do a search in ‘’stories, fact’’ for the name ‘Lev”)

(I had told Simon that Gabi was doing a magazine cover shoot in Paris, and he should say hello when he is there.)

So, Simon phoned me and asked me to come to Paris for the weekend, so I could see Gabi and also go with him to the party!

I flew out on Thursday 25th Jan, Air France night-flight, and arrived there on Friday 26th Jan in the morning. I checked into the hotel where Simon was staying, and I spent the day with Gabi, who took a train to Paris. I hired a taxi and collected her at the Garde du Nord, and we spent hours shopping and talking, kissing, holding hands and having a great time! (Gabi is slim, dark hair, a stunning figure and a face that has graced the cover of Vogue. When she is dressed to go out, as she was, in a short black skirt, thigh-high soft Italian leather boots and a quilted jacket with a ushanka, (a Russian style hat) she stops people in their tracks- they just turn and stare- she is THAT beautiful!)

When Simon got back from the day with Lev, the two of them invited Gabi and me to join them for drinks in the lounge. (Lev loves Gabi- he is convinced that if she would only have sex with him, she would cease being gay and become a fan of men! And he asks her every time- quite openly: ‘’my Gabi, come to my room, let me work my magic in bed with you- you will never look at another girl! Not even the lovely Tamara!’’ No shortage of ego in Russian men! Gabi incidentally is not bisexual, she is gay, and has never had a relationship with a man, let alone slept with one)

Lev was also going to the party, and as we sat and chatted, he talked about the host.

I wasn’t really listening as I was looking at some people who had just arrived, when Gabi touched me lightly on my leg. I looked at her, and she nodded surreptitiously at Lev, and then she said to Lev ‘’ so tell me more about this host’’

I realised that she must have heard something that she wanted me to hear, so I paid attention.

‘’Yes’’ said Lev, mostly talking to Simon, ’he is a very wealthy young man- inherited a fortune and made it even bigger- in the diamond business. He is based in Amsterdam but has an office and showroom in Paris. He is Jewish, very good looking, very suave. He drives classic racing cars as a hobby’’

My blood ran cold. Gabi glanced at me, then asked’’ what is this hunks name?’’

‘’Eric la Fleurier’’ Lev said. ‘’or to be more accurate, Le Comte Eric de la Fleurier. He is a French Count by birth’’

Gabi waited until Lev and Simon were once more chatting, and then looked at me, her one eyebrow raised.

I nodded and looked away.

Eric was a guy I had met before Simon and I were really serious. I dated him for quite a long time, and it got very intense. He was married and wanted to leave his wife to marry me. And it got quite close to that! We were in love, and I was already envisioning a life in Amsterdam and Paris, when his wife announced that she was pregnant with their first child. Clearly, he could not leave her now, so after many long drawn out farewells, we parted, and I have not spoken to him since.

And Simon knows about a guy called Eric and that we dated, but I have never really spelled out the details to him. From his lack of reaction, he did not associate the hosts name with the guy I dated.

So now, he is the host at a swinger party, where Simon and I will be. Do I tell Simon that this man was once the love of my life, and was the only man that I ever contemplated marrying other than Simon? How will he feel? If we sit and chat? If we share a drink? If we have sex? Will his wife be there? Is he still married?

These and a million other thoughts flooded my brain as I sat there, Gabi’s hand in mine, wondering what I had got myself into.

If I had known who the host was I would never have agreed to come!

But, I was there, and I could not very well pull out now!

Gabi had a dinner date, so we said good-bye and Simon and I went out to dinner at a little restaurant we both love in the Latin Quarter, near Pont Neuf on the Boulevard Saint Germain. I had spoken about Eric with Gabi, and she said that I simply MUST tell Simon- he is going to be very angry if he finds out later, or worse, at the party.

At the end of the dinner I told him that I knew Eric, and how I knew him.

He surprised me by saying that he had thought as much from what I had told him of Eric, compared to what Lev had said. I asked if it was a problem for him.

Simon was quiet for a while (he always goes very quiet when he is angry, or when he is deep in thought) so I kept quiet and studied the menu for desert.

‘’Have you been in contact since you spilt up with him? ’he asked.

‘’no’’ I said. I’’ heard via a friend years ago that his wife had a little boy, but I didn’t make contact or anything’’

‘’How do you feel about him now?’’

I thought for a moment.

‘’He is, or was, a friend. We were intimate at that time. But it’s over, and it ended well, with us still friends. I grew up as a child without both parents as you know, and there is no way I would have allowed him to divorce his wife as she is about to have his child. I could never live with myself, so it was the right decision and I am comfortable with it. No regrets. I would like to see him if it happens, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see him.’’

Eventually he said that he didn’t have a problem with it, as long as I was ok with it.

‘’will you be ok if he wants to play with you?’’ he asked after a while.

‘’I would like to make that decision at the time. Maybe, maybe not. If you are ok if I decide to’’.

He said he was, so that was the end of that.

The next day I met up with Gabi, and we did a few girl things.

Of course, the floods were a huge issue- many streets were closed, sand-bags everywhere, and none of the water-taxis or tourist barges were operational. It was very weird- I have never seen Paris like that!

