19 Apr 2017

This is a diary in 2 parts. The first part deals with a party at a friend’s house, the second part with a few days I spent at their game-farm this week. (The second part is shorter as it was just a bit of fun.)

Part 1

Some weeks ago Simon, my hubby, and I were invited to a party at the home of a couple we have known for quite a while. They are a bit older than I am - Mark is around 45 I think, and his wife, Sophie, is a few years younger. We met them at a dinner party and after many drinks the chat turned to erotic literature (I think that "50 Shades of Grey" had just been published), and from their conversation Simon gathered that they had some experience in this area. Once alone with Mark, Simon asked a bit more directly, and Mark said that they had done some swinging. Simon told him about us, and we arranged to meet again at a party a few weeks later.

It turns out that they have done quite a lot of swinging, and we know some of the same people, although up to that point we had not met them.

Sophie phoned me some weeks back and asked if Simon and I wanted to join them for a party on a Friday night. She said that it would be a small party, and that she had invited a German guy she knew who was here on holiday, as well as one or two other couples they knew - nothing big. Now you have to know Sophie to understand what "nothing big" means to her!

One of the "normal" parties she invited us to was also "nothing big", she said. That turned out to be around 100 people, a 3 piece band, fully catered with waiters, with a cabaret show consisting of 3 Flamenco dancers! So we wait in anticipation to attend a party where she says it will be "big"!

Sophie and Mark live in Houghton, not far from where I work, in a lovely old house set on over an acre. It's one of the original "Rand Lords" houses, with huge rooms, high ceilings and enormous fireplaces in every room. She has exquisite taste, and the house is stunningly decorated - it has featured in quite a few magazines over the years and was on Top Billing a few years ago. When Simon and I moved into our home after we got married, I asked Sophie to help me decorate it, as it’s also an original old (Morningside) house, but much smaller than hers (we have 4 bedrooms on half an acre, she has 9 bedrooms, 6 en suite!).

Sophie is a very pretty blonde woman. She has wide blue eyes, a pert nose and cupid-lips, with biggish, firm (worked-on) boobs and a nice figure kept in shape with the aid of a daily personal trainer who works with her in their gym at home. (She got the same supplier that Virgin Active uses to build her gym, Sauna, plunge pool and Steam room, overlooking the Koi pond and private enclosed garden. She told me that her Trainer, Hugo, also provides other services, usually in the garden on a lounger, after the workout! He has, apparently, a very large cock and knows how to use it!)

Mark is a bit older than Sophie, a bit plump but good looking, with short grey hair and a goatee. He is a keen hunter and has a collection of firearms of note, which he keeps in his gun-room - a secure walk-in vault with racks of rifles, shotguns and displays of hand-guns. He has a den next to it where his hunting trophies are mounted. Simon tells me that Mark has the most stunning secretary - a 19 year-old brunette with huge boobs, who he regularly fucks on the desk in his office when he is bored or horny. There is nothing she will not do. Simon was in Mark's office one day when Mark called her in and said he felt like playing. She turned, locked the door and took off her short skirt and her blouse, and then her bra and g-string. Standing naked, her huge boobs and shaved cunt on view, she unzipped Mark, knelt and gave him a blowjob. Then she stood, faced the desk and leaned forward, and he fucked her there and then with her bent over the desk, with Simon watching, and at the end she took his cock from her cunt into her mouth and swallowed his cum, got dressed, and made coffee for them. (Simon says that he did not fuck her, but I am not so sure!)

Whether Mark and Sophie know about each other’s fuck-buddy I am not certain - I suspect that they do.

We arrived at their house at 17h00, as Sophie wanted to have everyone there for cocktails before dinner. We took my car, as Simon's Panamera Turbo is having something done to the engine to "tune" it (I suspect it’s just an excuse to make it more powerful (and noisy) but we will see!). (Boys and their toys!)

I found a space at the side of the circular gravel driveway (don’t you just love the sound of a car on a gravel driveway - so elegant and "wealthy" somehow!) next to a white Lamborghini Diablo. Makes my Porsche 911 Carrera look like a toy!

Dragged Simon away from the Lambo before he gets ideas, and went to the huge wooden front door and rang the bell. Sophie opened, and showed us through to the "reception room" where guests were having drinks. Mark came over and greeted us, and introduced us to the three people there.

Hans, the German friend, was a big man, fat, with a big tummy, bald and a lovely smile - his whole face lit up when he smiled, all of his fat shaking as he laughed and greeted us in German. Hans was in South Africa on a hunting safari which is how Mark met him, while they were in Namibia a week earlier with a group of five other Germans. He seemed to be alone, as no wife was introduced.

Ada and Eduard were introduced. She is petite, dark hair and very slim, and Eduard is well-built with dark, longish hair and a beard. Simon and Eduard got to talking about Eduard’s Lamborghini of course! (Ada whispered to me that it was the most uncomfortable car she had ever been in - she refuses to drive more than 50 kms in it because she says she gets a splitting headache from the noise and the harsh ride. Also, she likes to wear short skirts and dresses. She said "the car-valet-parking guys in Johannesburg have probably seen more of my cunt than my husband has as I get in and out of that car!")

We got drinks and chatted. After a while another woman arrived. Lorraine, in her 40’s I guessed, a statuesque redhead with very big boobs (looked fake though), tall, tanned with muscular arms and legs - looks like a body-builder. Very dramatic looking woman.

And then a guy, Brian, stocky, muscular and bald-shaven.

