Written by wildchildtammy

19 Oct 2014

2 weeks ago I had two very interesting experiences one after another. On one day, I played with the youngest woman I have played with (since I was that age), and the next night the oldest woman to date! Not planned, but that’s how it worked out!

So, this is a diary entry in 2 parts- this part deals with the youngest woman. Later I will write up the next night.

It started with a birthday party for a friend of mine, Elmarie. She invited me to her party at her home in Benoni. Married, with 2 kids, she has been a friend since we studied together at college. She knows I am bi, and has some idea about my swinging lifestyle. Her husband only knows I am bi.

Arrived around 17h00 for an afternoon barbeque. I wore tight white jeans, a blue boob-tube top and a lightweight floral jacket. The top precluded a bra, but it was not needed as the top itself is quite supportive, enough for me anyway.

After the usual drinks and food, I was sitting on a lounger next to the pool where there was a gas heater standing, just chilling and watching people. A guy I did not know had been quite interested in me all night, dancing with me, fetching drinks and so on and I was thinking about how far I would let this go if he came back.

A woman walked over to me and asked if anyone was sitting next to me- I said no, so she sat.

She introduced herself as Annie, a cousin of Elmarie‘s. I looked at her. She had a glass of red wine in her hand- I looked at her AGAIN- she seemed VERY young to be drinking, maybe even still school-going age.

She saw my look and laughed.

“I am 18” she said. “I know I look younger- it’s a constant hassle in pubs!”

She was blonde, shoulder-length hair, and a wide smile. From what I could see, she had a very nice and fairly full figure.

She had on a short pleated summer skirt and a very pretty black blouse with gold trim, and no bra . Through the blouse I could see her boobs, her nipples quite large. Very sexy. Sitting next to me her skirt had ridden high up, and her long tanned legs were exposed all the way!

I’ll admit my thoughts went to what those legs would reveal if she was in my bed, but as she was so young and I did not know her, I banished those thoughts quickly.

She commented on my hair, which I had done with soft curls- she stroked it, feeling the curls. I thought briefly that she stroked it for quite a lot longer that was needed to feel the curls, but put that aside as just the way she was.

Chatting to me, she was very demonstrative the way some people are- hands gesturing constantly, very animated. At one point she told a funny story about Elmarie, and as she laughed she leaned forward from laughing so hard, putting one hand on my thigh.

She sat back up, and the hand stayed there.

I wasn’t sure whether this was deliberate or just part of her animated nature, so I did nothing, and kept chatting.

As she leaned back, her hand drew back on my leg, going higher up my thigh, till it rested against the crease in my jeans at the top of my thigh, where the pockets are.

Ok, THIS was NOT innocent- she was definitely coming on to me. Without stopping her conversation, she looked around to see if anyone was watching us, and then ran one long red fingernail along one side of the camel-toe caused by my tight jeans. Up one side, down the other, it went.

Then her hand went back to my thigh.

I decided that I needed to establish exactly what was going on- had she been older, I guess I would have just played along, but being so young, I wanted to hear from her in words what she wanted. I did not want later to be accused of taking advantage of her, and that I had “misunderstood“ her touches. (Although running one finger up and down another woman pussy-lips is hard to misunderstand I guess!)

“Are you gay?” I asked her.

“No, bi” she said.

“You have a girlfriend AND a boyfriend?” I asked

“Neither, I am between both. For now, I just enjoy myself with whomever I choose” she replied, “but I know you are bi, Elmarie told me” she said, looking at me closely.

So, that explained that, I said to myself!

She asked if I was not getting cold, and should we go inside, which we did. We went to sit in the main lounge area, on a corner couch. People were slow- dancing, the lights were dimmed right down and it was a very relaxed atmosphere. I thought I would let he make the moves, still worried that she may just want to experiment a little, and unsure of how far she wanted to go.

That thought was soon put to bed. Annie sat very close to me, in the dark corner. She leaned over towards me, kissed my neck and gently took my one had in hers. Before I could figure out what she wanted, she took my hand under her skirt, up to the junction of her thighs, and put it on her pussy.

She held my hand there, pressing it against her pussy. It felt like she had on very small panties, and there was not much fabric, and I could feel the inside of her thighs where the edge of the panty stopped. I could feel that her pussy was damp.

I slid my finger along her slit, pushing the fabric of her panty into the slit. She felt like she was clean-shaven, smooth. She moved her legs slightly, opening her thighs a bit. I looked around, saw no-one was looking our way, and slid my finger under her panties, opening her pussy lips and into her pussy.

She gave a small twitch as I did that, and let out a sigh. I moved my finger in and out a little, and then took my hand away from under her skirt.