There are few things nicer than being with a stunning girl in Paris on a clear late-winter day, sitting on the side walk of a coffee shop, eating pastries and drinking strong Café crème, and watching the people pass by. Then we said goodbye, and she took the Metro to Charles De Gaulle airport to get a flight to Berlin, and I went back to the hotel around 4 pm.

Simon and I had an early dinner at a Bistro near the hotel, and then went to get changed for the party.

I am always excited before a swinger party. Even after all these years, each one is different, and there is a sense of the unknown- who will be there, who will I play with, what will happen?

I selected a VERY short dress with a plunging neckline and no sides, so my boobs were really ‘’on show’’ front and sides (and no bra of course), with killer high heels and stay-up stockings (for the guys: these are individual-leg stockings, not panty-hose, that stay up on their own and can be worn with or without panties) and the tiniest panties you can imagine- just a wisp of a triangle of fabric in front, and tiny sides, cut high on my bum at the back. I left my hair loose and wore a gold necklace with a diamond pendant and matching earrings.

(I have NEVER really figured out how the wealthy, like Simon, think about jewellery. He gave me this antique necklace with a huge diamond (just under 2 carats), then insisted that I have a copy made to wear going out unless it is to a very secure place. So, what’s the point of the necklace then if I can’t wear it?? Gabi, who has received lots of such gifts, says it’s all about the guy being seen to be able to give the girl such an expensive gift, not about her wearing it. Still seems weird to me. So, this was the replica, not the original which was in our safe at home. Go figure!)

Simon looked fabulous- he really dresses well, although he doesn’t think so. He had on a stunning pair of faded blue jeans with a crisp white bespoke shirt, and soft Italian leather loafers. He looked sooooo nice I wanted to get started there and then!

We had called for a ‘’small’’ limo (a stretch BMW 750 il), which arrived and took us the hours’ drive out of Paris central and to the home where the party was. On the way, we stopped to pick up Lev and his date. Lev looked as he always does, very well groomed but somehow threatening. His date was a very pretty brunette, my sort of age (which for Lev is unusual) wearing a tiny black skirt and emerald green blouse, with no bra, as her boobs were clearly visible as she got in- they looked very nice- big for her slim build I thought. Maya spoke quite good English, but with a strong German accent as she lives in Dusseldorf where she is a PA to a CEO. More about her later!

I had asked Simon if Eric knew I was going to be there, and he said that he had asked Lev to ask Eric if he was ok with it. Eric had said he was, and that his wife would be there, but that it was best if I did not reveal that Eric and I had dated while he was already married to her!

We arrived at the house, a large double story mansion set in well-manicured grounds. We were greeted at the door by a young man who showed us to the main lounge where the other guests were.

It seemed very grand, double story with a wide sweeping driveway and a very big entrance door with columns on either side. Up lights under the trees cast an entrancing play of light and shadow, and a fountain burbled in the middle of the circular flower beds. Eric certainly had done well for himself, and I could see Simon evaluating his ‘’competition’’’!

The house was decorated in a wonderful mix of antique-looking furniture and some modern pieces, but very warm and welcoming. The lounge had two big chandeliers casting a warm soft light, and around the room were settings of couches and chairs and some side-tables- a very big room, probably a reception room rather than a lounge.

The guests were all very stylishly dressed, not formal, but nice, the men in pants or jeans and button-up shirts, and the women mostly in quite sexy and revealing outfits.

One woman, who must have been about 50, with very full figure and old face came past wearing a blouse which was so see-through she needn’t have bothered to wear it- her very large breasts swinging freely, her nipples hard and pointing downward, and a short skirt to match, with very plump thighs.

Eric saw us and came over to greet us. He greeted each of us equally, without any indication that he knew me, so I followed suite and kept quiet.

Then he introduced his wife, Helena, a very attractive blonde in her 40’s, with very big (enhanced I was sure) boobs ‘’on display’’ in a low-cut dress.

The other guests were standing or sitting, chatting, having drinks and so on, maybe 25 people in all, maybe more- I didn’t count as more arrived in the next few minutes.

At 8 pm Eric announced that we should all go through to the recreation area on the lower level-the house was actually a three-story at the back as the ground slopes, so we all trooped down a flight of stairs to the lower level.

The recreation area was an even larger room, facing onto the gardens, with a pool table at one end with a bar, lots of easy-chairs and small couches arranged in groups around the room, and a large hot-tub at the other end indoors. Next to it, but outside, I could see pool and lots of loungers, but the doors were closed as it is still too cold in Europe to be outside at night unless you are warmly dressed. (it’s around 3c at night and 10 to 14c in the day right now.)

Eric told us all about the drinks arrangements (just ask the waiters (the guy or girl who showed us around) or the barman, and the room etiquette. This was new to me in a private party- he had a series of partitions along one wall, maybe 2 meters apart and 3 meters long, like cubicles, each with a curtain in front. He said that if the curtain was closed, it meant that the people inside did not want to be disturbed. If it was open, one could stand and watch, but not go in. In the rest of the room normal etiquette applied, i.e. one could ask to play and accept the reply. (most clubs have this also)

A slim pale young man of around 18 or 19 wearing a dress shirt and jeans showed the guys to the change rooms, while an equally slim, blonde young woman with her hair in a pony-tail and in a similar outfit showed the girls where they could change when they wanted to.(at first she looked VERY young, like 15, but on closer inspection she was older, and just looked that young because of her very petite figure and her school-like pony-tail, but she was also around 18 or 19 I guess) Or, we were told, we could just leave clothes on the two couches against the wall if we wanted to.