So that was the 9 guests, it seemed. 3 couples, 2 single guys, one single woman.

At around 19h00 we went through to dinner - Sophie had arranged a braai (catered, of course!), and the smell of the lamb on a spit had been wafting through the house making me feel famished all evening! We served ourselves and sat around the outdoor table, with the candles flickering in the early evening breeze, the gas heaters giving some warmth and the waiter filling the crystal glasses with some of Mark's wine from his collection (he has a share in a wine-farm in the Cape, so his collection is extensive and valuable). (He is always so disappointed when I don’t drink - says it is a waste to have a meal without a good wine, but I stopped drinking alcohol years ago when I realised that I could not control how much I drank, and ended up in some unpleasant situations because I was too "out of it" to appreciate what I was doing (and with whom!) (Think school-friend’s father at fundraising dinner, another time a total stranger on a plane, etc.!)

After dinner Sophie stood and said we would all go through to the entertainment room, where there was music and a small bar, leading out onto the private garden facing her gym. We all trooped through to the entertainment room.

When she opened the door I just stood there, amazed. Typical Sophie, she had got an events company to do up the room like a Roman banquet-room - the whole room was draped in white linen, ceiling and walls. Around the sides were mock gold and white Roman pillars, and between them white "couches" at floor-height with low tables next to each. In the centre was a large square ottoman, over a metre across, with a low chandelier flickering above it.

The whole room was lit with soft up-lights in a warm red glow. On a giant screen against one wall a movie of some Roman chariot-race was playing silently, lots of dust and half-naked men in loin-clothes and women in togas.

It was a magnificent scene.

Sophie gathered us around her and said that there was a changing room off to one side where we would find togas in all sizes, as well as some Roman costume pieces if we wanted to dress up a bit. Also, she said that Hans had arranged some "entertainment" to start the night off - his "treat" for us!

I went with Simon to the change room, found togas to fit, and got changed. The toga was quite short, and I decided not to wear anything underneath it. I found a laurel wreath to put on my head, and some big gold plastic chains and bangles for my neck and arms.

We went back to the main room, and Hans came to talk to me. We chatted about Germany, and places we knew. He runs a modelling agency it seemed, recruiting and finding models and dancers for magazines, clubs and shows. I got the impression that he worked at the lower end of the market, and that much of his work is finding strippers, exotic dancers and maybe even more, and not ballerinas! He seemed to be very keen to talk to me, and every time I moved away he followed and started chatting again. He was friendly though, and interesting, so it was fine with me.

I asked about his holiday in South Africa, and what the "entertainment" he had arranged was.

He explained that he had been in SA and Namibia with five friends on a regular hunting safari. They came here every two years, and went to various lodges to hunt and just relax. The others had flown back two days earlier, but he stayed on to see some relatives in Cape Town.

He laughed when I asked about the entertainment.

"When we are here on Safari, we now and then arrange some female company - you know, six men alone in the bush for days - we need to enjoy ourselves in all aspects" he said chuckling, his tummy and chins wobbling.

"So I arranged for eight girls to be brought to the lodge outside Windhoek one night. We had a great party all night and most of the next day. The one girl found out that I book models for shows and movies, also for "men's movies".

"You mean for porn films?" I asked.

"Yes. Not major stuff, just for local German productions. I find them and book them for the movies, magazines and shows. So this girl found out that I do this, and wanted to know if I would book her, if she is what I look for. I said I thought she would be great - she is young, pretty and has a good figure. Also, from what I saw she likes to fuck, and does everything. So I said to her she could come here tonight and show me what she can do when she is "on show", not just fucking a single guy in a room. Then I will see if I book her. Her boyfriend will bring her, and I have a young man she will do a show with, so we will see how she does. So we kill two birds with one stone - I get to see her in action again, and we all get a show. She may also stay and join in if she and her boyfriend want to, I have told her, and Mark is happy with that."

We were sitting on one of the low couches, more like mattresses on a very low base, eating grapes from a bowl on the little table. The music was loud, the lights dimmed, and the young waiter was bringing drinks to everyone. On some couches there were two or three people, on others just two people.

Mark came over and spoke to Hans, who got up, excused himself and went out of the room. Mark sat down next to me, and gave me a kiss on my mouth.

"Having fun?" he asked.

"Very much so. The décor is stunning - you guys have gone to a lot of trouble for this party."

"Thank you" he said. "It's all Sophie’s doing, she loves this sort of thing."

Hans came back and sat on the other side of me.

"The show will start in a minute. She is changing, and meeting the guy I have for her. Her boyfriend wants to watch - he says he often does when she does shows. Is that okay, Mark?"

Mark shrugged his shoulders.

"If watching his girlfriend fuck a guy turns him on, good for him."

Mark told everyone that the show would start, and we all got a fresh drink and sat back.

The door opened behind the drapes, and a girl came in. She did indeed look young, no more than 18 or 19. Petite and slim with long blonde hair and a pretty face. She was wearing a very short black skirt and stockings, and a blue blouse which showed her small pointed boobs, her nipples hard under the thin fabric.

A young man came in after her and sat in the corner, presumably her boyfriend. He was good-looking, with dark short hair and a tanned face.

"Her name is Lisa" said Hans next to me.

She danced around the room, wiggling her bum suggestively, stroking her hands over her boobs.

The drapes parted and a guy came in. Tall, very well built and muscular, wearing tight jeans and a white vest which showed his perfect body. And Black. A very good looking dude, with his head shaved on the sides and cropped on top, a beautiful physique - strong, well-proportioned and his muscles well defined.

