21 Jul 2016


Week before last, Simon, my hubby, asked me if I wanted to go to a party at Lev’s house at the Vaal.

I need to explain who Lev is first.

(This is also a long diary, as it has a story within it, as you will see. I cannot vouch for that story, but I have no reason to doubt it)

Lev is Russian, and I met him a few years ago in Europe when I was doing a charter- cruise. He was a guest of the owner, and when he heard that I was from South Africa we got chatting, as he wanted to set up a business in South Africa. I mailed Simon, as they have some business interests in common, and when Lev came to South Africa, Simon met him, and in fact they set up a business here and in Moscow, so for a while they were business partners. Simon sold his share in the business last year, but we have remained friends with Lev ever since.

He is one of my favourite men- he is so typically Russian! Firstly, he is huge, maybe 1.9m tall, maybe 150 kgs, and built like a tank! He seems fat when you see him, but he is not- it’s just solid Lev! He is quite good looking, Simons age (60) with black hair going grey, cropped short, and a hairy huge body! I call him my Russian Bear! He is the friendliest guy to know, certainly for a woman, and when he laughs his whole body shakes, the laughter seeming to come from deep in his tummy!

He is hugely wealthy with homes around the world, and a very powerful figure in the Russian business scene, with all the good and bad that that entails. By wealthy, I mean he has his own private Jet, a big yacht moored in Sochi where his dacha is , and numerous cars- all SUV’s as far as I can tell, parked wherever he has a home. (He also has Vladimir Putin, the Russian head of state, on speed-dial, as he showed me one day!) He usually has body-guards, and I put him in contact with my boss who uses a local company for our security, and Lev hires them when he is here.

When he was here originally, he said to Simon that he had done some swinging in Russia, and asked if that existed in South Africa. Simon told him, and when Lev bought a house here (at the Vaal) he held a few parties there, which I have been to. For some reason though I have never actually played with him myself- just never worked out that way I guess, or maybe I am not his type.

He is always accompanied by a very beautiful Russian woman when he is here, and a different one each time- always very young, very beautiful, and very Russian! I think there is in fact a wife somewhere, but he finds that his English fails him whenever I have asked!

So when Simon said that Lev was having a party, I immediately agreed.

I also know, as does Simon that Lev is very liberal in his views, and many of the non-swinger parties and dinners we have been to, alone or together, have ended in quite a lot of playing, although they are not always intended as swinger parties-it just happens.

This party was to be for the weekend, and the guests would mostly stay over to avoid the long drive back. I phoned Lev to see what we could bring, and he just laughed his big booming laugh, and said just to bring myself and Simon, and to get some rest because he predicted a ‘’long night!”.

We got to his house a little before 5 p m on Friday, to find a big group of people already there, with fires going in the lounge and drinks and snacks served on the veranda.

I knew some of the people, but most not. We chatted, and later had a wonderful dinner with some typically Russian dishes which Lev loves preparing. As I said, Lev always has some stunning, young woman on his arm, and this weekend was no exception.

I was introduced to her as Katerina. She spoke some English, so over the evening I got to know her a little. She is white-blond, slim with a fabulous figure and very pretty, with high cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes- pale blue with very dark pupils- very striking when she looks at you. She looked about 22, so by far the youngest person there, with me next, and then the rest all older.

Later on, I was to find out more about her!

After dinner, the light was turned down in the lounge, and some music played.

I danced with Simon a while, and with Lev. While dancing with Lev, he drew me to one side and asked whether I was in the mood for some ‘’fun time’’, as he put it.

I knew what he meant, and said that if Simon was up for it, I was also. This amused him greatly- he said it was the first time he had heard me need to ask someone else whether it was ok to do something!

Some of the guests had left to go for a cruise on someone’s boat, so there were maybe 10 or 15 people left.

Lev switched on the huge Jacuzzi in the indoor entertainment area, and suggested that people may want to settle in there later.

Sitting in the lounge, Lev came over and sat next to me.

‘’you see that woman sitting on the lounge chair near the bar?” He asked.

‘’yes’’ I said

‘’that is her husband, talking to your Simon. They are friends from here, and he has told her about some of the swinging parties I have had here. She wants to try it, but it is the first time for both of them. If you want, later, maybe you can see that he meets some people if they are playing? I will ask Simon to attend to her”

I looked at the woman.

She was around 35 I guess, maybe a bit older, with short dark hair, and big round glasses- she looked quite severe, like a librarian, although she was quite pretty.

