19 May 2017

This is not a diary like my usual ones.

I was chatting to a friend here a while ago, and mentioned to him that a girl friend of mine had confided in me about 2 or 3 months ago that she and her boyfriend had, after a few too many drinks, had a 3 some with his best friend. AND that she enjoyed it!

My friend here was keen to find out whether they ever followed up on this and did it again, and asked me to tell him if they did.

Well, they did, and so I thought I would write a brief account of what happened the first time. If Luanne tells me about the subsequent encounters, I may write about it then.

It’s a short account, and of necessity my information is limited to what she has told me, as I wasn’t there, so it might not be as exciting as my other diaries, or the novel ,are.

This ‘’diary’’ is then unique in terms of what I have written so far in my SH pages- to date, they have all been about my own experiences, or in the case of the novel, fiction based in some parts on real people or incidents, but essentially fiction.

This is the first and only account of another real person’s experiences. It will be interesting to get feedback from readers whether they enjoyed this, or whether it is too sterile and remote, because I cannot include much in the way of the participants feelings into it, as I have no idea how they felt.

The girls name is Luanne, her boyfriend is Alfred and his best friend is Hank (Henry).

Luanne is a very attractive brunette, my age (30) with a nice figure- biggish boobs, and nicely toned legs and tum. She has the most gorgeous skin, clear, smooth and with a slight olive tone, huge brown eyes and impossibly long natural lashes.

She is a secretary/receptionist at doctor’s rooms

Alfred is a bit older than she is. He was married before, and is quite tall and a bit plump, with his head shaved. He owns a hardware shop. They have been dating and living together for 3 years I think.

Hank is also a bit older than Luanne, slim with tattoos all over. He is a motorcycle dealer (and mechanic at times).

Alf and Hank have been best friends since school, and are very close. They play rugby together, eat regularly at each other’s homes, and go on holiday together. Hank has never been married, and is now ‘’between girlfriends’’ as the saying goes.

I have known Lu for ages. We met in Cape Town when I was at school (she was at Westerford) and she moved to Johannesburg when Alf bought the shop and moved here. She is quite conservative, and although she knows about my swinging, I have never really discussed it in detail- I think she has the impression that it is/was the very occasional wife-swopping.

She has had lots of boyfriends, and while she is quite happy to fuck them early on in the relationship (some on the first date) and she says she will do most sexual things except anal, she has never tried group sex or swopping. A previous boyfriend did suggest a group session, but she didn’t think she would like it.

Alf and Hank, and their respective girlfriends have always hung out as a foursome. When they (Alf and Hank) lived in Cape Town, and Alf started seeing Lu, the four of them would often go to Sandy Bay nudist beach. Lu has therefore seen Hank naked often, and vice versa. So they are quite comfortable with each other’s bodies, I guess one could say.

Anyway, this particular evening the three of them were at Alf and Lu’s home, and after dinner they put in a DVD. The three of them sat in a row on a big couch they have, and because it was cold despite the fire they had on, they pulled some blankets over them and sat back to watch. The DVD was apparently quite erotic- some murder plot but with lots of nudity and sex. Lu says she was for some reason quite turned on by the movie, also by the fair amount of wine she had drunk, and sitting cuddled under the blanket with a guy on either side of her. After a while, she snuggled closer to Alf, and put her hand on his upper thigh, and then onto his cock.

They were all wearing tracksuits, and she says she could feel his cock harden very soon after she started to rub it unobtrusively. He didn’t stop her, but slid his hand under the drawstring of her pants and touched the top of her pubic hair. They stayed like that for a while, and then without really thinking, Lu started to massage Alf’s cock more, sliding her hand up and down it over his pants. He was now fully erect, and Lu was getting aroused feeling him harden and respond. He hadn’t moved his hand down much probably because Hank would see it, but he was nevertheless touching almost the top of her slit.

Now Lu has VERY sensitive nipples- she can almost cum just by pulling on them if she is turned on enough. While she played with Alf’s cock with her right hand, she slid her left hand under her tracksuit top. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her hand was on her boob fondling her nipple.

