Written by wildchildtammy

19 Oct 2013


My employer family went to Durban this week, so I went with to see to the kids. Lisa met me there and we went to visit a friend who is not well, so at least I had some company when I was not on duty.

She went back to JHB after 2 days, and I made arrangements to meet an old friend who I know from college days.

Mitzi and I met at college, and shared an apartment for a year, so I know her very well. In fact, Mitzi was my lover for most of that year! She did not know she was bi, but once we had played, she discovered that she liked it, so we played on and off for the year, as well as dating guys.

Mitzi is originally from Germany, and came to SA as a young child. She is typically German- blonde, blue eyes and curvy- she is not fat, not even plump, but she has curves in all the right places. Her boobs are very full, she was a d-cup at one time, and she has the most fantastic nipples- quite big, pink and they stand out when she is aroused.

Mitzi is also the only girl I know who NEVER has pussy-hair- long before it was so popular, Mitzi would wax it all of in a Hollywood. In all the time I have known her; I have never seen her with pussy-hair. Once we moved in together I discovered that Mitzi spent as much on waxing and beauty treatments as I did on petrol!

Anyway, Mitzi now lives in Durban, and has a boyfriend, Pieter, with whom she has been going out for around 6 months.

I met Mitzi at Gateway one lunchtime, and we went to her house for a braai, and to meet Pieter.

The weather in Durbs this week was terrible, rain and wind, so we braaied on the stoep, and then went inside to watch movies.

One other thing about Mitzi- she loves Porn- not any Porn, but romantic, story-porn. Most girls can take it or leave it when it comes to Porn- it does not have the same effect on us as on guys usually.

Personally, I only like it when I am not doing anything else- I don’t watch porn if I am fucking for example, which guys seem to like to do- I find it distracts me from the feeling of the sex I am having, but Mitzi likes it a lot- in fact she had quite a collection of Porn which she got when she went back to Germany each year.

We went inside after the braai, sat on the couch and Mitzi, with great delight, said she had a new DVD she wanted to show me. From the look on Pieter’s face, I could see that he was not comfortable with this, but Mitzi ignored his looks and put the DVD on.

I sat next to Mitzi, and Pieter sat on the other side of her. Because it was chilly, Mitzi and I put a soft throw over us, and we settled down to watch the DVD.

It was quite a good Porn DVD, with a good story-line and some very good-looking guys.

After about 15 mins I felt Mitzi’s hand on my leg. I was wearing a gown of hers, because I was in m uniform when we met at Gateway, and I did not want the skirt to get creased or marked at the braai.

I looked at her, and she just smiled- so I thought, ok, we can cuddle like old times.

Her hand moved higher, onto my upper thigh, and she tickled her fingers up and down. I put my head on her shoulder and nibbled on her ear and neck, which she loves. Her hand climbed higher, until I felt her finger touch my panties over my slit.

Pieter was glancing at us every so often- I don’t think he was sure whether he was seeing what he thought he was seeing under the blanket!. He would glance at the blanket and back at the screen as though his eyes were on springs!

By now I was kissing Mitzi’s neck and throat properly. Her fingers moved my thong aside, and she ran her fingers up and down my slit, very slowly. The blanket had fallen off her chest, and her nipples were standing out hard under her blouse (she was, as she often does, not wearing a bra).

Now Pieter was aware that this was not an accident- his girlfriend and I were starting to play!

I whispered to Mitzi to ask whether he knew about us- she shook her head slightly. “So,” I whispered, “what now?”

She smiled and whispered back ‘let’s do it”

‘all the way?” I asked.

She nodded.

“and Pieter” I asked

‘he can join or watch, as he wants “she said. ‘U can have him too if u want” she added.

I did not need a second invitation- if Mitzi was ok with it, and she was ok if we all fucked, who was I to complain?

I opened my legs a bit, and Mitzi immediately slid her finger into my pussy, which by now was getting wet.

I put my arm around her, over her shoulder, and rubbed her blouse over her nipples. ( guys should try this- don’t touch the nipple with your finger, pinch the fabric of the blouse and move it gently over the nipple so that the fabric strokes the nipple- most girls LOVE that feeling, if they are not wearing a bra, or have a very light bra on)

Pieter had by now stopped watching the DVD altogether- his eyes were glued on Mitzi’s hard nipples and my hand over her boobs.

Mitzi parted the gown, so my legs and panties were exposed, and Pieter could see her finger under the panties, in me. I put my hand under her skirt, and felt for her pussy- no panties!-as usual, she was hairless and smooth. I flicked my finger at her clit, felt that she was wet. I know what she likes, and without warning I thrust my finger deep into her pussy, as far as it could go.