Her husband was a stocky, well-built rugby-type, shaved head, and a moustache. They both looked quite uncomfortable, I thought.

Anyway, the evening carried on, and a few couples went to the Jacuzzi. They had all taken their clothes off, and were nude, sitting and chatting. One of the women was sitting on the lap of a guy, and seemed to be rubbing herself on his cock, although I don’t think they were fucking.

The woman was still in the lounge, talking to Simon.

Her husband, whom Lev had pointed out, was sitting on a couch, looking outside at the Jacuzzi.

I went and sat next to him, and introduced myself. His name was Jaco, and his wife was Alma. They were both quite Afrikaans, but he was bilingual. We chatted a while, and he kept looking out at the Jacuzzi, where the woman was now quite obviously fucking the guy she was sitting on.

I put my hand on his leg, and said

‘’Lev tells me that you and Alma want to play tonight?’’

He nodded. I looked over at Alma. Another man had sat next to her, and had his arm around her shoulders, laughing with her. She seemed much prettier when she smiled!

Jaco was nice to chat to-but he didn’t seem to know what to do next. I looked at his crotch, and saw that he seemed to have a hard-on already, maybe from watching the couple in the Jacuzzi.

‘’why don’t we go and join the people in the Jacuzzi?”’ I suggested.

He nodded again, and got up.

‘’I’ll show you where you can get changed’’ I said, leading the way.

I passed Simon on the way and winked at him, motioning with my eyes at where Alma was sitting.

Jaco and I went to the first bedroom, where clothes had been left.

I think he expected me to leave him there, but I just took off my jersey and blouse, and put them on the bed.

Then I unclipped my bra, and put that on the bed also.

He took off his t-shirt, trying not to look at me, I think.

I waited until he had taken of his jeans, and when he turned around so he was facing me, I slid out of my skirt, facing him, with just my panties on.

He had a nice hard-on under his shorts, so I smiled at him, walked over to him, and pulled his shorts down over his cock. He stood rigidly, facing me.

I fondled his cock, looking at him, and then stepped out of my panties, putting then with my clothes.

Still holding his cock, I took his hand and put it on my breast. He played with my nipple, as I stroked his cock.

He was going to draw me towards him, but I held him away.

‘’later’’ I said ‘’ there is lots of night left to go’’

I threw a towel to him, put one around my waist, and went ahead of him to the Jacuzzi.

When we got there, there was a lot more action going on.

Laura is a woman I know quite well. She is around 45, very ‘’buxom’’ with very big natural boobs, a bit fat, and totally uninhibited. She was sitting on the edge on the Jacuzzi, with a man with his head between her open legs, eating her pussy. Next to her was another man, and she would every so often take his cock in her mouth, suck it a while then sit back up and fondle it.

Doug, her husband, was sitting opposite her in the water with Ilse on his lap, fucking her. As Jaco and I got into the Jacuzzi, Ilse stood up, turned around to hold onto the side of the tub, and Doug entered her pussy from the back, fucking her hard and fast.Jaco’s cock was making a tent under his towel, so I led him into the water, dropping my towel as I got in. He ended up sitting next to where Ilse was being fucked. She saw him sit down, and immediately reached for his cock, and started to masturbate him while Doug fucked her. Game on for Jaco!

I sat in the tub near where Laura was sitting on the edge. The guy eating her had stopped, but she was still playing with the cock of the man next to her, whose hand was now between her legs.

‘’who is that?’’ she asked, looking at Jaco

‘’he is new’’ I said. ‘’it’s his, and his wife’s, first time’’

‘’looks nice''. Shall we go play with him?’’ she asked, and I agreed

We got up, and I went to Jaco, took his hand and said’’ someone wants to meet you’’

Laura had dried herself, and was standing watching Jaco. Her big boobs were still quite firm, with large brown nipples. She is a very pretty woman, with shoulder-length curly dark blonde hair, and a pale skin. She was fully shaved, her plump pussy lips puffed out a bit.

I took him to Laura and introduced them. Laura spoke with him briefly, and they walked towards the bedrooms, while I went to get my handbag. I passed through the lounge as I did so, while they went via the passage.

In the lounge, Alma, Jaco’s wife, was lying on a couch with a man next to her. She was topless, her small pointy boobs firm with erect pink nipples. Her jeans were unzipped and pulled down a bit, and the man’s hand was between her legs, moving up and down as he fingered her pussy while he sucked on her nipples. His jeans were also half off, and she was playing with his cock- so she seemed to be having a good time also.

