19 Apr 2016

I had a very interesting weekend! A very good friend of my hubby was getting married, and his bachelor party was on Saturday night.

Simon (my hubby) was away in Europe, so he asked me to take a gift to the party for Donovan, the groom. The party was to be held at my friend Sandy and Andre’s house (you can read about them in my diaries of March 2014), as it has lots of space. Juan, the best man, had arranged the whole thing. He is VERY wealthy, and always has the most amazing parties, but his house is being remodelled, so he could not use it.

I picked up the gift, a set of whiskey tumblers and a decanter in Murano hand-cut glass, and went to the house at 8 pm to drop it off.

Sandy answered the door, and asked me to come in and chat to her, as the guys were all in the games room already, and she had been ‘’banished’’.

We went to the small lounge off her bedroom, and chatted a while. She said that there were 11 guys there, and that Juan had arranged some ‘’entertainment’’ for later. I stayed for a while, watching a movie with Sandy.

Around 10, the door-bell rang, and we heard Juan answer.

Sandy had a naughty look on her face.

‘’let's creep down and see what they are doing’’ she said

‘How, without them seeing us?’’ I asked

‘’the kitchenette has a serving hatch leading to the games room’’ she said. ‘if we are quiet, we can look through the slats, and they can’t see us at all- it will be dark in the kitchenette, and there is no door in between so no-one can come in suddenly’’

No sooner said than done. We crept along the passage and went into the small kitchen. At one end were 2 small louvered doors, at the serving hatch. We looked through the louvers and could see into the games room.

The guys were seated all around, drinking and talking. Not much to see.

We watched for a while, and then Juan got up and went out the far door to where the pool and pool-room is. A few minutes later he came back, turned the lights down slightly, and put the music on louder.

The guys all sat up and paid attention as the door opened, and two young women came in. The one was quite tall, with shoulder-length blond hair; the other was shorter, a bit plump, with a really beautiful friendly face and dark brown hair.

Both looked around 19 or 20.

They were wearing short mini-skirts and tank tops. They blonde had big boobs sticking out, so they looked augmented. The brunette also had quite big boobs it seemed, but not so prominent- more natural.

The blond introduced herself at Moira, and said the brunette was her sister, Amy.

‘’sure, ‘’ I said to Sandy, ‘’sisters!”

‘’They are sisters, ‘’ said Sandy. ‘’Juan saw them at a party a few weeks ago. They are British, they are sisters, and the blonde is married to a guy- can’t remember his name, but he is a hunk, judging from the pics I have seen. They are in SA on holiday- in London they are very popular’’

The girls began to dance around, wriggling their bums suggestively at the circle of guys.

After sitting on a few of the guys laps and grinding their crotch into the guys lap, they went to the centre of the circle.

Amy, the brunette, removed her sister’s top, and her sister did the same to her. Moira had really big firm boobs, hard, while Amy had very full boobs but natural. Both had on lightweight bras, and I could see their nipples clearly.

They rubbed each other’s boobs, and then, facing each other reached behind the other, unclipped the bras and let them fall. They rubbed their boobs against each other, then stood apart and took turns in sucking each other’s nipples.

Moira had small pink nipples, and Amy had large brown nipples set high on her boobs which were slightly upturned.

Amy took her skirt hem and with one movement pulled the Velcro apart, standing there in a tiny see-through g string. Moira, still in her skirt, dropped to her knees in front of Amy and licked her pussy over the panties.

The guys were quiet, and I could see that most had one hand on their crotch, surreptitiously feeling their cocks.

Moira pulled Amy’s g string down, and she stepped out of it. She had a lovely plump pussy, with slightly puffy lips. Moira put her mouth back, and licked her tongue along Amy's slit.

Then she stood up, and Amy did the same to her- taking her panties off, then licking her slit.

I was getting quite turned on by now; the two girls had lovely figures. Without even thinking, I put one hand under my skirt and touched my pussy lightly. Sandy was standing next to me. I felt her hand on the back of my leg, and I smiled at her. She ran her hand up my leg, to between my thighs. We had played before, and I know she loved sex with girls now and then, so I moved my legs a bit apart, and she touched my pussy over my panties.

Amy lay on her back, and Moira kneeled over her in a 69. Both girls put their faces into each other’s cunts and began to lick and suck hard, using their fingers as well.

Most of the guys were now openly stroking their cocks inside their pants.

Sandy pulled my panties aside, and slid a finger deep into my pussy. I felt under her skirt and found she was not wearing panties- her pussy was dripping wet and swollen- she must have been playing with herself and I didn’t notice!

I pushed first one then two fingers into her pussy, feeling her small runway as I did so.

The two girls stood up, and Moira said to the guys

‘’come on, you have seen what we have got; we want to see what you have got! Take them out!’’

The guys at first just laughed and joked, but then the girls went to 2 of the guys, kneeled in front of them, and unzipped them, taking their cocks out. They put the guy’s cocks in their mouths and began to give them a blow-job.

The other guys, seeing that sex was on offer, also unzipped and took their cocks out, still masturbating.

The girls went from one guy to the next, giving each a quick suck.

All the guys were masturbating now, some quite hard.

I opened my legs very wide, and Sandy thrust 4 fingers into me, stretching me wide, rubbing my clit with her thumb. I was very horny- it was erotic standing there unobserved, watching guys and girls have sex, with Sandy’s fingers in me.

I took her hand away, looked around the kitchen for the fridge. Opening it, I saw what I was looking for.

‘’close your eyes’’ I whispered.

She did.

‘’open your legs very wide’’

She did.

I took a fat, long cucumber out of the chiller, stood behind her, felt for her pussy lips and opened them with my fingers.