I glanced around the room. The fact that he was Black and she was a petite blonde had certainly got everyone’s attention! I don’t think that anyone would have had a problem with it, on the contrary it was erotic and unusual, so exciting for most I am sure.

"He is a guy I have had model for gay magazines" said Hans, "although he is not gay, as you will see! His name is Luke."

Luke caressed Lisa, running his hands up and down her body, fondling her boobs, pulling on her nipples through the blouse. He ran his hand up her legs, under her skirt and lifted it so that her bum was exposed. With one hand he cupped her pussy from the front, and massaged it, her legs apart. She had a small thong on, and as his hand moved I could see his finger pushing into her slit over the thong.

She rubbed the front of his jeans, feeling for his cock, as he unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Her pert, small and firm boobs were delightful - she had dark nipples, slightly puffy, and erect, with not a hint of sag in her boobs at all - just two cones sticking straight out.

Luke lowered his head and sucked each of her nipples in turn, pulling on them with his lips. Lisa had her head tilted back, enjoying the feeling of Luke’s mouth on her boobs and his hand on her pussy.

She slid her hands under his vest and massaged his pecs, pulling on his nipples. He stood back and took his vest off. He really did have a stunning figure, huge hard pecs and biceps and a flat tummy with a well-defined 6-pack tapering in a V into his jeans. Lisa sucked on his nipples, her arms around him and her hands on his bum, pulling his hips towards her.

As she sucked on his nipples she felt for his belt, undid it and pulled his jeans zipper down.

Everyone in the room was riveted - they made a very striking couple, both with great figures, both good looking, and the contrast of her very pale skin and long blonde hair with his dark skin was dramatic.

Next to me I felt Hans’s hand on my thigh, sliding up under the hem of my toga. I glanced at him and smiled. He leaned across and started to kiss me, his tongue immediately going deep into my mouth. His hand moved upwards, as I reached between his legs and felt for his cock. To be honest, it was a bit of a battle, as he has a very big tummy, and his cock was not that easy to find under it because of the way he was sitting. He leaned back, and my hand found his cock, semi-hard and not very big, sadly. I played with it with my fingers, stroking it as it got harder and a bit bigger.

His hand reached my pussy, and I noted his surprise as he felt that I did not have panties on. His fingers touched my slit, and slid up and down it. I wasn’t wet yet, and he just played on the outside of my slit with his middle finger.

He pulled my toga open so that he could see my breasts, and with his other hand fondled my nipples. He spread his fat thighs apart and I could now feel his cock better under his tummy. He was clean shaved, and I cupped his balls in my hand and stroked the head of his cock with my fingers.

Mark, on the other side of me, reached out and touched my breast, tickling the side and the nipple, his other hand on his cock under his toga.

On the floor, Lisa had pulled Luke’s jeans down, and he stepped out of them. He had a red thong on, his cock a huge bulge under it, barely containing it. Lisa unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, her thong showing a wet patch in front where the fabric was pushed into her slit where Luke’s hand had been busy.

She kneeled in front of him, and pulled his thong off his cock. His cock sprang out - very big and almost hard. She stroked it for a moment, then opened her small pink lips and took the head into her mouth, sucking on it as her hand masturbated the shaft.

I looked over at her boyfriend in the corner. He was sitting forward, looking at Lisa, his eyes fixed on her mouth with Luke’s cock in it. I did notice that his one hand was on his crotch, touching his cock under his jeans, so this did indeed turn him on it seemed!

Lisa had made Luke’s cock fully hard by now, and it was of a size that only the first part of the head and shaft would fit in her mouth as she sucked on it, his balls cupped in her two hands. It was now very big indeed and very thick, with prominent veins and a large circumcised head. He was shaved, and his body, probably from body-builder shows, was waxed smooth all over, his muscles rippling and shining with some oil he had put on. In the dim lighting he looked stunning.

He took Lisa’s hand and lifted her to her feet.

By now, Hans’s fingers had made me wet, and his finger was slightly inside my slit, probing very gently. I was massaging his cock as best I could, his tummy large and hard above it, his body under his toga fat and white. I parted my legs and his finger slid in a bit more as I watched Lisa and Luke in the centre.

Across from where Hans, Mark and I sat, Sophie was sitting on Simon's lap, her toga open and his mouth on her large boobs, sucking her nipples. Lorraine, the muscular red-head was sitting on the floor in front of Ada. She was watching the show, with one hand under Ada’s toga, somewhere near her pussy I guessed. The others I could not really see because of the drapes and the pillars in the way.

Luke led Lisa to the ottoman in the centre, and kneeling in front of her, pulled her thong off. Still kneeling, he put his mouth at her pussy, and licked her slit. She was shaved, her body taut and firm, slim long legs and a flat tummy. Her slit showed slight pussy-lips and a nice bulge, and as she turned I saw that her bum was as cute as the rest of her - firm and rounded.

She turned around, facing the ottoman, and leaned forward, holding onto it with her hands, her legs spread. Luke positioned himself behind her, and massaged her slit from the back, fingering her. His fingers thrust into her quite hard and fast, and she jerked with each thrust, opening her legs a bit more.

When he judged she was ready, he put his cock at the entrance to her pussy from the back, and holding her bum manoeuvered it in bit by bit. She gasped as the big cock entered her, but did not stop him. He moved slowly at first until most of it was in her, then he started to fuck her, taking almost the whole impressive length out each time and then pushing it all back in. They were standing side-on to where I was sitting, and the contrast of his physical size and dark skin to her petite stature and white skin, with her long blonde hair hanging down, was very arousing to everyone I think.

