Written by wildchildtammy

17 Nov 2014

Last Friday I was invited to dinner by a guy I have been out with a few times.

I met Jeff at a swinger-party quite a while ago at a friend’s home. It was a small party with only 3 or 4 couples, and a few singles. Jeff was there with a girl, but when we chatted he made it clear that it was not a girl-friend, but just a girl he knew who wanted to see what such a party was like.

Oddly enough, I don’t think that Jeff and I actually played together during the night at all, but we did chat and eat together. He is a very nice guy, laid back, with a great sense of humour. Quite tall, about 1.82m I guess, with a lean build and quite long, curly hair, he is someone I can really enjoy talking to.

I watched him playing at one stage with another guy and a girl, and I liked the way he managed to be sexy without being too intense- sex was fun, a laugh, enjoyable to him- not a serious and passionate thing. (He also had a nice cock, I saw, which added to the attraction!)

After the party, he phoned me a few times, and we went out. To be honest , I was expecting him to want sex the first time- after all, he had seen me with guys at the party, so why not? I was impressed that he did not seem to expect it. After the first date, he just gave me a nice kiss at my front door and said goodnight- no attempt to come in “for coffee!”

We went out twice after that, and the last time we did have sex at his place- he was a considerate and caring partner, attentive to what I wanted, and he ensured that I came before he did. It was a lovely relaxed evening and I liked his company.

Last week he phoned and asked me out for Friday night. He said we would go to dinner, and then to a friend’s house to watch a movie afterwards. The friend was a guy who had also been at the party, but I had did not remember him well.

Jeff is quite well off (he is an advocate)), and I knew we would go to a fancy restaurant, so I wanted to dress attractively. I decided on a new dress I had bought- it is a black, halter-neck short dress, very tight fitting, with a VERY low back- in fact, I could not find a G-string I could wear because they all showed above the low back, so I decided not to wear anything, and just make sure I kept my legs crossed! Likewise, no bra was possible, but it has a bit of lining in the cups, so it gives a nice shape anyway even without a bra.

I found black high-heels to match, and a gold necklace, hoop earrings and bangles, and with my hair in a chignon it was elegant and simple, I thought.

He fetched me at 7, and we went to Pretoria, one of my favourite restaurants. It’s an Italian restaurant.We were seated at a window table in an intimate corner. It was a lovely evening and I was relaxed and feeling good- also a little horny to be honest, as I was looking forward to sex with him later.

We left the restaurant around 9, and drove to his friend’s house in Bryanston. The house was in a small complex of some 6 or 8 houses. We went to the front door of the second one, and a guy opened the door. I recognised him from the party- a stocky, well-built guy, shaved head, and piercing blue eyes.

When we went into the lounge I stopped dead- it was the most spectacular house I have seen in a long time- the décor, furnishings, colour, lighting, everything, was out of a design magazine. Stunning, but not pretentious or stiff- just beautiful! I was speechless- I walked around the room like a farm yokel seeing painted walls for the first time!

The guys stood at the lobby, watching me.

“This is stunning” I said.

Jeff said to Tiaan “Coming from Tammy, who has seen more luxury than most, that’s a real compliment!”

“You have the most superb taste “I said, still walking around and looking.

They both laughed.

‘Tiaan’s idea of good furniture is a bean–bag and big screen TV” said Jeff with a smile, “own up, Tiaan!”

Tiaan laughed.

“I wish I could claim credit” he said.”When I got divorced, I bought this house, but as my ex had done the previous house, I had no idea where or how to start”

Jeff chipped in “but, Tiaan did have a resource- his business partner! Steven is gay, over the top, BUT he is also the most talented designer you have ever seen. He has an eye for the look, feel and ambiance of a home second to none. So Tiaan’s role was to pay the bills- no more, no less, and Steven would not let him inside till it was done!”

Tiaan smiled- “the divorce was cheaper than this house” he said “damn nearly ruined me!”

“Sure”, said Jeff “down to your last 2 Porches were you?”

We went through to the next room, which had been set up as a small home theatre. After getting drinks and snacks (delivered by Thrupps), we sat down to watch the movie.

I was in a great mood, relaxed, cosy and fed- what more could a girl want?

Tiaan dimmed the lights, and I settled back between the 2 guys, lying against Jeff’s shoulder, with Tiaan sitting on the other side of me on the 3 seater reclining couch.