It was this movement that caught Hanks attention. Lu was suddenly aware that Hank was looking at her hand under her top. Lu has quite big boobs, bigger and firmer than mine and with her hand over them it must have been clear to Hank what she was doing. He looked away as soon as he saw her looking at him, but she saw out of the corner of her eye that as soon as she looked at the screen, he was looking at her boobs again.

When she glanced at him again, he didn’t look away, and just looked at her boobs, then back at her face, then at her hand on her boobs again. She was going to take her hand away, but didn’t- she kept pulling on her nipple, as Alf’s finger slid a bit further down and touched her slit.

Hank looked down at Alf’s crotch, and at hers, and now realised what was going on.

So now he knew, and, watching him, she knew that he knew. And suddenly she says she was OK with it. She felt comfortable with Hank seeing Alf touch her, and her touch Alf. They were so cosy there, under the blankets, and they know each other so well that she says she didn’t feel that it was wrong; she just let it carry on.

Alf turned just as she was smiling at Hank, while he watched her boobs. He glanced at Hank, and motioned with his eyes at her boobs, so in a way giving Hank ‘’permission’’ to keep looking. Lu says she felt very sexual and turned on- firstly by Alf and his cock and her pussy, but maybe even more so by Hank watching her.

Looking at the screen, she unzipped her tracksuit top, leaving just her t shirt between Hanks eyes and her breasts. She put her hand back under her t shirt and pulled on her nipple. She also wormed her hand under Alf’s tracksuit pants waistband, and put her hand on his cock under his boxers. He was rock-hard, and he has quite a big cock she says, so there was a lot of it to be hard! Alf glanced again at Hank, who looked down at Lu’s hand quite obviously now masturbating Alf, but didn’t push her hand away or move- he just grinned at Hank and parted his legs a bit.

Lu says she wanted to make this carry on- she was feeling very sexy and enjoyed being the focus of Hanks attention.

She now took the plunge, and lifted her t shirt up, exposing her sizable breasts, but more importantly, showing Hank her hand on her left breast, pulling on her nipple, arousing herself. She has big, dark areolae, with prominent stubby nipples which were now hard, erect and puckered.

She looked straight at him as she lifted her top, daring him to look away. He didn’t, and looked openly at her hand on her boob. Alf had of course seen her lift her top. He looked at her for a second, then smiled and moved his hand onto her pussy, and started to probe for her opening with a finger.

So now everyone knew what was going on. What no-one knew was how it was going to end!

Lu pulled the blanket down, and Hank could see Alf’s hand under her pants, moving over her pussy, up and down under her pants, clearly fingering her as his finger found her wet slit and dove in.

They sat like that for maybe 10 minutes, Alf fingering Lu more and more, Lu masturbating Alf, pulling his pants more and more down, and Lu tweaking her nipple.

The Lu did something totally out of character for her. (When she told me about that evening, I asked her whether, at that point, she had decided how far to go and what she was going to allow. She said no, she was just playing it by ear. She felt very safe, and knew that she could stop it at any moment and that neither man would push her.)

She stood up, pulled her tracksuit pants off, took her t shirt off and sat back down wearing just her thong.

Alf looked at her for a long moment- I am sure that he realised where this was headed and needed to think about how he felt about it. Hank for his part just looked at her body, from her face to her pussy, the triangle of her dark pubic hair and slit clearly visible under the thin panty fabric. Lu says she was so wet at that point that she was sure that her panties would have been showing a wet line also, but she didn’t look down.

Alf lifted her panties and slid his hand under, his finger going straight into her pussy, all the way, as he started to finger her again. She had pulled Alf’s pants down a bit, and the top of his cock was visible as her hand lifted the waistband and masturbated him.

Now the next novel move by Lu happened. She guessed that Hank must be hard or almost hard, and she took her hand from her breast, reached under the blanket over his lap, found his cock and rubbed it. He WAS hard, and he has an unusually large cock for his fairly slim build. She says that even when it is soft it is thick and long so that it always looks like she has the beginning or the end of an erection. She had never touched his cock, and now she felt for the first time its thickness and size, her hand travelling quite a long was up and down each time.

She was masturbating Alf normally now, making no pretence of keeping it a secret and he was getting aroused.