He fucked her faster and deeper, his body making a slapping sound as he pumped into her cunt.

Hans, next to me, was hugely aroused. He was jerking his hips as I massaged his cock, panting a bit. Mark, on the other side of me had got up and gone over to where Ada and her husband Eduard were sitting. Ada had her toga open and was stroking her own small boobs, her pink nipples hard. Mark sat on the side of the couch, reached between her thighs, and started to stroke them, higher and higher as her husband watched the couple in the centre and Mark's hand on his wife’s thigh alternately.

Hans pushed my head down, wanting me to take his cock in my mouth. I turned, got a condom and pushed him so that he lay back. He asked whether I would suck him without a condom, but I said no, so I sat on the floor in front of him, turned, and found his little cock. I pulled the condom onto him, and put my head under his big tummy, taking his cock in my mouth.

It really was small, particularly when seen with his big body. I could take it all in my mouth, and I held it there, massaging the front of the head with my tongue. I didn’t move it in and out at all, just sucked on it with it all in. He seemed to like it, as he began to grunt and jerk more. After maybe five minutes of sucking and then massaging, he asked if he could cum in my mouth.

I said yes, in the condom, not without it. He seemed disappointed, but agreed, and I put it back in my mouth, making sure that the condom was properly on all the way down, with enough at the tip for the cum without it leaking out.

I held it in my mouth, and rubbed my tongue hard on the front of it. He gave a few big jerks, and I felt him shoot his cum into the condom, filling the little space at the end. I kept sucking until he stopped, then took it out and took the condom off him, dropping it in the bin next to the couch.

He seemed happy with his blowjob, so I sat next to him again with my head on his shoulder.

Luke stopped fucking Lisa from behind, turned her around and she lay on her back on the large Ottoman. He mounted her on top, and slid his big cock into her. She was very wet and ready it seemed, and it slid right in. She wrapped her long pale legs around his bum, and he began to fuck her hard and fast, making her cry out with each thrust. He pounded his cock into her for ages, her legs sometimes around him, sometimes straight up in the air, wide open, welcoming his thick cock.

His muscular back and taut bum were working hard, sweat glistening on his dark skin as he hammered Lisa’s pink pussy.

I was very aroused by now - I am sure that Hans had enjoyed his blowjob, but I had not had any action and I wanted some!

Just as I looked around, Brian waved at me – he had been sitting near Simon and Sophie, so I gave Hans a kiss and went over to Brian. He stood, his toga still closed, but I could see a big tent in front!

My own toga was sort of half open, my boobs exposed I guess. The waiter brought him a drink, and we went to sit on a couch. We chatted a while, his hand on my thigh, and my hand on his. Brian is a good-looking guy, quite stocky, with a shaved head and a very muscular body. I have seen him at a party before, although I haven’t played with him - the last time I saw him he was very into a stunning middle-aged dark-haired woman whom he and her husband were taking turns fucking all night, singly and together.

Brian leaned to me, took my face in his hands, and kissed me. His tongue deep in my mouth, I felt my body respond to his kissing and caresses, as his hand found my pussy and touched my outer lips gently. I parted my legs and let him slide a finger into me, while I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. He has a nice cock, quite long and very thick. He was fully hard already, so I began to masturbate him, feeling his balls with my other hand, and running my nails under his balls towards his arsehole.

He fingered me a while, then, opening my toga fully, he kissed my breasts, sucking on each nipple in turn. I leaned over and took his thick cock in my mouth, feeling it fill my mouth, sucking on it while rubbing the shaft up and down. He was freshly shaved, his pubic area smooth and clean, and his cock felt nice in my mouth.

His finger found my clit, and tickled it slightly, making me squirm with pleasure.

I lifted my toga off, and he did the same. Then, sitting him back down, I climbed on top of him, rubbing his cock along my slit, letting its length part my wet lips, but not letting it go in me yet. He played with my boobs, pulling on my nipples with his fingers.

He reached next to the couch and took a condom from the bowl. I moved back, and put it on him, then lifted myself and slid his cock into me, lowering myself until I was sitting flat on him, his cock deep in me. He gave a small thrust, but I stayed still, and then moved back and forth, not up and down, feeling his cock push against the front of my pussy. I flicked my hips backwards and then forwards, faster, watching his eyes and face as he felt the sensation on his cock. He was getting very aroused, so I got off him, to give him a break. I played with his cock without touching the head and then lay on my side, my back to him. He lifted my left leg, parting my bum, and his cock found my pussy, and slid in. Gripping my hips he began to fuck me from the back, his tummy slapping into my back with each thrust.

I put my hand on my pussy, touching the front of his cock as it went in and out, putting pressure on the sensitive front of its head. He groaned, and fucked faster as he felt my fingers touch his cock.

I looked at the couple in the middle as Brian fucked me - Luke got off Lisa, and turned her over onto her hands and knees. He picked up a small bottle from next to the ottoman, and squirted some liquid on his cock and in Lisa’s bum-crack, then fingered her arsehole, pushing a finger into her, rotating it, making her arsehole wider and relaxed. When he was satisfied, he positioned his cock at her arsehole, and began to work it into her, inch by inch. Her mouth was open, grimacing, her eyes shut, and her head back as his cock moved more and more into her tight arse.