She gave a yelp, closed her eyes and raised her hips to drive my fingers in further. I looked at Pieter, who was mesmerized by this- his girlfriend finger fucking and being fingered by a girl he had never met.

He had one hand on his crotch, and I could see a nice erection starting under his hand.

I thought to myself that, if we were going to fuck, we should do so and not fool around. I took Mitzi’s finger out from my slit, pulled the blanket off us completely, and slid to the floor, turning to face the couch on my knees.

I put m hands on Mitzi’s knees, pulled them apart, and buried my face between her thighs.

My tongue found her slit, and my fingers parted her lips. I licked my tongue along her slit, and tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue.

Then I sat up, took the gown off, and stepped out of my panties. Pieter was not sure whether he should look or not- I turned to him, faced him, and ran my finger over my pussy, sliding a finger into my slit, all the time looking at him.

Mitzi had taken her skirt and blouse off, and was standing next to me. She put her arms around me, and opened her mouth over my nipples, sucking first one then the other. I reached my hand between her legs and slid my finger back into her pussy- by now she was fully wet, the outside lips shiny and slick with lubrication.

I lay down on the floor, and, Mitzi lay on top of me, kissing me on my open mouth, and grinding her pussy against mine.

From where I lay I could see Pieter- he had unzipped his fly and was stroking his rock-hard cock as it stuck out of his pants.

I could just about reach to where he was, so I reached up with my one hand, and pulled his pants towards me, so that he got the hint and moved to the edge of the couch, I could now touch his cock, so I put my hand between my legs, made my fingers wet from my pussy, reached up and took his cock in my hand, stroking it up and down.

Mitzi got off me, crawled around and lay back down on me, but now in a 69 position. Her smooth hairless pussy was above me, and I let go Pieter’s cock, grabbed her bum in my hands, and pulled her pussy to my mouth.

I stuck my tongue deep into her, and licked her slit towards her bum. I wet one finger in her pussy, and pushed it against her bum-hole. She moved her knees more open, and I slid the finger into her bum, all the time licking her pussy.

I jumped when she opened my pussy with one hand, and thrust what felt like all her fingers into me. She paused, and then started wriggling her fingers in me, giving me the most exquisite sensation.

I took my face away from her pussy, looked at Pieter and said “fuck her”.

He stood, took his pants and T off, and went around to her bum. He knelt behind her so his balls were over my face, and held his cock as he slid it into her.

I went back to licking, doing both his cock and her pussy as he went in and out. My finger was still in her bum, so I felt for his bum, and pushed my finger against his bum hole. So now my one hand was stretched out with my finger in Mitzi’s bum, and my other hand was also above me, under Pieter in his bum.

It became difficult to keep licking without holding on, as they were moving now, so I took my mouth away.

I took my finger out of a Mitzi’s bum, and rubbed her clit as Pieter thrust in and out. She started to squeal, which is what she does when she in going to cum. I rubbed harder and faster, and Pieter fucked harder and faster.

With a loud squeal Mitzi came, some pussy- juice flooding out of her and onto my face.

Pieter took his cock out, and Mitzi lay still for a moment on top of me. Her fingers still inside me, and she again started wriggling them, now also feeling for my clit with her tongue. I felt that I was going to cum soon, so I lifted my hips to her face. She stopped wriggling her fingers and just thrust all of them in, hard and fast. I jerked as I started to cum, and as I came she sucked really hard on my clit, pushing it back and forth with her mouth.

I could feel my juices running down my thighs, and my clit was tingling from the friction.

As I stopped cumming, Mitzi climbed off me. She took Pieter’s had and pulled him to my legs.

I could see he was still not sure, so I held his thighs and pulled him down onto me.

I took his cock and slid it into me, and started bucking against him. I figured it would not take long, so I said to him not to cum inside me, but to tell me when he was going to cum.

He was quite good at fucking, and managed to get his cock to touch my g-spot. Mitzi crawled around to my head, and knelt with her pussy over my face.

I knew she could cum again, so I took my hand and put as many fingers as I could into her dripping wert pussy.

I jabbed them in and out, turning them slightly as I did so. Within a minute I could feel her starting to cum. I pushed faster and she came again with a squeal.

Pieter felt like he was going to cum also.

He took his cock out of me, and knelt. I was going to take his cock in my hand, but Mitzi leaned forward and took his cock, jerking him off.

He arched his back and came in long squirts all over me. The first two squirts hit my face and the rest my boobs and tummy. He sat back down on his haunches, and looked at his girlfriend kneeling naked in front of him, and at me lying with my legs open under him, covered in his cum.

I’m fairly sure that when I am next in Durbs, I will get an invite to a braai!