He must have made up his mind that he was willing to share Lu with Hank at that time, because he stood up, pulled his tracksuit top and t shirt off, stepped out of his tracksuit pants, and took off his boxers. His cock was rigid, shaved and beautiful, said Lu.

He kneeled in front of Lu, pulled her thong off, parted her knees and began to eat her pussy. Lu always has a nice triangle of pussy-hair. She never waxes fully as she likes the look of some hair, but she keeps it trimmed and short.

There was now no more pretence that they were just playing- all three of them knew now that Lu was going to get fucked- by who, where and how was not clear, but Lu was in for a good fucking!

Lying back on the couch, Lu pulled at Hanks pants. He got the message, and stripped as Alf had done. She now saw his cock fully erect for the first time- and it was great! Truth be told it was bigger than Alf’s, whose cock was not small to start with. Hank sat down again. Alf had his tongue deep in Lu’s pussy, so Hank leaned over and started to suck on her nipples and fondle her breasts. She in turn reached for his cock, now free of the pants, and masturbated him, feeling it grow even harder, the head protruding out of the foreskin. Alf lifted Lu’s legs onto his shoulders, wide apart, and mouthed her pussy from top to bottom, his one hand feeling for her arsehole. Lu was laying on her upper back now, her legs far apart over Alf’s shoulders.

She turned her head towards Hank, and pulled on his cock to indicate for him to come closer. He kneeled on the couch facing her, maybe unsure of what she wanted.

She pulled some more and opened her mouth. He shuffled closer till his cock was within range of her lips, and she licked at his shaft and head, and then as he got closer still she took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him. Lu says that for some reason, she has never sucked an uncircumcised cock- she has fucked an uncircumcised cock, but never had one in her mouth.

She experimented with the unusual feeling, the different shape it has, and as his foreskin moved back she felt the big head deep at the back of her throat, his hips moving ever so slightly. Alf looked up from between Lu’s thighs, saw Hanks cock in her mouth, and went back to eating her. He loves eating her and will do so for ages, and she is one of those women who orgasm easily, so he can make her cum over and over just with his mouth and a finger if she is in the mood. Lu was sucking harder on Hanks cock, feeling his shaved balls with one hand.

Alf clearly wanted a blowjob also, so he took Lu’s legs off his shoulders, stood, and motioned to Hank with his head towards Lu’s parted legs and wet, swollen pussy.

They swopped, and Lu felt Hanks mouth tentatively lick at her slit, then the unfamiliar motion of his way of eating a girl, different from her boyfriend but delicious nonetheless.

Alf’s familiar cock entered her mouth, and he began to fuck her face, her head still as she moved his cock in and out. Lu allows Alf to come in her mouth, and she swallows- she always has done so with a variety of boyfriends. She says she likes the feeling of the hot cum shooting into her mouth and the salty taste of it as she swallows. Hank took his face away from her pussy and started to finger her, putting first one and the two fingers into her, his thumb rubbing on her hard clit.

Lu said that by now she was so aroused she just wanted a cock inside her, and to feel the thrust of a guy pounding in her cunt.

She pushed Alf and Hank away from her, got off the couch and kneeled on the floor. She says she didn’t know (or care) who was going to fuck her as long as one of them (or both!) did so, and now!

In the event it was Alf who started. He mounted her from the back, feeling for her hole with his fingers and then sliding his cock into her slippery pussy.

Hank watched for a few moments, playing with his big cock, as Alf began to fuck Lu hard, his pubic area making a slapping noise against her bum as he rammed his cock in and out of her. Lu says she was so aroused at being watched while she fucked (she had never done that) that within less than a minute she felt an orgasm start, and she came quickly with Alf fucking her hard and fast. Alf stopped when she had finished, and withdrew his cock.

Hank was still watching, maybe unsure if this, the final part of sex, was included in what he was going to be allowed to do. After all, playing with your best buddies girl is one thing, but fucking her is the ultimate ‘’honour’’ in a way.

Alf solved the dilemma for him by pointing at Lu’s cunt and motioning with his head.