It took quite a while for him to get half of it in, but when he was half in he began to fuck her arse, Lisa making small crying sounds as he pushed it in each time. He gripped her hips and pulled her towards him with each thrust, his cock going deeper and deeper each time. After a while, his whole huge cock was in her arse, and her face was a mask of pain and enjoyment. She lifted one hand and pinched her nipple, pulling it hard while Luke fucked her.

I saw Hans watching her intently, maybe trying to see how she would do in a movie. Sophie was sitting next to him, his hand between her open legs, and his fingers in her cunt, while she masturbated his little cock. Her boobs were very firm and big from the silicone and her nipples long and erect.

Brian was almost ready to cum I thought, his breath coming in shuddering gasps as he rammed his cock into me. I clenched my legs to put pressure on his cock, and he exploded into the condom in me, grunting loudly as his load filled it, his thrusting not stopping for quite a while. When he was still, he slid his cock carefully out of me, pulled the condom off and dropped it into the little sanitary bin next to the couch.

He kissed my neck and throat, tickling me, then kissed my cheek. As I turned my head he found my mouth, and began to French-kiss me deeply, his tongue deep in my mouth. He was an excellent kisser, and I was aroused by his gently touch and his sensual kissing. As he kissed me, he stroked my boobs and my tummy, still cuddling me from behind, only my head turned to kiss him.

Luke was still fucking Lisa in her arse, but he looked like he was going to cum soon, his face scrunched up, panting. She was whimpering constantly, but didn’t pull away, letting him fuck her hard. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her arse, and grabbed her shoulder, spinning her around. She turned, and kneeled to face him.

His huge cock was black and shining against her pale face as he thrust his cock at her, grabbing the back of her head. At first she resisted, then maybe remembering that she actually wanted a job from this, opened her mouth. He pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. She almost gagged, tasting her own arsehole on his cock no doubt, but before she could react he began to cum, squirting long white jets of cum in her open mouth and onto her face. She closed her eyes as a stream hit them, then kept her mouth open as he continued to shoot squirt after squirt at her. She swallowed some as he slowed and stopped and licked her lips. He held his cock, cum dripping off the end, on her mouth, and she licked it clean as it softened slightly.

Both of them stood up, and we all clapped. Hans motioned to Lisa to come over to him, and she went and stood in front of him, wiping her face with a small towel she picked up from the side table, while Luke disappeared behind the drapes. Hans stood, and pushed Sophie gently onto her back on the couch. He took Lisa’s hand and pulled her down to Sophie, pushing her head between Sophie’s spread thighs. Lisa kneeled between her thighs and began to eat Sophie’s cunt. Sophie lifted her legs into the air, as wide as they could go, and Lisa buried her face in Sophie’s pussy, licking and sucking at her wet pussy.

Hans wasted no time. Playing with his cock, he mounted Lisa from the back, feeling for her arsehole and sliding his cock into her. She cried out in surprise as his cock penetrated her arse, which must have been very sore by now, although Hans’s cock would have been a breeze compared to Luke’s! Hans fucked Lisa’s arse for only a moment, and then gave short little thrusts as he came in her arse. He had cum not that long ago with me, so there can’t have been much I guessed.

Sophie began to jerk and moan as Lisa ate her, and came, pulling Lisa’s head closer to her, forcing it hard onto her cunt.

Lisa must have been exhausted by now I imagine. She stood, and looked at Hans, waiting for instructions I suppose. He said something to her, and she nodded.

I was very aroused by now from Brian’s attentions. I felt for his cock- he was still quite hard, so I sat up, took a fresh condom, and put his cock in my mouth, sucking it hard. It got fully hard quickly, and I slid the condom on, pushed him onto his back, and mounted him reversed, my back to his face. I lowered my pussy onto his cock, and felt it slide into me all the way at once. Riding him, I pushed it onto my g-spot as I moved, letting the delicious feeling build. I was just getting going nicely when Lorraine came over. She kneeled on the floor next to us, and kissed my tummy. She was also nude by now- and she really had an amazing body! She was immensely muscular, almost like a man, with huge silicone boobs and a well-defined 6-pack tapering to a very large pubic mound, her pussy lips prominent and wet.

She kissed my tummy lower and lower, looking at me very so often to see if I wanted that. I guessed that she was probably more lesbian than anything else, as she seemed to have been very focussed on the women rather than the guys. I pulled her head down to my pussy, as Brian’s cock went in and out. She put her head on my slit, and licked my clit and Brian’s cock as we fucked. Her tongue found my clit, and with one hand she pulled back the sheath to expose it more, and then sucked on it hard. Without warning I came, the orgasm making me throw my head back, shuddering and crying out. It was a tremendous orgasm, very intense from being aroused for so long, with some small squirts coming out as his cock pulled out of me, my thighs shaking a bit.

I rolled off Brian and lay next to him, my head on his chest. Looking up, I saw Simon watching me, smiling. He winked at me and clapped his hands silently, laughing.

I was spent, and wanted a break, so I got up, gave Brian a big kiss, and went over to the bar in the corner. The waiter, who had been serving drinks, must have been hired knowing what was going to happen, as he wasn’t just staring at everyone, but was actually doing his job. I was nude, and I saw him looking at my pussy as I walked over. I sat on a high-chair at the bar and had a Coke Light, leaving my legs a bit open so as to tease the waiter.

Everyone was busy in one way or another. Most had fucked quite a bit, so some of the guys were taking a break I think.

Lorraine and Ada were alone on a couch, with Brian, Simon and Mark standing and watching them. I got up and went over, standing behind my hubby and cuddling him, playing with his cock, just to tease him.