(Note to readers: I refer to the young man and young woman as ‘’boy’’ or ‘’girl’’. They were both around 19 or 20, and no underage nuances are implied by the use of the words)

In the change room was a pile of fluffy white towels, and a rack of sheer gowns in various designs and colours and in sizes from small to extra- large, 2 showers and 3 toilets, and some padded benches in the centre to sit on while you changed.

I didn’t get changed right away, although a few women did.

I went back to the main room. The lights had been turned down, and music was playing quite loudly. Some couples were dancing near the bar.

I found Simon, who was talking to a man and a woman his sort of age. I joined them as we chatted for a while. They were French but spoke fluent English, so we got on ok.

The man, Marc stood next to me, and after a while put his arm around me. He stroked the sides of my breasts, making my nipples go hard. When he slid his hand down to my bum and lifted the back of my skirt as his hand rose, he gave a big smile when he felt the top of the stockings, then my bare thigh, then and tiny panties!

Simon had his arm around the woman, Deidre, and was fondling her boobs.

Marc stood back and lifted my skirt, touching my tiny panties and stroking my pussy. He pushed the thin fabric into my slit a little bit and slid his finger up and down my slit, making the panties wet.

Simon had opened Deidre’s blouse, and was playing with her nipples, Marc watching him intently as Deidre seemed to have really sensitive nipples and was responding with soft moans.

After a while of such foreplay, Marc asked whether we would like to join them in a room. We said ok and went to get changed.

With my gown on, I went back. In the meantime, the guys had decided to rather stay in the main room for now. Deidre was a bit plump, with shortish dark hair, and her husband was also plump, bald with a lovely smile. We were all in our gowns, so we went to sit at a couch and chairs against the far wall. As soon as I sat, the Deidre took off her gown and sat next to me. She had very big soft boobs, with big pink nipples, and she was shaved. I took off my gown, and she immediately started to suck on my nipples, with her one hand between my legs. I parted my legs, and she stroked my slit with a finger, then slid it in. I was wet already, and she fingered me easily, probing deep into my pussy.

I put my hand between her legs and felt her pussy warm, wet and slippery. She smiled as I felt it and said that she had been masturbating while waiting for me. I slid a finger into her, then another, then another, my hand making a little wedge in her open pussy. She said to push hard and put it all in, so I did, my hand disappearing up her to the palm of my hand. I rammed my hand in and out rapidly, and she jerked and bucked as I forced my hand in deeper. Simon stood next to her, facing her, his cock hard, and she took it with one hand and started to suck on it. I pulled on her nipples, hard, and she grunted as she felt the thrill of the slight pain.

Her husband Marc came to sit on the other side of me. I felt his hand feeling for my pussy. Finding it, he slid a finger into me, Deidre taking her hand away, and fingered me hard, playing with my clit. He moved away, put on a condom, and came back. He led me to stand and turn around, facing the couch. Pushing his cock between my legs, I felt him part the globes of my bum, prodding a little at my arsehole, then sliding his cock to my waiting cunt. Entering me, he held onto my hips and began to fuck me with a nice slow rhythm, driving all the way in with each stroke, then almost all the way out.

Deidre moved to one side and lay back on the couch. Simon mounted her, her fat legs spread as wide apart as they could go. As soon as he was in her she started to fuck rapidly, clutching him to her, her huge boobs flopping and bouncing as she thrust her hips up at his cock.

I watched his bum tense as he thrust at her, his chest resting on her boobs. He lowered his head and mouthed her nipples, biting them lightly.

Her husband kept fucking me, then withdrew his cock and stood up.

I turned, and he took the condom off. I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth, deep-throating him. Her jerked his cock a few times, not wanting to cum I guessed, then took it out of my mouth and sat down.

Simon climbed off Deidre, her body wet with sweat, her pussy gaping and wet.

She pulled Simon to her and sucked on his cock, fondling his balls.

We rested a while, panting.

All around us people were in various stages of playing.

Lev and his girlfriend Maya were opposite us. She was on her hands and knees, with a guy fucking her from the back and another kneeling with his cock in her mouth. Lev had got hold of the waitress and was trying to persuade her to fuck him. She was very young, maybe 18 or 19, and slim. He was sitting on a chair with her in front of him, his hand between her legs over her cunt, rubbing at it, his other hand masturbating himself. He has a very big cock, and I could see that she was considering his offer, glancing every so often at his hand on his cock.

Maya stood, leaving the two guys, and went to get a drink. She has lovely boobs, very full and round, with small dark nipples and a shaved pussy.

I watched her go to the bar. When she stood there, a man came up behind her and put his arms around her, feeling her boobs. She snuggled into him, his cock pressing against her back. She got her drink and turned around. Taking his cock in her hand she sipped some of her drink, and then with it in her mouth bent over and sucked him.

