Written by wildchildtammy

02 Feb 2015

(To make it clearer, I am an au pair for a couple with 2 small children. I obviously don’t want to reveal their names, so when I refer to “Mrs. boss” it is the wife, and “Mr boss” is the husband)

Last Thursday, I went with mrs boss and the children to Hyde Park to go shopping. When we do this, the driver and bodyguard and I usually go with as far as the shopping centre, then I wait somewhere with the driver while mrs boss, the children and the bodyguard go to do the actual shopping - otherwise the group of all 4 adults and the 2 children is unmanageable in small shops. Also, it gives mrs boss time to be the mommy without me around.

This time, the driver waited with the car, so I went to a coffee shop and waited for mrs boss to come back after shopping.

While sitting in the coffee shop (it was early, around 08h30) having a muesli and coffee, I noticed a very elegant and attractive woman come in and sit down near me. I thought her face looked familiar, but I could not place her.

She was taller than me, (I am 1,75m, 5’9”), very slim, with longish straight blonde hair falling over her shoulders. She looked to be in her late 30’s, immaculately groomed with a very serene and beautiful face - tranquil, self-assured and elegant. She had on a dress with a white top part, changing to red at the waist with a red belt and red heeled sandals. The dress revealed that she had small boobs, very long legs and a perfect figure - slim, toned and conservative.

In short, she looked like a wealthy, elegant wife of a businessman – a woman of class.

She also looked VERY sexy.

While I like most women, I find that elegant look very erotic - when I see a woman like that, I visualise her naked and aroused - the contradiction is a turn-on! The reality, I have found, is unfortunately that what you see is usually what you get - prim and proper looks, even if beautiful, mostly is prim and proper in bed also!

Anyway, I finished my breakfast, while on-line to 2 friends from this site on g-mail. I told them about this woman, and both almost dared me to make contact with her! I did not need much encouragement.

I was wearing my work-uniform (white blouse, blue skirt and court-shoes) so I was not looking particularly elegant, but I waited for her to look up from her newspaper, and made sure to catch her eye, and smiled briefly at her - just the normal smile of two women acknowledging one another when alone in a restaurant.

(An aside - nothing to do with this diary entry, but talking of my uniform reminded me - Mr boss has contacts in many industries, including clothing and fashion, and he often brings one-off designer clothes home for mrs boss to try on.

About 2 months ago, just before Xmas, he brought a new uniform home for me to try on. mrs boss was around, and knew that I was going to try this on.

I opened the box and found a light-blue blouse and a dark-blue skirt, and a light-blue t shirt and dark-blue shorts in the box. (my alternate uniform - what I wear depends on where we are going and what I am doing with the children - playing in the sand-box in a skirt does not work unless you want everyone to see your panties!)

I put the skirt and the blouse on and went to the study to show him. He seemed pleased with the

look, and I then tried the t shirt and shorts on - he also seemed pleased with that.

The shit really hit the fan though when mrs boss, who had not seen the outfits, asked me to try them on. I did so and went up to her dressing room to show her, first the blouse/skirt, then the t shirt/shorts.

She asked what mr boss had said, and I said he seemed to like the outfits. She did not say anything, and then went down to mr Boss’s study, closed the door, and it started!

The skirt was really short, the blouse very see-through, the pants much shorter than my current Bermuda shorts, and the t shirt a very thin material, and a tight fit too!

“So you like Tamara’s new uniform, do you?”

“Why don’t you just ask her to wear a bikini at work, then you can ogle her boobs all day?”

“Maybe you can insist that she does not wear panties or a bra”?

“Shall I ask her to try on some lingerie for you now?”

“Do you have a preference whether she wears a g- string or not?”




Big fight!

I had no idea that she was so sensitive about how I looked, or that this was an issue between them - but clearly this was not the first time she had spoken to him about it.

The long and the short of it is that I have not seen my new uniform again!)

Back to this diary entry!>>

She smiled back at me. A while later, I became aware of being looked at, I looked up and she was looking at me. I smiled again, she smiled back, but this time held my look for a second.

I had just ordered another coffee, when she stood up, and came over to my table.

“Do you mind if I sit down?” she asked.

‘Not at all” I said, closing my laptop (sorry Trevor and Ed, that’s why I went off-line so quickly on Thursday!)