Lorraine was on her back, her knees bent and wide apart, and Ada, slim and tiny by comparison, was thrusting a huge dildo into Lorraine’s pussy. They must have been at it a while, as her pussy was wet and engorged, her inner thighs glistening with her juices. I looked closely at her pussy- she had one of the biggest clits I have seen-like a small cock almost, standing up hard and erect out of its sheath. Ada rammed the dildo in and out, then took it out and leaned forward, and sucked on Lorraine’s huge clit.

Simon turned to me as said that Lorraine was going to show Ada how she squirted.

Ada went back to using the dildo. After maybe 5 minutes of alternating between sucking Lorraine’s clit and using the dildo, Lorraine pushed the dildo away and rubbed her hand hard across her clit and the top of her cunt, her movements a blur as she put pressure on it.

Her hips jerked up, her legs kicking out from under her, as a jet of juice shot out, over the end of the couch and onto the carpet. She rubbed for a second, and then stopped, and another jet of juice exploded out of her cunt. Again and again, she would rub hard, stop, and juice would shoot out- it was so much juice that I thought she was actually just weeing, but she wasn’t, it was juice. The couch, her legs and Ada’s arms were soaking wet with her juice, her whole body shaking and quivering, her legs jerking with spasms as each load of juice wet her.

It seemed to go on for ages until she stopped, shaking, tears running down her face, clutching Ada to her.

Towards the end of the evening, I asked Hans how he thought Lisa had done- whether he would use her. He said he would, and she would do some test pics for him before her went back to Germany. He wanted her to do more, so he called her from where she had been sitting talking to Mark.

He spoke to her for a moment, and she giggled, looking around at her boyfriend, who was still sitting in one corner.

She stood, nude, and went over to him. They spoke for a moment, and then he got up and went to Hans. They shook hands, and spoke.

The boyfriend, a young guy of maybe 19 or 20, went back to where he had been sitting, and took off his jeans and shirt, then his jocks, and walked back to Hans, naked, his cock hard – shaved and a nice size, and he had a nice slim figure also.

Hans sat on the couch, lying back and waved at Eduard to come over. Eddie sat next to Hans, unsure of what Hans wanted

Eddie has a nice cock, although I have never fucked him, he seems to be quite good judging from the reaction of the women I have seen him fuck that night.

Hans pulled Lisa on top of Eddie, who guided his cock into her cunt. She rode him for a while. Then Hans motioned to her boyfriend to go behind her. He did so, feeling for her arsehole. With his hand he pushed his cock into her still-slippery arse and started to fuck her while Eddie fucked her cunt.

They doubled her for ages, and she seemed to enjoy it.

After a long time, her boyfriend stated to fuck her faster, then pulled his cock out of her arse. She got off Eddie, and kneeled on the floor. Her boyfriend jerked his cock for a moment, and then squirted his cum into her mouth and some onto her face. She let him finish cumming in her mouth, then turned to face Hans and swallowed the cum, licking her lips.

Later we got showered and dressed and went home. I said to Simon that I didn’t really like the way Hans almost forced Lisa to do whatever he wanted- it seemed abusive.

Simon said that he had asked Mark about that, and Mark said that it was the norm for the porn industry- they have to see if the girl or guy is going to do what they are contracted to do- you don’t want to set it all up only to find that she wont do anal after she said she will, or wont swallow after she said she will, so when they ‘’audition’’ they do everything they say they will to verify it. She apparently said she will do anal, facial, swallow, gangbangs and women, so Hans wanted to see her do it.

At the game-farm in Namibia she had done a gangbang, where all the guys had fucked her in turn , so Hans had seen that done by her already, and she had fucked another girl there also.

Part 2

Mark had spoken to Simon about going to their farm near Jansenville in the Karoo, about 50 kms from Graaf Reinet, but Simon had to go overseas for business, so he suggested that I go if I want.

I did want to, so I arranged with Sophie to drive down with them Monday before last (3rd April), to spend a week there. She said there would be some other friends coming from the Cape, so we would just chill, the guys would do some shooting and so on.

We drove the 900kms and got there just after lunch.

The farm is, to put it mildly, rustic. It has solar power only, no cell-phone or internet signal, and a coal-fired stove and oven! But its quaint and relaxing, with lovely walks and views, and it very very quiet!

I unpacked and sat on the stoep in the warm early evening air having what my friends young son once called ‘’moerse koffie’’ ( moer-koffie). It was gorgeous and still, only the birds in the trees and the bleating of the sheep in the kraal just over the koppie to be heard.

Although the farmhouse itself is rustic, it has a lovely swimming pool ( originally a farm dam, now lined and with a filter, with a wooden deck around the rim( have to be careful not to fall off the deck as its about 2 m off the ground at one side, being at the lip of the dam.)

At about 19h00 the other guests arrived- a young couple who are friends of Sophie’s daughter, and two guys about my age (30) who were friends of Mark, and who were going to hunt or shoot or whatever they do.

The one guy was really cute in a very innocent way- very big and strong, and tall, maybe 1.9m, blonde short hair, looked like a typical farmers son, which it turned out he was!

We sat outside with the guys drinking some of Marks fine red wines till late, and then went to bed. I was tired, and slept like a log till dawn.

I awoke to a stunning Karoo morning, just before sunrise. I went for a run down to the farm gate and back, about 6 kms, the last bit into the sun as it rose above the koppies behind the house. After a huge breakfast, we decided to go for a long hike to the top of a koppie, where there were some small trees and another small dam, full from the borehole near it.