I think she thought that that was the surprise. I positioned the cucumber at her lips and started to slide it in. She gasped almost giving us away.

I held my arm around her, and pushed the cucumber in deeper and deeper. When a lot of it was in, I began to jerk it in and out a bit, like a cock would. She thrust back with each stroke, her hand in her mouth to stop herself from making a noise.

I reached in front of her, found her rock-hard clit, and massaged it. It was sticking out a lot, well out of its sheath, and she came almost as soon as I touched it. As I pulled the cucumber out I felt her juices flowing down it over my hand- she really had cum in a big way!

I looked through the louvres. Moira had found out which guy was the groom and was sitting on Donovan’s lap, grinding her pussy against his cock. Lifting herself a bit, she took his cock and slid it into her cunt, sitting back down on it. She moved her hips back and forth, her big boobs in his face. He sucked on her erect nipples, and just as he seemed about to cum she stood up, and held his cock hard so he couldn’t cum.

Amy was kneeling on the floor and one of the guys was behind her, fucking her pussy doggy-style.

When she saw Moira get up, she also stood up, and glanced at Juan and went to the centre of the room.

Juan went to the door to the pool, opened it, and a guy came in. He was about mid 20’s, dark cropped hair, wearing a tank-top and shorts. He had a very nice figure, well muscled but not huge, and nice proportions.

‘’that’s Moira’s husband, Crispin’’ whispered Sandy, having caught her breath after being fucked by the cucumber

Crispin went over to the two girls, and led them by the hand so they were standing next to each other. He stood in front of them, took off his tank-top and stepped out of his shorts. He was not wearing any underpants, and his cock was semi hard- quite long and thick- maybe 17cm or a bit more, bigger than average.

The girls took his cock and sucked it, passing it from Moira, his wife, to Amy, her sister, and back again.

Amy deep-throated him for a moment, then they both turned around, kneeled down and thrust their bums in the air.

He kneeled behind Amy put his cock at her pussy, and drove it in with one movement. She yelped as he started to drive into her hard and fast. After maybe a minute, he took his cock out of Amy, moved to Moira, and did the same- hard and fast.

He alternated between the two for a while.

Next to me, Sandy kneeled on the tiles, turned me to face her, and started to eat my cunt deep and long. I felt her hand search for my bum, and then her finger slid into my bum-hole, deep.

I felt my nipples and pulled on them, making them harder and a bit sore.

Just as I was about to cum, she stopped, took the cucumber, and pushed it deep into my pussy. I felt it go all the way in, ramming against the top of my cunt, stretching my lips wide.

She took her hand away from my bum, pulled the hood over my clit back, and nibbled at my clit as the cucumber went in and out.

I groaned and my legs shuddered as I came. She let the cucumber out but kept nibbling my clit, and a rush of juice flooded her face, but she kept going until I was done.

When I got my breath back, we stood to see what was going on in the room. All the guys had their pants down; some who had been fucking the girls had their pants off.

Crispin was lying on top of Amy, her legs over his shoulders. Moira was squatting over her sister’s face, with Amy’s tongue deep in her cunt.

They fucked like that for a while, the guys watching and masturbating.

The Moira moved away, and got a tube of gel from the bag she had brought in.

She gave it to Crispin. Amy had remained on her hands and knees, playing with her cunt

Crispin stood behind her, put some gel on his hand and smeared into Amy’s bum crack.

He knelt behind her and put a finger into her anus. Moving it around, he relaxed her, then put another finger in. She had her eyes closed, her mouth open, gasping each time he pushed his finger in.

When he was satisfied that she was open enough, he put his cock against her puckered hole, and slowly slid it in.

He moved it in and out her bum, each time going in a little deeper.

Moira sat next to her, playing with Amy’s boobs with one hand, and with her own cunt with the other hand.

When he had got almost all of his cock into Amy’s bum, he started to fuck her harder and harder. Eventually, she was being slammed into by his balls, his entire cock deep in her bum. She was shouting out each time he thrust in, being pushed forward on the carpet with each stroke.

Two of the guys grabbed at a box of tissues, and came, spurting onto the carpet.

Crispin fucked Amy for ages, ramming his cock in her.

He took his cock out and lay on his back on the carpet. Amy got on top of him, with her back to him, facing upwards. He slid his cock back into her gaping anus, and she started to ride him.

Moira looked at the guys

‘’who wants to try a DP’’ she asked.

One of the guys stood up. She motioned him over to kneel in front of Amy.

Amy lay still, Crispin’s cock in her bum.

The other guy pushed his cock into her cunt, and she slowly began to move, letting them DP her.

The guy on top said something, and Amy replied.

He gave a few more thrusts, then took his cock out of her cunt and jerked off over Amy’s boobs till he came.

Crispin tuned Amy over onto her knees again, and drove his cock into her cunt from the back. He fucked her very hard and very fast.

Then he grabbed at her hips, and clenched his bum.

Moira turned to face him. He took his cock out of Amy’s bum, jerked it a few times, and aiming it at Moira’s face, squirted jets of cum at her open mouth. He came a lot, more and more ropes of cum hitting her face, in her mouth and on her boobs.

When he stopped, she licked his cock clean, swallowed the cum and smiled at the guys.

Crispin got up, put a towel around him and walked out.

Amy and Moira also wiped themselves down.

Sandy and I were still playing with each other gently, just stroking each other’s pussy.

Moira and Amy spent the next half an hour going from guy to guy, giving blow jobs or fucking, until each guy had cum at least once.

When they were done, the girls gave a wave to the guys, and left to get dressed in the pool room.

Sandy and I crept back to her room, giggling like schoolgirls!

I think I must go to more bachelor parties- they look much more fun that our wedding showers!