‘Aren’t you Tammy, who works for mrs ………”?

I stared at her. How did she know who I was??

“my name is Anne” she said.” I saw you at their house at the party just before Xmas - I was there with my husband - you came in with the children to say goodnight to mrs……….”

Now I remembered where I had seen her. There was a big party around the beginning of December at the house, and she and her husband had been guests. There were lots of people, maybe 40 or 50, so I did not recall everyone, but I did remember seeing her.

We chatted a while, but it was strange - I could see she wanted to talk about something, but she was not able to say it - she kept stopping and starting.

After a while she said “mrs …. says you have a home in Italy. And a girlfriend there also”?

This was news to me that mrs boss was discussing me with her friends! And making it clear that I was either gay or bi!

“Yes” I said “I do”

“So, no boyfriends then?” she asked.

Now I saw where this was heading - she wanted to find out whether I was bi or gay!

‘I have a few boyfriends here” I said ”but nothing serious. “I am bi, so I like both boys and girls, but only Gabi in Italy is a serious relationship at the moment.”

“Do you ever just play with guys or girls for fun or only in relationships?”, she asked, getting more personal.

‘I play with either or both when the situation arises” I said.

We chatted a bit more about relationships in general. Then ….

“How would you like to come over to my home this afternoon for a swim and maybe a drink”?

“I would love to” I said. “I am off after 2, is that ok”?

We made the arrangement, she gave me her address, which was not far from the restaurant where we were, and she left, leaving a trace of Jo Malone citrus fragrance in the air.

At 2 I went home and changed into jeans and a blouse, packed my bikini and a warmer top, and drove to her address.

She lived in a gated area, in a very nice home - not too large, but very elegant and tranquil. She opened the door, wearing a light skirt and a loose t shirt, barefoot. We air-kissed, and went inside.

We sat in the lounge, overlooking the immaculate garden and rock-pool.

She offered wine or a cool-drink or tea. I said I did not drink, but a mineral water would be nice.

She fetched it, her long pale legs and red painted toe-nails getting my attention as she walked away.

When she came back, I noticed that she did not appear to be wearing a bra - I could see her small pointy boobs under the t shirt as she walked, with a glimpse of nipples poking through.

She gave me my water, and curled up like a cat on an easy-chair opposite me.

“So,“ she said, “shall we cut to the chase? I am also bi, I like you, I find you very attractive, and would like to play. If this offends you, I apologise, and we can just stay friends, but I don’t want to beat around the bush all day with you.”

"I am not offended” I said. ”I think you are stunning, and yes, I would like to play. You asked me earlier whether I played with girls and boys, and if so under what circumstances. Now that we know each other a little bit better, let me add to that. I play with boys and girls on their own or together as I said. I also like swinger parties, and I play with couples from time to time. Are you shocked”?

“No,“ she said, ”not shocked, rather turned on. I have never been to a swinger party - my face is too well known in JHB, and I would be scared someone would recognise me. But I do have one or two people I play with here or at their home from time to time. If you are ok with it, I want to invite a very special friend of mine over this afternoon. It won’t take a minute.”

‘Sure” I said. “Why not do that?”

I must admit I was surprised. Lesbian 3-somes are not that common. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times I have had a lesbian 3-some. It may be because lesbian sex is more intimate than boy-girl sex. Girls together tend to kiss more, hug more, talk more, and it’s difficult to get that level of intimacy with 3 girls rather than 2.

Anyway, we decided to get changed for a swim while we waited for her friend, so we took our drinks and went to sit on the loungers at the rock-pool.

When she took her wrap off, she was wearing a black one-piece costume. It showed her slim figure to perfection - very small boobs, flat tummy, firm toned arms and legs and a small tight bum. The costume plunged open between her boobs, and at the back it was cut down to just above her bum-cheeks - very sexy, very revealing, and yet it revealed nothing!

I had on a blue bikini, small bra-cups and cut high on the hip, with a very small front and back piece. The front was just above my slit, and the back showed a lot of my bum. I saw her looking at me as I laid my towel out. I made sure to turn my back to her as I did so and leaned forward - the bulge of my pussy would have been very visible to her between my legs as I bent over!

We lay down under the umbrellas, and talked a while. She said that she avoided the sun as she burned almost immediately. I could see that - her skin was milky white all over, with only her cheeks having a sort of “english-rose” colouring. Very exotic.