Simon had wandered off, so I also went to get a Coke. Leaning against the bar, I saw Eric with two women. Both were sucking his cock taking turns. He has a very nice cock- long and thick, and he knows how to use it! The one woman was old, older than Simon, with wrinkled boobs and a sagging bum, but she was sucking his cock with vigour, and judging by the expression on his face, she was doing a good job!

He saw me looking at him and moved away from the two women. The younger of the two immediately began to finger the older woman and they lay on a couch in an embrace.

Eric came over to me and we chatted. I must say that it was a bit weird, standing naked with my former lover, with his wife watching from a couch where she was with another guy. His head was between her spread legs, his head bobbing up and down as he ate her cunt. She has long slim legs, which were straight up in the air, giving the man maximum access to her cunt.

Eric held out his arms to me, and I saw that his cock was semi-hard, and glistening from someone juices I guess.

I pressed my breasts to his chest, and fondled his cock, making it grow hard. As the head came out, I masturbated him faster, ticking it like I know he likes it, running my nails under his balls to his arsehole and back.

‘’I’ve missed you’’ he whispered in my ear, his head on my shoulder.

‘’we’ve never met, remember!’’ I said softly. ‘’Just enjoy what we have tonight, forget the past’’.

His hand slid down my back, between my bum-cheeks and over my arsehole. Bending a bit, he felt for my cunt from the back and pushed a finger into me.

I turned and held onto the bar, bending forward. He put on a condom, and took me from the back, his large cock sliding into me, his balls pressing on my bum. Holding around me, cupping my boobs and pulling on my nipples he fucked me. I remembered the after-shave he wore, the same smell, and it brought back good and sad memories. But I enjoyed his fucking me!

As he was fucking me, his wife came to us. She stood in front of me and put my hand on her pussy. She was SO wet, her thighs soaking and slick. I slid a finger into her, and she gripped the counter as I found her g -spot and touched it, my thumb on her clit.

Eric kissed her on her mouth, over my head as he fucked me and I fingered her, and we played like that for a while.

Then, tiring, he withdrew his cock. She took my hand and led me to a couch, where I sat. She parted my legs, and I felt her tongue tickle my clit, then my lips, and then enter me deeply, licking and sucking at me. When she pushed a finger into me at the same time I started to cum, and she licked even faster and fingered me deeper until I orgasmed, my legs jerking as the sensation flooded through me.

When I was done, she rose and kissed me on my lips, her mouth tasting of my cunt and my juices- musty, warm, and familiar.

So that was a very strange fuck- my ex-lover and his wife making me cum!

I sat there a while, and then Maya came and sat next to me, naked. (I had put my gown around me loosely.)

Maya has a slim figure but with quite big boobs, round and firm, with nice slightly puffy nipples. Fully shaved, her pussy is a neat slit below a flat tummy.

We chatted- she had been with 3 guys in one of the private booths where they had given her a small gang-bang. She said her pussy needed a rest now!

No sooner had she said that, than she spotted someone at the far end and gave a delighted giggle.

‘’see that fat man there?’’ she asked, indicating with her little finger to a short fat man sitting on the arm of a chair across the room.

‘’yes’’ I said


She waved at him, and he got up and came over, waddling along with the woman he had been sitting with in tow. Both were around 50 or more, short and fat. She had been playing with his cock, but it was very small and hidden under his belly even though it was erect.

Maya introduced him and the woman (his wife) to me.

She hugged them both, then, still hugging the man she felt for his cock and began to stroke it.

Without another word, she kneeled in front of him and took his little cock in her mouth, putting it all in with ease. The woman stood and watched, her hand between her legs on her pussy, her big boobs hanging, huge brown nipples hard.

Maya pulled the man gently to the floor, he lay back, and she climbed on top, his cock disappearing under his belly into her cunt.

She rode him for a while, making loud sounds of enjoyment which I found odd as his cock was so small.

Then, after a while, she got off him, sucked his cock a bit more, and the man and his wife went away.

‘’what was that about?’’ I asked with great curiosity.

She checked that they were gone, then burst out laughing.

‘’when I was at school, the headmaster was an old lecherous man, always hanging about in the stairwell where he could look up our skirts as we went upstairs. In the science lab he would have us sit on the high chairs and he would sit facing us on a low chair, peeking up our skirts. And he was very taken by me-I was always being called into his office and asked to tidy up, so he could look up my skirt as I bent over. After I left school, I had a boyfriend, and a group of us decided one night after too much to drink, to swop partners. We fucked each other’s boyfriends, and my guy and I found we really liked it. He met an older guy who was part of a group that was in the lifestyle, and we were invited to a few parties. You can imagine that in a group of 10 or 15 people all ages 40 or so, my guy and I at age 18 were VERY in demand!

One party we went to we had all just got undressed, and we went into the lounge, and there, stark naked, was my last-years high school headmaster and his equally naked wife!

So, after much embarrassment, I decided to give the old man what he had always wanted, so I fucked him till he cried enough! Then I took his wife and ate her pussy till she came.