Mark had some things to see to with the sheep, so Sophie and I and the two guys went. The young couple wanted to go into town to get some things. It wasn’t hot when we started out, but it got hotter as we walked. The weather there is very variable at this time of the year, and you can get anything from 40c heat to a cool breeze to rain, sometimes in a space of 2 days. That day was mild, with no wind but not too hot.

We had packed a lunch and lots to drink, and Sophie and I walked together behind the guys. There are Buffalo in a camp near where we walked, so just in case one of them got out, which can happen, the tall big blond guy, Erich, carried a rifle. (I think more for macho show than real risk to be honest!)

We walked for an hour, the last bit climbing up a steep rocky path to the top of the koppie where the dam is. We were exhausted when we got there ( at least I was) and we collapsed in the shade of the low thorn-trees, listening to the cicadas and the birds, with the occasional rustle in the undergrowth proving that small wildlife was also around.

I lay back in the shade, my cap over my eyes, and dozed. After maybe 20 mins Sophie, who was lying next to me, asked whether I would like to swim in the dam. I asked if it was reasonably clean water, and she said that they had drained it the week before to fix a leak, and it had only been refilled two days earlier, so although it was not filtered, it was clean and cold.

The next question was what to wear, since we had not brought swimming stuff- no towels or costumes. She looked at the guys, sitting some distance away looking through the spotting scope across the veld below us.

‘’how well do you know them? Will you be comfortable without a costume?’’ I asked her.

‘’fairly well’ ’she said. ‘’we have had each to dinner a few times, mostly with girlfriends, as neither are married. I don’t have a problem, do you?’’

‘’no, I don’t mind’’ I said.

Sophie got up, and called across to them ‘’ we are going to swim- join us! We don’t have costumes, if that’s ok with you. You guys can wear what you want, or wear nothing- we are all grown-ups!’’

The guys laughed, and packed away the scope.

Sophie and I stood, took off our shorts and shirts and underwear, and climbed up the ladder to get into the dam. I noticed out of the corner of my eye both guys looking at us as we climbed up, our bum and probably our pussy on show from the back.

We sat on the edge a while, with our feet in the water. The dam was fully in the sun, and it was lovely to sit with our feet in the ice-cold water and the hot sun on our backs. Erich stripped off his shorts and jocks, and came to the side where we were sitting. I don’t know whether he was aroused a bit or not, but his cock was very big indeed, long and thick and hanging down, his body firm and nicely proportioned.

He had a matting of blonde hair around his cock, but his body was other than that not very hairy. The other guy, Colin, was a more average size, quite plain looking but I had enjoyed talking to him the previous evening- he has worked all around the world as a mining engineer, and was it interesting to hear his experiences in the different cultures he has worked with. He too stripped off and came over.

The guys got straight into the dam and swam to the other side, the back. I climbed back down and got beers for the three of them and a Coke for me, and then went back to sit next to Sophie. Climbing around like that in the nude, I was sure that both guys could see everything, as it was impossible to move with any degree of modesty.

After a while, Sophie and I also got into the water, but got out again quite quickly as it was very cold indeed.

We all sat on rocks in the sun to dry, had some more beers and swam some more. The afternoon was warm, but not oppressively so, and it was amazing to lie in the sun feeling it warm my whole body. At first I guess the guys were a bit shy, lying to one side, not really looking at Sophie and me. I didn’t really care- I am very relaxed about my body in the right circumstances, and I didn’t mind that they could see everything. I just lay back as though I was on a nudist beach, and tanned.

I had waxed the day before coming to the farm, so my pussy was smooth, and my body felt great in the sun.

Sophie was lying on my right, with Erich and Colin to her right.

I moved to a rock with some shade so as not to burn too much, lay down on my back and was asleep in minutes, listening to the guys chatting.

I awoke, for a moment not sure where I was. I could hear giggling to my right, and turned my head.

Sophie had her back to me, lying on her side, facing Erich. I could see her arm moving in front of her. I lifted my head, to see Sophie playing with Erich’s cock, masturbating him gently. Colin was asleep further away.

I watched as she jerked him. From where I was lying, a bit higher than Erich, I could see her hand on his cock- by now it was almost hard, and really big. Extremely thick and quite long. He was lying resting on one arm, his hand touching her boobs, playing with her nipples.

I hadn’t realised that Sophie knew him that well, or maybe she didn’t but was just horny. His cock got bigger and bigger a she played. She leaned forward, and took the head of his giant cock in her mouth, sucking him and licking the shaft. Because she leaned forward, he could now see me clearly. He pushed her head away as he saw that I was awake. Sophie, startled, looked up, and around at me. She gave me a wink, the turned back to Erich and said something.

He looked at me, at her and then at his cock. She took him in her mouth again, and started to give him a proper blow-job. His hand slid down her tummy towards her pussy. She kept sucking him, and lifted one leg, bending her knee, and I saw his hand between her thighs on her pussy, stroking it with a finger.

As she sucked him his finger slid into her slit a little, and she moved her hips as he stroked her inner lips.

It was hugely erotic lying there watching them- the warm afternoon sun, the slight wind, the sound of the insects and the birds, and now his finger making a wet sound as he fingered Sophie more vigorously. Erich’s finger was fully inside Sophie’s pussy now, ramming in hard and fast, and she was jerking his hard cock just as fast.