The movie was one I have seen, but I love it- Midnight in Paris. It’s so romantic, and I love Paris.

I snuggled up to Jeff. He moved my hair from my neck and nibbled my ears, kissing the side of my neck and my throat.

I lay with my head back, watching the movie through half-closed eyes. Jeff kissed my throat, and the top of my cleavage.

I took his face in my hands and kissed his mouth, driving my tongue deep into his mouth, feeling his lips biting on mine.

His hand rested on my leg, stroking it at the edge of my dress. I put my hand on his thigh, running my fingers up and down, almost to his crotch, but not quite.

As we kissed, I felt his hand move under my dress, up my thigh. I was quite aroused, and without really thinking, opened my legs a bit. He slid his hand further up, probably expecting to feel my panties.

He stopped suddenly when his fingers touched my pussy! I smiled at him.

“Nice” he said.

I leaned back again, and his fingers traced a line around the sides of my pussy, never going into the slit.

My dress was now hiked right up, my thighs bare. I suddenly remembered Tiaan.

I looked over at him.

He was watching us, his eyes glued to my thighs, his one hand on his crotch.

I was by now so horny, I just wanted one or both of them!

Jeff’s fingers were sliding up and down my slit. I found his belt, and undid it, then opened his zip.

I put my hand inside his pants, feeling his cock already erect and hard inside his jockeys.

I opened his shirt buttons, and took it off.

The movie was now forgotten!

He stood, and took his pants off. As he was about to sit down, I grabbed at his jockeys, pulled them over his hard cock, and pulled them off too.

He sat again, naked, his cock sticking straight up, long and hard.

Tiaan was still sitting there, watching, playing with his cock over his pants.

“Now you”, I said to him, “Come here!”

He stood up and turned to me.

I stood, undid his shirt and took it off, then his jeans and underpants. His cock was rock-hard, very thick and long.

I pushed him back onto the couch, both of them now naked and erect.

I stood in front of them, undid the halter neck, and with a few wriggles of my hips let the dress drop to the floor.

I don’t know what they were expecting, but the look on their faces was priceless. (Jeff had realise I did not have panties on, but Tiaan did not know)

I had gone from formally dressed for dinner, to stark naked in one move. There I was, totally nude, just in my high heels and jewellery, right in front of them!

Before I could do anything, Tiaan stood up, went over to the one easy-chair, and came back with a throw-rug.

He put in on the floor.

‘Our turn to please you” he said. “You just lie there”

I lay on my back on the rug and closed my eyes.

I felt hands on my legs, parting my thighs. Hands stroked the inside of my thighs, from my knees to just before my pussy and back.

Other hands on my boobs, fondling my nipples, rolling them, caressing my boobs, my sides, my throat.

My legs parted more, knees bent, wide open. A tongue on my thigh, wet licking up to my pussy. Then around my pussy, licking and probing. The tongue parted my pussy-lips, licking my slit, opening it, inside it. Licking from my bum to my pussy, then deep into me, feeling for my clitoris.

My nipples being bitten gently, sucked, the feeling going right through me. Hands stroking the side of my boobs, cupping them.

I opened my eyes. Tiaan close to my face. He held my chin in his hands, opened my mouth and kissed me, deep and long, all the time playing with my nipples and boobs.

Jeff’s head between my thighs, licking and mouthing my cunt, now with fingers in me, his tongue licking at my clit.

My cunt was soaking, my thighs slick with juice and saliva.

I reached for Tiaan’s cock, taking it in my hand, feeling its thickness and length. Hard, his balls tight up against him.

I stroked it, pulling it away from his body, feeling the tension.

I stroked it faster, letting my hand run over the head, down to his body.

Jeff lifted my legs into the air. He crouched above me, taking my legs over his shoulders.

I felt his cock hard against my cunt, the head pushing my wet lips apart. I was lying almost on my shoulders, my back in the air. His cock pushed at my wet cunt, gently, deeper.

This is a fantastic position for me, but it can hurt if the guy is big and goes too deep or too hard. Jeff did neither- he was great- slow, gentle and firm.

His cock went deeper, until it filled my cunt. He began to move slowly, with long deep thrusts. I gripped his bum and pulled him to me each time, feeling him almost trebling as he controlled the pace.