The door-bell rang, and she stood, wrapped her beach-gown around her, and went inside.

She came out a moment later leading her friend by the hand.

It was a good thing I was sitting down - my face must have looked a sight, as she looked at me and grinned.

"Tammy, meet Jono” she said, "Jono, Tammy”.

The friend was not a girl - it was a guy - and what a guy!! Young, maybe just 20, tall at around 1.9 metres, cropped blond hair, a very rugged yet nice face, and a body from heaven. Clearly a body-builder (and I don’t mean a gym-bunny, I mean a serious amateur or even professional body-builder) with huge muscles - defined, ripped whatever you want to call it. His biceps were the size of my thighs (and we will have no jokes about my thighs please!), and legs that looked like he could push-start a Boeing.

He was wearing fairly tight shorts and a very tight vest, both of which left little to the imagination.

I stood up, greeted him, my hand disappearing in his huge hand, and sat down (quickly) again!

"Jono, be a dear and get us a refill” Anne said.

Jono wandered over to the mini-bar under the gazebo at the pool, and I watched his bum and legs as he went.

Anne was looking at me, smiling.

"Where on earth did you find him?” I asked in a whisper.

“He is the son of neighbours a few houses away” she said. “He trains at the same gym I do. We met there, he gave me some instructions, and one thing led to another. I call him over to play when I am horny and lonely. He is fun, discreet, and enthusiastic. And anyway, my husband, who is overseas, doesn’t know that I know that he is screwing his 22 year old secretary, so I thought - I should have a 22 year old of my own”!

“Can’t fault that logic” I said, gazing at Jono behind the bar.

Jono came back with the drinks - I watched from behind my sunglasses as he approached – the shorts were certainly well-filled with something nice - a present for Tammy and Anne, I thought!

“Do you mind if I swim, Anne”? He asked.

“Go right ahead” she said, looking at me with a slight smile.

He went to the deep end of the pool, and took off his vest. He was truly a magnificent specimen - huge defined abs, with a V going down into his shorts, and very big pecs, also with wonderful definition. He knew the effect his body had on girls, as he stood there for a second, but without looking at us.

Then he undid the string at the front of his shorts, and stepped out of them. I just stared open-mouthed.

We were far enough away that he could not hear us if we spoke quietly.

“Nice”? Asked Anne

I looked at Jono, now nude. He had a large, long and thick cock hanging between his legs. It was not at all hard, but it still seemed to be huge and slightly engorged. He was, like most body-builders, completely shaved, and his cock and balls were clear and very impressive.

He dived in, and swam 2 lengths underwater before surfacing at the shallow end near where we were sitting.

“Are you not going to swim”? He asked us.

Anne stood up, took her costume straps off her shoulders, and stepped out of her one-piece. She had a stunning, slim figure. Her boobs were quite firm, pointed and small, with small dark stubby nipples.

As she turned to put her costume on her lounger, I saw that she had a small dark-brown runway of pubic hair up to the top of her pussy, but the pussy itself was shaved smooth.

She turned and dived in.

I pulled the lounger into the sun, took my bikini top off, and lay on my tummy to tan.

After a few minutes, Jono and Anne got out. They dried off, and unselfconsciously came to lie on the loungers.

Jono lay on his back, his body still glistening and damp, his cock relaxed and thick, hanging down.

Anne lay on her tummy in the shade, her pert bum and long legs arousing me!

Anne stood up, and said I should lie in the shade as I was getting burnt. I pulled my lounger into the shade next to hers.

"Shall I put some block-out on you?" she asked.

"That would be nice, thanks,“ I said.

She got a bottle of block-out from her bag, squeezed some onto her hands, and started rubbing it onto my shoulders and back.

She worked slowly, massaging it in. As she worked down my back, I became aware that this was more like a massage than just putting block-out on. She rubbed some onto my lower back up to the bikini bottom, and then started on my legs.

As she worked her way up from my ankles, I felt her hands gliding along the inside of my thighs at times - it was a lovely feeling.

She got near the top of my thighs, and I opened my legs a little so she could massage some on the inside of my thighs.

Her hands stroked gently right up at the edge of my bikini, and then I felt a finger trace a line along the camel-toe of my slit. Down to the clit, back up to my bum-hole she went.