AND that’s him and his wife!! I have seen them now at a few parties, and I always give him a quick fuck for old-time’s sake! He must have cum already tonight, because usually when I fuck him he cums in less than a minute!’’

I almost fell off my chair laughing! I looked again at the couple- small, fat and wrinkled, and thought that this guy should go to church every day- there really is a God!

Maya went off, and a very elegant dark-haired woman of around 40 I guess came to sit next to me.

We spoke, and she asked if I wanted to join her and her friends at the couches across the room seeing that I was sitting alone. I went with her. She was quite tall, very nice body- slim, nice firm boobs and a lovely face.

At the couches we went to there were three guys and a woman already. Two of the guys were ok, 40ish, nice build but nothing special. The woman however was interesting. Very short cropped blonde hair, and a VERY muscular figure- maybe a professional body-builder- VERY strong legs, arms, 6 pack, big false boobs like soccer balls, her flat tummy tapering in a V like a guy to a prominent pussy. Very strong face- hard.

Her name was Elise, a German woman, who it turned out was in fact a semi-professional body builder.

The other man was older I think, maybe 50’s, very swarthy, lots of dark curly body hair, and a shaved head, big guy, powerful muscles, but nice eyes. He patted the couch next to him, so I sat there. I glanced down and saw that despite the body hair he was shaved, his circumcised cock very big, thick and dark, hanging between his legs in that delicious state between being hard and being soft- filled, big and hanging. I love it when it is like that.

(As an aside, when I was at school, I used to go with some girlfriends to Sandy Bay in Cape Town, a well-known nudist beach. Apart from just enjoying the sexy feeling of the sun on our whole body, there was always some fun to be had with guys- not fucking them but teasing them. We would find a pair or group of men, any age, and go and lay out our towels near them. Then, without looking at them at all, we would slowly undress, in an elaborate strip-tease. When we were naked, we would rub oil on each other. You can imagine the effect on a group of guys, having three or four nubile 16year-olds do a strip-tease and then rub oil ALL over each other, bending, stretching, legs apart and so on. The game was to see how long it took before all the guys were lying on their tummy to hide their hard-ons! And the start was always when their cock got to this semi-hard, hanging stage- then we knew the game was on because they could not stop it getting hard after that! So that stage of arousal, semi-hard, is my favourite. When I am asked to watch a guy on cam on SH I will often ask him to let it go soft on its own after cumming so I can see it like that.)

So, I sat down next to the swarthy man. He had a very nice smile, his whole face lit up, and he said his name was Manfred, also a German, and the husband of Elise the bodybuilder woman. He said that they were experienced swingers and were part of a big group who met each month for a weekend of fun.

He put his arm around me and played with my nipples. The woman who had come to call me, Donne (I think that’s how it’s spelled) sat on the other side of Manfred. He leaned forward and sucked my nipples, so I took his cock and began to stroke it. It was very thick, still not hard, and as it grew hard I was quite impressed with its size also. When it was hard I jerked him a while. Donne put her head in his lap and sucked him, while I jerked him and ‘fed’’ his cock to her. He had his one hand between my legs and his other hand between her legs, fingering us both with his big thick fingers.

Elise was sucking the one guys cock, and he stood, and pulled her so she was standing on the couch, facing its back. Then she leaned over the back of the couch, standing next to her husband, her legs apart, her strong thighs defined and tense, her big hard boobs pressed against the couch back. One of the guys went around the couch to her head, and pushed his cock to her mouth, her head lifting up and down as she started to suck him.

The other guy stood behind her on the couch between her legs. He had a nice-size cock, uncut, long but not very thick with a pronounced curve. He had a tube in his hand, and he smeared some gel onto his cock, masturbating, and between her firm bum cheeks. I sat up to see what he was doing, and as I did so Manfred dropped to his knees in front of me, pushed my knees apart and I felt his tongue probe my wet slit, parting it, licking the lips and my clit. I opened my legs wider, and his whole face mouthed my cunt hard making me squirm.

The guy behind Elise thrust a finger into her puckered hole, all the way in, and she gave a low guttural cry as he manipulated it in her arse. A second finger got the same reaction but widened her hole.

Still masturbating he moved closer to her arse and pushed the head of his cock to her arsehole, letting it go in a bit. When the head seemed to be in, he pushed quite hard and it all went in, with Elise giving a much louder groan. The guy she was sucking grabbed her head by her short hair and forced her head onto his cock, making her gag a bit it seemed.

The man behind her fucked her arse hard, going all the way in each time and almost all the way out, her hole pulling outwards as he pulled back as though it was clasping his cock.

He was slamming into her arse hard, much harder than I would have been able to take, her body bouncing on the back of the couch.

I was really horny now, and Manfred was doing a great job on my pussy with his mouth, almost making me cum.

His cock was rigid, Donne sitting on the floor next to him sucking it. I stood, lay down on the floor, and lifted my legs in the air. He mounted me, and I guided his cock in with some difficulty- even though I had been fucked recently, he was still quite big.

He supported himself on his arms so as not to crush me, and I felt his cock slide slowly into me, my pussy lips stretching as it went deeper and deeper.

