Written by wildchildtammy

18 Sep 2013

I thought it may be nice for people on the site to see what I have been doing, rather than everyone having to ask the same questions when we chat. There is no place for a blog on the profile page, so I am putting this in the story section, but the diary is real and not made-up, so it may not be as interesting as some of the stories !!

This Diary will be updated when I have something that I think may be interesting to the guys and girls.

(You may want to read my profile first to understand who I am and what I do- otherwise this may not make sense! Briefly: Right now, I am working in JHB as an au pair for a VERY wealthy couple with 2 small children- I look after the children, see to the running of the house and supervise the staff, other than the driver/bodyguard who I do not work with unless I am out with the kids. Normally, I work on the very big (motor) yachts in the Med, as a hostess, seeing to entertainment, food, bar etc. These are usually on charter, although from time to time we do have the owner and his guests on board. These are contract jobs, on different yachts most of the time, although I do have regular captains/charter companies who ask for specific crew.)

18 SEPT 2013

Dear Diary,

Well, last night was a strange night !

My friend Simon, (a member here), said that his friend Paul wanted to introduce me to his new GF Lorraine, (Lolly). Actually, he said that Lolly wanted to meet me, which I thought odd as I have not heard of her before, other than that I know that Paul broke up with his last GF and had a new one.

Paul is a really nice guy, younger than Simon but older than me, he must be around 40, I guess, very good-looking and very well-built- he used to do Lifesaving at Clifton in Cape Town years ago.

Anyway, Simon arranged for him, Paul and Lolly to come over last night around 8.

After I finished my shift at 7, I showered and got dressed, not sure if we were going to go out or not, so a nice blue dress and heels.

They arrived and we had a drink, put some music on and chatted. Lolly is REALLY cute- petite (shorter than me!), stunning red hair and a porcelain skin- beautiful. Her hair actually looks genuine red, not dyed; -she looks like a little doll!

After a few drinks, when everyone had loosened up, I was at the bar making fresh drinks when Paul comes up to me. Tells me that Lolly really wanted to meet me because he told her I am Bi, and she has always wanted to play with a girl, but did not know anyone she could trust or ask. !!! You could have knocked me over with a feather! This was not at all what I expected- I thought she was just curious to meet me because Simon had spoken about me, and she was new to the crowd of us!

I asked Paul whether she knew he was telling me this, and he said yes, but she was too shy to tell me herself.

I was not sure what to do- just go and grab her or what?! I also don’t like playing with girls who are not sure what they are- it’s too much hard work, and I get very little out of it, as they tend to be very passive and just lie there.

When I went back into the lounge, I sat next to her. We talked, and I said she was looking tense- maybe she wanted a massage? (I know, it sounds corny, but how else?)

She understood immediately and I suggested we go to my bedroom and I give her one of my famous massages, which we did. I got out my massage oil, and when I turned around she was naked on the bed, face down.

She has a stunning body, not an ounce of fat, with beautiful curves and long, LONG legs. And that pale flawless skin- got me all excited just looking!

I started giving her a massage, beginning with her legs. When I got to the top of her legs, I let my hand get closer and closer to her pussy, to see if she tensed. In fact, as I got very near she opened her legs a bit!

I did not touch her there yet, but did her back and neck, and then went back down to her bum, letting my fingers go along her bum, towards her pussy. I did touch her pussy a bit, and could feel she was a little wet, and completely waxed like me.

I asked her to turn over which she did. She has fantastic boobs- much bigger than I would have thought on such a small person with small, pale pink nipples- also, although she is waxed, she has a small strip above her pussy with red hair-so I was right- she is a genuine red-head!

I massaged her boobs, and down to her pussy, then her legs, up to her pussy. When I did her boobs, her nipples went really hard and she closed her eyes, so I could see she was enjoying it.

I said that I needed to take my dress off as it was going to get oil on it, so I did. I had panties on, but no bra and I sat with my legs astride her to continue the massage.

I was sure she could see that my panties had a damp patch!

I let my hand go onto her pussy, while massaging her boobs with my other hand. As she did not object, I slid my finger along her pussy, and slowly let it go into her a bit.

Well that was all she needed! She put her hand on my hand, and pushed it so that my fingers went deep into her. As her hips moved up and down, I pushed my fingers in hard and fast, till I had 3 fingers in her. Within a minute I felt her hand between my legs, moving my panties aside and putting fingers into me.

It was so sudden, and she was so excited, that she started moaning and biting her lip, and in seconds she came, with a little scream. I came at the same time just watching her, and I clamped her hand between my legs as I did.

Even after she came I kept her hand there, riding it, and I came second time!

After a while, I lay on top of her, kissed her on her mouth, and got off.

We got dressed and went back to the guys without a word. They must have heard us, because Paul was grinning from ear to ear, and I could see that he had a hard-on.

When they left at around 12, Lolly said, without the others hearing, that she would like to see me again, alone. I told her that I had lots more to show her, and gave her my number.

I hope she does call- I would love to taste her and have her eat me with that cute mouth.

I still can’t really believe that she got into it so quickly, but I am looking forward to the next time!!

This is turning into a great week !