I got to the bedroom where Jaco and Laura had gone. Jaco was lying on his back on a mattress on the floor, with Laura kneeling between his legs, sucking his cock.

On the bed in the corner I saw my hubby Simon with a woman by the name of Wendy. We know her well, and she really likes Simon. Wendy is around 45, petite with dark brown short hair and an elfin face. We have played with her often, both Simon and I. She was lying upside down to him, with his cock in her mouth while he fingered her pussy.

Laura mounted Jaco, and guided his cock into her puffy cunt. She rode up and down on him, her boobs in his face. He reached for them and sucked on her nipples. He thrust into her hard, lifting her each time, and she leaned back so that his cock was pressing on the front of her pussy, near the g spot.

I sat down next to her, and played with her boobs as Jaco fucked her. She seemed very aroused, and I knew that she came very easily and very often- she is one of those women who can orgasm all night if she is stimulated enough. I saw that she was very flushed and panting, so I rubbed over her clit, feeling Jaco’s cock slide in and out, and sure enough in a few moments she started to give loud groans, ramming her cunt down on Jaco, and she came, juices flooding out of her over his cock.

While she was cumming, I was playing with my pussy-it was very erotic seeing and hearing her cum. As soon as she was done, I pulled on her shoulder to get her off Jaco, put a new condom on him, and mounted him. His cock slid easily into me, and I ground backwards and forwards on him, feeling his cock touch the front and back of my pussy. It wasn’t long before he gave a long shudder, and I felt him cum inside me, slamming up and down as he did so.

I waited until he was finished, and then got off him. He lay back, panting hard.

Laura and I left him to ‘’recover’’ and went back to the Jacuzzi. Passing through the lounge again, I looked to see how Alma was doing.

She was still on the couch, but now nude, her long legs wrapped around the guy who had been fingering her, while he fucked her hard. Next to her a guy I knew, Stephen, was standing, with his cock in her mouth. As I watched, the guy on top of her got off, Stephen turned her over onto her tummy, and started fucking her pussy from the back, lifting her hips to get a better angle while the other guy put his cock in her mouth.

So from a novice to great sex in one night- not bad!

Just then Jaco arrived in the lounge. He stood transfixed at the sight his conservative wife getting a little gang bang. He watched for a while, and then went to the Jacuzzi, and I noticed that his cock, which had gone soft after cumming in me, had started getting hard again after seeing Alma getting fucked by two guys.

I was getting a Coke at the bar-table when I was lifted off my feet by a great big hug, my feet dangling off the ground. From the feel of his body I knew it could only be Lev!

He put me down, and I turned around and gave him a big kiss.

He had a towel around him, and was damp from the tub, but all hairy and warm.

‘’where have you been, little Tammy?’’ he asked in his rumbling deep voice.

I told him I had been here and there but that I had seen that Alma and Jaco were ok.

‘’yes’’ he said ‘’I saw the young lady going to a bedroom with your Simon and two others- it seems she is taking to this swinging very well! We go to the playroom you think?’’

Now while I know Lev well, I have never actually played with him. For some reason, every time we have been at the same party he has been somewhere else.

‘’sure’’ I said, taking my Coke and my towel.

He led the way down the passage to a door, opened it, to reveal a home-theatre/games room, with a huge screen, couches, a bar table and a snooker table.

He closed the door, dimmed the lights and went to the bar to get himself a vodka (Lev only drinks vodka, neat, and he imports it himself from Russia because he says the stuff we get here is ‘’for running motor cars and disinfecting whores’’ as he puts it!)

As he turned, the door opened and Katerina came in.

‘’ the little one can also play with us?’’ Lev asked, pointing at her.

‘’sure’’ I said, ‘’why not?”

I wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do first, so I waited, and sat on the couch

Lev came back with a 100-gram glass of vodka and an ice-chilled bowl of caviar, with 3 little silver spoons.

Katerina came over to me, dropped her towel and stood in front of me.

She was gorgeous- slim, with nice size boobs, quite big, smooth pink nipples, a very firm, flat tummy and a smooth hairless pussy. From the lack of a dark shadow of shaved hair, it seemed that she was a natural blonde.

She took my towel from me, knelt in front of me and pushed my legs apart.