I opened my legs more. She ran her finger along my slit a few times, and then lifted the edge of my bikini, letting her finger under my costume, against my pussy-lips.

She parted my pussy-lips a little, and I felt her finger slide along my slit which by now was getting quite wet.

I arched my back, letting her hand under my pussy. She moved the bikini fabric aside, and drew her fingers harder along my slit, opening the lips.

She was bending over at the end of the lounger, standing between my opened legs.

"Turn over” she said, breathing quickly.

I did so.

She leaned forward and kissed my nipples. I reached up and fondled her hard nipples, feeling the firmness of her small boobs.

As I turned, she took hold of the sides of my bikini bottom, and slid it down and off my legs.

I lay on my back, naked, my legs parted.

She started rubbing the cream on my boobs and chest. Jono stood up, and walked over to us.

His cock was rock-hard, huge and bulging, standing straight up .

He went behind Anne, and put his hand between her legs. As she massaged my boobs, I saw his fingers spreading her pussy-lips, and then slide into her, deep.

She opened her legs wide and leaned more forward, kissing my boobs, neck and throat.

Jono put his hands on her hips, and drew her towards him. She reached between her legs, and guided the huge cock to her pussy.

He moved very slowly, inching his cock into her. Then, when he was fully in, she pushed back, thrusting against him.

She had now stopped kissing me, and was just holding onto the lounger on either side of me, her eyes closed.

I kept fondling her nipples, which were very hard by now.

Jono fucked her harder, holding her against him. As she started getting ready to cum, he changed the position, pushing his hips up with each thrust, forcing his cock against her g spot.

She put one hand onto her pussy, feeling for her clit, and as she did so she came, shuddering and moaning, shaking her head from side to side.

Jono kept fucking her relentlessly, until at last she seemed to subside. But he did not stop altogether.

He kept moving a little, gently.

Then he reached in front of her, moving her hand away from her cunt.

He put his hand there, and seemed to flick and caress her clit - now fucking harder and deeper again as he did so.

In a minute, she started moaning again, and came a second time, this time with tears rolling down her cheeks, her legs shaking.

Jono slowed and stopped.

Anne stayed like that for a while, and I stroked her hair and face, wiping the tears away, as her breathing returned to normal.

Jono pulled his cock out of her and stood up. He really was stunning to look at like that - all that muscle and the rigid big cock to see!

Anne moved away and lay back on her lounger, panting a bit still.

Jono smiled at me, and moved towards me. He stood at my side, his cock towering over me next to my face.

I was incredibly wet and ready. I put my hand around his cock - I could only just get it around, and I massaged his cock, feeling the slippery juices from Anne’s cunt on it.

I reached across to my bag next to me, took out a condom, and gave it to him.

"Do you mind”? I asked.

"No”, he said, “With someone new it’s better, I can last longer. Otherwise your delightful pussy might make me cum!”

He put it on and went to the foot of the lounger. Kneeling on it, he positioned himself above me - huge and exciting.

He lowered his pelvis until his cock was above my pussy. I felt for it, opening my legs and guiding it to my cunt.

He kept his weight off me, with just his cock in contact with me. He slid it in. I gasped. It was huge in me, stretching me .

I wriggled a bit more to open my legs even further.

“Not sore?” he asked.

"Slowly” I said by way of an answer

He did so. He slid his cock in very slowly, each thrust taking it further, until I felt his pelvis against mine. He rested there a second or two, and then began ever so gently to fuck, letting his cock massage the outer lips a few times before going deeper in.

I lifted my legs into the air, past his shoulders, lying almost on my shoulders. He thrust deeper and a little quicker, looking at me every few moments to see that I was ok with it.

It was a sensational feeling - this giant guy above me, the huge cock in me, and the feeling of being filled with his hardness.

As he fucked more, I got more and more aroused, my pussy running with juices, with his cock making a slurping sound as it went in and out of my cunt.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Anne approach. She squatted next to the lounger, and reached out with one hand to my cunt.

I felt her fingers stroking below my cunt along the perineum, towards my bum-hole.

When her finger got there, she circled my bum-hole with her finger, and then let it slide into my bum, working it deeper as Jono fucked. There was so much juice running down my thighs that her finger slid in quite easily, massaging my anus.