When he was in, he paused for a moment, and then began to fuck my pussy with a nice rapid rhythm, his balls slapping against my cunt. I smelled his male sweaty smell, mixed with nice cologne, his breath panting as he thrust in me. The floor was hard under my bum, and with each stoke I moved a little on the floor giving me a slight carpet burn later, but for now I enjoyed his attentions to my cunt.

I wrapped my legs around his broad hairy back and pulled him in tightly. He has put a condom on, so I was relaxed if he wanted to cum, because I was going to!

I felt Donne’s hand between my legs, touching his balls I think, and my arsehole, as he fucked me.

He lifted his hips to grind his pubic area against my clit, and I stared to cum hard, gripping him with my hands, digging into his shoulders with my nails. He realised that I was cumming, and fucked even harder, his cock ramming hard and deep into me. I felt that the orgasm was growing even more, and then I lost control as I felt the juices begin to flood. I pushed him away from my tummy and rubbed hard over my clit, pulling his cock out of me, and a huge squirt of juice came out of me all over the floor. He saw what I was doing and rubbed just as hard, and another big jet of juice squirted out, again and again, four or five times I think. My whole body was shaking, my legs like jelly, trembling and quivering, and I was crying as the squirts came out of me uncontrollably. My cunt was SO tender that I would not bear it, yet every time he rubbed it, it hurt as though he was using sandpaper, and then I squirted.

Eventually it stopped, as I could not stand it anymore. I lay there shaking, crying, and jerking every so often until it settled down.

Donne lay next to me cuddling me, until I relaxed.

When I could, I sat up, and got back onto the couch, my legs barely able to support me.

Elise was still being fucked in the arse, and the guy suddenly held her bum apart, pulling her cheeks wide, kicking her legs open, and he came in her arse, his cock rammed deep into her. He paused once he had cum, then withdrew his cock, and a thin stream of cum oozed out of her gaping ring and dripped between her muscular thighs.

The guy she had been sucking moved rapidly around to her bum, took over from where the other guy had been standing, hit her very hard across her bum and drove his cock all the way into her arse in one thrust, then fucked her arse hard, gripping her bum and digging his fingers into her leaving deep red gouges. He went at it for barely a minute and the also came in her arse.

He took his cock out, and more cum drooled out of her, her arse now red with the marks of his smack and his fingers.

She lay there over the back of the couch gasping, her bum, thighs and calves defined and hard. The two guys both went to the other side of the couch, and presented their slightly softened cocks to her mouth, and she sucked each one in turn, licking the cum ( and maybe even a bit of poo) off them.

Manfred had been watching his wife get arse –fucked and then licking the guys cocks, and he was rigid and ready. He pulled Donne to between his legs and gripped her hair in a fist, then pushed her head to his cock. She took as much as she could in, then he held her head steady and began to face-fuck her, making her choke and splutter as he rammed his cock down her throat and held it there. Maybe two minutes of this passed, then he threw back his head and jerked his body as he came in Donne’s mouth, his cum squirting down her throat. She tried to swallow as best she could, but he was so deep in her mouth that a lot dripped out over her chin anyway.

He finished, and she wiped her mouth, his cock still thick and long with some cum on the end.

While the experience with Donne and her husband was great, and I had cum very nicely, I was a bit concerned at the overall level of aggressive sex that they seemed to like, and I was happy to move away and go to the bathroom.

(readers will note that I don’t write about what all the others were doing- but in a diary, I can only write what I see, and when I am playing with a couple, I can’t see what else is going on).

I went and sat with Eric on a small couch. He was still nude and looked very nice indeed. He held me, and we chatted a bit.

He fetched me a drink, and I asked him about Donne, Elise, Manfred and the others. He said that they were all into BDSM, and that Elise in particular was a very violent and aggressive sex partner who could give as well as take. He said that on several occasions he had seen her with real cuts, bruises and marks from the rough sex she liked- he had once seen her take 5 guys in her arsehole one after another and was in hospital because of the damage for a day or so after that!

Looking around, I saw that Lev had finally succeeded with the young waitress- she was now nude, sitting on his lap and trying to get his very big cock into her. She was really slim, her boobs tiny and pointed, her body pale and shaved, and his cock, now in front of her as she sat facing away from him, looked like it would never fit, and if it did it would come up to her cervix.

She lifted herself and he manoeuvred the head of his cock at her tight slim cunt. The head just about went in, and then she lowered herself a little bit. Only the first few inches went in, and then she stopped and began to ride him, with never more that the top third of his cock in her. It can’t have been very fulfilling for him, and sure enough after a short time he smacked her bum, and lifted her off, giving her tiny hard nipples a big kiss before she went away with her clothes in her hand.

Eric laughed.

“I wondered whether anyone would get to have her’’ he said. ‘’the two of them were told they could fuck if they wanted to but they didn’t have to.’’

‘’if she walks around naked she is going to have a lot more fucks’’ I said, watching her go across to the bar.

She got to the bar, and I saw a few of the guys notice her.

Without putting her clothes on she started to put drinks on a tray. Before she had got very far, a man of at least 60 came up behind her, put his arms around her and pulled on her tiny nipples, before groping between her legs for her cunt. She still had a drink in her hand when he pushed her legs apart and inserted his cock in her cunt, no doubt still wet and ready from Lev.