Without hesitation she stuck her tongue in my pussy and began to feel for my clit, flicking it expertly. He fingers stroked my outer pussy lips, as her tongue went deeper. I lay back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed her touch.

As she probed deeper with her fingers I looked up at her. She was playing with her pussy, sliding her fingers in and out as she played with me.

Lev was sitting on a chair, watching us.

Now he stood up, and let his towel drop to the floor. I stared at his cock- it was huge, much bigger than I seemed to recall from the brief look I had some months ago.

It was not yet hard, just semi-hard in that very erotic stage when it points straight forward, before it gets fully hard.

He was not shaved other than he seemed to have shaved his cock, but nothing else.

He looked at me, smiling, aware of the effect his cocks size was having on me.

Katerina sensed that he was behind her, and looked around.

‘’you frighten her like that’’ she said in heavily accented English.

Lev laughed, and held out his hand to me.

I stood, my pussy swollen and tender from Katerina’s ministrations.

He led me to the couch at the far end of the room, and pulled the cushions off onto the floor.

I sat on the cushions, and he kneeled in front of me. Pushing my shoulders back, he parted my legs as wide as they would go, leaned forward and stuck his tongue deep into me wet pussy, licking and sucking on my clit.

He was very good at it- I felt him stimulating my clit again and again, and he knew just when to stop and when to resume.

Katerina came and lay next to me, facing me. She took my face in her hands and began to kiss me on my mouth, pushing her tongue in, in a deep and lovely French kiss.

We lay like that for a while, Katerina and I kissing and touching our faces while Lev lapped at my pussy.

Then he took his face away, and moved forward over me. He put a condom on his rock-hard cock, and supporting his weight on his hands and knees, he positioned his huge cock at the slick and swollen lips of my pussy.

‘’very slowly’’ I said to him. He nodded.

Katerina reached between his legs, stroked his cock and guided it to my pussy.

As it started going in she kept fondling his balls, and touching my pussy as Levs cock slid in, bit by bit.

It stretched my pussy as wide as it can go, and I lifted my legs and bent my knees to try and open it more. The feeling was intense- the huge size of his cock filling my cunt, my lips tight around its width, the length going deeper and deeper until I felt that it would touch my cervix. I don’t think he was fully in yet, when he started to move very gently in and out, letting the whole length of it out with just the head in, and then sliding it all back in, each time a little deeper.

I felt like I was pinned on a giant pole, supporting me, lifting me. With each thrust I felt that he would at any moment push into my cervix, but he didn’t.

As I got slightly more comfortable, I began to respond, lifting my hips to meet his thrusts ever so slightly.

Because he was supporting himself above me (he would have crushed me if he lay on me!) Katerina was able to put her hand between us, feel for my pussy, and tickle my clit as Levs cock went in and out.

She had been doing that for maybe a minute, when I began to feel an orgasm starting. I wrapped my legs around Lev, pulling him closer, and pushed back at him with increasing speed. He matched this, but without hurting me, he thrust harder and faster, the whole length of his cock going in and out.

The orgasm built and built, a tingling feeling rushing through my tummy, down to my cunt, as it exploded in me. I rammed into him hard, slamming my cunt against him again and again as the waves of orgasm flooded through me.

I was aware of lots of juices flowing in me, and as he took his cock out they ran out of my cunt onto the cushions, soaking them under me.

Lev lay still for a minute on top of me, then lifted himself off me and stood, looking at me.

Katerina was sitting next to me, her finger deep in her pussy, masturbating feverishly, pulling on her nipples with her other hand.

Lev went over to her. He lay down on his back, his giant cock twitching slightly on its own. He stroked it, looking at Katerina.

She was still masturbating, getting very aroused it seemed. She crawled over to him, and sat on top of him facing away from his face, lying back and supported by his arms on her lower back. I thought she was going to fuck him is a reverse cowboy, but she lay there rubbing her pussy, and then reached further between her spread legs and wiped her wetness on her asshole

I watched amazed as she took Levs cock and guided it to her asshole. She had her legs spread wide open, her cunt puffy and wet and open, facing me as she slowly sat on his cock.

At first it wouldn’t go in, but then she must have relaxed enough to let the head in. Once the head was in, she wriggled a bit and more of the shaft entered her puckered asshole. She kept wiping her juices from her cunt onto Levs cock, and slowly more and more slid into her, while he lay quite still.

When a lot of it was in, she began to move slowly up and down, his cock now sliding in and out more easily.