Tiaan came closer to me. I opened my mouth, and he positioned his very thick cock at my lips. I moved my head and took the head into my mouth, feeling the ridge of the circumcision, and the smooth head.

I sucked and licked the head, and he moved so more went into my mouth.

We fucked like that for a while, Jeff going deeper still, and Tiaan teasing my mouth with his cock.

Then Jeff lowered my legs from his shoulders, and took his cock out of my cunt.

I sat up. There was a big square ottoman in the middle of the room. I stood, led Tiaan to it, and made him lie on his back, his legs over the side.

I got on top of him, and lowered my cunt onto his cock. I guided it in with my hand, and felt it fill me even more than Jeff had. Down and down I went, his cock pushing my cunt wide open, my lips stretched around the thickness of him.

When he was fully in, I rested a second, then lifted myself and lowered, up and down, riding him at my pace and as deep as I wanted. He pushed slightly each time I went down, and I felt the head of his cock against the upper wall of my cunt. I was leaning well forward now, my hands next to his head, almost lying on his chest.

I felt Jeff behind me, stroking my back, my bum, my hole. He was standing between Tiaan’s legs, playing with my bum, running his fingers from my bum-hole to my cunt.

When he got to my bum-hole, his finger was wet with my juices and he inserted a finger into my bum. As I rode Tiaan, Jeff slid more and more of his finger into my bum, rotating it, thrusting with it.

The combination of Tiaan’s cock deep in me and Jeff’s finger in my bum was incredible. I was SO turned on.

Jeff took his finger out and stroked my bum. I felt his cock against my bum, pushing at the hole.

He opened the hole gently with his fingers, allowing the head of his cock to move in a little. I tried to relax my bum as much as I could. His cock went deeper in. For a moment I thought it was not going to work, but then the head was in, my hole open around it, and some of the shaft slid in.

Tiaan had realised what Jeff was doing, and had stayed still.

Now, as Jeff began to very slowly fuck my bum, Tiaan started moving a bit. I could not really move much now because of Jeff’s cock in me, so Tiaan thrust up gently as Jeff fucked me.

I felt that I was ready to cum.

I took one hand and put it on my clitoris, rubbing from side to side; I could feel Tiaan’s cock in me, the head outlined almost against the top of my cunt where my clit is. I rubbed my clit hard now, clenching my cunt and bum.

Both the guys fucked a bit harder, and as I rubbed my hand hard across my cunt in a rapid side to side movement, I felt a huge orgasm start, pulsing through me, my eyes filled with tears and I bucked up and down against the two cocks. I cried out as I came, and felt a rush of juice as I squirted over Tiaan’s cock, the juice running down between my legs.

Neither of the guys had a condom on, because of the way things had developed, but I felt that I could trust them.

As my orgasm subsided, they kept fucking me, my cunt hugely sensitive now, almost painful.

I could not take much more.

‘Cum now!” I gasped

“Inside you?” said Jeff?

‘YES!” I said. “NOW!”

Jeff grabbed my hips and moved me against his cock in my bum. Tiaan thrust up hard and fast now, my cunt wide open and soaking wet, his cock now easily slamming into me with each thrust.

I heard Jeff groan, and stop for a second. The I felt the warm rush of his cum filling my bum, and with each thrust a new squirt filled me, his cock also now slipping in and out easily with his cum.

Tiaan grabbed me around the neck, pulled my face to him and locked his mouth on mine as he drove deep in me, and I felt his cum warm and slippery fill my cunt. It seemed like he came forever, and I could feel his cum leaking back out even as he was still cumming.

Eventually he stopped. We all lay still for a moment. Then Jeff withdrew his cock from my bum, and I lifted myself off Tiaan.

I sat on the floor next to the ottoman. I could feel cum leaking from my cunt and my bum as I sat

I got up, trying to walk with my legs together and hobbled to the bathroom.

I cleaned up, getting as much of the cum out of me as I could.

I wrapped a towel around me, and went back to the home theatre.

The guys were sprawled on the couches, still naked, their cocks’ semi-soft lying on their legs.

‘Ok’ I said.”Round two?”

They both just looked at me. Then laughed.

I was glad they were tired, because I don’t think I could have done it again soon!

We did play again later than night, but thats for another diary entry.