By now it was late, and I wanted to get home and get some sleep. I wanted to arrange to meet her again, and was on the point of saying so when she asked me where I live. I told her, and she asked whether I could drop her off at her home as it was on the way, and she would not have to wait for the girls she came with. I was however very horny, and wasn’t sure how to get more into her.

We went to the bathroom to freshen up before leaving. She went in first, and as I came in, she locked the door, turned to me and started kissing me on my neck, throat, and then mouth. I felt her tongue searching, probing- and she kissed very well!!

We were holding each other, kissing, pressing our bodies against one another. I pushed her back against the wall as we were kissing, and with one hand around her neck pulling her head towards me, I reached down to her skirt, slid my hand under it, and up to her pussy. I pulled the light fabric of her panties aside, and rubbed my fingers along her slit- she was soaking wet, her pussy lips slippery.

She parted her legs more, and I slid a finger deep into her cunt. I moved it in and out slowly at first, the harder and faster. I felt for her clit with my thumb, found it hard and ready, and massaged it as I pushed my finger in and out. I felt that she was wet enough, and I put a second finger in, now ramming it in harder and faster.

She stopped kissing me and tilted her head back, breathing hard. I kept up the pressure, faster and faster, my thumb massaging her clit . Her eyes were closed, her mouth open.

She started to shudder, and made soft whimpering sounds, closing her thighs on my hand. I ignored it and kept up the fucking as she came with soft panting sounds, her legs trembling as the juices ran over my hand and wrist.

As she slowed, I moved my fingers slowly out, tracing a line along her wet thigh. She hung onto me for a minute, and then went to sit on the edge of the bath, looking at me.

“That was the best fingering I have ever had” she said. “I have never cum so much from fingering. Now it’s your turn. Come over here”

I walked to where she sat. She opened the zip of my jeans, and pulled them down. I helped her to get them off, and then stood in front of her in my thong.

‘Take off your top” she said.

I did so. I did not have a bra on, and my boobs were at her face-height. She cupped first one, then the other, biting gently on the nipples.

“Sit on the toilet seat”

I did so.

“Close your eyes.”

I heard her open her handbag and rummage around in it. Suddenly it got a lot darker- she had put some sort of scarf around my head and over my eyes.

I felt her take my hands, and put them behind my back. A strap of some sort (her belt I later found out) looped around my wrists lightly, keeping them behind me.

I waited.

She took the sides of my thong and pulled the thong down and off me. Naked, blind-folded and tied, I sat there.

She opened my legs more. I felt her hair against my thighs, then the most exquisite feeling as her tongue started to lick my cunt, lightly up and down, along the outer lips, then inner lips, then outer lips again.

She stopped at the bottom of my cunt, and then her tongue pushed into my slit, parting the lips. She ran it up my cunt to my clit, deeper in me now. Flicking with her tongue at my clit, she then pointed her tongue and pushed it straight into my cunt till her lips were hard against my pussy-lips. She held it like that, then licked and probed with her tongue as far in my cunt as it would go.

The feeling was amazing. I have been fucked by many women, but she was really good at this!

She withdrew her tongue, and flicked at my clit again, circling it. She paused for a second, and seemed to turn. Then she was back, her tongue again on my clit.

Now I felt a new sensation. A hard object was at the outside of mu cunt, pushing at the wet opening. She pushed it further in, and I recognised the feel of a vibrator or a dildo- I was not sure which yet.

Teasing my cunt with it, she kept licking my clit as she did so. Each time it went in a bit more, deeper and deeper till my cunt was filled with it.

Then the greatest feeling as she turned the vibrator on. A gently hum as it pulsated deep in my cunt.

She moved it in and out a while, then took it to the outside of my cunt, letting it rest on my clit. I felt the tingle and sparkly feeling as it massaged my clit. I knew it would not take me long to cum, I was that horny.

I started moving my hips to push against the vibrator. She pushed it harder against my clit. As I moved my hips more and more, she waited till I was really turned on, the rammed 2 or 3 finger hard into my soaking and swollen cunt, the vibrator still going round and round on my clit.

I bucked and thrust against her hand, wanting it harder. She obliged, and I felt the base of her hand slam into my pussy as her finger went in each time, making a slapping sound.

I felt the warm rush of an orgasm start. I gripped her hand with my thighs, as she continued to ram into my cunt, and I came with a rush, juices pouring out, and slippery, sliding, wet.

She kept the vibrator there until my orgasm subsided.

I sat there, gasping.

She untied my hands and took off the blindfold.

She sat kneeling in front of me, smiling.

“One good fuck deserves another” she said.

I couldn’t have agreed more!