Hank was going to mount Lu also from the rear, but she kneeled as he approached, and pulled him down next to her. He lay on his back, and she mounted him in a reverse cowboy. She put a hand between her thighs and felt for his cock. Lowering herself, she moved it into her ready pussy, and sat lower and lower until its full length was inside her. Then she rode him up and down, her big boobs bouncing as she jerked. Alf moved next to her, and played with her breasts as she moved up and down on his buddies cock. Alf was mesmerised by the sight of Hanks cock entering his girlfriend’s cunt she says. He just stared at her pussy all the time. She had not gone back down past her plateau, and very soon she was again read to cum. She changed the motion to a more backwards and forwards thrust, to put pressure on her g spot, and she came, panting with exertion and excitement.

To cut a long story short, Alf and Hank alternated in fucking her in every position except for a DP which she has never done of course- doggy, her on top, one of them on top, and one after another with her standing holding onto the kitchen counter.

She says she lost track of how many times each fucked her, but she says she must have cum 8 or 10 times, as they never left her long enough to subside past her plateau, so she was always ready to cum again very quickly.

Eventually her pussy got too sore and tender to carry on. Neither of the guys had cum yet, and their cocks were shiny with her juices, rigid and throbbing. She kneeled facing them, and they stood to either side of her as she sucked first the one, then the other. She says that it was the most erotic thing to have two big cocks right in her face, filling her vision, probing into her mouth.

Hank was the first to want to cum. He made a grunting noise, and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She pointed it at her boobs, and jerked him as he shot his load all over her, much more than she had seen before, her boobs coated with sticky white cum.

As he stopped, Alf pushed his cock into her mouth. He face-fucked her, and in a minute she felt a few drops of pre-cum, and then her mouth filled with hot salty cum, squirt after squirt shooting at the back of her throat. She knows what he likes of course, so she let him continue fucking her mouth rubbing his cock with her tongue as he squirted in her mouth, until it was all out.

Once he took his cock out, she turned to both the men, opened her mouth so they could see it filled with cum, and then swallowed it all in one gulp, licking her lips in a parody of a child eating an ice-cream!

Hank, who of course didn’t know that she swallowed, just stared, his mouth open.

She got up and walked naked to the bathroom, aware than both men were watching her bum as she went through the doorway.

She showered and put a gown on, and went back to the lounge.

The guys had got dressed, and were again sitting on the couch. She sat between them, gave Hank a kiss and Alf a kiss, and said ‘’who wants coffee?’’

Lu says that what had just happened was not spoken of at all that night, and when Hank left they went to bed without discussing it.

They have of course discussed it since. At first, they agreed that it was a once off, due to circumstances, and was not something they would repeat.However, since then they have discussed it more, and Alf spoke to Hank about it also, and the three of them have decided that they liked it, it was fun and a turn-on for all, and they all wanted to repeat it

So they arranged to meet again at their home, but this time with the intention of a 3 way fuck, and they did so a week or two ago according to Lu. But more about that another time.

What I found interesting was Luanne’s feelings about the experience.

She says that there were three distinct phases.

Phase one was when just she and Alf were playing. It felt nice, erotic, arousing, as it normally would.

Phase two was when she realised that Hank was watching. She felt very turned on, promiscuous and sexy: to be playing with a man with another man watching her.

But phase three was the most interesting. From when she stood up and took off her clothes, she says she felt so liberated, so free and wanton. The feeling of ‘’take me, do what you want with me, I am yours’’ was tremendously exciting, sexual, happy. She says she has never had that sort of wild and exposed feeling sexually. When Alf put her legs on his shoulders, spread wide, his face at her pussy, she says it was an exact representation of what she felt- wide open and sexual.

That’s why the first position she chose was doggy on her hands and knees, Alf mounting her from the back. She wanted it to be as impersonal as possible, no hugging and holding, just a man’s cock driving into her cunt, hard and fast, using her for his pleasure.

It is THAT feeling that she wanted to have again, and that’s why she agreed to do another threesome.

I guess that describes pretty much how I feel about swinging, what the attraction is for me. I also know how it progresses. To get that same feeling of liberation and open sexuality one needs to have different people involved. After a while, a threesome with the same guys becomes more normal, and less ‘’wild’’. And so we get to go to parties and clubs!

Please let me know how you like or don’t like this sort of third-person account. Is it enjoyable reading or not?