Her other hand was between her own legs, and from what I could see out of the corner of my eye she had at least 3 if not 4 fingers in her cunt, ramming them in deeply.

I felt I was going to cum.

I thrust my hips up in brief jerks to ram his cock in harder and locked my legs around him. He obliged by pushing really hard, forcing his cock all the way in several times in a row, as Anne rammed her finger deep into my anus.

I came, moaning and jerking against him, my whole body shaking as juice streamed out of my cunt.

He kept fucking, but more slowly until I had finished. Anne took her finger out of my anus and sat back.

We rested a while, swimming and lazing around.

After a while, Anne whispered to me, and got up.

Jono was lying in the shade reading a book, nude, his cock soft but still big.

She asked him to come over to her, which he did.

She took a scarf from her bag, and, tickling his tummy, told him to turn around. She stood on tip-toes and tied the scarf around his face like a blindfold.

Leading him by the hand, she maneuvered him against one of the umbrellas, so that his back was against the pole. She took the rope, used to raise the umbrella, stood on a chair and lifted his hands above his head, tying them to the umbrella struts above him

He was now blindfold, his hands tied above him.

His cock had started to get harder, I noticed, sticking out straight in front of him.

Anne waved to me to come over. We knelt on either side of him. She took his hardening cock in her hands and stroked it, massaging his balls at the same time. I ran my fingernails along his tummy, down his cock and under his balls towards his bum.

His cock grew harder, fully erect. Up close, and at face level, it was even bigger that it seemed when he was on top of me.

Anne took his cock in her mouth, taking as much in as she could, the head bulging out against her cheek.

Then she took it out, and “passed“ it to me. I did the same, sucking and licking it. It was absolutely rigid, throbbing as we sucked on it.

Both Anne and I were getting very aroused. We each had a hand between our legs, and I had 2 fingers inside my swollen pussy lips, tickling my clit.

Anne stood up, took 2 fat cushions off the lounger and put them at Jono ‘s feet. Standing on these, she reversed herself towards him, feeling between her legs for his cock, and, when she found it, sliding it against her pussy. He of course did not know what she was doing until he felt his cock against her cunt. He gave a soft “oooooo”, and then let her push back against him, pushing his cock into her.

She struggled a bit to get it in a lot, but then managed, and started driving backwards and forwards, with him doing as much as he could while not moving away from the umbrella.

With her hands on her knees, Anne fucked him, faster and faster, her hips slamming against him.

Suddenly she reached between her legs to her cunt, thrust fingers into or around it, and seemed to ram them against her clit as she fucked. She yelped a few times, and came with loud moans and squeals, almost falling as she did.

She pulled away from him quickly. I took a condom, put it on his cock, and did the same as she had done.

He was rock-hard, thrusting almost before I was ready; I let his cock go in all the way immediately - it felt like I could feel it in my tummy!

I let him flex his hips and drive it into me, and I met every thrust with a thrust back of my own.

It wasn’t long before I felt that I would cum. I wriggled my pussy against his cock to force it against the sides, and I came right away, squeezing his cock tightly.

I was going to pull his cock out, when he groaned “no, stay, I am going to cum!”

So I stayed there, letting him fuck and build up to his own climax

Anne was again kneeling in front of us, playing with herself.

He was about to cum, when she pulled at my hips to pull me off him.

I moved forward, and she grabbed his cock, took off the condom, and masturbated him violently.

He bucked and groaned, and then shot long ropes of cum at her. She pointed his cock at her face, opening her mouth and aiming his cock at it. He spurted cum in her mouth and over her face, great strings of it - he certainly had been storing it up, because he came and came.

When he was done, she moved back. Her face was covered in cum, her open mouth full of it, running down her chin.

She stood, took his blindfold off, and when he looked at her, swallowed his cum, licking her lips.

Her fragile, virginal and serene face, covered with cum and swallowing a mouthful of it was one of the most erotic things I have seen in a long time.

It was like watching your high-school prim-and-proper teacher being gang-banged!

I stayed there till it got dark, and then showered with Anne and got dressed.

As I was leaving, Anne said - “hope I will see you soon?”

“I think we are going to see a lot of each other” I said.

“Good,” she said. “ Jono has a body-builder friend he brings with now and then - so we will make a weekend of it the next time my husband is away!”

I can’t wait!