She held onto the bar as he pumped in her cunt, and then he withdrew and moved off, so she got on with the drinks, but I was sure that this would be the first of many fucks if she wanted it. I remembered when I was her age at my first few parties- every guy just wanted to fuck the new young girl, over and over, no matter where I was or what I was doing.

(At one club in London, after a really long night, I went to shower. The showers were all unisex and had no curtains or doors, so showering was part of the play area if you wanted it- guys and girls would hang around there to watch each other shower, and play. I had just put my towel down when two guys came up to me. Both were quite old, 45 + (relative to me, aged 19 or 20 then) and both had huge hard-ons, masturbating. They said they had been trying to get to play with me all night, but only now was I alone, and could we play? So, we fucked in the shower, both of them taking me standing, sitting an on my hands and knees, and I must say it was one of the nicest fucks I had had up to then- the hot water cascading over us as we fucked! )

At midnight, the young guy and girl, now with towels around them, served champagne and oysters, and we all sat around and talked and drank and rested. I sat next to Elise by chance and noticed that in addition to her massively muscled body, when she moved so that her legs parted, I could see that she had a huge clit, like a small cock, even when it was not aroused. Steroid’s, I guessed. (by the way, why do steroids make a girl’s clit huge, but a guy’s cock small?? Weird.)

This was turning into a very long and very erotic party- it seemed that many people were going to sleep there, and Eric said that the party often continued the next morning.

He was sitting on the other side of me, and asked, after we had had oysters and I had had a cool drink, whether I wanted to go to one of the ‘’private’’ booths with him and ‘’rest’’. I thought about it, and I was about to say yes, when I thought how Simon would feel if he saw Eric and I secluded in a private booth, just the two of us. It might feel like I was lying when I said that I did not still fancy him, and Simon may get worried, so I said no thanks, without explaining.

Just then Simon came past and asked whether I wanted to stay overnight. Eric explained that many of the guests would do so to avoid driving back in the early hours of the morning, as it was now 1 a.m. He said there were three bedrooms upstairs where there were several mattress and bedding on the floor, and a gift bag of toiletries for each guest, so we could freshen up and sleep. The only rule was that there was to be no playing in the sleep-rooms, so that those who wanted to sleep could do so. The next morning, breakfast would be on the terrace, and then people who wanted to party more could do so or could leave whenever they chose to.

It sounded great. I asked Eric how long these parties went on for, and he said the longest lasted four days in total!

I told Simon that I was happy to stay, and he went off somewhere.

Eric and I chatted a while more. He wanted to know how often I was in Europe, whether I came alone, where I stayed and so on. I had a good idea where this was leading, so when he asked whether he could see me alone when I was in Europe I had thought about it and said that I didn’t think it was a good idea for his marriage or for mine, so thanks, but no thanks.

I fetched my clothes and, with the gown around me, went to the second floor where the bedrooms were.

I found the rooms and an empty mattress, with a cute little toiletry bag with a toothbrush, small travel toothpaste tube, a small tube of shampoo, and a no-fragrance deodorant stick, as well as a facecloth- so thoughtful of Eric!

I showered, put on my gown and went to the bedroom. It was unisex (no point in being all coy when you have all been fucking each other!) and was happy to see Maya on the mattress next to mine. We lay down, nude on the mattress with just a sheet over us and chatted quietly. Then, getting sleepy, I closed my eyes, and felt Maya cuddle me, and like that we went to sleep.

Sometime in the early hours Simon arrived and lay on the other side of me, so I woke up sandwiched between him and Maya- not at all an unpleasant way to greet the day!

Breakfast was lovely, light and tasty, and I went for a swim in the heated indoor pool, covered by a conservatory. There were a few people in the pool and lying on loungers around the pool, mostly nude. The lounge adjoining the conservatory had been cleaned and was set up as it had been the evening prior.

After a swim I lay on a lounger to relax. I was also nude and enjoying the mild sun through the glass roof on my body.

Simon and Lev were chatting to the young waitress from the night before. She had changed into a skirt and a t shirt, and the young man was also in a t shirt with board shorts as he served drinks and coffee.

Lying with my eyes half closed, I noticed an older woman, in her 50’s maybe, waving the young man to her, where she was sitting with a man, maybe her husband, of a similar age.

The young man went to her and sat next to her on the lounger. She was nude, her rather flabby boobs hanging either side of her chest, her shaved pussy open as her legs were spread unselfconsciously.

She stroked his leg as she chatted to him, and then lifted his t shirt and pulled it over his head. I had not seen him playing the night before, but Maya said he had been fucking a very much older woman in one of the private booths at one stage, and she thought she had seen him with an older man also.

His chest was hairless and pale, and with no muscles to speak of. The woman pulled him down on her and sucked his nipples, and he put his hand between her legs and fingered her gaping cunt. She squirmed and undid his shorts and pulled them off. He was shaved, and the combination of his hairless body and shaved public area made him look even younger, although he was 19, I was told later.

She leaned over him and sucked his surprisingly big cock, taking it all in her mouth at first, and playing with his smooth balls.