It was a remarkable sight- she is a slim girl, with narrow hips, and a tight small bum. To see Levs pole in her looked amazing- like she was sitting on a baseball bat, and not the handle- end either!

She was supporting herself on her hands and feet to an extent, in order to lift herself up each time, her hands on Levs hips.

I touched her cunt as she rode him, and she nodded at me rapidly.

I rubbed her cunt harder, and she said something in Russian to Lev over her shoulder.

‘’she says put your fingers in her’’ said Lev.

I did so, and I could feel Levs cock in her ass, pushing against the wall of her cunt as it went in and out

I fingered her deeply, and very soon she gave long low cries, her body seeming to vibrate, and she came, crying out as she did so.

Lev lay quite still when she was finished. I thought it was over, but then she started to move again, up and down, and I fingered her some more. Inside a minute she came again, and then again, and again, 9 times in a row with only a minute or two in between each!

The last time Lev also began to move a bit more, but still gently, his huge hips lifting and lowering each time, and he came with long loud groans and grunts just as she came.

She then sat for a moment, and then slowly got off him. As she did so, she laid back, her ass gaping wide open, cum leaking out of it onto Lev.

She lay on her side on the cushions, curled up in a ball, her hands wrapped around her knees, looking like a young child sleeping.

‘’she stay like that for a while’’ said Lev softly, getting up. He took a throw-blanket and put it over her, gave her a kiss on her forehead, passed my towel to me and went to sit on the couch again.

We ate some of the caviar, while he had a few vodkas, then we went to the main lounge area, leaving Katerina to sleep.

In the lounge, Alma was standing in the middle of the room, three guys around her. Each was feeling her, touching her all over, stroking her, fingering her pussy, sucking on her little boobies, turning her around and around each getting a turn to stimulate a part of her. Her nipples were erect and hard making her boobs like little cones, her legs parted as she rotated giving the three guys good access to her cunt.

Jaco was nowhere to be seen, so I grabbed a mineral water and went to see what was going on elsewhere.

I was quite drained from the fuck by Lev, so I went back to the home theatre to see how Katerina was doing. She was awake, sitting on the couch sipping a glass of wine. I sat down next to her, and we chatted. I asked her how she knew Lev, so she told me her story:


She said that her mother worked for him as a secretary in one of his companies, so she saw him at company functions, where it is a Russian thing that families get invited.

She was still at school when her mother started working there.

He seemed to always have a nice word to say to her, and she liked him, although he was of course about 40 years older than she was.

One afternoon the year she finished school, she went to the factory where his office was to deliver something to her mother. The security guards knew her, and let her go up to his office.

Her mother was not at her office, which is right outside Levs office. There is an interleading bathroom, so you can lock it from inside from either end, and both the secretary and Lev have the use of it.

She heard noises from Lev’s office, and thought maybe her mother was in the office. She went via the interleading bathroom and opened the door very quietly.

Lev was indeed at his desk. Bent over the desk was a woman with her skirt pulled up, her panties around her ankles and her blouse open with her bra off and her boobs exposed, with Lev standing behind her fucking her hard and fast, his pants also around his legs. Katerina was stunned, and watched for a minute or two. Then Lev withdrew his cock and the woman stood up – and Katerina recognised Galina, the Head Girl from last year at school!

Katerina closed the door quietly, and left. They were both out of school (just) so it really was none of her business who the girl fucked, but she was surprised none the less.

About 6 months later, there was a company picnic (Katerina did not know the word for this when she told me her story- she called it a ‘’lunch in the grass’’, which I thought was quite a good description, but we worked out what she meant!)

Her mother and Katerina were invited, and as is the custom, lots of vodka was drunk by everyone, including fairly young teenagers, and including Katerina.

She was quite tipsy, and in a really good mood, and when they were dancing to the music, she danced with lots of boys. At one stage, Lev was dancing with each of the young women in turn. When she danced with him, he held her quite close, and she could feel his whole body pressing against her. He made some comment about how grown up she still a child was, yet.

For some reason, without really thinking but wanting to impress him she said

‘’I am the same age as Galina, and you don’t see her as a child’’.

He of course immediately asked what she meant, and she had to tell him that she had seen him and Galina in his office.

He didn’t react at first, but then after a while asked her

‘’so what do you think of seeing Galina and me in my office? Do you like to do that? Have you ever done that?’’

She said she thought it was exciting, and that she had only done it a few times with a boy in her class.