She sat up, pushed him onto his back on the rock, and kneeled astride him, lowering her pussy onto his cock. She battled at first to get it in, because of the thickness I think, but then seemed to manage, and sat down bit by bit on him, impaling herself of his hardness. She waited for a moment, and then began to lift and lower herself on him, leaning back slightly. Of course, being out in the bush, no-one had a condom so she was taking a chance I guess, but what the hell? When aroused, one must go for it!

She was riding him faster now, with Erich lifting his hips to meet her movements, driving his cock hard into her pussy. He boobs were bouncing around, and she pulled on a nipple to arouse them as she rode Erich.

I had one hand between my legs, tickling my pussy as I watched them – I really wanted to fuck him also, and couldn’t wait for Sophie to get done- I just hoped that he did not cum and go soft before I could have some fun.

I saw a movement behind Erich, and realised that Colin had woken up, no doubt due to the noise! He looked over the couple fucking at me, and I smiled at him.

Sophie also saw him at the same time. She rode Erich for a while more, and then lifted herself off him before he could cum.

He lay back, panting, his huge cock sticking up, wet with her juices. Sophie was really aroused now. Even as she moved, she was playing with her pussy, not letting up for a moment. She crawled over to Colin, and without waiting sat astride him in reverse, her bum towards his face, and bent over taking his cock in her mouth. He lifted her hips, and his mouth found her pussy as he started to lick at it. She had him hard in no time at all, moved down him and slid his cock into her sitting in a reverse cowboy on him.

She rode him quickly from the start, her thighs gripping his legs, squeezing his cock in her pussy.

I wriggled over to Erich, who was playing with his cock, as he watched Sophie fuck Colin.

I had a bit of a dilemma – firstly, my agreement with my hubby Simon about who we play with and under what circumstances did not really include a situation like this. It wasn’t a party, and I would be staying for a few days with these guys, and that’s EXACTLY what our agreement seeks to avoid- a relationship developing because of a one-on-one fuck.

Secondly, while maybe I could still argue that I had not arranged to meet him, and that it was LIKE a party, I didn’t have a condom with me at the dam, and I certainly didn’t know him well enough to fuck without a condom. Sophie maybe knew him, or just took a chance, but that didn’t mean I had to follow her.

I lay next to him, and played with his cock. I know that he thought he was going to get to fuck me also, and I wanted to make it clear right away that it was not going to happen, at least not there and then.

‘’Erich, I will play, but no full sex, not here and not now. Ok?’’ I said to him.

He looked at me. ’’Whatever you want. You don’t have to do anything- if you want to just chat or swim its also ok. I have no expectations of you. This is a surprise to me, and quite frankly I am not sure what, if anything will be said to Mark. I am a bit worried that I have got myself in over my head’’

‘’I wouldn’t worry about Mark’’ I said.’’ Sophie knows what she can and can’t do, and she will make it ok with him- she wouldn’t do it if it was a problem’’

I didn’t want to discuss Sophie and Marks swinging- it’s not for me to reveal that to someone else.

I lay next to him and masturbated him , his cock huge and rock-hard in my hand. He played with my nipples, pulling on them lightly, and then ran his finger down my tummy to the top of my slit. I parted me legs a bit, and he slid a finger into my wet pussy immediately. He realised that I was very turned on and ready, and felt for my clit to stimulate me more. His hands were big and fleshy, his finger thick in my pussy.

I felt a bit of pre-cum on the tip of his cock, and massaged it into the head, making it slippery.

He kneeled, and moved down me, opening my thighs and placing his head between my legs. I felt his breath panting on my pussy, then his tongue firmly on my slit, opening it, and feeling for my clit. I was SO ready; I tingled as he touched my clit.

His tongue probed deeper into me pussy, licking and sucking me deeply.

I let him suck me for a while, then took his hand and pressed it against me pussy. He took his head away, slid up to lie alongside me again and began to finger me hard and deeply, putting two fingers into me. I lifted my legs so that he could go deep- he took the opportunity to feel for my arsehole, and making it wet with my juices he slid a finger into my arse.

I masturbated him very fast now, his hips were jerking as I slid my hand rapidly up and down his shaft my hand lubricated by my own juices from time to time, pulling his cock a bit away from his body.

He gave a few big gasps, and then I felt cum shoot against my tummy, and all the way up to my boobs, some landing on the top of my boobs.

As he came I got such a rush that I started to cum, the waves of the orgasm flooding my tummy and down to my pussy as his thick fingers kept thrusting into me until it passed. I was wet from his cum, and my thighs were wet from my juices as we lay there, touching each other.

Next to us, Sophie was on her hands and knees, with Colin behind her fucking her pussy from the back. He heard and saw us cum, and just as Sophie let out a shriek and came, so did he, taking his cock out of her and jerking off over her bum and back.

She rubbed her pussy as he jerked off, finishing her own orgasm I guessed.

When we had all calmed down, we swam again to get the cum and the juices off us, then walked back, nude, through the bush to the main path and back to the house. When we were about a kilometre from the house we stopped and got dressed, and were back by around 15h00.

Sophie went to find Mark, and the guys went to change.

Later, I asked Sophie if she had told Mark. She said she had, and that he was fine with it. He was in fact quite turned on at the story.

I decided not to fuck Erich, so we just had dinner around a huge fire and talked late into the night. I tossed and turned for ages, and around 3 am got up to get a drink of water. As I was about to close my room door, I heard a door open down the passage. I peeped, and saw Erich coming out of Mark and Sophie’s room, so I guess that he got invited to join them in bed. Good for him!

Erich and Colin left the next day for an adjoining farm to go and hunt and I drove back with Mark and Sophie later in the week.