It didn’t take long before he mounted her, his cock sliding easily into her, and he began to fuck her, her boobs and tummy bouncing around as he pounded her cunt, his small tight bum clenching as he thrust into her waiting , wet orifice.

After quite a long time he stopped and got off her and sat next to her again. Her husband who had been watching his wife get fucked stood and moved so that he was standing in front of the young man. The old man’s cock was semi-hard from masturbating, and he pushed it to the youngster’s face, who opened his mouth and sucked the older man’s cock.

He deep-throated the old man, until his cock was hard, all the while playing with his own cock.

When the older man was fully hard, he walked away and came back with his wife’s handbag. Taking a tube out of it, he squirted some gel on his cock and into his hand.

The woman stood up, and the young man lay down on his back on the lounger. The older man rubbed the gel between the young man’s bum, on his arsehole, and leaned over to push a finger into his arse. He prodded the youngsters arse for a while and then crouched on the lounger between the younger man’s legs, lifting them onto his shoulders. Positioning his lubricated cock at the youngsters puckered ring, and started to push his cock in.

They wriggled and moved as his cock penetrated the young man’s arse, and then he started to fuck him properly, driving his cock all the way into the arse of the boy below him, pounding him hard.

The young man was masturbating furiously while his arse was being fucked, and after being fucked for maybe five minutes the young man gave a series of little yelps and squirted his load onto his tummy, up to his chin. Seeing this made the older guy cum, and he gripped the boy’s hips and pulled him towards him hard as he squirted into the boy’s arse, over and over.

Eventually he stopped and pulled his cock out in one movement, leaving the boy legs wide apart, his arsehole gaping and raw with some cum visible even at a distance.

A couple sitting next to them clapped, and the boy and the older man grinned at them.

I was not surprised to see this- in Europe at parties we often see bisexual play, guys fucking guys in one way or another, often straight guys just experimenting, and not necessarily doing full anal intercourse, but just masturbating or oral sex on each other. In SA it seems to be rarer.

I was lying in a corner of the conservatory, and I turned half onto my tummy on my left side, my left leg out straight under me and my right leg in front of me and bent, which is the way I sleep. I felt someone get onto the lounger behind me, and recognised Eric’s cologne. I turned my head and smiled at him, and he cuddled closer, spooning me.

( I can’t begin to count the number of times that lying with a guy in that position has led immediately to a fuck- guys get so hard feeling their cock against a girls bum-crack)

His arm reached across me and he played with my nipples, pulling on them and making them hard. As he moved closer to hug me, I felt his cock, rock hard and ready pressing between the cheeks of my bum.

He moved against me, his cock rubbing up and down between the globes of my bum, then felt with his hand between my legs, cupping my pussy, rubbing it without trying to finger me. His cock was as hard as could be, and he seemed to be very aroused.

I felt his finger part my slit, and gently rub inside my pussy-lips, then go deeper as he felt me get wet. Another finger went into me, now masturbating me softly, all the while he was kissing my neck and back.

I pushed my bum backwards towards him, horny now, and lifted my right leg up a bit. He pushed the head of his cock into my slit and slid the length of it into me. This is how we used to fuck on a Sunday morning when we slept in late when we were dating, just moving, fucking, enjoying it for ages, stopping and starting until one of us got to the point of wanting to cum, and then we would fuck hard and fast till we came.

He did this now, moving slowly in and out of me, his arm around me.

I got more and more aroused and saw that two couples near us were watching us, playing with each other, and it aroused me more.

I pulled forward and his cock came out, then I pushed him onto his back and mounted him, lowering myself onto his rigid and slippery cock.

Once in I fucked him hard and fast, grinding my cunt against him, thrusting as hard as I could.

I began to cum, jerking my hips as the orgasm started. As I was cumming he came, lifting me up as he thrust his cock hard into me, squirting his load deep into my cunt. We came for ages, with me sitting on him, not lifting, just moving backwards and forwards as we came.

When we were both finished, I collapsed onto him, lying on his chest, panting hard.

We lay like that for a while, then I got off him, gave him a kiss and went to clean up.

It had been a lovely fuck!

People were starting to play all around the pool and in the lounge, but it was time for us to be going, as we had things to do in Paris before I flew back to Johannesburg.

I found Simon and Lev in the lounge, with the young waitress and a plump woman in her 20’s who I had not seen before.

Lev was fucking the plump one, and the waitress was mounted on top of Simon, riding his cock vigorously, her tiny firm boobs barely moving as his cock penetrated her tight slit over and over, her nipples rigid and pointed.

He saw me, and after a few more thrusts lifted her off him. Lev did the same and got off the plump girl, who immediately turned to the waitress, got between her slim legs and started to mouth her cunt, making the young waitress jerk and squirm. The plump woman looked very cute, her arse in the air as she kneeled between the waitress’s legs, her cunt open and wet, and I was sorry I had not seen her earlier- she had nice boobs and a pretty face.

Simon, Lev, Maya and I showered, said our goodbyes and left, and I flew back to SA that night.

It was a fabulous party, long and erotic, although as I sit here in the Air France flight on Sunday night, writing this after dinner late at night, Simon asleep next to me in his bed, my cunt is very tender and maybe a bit bruised, so I need to take it easy for a few days back home!