Later, they danced again, and he asked her

‘’so you would like to have been Galina, yes?”’

She said she guessed so, blushing furiously.

They had been playing netball, so the girls were all still wearing very short netball skirts and their team tops. When he first danced with her, he had patted her on her bum like one would to a child. Now as they danced, and when they were away from the view of the people, he patted her bum again, but this time lower down on her bum, and she felt his fingers push her skirt up between her legs, and his middle finger gently touched her panties over her pussy, then he took it away without a word, and carried on dancing.

She said she got wet almost immediately, and if he had put his finger there again he would have felt her panties very wet!

The picnic was to end in the early evening with a fireworks display,

Just after dark, about half an hour before the fireworks, one of Levs personal guards came to her and said

‘’Lev wants to see you’’

She followed him to the swimming pool change rooms, not really knowing what Lev wanted, but thinking that maybe he would give her a present to keep quiet about what she had said.

The guard showed her into the private coaches change room, and left, closing the door behind him. Lev was standing there, smiling at her.

‘’so you want what Galina got?’’ he asked.

She says she did not really answer, just smiled back at him.

He walked over to her, and pulled her close to him, kissing her on her neck. She could feel his erection through his pants, and he rubbed it against her a little.

He ran his hands up her legs, under her skirt, and clasped her bum, stroking it, then feeling between her legs, over her panties. He did now feel that they were damp, and he immediately pulled them to one side and stroked her cunt lips.

She says she was so ready his finger slid into her as he did this. He stayed like that, fingering her for a while, then undid her blouse and pulled her bra up, and began to nibble on her nipples.

He took her one hand, and placed it on his cock. She was stunned, she could believe that it was in fact his cock, as she could feel all of it, but it was huge compared to the boy she had fucked.

He undid his zip and belt, and opened his pants. She says she just gasped- she had never seen anything like it, not even in the porn movies the boys sometimes got and showed to the girls.

She put her hand on it and stroked it like the boy had shown her, and it grew even bigger and harder.

They stayed like that for a while, him fingering her and her playing with his cock. Then he said to her:

‘’ I am too big for you to take just like this. We don’t have time and I don’t want to hurt you. If you want, we can meet another day. For now, do you want to do just oral?’’

She says she had sucked a few guys, as the guys in general did not have money for condoms, and in any case the girls often wanted to remain virgins for a while, so they just did oral to keep the guys happy.

She was going to kneel and suck him, when he picked her up, put her onto a table, and stood in front of her. He parted her legs, pulled her panties down, and started to suck and lick her cunt.

No guy had ever done that to her, although she had seen it done in the porn movies.

She said she just gasped, pressed her hand to her clit, and came within a minute!

He laughed and said

‘’you sure were ready!”

She got off the table on very shaky legs, knelt in front of him, and took the head of his cock in her mouth.

She said even the head would not fit in properly, but she did the best she could. She sucked him for a minute or two, then he pulled her to her feet, told her that he would arrange to meet her another day if she wanted to, pulled up his pants and left.

She sat for a while, then put her clothes back together and went to watch the fireworks, her pussy still swollen and wet.

A few weeks went by, with no word from Lev, and she thought that maybe he had thought her too young or immature. She wasn’t surprised however to find that Galina was now employed at the factory as an administrative assistant to Lev!

Then one day she got a message via one of his guards when she was at the shops. He said that Lev asks whether she can phone him.

She did so, and he said that if she could make up some story for a weekend, he would take her to his dacha in Sochi for the weekend if she wanted to.

She told her mother that she was staying with a friend in a nearby town, met Lev at a coffee shop and went with him to Sochi in his private business jet.

To cut a long story short, he taught her how to fuck, how to do oral, and was incredibly gentle with her, never hurting her, and not really putting all of his cock into her ever at first.

When she found it difficult to accommodate his huge cock, Lev invited another woman to join them one weekend, who turned out to be an ex- girlfriend, now married.

She showed Katerina how to relax her vagina and ‘’open’’ her hips to take it in, and showed how by fucking Lev in front of Katerina. The three of them spent the weekend fucking Lev, and she also showed Katerina how to do lesbian sex, sometimes just the two of them m, sometimes with Lev fucking one or both of them.

Katerina also found that she could come again and again while fucking- she knew she could while masturbating, but it was a thrill to find that Lev’s big cock created enough pressure to have that happen in normal fucking also.

After many such weekends, Lev asked whether she minded if Galina joined them.

So the next time, Galina was there, along with 3 of Lev’s friends who were going fishing on Lev’s boat that weekend.

She was introduced to group-sex, and the four men fucked the two girls all weekend, in every orifice and repeatedly.

Galina had told her about anal sex, and although she wasn’t ready to let Lev out that enormous thing in her ass, she did let one of the other guys try it.

She said that at the end of the weekend, her period started, and her cunt was so swollen and tender that she came when she put the tampon in her!

I asked her whether her mother knew, and what she said when she found out.

Katerina laughed.

She said she always had a suspicion about her mother and Lev- there seemed at times to be much more familiarity than is normal between a boss and his secretary, with little smiles, quick hugs etc. Katerina’s father left then when she was young, so she didn’t begrudge her mother some fun, and if Lev was that fun, so what?

In any case, Lev and she saw each other a few times.

One day at the dacha she was alone, other than the security guards, because Lev and some friends had gone hunting.

She was nosy, and looked through the bedroom. In a box in the bedside table she found some DVD’s. Curious as to why DVD’s should be in the bedroom when there was no DVD player there, she went to the lounge and put the first one in.

What she saw on that, and every other DVD in the box, was videos of Lev with a woman, fucking. Different women most of the time, and sometimes with more than one woman, sometimes with more than just Lev- a few men and one woman, a few men and a few women, a few women and Lev!

In the entire DVD’s it seemed that everyone knew they were being filmed, because they made faces at the camera and posed at times.

In the second last DVD however she got a surprise. It was taken in the dacha bedroom, and she saw Lev fucking a woman who was lying on her tummy.

There was another man in the room, and at a point the man came and sat next to the woman, and she turned her head to take his cock in her mouth. Katerina says she almost choked on her cool drink when she saw that the woman was her mother!

She watched, fascinated as Lev fucked her mother, then the other man fucked her, then her mother waved at the camera, and a man , who must have been the camera-man, came over, and she sucked his cock until he came on her boobs and face.

In any case, she was quite impressed with her mother, seeing her for the first time as a sexual woman, and not just ‘’mommy’’.

( I should mention that Katerina said that her mother was only 18 years older than her, having got married at 17 and had Katerina the next year, so if Katerina was 18 at that time , her mother would have been only 35 then)

Eventually her mother did of course find out about Katerina and Lev, and there was a huge argument. Katerina says that by that time, she was seeing Lev every week, and they fucked almost every time- in his office, at functions, in his limo (with the driver in front!)

Bearing in mind that Katerina was out of school when she first fucked lev, over the age of consent in Russia, and was a willing participant, she didn’t see what it had to do with her mother. At one point in the very heated argument her mother screamed at her’

‘’I don’t think it’s proper for a young woman like you to be fucking an older man like Lev!”’

To which Katerina screamed back

‘’ well I don’t think it’s proper for a mother like you to be fucking a room full of men at his dacha!”

She says that ended the argument, and eventually her mother accepted that she was seeing Lev and there was nothing she could do about it.

Katerina says that she told Lev that she had seen the DVD, and that she did not have a problem with him fucking her mother, but that she was not going to fuck him with her mother ever!

So that was Katerina story!


Katerina and I went from the home theatre back to the lounge.

People were fucking everywhere we looked, and the Jacuzzi looked like it was in a storm, with the water boiling over the sides as several couples fucked in it.

Lev was on one chair with Laura sitting on his cock, and another older woman kneeling on the arms of the chair, her cunt in his face. Laura’s big plump bum was bouncing up and down, Lev’s cock easily sliding in and out of her wide-open pussy.

Katerina said

‘’come, we lie and see what happens””

I didn’t know what she meant, so I just followed her lead. She took her towel off, and lay in the middle of the floor, naked, legs spread wide, and waited.

I lay next to her, also spread-eagled.

Very soon the first guy noticed us. He came over and started fingering first me then Katerina.

Then the next guy, and the next, until there must have been 5 or 6 men around us, touching, probing, licking, sucking everywhere on both of us.

Then the first two mounted us, and began to fuck us. After a while, the next two, then the next two, while the others kept up the fondling and touching.

It was amazing. All we did was lie there and push back, and suck a cock if it was put at our mouth.

We both came, Katerina more than once, until my pussy got sore and I had had enough.

We stood up and went to the bathroom to shower and change.

Later, after a midnight feast prepared by Lev, we all went to bed, looking forward to the next day on the dam.